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January - May 1881

January 4, 1881


On the 3rd inst., the wife of James B. Wolfe of a daughter.

January 5, 1881


BURR - NUNES - On the 28th December 1880, at the Kirk, Duke Street, by the Rev. John Radcliffe, Frank, son of William Burr of London, to Myrtilla Carmina, daughter of the late Ralph Nunes, Merchant of this City.

January 8, 1881


At Roslyn, St. Andrew, on the 2nd inst., Mrs. C. J. Ward of a daughter.

January 10, 1881


At Montego Bay on the 19th December 1880, Dr. Lewis Alexander. He leaves a mother and other relatives to mourn their loss.

Died yesterday at 1 p.m., Erminie Sylvina, youngest daughter of Solomon and Miriam Morais, aged 2 years and 3 months.


Isaac Lawton, Esq., Proprietor and Editor of the "South Pacific Times", arrived in this City by the mail from Colon on Friday last. This gentleman who is well-known among us, is on a visit to friends, and we have much pleasure in welcoming him back to the scene of his former editorial labours.

January 11, 1881


At Spanish Town on Sunday the 9th inst., the wife of E. N. McLaughlin, Esq., of the Constabulary Department, of a son.

On the 10th inst., the wife of Mr. H. Stern of a daughter.

January 17, 1881

The friends and acquaintances of Edward Aug. Bonitto are requested to attend his remains from the residence, no. 65 Charles Street, to the place of interment.

January 18, 1881

ALEXANDER - MORRICE - On the 12th inst., at the residence of the Bride's parents, 85 Duke Street, by the Revd. E. Friedlander, Moses Mortimer Alexander to Matilda, youngest daughter of Samuel Morrice, Esq., of this City.


An habitual criminal, named Henry Matthews, apprehended on the 7th inst., by Detective Erskine in connection with the late robbery of jewelry from Mr. Bewley's store, was bought up yesterday in the Police Court and remanded. On the day of apprehension he was seen by the Detective in a cook shop, bidding at a small public sale, and while there he tried to pass something to a confederate, but without success. His movements were closely watched, and some time after he was called outside and taken into custody. A gold ring and money were found on him, and clothes were also found at his residence, all of these articles being identified by a clerk of Mr. Bewley as stolen goods.


The Hon. S. Constantine Burke has been elected a Corresponding Member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, notification to that effect having reached him from the Secretary, the Revd. G. F. Slater A. M. of Boston, Mass. The object of this flourishing Society is to collect, preserve and disseminate the local and general history of New England and the genealogy of New England families. Its officers are amongst the leading men of New England. The President is the Hon. Marshall P. Wilder, Ph.D. of Boston, Mass., and one of its hon. vice Presidents is the retiring President of the United States, Mr. Hayes. The motto adopted by the Society is "In Memoriam Majorum".

January 19, 1881


In this city on the 16th inst., after a painful and prolonged illness, Mrs. Rebecca Calm ...

January 21, 1881


This morning (Friday), the 21st January, 1881, at No. 33 Wildman Street, Harriet, beloved wife of Isaac B. Wilson, leaving a sorrowful husband and many children ...

January 25, 1881

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. T. W. Harty are invited to attend the remains of his wife, Georgina Newman, from his residence No. 36 King Street.

January 28, 1881


At Prospect, Annotto Bay, St. Mary's, on the 25th January, Henry Westmoreland [Westmorland], aged 59.

January 29, 1881


At Kingston, on the 27th January 1881, the wife of Inspector Hepburn of a daughter.


In this city on the 15th January 1881 after two weeks illness, Dundas Logan ...

January 31, 1881

This morning at 12 o'clock, Mr. David P. C. Henriques will put up at auction at his Vendue Store, 6 ½ Port Royal Street, Ellesmere Pen, a desirable property of some 26 acres in St. Andrew, near the Half-way Tree Car Terminus.

February 1, 1881


On the 29th at Craigton, the wife of Judge Curran, of a daughter.


Today at 10 o'clock at the Depot, Northwest corner of Port Royal and Church Streets, Mr. Joseph Stines will put up at auction the entire plant of machinery, etc., of the Jamaica Manufacturing Company. The machinery is very good, as may be seen on inspection, and from list in our advertising columns.

