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March 1872

March 1, 1872

Mr. John James McMahon has been appointed Government Medical Officer of the Port Antonio District of the Parish of Portland.

His Excellency the Governor has issued Commissions of the Peace to Coward Pile Bovill, Esq., and Charles Salmon Farquharson, Esq., for the parish of Westmoreland.

March 2, 1872

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Hon. J. C. Melville, J. O. Peynado, Esq.


Hebrew Benevolent Society

Visiting Committee for the Month of March

J. J. G. Lewis, S. H. Samuel, and R. Magnus, Esqrs.


Sitting Magistrates for the Week

Kingston -- Louis Verley, Alfred DaCosta, Charles Levy, Esqrs.

Port Royal -- David Martin, David Qualo, and A. DaCosta, Esqrs.



At Linstead, St. Catherine, on the 24th Feby., 1872, Elizabeth Cecelia, the beloved wife of Peter Francis Garrigues, Esq., in the 75th year of her age.

March 4, 1872

Passengers Arrived

In the Steamer Jamaican -- From Liverpool: Mr. P. Williams; Capt. E. F. Howard; Mr. J. D. Hutchins; Mrs. Hutchins.

From Port-au-Prince: Mr. Emile Pierre; Mr. J. E. Pierre; Miss A. Solomon; Mr. C. Gostalle & servant; Mrs. P. G. Pierre and servant; Mr. C. Vollec; Mr. and Mrs. P. Bruno; Mr. Vigne; Mr. A. Pierre; Mrs. Beauregard.

March 5, 1872


That my wife, Catherine Harris, having left my home and protection, I will not be responsible for any Debts contracted by her.


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

J. H. Pearne, Esq., U. S. C.; J. R. Brice, Esq.


Sitting Magistrates for the Week

Kingston -- David Martin, Wm. Barclay, H. F. Colthirst, Esqrs.

Port Royal -- David Martin, David Qualo, A. DaCosta, Esqrs.



At St. George's Chapel, in this City, by the Revd. Enos Nuttall, Willis Lee Jackson of Canada, to Alice Jane Crewe, of the parish of Clarendon.

March 6, 1872

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tasmanian -- From England: Commodore de Horsey; Mrs. de Horsey; Mr. C. Drew (Secretary); Miss Dutton and three servants; Lieutenant Maxwell, R. E.; Mr. and Mrs. Colthirst, two Misses Colthirst, and female servant; Miss Smith; Mrs. Farrar, child and female servant; Mr. Moss; Miss Hilyard (servant); Mr. R. Turnbull; Mr. Thompson.

From Demerara: Mr. J. Muller.

From Barbados: Major General Munro; Mrs. Munro and servant; Br. Lieut.-Col. Lynch.

From Jacmel: Mr. P. Croft; Mrs. Fournier and three deckers.

From St. Thomas: Mr. J. B. Hernandez, and 40 in transit.



In this city, on the 4th instant, by the Revd. Henry Bunting, Alfred Taylor Hunt of the said city, to Ellen Roslyn Henderson, of the parish of St. Mary.


The friends and acquaintances of Mr. H. B. Malliet are requested to attend the funeral of his elder sister, Anne Catherine Malliet, from his Mother's residence, No. 56 John's Lane, at half-past 4 o'clock this evening.

March 7, 1872

At a Meeting of the members of the Union Poor House Board on Tuesday last, Mr. Alfred Delgado, junior, was elected Clerk, at a salary of £100 per annum. The other candidate for the office was Mr. John Hoyes, for several years superintendent of the late St. Andrew's Poor-House.

March 9, 1872


On Sunday, the 3rd March 1872, at No. 51 Laws St., the wife of Mr. Wm. Lee Mudon, of a Daughter.


In this City, on Wednesday, 23rd ultimo, George, Son of the late Manasseh Brandon, aged 43 years, leaving an aged mother, and affectionate wife, three daughters, two sons, and a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn their irreparable loss.

