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The Gleaner

Excerpts May 1868

Kingston, Jamaica

May 14, 1868

Passengers Sailed

In the Barque Anglo Indian from Port Morant for London: --

- Miss Agnes Harrison

- Two Misses Chisholm

- Master Teall

May 15, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the S. S. Bolivar from Port-au-Prince: --

- Mrs. McCrea and 2 children

- Mrs. Victorine and 2 children

- Miss Allen Coupet

- Mr. Lelen

- Mrs. T. Dutton and 2 children, nurse and girl

- Hill Helen Gray

- Samuel Richards

- Edward Richards

- George Edwards

- Mr. Clermont

- Catherine Thomas

- Alexander Phillips

- J. W. Galloway

- Jas. Lake Richardson

- Isabelle Gibson

In the Spanish Steamer Pelayo, from St. Jago de Cuba: --

- Mr. Alexander Turnbull

- Dr. Sterne

- Mr. W. A. White

- Mr. S. L. Wender


We understand that J. C. Melville, Esq., and Alfred DaCosta, Esq., are the gentlemen selected to fill the places at the Municipal Board of this City, vacated by Emanuel Lyons, Esq., and G. S. Airey, Esq.

May 16, 1868

Yesterday was the Thirty-first Anniversary of the opening of the Colonial Bank in this city. Of the several employees of this Branch at its opening, but two are now alive -- Mr. J. W. Cater, now in London, and J. B. Sorapure, Esq., the present accountant of the Bank in this city.


By the Gazette of last Thursday, all who are concerned are notified that, by direction of the Hon. Director of Roads and Surveyor General, Mr. Thomas Harrison, Government Surveyor, will make a survey and establish the boundaries of such lands of the Race Course as belong to the City of Kingston. The survey will commence on Wednesday, the 27th inst., between 7 and 8 a.m., beginning at the northern end of upper East Street, and running in a line easterly to McIntyre's penn; then northerly, etc. the Surveyor intimates that in the meantime he will make such traverses as may be necessary.

Andrew Bogle Dignum, Esq., of the parish of Trelawny, has been appointed a Notary Public of this island, within the said parish.

His Excellency, the Governor, has accepted the resignation of the Commission of Justice of the Peace for the parish of St. Thomas, held by George Levy, Esq.

A city contemporary gives currency to a report that the Rev. D. B. Panton, M. A., will be removed to Manchester, to fill the vacant place of the late Rev. Mr. Forbes, Rector of that parish.

May 19, 1868


On the afternoon of the 14th instant, at Pleasant View Penn, St. Andrew's, Mrs. Leopold Farmer of a son, who survived only a few minutes.


We have been informed that His Lordship the Bishop of Kingston will administer the rite of Confirmation in this city at the Parish church, on Monday next, and at St. George's Chapel on the succeeding day. The candidates from among the congregation worshipping at St. Michael's Chapel, will be confirmed at either the Church or St. George's, according as they may present themselves.



The adjourned Special Sessions of the Peace was held at the Court House yesterday.

Present: Hon. L. Q. Bowerbank, Custos; Joseph Francis; W. G. Astwood; A. Salom; T. B. Wiltshire; James Scott; S. L. Barned; J. K. Fingzies; J. Alvarenga; John J. Hart; William Berry; James C. Melville; William Malabre; Jonas Hart; C. A. Robinson; D. Qualo; L. Verley; William Lee; and H. J. Bicknell.

The minutes of the last meeting, and the advertisement of the adjourned meeting were read.

Three candidates were nominated for the office of third Collector of Petty Debts for the parish of Kingston, including the Town of Port Royal, viz: -- Henry Solomon, Malcolm B. McCormack, and Sergeant Robinson.

For the first named candidate, Mr. Solomon, sixteen Justices voted; Mr. Melville for Mr. McCormack; and Mr. Alvarenga for Sergeant Robinson.

Mr. Solomon was declared duly elected, and proposed as his sureties Mr. Walter Nunes and Mr. John B. Morris; who were accepted.

Mr. Days, the Deputy Clerk of the Peace, informed the meeting that the old Collectors of Petty Debt for the City of Kingston, had declined to extend their jurisdiction to the entire parish of Kingston.

A License was granted to John D'Aguilar, for the sale and barter of Old Metal, and a Retail Spirit License to Ophelia R. Qualo.

On motion of his Honor the Custos, the following gentlemen were appointed a Committee to prepare an humble Address to Her Majesty the Queen, on the attempted assassination of his Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh:--- Justices Bicknell, Scott, Astwood, William Malabre, and Jonas Hart.

On the suggestion of Justice Salom, the Honorable the Custos was added to the Committee.

It was thereupon agreed that the Committee to prepare the Address meet on Tuesday 10 o'clock, a the office of the Municipal Board.

The Special Sessions then adjourned to Friday, to receive and adopt the Address.

May 21, 1868


At Torrington House, at 10:30 p.m., on the 19th instant, Mrs. Angela Dupuy, wife of Major Dupuy, of a boy.

May 22, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer La Plata, from England: --

- Countess Delva

- Madame Wolfe, child and servant

- Mr. James Paul

- Ensign Kirkwood, 3rd W. I. Regt.

- Company Sergeant Major C. W. Nix, wife and 3 children

- Mr. J. T. Bravo

May 27, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the Spanish Steamer Pelayo from Colon: --

- Mr. Tavares

Passengers Sailed

In the Steamer Chilian for Port-au-Prince: --

- Countess Delva and son

- Mrs. Wolfe

In the Steamer Darien, for Liverpool: --

- Miss Jameson

- Lieut. Fletcher

May 29, 1868

The following Ecclesiastical appointments have been gazetted, namely the Revd. F. S. Bradshaw, LL.D, to be Rector of St. Catherine; the Revd. Joseph Williams to be Island Curate of Claremont, in the parish of St. Ann. Both these appointments bear date as of the 1st inst.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint S. G. Corinaldi, Esq., to be a member of the Municipal Board for St. James.

Mr. Robert McKearnan has been appointed a Master Pilot, for conducting ships and other vessels into and out of Port Royal and Kingston.

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