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February 3, 1894


New York, February 1. - London news announces the marriage yesterday of Nellie, daughter and heiress of Lord Burton, to the Hon. Bruce Baillie.



His friends in the West Indies will be sorry to hear of the death of Mr. Forbes Bowerbank Dignum-Mitchell, who was the only surviving son of the late Mr. Andrew Graham Dignum, Mastyer of Chancery in Jamaica. Mr. Dignum-Mitchell, whose home was at Elmhurst Spring Grove, Isleworth, was 53 years of age. He died on January 8, a victim to the influenza.



In the E.M.S. Para from Southampton:

Captain Alexander (1st Leicester), Lieut. Gordon (1st Leicester), Lieut. Davis (1st W.I.R.), 121 soldiers (1st Leicester Regt.), 2 women and child, Rev. Spencer Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Sewell and maid, Mr. R. Myers, Mr. F. Berger, Mr. F. Carbutt, Rev. ___non Rogers, Miss Rogers, Nuss V., Levy, Miss Vickers, Miss Findlay, Mr. E. C. Curtis, Mr. Erskine, Dr. H. Castle, Rev. E. F. Coleman, Mr. Strickland, Rev. M. C. Clare, Mr. J. C. Ware; from Demerara: Miss F. E. Brown; from Barbados: Sir John Habham, Mr. H. Barton Read and wife, Mr. & Mrs. Munro, Mr. H. C. Price, Miss Drysdale and sister, Lieut. Thorne (1st W.I.R.), Mr. John Conner, Mr. E. Wade, Mr. Newton, Mr. & Mrs. Hodgman and child, Mr. & Mrs. Livingstone 2 children and servant, Mr. J. H. Bauld, Mr. G. Oland, Major Lairdet (1st Leicester), Mrs. Lairdet and 2 children, 3 privates (W.I.R.); from Jacmel: 2 deckers; from Grenada, Mr. H. Ogilvie, and 10 in transit.


The following passengers were booked to leave Southampton on the 17th instant for Jamaica when the Para left, per Orinoco to leave January 31st: Miss E. Walder, Mr. E. Abrahams, Miss Thomas, Mr. & Mrs. Ponsonby and maid, Mr. G. Waddington, Major C. Hutton, 2 children and nurse, Mrs. Leach; per Medway to leave February 14th: Mr. J. E. Bray, B.M., Hon. and Mrs. Pringle, child and nurse.


The "Para" a Troopship

In consequence of the new contract arrangements with the Imperial Government the reliefs for the Leicestershire Regiment in the West Indies came out in the "Para." Over 300 rank and file embarked at Southampton and the majority disembarked at Barbados, 120 men, 1 Sergeant, and two officers disembarking here. The detachment was under command of Capt. Alexander, Lieut. Gordon being second in command. The men are a find looking lot and all young and ruddy. General Bengough and several Staff Officers were down to superintend the landing and this was done shortly after the ship was moored. The men then "fell in" on the wharf and marched to Up-Park Camp, when, after breakfasting they proceeded to Newcastle. The others will return in the "Para" a fortnight hence.


A New Official for Jamaica

The Demerara Chronicle has the following: "Amongst the passengers who left for Europe by last Mail Steamer was Mr. M. K. North, the assistant Colonial Civil Engineer of this colony....Mr. North received a canle message from the COlonial Office, requiring his immediate return to England, with a view to his undertaking a more important appointment... in the island of Jamaica...."



The West Indian Regiment:

Lieut. Col. A. Saunders retires on retired pay. Lieut. A. G. Master is seconded for service with the Army Service Ciros. Second Lieut. H. A. Leverson to be Lieutenant, vice H. W. Marsden, seconded. The following Gent. Cadets, from the R. M. College, to be sec. Lieutenants: G. R. B. Martin, in succession to Lieut. A. G. Master; F. E. Yield, in succession to Lieut. R. E. Liston, killed in action; F. E. W. Butt, vice C. Wroughton, killed in action.


The Leicestershire Regiment: Lieut. P. C. J. Scott is seconded for service with the Army Service Corps. Sec. Lieut. J. G. Mignon to be Lieutenant, vice J. H. Heycock promoted.


Army Service Corps: The following officers are transferred on probation to the Permanent list: P. C. J. Scott, the Leicestershire Regiment; A. G. Master, the West India Regiment.


Lieut. Mazon, the French Explorer, has denied that he said "that the men of the West India Regiment were hated by the natives of Sierra Leone as undisciplined thieves."



