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Gleaner Excerpts March and April, 1880

March to April 1880

March 1, 1880


At 2 o/clock this morning at her brother's residence, 157 Orange Street, Mary Anne Lydia, eldest daughter of the late Rev. W. J. Pearson.

March 3, 1880


At Belmont Cottage, St. Andrew, on Saturday the 28th February last, John Fisher Lawrence, an old, unassuming and respected member of the community, aged 59 years.


At 9 o'clock last night at 14 Hanover Street, Jane Eliza Metcalfe, relict of the late Robert Metcalfe, Supt. of the Female Penitentiary, St. Andrew.

March 5, 1880

The Revd. A. H. Neito has resigned the Secretaryship of the Victoria Mutual Building Society.


The following additional ministers are appointed Marriage Officers: -- Revds. James Ashley, Baptist, St. Catherine;

Caleb Reynolds, Wesleyan, St. Ann;

James Ashley, Baptist, Clarendon.


The Lieutenant Governor has been pleased to appoint Dr. M. P. C. MacCormack to be Assistant Medical Officer of the Lunatic Asylum in the room of Dr. G. E. Cheyne, who has been appointed to the Parochial Medical Service as a Supernumerary Medical Officer of the Public Hospital.


Mr. Daniel DaCosta was brought up in the Police Court yesterday, before Mr. Bicknell, by Peter Barned, Inspector of Nuisance, for allowing foul water to flow from the back part of his residence in Peters Lane. He went into the house and complained about to Mrs. DaCosta who promised to abate the nuisance; but seeing for days after that the nuisance was nowhere abated, he went down to Mr. DaCosta's store and mentioned the matter to him. Mr. DaCosta said Barned could bring him up if he liked as he knew not what to do with the water that flowed from his bath. Mr. A. Burke who appeared for the defendant, said Mr. DaCosta could not be held responsible for what was done behind his back, at a time while he was away from his house; the Magistrate however decided that Mr. DaCosta had identified himself when the matter was brought to his notice at his store by the Inspector, who had done his duty well. The Magistrate found him guilty and ordered him to pay a fine of 20s.

March 8, 1880


Alexander Destoe Humphreys - Died - at Whydah in the Parish of Portland, on Tuesday, February 17, 1880, aged 21 years and 10 months.

March 11, 1880

On the 6th February at Dijon, Côte d'Or, France, Marianne Ada, the beloved wife of Frank Fairbairn Crawford, R. A., step-daughter of the Hon. James M. Gibb, Hermitage, Vere, aged 23.

March 12, 1880


JACOBS - DELGADO - On the 29th February, in the city of Boston, by the Rev. Hamburger, Aaron Jacobs to Julia Hermine, third daughter of the late Edwin Delgado.


Three more additional marriage officers have been appointed: -- the Revds. J. Seed Roberts, Baptist, Kingston;

Joseph Gordon, Baptist, St. Mary;

J. Peters, Wesleyan, Westmoreland.


The Queen has been graciously pleased to recognize Alexander Ebenezer Burke, Esq., as Consul of Kingston, in this Island, for the Republic of Haiti.

The Lieut.-Governor has been pleased to appoint George Hicks, Esq., Revds. Acheson Findlay, James Roberts, Caleb E. Randall and Philip Williams to be temporary assistant Inspectors of Schools, and has also given assent to the following Law: the St. Andrew's Free School Lands Transfer Law, 1880.

A fire occurred on Wednesday at St. Andrew that might have resulted seriously. Originating on the roadway where, in some unknown manner, the bank ignited, the flames spread on the grass now extremely dry and caught the fence of Trafalgar Pen. Thence the flames jumped to the large lawn, setting six acres of Vale Royal in a blaze, and bursting through a division fence near the house. After a sever struggle, the fire was subdued.

On the arrival of the "Tyrian" at the Ordnance Wharf, after the Regatta on Tuesday, Miss Delgado, daughter of Mr. Osmond Delgado, Snr., slipped as she landed and fell sidelong into the water. Mr. A. Samuels immediately sprang in and buoyed Miss Delgado up with the help of Inspector Thomas and other gentlemen who followed. The night was dark, and the party was in the water until a boat could get to the spot. Mr. Delgado takes this opportunity of thanking the rescuers of his daughter for their heroic conduct, and begs to assure the many friends who have addressed inquiries, that Miss Delgado has recovered from the effects of the accident.

