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January - February 1873

January 8, 1873

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tasmanian from Southampton: --

Mr. A. Da Costa; Mr. F. A. Da Costa; Mr. A. Miles; Mrs. Bremmer; Mr. Martineau; Mrs. Haynes and 2 daughters.

Passengers Sailed

In the steamer Belize for Honduras: --

Mr. J. F. Wilson and wife; Mr. Francisco Leon and wife; Mr. Milla; Mr. Peralta; Mr. W. C. Elliott

In the steamer Tasmanian for Colon: --

Mr. Fermin Tanguis; Mr. J. T. Brittingham; Mr. George Minot, wife, niece and a boy; Mrs. Caroline Grant; Mr. Dewsberry and wife; Mr. Henry DuBuc; Mrs. Amelia Martin and 3 children; Mr. David Fountain; Mr. Santiagao Badell; Mr. Sasso; Master Dumont.


We regret exceedingly to report that a telegram was received here yesterday from England, announcing the death of Mrs. Henderson, wife of George Henderson, Esq. of this city. She went to England on the advice of her medical attendants, and short time ago Mr. Henderson received a telegram that she could not recover; whereupon he took passage for England and arrived shortly before her death.

January 9, 1872


On the 31st December, 1872, at St. Peter's Church, Alley, Vere, in the parish of Clarendon, by the Rev. F. C. Douet, B. A., Mr. Samuel Richard Grant, Manager of Amity Hall Estate, to Ellen Francis Dewdney, of Retirement, in the same parish.


On the 3rd instant, at Islip, Kentish Town, London, Christiana, the beloved wife of George Henderson, Esq., of this city.

At Millennium-hall, St. James, on the 1st January, 1873, after a few days' illness of congestive fever, Miss Emma Matilda Smith, aged 16 years, the beloved niece and adopted child of Mrs. C. Guichet ...

January 10, 1872

His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor has been pleased to appoint Thomas Allen, Esq., M. D., Charles Campbell, Esq., M. D., James Cecil Phillippo, Esq., M. D., and David Palmer Ross, Esq., M. D., to be members of the Medical Council under Law 47 of 1872.

January 11, 1872

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Nile for England: --

Hon. R. Nunes; 2 Misses Nunes; Mr. Hill; Mr. Robert Keane; Mr. Charles Stephens; Mr. McCall; Mr. Hughes.

For Havana: Mr. A. Tate; Mr. E. Tate; Mr. G. H. Cox

For Trinidad: Mr. J. D Black

For St. Thomas: Mr. Bermudez, wife and 4 children.


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Hon. J. C. Melville; J. C. Peynado, Esq.


Jewish Almshouse

Visiting Committee for January

H. S. Jacobs, S. H. Samuels, E. Sanguinetti, Esqrs.


Sitting Magistrates for the week

Kingston: Charles Campbell, Charles Robinson, H. J. Samuels, Esqrs.

Port Royal: John J. Hart, P. J. Ferron, and William Berry, Esqrs.



In this city, on Sunday 5th instant, the wife of Mr. J Thompson Scafe of a daughter.


At Rymesbury Pen, on Monday the 6th instant, Mabel Constance, aged one year and ten days, second daughter of Mr. Henry Clough.

At Iver Cottage, St. Elizabeth, on the 6th January, Henrietta, relict of the late I. Isaacs, Esq., aged 74.

January 13, 1873


On Thursday, the 2nd January 1873, at Claremont House, St. Mary, the wife of the Reverend M. Gregory Constantine, Incumbent Highgate, of a son.


At Hope Bay, on the 8th January, 1873, after 16 days' illness of Typhoid Fever, Mr. John Hosack ... [leaving] a widow and son....

January 14, 11873


In this City on the 5th instant, the wife of G. A. Williams, of H. M. Customs, of a son.


We regret to announce the death in this city, on Saturday evening last, of Mr. Joseph Paul, a gentleman of considerable note in Hayti, where his father, General Paul, filled at different times, some of the highest offices in the country ....

January 15, 1873


In this City, on Wednesday evening, the 8th instant, at Parke Lodge (the residence of Barnet Stines, Esq., the father of the Brides) by Reverend William West, assisted by Revds. Smyth and Richmond, Sarah Ann to Charles Edwin Bruce, Esq., of New York, and Grescelda, to Henry Jones, Esq., of same place.


