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June - July 1887

June 1, 1887


    At 49 Tower Street, Brooks Cooke, late of H. M. Customs.

    The friends and acquaintances of the Revd. Edwin Palmer are invited to attend the remains of his Father-in-law, the Rev. Francis Johnson, late of Clarksonville, St. Ann's from the Mission House, No. 27 Hanover Street.

June 2, 1887

Sailors' Home

    We paid a visit yesterday to the Sailor's Home for the first time since the opening of the new building. We were received by the courteous manager, Mr. H. Holland, and taken all over the Establishment. We had no idea that there was so much accommodation for distressed seamen and we are exceedingly glad to know that when, from any of the many causes that cast the wandering mariner ashore homeless and friendless, he finds himself in the city of Kingston, he may find for the asking a kind reception, a good roof over his head, a good bed to lie on and wholesome food until he can get assistance to take him to his own country or until he finds employment in his calling.
    The House, facing Church Street, contains a general reception room, and the Manager or Superintendent's quarters. At the back, extending eastward, there are commodious ranges of single storied buildings. On the Southside, there are two buildings, airy and well ventilated, in which altogether 28 beds can be made up.
    An open piazza stretches in front of each, in which the distressed seaman, who has found a refuge, can indulge in that "softest consolation short of that which comes from heaven", the Nicotian weed.
    Opposite these rooms, and separated from them by a well constructed and well drained pathway, are the "Mess Rooms", in which we believe something better than "salt junk" and "hard tack" supply the cravings of the inner man. Beyond are the kitchens, pantries and bathrooms. Four beds for 1st class applicants, such as mates, etc., are made up in two comfortable rooms, between the men's mess quarter and those of the superintendent.
    We found only two storm-beaten mariners in this harbour of refuge. This was doubtless owing to the dearth of shipping recently in the harbour. We understand that more than thirty have had shelter here at one time. We found good order, cleanliness and regularity prevailing , and we feel sure Mr. Holland is competent and efficient, and take great interest in his work.

June 3, 1887

L. P. Branday, Esq., has been appointed to be a member of the Board Visitors to the Public Hospital.

Mr. D. A. E. Wright has been appointed to be Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Chester Castle District of Hanover in the room of Mr. H. J. Isaacs who has resigned.

Mr. Charles DePass, proprietor of the Criterion Hotel, was brought up in the Police Court yesterday before the Stipendiary Magistrate, charged by Sergeant Erskine with keeping his tavern open after 11 o'clock at night. The defendant elected to be tried in the District Court.

The Governor has promoted Sergeant Samah Gedeliah Corinaldi, St. James Volunteer Militia, to be Lieutenant in the same Corps, in the room of George L. P. Corinaldi, Esq., promoted to be Captain, as notified in Government Notice No. 27, dated the 22nd January.

June 8, 1887


At sea on ss. Alvena, on Sunday 22nd May 1887, Henry Pearse Thompson, Esq., of Seville Estate, St. Ann, 2nd son of the late Honble. Edward Thompson, Custos of Clarendon.  Aged 44 years.

June 9, 1887


Yesterday in this city at her late residence, No. 95 East Street, Rebecca, relict of Philip Cohen Henriques. Funeral will leave at 5 p.m. this afternoon.

June 14, 1887


    On 9th June, Captain Wm. H. Stuart, E. M. J. P., of the Bahamas, aged 53 years.

    At Spanish Town, on Thursday the 9th June, 1887, Margaret S. Rickard, relict of the late John Rickard of Berkshire, England.  Aged 64 years.

    On the 13th instant, George Washington, infant son of Mr. Alexander and Caroline Campbell.

June 15, 1887


On the 14th June at her residence 88 Harbour Street, Mrs. Sarah Taylor, widow of the late James Taylor, Esq., of this city.

June 16, 1887


On the 10th June, 1887, At Bluefields, Mosquito Reservation, by Revd. William Martin, Moravian Minister, Revd. Nathan A. Bacquie, Wesleyan Minister of Ruatan, Spanish Honduras, to Annie Louise, daughter of the late Revd. Alexander B. Foote, of Jamaica.