March 11, 1872

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Elbe: -- From Colon -- Mr. and Mrs. Brandon and child; Mr. Jacob Brandon; Master Paredes; Mr. J. B. F. Arrivet; Mr. Babeler; Vicente Matos; Juan Wagner; Mr. Valiente, wife, child and servant; Mr. A. S. Lazarus; Mrs. Collins and two children; Mr. E. Chamberlain; Mr. W. E. Grant and child; Fanny Wolfe and 2 children; A. Maduro and child; A. Hamilton; R. Campbell.

From Cartagena: -- Richard Teneyro.


An Ordination Service was held by his Lordship the Bishop, on Sunday, the 25th February, at St. Mary's Chapel, Santa Cruz Mountains, in the parish of St. Elizabeth. The clergymen who took part in the service were the Venerable Archdeacon Rowe, the Rev. Mr. Ramson, and the Rev. Mr. Williamson. The candidates ordained were the Rev. Arthur Rowe, to the Priesthood, and Mr. J. K. Collymore, Head Master of Rusea's Free School at Lucea, to the Order of Deacons.

March 12, 1872


Vestry Chambers of the K. K. Neveh Shalome

Spanish Town, March 12, 1872



A Shochet for the Spanish town Congregation of the above Institution. Residence in Spanish Town not compulsory. For terms and other particulars apply to

S. K. MAGNUS, President or to



Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

J. B. Clough, Esq. J. H. DeMercado, Esq.


The Annual General Meeting of the Port Royal Mechanics' Institution was held at the Rooms in Port-Royal, on Thursday evening last, the 8th inst., the Rev. Spencer Masson, Vice-President, in the Chair. The affairs of the institution were found pretty favourable. The Reverends Musson and Hoskins, were elected Vice-Presidents for the ensuing year. A new Committee was appointed; George L. Jenkins, Clerk, Royal Naval Hospital, was appointed Treasurer, and Mr. W. D. Smedmore Secretary.

March 13, 1872



For Five Months Certain

Woodlawn House, Furnished, situated in that delightful climate, within a mile and a half of the town of Mandeville, and a good road to the door. Any one desiring a change will see the necessity of engaging this at once.

Possession to be given on the 1st of May. For further particulars, apply post paid to


Mandeville P. O.


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

J. B. Clough, Esq. J. H. Demercado, Esq.


Sitting Magistrates this Week

Kingston: S. L. Barned, Altamont DeCordova, H. J. Samuels, Esqrs.

Port Royal: William Berry, Joseph Stines, J. R. Brice, Esqrs.



In this City, Mr. William Ware. Aged 61 years, the Funeral will take place from his late residence No. 60, East Street, at 5 o'clock, this afternoon. Friends and Acquaintances are requested to accept this intimation as an invitation to attend.

March 14, 1872


At Islington Pen, St. Andrew's, on the 10th inst., the wife of C. H. Smith of a daughter


At Morant Bay, on Saturday, the 9th March 1872, Mr. John Gilbert MacPherson, late Deputy Marshall of this parish, aged 34 years, leaving a disconsolate mother and numerous circle of friends...

March 15, 1872


At Emmaus Pen, St. Elizabeth, in the 65th year of his age, John Cuff, Esq., for many years a Magistrate and Coroner for that parish ... His remains were interred in the Cemetery in the above place where lies the remains of his father, Michael Cuff, Esq., of Creagh, Ireland.

March 20, 1872


March 19, 1872

Gravel Hill District, Manchester

The subscriber's wife, Elizabeth Kennedy, having left his protection, he will not be responsible for any debts she may contract in his name.



The Friends and Acquaintances of the late Mr. Adolphus Clark Duncker are requested to attend his remains from his Residence, No. 38 Parade, to the place of interment at 5 o'clock this evening.

March 21, 1872



That desirable and well-known Property, situate about 6 miles between Kingston and Spanish Town, called the FERRY-INN. The Orchard abounds with fruit trees, and a River runs through the property. For further particulars apply to No. 10, Temple Lane.