February 2, 1881


HENRIQUES - SPYER - In Spanish Town, on 26th January, by the Rev. A. N. Neito, Minister of the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation, Kingston, Daniel, Jnr., son of Daniel and Louisa Cohen Henriques, to Louisa Theresa, daughter of Henry and Julia Bloom Spyer.


The sale of Marine Villa, as advertised by Mr. Joseph Stines, Auctioneer, will take place tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock, in front of his Vendue and Commission Agency.

February 5, 1881


On Friday the 4th inst. at 140 Orange Street, Kingston, Margaret F. R. Winn, the beloved wife of the Rev. C. A. Winn (Methodist Free Church), Clarendon

Rosalind, the wife of the late Elijah Abrahams. The funeral will take place this evening from No. 5 Love Lane....

At Lilliput, St. Elizabeth, on the 31st January, 1881, Thomas Dunn, the beloved son of Harriet McDaniel, aged 26 years.

We regret to announce the death of David Judah Alberga who died in London on 1st February. He at one time occupied a very high position in Jamaica, having been a member of the Common Council of Kingston and of the House of Assembly. He was also a member of the Kingston Parochial board under the present form of Government, and was the head of a large firm of dry goods merchants. He has resided abroad for the last five years.

February 8, 1881


ALBERGA-SOLLAS - In this city on Wednesday, 2nd inst., by the Revd. A. H. Nieto, Hazan, Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, Charles Granville Alberga, of Ocho Rios, third son of the late Henry A. Alberga, Inspector Police, to Rachel, sixth daughter of the late Moses Mendes Sollas.

At St. Michael's Church, in this City, on the 29th ult., by the Rev. C. T. Denroche, Samuel Sharpe, eldest son of the late S. S. Wortley, Esq., to Mary Menzies McGregor, third daughter of the late Rev. T. J. Brown.

February 9, 1881


At no, 23 East Street, Clarendon House, on Tuesday evening, the 8th inst., at 4:30, Blanche Anna Maria Lillie.

MILLS - January 12th in his 70th year, at Algiers, where he had gone to winter, Thomas Mills of Bradford and Wharfdale Mount, Yorkshire, and Fletton Towers, Peterboro; father of Arthur Mills and uncle of Rev. J. Seed Roberts of this city. (Was interred in the family vault at Undercliffe, Yorkshire, on the 27th January.)

February 11, 1881


At 5 o'clock yesterday evening, 10th inst., Rachel, widow of the late Isaac Abisdid. Friends and acquaintances are requested to attend the funeral this evening at 4 o'clock precisely, from Parade Villa, 38 Parade.

February 12, 1881


In this City, at no. 118 Duke Street, on the 5th inst., Mrs. Percival C. Cunha of a daughter.

February 14, 1881


At 8:45 late evening at the Mission House, 81 Hanover Street, Herbert James, eldest son of the Revd. W. Clarke Murray.

February 15, 1881

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. S. J. Leon are requested to attend his remains from his late residence no. 77 Hanover Street to the place of interment ...

February 17, 1881


At Cadar Idris, St. Mary, the residence of his daughters, on the 26th January, 1881, Jacob De La Motta, in the 59th year of his age, leaving a widow and 2 daughters ...

February 18, 1881


At 14 Highholborn Street on the 14th February, Christopher R. Sayle, aged 43.

February 19, 1881


In this City on Tuesday morning the 15th inst., at 3 Parade, Mr. Philip Allwood aged 53 years.

February 21, 1881


In this City on Sunday, 20th inst., Mr. William Morris, of the Kingston Lodge, No. 2042, G. U. O. of O. F. The funeral will leave Passmore Town for the place of interment at 4:30 this evening.

This morning, 21st February 1881, Dudley Spencer, infant son of Louisa and Andrew R. Bogle.

February 22, 1881


Yesterday, the 21st inst., Rudolph, infant son of Jacob and Leah Brandon. The funeral will leave from 69 Water Lane, at 4:30 p.m. this evening.

Monday, 21st inst., Mary Campbell, relict of the late James Campbell of this city. The funeral will move from her late residence, 47 Hanover Street.

February 24, 1881

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. David Todd, are requested to attend his remains from his late residence, no. 30 Beeston Street, to the Ebenezer Ground, at 4:30 this evening.

March 1, 1881

The friends and acquaintances of the late Mr. Richard Lord are requested to attend the remains of his eldest son, Archibald, from his residence no. 73 Tower Street to the place of interment.

