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June 1, 1867


Passengers Arrived

In the brig Isabella Dobson from New York:

- Revd. Mr. Melville

- Mr. Prendergast

- Mr. Fullford




Chairman: -- The Honorable William Hosack

Members: -- Thomas Creed, Henry Cooke, Alexander Escoffery, John Hinshelwood, John P. Jones, Thomas Hunter Lecky, and Archibald Thompson, Esquires.



Chairman: -- The Honorable William Hosack

Members: -- George W. Bragg, Thomas Creed, Francis M. Campbell, Beckford Davis, Frederick John Flemming, James Monahan, Herbert Orgill, the Revd. David B. Panton, M. A. Sutton Scoltock, and Thomas C. Thomson.


Charles William Orpen, Esq., to be a Justice of the Peace for the Parishes of St. James and Hanover.

Thomas Kennedy Lowry, Esq., Q. C., LL D., to be a Justice of the Peace for the Parishes of St. Ann's and St. Mary.

John Stothert Gerard, M. R. C. S., England, Alexander Paterson, and Robert Kirkland, to be Justices of the Peace for the Parish of St. Thomas.

The Hon. Robert Hamilton, to be Keeper of the Rolls and Records of the Peace for the Parish of St. Andrew.

The Hon. Henry Westmoreland to be Keeper of the Rolls and Records of the Peace for the Parish of Saint Mary.

The Governor has been pleased to recognize Ralph Nunes, Esq., provisionally as Consul for the United States of Venezuela in Jamaica.

June 3, 1867


At the Parish Church, Kingston, on the 28th ult., by the Revd. Duncan H. Campbell, M. A., Rector of Kingston, assisted by the Revd. Jas. Gayleard, Mr. Charles M. Peynado, to Jane Ann, youngest daughter of James Scott, Esq., Surgeon.

June 4, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In R. M. C. Steamer "Tamar" from England:

The Bishop of Kingston, Lieut. Dunn, 3rd W. I. R., Capt. Griffin, 84th Regt., Mr. David King, M. A. W. Branker, Mr. A. Morais, Miss Morais, Miss Hendricks, Miss Bull, Mrs. & Miss Arnaboldi and child.

From St. Thomas: - Mr. And Mrs. Vitol, child and servant, and I. F. Morenho, and 25 in transit for Colon.



On the 1st May, at St. Mary's Parish Church, Barnes, by the Revd. R. Carrington, B. A., assisted by the Revd. A. Bridge, B. A., Mortimer Moses Brandon, Esq., of London, and of Marble Hall, Kingston, Jamaica, eldest son of the late David Brandon, Esq., of Kingston, Jamaica, merchant, to Sophia Ruth, youngest daughter of the late George Lowcock, Esq., of Cornhill and East Grinstead.


Sailors' Home

A. J. Brymer, Esq., and Captain J. Peynado.

June 5, 1867


At his residence no. 1 Westbourne Park, Quadrant, Paddington, London, on the 7th ultimo, Mr. Philip C. Belinfante ...

At Jersey, on the 12th May 1867, Joseph Gordon, Esq., late of Jamaica -- aged 77 years.

June 7, 1867

Passengers per "Caravelle"

Mr. Passel, Mr. Davis, Mr. E. Hyliger, Mr. Breult.

June 10, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tyne, from Colon: -- Mrs. Asch and two children; Mrs. F. Meranda; Mr. Jaime Guel and Lady.

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tyne for England: --

- Capt. W. S. Cooper, R. N.

- Mr. Charles D'Espinose

- Miss D'Espinose

- Rev. G. B. Brooks and wife

- Rev. Henry Clarke

- Hon. B. Vickers

- Mr. Robert Braham

- Mr. C. W. Chapman

- Rev. R. Gordon

- Mr. R. Robinson

- Staff Assistant Surgeon Morris

For Barbados: --

- Lieut. Donellan

For Demerara: --

- Corporal Durant

- Private Williams

For St. Thomas: --

- Mr. Estcourt

- Mr. Wandrer

- Mr. W. N. Farquharson


Sailors' Home

Dr. Andrew Dunn, Revd. F. S. Bradshaw

June 11, 1867


A telegram was received at Halifax, N. S., that the Brigt. Sophia, Sterling, Master, from St. Jago de Cuba, abound to Halifax, was lost near Cape Sable. This vessel was an old trader to this Island.