At Hazle Grove, on the 9th January 1873, by the Reverend Lassen, assisted by the Revd. Messrs. Hanna and Winkler, Moravian Missionaries, Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of John Shaw, Esq., of Hazle Grove Penn, to David, son of Mr. D. Ricketts, of Savanna-la-Mar.

January 17, 1873

Commissions of the Peace have been conferred on Lamprey Karney and J. S. Corinaldi, Esqrs., for the parish of St. James.

C. L. Hider, Esq., has been appointed Clerk of the Petty Sessions for the parish of St. Mary, and assistant Clerk of the Port Antonio District Court.

The Lieutenant Governor has been pleased to appoint James Wauchope Fisher, Esq., to act as Custos of Trelawny during the absence of the Hon. Robert Nunes. Mr. Fisher will also act as chairman of the Parochial Boards.

January 18, 1873

Sitting Magistrates for the week

Kingston: David Martin, Joseph Francis, Charles Levy, Esqrs.

Port Royal: W. G. Astwood, S. W. Mais, B. A. Franklin, Esqrs.


Jewish Almshouse

Visiting Committee for January

H. S. Jacobs, S. H. Samuels, E. Sanguinetti, Esqrs.


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

T. H. Pearne, Esq., U. S. C., J. R. Brice, Esq.



At Linstead, St. Thomas in the Vale, on the 12th instant, Eliza Stanley, after a brief illness, the beloved wife of Mr. Francis Palmes, leaving four sons and a daughter ....

January 20, 1873


In this city, on Saturday 18th instant, the wife of G. C. H. Lewis, Esq., of a son.


In this city, on Sunday 19th instant, Charles Gray, Esq., of Great Marlow, Bucks, England, leaving a widow and 4 children ...

January 21, 1873


On the 14th instant, at the Farm Penn, St. Ann's, the wife of David Carvalho, of a daughter.


In Spanish Town, on the 9th instant, Catherine Anne, the beloved Wife of Mr. Augustus C. Sinclair, of the Constabulary Department.

January 22, 1873


In Port Antonio, on the 17th January instant, the wife of Mr. A. R. White of a daughter.


At Annotto Bay, on the 18th January, at the residence of the Revd. Thomas Harty, after giving birth to an infant daughter, Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr. R. Moyle Wilson, of the Internal Revenue Department, in the twenty-second year of her age.

At Appleton, St. Elizabeth, on the evening of the 16th January (after a short illness of two days) Meggie Constance, the eldest and beloved daughter of George F. Risdon, of Exeter, and Margaret, his wife, in the ninth year of her age.

At Bath Pen, Westmoreland, on Thursday, 12th day of December 1872, Hunter Blair, planter, aged 47 years, leaving a wife and two children ...


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

T. B. Clough, Esq. J. H. DeMercado, Esq.


Sitting Magistrates for the Week

Kingston: Theodore DePass, D. Finzi, H. F. Colthirst, Esqrs.

Port Royal: W. G. Astwood, S. W. Mais, B. A. Franklin, Esqrs.


Jewish Almshouse

Visiting Committee for January

S. Jacobs, S. H. Samuels, E. Sanguinetti, Esqrs.

January 24, 1873


On the night of the 19th instant, the wife of Abraham DaCosta Morais, Esquire, of a daughter.


At Providence Church, Manchester, on Wednesday 22nd January, 1873, by the Rev. J. S. Farquharson, Samuel Augustus Shaw, Esquire, to Isabella Catherine, eldest daughter of G. W. Nash, Esq., Emporium.


On the 20th January, Miss Susan F. Freemans, leaving a loving mother .... aged 26 years.

January 27, 1873


In this city, on the 23rd instant, the wife of Mr. Daniel R. D'Costa, of a son.


On the 21st December, at St. Peter's, Streatham, Percy Frederick Tarbutt, Esq., second son of the Revd. Arthur Charles Tarbutt, Esq., to Kate Critchett Gutteres, second daughter of James Gutteres, Esq., of Kingston, Jamaica.