March 2, 1881


At 127 Church Street, the residence of Mr. James R. Gore, his brother-in-law, Valmone Lascelves.

March 4, 1881


At Half-way Tree on the 3rd inst., Mr. James Byndloss ...

March 5, 1881


Yesterday, the 4th inst., at Rosedale, on the Race Course, the residence of Dr. Davies, her son-in-law, Maria, relict of the late John Farrier of this city.

March 8, 1881


At 21 Warriston Crescent, Edinburgh, on the evening of the 10th February, Eliza Louisa, beloved wife of William Kerr, of Greenwood, St. James, Jamaica, and daughter of the late Alexander Holmes, Esq., of Montego Bay, Jamaica.

March 11, 1881


Of a son - February 10th, at Slwyngwern, Machynllrth, North Wales, the wife of the Honble. Henry Sewell.


Yesterday at no. 24 Regent Street, Matilda, the beloved wife of Theophilus Cole.


The Governor has been pleased to appoint Mr. Astley Cooper to be Harbour Master for the port of Alligator Pond, in the parish of Manchester.

The Governor has been pleased to grant a special license to Mr. Thomas Reid Jones, Master of the s. s. Claribel, to act as Pilot for the ports of Montego Bay and Lucea for the year 1881, for the Claribel or for any vessel of the same or less draught of water of which he may be at the time acting as Master of Mate but for no other.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint the following gentlemen to be Temporary Assistant Inspectors of Schools to carry out the work of Inspection and Examination of Elementary Schools during the current year, viz: Messrs. George Hicks, and F. R. Orth, and the Reverends A. Findlay, P. Williams, and C. E. Randall.

March 14, 1881


George Emilio, youngest son of Senor Octavio du Tremblay. Friends and acquaintances are requested to attend his remains from no. 59 Orange Street at 4:30 this evening.

March 15, 1881


The wife of Uriah Delapenha, Mandeville, of a son, at his town residence, no. 56 Duke Street.


The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Thomas S. T. Ibbott are requested to attend his remains from his late residence, no. 9 Fleet and Barry Streets.

March 17, 1881


At Old Harbour, on the 10th March 1881, Adolphus Frederick Passmore, second son of John Passmore of H. M. C. Falmouth, aged 28 years.

March 18, 1881


At Belize, British Honduras, on the 26th February last, Mr. Benjamin W. Scott, eldest son of Dr. James Scott of this city.

At Lignumvitae Grove Pen on Monday morning March 14, 1881, Cyril Edward Joseph, the infant son of John Samuel and Alethia Thompson, and grandson of the Revd. John Thompson, St. Andrew.


The Governor has appointed Mr. William Codnor Miller and Mr. William S. McCleary to be members of the Board of Parochial Road Commissioners of Portland.

Official notification is made in yesterday's "Gazette" of the appointment of Mr. J. P. Clark as Custos of Manchester and Chairman of the Municipal and Parochial Boards of the Parish.

The Governor has appointed Mr. A. G. Facey, Clerk and Landing Waiter at Sav-la-Mar, to act as Collector of Customs at that port, in the room of Mr. F. S. Chamberlaine, absent on leave.

The Governor has appointed the Reverend J. R. Collymore, to be Superintendent Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Parish of Hanover, in the room of the Rev. Samuel Goodyer, resigned.


It is announced that the partnership between the two gentlemen having been dissolved, Dr Anderson will continue practice at the surgery of the late firm, and Dr. Ogilvie will practice at 93 Harbour Street.

March 19, 1881


On the 25th February 1881, Ella Marie, the beloved wife of Mr. Charles Malabre.

March 22, 1881

The Revd. Father Porter, V. A., announced from the pulpit of the French church on Sunday that the Roman Catholics had obtained a burial ground. We learn that the land adjoins Admiral's Pen, St. Andrew.

March 26, 1881

The friends and acquaintances of William Ross are requested to attend his remains from his late residence, no. 6 Bond Street.


At the residence of her father (Mr. James D. Ford) 118 Duke Street, Kingston, Emma Abigail, the beloved wife of Arthur George.

At the Grove, the residence of John Orrett, Esq., on the morning of the 23rd inst., Adelaide M. Livingston, widow of the late William Livingston, solicitor, Kingston.

