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November - December 1880


November 3, 1880


At 47 Fleet Street, at 6 a.m. on the 3rd inst., R. L. Baugh ...



Kingston is to be congratulated upon its marvellous deliverance from destruction by fire yesterday afternoon. About a quarter past 4 p.m. an alarm was given of fire on the premises of Messrs. Wray & Nephew, in Port Royal Street, and in a short time the whole city had learned the news. The fire originated at the centre of the store. One of the workmen was bottling liquor; a bottle broke, and in some way his clothes caught fire from the lamp, which he used for melting the wax to seal the bottles, and which stood on the ground. In his excitement and hurry, he kicked over a skid holding a half-filled puncheon of rum. The bung was out, and the puncheon rolled down, the spirit taking fire and spreading across the store. In a few minutes the blaze was tremendous, and flames roared up the ventilating well to the second floor. The heat was intense scorching the inmates of the store severely. All about the place worked heartily to put the fire out with wet blankets and several pails of sand were brought and thrown on the rolling, blazing mass. Still the fire could not be controlled, when Mr. John MacDonald, Jnr, rushed in with a "Babcock Extinguisher" and discharged its contents as well as five gallons of chemical mixture, which acted like a charm in subduing the flames. Mr. Altamont DeCordova took another Babcock with equally happy effect, and the use of these machines was continued until the fire was put out, -- not a moment too soon, for the railing of the office caught fire already and was torn down. As is well known, the store contains several thousand gallons of rum and the whole neighbourhood is most dangerous, as singularly fitted to spread the unruly element quickly. Not alone does the store contain vast quantities of inflammable material, but the stores in the vicinity are all similarly stocked. It is very fortunate that Messrs. Wray & Nephew's premises are fire-proof, and probably these circumstances alone enables us to rejoice with them that the building is not now a heap of smouldering ashes.

Although the alarm was given at a quarter past four, the three advance men of the Fire Brigade with horse cart did not arrive on the spot until the fire was extinguished, about 10 minutes before 5; while the hook and ladder company with another hose reel were seen wending their way to the scene of the late fire about ½ past 5. As this is the first time since the organization of the paid Day service that the brigade has been called into day action, the result is rather disheartening, and shows at least as has been shown before, that the Station is by no means where it should be. His Honor the Custos and Mr. Parry were present before the fire was extinguished. We would like to ask them whether it is not time for the establishment and enforcement of a stringent municipal regulation against the use of fie in the spirit store. Twice within half a dozen months Kingston has been threatened with destruction by the use of fire in rum stores.

Two men, Archibald Richards, foreman in the Rum Store, and Robert Scarlet were admitted to the Hospital at a quarter past five - Richards severely burnt on the left side of the face, and on the head, shoulders, arms, hands and feet; Scarlet on his left side, and from his knees downward. Richards said that if they had not pulled him out quickly, he would have been blown to atoms.

Mr. Baugh, a clerk in the store for many years, was dreadfully burned, especially in the extremities, but no portion of this body escaped the flames. He was conveyed to his home immediately after the occurrence, and medical aid was given. But this case was hopeless from the first, and Mr. Baugh died at six o'clock this morning.

We beg to offer our sincere condolences to the friends and family. Under the sad circumstances, the loss of Mr. Baugh, who was a man highly esteemed in the community, will be most painfully felt.

Mr. Baugh was conscious for some time, and his version of the breaking out of the fire was: A gentleman was in the store purchasing rum. Someone drew a match which fell upon rum on the ground and set fire to it.

We learn that Mr. Holwell was slightly scorched.

November 4, 1880


On Wednesday morning after 3 days illness, Archibald Harris, an old and faithful servant of the firm of Emanuel Lyons & Son, whom he served for a period of 30 years. He was valued by them for his honesty and fidelity, and his death is much regretted by them.

In this City on Monday 1st November, after a long and painful illness, Jane Cleopatra, the eldest and esteemed daughter of Colin Campbell.


It was currently reported in the city yesterday that one of the men lying at the Public Hospital, ill from the effects of Tuesday's fire, had died suddenly. Upon information received at that Institution from the Doctor, we are able to state that both men are apparently doing well at present. Mr. Holwell, who remains at home, was burned about the feet, and down the side of one leg. The firm of Wray and Nephew estimate that about 50 gallons of rum were destroyed. Mr. Baugh's funeral was largely attended yesterday evening.

November 5, 1880

The friends and acquaintances of Mrs. Mary Jane Scotland are requested to attend the remains of her Beloved Mother, Mary Ann Weatherby, from her residence no. 64 Barry Street, this evening, at 4:30 to the place of interment.

