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Gleaner Excerpts Aug. - Dec. 1877
August 1, 1877


In this city, on Wednesday, 25th July, by the Rev. A. H. Neito, Amelia, daughter of Moses Pinto, to Andrew Delisser, late of Falmouth.

August 2, 1877

Jewish Alms House

Monthly Visiting Committee August, 1877

Geo. Magnus, H. J. DePass, & John Bonitto

August 7, 1877


This morning in this city, John Neilson, of Vere. The Funeral will take place at 5 o'clock from Mrs. Foderingham's Lodgings.

August 8, 1877


At 6 Nelson Terrace, Hillhead, Scotland, on the 3rd ult., by the Rev. A. Jamieson Milne, D. D., of Tyvie, Aberdeen, Dr. Thomas Richmond of that city, to Anna Elizabeth Milne Scott, eldest daughter of Abram Heyliger, Esq., and Granddaughter of the late Andrew Scott, Merchant, of this city.


At 11 o'clock last night, Mr. S. W. Trumble. The funeral will take place at 5 o'clock this evening from the Jamaica Ice House.

August 9, 1877


At Friendship Lodge, St. Andrew, on the 7th instant, in her 16th year, Laura Maria, second daughter of Mr. Charles Plummer, Inspector of Schools.


In this City, yesterday, Harriet, the beloved wife of John Brass. The funeral will move from 26 High Holborn Street, at 5 o'clock, this evening.

This morning at 56 James Street, Clara Alice Webley, aged 18 years. The funeral will take .place this evening at 5 o'clock.

August 10, 1877


At then residence of Mr. Robert Kirkland, Fairfield Pen, St. Thomas, on Sunday 5th August 1877, William Pitt Kirkland, Esq., aged 87 years.

August 13, 1877


At Brown's Town, Kingston, on the 8th instant, James Francis Graham. Aged 109 years.


From the Gazette Extraordinary, of the 10th August, we extract the following information: --

In consequence of the lamented death of His Excellency Edward Everard Rushworth, Esq., Lieutenant Governor, D. C. L., C. M. G., the Honorable Major General James Robert Mann, R. E., as President of the Privy Council, has assumed the Administration of the Government of Jamaica.

His Honor the President of the Privy Council administering the Government has been pleased to appoint Captain Charles James O'Neil Ferguson, r. E., to act as Director of roads and Surveyor General.

His Honor the President of the Privy Council administering the Government has been pleased to appoint William Grey Wilson, Esq., to act as his private secretary.

August 16, 1877


In this city, on the morning of the 15th inst., Mrs. Sarah S. Brock. Funeral will take place at her Son's Residence (Mr. C. E. Brock) No. 37, Fleet Street, this evening, at 5 o'clock.

August 18, 1877


Died, in Spanish Town, on the morning of Sunday, the 12th instant, David David Soares, at the advanced age of 75 years. The deceased was for many years, under the old Constitution, Superintendent of Public Works, at the above town; Subsequently he became Inspector of Streets and Lanes and Inspector of Nuisances for St. Catherine.... The funeral ceremony was performed by Mr. Sollas, Reader of the Spanish Town Jewish Congregation, who performed the service in a very impressive manner.

August 20, 1877


On Wednesday, the 8th instant, at her residence, Saunder's Pen, Spanish Town, after a few hours' illness, Mrs. Esther Vaz, relict of the late Abraham Vaz ...

August 21, 1877


On Friday, the 18th instant, at No. 143 King Street, after a long and painful illness, Mr. William Mitchell, aged 46 years, late of Morant Bay, St. Thomas in the East.

August 27, 1877

We clip the following information from the Jamaica Gazette of the 23rd August: --

His Excellency Sir Anthony Musgrave, Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, Captain General and Governor in Chief of Jamaica, and its Dependencies, has this day assumed the Administration of the Government.

His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint Anthony Musgrave, Jnr., Esq., to be his Private Secretary.

August 28, 1877


On the night of the 17th July, 1877, at Beggars' Bush Pen, St. Catherine, John Sullivan, the beloved son of Charles James Young, and Wilhelmina, his wife, aged 11 years and 10 months.

On the night of the 23rd instant, at Beggars' Bush Pen, St. Catherine, Wilhelmina Lee, the loving wife of Charles James Young, aged 54 years.

August 30, 1877


On Wednesday, 22nd instant, at the Holy Trinity Church, Duke Street, by the Rev. J. Dupont, Harry Curtis, eldest Son of Thomas Wilson, Esq., of March, Cambridgeshire, England, to Marie Josephine, eldest daughter of Henry Vendryes, Esq., Solicitor of this City.