At his residence, Sunbury Cottage, Arnold Road, yesterday morning, Enoch Charles Preston, late Senior Clerk, Commissariat and Transport Staff. The funeral will move from the above residence to the Cemetery, Up-Park Camp, this afternoon at 4 o'clock.


Mr. H. P. Forwood, a brother of Capt. W. P. Forwood, arrived here yesterday morning in the steamer Athos, from New York on a visit.

The Atlas Company's steamer Athos, Captain Low, which left New York on Wednesday, the 8th inst., for this port, arrived here early yesterday morning.... She brought the following passengers: - Mr. H. P. Forwood; Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ashenheim; Mrs. Delapenha and child; Mrs. P.  A. Hart; Dr. L. Raymond Quin; Mrs. J. DeLeon and child; Mrs. A. Jacobs and two children; Mrs. Murray and child; Mr. Alexander Da Costa; Mr. Joshua Ar. DeCordova.

June 17, 1887
Mr. J. Russell Facey has been appointed a Landing Waiter at the port of Kingston in the room of Mr. F. Delfosse promoted to be a first-class clerk in the Customs department in Kingston.

The Rev. W. Weaver and the Rev. James P. Hall, both of the Church of England, have been appointed marriage officers, the former for St. John's, Darliston, in the parish of Westmoreland, and the latter for Brown's Town and Stewart Town Churches in the parishes of St. Ann and Trelawny.



In the matter of Blower Delisser Lindo and Walter Fitch Langley the Governor has directed the publication of his Commission of Enquiry to the Hon. William Ewen, giving the latter full powers to examine witnesses and take depositions with all other rights, powers and privileges necessary for the execution of the Commission.  The enquiry is to be held in private at Sav-la-Mar on the 22nd inst., or at any time or place the Commissioner may appoint.

June 20, 1887


In this city, yesterday afternoon at 2:30, at his residence, NO. 84 East Street, Abraham Pinto, in his 80th year.


NUNES - BRANDON - On the 14th June, 1887, by the Revd Solomon Jacobs, Minister United Congregation of Israelites, Judith, third daughter of the late Nathaniel Brandon, of Panama, to Samah Julius, youngest son of Honble. Robert Nunes of Falmouth.


PENGELLEY - CLARKE - On Wednesday 15th June, at St. George's Church, Mile Gully, by the Revd Henry Clarke, Uncle of the bride, Charles Francis, third son of Capt. Walter M. Pengelley, H. M. I. N., to Florence Emily, only daughter of the Revd. Edward Clarke of St. George's Vicarage, Manchester.


June 14th - at Holy Trinity Church, Duke Street, Joseph Burrow, of Cleoburg, Mortimer, Shropshire, England, to Louise Ernestine Dogharty, of Halfway-Tree.


The discharge from the Kingston Volunteer Militia Force of Private U. Escoffery of C. Company has been sanctioned on the grounds of physical unfitness.

Mr. Arthur DeLeon was the only passenger booked to leave Southampton on the 16th inst. in the R.M.C. steamer Don for this port.

June 21, 1887


    MCGRATH - May 29th at 18 St. Mary's Road, Dublin, the wife of George McGrath, Charlemont, of a daughter.

    The night of Saturday 18th June at eleven fifteen, at Logan Castle, Linstead, the wife of Albert Delgado, of a son.



Very suddenly on the 19th May, Thomas Aubrey Turner, M. R. C. S. E., of 8 Alexander Road, Finsbury Park, eldest son of the late Revd. T. B. Turner of Kingston, Jamaica.  Aged 42.