An alarm of fire was given last night, between ten and eleven o'clock, by the ringing of the Church bell, when it was ascertained that the Liquor Store of Messrs. P. Desnoes & Son, in Port Royal Street, had taken fire. Persons who were earliest on the spot state that the fire was first discovered by Constable Earskine, who was on beat in that vicinity, and three gentlemen connected with the Colonial Bank adjoining were quickly awakened and lost no time in their endeavour to subdue the flame, which was then on the top of the building. Fortunately, Mr. Altamont DeCordova was attending a Lodge meeting; and on hearing of the occurrence, in the coolest manner and with an amount of assurance that was quite justified by the result, left the Lodge, opened his Store, harnessed himself with one of the Babcock Extinguishers, and all in the rapidity of thought found himself on the house top. In a few moments the fire was put out by the Extinguisher, when there was the greatest trouble for water to reach the house-top. The gentlemen of the Bank exerted themselves nobly, but ti was difficult for water to reach the spot, which was done by buckets from the well at the corner of Harbour Street, the key of the Fire Plug being nowhere accessible. It is due, however, to those concerned in the Fire arrangements to state that several Engines were quickly on the spot, but the Extinguisher of Mr. DeCordova had already relieved all anxiety as to the necessity for more exertion. Mr. DeCordova's provision store, we may add, is situate directly opposite the Colonial Bank; and it was a most fortunate circumstance for the community that Mr. DeCordova's patented process was so quickly put in use, or we would have had to deplore this morning the loss of much valuable property in the heart of the commercial portion of this city.

March 25, 1872


At Kingston, on Wednesday, the 13th instant, the wife of Dr. Phillippo, of a daughter.


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

William Steventon, Esq., M. D.; Richard Gillard, Esq.


Sitting Magistrates for the Week

Kingston: Jonas Hart, William Malabre, Henry Delgado, Esqr.

Port Royal: T. DePass, James Derbyshire, S. L. Barned, Esqrs.

March 26, 1872

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tasmanian for England: -- Master Allan Forbes; Mr. J. S. Corinaldi; Mr. Walter Boughey.

For Barbados: -- Dr. Meade, 29th Regt.; Lieut. Prendergast, ditto.


Hebrew National Institution

The public are invited to attend an Examination of the Pupils attached to the Above School at the Vestry Chambers of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue on Sunday ensuing 31st instant, at eleven o'clock a. m.

A. C. STERNE, President

REV. A. H. NEITO, Director


Three persons -- two boys and a girl -- were apprehended by the police yesterday in West Street, on a charge of pocket-picking in this city. It appears that a passenger of the steamer "Corsica" took a stroll about the city, and the prisoners were enabled to cut the string of a bag that was suspended around his neck, containing £80. He has left for Colon, but the detective officers are said to be in possession of sufficient evidence to hold the parties in custody. On being searched £1 3s. was found on the person of one of the accused.


We regret to announce the death of George Crozier Brown, Esq., senior partner of the well-known firm in Hayti of Brown, Ross & Company. The deceased left Aux Cayes with his wife on Saturday last in the Brigantine Anna fro Jamaica, to obtain Medical treatment, but died on board on Sunday night last. The vessel arrived at Port Royal at 12 o'clock on Monday, when Captain Simpson of the Anna immediately made all necessary arrangements for the interment of the body at the burial ground at Port Royal. At about 5:30 p.m. the corpse was brought on shore, where it was met by a goodly number of people of the town and Captains of vessels in Harbour. The funeral procession then moved on the Parish Church. The Rev. F. S. Bradshaw, LL. D., performed full Choral Service. The remains were interred at 6 p.m.

March 30, 1872


In this City, 29th March instant, Evelina Dumont, late wife of A. F. Dumont of Colon.


Mr. Samuel E. Payne has been appointed Harbour Master at Montego Bay, vice Bates, deceased.

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