Yesterday, at 6:30 p.m., at No. 10 King Street, Mrs. Isabella Scott, aged 75 years.

September 3, 1877


At Roaring River Estate, Westmoreland, on the 29th August, 1877, at 1:30 p.m., Richard Auld Kinkead, aged 30 years.

September 5, 1877



A Real Treat, to be had at No. 94 Orange Street, sold by Mrs. Louisa DaCosta.


Jewish Alms House

Monthly Visiting Committee September 1877

J. P. DaCosta, S. H. Samuels, D. C. Henriques.

September 11, 1877


In this City, on the 8th inst., the wife of Charles Septimus Escoffery, of a son.

September 13, 1877


At Rae Town, on the 7th instant, Mrs. Aubrey Robinson, of a daughter.

September 14, 1877


On the 12th September 1877, at Pratville Church, by the Revd. C. L. Barnes, Aaron M. Henriques, Smithfield, Manchester, to Esther Lydia, eldest daughter of the late Phillip Muschett, Esq., of Pleasant Hill, St. Elizabeth.

September 15, 1877


On the 12th instant, at Malvern Villa, the wife of Lionel F. Graham, Assistant Commissary Ordnance Department, of a son.


At Petersfield, in Westmoreland, on Tuesday, the 4th, after a brief but painful illness of 14 days, Reginald Albert Erasmus Jacobs, aged 23 years and 9 months.

September 18, 1877

The Friends and Acquaintances of George Henriques are requested to attend the remains of his sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Duhany, from No. 18 Hanover Street, at half-past four o'clock this afternoon, to the place of interment.

The Friends and Acquaintances of Mr. Archibald Mitchell are requested to attend the remains of his daughter, Miss Lucelia Mitchell, from her brother's residence, No. 18 East Water Lane, to the place of interment, at 4:30 this afternoon.


An insult has been offered to the Jewish Community by those in authority at H. M. Customs. Yesterday was the Day of Atonement, a day looked up to with great reverence by every member of the Faith. It is the Sabbath of Sabbaths. Mr. John Samuels, an Israelite, an outdoor officer of the Customs, applied for the day, and was refused it. He was therefore compelled to work on that Holy day. We, as Jews, shall resent this National insult, and shall therefore return to the subject.

September 20, 1877


At No. 27 Rae Street, Rae Town, yesterday evening, Mr. Solomon Hershfield, aged 82 years. Friends and acquaintances are requested to attend his remains to the place of interment at 5 o'clock this evening.

September 24, 1877


Spanish Town, September 21, 1877

The Bankruptcy Law, 1877

In the Spanish Town District Court Holden at Spanish Town

In a matter of a Bankruptcy Petition against Eleazar Septimo Magnus of the Parish of St. Catherine, a Trader. There being no Creditors present within the time appointed for the first meeting, and within two hours thereafter, such meeting is now adjourned to eleven o'clock a.m. on Tuesday the 25th instant.


Clerk Court



On Wednesday, 19th September, at her residence, Church Street, Montego Bay, Anna, Relict of Henry Isaacs, and daughter of the late Daniel Levy, deeply lamented. Aged 60 years.

At Montpelier Pen, St. David, on the evening of the 20th instant, of fever, Ernest Everard, eldest son of Margaret and Peter Brooks, of this city. Aged 2 years and eight months.

September 27, 1877


In this City, on Wednesday 26th instant, the Wife of Mr. George W. Abrahams, of a Son.

September 28, 1877


On the 20th Sept., at 4 o'clock, a.m., after a five days' illness, at Falmouth, Trelawny, David Galloway, Esq., deeply mourned.

October 5, 1877

Jewish Alms' House

Monthly Visiting Committee October 1877

S. S. Lawton, J. J. G. Lewis, O. Delgado


At the Garrison, Port Royal, on the 26th ultimo, the wife of Lieutenant G. M. Lloyd, of a son.


In this city, on the morning of the 4th inst., James Austin Fowles, Esq., late of Her Majesty's Customs, in the 61st year of his age. The funeral will take place at 4 o'clock this evening from No. 81 Water Lane.