The R. M. C. steamer Moselle, Captain Gilles, to take the homeward mails, arrived here yesterday evening from Colon, bringing the following passengers: - Mr. O. Sonnichen, Miss Bryant, M.r B. B. Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. Pizet, Mr. L. J. Sanatrez. Mr. E. Harvey, Mr. A. Sanguinetti, Miss E. Buckingham, Mr. C. Quirke, Mr. A. Clarke, Mr. C. Smith, Miss O. Bonitto, Miss F. Ingram, Mrs. L. Wongchong and infant, Mr. De Pacheco, Mr. J. Brown, Mr. J. W. Carr, Miss Rosslyn, Mr. Francisco, and 295 deckers.
From Panama : - Mr. R. Recuero, Misses L. and A. Recuero, Mr. F. W. Couch, Miss E. Kelly and 91 deckers.
From Port Limon: - Mr. J. Warner, Mr. J. Duff, Mr. Thomas Young, and a distressed British seaman, Mr. A. Paterson, Mr. R. J. Dutton, Mr. Pacas and 49 in transit.  The Moselle leaves here at 4 o'clock tomorrow evening for Southampton, via Jacmel, Barbados, Plymouth and Cherbourg.

June 22, 1887


Yesterday 11 h 40 m. at 43 ½ Law's Street, Mrs. Anna Findlater Gerard.  The friends and acquaintances of her husband, Fitzherbert J. Gerard, and of her son, George J. Cooke, are invited to attend her remains from the above Residence to place of interment at Ebenezer Wesleyan Groung at 4:30 p.m. this afternoon.


The following passengers are booked to leave here this evening in the R.M.C. steamer Moselle for Southampton: - Mr. Samuel Shortridge, Miss H. King, and Miss Cooper.

June 23, 1887


On the 16th inst., at Savanna-la-Mar, the wife of F. F. Clarke of a son.


The cooling room or refrigerator to be erected at the Victoria Market has arrived, and we understand that Mr. T. N. Aguilar is the lessee.


Sergeant J. M. Paine of C. Company of the Kingston Volunteer Militia Force has been appointed Color Sergeant; Privates C. Ogilvie, G. Polack and E. Lennan, Sergeants; Privates L. A. Maynier, A. Quallo, J. Soulette and A. Levy Corporals, and Privates E. C. Aaron and A. Leeson Lance Corporals.

June 24, 1887


In this city at his Residence No. 27 Rae St., Rae Town, at four o'clock this morning, Wilfred Levy, in his 46th year.


Mr. Richard J. Allen, Ulster Spring P. O., has been appointed an Assessor of Damage within the District of the Northern District Court.

Mr. James Cowell Carver, a clerk of this city who had been adjudicated a bankrupt on the 23rd May last year, will apply for an order of discharge on the 8th prox.

The subscriptions already collected towards the establishment of a Lying-in Hospital for the training of nurses to attend women in childbirth amounts to £1,109 6s 8 ½ d.

Application has been made to His Excellency the Governor by Jane McFarlane of the parish of Manchester, on behalf of herself and other residuary devisees under the Will of Francis White, deceased, for the grant of a patent of escheat for all that plantation, piece or parcel of land known by the name of "Gowrie", situate in the parish of Manchester

The Governor has approved of the following changes in the Internal Revenue Service, consequent on the removal from the service of Mr. J. C. Richards, Assistant Collector of Taxes in St. Thomas: - Mr. Lionel J. Lee, Assistant Collector at St. Ann's Bay, to be removed to a similar position at Brown's Town vice Mr. Rattigan, now stationed at St. Thomas; Mr. Blower A. Lindo, third class Assistant Collector at Old Harbour, to be promoted to the second class and removed to St. Ann's Bay; Mr. S. J. Collymore, first class and Treasury Clerk at Black River, to be third class Assistant Collector at Old Harbour, vice Lindo.

June 27, 1887


At Halberstadt, in the parish of St. Andrew, on Wednesday the 22nd inst., Matilda Mary, the relict of Henry Potter Mais of Gloucestershire, England, partner in the firm of John and Henry Mais, merchants in the City of Kingston.

June 30, 1887


Last night William Drummond Jones.  The funeral will leave his late residence, Lindale Cottage, North Street East, at 5 o'clock this evening.

July 1, 1887


At nine o'clock last night, May, the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence L. Cunha.  The funeral will leave from 59 Laws Street at 5 o'clock sharp this evening. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend.


Mr. J. P. King has been appointed to act as Clerk of the Parochial Board of Trelawny during the absence on leave of Mr. H. M. Rowe.