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. John Jones, late clerk in H. M. Naval Yard, Port Royal, are respectfully requested to attend the remains of his beloved wife, Caroline Medola, from no. 119 Upper King Street, to the place of interment, at 4 o'clock this afternoon (Friday, the 5th Nov.) "For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him".


On the 31st October at Wallens, the residence of her Son-in-law, A. C. Colthirst, Esq., Margaret Jane MacKintosh, widow of the late Donald MacKintosh, Esq., of Mammee Bay, St. Ann, aged 53.

The Governor has dismissed Mr. Henry McGilchrist from the Office of dispenser of the Linstead Public General Hospital and Lay Vaccinator for the Parishes of St. Catherine and Clarendon.

November 12, 1880


At St. Peter's Church, Vere, on the 3rd inst., by the Revd. J. D. Hunt, Charles Fyfe Hitchings [sic], third son of H. B. Hitchings, Esq., of Kingston, to Maria Aurelia, second daughter of the late Robert Pearl, Esq., of Manchester. [The name should be Hitchins.]


The Governor has been pleased to appoint Mr. Charles Wood to be Receiver of Wreck for the Old Harbour District.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint Philip Hart, Esq., to be a Member of the Pilotage and Harbour Board for No. 3 District, in the room of Alexander Holmes, Esq, deceased.


His Honor Mr. Justice Ker held on Wednesday a Court of Bankruptcy, when a motion was made for the Committal to prison of Mr. J. R. Braham, under sections 55, 56 of the bankruptcy law. The Hon. S. C. Burke instructed by Mr. Lee, official trustee, appeared in support of the motion, and commented upon the evidence which had been given by the bankrupt before the Court on the 19th Oct. last. The bankrupt afterwards addressed the Court at considerable length, urging that he had been guilty of no fraud; that he had given no undue preference to his father; and that what he had done, had been done with the view of making the best of his estate for his creditors. The learned Judge listened with much attention to the Bankrupt's statements, said that they should receive his best consideration, and that he would on Monday the 15th inst., deliver judgment in the matter. The Bankrupt was directed to attend that day.

After the bankruptcy matter a debtor's summons was heard at the suit of the Jamaica Railway against Mr. Ashmead, who was examined by Mr. Harvey. A similar summons was also heard in the case of Turnbull vs. Maillet, the defendant being also examined. After the hearing both cases were directed to stand over until Tuesday the 14th December.

November 18, 1880


DELGADO - DECORDOVA - In this city on the 10th inst., at No. 117 Duke Street, the residence of the bride's father, Rosalind, eldest daughter of Altamont DeCordova, Esq., to Moses, eldest son of the late Alfred Delgado, Esq., deceased.

November 19, 1880

Her Majesty the Queen has been pleased to approve the recognition of Simon Emanuel Pietersz, Esq., as Acting Consul for Denmark, at Kingston.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint the Hon. J. P. Clarke, Acting Custos of Manchester, Alexander Woodburn Heron, and Horatio Swaby, Esqrs., to be the Board of Visitors of the Public General Hospital at Mandeville.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint John William Harcourt Parkin, Esq., to be a Justice of the Peace, and a Member of the Municipal Board and of the Board of Parochial Road Commissioners of the Parish of St. James.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint the Hon. W. H. Coke, Custos of St. Elizabeth, W. B. Salmon and J. C. Peynado, Esqrs., and the Inspector of Immigrants for the District, to be the Board of Visitors of the Black River Public General Hospital.


Yesterday morning, a large portion of the back balcony of Freemason's Hall, premises occupied by Mr. G. J. DeCordova, and running through from Harbour Street to Port Royal Street, gave way and fell with a great crash. Mr. Fred. Green, a coach trimmer, working in the balcony, was precipitated to the ground, a distance of about fourteen feet, amongst the debris. Marvellous to tell, he escaped with only a sudden and rude shaking.

November 20, 1880


At Grand Cayman, on the 27th September, the wife of the Rev. John Smith of a son.


At no. 1 Manchester Square, in this City, on the 18th inst., Jessie Hitchcock, only surviving daughter of Mrs. Panton.

November 22, 1880


At the residence of her Nephew, A. D. C. Levy, Esq., Port Maria, on Wednesday, the 17th inst., Matilda Lindo, aged 74 years ...

November 24, 1880


At half-past 4 o'clock this morning, Mr. W. J. L. Rutherford. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend his funeral at 5 o'clock this evening from his late residence, no. 80 Upper Church Street.

November 26, 1880

The Governor has been pleased to appoint Daniel Hart, Esq., to be Notary Public for the Island of Jamaica.