March 13, 1880


On the 10th inst. (March 1880) by the Rev. W. C. McCalla, at the old parish church of St. Dorothy, Henry Leveson Isaacs, Esq., of Old Harbour, eldest son of Andrew Henry and Anna Isaacs of Kingston, to Frances Verena Bravo, second and (now) only daughter of Moses Bravo and Charlotte Frances Bravo of Marlie, St. Dorothy.



The American Pavilion Hotel, No. 40, Harbour St., Kingston, Jamaica

H. E. Sicard, Proprietress.

This Hotel offers to Visitors all the comforts of "Home" and the conveniences of private Hotel life in the Tropics; is within five minutes' walk of the Mail Wharf, the Post Office, the Market and the Church, with the convenience of the Cars passing the door every ten minutes. There is a fine Sea beach, view of the Harbour and Mountain. Sea bathing and Fresh Water Baths. Coach-House and good stabling for Horses. No pains are spared to make the place pleasant and comfortable. Terms moderate.

March 16, 1880

Mr. D. P. Mendes, Agent of the "Gleaner" for Spanish Town, has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Parish of St. Catherine.

March 18, 1880


In this City on Wednesday last, the 10th inst., Mrs. Edward Ffrench, aged 59 years.


We regret to learn that an accident, which might have been attended with serious consequences, occurred on Friday last to Mr. W. Y. Garsia, Inspector of Immigrants, whilst in the discharge of his duties. Mr. Garsia had ridden up the hill, and got safely into Whitney Estate, when his horse suddenly became frightened from the noise of a ricketty old cart behind, and galloped away at a fearful rate. Mr. Garsia, who is by no means the best of riders, was heavily thrown, and at some distance, receiving a severe blow on the left collar bone, and spraining one of the fingers on the right hand. With the aid of Mr. Douet, the manager of the estate, Mr. Garsia was lifted from his fallen position and taken to the house, where every attention was paid him. We are glad no bones were broken.

March 19, 1880


On Thursday the 11th March at No. 14 Barry Street, after a lingering illness, Matilda, the widow of Dr. Henry Thornhill.


The Lieutenant Governor has been pleased to appoint S. D. Turton, Esq., to be Tide Surveyor at Port Royal in the room of W. M. James, Esq., deceased

March 20, 1880


On the 19th inst., at his residence, No. 20 West and Heywood Streets, Mr. Thomas B. Clough, Snr.

March 22, 1880

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Str. Nile from Southampton: -- Lieut. N. H. Dunlop, 2nd W. I. R.; Lieut. T. H. Booker; Mr. T. C. White; Mr. W. Hocking; Mrs. Head; Mr. E. Dyne; Mr. Trigwell.

From Barbados: -- Mr. A. H. Alexander; Mr. & Mrs. T. Alexander.

From Antigua: -- Rev. & Mrs. Richardson; Miss Richardson and 2 children.

From Port-au-Prince: -- Mr. E. Denge; Mr. R. Mastellen; Mr. G. Bennett.


The Queen has approved Mr. George Weitzmann as Consul for Jamaica, to reside at Kingston, for the German Empire.

On Thursday night the business premises of Messrs. P. Moodie & Co. of Port Antonio were burned down. The fire burst out suddenly and nothing was saved.

March 23, 1880

Burlington Sugar Estate was put up at public auction yesterday at the Commercial Exchange by Mr. J. Stines, and was sold to the Hon. George Solomon for £5,100.


Mr. A. N. Henriques of the firm of A. N. Henriques and Co. has received by last mail from England his appointment as Agent of the Staffordshire Fire Insurance Company, Limited, for the Island of Jamaica. Mr. Henriques will shortly be prepared to issue policies.


Dr. Stamers has left by the "Nile" for Panama, where he has been invited to practice. We understand that previous to his departure from Spanish town on Saturday, an address and purse were presented to him by the inhabitants of that place, as evidence of the esteem in which they held him.

March 27, 1880

A. H. Alexander, Esq., has returned from leave of absence and resumed his duties as Protector of Immigrants.

Dr. Izett W. Anderson has been appointed one of the Churchwardens for the Parish of Kingston for 1880, in the room of the late Mr. W. Rastrick Lee.

March 29, 1880


At No. 27 East Street, Kingston, on the morning of the 25th instant, the wife of Mark C. Hendriks of a daughter.

At the Cottage, Linstead, on Wednesday, 24th inst., the wife of C. E. Barrow, Esq., of a daughter.

March 31, 1880


At 9:30 p.m. at his Residence, 13 Harbour Street, George Matcham, in his eightieth year. The funeral will move to the place of interment at 5 p.m.