We are enabled to state that the Rev. Garcia Del Rio has been appointed to the Island Curacy of Marley, in the Parish of St. James. The Rev. Gentleman proceeds this week to assume the charge of the new cure.



At the Police Court yesterday, before Mr. Justice Bicknell, two seamen, named Robert MacKay and Henry Soper, were charged with refusing to join the Ship Fair Wind, after signing Articles for a voyage to Pensacola, with the view of defrauding the Sailor's Home of the advance for board and lodging.

Having persisted in their refusal to join the ship, the Police Magistrate sentenced them to 30 day's imprisonment in the General Penitentiary.

June 13, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the Brigt. Belle, from New York -- Mr. Earle.

Passengers Sailed

In the Schooner Coral Isle for New York -- Mr. Bicknell, sister and servant


At Port Antonio, on the 8th instant, the wife of Mr. A. W. Brice, of a son.


In Kingston, on the afternoon of Saturday, 8th June, after a brief illness ... Margaret Halyburton (third daughter of the late Gilbert Halyburton, Esquire, of Mount Labanus in the Parish of St. Thomas ye East) in the 26th year of her age ...

June 14, 1867


On the 11th Instant, in her 84th year, Catherine, the beloved wife of the late Mr. Peter Simpson, of this city ...

June 15, 1867


In this City, on Tuesday, the 11th instant, after a short illness ... Mr. Joseph D'Aguilar, son of Mr. William D'Aguilar (Wharfinger of this City) ...



A meeting of the Directors of this Institution was held in the Vestry Chambers of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue on Thursday evening. The poll of Election of Directors was presented, shewing the following result: --

J. H. DeMercado M. DeCordova

B. A. Franklin Solomon Melhado

D. J. Alberga Joseph Stines

Osmond Delgado Isaac Lawton

Henry J. Jacobs Jno. J. Hart

F. B. Lyon Alt. DeCordova

Gabriel DeCordova Isaac Peixotto

Maurice Farmer

The Board proceeded to the Election of Officers:

President -- B. A. Franklin

Vice-President -- J. H. DeMercado

Treasurer -- Michael DeCordova

Hon. Secretary -- Jacob Mudahy

The Visiting and other Committees having been appointed, and some general business disposed of, the meeting adjourned.

June 17, 1867

The Late Mr. R. Berry

We regret to announce the demise of Mr. R. B. Berry, Jr., son of R. B. Berry, Esq., Controller of H. M. Customs. The deceased held the appointment of Landing Waiter and Searcher of H. M. Customs at this port ...

June 18, 1867

Passengers Sailed

In the Steamer Caribbean for Liverpool:

- Dr. and Mrs. Fisher

- Mrs. Ewbank

- Mrs. Beresford



In this city, on the 12th instant, by Mr. Joseph Mendes, Reader of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, Mr. John Bonitto, to Esther, second daughter of the late Revd. Moses M. Abendana.

June 19, 1867


We are glad to report the recovery of Dr. William Steventon, the Principal Medical Officer of the Public Hospital, in this City, from a serious attack of fever.



A Coroner's Inquest was held yesterday, at the Premises corner of Church and Little Port Royal streets, before Richard Hitchins, Esq., Justice of the Peace, in the absence of the Coroner, on the remains of a human being, supposed to be those of a seaman named John Hedley, who was drowned on Sunday whilst attempting to swim ashore from the Brig Wanderer. The remains were not identified. The whole of the upper extremities of the body were gone, and but little of the lower were on the bone. The two legs, below the knee, were perfect, and both feet had on boots. The statement of Captain Laybold, of the Wanderer, which left this port for Halifax yesterday morning, and also that of George Brown, the other seaman, were read to the jury; after which the deposition of William McDonald, who recovered the body, was taken.