John Duff, Esq., has returned to the Island and resumed the duties of his office as Consul for the United States of Venezuela.

The Phoenix Lodge, Port Royal, has sustained a severe loss in the death of Mr. W. J. L. Rutherford, who was its Secretary, and had served it in different grades of Freemasonry. It will be difficult to fill his place.

The Governor, on the recommendation of the subscribers to the Kingston Sailor's Home, has appointed the Right Revd. Enos Nuttall, D. D., Bishop of Jamaica, the Hon. George Solomon, George Stiebel, and J. C. Peynado, Esq., to be Members of the Board of Directors of the Home for the current financial year.

The Governor has granted leave of absence for three months from the 20th instant, to P. C. Cork, Esq., Inspector of Immigrants at the Head Office of the Immigration Department, and has appointed C. L. Ripoll, Esq., Inspector of Immigrants in St. Catherine's, to be also Mr. Clark's locum tenens during the period in question.

November 29, 1880

The new part of St. Andrew's Church will be consecrated tomorrow at 11 a.m. by the Bishop. the Revd. Mr. Hall will preach. In order that the service may not be long, the sermon will not occupy more than ten minutes.

Islington Pen, the property of Mr. Gomes Casseres, has been purchased for £1,600, as a residence for the Bishop of Jamaica. It is pleasantly and conveniently situated near the Camp and the Pen of the Hon. S. C. Burke.

December 1, 1880


On the 27th November 1880, at 112 East Street, the residence of his son, Mr. L. P. Branday, John Christopher Branday, aged 83 years.

December 2, 1880

Arntully Estate has been again withdrawn by Mr. D. P. C. Henriques, at £1,000, the reserve being £3,000.



Three important Chancery Sales took place yesterday, at 11 o'clock, at the Court House, before Thomas Hendrick, Esq., Registrar of the Supreme Court. The first sale put up by Mr. David P. C. Henriques, Auctioneer, was in the suit of Robertson vs. Beswick, Breadnut Valley Sugar Estate. the first bid was that of Mr. M. C. Morgan, of £1.300 for the Estate and cattle, 350 head, 20 mules and 1 horse; the reserve price being afterwards stated to be £2,600, the property was withdrawn, there being no other bidders. The second property put up was Biscany Plantation, the logwood cut at rate being reserved to the vendors. Mr. M. C. Morgan was the purchaser of this property for £1,600.

The second sale put up by Mr. Thomas N. Aguilar, Auctioneer, was in the suit of James vs. James, for premises occupied by Messrs. Leyden & Farquharson, at Black River. The only bid for the property was that of Mr. Leyden for £500, but the reserve price being £600, it was withdrawn.

The third put up by Turnbull, Mudon and Co., Auctioneers, was in the suit of DeCordova vs. DeCordova, Lot No. 1, being the store and premises, No. 42 Port Royal Street, now occupied by Altamont DeCordova, Esq., was started off, but it only brought two bids, one from Mr. A. Phillipson for £1,000 and the other from Mr. C. J. Ward for £1,050. The premises were withdrawn, the reserve price being afterwards stated to be £1,200.

Lot no. 2, being the shop and premises at he North West corner of King and Port Royal Streets, known as the "Bee Hive", was next put up, and after a spirited and animated bidding between Messrs A. Phillipson and Daniel R. DaCosta, the shop was knocked down to the latter gentleman for £570. Lot no. 3, a shop at the corner of Barry Street and Foster Lane, brought £170, Mr. Ward being the purchaser.

Since the auction, £2,000 has been offered for Breadnut Valley, but remains unaccepted at this time of writing.

December 3, 1880

The Governor has appointed Edgar Turnbull, Esq., to be a Justice of the Peace for the parish of St. James.

The Governor has appointed Mr. George D. Garsia to be Coast Waiter at Dry Harbour in the Parish of St. Ann.

The Governor has been pleased, upon the nomination of the Consul of Spain, to recognize provisionally the appointment of Robert Nunes, Esq., as Consular Agent for Spain at Falmouth, in this island.

December 6, 1880


On the 5th November at Black River, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Davidson Victburg, Mrs. Rachel Adolphus, aged 74.

December 7, 1880

In another column will be found an advertisement of B. C. Carvalho & Co., who offer their entire stock of Fancy and Staple Goods at reduced prices to clear out. We regret to see this respectable House retiring from Business - as it is undoubtedly the result of the past exceedingly dull times.

Mrs. J. P. DaCosta has with her usual benevolence placed her annual gift of a fine steer at the disposal of S. Levien, Esq., for a Christmas distribution among the poor of the City.