In this city on the 24th March 1881, Joseph Durston, aged 60.

April 2, 1881


At Spanish Town, on the 3rd inst., the wife of Henry McEwan of a daughter.

At St. George's Cottage, Kingston, on the 3rd inst., the wife of James Ogilvie, F. R. C. S. E. of a son.

April 6, 1881


At Primrose Cottage, Kingston Gardens, on the 3rd inst., the wife of Edward A. Foster of a son.


The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Thomas and George Burke are requested to attend the remains of their sister, Catherine Emily Louise, from no. 140 Princess Street ...


The Governor has granted leave of absence for three months from the 1st instant, to Inspector Theodore E. Depass, and has appointed Sub-Inspector Granville Ponsonby to the charge of the Police in the parish of Hanover during Mr. Depass's absence.

April 11, 1881


At no. 31 North Street, yesterday morning, Lucy Anderson, (widow of the late W. Wemyss Anderson), aged 72 years.

April 16, 1881


At Albert Lodge, Race Course, on the night of the 14th, Alice MacDonald.

At Marine Villa, Rae Town, Friday morning, Emma Louise, infant child of Andrew and Amelia Delisser, age 12 months.


The Governor has appointed Adam Walter Anderson, Esq., to be a Justice of the Peace for the Parish of St. Ann.

The Governor has appointed the Rev. Alexander Smith, to be a Member of Parochial Road Commissioners of the parish of St. Andrew.

The Governor has granted leave of absence for six months from the 25th inst., to Dr. Joseph Adolphus, and has appointed Dr. G. E. Gascoigne to act as District Medical Officer of the Black River District during such absence.


We regret to learn that the Hon. James Patterson, Custos of St. Thomas in the East, died on the 13th instant, and was buried yesterday. Mr. Patterson had been sick for some time, and it was expected he would resign his office. The two gentlemen whose names have chiefly been mentioned in connection with that office, now vacated by death, are Mr. James Harrison, of Hordley, and Mr. Samuel Shortridge, of Plantain Garden River. Either would be acceptable to the Parishioners we believe.

April 18, 1881


Last night at 10 o'clock, at no. 22 Gold Street, Iris Blanche, infant daughter of Julia and George Facey.

At Gosford Lodge, no. 1 Highholborn Street, in this city yesterday morning, Colin Nairne, Esq.

April 20, 1881


On Monday, 18th instant, at Cleveland Villa, Kingston, the wife of Richard Hill Jackson, Esq., of a son.


At 3 o'clock this morning at Orange Street, Emma Simpson.

April 21, 1881


RODGERS - April 11th, at Eastwood Park, St. Andrew, the wife of Edward B. Rodgers of a son.

April 25, 1881


At St. Michael's Church, Kingston, on the 19th April, by the father of the bride, assisted by the Revs. Melville and Denroche, Isaac Rowland Latreille, to Ella Frederika, third daughter of the Rev. C. R. Chandler.


We regret to learn that the Rev. H. P. C. Melville, whose sudden illness in Church was mentioned in these columns last week, died on Saturday.

April 28, 1881


At her residence, no. 101 Church Street, at a quarter past seven yesterday evening, Ann Isabel, the beloved wife of Charles Desgouttes.

April 29, 1881

A large number of passengers left in the "Athos" for New York yesterday afternoon, including Drs. Mosse and Tompsett, the Revd. Messrs. Teall and Denroche, and Mr. C. J. Ward.


By virtue of the power vested in him by the 2nd Section of Law 42 of 1872, the Governor has been pleased to appoint F. H. Barker, Esq., and the Rev. T. H. Sharpe, to be Trustees of Gray's Charity.


Before leaving for Canada, for the benefit of his health, the Rev. Mr. Denroche was presented with a purse of £23 by members of his congregation. He is likely to be away about eight weeks.

May 2, 1881

MAGNUS - STAMERS - On Wednesday the 27th April, at the Kirk, Duke Street, Kingston, by the Revd. John Radcliffe, Samuel Simon. eldest son of S. K. Magnus, Esq., to Caroline, eldest daughter of B. H. Stamers, Esq., M. D., both of Spanish Town.


At no. 60 Harbour Street, Mary Emily, youngest daughter of Mr. Walter Brett, of Hall's Delight, St. Andrew.