Passengers Arrived

In the S. S. Atlas from New York: -- Lady Musgrave and Maid; Hon. Henry Fowler, Colonial Secretary, British Honduras; Mr. Wm. C. Bates; Mr. A. L. Normand; Mr. A. D. M. Salmon; Miss Salmon; Miss Myers; Mr. F. B. Cantrell

October 6, 1877



The undermentioned Properties in the Parish of Trelawny, belonging to the Trust Estate of NUNES BROS., viz: --


A Freehold of 870 acres. A large portion of which consists of Canes and Pasture Land. There are 161 head of stock, all in prime condition. The Motive power consists of a new powerful Steam Engine and Mill. There is also a Wentzell's Pan and two Centrifugals. Machinery is in excellent working condition.


An abandoned Sugar Estate of about 750 acres of land, well adapted to be converted into a Pen, or would form an advantageous adjunct to Wales Estate.


Contains 860 acres. The Herd consists of 97 Head. There are on this Property a Steam Engine, and Water Wheel, as also a Centrifugal Pan. The Boiling House and Distillery Departments are in good condition.


An extensive freehold of 2361 Acres. There are 133 Head of Stock belonging to the Property. A very excellent and strong Iron Water Wheel is the motive power. A steam Engine, Wentzell, and Centrifugal Pans, as well as a set of Steam Tube Clarifiers and other machinery have been recently erected on this Estate.


Situated in Market Street, Falmouth, hitherto occupied by Messrs Nunes Bros. There is a yard with Coach House and Stabling and Out rooms attached.


In Tharp Street, Falmouth. A Commodious and substantial Fire Proof Building, with a Foundry attached; well adapted to carrying on an Engineer or Blacksmith's Business.

In event of all, or any of the above properties not being disposed of previous to Monday, the 12th November, they will be put up to Public Sale in Kingston, at 12 o'clock on that day, under the Office formerly occupied by Messrs. Nunes Bros., corner of Church and Port Royal Street. Title deeds to be prepared by our Solicitors at the expense of Vendors and Vendees.

For further particulars apply to the Hon. Robert Nunes, Falmouth, or here to



J. S. RONALDSON ) Trustees of Estate Nunes Bros

October 9, 1877


On the 7th instant, at Calabar, Kingston, the wife of the Rev. J. Seed Roberts of a daughter.

The Reverend Father Jaekel has returned to the Roman Catholic Church and is now a secular priest.

October 10, 1877


At St. Mary's Church, Port Maria, on the 29th September, 1877, by the Revd. W. J. Williams, Edward William Pigou, Sub-agent of Immigration, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of James Alexander Hoskins, Esq., of Mason Hall.

October 11, 1877

The Friends and Acquaintances of Alexander Baines, are requested to attend his funeral at 5 o'clock this evening from No. 36 East Queen Street.


At his residence, No. 148 East Street, Henry Doyle O'Donnell (late Assistant Commissary Control Department) aged 46.

October 13, 1877

The Cedars plantation, in the St. Catherine Mountains, was sold on Thursday by Mr. S. G. Lyon, of Spanish Town, to William Climie, Esq. The amount for which the property was sold has not transpired.

October 15, 1877


In this city on the 14th instant, Josefeta, second daughter of Jose Valverde. The friends and acquaintances are requested to attend the remains from her late residence No. 114 Orange Street, to the place of interment, at half-past 4 o'clock this evening.

In this City, October 14, 1877, Mrs. Susan Stephens, aged 85 years and five months. Friends are invited to attend her remains, at 5 o'clock this evening, No. 98 West Street.

October 17, 1877


On the 15th instant, the wife of Gustav H. Weitzmann, of a Son.


On the 11th instant, at Huddersfield, in St. Mary, whither she had lately removed to, Mary Ellen, aged 39 years, the beloved wife of W. H. Foreman, leaving 10 children, a sorrowing husband, and numerous relatives and friends to lament her loss ....

October 19, 1877


On the 15th instant, at Experiment Pen, Vere, the wife of E. C. Elliott, Esq., of a daughter.


In this city, yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Henrietta Woodroff, daughter of Mr. Walter Brett. Friends and acquaintances are requested to attend he remains form No. 46 Duke Street, to the place of interment, at 5 o'clock this evening.

October 23, 1877


On the 25th September last, at 28 Russell Road, Kensington, the wife of Mortimer Brandon, Esq., of a son.

At Manchester Square, Kingston, on the 19th instant, Mrs. James Humphreys, of a Son.


HEWITT - ALLAN -- September 29th, in the Baptist Chapel, Poole, by the Revd. E. Hewitt, of Mount Carey, Jamaica, father of the bridegroom, the Revd. Edward Jesse Hewitt, of Swafham, Norfolk, to Isabel, eldest daughter of Mr. R. Allen, Poole, Dorset.