Inspector James is to take charge of the St. Thomas division, and Inspector Wedderburn of the St. Andrew's division in conjunction with that of Kingston.


The Hon. T. Capper and Dr. Crane, C.M.G., have been appointed the "nominated members" of the new Legislative Council.


The Revd. Mr. Tucker has been returned unopposed in the room of Revd. Mr. Proudfoot to the St. Catherine Parochial Board for the district of St. Johns.


Mr. Herbert E. Vaughan of University College, has taken his B. A. degree.


Mrs. Jackson died at Port Royal on Thursday at the age of 107. She retained her faculties to the last. A woman recently died in Kingston aged 101.


James McCarthy was found guilty at the Resident Magistrate Court yesterday of the larceny of 12s 6d and was sentenced to 1 month's imprisonment.


The house of Mr. Whittingham at Little London was discovered on fire at midnight on January 17th. The police succeeded in arresting the progress of the flames. The occupants were asleep and it is thought that the fire was the work of an incendiary.


A Petition of Escheat, granted at the reques of the deceased's wife, in the estate of Henry Hibbert, of St. Andrew, was to have been heard in the Circuit Court yesterday before Justice Hyndham Jones, but on motion of Barrister Cargill the matter was postponed until the 27th instant.


The printing plant, presses, machinery, etc. of the Evening Express owned by Mr. W. B. Hannan, have been levied upon to satisfy a debt of £41 due for rent to 31st December.


In the Police Court yesterday before Mr. Preston, David Joughings was charged with disorderly conduct. He was fined 5s or 7 days in Prison. Mary Williams, also charged with the same offence, was fined 10s or 14 days/ Joseph Leslie charged with cruelty to a mule was fined 20s or 14 days. Mary Vendryes, charged by Catherine Douglas with tongue abuse, was admonished and discharged. Two soldiers named Henry Barthley and Charles Faulwood belonging to the 2nd West India Regiment, were charged with using indecent language in the Central Park...and fined 21s or 4 months in St. Catherine District Prison. Samuel Lig___ourne was found guilty of wounding Stephen Hutchinson by stabbing him, and was remanded until today to receive sentence.


Illness of Mr. C. M. Mendez

We regret to state that Mr. C. M. Mendez of Spanish Town, for long a prominent member of the St. Catherine Parochial Board, is lying at present dangerously ill from an attack of bronchitis, and is not expected to recover. He represents the St. John's district. He is 47 years of age.

He is the brother of Mr. D. P. Mendes.



St. Mary and St. Ann

St. Ann's Bay, Feb.1st, 4:40 p.m.

The nomination and election of a candidate for this parish was concluded at 1 o'clock today, when the Hon. J. H. Levy was returned unopposed.Mr. J. S. Thomas was the presiding officer. The names of the gentlemen who nominated Mr. Levy were: Hon. C. W. Steer, Messrs. Sturridge, House, Roden Byles, Perkins, Byles, Miller, Isaacs, Hart, Watkis and Dr. Miller, Messrs. Douthwaite, Morris, McConnell, Brown, Harrison and Albert Hart.

St. James and Trelawny

Montego Bay, Feb. 1st, 2 p.m.

The nomination of candidates for the parish were commenced at 12 o'clock today, Mr. Broderick, the Returning Officer, presiding. There were present both the candidates (Hon. W. Bourke, and Mr. J. E. Kerr) Hon. W. Shirley, Messrs. _ai__ Hart, George Corinaldi, David Corinaldi, Wilson Corinaldi, John Main, Edgar Turnbull, Henry Levy, John ___ry, and a large body of electors and the public generally. Mr. Henry Reuben nominated the Hon. Wellesley Bourke, Solicitor, Kingston, seconded by David Corinaldi. Hon. Mr. Shirley nominated Mr. John Edward Kerr, seconded by C. A. Nunes. Mr. Bourke's nomination paper was signed by Messrs. H. Emanuel Reuben, Alfred Delgado, David Corinaldi, John Robert Young, William Ramsay, George DeSouza, and 8 others. Mr. Kerr's nomination paper was signed by Messrs. Leister Colvin Shirley, Alexander Rerrie, Edgar Turnbull, George Corinaldi, Charles Nunes, Samuel Hart and 11 others. Both candidates then made remarks.