May 6, 1881


In this city on the 2nd inst., Caroline, widow of the late Henry Garland Murray, in the 52nd year of her age.


The Governor has been pleased to appoint the Revd. William Heaver to be a Member of the Board of Parochial Road Commissioners for the Parish of St. Elizabeth for the year 1881.

The Governor has granted Leave of Absence for six months from the 8th instant to Mr. J. F. Clarke, Collector of Taxes in St. Andrew's and has appointed Mr. D. Bailey to act as Collector of Taxes during such absence.


The Revd. W. E. Pierce, late of St. Michael's Church, has retired from the Church of England in Jamaica and will receive a pension of £100 per annum. Mr. Pierce now has charge of the Potare Mission in British Guiana, to which he is devoting all that zeal for which he is still remembered among us.

May 10, 1881

Duncans Telegraph Station has been reopened.


Streadwick's Bath is being lengthened 25 feet.


Messrs. A. H. Alexander, C. Goldie, and A. C. Sinclair have been re-elected Directors of the Civil Service Widow and Orphans Fund by an immense majority over the other candidates.

May 11, 1881


On Saturday night, 7th instant, at 26 ½ Harbour Street, Richard Walker, of Manchester, England. Aged 27.

The friends and acquaintances of Henry Sinclair are requested to attend the remains of his mother-in-law, Johonah, from the residence of her son, John Campbell, no. 52 Beeston Street, to the Ebenezer Burial Ground.


At a late meeting of the Trelawny Branch of the Jamaica Institute, the Hon. W. Fisher was elected President, Simon Thomson, Esq., Vice-President, H. W. Rowe, Esq., Secretary, and W. M. Cork, Esq., Treasurer of the Branch.

May 13, 1881

We regret to learn that Mr. Henry Lindo, while stepping yesterday evening off the piazza of Messrs. Moses and Co., auctioneers, in King Street, fell down on the water table and broke a knee cap. Mr. Lindo was removed to the residence of his brother, Mr. Fred Lindo, in Upper King Street, and was put at once under surgical treatment. The injury was found to be serious and during the evening fever supervened.


The Governor has been pleased to make the following temporary appointments consequent of the Absence on Leave of Deputy Surgeon-General C. B. Mosse, C. B. Dr. John Pringle to act as Inspector of Certified Hospitals under the Contagious Diseases Law 1867, and as a Member of the Central Board of Health, of the Quarantine Board and of the Board of Visitors of the Government Reformatory. Dr. J. C. Phillippo to act as a Member of the Board of Visitors of the Lunatic Asylum.

May 16, 1881


On the 10th inst. at Cainewood House, Portland, the wife of James Alexander Small, Esq., of a daughter.

On the 3rd inst., at Emerald Park, the wife of Daniel R. Da Costa of a son.

May 18, 1881

James Riley, Esq., of Windsor Pen, was sworn in yesterday at Spanish Town as Clerk of Petty Sessions for St. Catherine, in the room of the late Mr. Gilbert Laing Shaw.

Stipendiary Magistrate Cartright has been granted six months leave of absence, to proceed to England, and Mr. Thomas Powell of Manchester has been appointed to act for him. Mr. Powell will reside in the Parish of St. Ann for the period.


As our readers will see in another column, Mr. Oscar Plummer, Manager of Barbican, the property of Mr. A. W. Heron of Manchester, has opened a butcher's stall this morning at the Victoria Market, where beef of fine quality can be had.

May 19, 1881


In this city on the 10th inst., the wife of P. W. Abbott of a daughter.

May 20, 1881


At the Cottage, Linstead, St. Thomas in the Vale, wife of Charles E. Barrow, Esq., of twins (boys).


We are glad to notice that Mr. Joseph Bewley announces he has re-leased Compton House and will continue his extensive fancy business there.

May 24, 1881


At the residence of Miss Symmonett, 116 Orange Street, Eliza Ann Phillips.

May 25, 1881


This morning at 2 o'clock, at her late residence, no. 21 Orange Street, Sarah Nunes Vaz, relict of Isaac Nunes Vaz.

May 30, 1881


At 38 Hanover Street, on the 25th inst., the wife of Mr. Walter S. Magnus, of a son.

May 31, 1881


At the Lock Hospital, Kingston, on the 21st inst., the wife of Charles T. Dryden of a son.

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