October 26, 1877

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Alexander A. Akin, are requested to attend the remains of his mother, Mrs. Mary Ann Abrahams, from his residence, No. 43 Barry Street, to the place of interment, at half-past 4 o'clock this evening.

October 27, 1877


At Margaret Ville, Half Way Tree, on the 25th instant, by the Reverend Charles Partridge, Charlotte Isabel, fourth daughter of J. J. Wood, Esq., Assistant Inspector of Schools, to William Elgin Powell of Manchester.

October 29, 1877


This morning, at her residence, 112 East Street, Isabelle, wife of Mr. Louis Peter Branday. The funeral will move at half-past four o'clock this afternoon, to the Church of the Holy Trinity, Sutton Street.

October 30, 1877


In this City, on Saturday, the 27th instant, after a comparatively short illness, Lino L. L. Chavannes. He was very much respected and esteemed in the community, and has died deeply regretted by all who knew him.

November 1, 1877

Hebrew Benevolent Society

1877 Visiting Committee


November -- J. J. G. Lewis, H. J. Depass, J. Ashenheim.

Mr. C. H. Davis has been elected 1st Principal; T. Sherlock, 2nd Principal; and W. Andrews Jnr., 3rd Principal, of the Royal Holy Arch Chapter of this city.


The sale of Hopewell Plantation, in the Manchioneal district of Portland, took place at the Court House yesterday. There were no bidders, except the solicitor of Mr. Simon Thompson, the cause petitioner. The property was purchased by him at the reserved price of £478.

November 6, 1877


At Altries Cottage, on Sunday, the 4th of November, the wife of Lawrence R. Fyfe, Esq., of a son.


At Birmingham, England, on the 2nd October, in the 84th year of his age, the Rev. Lewis Chapman, formerly Minister to the Congregation of German Jews in this city.

November 7, 1877

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Edward Purcell are requested to attend the remains of his sister, Mary Purcell, from the residence of his mother, Montgomery Corner, to the place of interment at 4 o'clock this evening.

November 9, 1877

The newspapers from British Guiana announce the death of the Rev. Mr. Jardine, Presbyterian minister. Mr. Jardine must be fresh in the memory of Jamaicans. He was one of the resident masters at the Collegiate, and the assistant of the Rev. Mr. Radcliffe at the Duke Street Kirk.

November 10, 1877

Friends and acquaintances of Mr. T. D. Ariano are requested to attend his remains this evening at No. 53 Barry Street, to the place of interment at 5 o'clock.

November 12, 1877

Today those celebrated sugar estates in the parish of Trelawny, known as Tharp's Estates, at present belonging to the Trust Estate of Nunes Bros., are to be sold at public auction at 12 o'clock, under the office formerly occupied by Messrs. Nunes Bros., corner of Church and Port Royal Street. For particulars, we must refer our readers to the advertisement which appears elsewhere. By the way, we do not notice among the other properties to be sold, Good Hope Estate, to which Covey Estate has been annexed for some years. Good Hope, though perhaps inferior to Pantrepant, as a valuable property, was always the head quarters of the Tharp's estates. Here, most of the mechanical work for the other properties was carried on, in very extensive workshops. Merrywood, too, is absent from the list. This is, or was, a sugar estate, the nearest of the rural properties to Falmouth. Pantrepant was reputed as producing, with the exception of Nightingale Grove, somewhat off the road to Stewart Town, the best rum in the parish. In the best days of William Tharp, Esq., a cousin of the unfortunate proprietor, who was a ward in Chancery and an inmate of a Lunatic Asylum, these properties were in their highest glory. At Good Hope Mr. Tharp lived in feudal magnificence in a castellated mansion, on the summit of a hill, with small cannons mounted on the battlements, where he dispensed a splendid hospitality, living in princely style, whence he issued, ever and anon, to visit his other estates, or to travel to some greater distance, which he did with a retinue reminding one of all he read of the feudal barons, of old and their retainers, save the arms and peculiar costume. In regard to the Falmouth cooperage, it is there that, in the olden time, all the hogsheads, puncheons, etc., for the use of the estates were manufactured. The building is conspicuous on entering the town from either the East of the South, by a bulky and tall chimney, conical form, under which the casks were "trussed". For some years past the estates still in partial cultivation have been neglected, but they are quite capable of restoration; and a s all are situated in a ring fence, they would form a valuable and very extensive domain to any purchaser of the whole. There are other properties belonging formerly to Mr. Tharp which are not included in the advertisement. Among them is Windsor Park Pen, about twelve miles from Falmouth in the interim -- a very extensive property said to be more valuable than almost any of the sugar estates. Then there is Top Hill Pen, adjoining Merrywood. Both these pens formerly supplied the town of Falmouth with a great proportion of the beef that fed the inhabitants.