St. Catherine

Nomination of candidates took place at the Court House yesterday. The late sitting member, Hon. T. L. Harvey, and Mr. R. H. Jackson were nominated. The following is a description of the nominations:

Designation: "Thomas Lloyd Harvey, No. 19 Redchurch Street, Spanish Town, Advocate and Solicitor." Signatories: D. H. Mendez, J.P.; S. B. H. Bravo; S. G. H. Melhado, J.P.; W. D. Neish, M.D.; C. D. Corinaldi, Clerk; A. H. Solomon, George Abraham, H. L. Isaacs, J.P.; G. C. Lindo, M.P.B.; J. L. Messon, J.P.; George F. Judah, James S. Facey, Dugald Campbell, John Gordon, J. J. Evelyn, W. N. Turner, Henry McGilchrist, John Sinclair, Charles L. Isaacs, and many others.

Designation: "Richard Hill Jackson, Devon Pen, St. Andrew, Solicitor." Signatories: Alfred Nath. Harrison, General Dealer; George Scott, Planter; William Forth, Shopkeeper; John E. Gayner, Blacksmith; Elisha Bennett, Produce Dealer; Benjamin Graham, Clerk; Benjamin Martin, Jeweller; George Anderson, Planter; D. P. Mendez, Storekeeper; J. L. Tabois, Land Surveyor; James C. Bryant, Storekeeper; D. Aldred, Clerk; William Messias, Storekeeper; H. M. Messias, Druggist; H,. A. Smith, Planter; B. Aspland, etc., etc.

Westmoreland and Hanover

The Rev. Henry Clarke addressed a large and enthusiastic meeting of his constituents at the Court House Sav-la-Mar, on Monday evening last. Long before the hour appointed for the meeting the Court House was packed, and the time of waiting was relieved by the singing of various popular songs. Punctually at eight o'clock the Rev. Henry Clarke stepped on the platform, and he was most enthusiastically received, the audience cheering again and again. Amongst those present were: Hon. C. S. Farquharson; Revs. Philip Williams, A. P. Kirkham, and J. Bennett; Messrs. Hugh Clarke, C. L. Clarke, S. Clarke, James Foote, D. F. Thomas, A. M. Forrest, Ralph Tomlinson, A. Petgrave, T. Salmon, A. J. Munroe, J. Brady, D. R. Spence, B. F. Lindo, N. S. Clough, G. M. Curling, James Wright, D. Fidler, J. B. Aguilar, A. Sloley, B. S. Segree, H. Davis, H. Stone, E. B. DaCosta, Clarence Farquharson, Charles Hill, H. Ottey, John Hyslop, A. Chambers, E. Callam, V. Jones, Alfred Foote, A. E. Wainwright, M. Buck, George Dillon, W. B. Wells, N. S. Savarian, Browne Bros, (Lucea) Henry Ramsay, A. M. Donalds, A. B. Jones, Peter Burte, George Curling, A. W. Aguilar, Joseph Spence, S. Robertson, A. Chambers, E. Panther, W. A. Falconer, George Muschett, R. Nathan, M. A. Leaton, J. R. Hopwood, F. H. Laing, W. Tomlinson, T. Morais, Charles Semple, R. Gordon, T. Goodwin, John Dictim, R. Dictim, R. Crookshank, C. H. Liddard, P. Cole, etc., etc.

St. Elizabeth

The nomination of candidates at the Black River Court House created but little interest in the parish as it had already been decided that Mr. J. M. Farquharson would be returned without opposition. The Returning Officer, Mr. Robertson, sat in the Court House from 12 to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, and Mr. S. T. Forrest presented two nomination papers as follows:

James Miller Farquharson, Long Ville, Santa Cruz P.O., St. Elizabeth, proprietor. Among the names were: Messrs. C. D. Leyden, T. P. Leyden, Dr. J. L. Calder, Walter H. Allport, E. T. Forrest, William Hill, John V. Calder, F. B. Bowen, S. T. Forrest, John Sinnet, Thomas Gooden, Rev. A. E. Lewis, A. A. Finlayson, J. J. DaCosta, William Webber, U. C. Hendriks, George E. Levy, S. C. Peynado, R. R.? Daly, J. C. Nolan, William S. Forbes, A. J. Hendriks, A. J. Levy, Ed. A. Allen, John Clark, A. M. Myers, and many others.

Amongst those present in the Court House were: Mr. J. M. Farquharson, __ Hill, E. T. Forrest, S. T. Forrest, __ Hendriks, T. B. Bowen.

At 1 o'clock Mr. Robertson declared Mr. Farquharson duly elected amid cheers from those present.