January 28, 1873


In this City, on the 26th instant, the wife of Mr. Uriah Delapenha, of a son.

January 31, 1873


In this City, on the 24th January 1873, John B. McLeod, aged 44 years, leaving a widow and five children ...

February 1, 1873


At California Estate, in this parish, on Sunday last, 26th ultimo, age 54, Allan McLean, Esq., Overseer of that property, and a native of Scotland.


We regret exceedingly to hear of the death of Dr. J. H. Simpson, one of the Government Medical Officers for the parish of Clarendon. It appears that the unfortunate gentleman was bitten by a dog some three months ago. The animal is alive and quite free of rabies, but about a week ago Dr. Simpson developed Hydrophobia, and died on Thursday last after several days of intense suffering.

February 3, 1873


On the 30th January at Ebony Groves, Clarendon, John Henry Simpson, M. D., of hydrophobia, in his 31st year.

February 4, 1873

We regret in having to report the receipt of a telegram on Sunday, announcing the death, in England, of A. G. DaCosta, Esq., senior of the firm of DaCosta, Son & Co., of this city.


The place of business of Mr. John Beer, at Halfway-Tree, was broken into on Sunday night and a quantity of dry goods stolen. We are glad to learn that Inspector Nairne and his detectives are on the scent of the thieves.

February 5, 1873


In this City, on the 3rd February 1873, Elgin Cushnie, the youngest son of Thomas S. Cushnie, Esq., late Clerk to the Common Council of Kingston, aged 29 years.


In this City, on the 30th ult., Alfred Percival, son of G. A. Williams, Esq., of H. M. Customs, aged 3 weeks and 5 days.

February 8, 1873


At Orange Hill, Montego Bay, on the 4th instant, after giving birth to a stillborn son, Ellen Jane, aged 29 years, the beloved wife of Mr. Lewis Phillips, of Retirement Estate.

At his Residence, Old Harbour, on the 5th February, instant, John Mitchell Curnow, native of St. Ives, Cornwall, England, many years resident in Jamaica. Aged 47 years, leaving a widow and four children to mourn his loss.


Messrs. C. L. Ripoll, J. T. Cartwright, G. F, Coward have been appointed sub-agents of Immigration.

February 10, 1873

Passengers Sailed

In the Atlas Steamer Claribel, for New York: --

Mr. Ed. Wesson; Mr. F. W. Lockwood; Mr. J. C. Westlake; Mr. P. P. Schofield; Mr. Penney; Mr. Hannah; Mr. J. Doherty; Mr. W. Achung.

February 11, 1873


At Brentford, St. Andrew, on 9th February, 1873, Mrs. Charles S. Whitehorne, of a son.


At No. 98, Upper Duke Street, on the 7th inst., Amy Louisa Alice, Infant daughter of Richard A. W. Holwell.

February 12, 1873

We are glad to learn that Mr. John Palache, who for some years has been articled to Messrs. Hill, Airey and Harvey, Solicitors, Kingston, successfully passed his examination as Attorney on Saturday last. We believe that Mr. Palache will proceed at once to Manchester and commence practice at Mandeville.


His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor has been pleased to appoint John Charles Mackglashan to act as Colonial Secretary and Revenue Commissioner.


It is with regret we announce the sudden death of Francis Maxwell, Esq., of Long Hill Pen, St. Elizabeth.

February 13, 1873

The fist meeting of the Permanent Committee on Maltese Immigration was held, yesterday, at the office of the Hon. George Solomon. The following gentlemen were present: --