The Judges of the Supreme Court have ordered the bankrupt A. M. Surgeon of Brown's Town to be confined in the Surry and Middlesex County Gaol for six weeks for keeping improper books.

The Rev. R. H. Hobson of the Baptist Missionary Society has been appointed a Marriage Officer for the place of worship at Siloah in the Parish of St. Catherine.

The Rev. W. R. Thompson has been appointed a Trustee of the Ruseau's Free School in the rook of the Rev. George McNeil who has resigned the appointment.


The Atlas Company's steamer Ailsa, Captain Sansom, arrived at Port Royal at two o'clock yesterday from Port Limon and left shortly afterwards with a mail and the following passengers for New York: - Mr. Charles Levy; Mrs. George Lyon and children and nurse; Mrs. B. P. Moodie; Mr. Moodie; Mr. Altamont DeCordova; Miss A. C. Johnson; Mr. S. G. Stainstreet; Captain A. C. Nordberg, and 30 in transit.

We regret to learn that Mr. Stainstreet, the Purser of the coastal steamer, Arden, left here yesterday in the Atlas Company's steamer Ailsa, for New York, in consequence of his having received a telegram informing him of the sudden illness of his wife in England.  Mr. Stainstreet will be absent for two months, during which time we have been informed that his place will be filled by Mr. Figueroa, who had been in the Company's service before and in a similar capacity.

July 2, 1887

The following promotions have taken place in A. Company of the Kingston Volunteer Militia Force from the 22nd inst.: - Lance Corporal C. T. Burton to be Corporal, vice E. A. Savage resigned; Lance Corporal Whitehorne to be Corporal, vice A. Dayes reverted to the ranks by resignation, and Privates A. L. P. Lake and J. T. Ritchie to be Lance Corporals vice C. T. Burton and Whitehorne promoted.


The sale of the Gleaner on Thursday, the day after the Jubilee, with a full account of the festivities, exceeded seven thousand copies.  


The long looked for Refrigerator has arrived, and has been erected in the Victoria Market. It measures 12 ft. high, 9 ft. by 11 ft., and has a very large, dry air chamber, capable of hanging up several thousand pounds of beef, besides fruits and vegetables. On Thursday the temperature stood at 88 deg. When 1,000 lbs. of ice was placed in the ice chamber and when we inspected the refrigerator yesterday the thermometer marked 60 degrees. Mr. T. Aguilar has leased the Refrigerator from the Market Commissioners, and will shortly keep in stock to supply at any moment turkeys, ducks and chickens. He also intends to import from New York a supply of fruits and vegetables which will be offered for sale always fresh and nice. Another advantage offered is that families purchasing beef on Friday and Saturday for Sunday's dinner can have their joints kept in the dry air chamber and receive same in a sound and sweet a state as when it was deposited., with this advantage that the beef will be considerably improved by the keeping. We trust the time is not far distant when meat will never be consumed the same day it is slaughtered. We can assure those of our readers who have not been aboard that the use of the refrigerator once will convince them of its many advantages and insure the success of the enterprise. Mr. Aguilar has our best wishes for his success.

July 4, 1887

Miss Olive Vosper was the only passenger booked to leave Southampton on the 30th ult., in the R.M.C. steamer Orinoco, and Mr. A. G. Clayton in the R.M.C. steamer Para on the 14th inst.

His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to make the following promotions in the Garrison Artillery of the Kingston Volunteer Militia: - Lieut. S. P. Smeeton to be Captain vice Harris place in the reserve; and Sergeant-Major S. S. Wortley to be Lieutenant vice Smeeton, promoted.

July 5, 1887

We understand that Lieutenant Egerton of the 2nd West India Regiment who has been acting as Adjutant of the Volunteer Militia since the resignation of Captain Gray, has been offered and has accepted the appointment.

July 6, 1887


On the 30th June, at St. Andrew's Church, St. Thomas-ye-East, by the Rev. P. D. M. Cornwall, W. Herbert Carter, eldest son of the late Edwin and Anna Maria Carter, and Nephew of the late Robert Kirkland, to Fanny Elizabeth, second daughter of Richard Evans, Esq., of Westmoreland.