April 1, 1880


ALTMAN - HARRIS - At the residence of the bride's father, on the 24th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Friedlander, Minister of the English and German Synagogue, Kingston, Nathan Joseph Altman, Esq., Sub-Inspector of Constabulary, third son of Dr. S. Altman, Health Officer, Port Royal, to Sarah Esther, eldest daughter of Henry Harris, Esq., of Spanish Town.

April 2, 1880

David Pereira Mendes and Ralph B. Hotchkin, Esqrs., have been appointed Justices of the Peace for the Parish of St. Catherine.

William Brice Salmon, Esq., has been appointed a member of the Municipal Board and of the Board of Parochial Road Commissioners of the Parish of St. Elizabeth for the year 1880.

John Ambrose Stephens, Esq., has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Parish of St. Thomas, and a Member of the Board of Parochial Road Commissioners.

The following appointments have been made consequent on Major General Mann's absence on leave, viz: --

Major Charles John O'Neil Ferguson, R. E., to act as Director of Roads and Surveyor General.

James Richmond, Esq., District Engineer, St. Catherine, to act also as Deputy Director of Roads.

April 7, 1880


Joshua Tucker died in his 28th year at Panama, U. S. C., after a short illness, on the 10th day of March, 1880.


Mr. George M. Duff was elected on Monday evening last, Master of the Royal Lodge for the ensuing year.

April 9, 1880

Passengers Arrived

In the R. N. C. Steamer, Nile, from Panama: - Mrs. C. Passa de Goma.

From Colon: - Mr. Mayne, wife, children and servant; Mr. R. Rodriguez.



MAIN - VINE - At the Parish Church, Falmouth, on the 30th March, by the Rev. E. A. Stewart, Rector of Trelawny, John Robert Tomlinson, second son of the late Rev. Andrew Main, of Ebenezer, Manchester, to Florence Gilles, second daughter of James Adam Vine, Merchant and Justice of the Peace for Trelawny.



At 7 o'clock last night, at his residence, No. 25 Hanover Street, Arthur W. Belisario. The funeral will leave at half-past 4 this evening.


C. S. Farquharson has been recognized provisionally and subject to approval of H. M.'s Government, as Consular Agent for the United States of America at Sav-la-Mar.

April 10, 1880


On the 8th instant, at Kingston Gardens, Mrs. J. F. Abraham of a son.



In this City on the 16th instant [sic], Catherine, relict of the late Benjamin Scott Hind, Esq., of St. Mary, in the 86th year of her age, leaving a circle of beloved children to mourn her irretrievable loss.

April 13, 1880


At Sansbury Cottage near Swallowfield, in St. Andrew, at 2 o'clock this morning, George Marriatt Lemard, of Kingston Laboratory, Assistant to the Island Chemist.

April 14, 1880


This morning at No. 27, Orange Street, the infant daughter of Charles Rousseau. the funeral will leave the premises for the place of interment, the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Orange Street, at 5 o'clock this afternoon.

April 15, 1880

The following gentlemen have been nominated and elected members of the Jamaica Institute: - Mr. W. B. Gray; Mr. A. Radcliffe; the Hon. M. Solomon; Mr. D. S. Morrison; Mr. S. M. Bennett; Mr. W. Climie; Mr. P. E. Chapman; Mr. N. S. Chamberlaine; M. H. E. Davis; Mr. H. A. Cunha; Mr. J. H. Dodd; Mr. A. C. Sinclair and Rev. B. C. Butland.

April 16, 1880

The Lieutenant Governor has appointed Arthur L. Vendryes, Esq., to be Superintendent Registrar of Marriages for the Parish of St. Andrew.

Mr. Bancroft Espeut has given notice of his intention to apply for Letters Patent for his invention of "Improvements in preserving Wooden Piles, Posts, Railway Sleepers and Wood generally, from seaworms and other insects, and from decay."

The Lieutenant-Governor has granted leave of absence for six months from the 17th instant, to Inspector A. A. W. Wedderburn, and has appointed Sub-Inspector Granville Ponsonby to take charge of the Constabulary in the Parish of St. Elizabeth during Inspector Wedderburn's absence.