December 16, 1880


On the 12th December at Marble Hall, Rae Town, the wife of Mortimer Brandon of a son.


Yesterday evening at four o'clock, Emily, relict of the late Pedro Coll. The funeral will take place this afternoon at 4:30 from the residence, no. 66 Harbour Street. Friends and acquaintances of the deceased and of Messrs. H. Duperly, E. L. Sorapure and H. Schaw are requested to attend.

December 17, 1880

The Governor has appointed Mr. A. M. Jackson, Collector of Taxes and Parochial Treasurer in Hanover, to be Collector of Taxes and Parochial Treasurer in St. James, vice W. L. Stewart, absent on leave; and Mr. E. Wilson, Asst. Collector in Hanover, to act until further orders as Collector and Parochial Treasurer in that parish, vice Mr. Jackson.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint Mr. A. W. Escoffery to be a Revenue Stamp Distributor in Port Antonio.

R. N. Berwick, Esq., has been appointed to act as Harbour Master for the Port of Port Antonio, during the absence of W. A. Doorly, Esq.

Thomas Oughton, Esq., has returned from Leave of Absence and resumed on the 8th instant his duties as Deputy Keeper of the Records.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint Harvey M. Rowe, Esq., to be Clerk of the Pilotage and Harbour Board for No. 4 District.

The Governor has granted Leave of Absence for one month to Mr. H. J. Burger, Collector of Taxes for Kingston, and has appointed Mr. D. Bailey, First Class Clerk in the St. Andrew's Collectorate, to act as Collector during Mr. Burger's absence.

In accordance with the proviso to Section 30 of Law 21 of 1874, the Governor notifies for general information that upon the representation of the Central Board of Health, His Excellency will consider in Privy Council, to be held on Thursday the 29th January next, the propriety of discontinuing burials in the undermentioned Burial Grounds in Kingston: --

London Missionary Society Chapel Ground in North Street, West.

Roman Catholic Chapel Ground attached to Church, North West Corner of East Queen Street and Hanover Street.

Native Baptist Chapel Ground in Text Lane.

Native Baptist Chapel Ground corner of Highholborn Street and East Queen Street.

December 20, 1880

The friends and acquaintances of B. J. Perez are requested to attend the remains of his daughter, Miss Elizabeth Dewhurst Perez, from his residence, no. 13 Temple Lane, to the place of interment...



We briefly noted on Saturday the fact that Mr. Adolph Joseph Corinaldi had passed his nomination successfully and received his certificate as practising Solicitor, at the general Courts in Jamaica.

Mr. Corinaldi is the son of a very old and esteemed and highly respected citizen of the Northside, - Samah Corinaldi, Esq., who placed his boy under the professional care of S. D. Lindo, Esq., Asst. Attorney General, under whom he studied, and we prophesy for him as brilliant a career in his Profession as the gentleman who trained him has enjoyed.

December 22, 1880


In the "Times" newspaper of the 2nd of this month, we note that at the London University examinations, held in the last week of November, the following gentlemen occupy high places in the lists.

In the M. D. examination, George Courtenay Henderson, son of the Hon. George Henderson of Kingston and Acting Custos of St. Andrew, came out first, with the Gold Medal, the only one awarded in this examination annually.

In the second M. B. examination for honours in Medicine, Arthur Richard Saunders, partner and son-in-law of Dr. Phillippo of Kingston, is third, in the first class; in Obstetric Medicine this gentleman is fourth in the first class; and in Forensic Medicine, he is in the second class in honours. These places are more creditable to Dr. Saunders when the fact is taken into account, that from shortly after passing the first M. B. examination, up to within the last few months, when he returned to England for the examinations, Dr. Saunders actively followed the onerous duties of his profession in Jamaica.


We regret to add that Mr. G. C. Henderson is in quarantine, as a passenger per "Nile" on board the "Belize".

December 30, 1880


On the 21st inst. at St. Michael's Church, Kingston, by the Rev. G. W. Downer, Rector of the Parish, assisted by the Rev. C. T. Denroche, John Samuel, youngest son of the late Revd. T. J. Brown, to Carrie Louise, youngest daughter of the late S. S. Wortley, Esq.


At Lucea on the 22nd inst., George Hall, Rector of that Town and for many years Island Curate of Claremont and Brown's Town Churches, aged 58 years.

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. James H. Hamilton are requested to attend his remains from his residence, no. 39 East Street, to the place of interment at 4 o'clock.

Jamaica oranges are quoted in Halifax at 30 cents per dozen; Florida oranges at 25 cents.

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