The Legislative Council

Ex-Officio Members

Gen. Bengough, C.B., Commander of the Forces

Sir Neale Porter, K.C.M.G., Colonial Secretary

Hon. H. H. Hocking, Attorney General

Hon. V. G. Bell, C.E., Director of Public Works

Nominated Members

Hon. T. Capper, B.A., Inspector of Schools

Hon. __. L. Crane, M.D., C.M.G., Superintending Medical Officer

Elected Members

Hon. S. C. Burke, Kingston & St. Andrew

Hon. J. T. Palache, Manchester

Hon. J. M. Farquharson, St. Elizabeth

Hon. J. H. Lavy, St. Mary & St. Ann

Contested Elections

Hon. C. S. Farquharson, Rev. H. Clarke, Hon. W. Ewen, Westmoreland and Hanover, Election on Tuesday, 6th Feb.

Hon. William Andrews, Mr. W. B. Hannan, St. Thomas & Portland, Election Thursday, 8th Feb.

Hon. George Solomon, Mr. T. H. Sharpe, Mr. W. B. Hannan, Clarendon, Election on Thursday 8th Feb.

Hon. T. L. Harvey, Mr. R. H. Jackson, St. Catherine, Election on Thursday 8th Feb.

Hon. W. Bourke, Mr. J. E. Kerr, St. James and Trelawny, Election on Thursday, 8th Feb.


In the Supreme Court of Judicature of Jamaica

In Probate and Administration

In the goods of ROBERT MARSH, late of Warwick Castle, in the Parish of St. Mary, planter, deceased, intestate.

Creditors and others having any claims against the above named deceased, who died on the 5th day of September, 1893, at the City and Parish of Kingston, are requested to send particulars of their claims duly authenticated to Mrs. Charlotte Agatha Marsh, Warwick Castle, Retreat P.O., Administratrix.

Sgd. W. S. Pickwick, Solicitor for the Administratrix.


Estate of William Herbert Carter

Creditors and others having any claims against the above named William Herbert Carter, who died on the 14th day of October, 1893, at Stokes Hall in the Parish of St. Thomas, are requested to send particulars of their claims duly authenticated to Fanny Elizabeth Carter and Richard Evans (to the care of the latter, Dukenfield Hall, Plantain Garden River P.O., or to Henry Vendryes, Esq., No 12 Duke Street, Kingston, their Solicitor) the duly qualified Executor and Executrix of the Will of the said deceased.



From Florence Hall Penn, Trelawny, on the night of 22nd January, 1894, a Bay Mare.... A suitable reward will be paid for the recovery of the animal. Henry Carvalho.


Portland Agricultural Company, Ltd.

Established 1893


J. W. Munroe, Chairman

J. A. Fuller, Vice-Chairman

W. N. Maning

James A. Blake

William Morris

Charles A. Burke

Samuel B. West

George I. Smith


George Anderson, Managing Member

John E. Hamilton, Secretary

E. G. Osborne Smith, Solicitor

The above Company has been formed for the purpose of planting Bananas, Vegetable and other Fruits and any other products of the soil, also for the breeding and rearing of Cattle, Horsekind, Sheep, Pigs and other domestic animals.


Building Lots on Sabina Park Grounds.

T. N. Aguilar, 117 Harbour Street


For 10 Years

For lease and Sale or Sale

Hart Hill, containing 700 acres of land... situated 2 miles from Buff Bay.

Alexander Henriques, Buff Bay P.O.


A. J. Hart

Commission agent and auctioneer, Main Street, St. Ann's Bay P.O.


For Sale

Belvedere and Largs, in the St. George's District of Portland, forming together one run of 434 acres. The White River flows through it.

F. W. Guiselin, Port Maria P.O.

Mrs. Charlotte E. Llewellyn

Livery Stable

Comfortable Buggies


Mrs. Halliday's Lodgings,

Newleigh, Mandeville

Healthy location, 2,300 feet above sea level


Mortimer C. deSouza

Printer and Publisher


Sun Life Assurance Co., of Canada

Manufacturers Accident Insurance Co.

A. Byron Ventresse,


54 Port Royal Street, Kingston


Education in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Munro and Dickenson's Girls School Hampton, Malvern

Head Mistress, Miss Holden

Terms (Inclusive of Music and use of Books) £35 per annum.

F. Braganza Bowen, Secretary

Black River P.O.


Moneague Hotel

Moneague P.O., St. Ann

900 feet above sea level, Nine miles from Ewarton Railway Stations.

Rates are: for 1 in 1 room per day 12s, etc.

A. N. Sutherland

Kentucky Cane Mills

David Lindo, sole agents in Falmouth

and George DePass Esq., Buff Bay

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