Old Yarmouth Estate in Vere, was sold to A. E. Robinson, Esq., of Clarendon, for £1,000.


Dr. W. J. Eames, who has been recently appointed as Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals, in the room of Dr. Ninnis, invalided, arrived here on Sunday morning in the R.M.C. steamer Don and has already entered upon his duties.


The following passengers were booked to leave here this evening in the R. M. C. steamer Medway for Southampton: - Mrs. Hyde; Mrs. Justice; Miss Justice, nurse and child; Mr. H. A. Cunha; Mr. W. Eden; Surgeon Castin, R. N.; and Revd. E. Dalton, R. N.


Mr. Lionel Samuels has received the acting appointment of Stipendiary Magistgrate for the Parish of St. Thomas vice R. H. Haughton, Esq., resigned.... Mr. Samuels has been clerk of the peace for 10 years and has always given satisfaction, and this reward for assiduous attention to duties is well deserved.

July 7, 1887


At his residence, No. 34 Parade, on Sunday morning, the 3rd inst., at 4:30, Maurice Abisdid, aged 45 years, leaving a sorrowing widow, an infant son and friends to mourn their irreparable loss.

July 8, 1887


    At No. 91 Matthews Lane, Maryann Levy.  The funeral will leave her sister's residence at 5:30 this evening.

    In Colon on Friday the 1st inst., Joseph Merrick, eldest son of the late Rev. R. E. Watson, of Merrick's Mount.


Lawrence Raymond Quinn, Esq., L. R. C. P. and S. Edinburgh, has been appointed acting Supernumerary Medical Officer of the Public Hospital in Kingston.

The Governor has appointed Lionel Leon Samuel, Esq., Clerk of Petty Sessions for St. Thomas, to act as Stipendiary Magistrate in that parish in the room of R. S. Haughton, Esq., resigned.

Mrs. Maryann Knight Brown has been appointed Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Salter's Hill district of St. James, in the room of the Revd. William N. Brown who has resigned.

In virtue of the powers vested in the Governor by the 11th Section of the Law 47 of 1872, His Excellency has appointed the following Gentlemen to form the Medical Council under that Section of the Law: - Dr. James Scott, Dr. James Cecil Phillippo, Dr. I. W. Anderson, Dr. A. R. Saunders. Dr. John Pringle, to act as a member of the Council until further orders.

July 9, 1887


Last night in Spanish Town (at the residence of his father) Charles A. Messias, aged 46 years.


Yesterday in the Bankruptcy Court before Mr. Justice Northcote, Mr. James Cowell Carver who has been adjudicated a bankrupt since 23rd May, 1884, applied for and obtained his discharge.

July 11, 1887

Mr. William Lee, the Administrator General, has been appointed receiver of the real and personal property of Mr. William Drummond Jones who died intestate in this city recently.

July 12, 1887


Last night at No.16 Prince of Wales Street, Allman Town, Rupert, brother of Albert and Willoughby Da Costa.


At 3:30 this morning, Evelyn Vera Lucille, third daughter of Mr and Mrs. Clarence L. Cunha.  The funeral will leave from 59 Laws Street at 5 o'clock this evening.

July 13, 1887


In this city on Saturday the 9th inst., the wife of D. M. Leon of a son.


Several fatal cases of diphtheria have occurred during the last fortnight.  We regret to learn that Mr. Clarence L. Cunha lost two children by this disease, in the short space of seven days.

July 15, 1887


At Linstead yesterday morning, Caroline, wife of J. H. DeSouza.


At Port-au-Prince, Hayti, on the 30th June last, David Frances Burke, late of Kingston, brother of the respected Consul General of Haiti in this city.


Theodore Gayleard, Esq., has been appointed second Lieutenant an Dr. Logan Russell, a Surgeon, in the Garrison Artillery of the St. Catherine Volunteer Militia.

Mr. E. H. Bravo, Assistant Clerk of the Eastern District Court, has been appointed to be additional Clerk of Petty Sessions for St. Thomas, and to be stationed at Bath.