The Ordination and Designation Service of Mr. Pusey of the Calabar College as Baptist Missionary to the Turk's Islands, will be held at East Queen Street Baptist Chapel, next Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock. The Revd. W. Teall of Annotto Bay will give the charge to the new minister. The Revd. T. Gould will state the Principles of Baptists and of Baptist Missions. The Rev. H. B. Harris of Manchioneal will offer the Ordination Prayer. The Revd. E. Palmer will ask the usual question. Mr. Pusey will state his views as a minister of the Gospel. The Revd. J. Seed

Roberts will describe the field of labour in Turk's Island. The Revd. A. P. Watson of Morant Bay, an the Revd. W. A. Tucker of Spanish Town will take other portions of the Service. There will be a collection for the Chapel Fund.



[Listed in 1878 Directory as Proprietor of California Estate, St. James]

Its with deep regret, says the "Falmouth Gazette", we announce the death of Alexander Holmes, Esq., one of the Principal Planters in the Parish of St. James. It was but a few days ago, he visited the town of Montego Bay, looking not the worse after the sad bereavement which he suffered in the recent loss of his dear and excellent Wife, and the hope was entertained that he would hold our for a few years longer. A sudden attack of paralysis, however, laid him prostrate, and the worthy and honoured gentlemen breathed his last at Catherine Hall Estate, on Wednesday, the 7th instant, in the 56th year of his age, to the intense grief of his many relatives and friends.

Mr. Holmes was a native of Montego Bay, - the son of the late Alexander Holmes, Esq., Editor and Proprietor of the now defunct "Cornwall Chronicle". - and had resided either there or in its neighbourhood for the greater part of his life; he was for 30 years Manager of Catherine Hall Estate in St. James, and during that period he carried on the cultivation of that property with marked success. In consequence of his position as Planter, Mr. Holmes was widely known and everywhere respected; his kindness of heart was known far and wide, and his integrity was very great indeed.

The last act of his busy life will stand as a memento to his uprightness, and thoughtfulness of others, for meanness and selfishness could never find a responsive chord in his breast. It is a common saying on such occasions that "there were many worse men in the world than the deceased, and it is possible there may have been better"; but as for Alexander Holmes we will say, take him for all in all we never shall look upon his like again. These are the men who impart dignity to agriculture, and give an undying name for probity to their country; and greatly would it add to the welfare and happiness of the Colony did her youth emulate the industry, honour and perseverance of such men as the late Alexander Holmes, Esquire. Requiescat in pace.

April 17, 1880


At 2 o'clock this morning , at her residence, No. 11 Highholborn Street, Marie Eugenie Lemercier DuQuesnay. Friends and acquaintances are requested to attend her remains this evening at 5:30.

The Friends and Acquaintances of Mr. C. H. Davis, are requested to attend the remains of his Mother-in-Law, Mrs. Lucy Porter, from his residence, No. 53 Beeston Street, to the place of interment at 4:30 this afternoon.

April 22, 1880


Died on Saturday morning, the 17th instant, at 20 minutes past 10 o'clock, at her residence in Church Street, Mrs. Louisa King, in her eightieth year. The deceased had for 39 years been a member of the Wesleyan Body, and for upward of 20 years a leader ...


We are sorry to observe the decision arrived at by the Municipal Board in regard to the application of the Hon. George Solomon, President of the Kingston Dramatic Association, for the use of the theatre on the occasion of private theatricals. As this Association is debarred from the use of the "Newton" Hall also, it is difficult to see where it can give the promised entertainment. And yet the Theatre could be put in proper repair for £30, according to Mr. Streadwick; or, on the most liberal calculation, at £100, out of Theatre funds which would be recouped ten times over for the outlay. In our humble opinion, the duty of the Board lies as much in repairing the old Theatre as in fitting up Newton Hall. Perhaps the Board does well to be wary in utilisation of the Hall, but it should remember that all the Court Houses in the Island are frequently loaned for theatrical performances, even when of the nature of speculation.

[The reference to "Newton Hall" is a sarcastic one by the Gleaner to the suggestion in April 1880 by Lieutenant Governor Edward Newton, acting for the absent Governor, Sir Anthony Musgrave, that the government would fit up the room above the Post Office as a city hall, as a temporary measure, until the government built a proper town hall for the city. The idea was that this could be used by amateur groups for theatrical performance, since the Theatre Royal was in desperate need of renovation....Errol Hill, The Jamaican stage, 1655-1900 : a profile of a colonial theatre.]

April 23, 1880

Mr. Dumetz has just completed repairs of the Organ at St. Peter's Church, Port Royal. This instrument dates back to the reign of Queen Anne, and although so antique promise to render good service for many years to come in leading the tuneful praises of devout worshippers.