The Jury, of which Mr. Samuel Mendes was foreman, returned a verdict to the following effect: -- That the Jury believe the remains to be those of the body of John Hedley, who was accidentally drowned.

June 20, 1867


In this City, on the 17th instant, Mrs. Charles Hicks, aged 70 years.

June 21, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Eider: --

- Mr. Depass, from Havana

- Mr. Pendrish, from Southampton

- Ensign Gray

- Ensign Horton

- Mr. Horatio Brandon

- Mr. T. Adams

- Mr. J. Hire

- Mr. S. C. Musson

- Mr. Geo. Guston

- Mr. Alfred Delgado

- Mr. Delenvanta [sic]

- Mr. Wood and sister, from St. Thomas


Sailors Home

F. A. Ebbeke and S. Soutar, Esqrs.



At St. George's Chapel, Kingston, on the 19th instant, by the Revd. Enos Nuttall, John Campbell, third son of the Theodore Stone, Esquire, of the Parish of St. Elizabeth, to Jane Margaret, eldest daughter of the late William Humphreys, Esquire, of St. Thomas ye East.

June 22, 1867


A gentleman who arrived in this City yesterday from Falmouth, has brought intelligence that Mr. James Wilson, who was reported as having very mysteriously disappeared, and supposed to have been murdered or lost in the woods near Albert Town, has absconded with a large sum of money belonging to the Trelawny Savings Bank, of which he was Secretary. The rumour having spread about the disappearance of Mr. Wilson, a tailor in the town stated that he recently made up warm clothing for him, and a wallet to contain money and thereupon suspicion was aroused, and considerable excitement and anxiety was manifested to learn the state of the Savings Bank. The Custos, the Hon. Robert Nunes, proceeded to break open the Iron chest in the office, and discovered a paper in the hand-writing of Wilson, which Mr. Nunes read to the crowd outside, to the effect, that he had lost £8,000 belonging to the Bank, in trading with the money; that his life was insured for £4,000, which would go in part payment of the sum due the Bank; and that it was useless to look for the Bank Books, as they would never be found. The excitement increased at the reading of this paper, and the Town was in great commotion. Nothing had transpired to obtain a clue to the defalcations, which could only have occurred through Mr. Wilson receiving money from depositors, and not entering the items. Mr. Wilson kept several places of business in the Town, and was the Post Master of Falmouth.



The Times of the 22nd May contains the name of Mr. Charles Augustus Robinson, son of C. A. Robinson, Esq., of this City, among the gentlemen who had undergone the necessary examinations for the diploma and been admitted Members of the Royal College of Surgeons of London on the 21st May. We congratulate our countryman in his success. Mr. Robinson, if he cast his lost among us, will find a large field of operation, as the staff of medical men in the country is diminishing daily, so much so that the subject must soon occupy the attention of the Government. Natives of the island should be encouraged, in every way possible, to remain in it when they qualify ....

June 25, 1867

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer, Eider, for England

-- Mr. George Solomon; Mr. Joseph L. Ashenheim; Mr. Fray; Mr. T. S. Cushnie; Captain Glascock; Mrs. Hogg; Mr. Alex. Philllips; Mrs. Pennell, 3 children and servant.

For Grenada

-- Miss Rawlins and sister

For Jacmel

-- Mr. Vital

In the schooner Fanny for Colon

-- Mr. McDonald

June 28, 1867


At Black River, on the 21st instant, after three days illness of Typhoid Fever, in the 21st year of his age, Alexander Aria Myers, son of Michael Myers, Esq., of Portsea, St. Elizabeth.

June 29, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the Steamer Moctezuma from St. Jago de Cuba:

- Miss Vaja

- Mr. Ladmans

Passengers Sailed

In the American Schooner Mary Ann for New York:

- Mr. George Robinson

- Mr. G. W. Liddel

In H. M. Steamer Barraconta, for Honduras:

- Capt. Rooke, R. N., and a few add. Gunners, of Port Royal Artillery.


Sailors Home

Henry Davis, Esq., and Dr. Chas. Campbell

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