Application has been made to His Excellency the Governor by Abigail White, praying for letters of preference on the escheatable estate of Lewis White, late of this city, shopkeeper, deceased in respect of a piece of land in Charles Street.

At the auctions sale held at Black River on Wednesday the 13th instant, Mr. Lewis of White Hall in the parish of St. Elizabeth, bought Luana Pen for £5,000. There was a large attendance and the bidding was very spirited.

The Governor has appointed the following gentlemen to be Distributors of Tickets in Kingston, under the system for affording Medical Aid at moderate charges to poor persons not on the Pauper Roll: - Dr. J. Scott, Mayor, L. P. Branday, Esq., Vice Chairman, City Council, Councillors- Chas. Binney, Hon. W. Bourke, C. P. Lazarus, J. Cassis, J. W. Middleton, S. Soutar, J. J. G. Lewis, H. Delgado, W. Andrews, Revd. W. Griffith, J. Gall, S.H. Watson, Thomas, Harry, J. A. Wales, Dr. B. W. Davies, Charles T. Burton.

July 17, 1887

The subscription towards the establishment of an institution for the training of nurses to attend women in child-birth, as a memorial of the Jubilee of Her Majesty's reign now amounts to £1,242 18s 9d

Mr. James Ogilvie, son of our esteemed fellow citizen, Dr. James Ogilvie, who left here recently for Canada to study for the Medical profession, has successfully passed his first examinations in Chemistry and Botany.

July 19, 1887


At Port-au-Prince, Hayti, on the 12th inst., Aglae, aged 19 years and 4 months, the beloved wife of Charles R. Heraux of Hayti, and daughter of Mrs A. P. Casanova, of 68 Orange Street.


The Amalgamated Congregation of Israelites will hold a meeting at the Jewish Alms House, this evening for the purpose of electing a director in the room of Abraham Pinto, Esq., deceased. The poll will be opened at 4 o'clock and closed at 6 o'clock.


Alt. DeCordova, Esq., who has ably filled the position for many years as Deputy District Grand Master of East Jamaica, has had conferred on him by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Grand Master of England, the rank of Past Grand Deacon of the Grand Lodge of England.

July 20, 1887

The friends and acquaintances of C. T. H. Fletcher are requested to attend the remains of his Sister, Milborough, from his residence 117 Orange Street to the place of interment at 4:30 p.m. this afternoon.

July 21, 1887

We regret to learn that Mr. Clarence L. Cunha who resides at Laws Street, in this city, has lost another child by diphtheria yesterday morning. This is the third within the last three weeks.  The Rev. W. C. Murray also lost a daughter, aged 16, on Wednesday last, in St. Andrew, with a similar complaint.

July 22, 1887

Mr. C. A. Smith, Superintendent of Public Works, has been appointed by His Excellency the Governor to be an Assessor under Section 4 of Law 25 of 1816, during the absence on leave of Mr. S. S. Wortley.


Prospect and Industry Estates,, and Cove Pen, situate in the Parish of Hanover, the property of Mrs. Elizabeth Cooke, have been sold by the Commissioners appointed for the sale of incumbered estates in the West Indies for £2,850.

July 26, 1887


On the 25th inst., the wife of H. H. Chevalier Cobbold of a daughter.

July 29, 1887


    At Dirleton, Port Maria, on the 26th inst., the wife of H.  L. Mossman, Esq., of a daughter.

    At St. George's Parsonage, July 27th, the wife of Rev. H. H. Kilburn, of a son.


Mr. J. P. King has been appointed Superintendent Registrar of Marriages for the Parish of Trelawny, in the room of Mr. H. M. Rowe, who is absent from the island.

Mr. Frederick B. Brown has been appointed Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Manchioneal District of Portland, from the 1st prox. in the room of Mr. G. D. Naylor, who has been removed from the office.

The following changes in the Internal Revenue Department have been sanctioned by the Government: - Mr. E. P. Pullar to be Collector of Taxes for Hanover; Mr. H. James,Collector of Taxes for Clarendon to be Collector of Taxes for Manchester; Mr. T. Bravo, Collector of Taxes for Hanover to be Collector for Clarendon.

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