The friends of the Rev. W. E. Pierce will be glad to learn that he is quite well. He is stationed at "Bartica Grove" on the Essequibo River. He writes "my work here is very interesting; there are three other stations in full operation -- the wet seasons seem interminable."

April 26, 1880

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Str. Medway from Colon: -- Mr. A. Dilla; Mr. and Mrs. Penny and 10 deckers.

For Port Limon: - Mr. Charles Abraham; Mr. L. Framcompre and 10 deckers.

For Savinilla: - Mr. Phineas Vaz, and 1 decker for Greytown.

April 27, 1880


CLOUGH - LEON - In this city at the Holy Trinity Church, on Tuesday evening, the 20th instant, by the Rev. Father J. Dupont, David G. Clough to Marie Antoinelle, daughter of the late Emanuel Leon of this place.


The friends and acquaintances of the late Percival S. Dennison are requested to attend his remains from his residence, No 93 Princess Street, to the place of interment at 5 o'clock this evening.


We learn that a "Handbook of Jamaica" is now in course of preparation by Messrs. A. C. Sinclair and F. Sanguinetti, who propose to issue the work on the 1st January next. The book is of a most ambitious character, the endeavour of the joint authors being, not only to give the history of Jamaica in the past, from the date of discovery, but to furnish "reliable and useful information as to the physical aspects, flora, fauna, climate, resources, trade, commerce, and civil and religious institutions of the colony". Papers and articles dealing with special topics will be obtained from gentlemen who are distinguished in their respective vocations and professions. No political bias is to be shown, but as the compilers are servants of the crown, it is to be inferred that they will not speak ill of Crown Government. The Handbook will contain physical and topographical maps of the Island, and, if possible, views of public buildings and choice bits of scenery. Messrs Sinclair and Sanguinetti hope to place their production on a par with the Handbooks of other colonies. Although they propose to invite the co-operation of specialist and of prominent men, the task will prove onerous, and we doubt whether they can complete it within the specified term. They do not propose to interfere with Handbooks already in existence beyond supplementing, amplifying, and correcting those works. We believe that highly as this new Hand-Book will be appreciated when it appears, Mr. Levien will still find a ready sale for his own valuable work, of which part has been published lately at this Office.

April 28, 1880

Porus is looking up. Two new stores have been opened there within the last week, and business prospects are said to be excellent. Messrs. E. A. Magnus & Co. have opened "Baker's" Store, with a large assortment of liquors and groceries, wholesale and retail, and Messrs. H. Magnus and Son of Chapelton have also put before the public a well selected stock of Dry Goods of all descriptions. Mr. Mortimer Magnus is Manager of the latter establishment. We are glad that business men of enterprise and capital are being attracted to a place destined to be very prosperous on the opening of the new Railway.

April 29, 1880

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. A. Legendre are requested to attend the remains of his daughter, Madame Cecile Le Bossé, from his residence, No. 80 East Street, to the place of interment at 4:30 this evening.


Mr. B. Mortimer Dias has been elected Lay Representative of St. Peter's Church, Clifton.


Messrs. G. Henderson & Co. of Harbour Street, are now selling maps of Kingston and of Jamaica at 3s. each in sheet, and 4s, mounted with rollers. The map of Jamaica is that made by Mr. T. Harrison, and hitherto has been sold at 6s. The map of Kingston was made very lately by Mr. J. H. Dodd. Both maps have a high reputation and are known to be accurate. They make useful and ornamental wall furniture for any office, business house, school room or library, and are indispensable appendices to works dealing with Jamaica.

April 30, 1880


On the 29th instant, at 21 North Street, the wife of Mr. P. W. Abbott of a daughter.


The Lieut. Governor has recognized Charles Salmon Farquharson, Esq., as Consular Agent for the United States at Sav-la-Mar.


Tomorrow at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, the entire service of the day will be performed by Master Isidore DePass, son of Mr. Henry James DePass, he having attained his religious majority.


The Lieut. Governor has granted leave of absence for two months, from the 12th of May, to C. L. Ripoll, Esq., Inspector of Immigrants in the St. Catherine District, and has appointed P. C. Cork, Esq., Inspector of Immigrants at the Head Office, to be Mr. Ripoll's locum tenens during such absence.



Mr. George Burke, a gentleman who keeps a dray, and his driver, Augustus Hamilton, were brought up before M. Bicknell yesterday, having been given in custody by Capt. Parkes for cruelty to Animals; but they were dismissed on account of the omission of the Constable who made the arrest, to state when the arrest was made, or to give a link of evidence so as to connect the parties with the charge.

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