Hon. George Solomon, Chairman; Hon. J. M. Gibb; Hon. H. Westmoreland; Hon. J. C. Melville; Hon. W. Macdonald; James Harrison; F. McDermott; C. J. Ward and J. Harvey, Esqrs. There were also present two gentlemen largely connected with West India interest - Captain Ross and J. Cottam, Esqrs, who lately arrived on a visit to the island, and who evinced a lively interest in the proceedings. The Acting Immigration Agent General was also present and Mr. Doorly, of the Internal Revenue Department, acted as hon. Secretary. Letters were read from the following landed proprietors who were unable to attend the meeting on the previous day: -- Mrs. Strachan, Manchester; Hon. R. W. Smith, St. Elizabeth; Hon. W. Vickers, Westmoreland; Hon. J. M. Lawson, President Cornwall Agricultural Club; Hon. A. Logan, Manchester; Michael Solomon, St. Ann; P. Elphick, Esq., St. Thomas; George Miles, Esq., Manchester; E. J. Saddler, Esq., Westmoreland; George Sturridge, Esq., Manchester; W. B. Espeut, Esq., Portland; and R. Robertson, Esq., Secretary Cornwall Agricultural Club, and various others, all of whom expressed the greatest interest in the object for which the committee hade been appointed, and their readiness to co-operate in the movement.

February 14, 1873


On the 9th February, at Holland Estate, St. Elizabeth, the wife of Ambrose Aug. Finlason, Esq., of a son.

At Spanish Town, on the 9th instant, the wife of B. H. Stamers, Esquire, M. D., of a daughter.

February 17, 1873


At his residence, Manchioneal Bay, on the night of Thursday, the 13th instant, after an illness of 10 days, David Bolt, senr., Esq., Commissioner of Supreme Court, etc. for the parish of Portland, leaving a wife and family ... Aged 63 years.

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Horatio Bonitto are requested to attend the remains of his wife, from his residence, No. 53 Orange Street, to the place of interment at 5 o'clock this evening.

February 19, 1873


In this City, on the 11th instant, the wife of James A. Marshall, Esq., of a daughter.


At his residence, Port Antonio, on Tuesday night, the 4th February inst., after a long and painful illness, John Andrew Pillon, Esq., for many years Justice of the Peace and churchwarden of the parish of Portland, leaving a widow .... He died in his 63rd year.

On the 17th instant, at the residence of the Reverend Thomas Harty, Annotto Bay, Sarah Ella, the infant daughter of Mr. R. Moyle Wilson, of the Internal Revenue Department. Aged 1 month.

Mr. William B. Gray, clerk to Mr. Advocate S. C. Burke, has passed a creditable examination, preparatory to being articled.

February 22, 1873


On the 5th inst., at Drax Hall, St. Ann, Mrs. A. G. Morrison, of a son.


At her Residence, Church Street, Kingston, on Friday, the 14th instant, Rebecca Vaz, in the 78th year of her age. She was born in Spanish Town, and spent nearly the best portion of her life there....She was interred at her request in the Jewish Burial Ground, Spanish Town ....


We have to acknowledge the receipt of a copy of a Pamphlet just issued from the press of the Colonial Standard. It comprises a full report by Mr. H. F. Figueroa, reporter of the Standard, of the investigation into the charges of Dr. Bowerbank in respect to the breaking out of Small-pox in St. Andrew.

February 24, 1873

Passengers Arrived

In the W. I. and P. Steamer Californian, from Colon: --

Mr. Best; Mr. Donnison.

In the R. M. C. Steamer Eider, from Southampton: --

Mr. and Mrs. Denniston; Mr. He. Melville; Mr. and Mrs. Rittenburg and family; Mr. George Henderson; Miss Henderson; Mr. C. T. Dewar;

From St. Thomas: Mr. and Mrs. Humber and infant; Mr. Ennis

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Jno. A. B. Clarke are requested to attend the remains of his infant girl, Amabel May, from his residence No 67 Water Lane, at 4:30 p.m.



At Rose Hall Estate, St. Thomas in the Vale, on the 13th instant, in his 39th year - Henry Hall, third son of the late John Herman Hall.

February 25, 1873


On Tuesday, 11th instant, at no. 129 King Street, in this city, Mr. H. B. Martin of Richmond near London, of consumption, aged 33 years ... leaving a wife and 4 children...

On the 20th February, at the Baptist Mission Station, Mount Angus, St. Mary, after a lingering illness, Miss Elizabeth Burchell Sibley, the beloved daughter of the Revd. C. Sibley, in the 23rd year of her age.

February 28, 1873


Vestry Chambers E & G Synagogue

February 28, 1873

The induction into office of the Revd. Mr. Rittenberg, minister of the English and German Synagogue will take place on Sabbath next.

By order of the President, H. Stern, Hon. Sec.

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