If there be any moneyed man of energy and sagacity, who desires to invest his capital to advantage, now is his time.

November 19, 1877


At Holmwood, Rae Town, on the 15th instant, Mrs. Lawrence Roxburgh of a son.


On Wednesday, the 7th instant, at Holy Trinity Church, by the Right Reverend Father Porter, Vicar Apostolic, assisted by the Reverend Father Hathaway, William O'Reilly, third son of the late Daniel Fogarty, Esq., of Lottery, Trelawny, to Mary Margaret Sophia, daughter of E. Ellis, Esq.


On the 14th of November, at St. Andrew's Church, St. Thomas ye East, by the Revd. W. J. Drought, Francis Bell, third son of John Glasgow Grant, Esq., Speaker of the House of Assembly, Barbados, to Emily Jane, youngest daughter of the late William Haughton, Esq., of Metcalfe, Jamaica.

November 20, 1877

It is with much regret that we learn of the death of Mrs. James Harrison of Hordley Estate, St. Thomas, which sad event took place yesterday morning, the 19th instant.

November 21, 1877

The following passengers are booked to leave Southampton on the 17th November, per R. M. C. S. Nile -- Dr. B. Hamilton, wife, Miss Lann, and servant, Lady and child; Mr. and Mrs. Verley; Captain Dodsan; Mr. and Miss Stiebel; Mr. G. Stiebel; D. R. Verley, and Dr. Mield.



On Monday evening last, 20th November, the carriages of Mrs. T. DePass and Mrs. Eml. Lyons came in collision on the Slipe Pen Road, near Mr. McPherson's pen, when Mrs. DePass was thrown out of her vehicle, striking the back of her head on the hard road. Fortunately the injury was not serious. From the statement of the driver, it would appear that the vehicle was going up, and seeing the other coming, he endeavoured to cross the tram line, but that being higher than the road, the wheel slipped along, and the other carriage struck his. The driver of Mrs. Lyons states that he was endeavouring to avoid the water table, and expecting the other to get out of his way when they struck. This would show the necessity for a rule of the road on which the tram is run, that vehicles going up, should, from the time they enter on such street or start, take the left hand side of the line, and those coming down do the same on the right. It will be remarked that the traffic of three sections of road unites at the Cross Roads and continues on this one section to the Race Course Bridge, showing the necessity of widening same or making a parallel road from Bridge to Cross Roads. The Halfway Tree Road is also capable of being widened.

November 22, 1877


October 23, at Norwood Church, Middlesex, England, by the Revd. Charles Becketh, George Montagu, only son of George Montagu Hicks, late Captain H. M. 41st Regiment, to Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of J. B. Morris, Kingston, Jamaica.

November 23, 1877

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Mortimer DeSouza are requested to attend the remains of his beloved wife, Miriam, from his residence No 61 Law Street, to the place of interment, at 4 o'clock, this evening.


On Thursday, the 8th instant, the Officers forming the administration of the Caledonian Lodge, No. 554, S. C. Lodge for 1878, were duly installed in the Lodge Room, Port Maria, as under: --

Right Wor. Bro. A. D. C. Levy, Master

Wor. Bro. I. I. Lyons, S. W.

Wor. Bor. T. G. D. Broughton, J. W.

Wor. J. Nelson, Treasurer

Bro. J. R. Facey, Secretary

Bro. Sigismond DePass, S. D.

Bro. F. R. Stanford, J. D.

Bro. J. A. Hinshelwood, I. G.

Bro. W. Cuthbert, Tyler.

The Wor. Bro. T. C. Dias, Deputy Master, being unavoidably absent, was not installed.

November 28, 1877


It is with inexpressible grief and sorrow the writer records the demise of one, who in the prime of life, health and bloom, has been snatched from surrounding and admiring friends, a loving and heart-broken husband, and other family under the most painful and lamentable circumstances, on the 22nd

November 30, 1877


At his residence in New York, Solomon DeCordova, aged 64 years. A native of the island, but resident in New York. He has left a daughter and a large number of relatives and friends to lament their loss.

Last night, 29th inst., at No. 164 Harbour Street, Benjamin Morais, aged 33 years. Friends and acquaintances are requested to attend his remains from his late residence, to the place of interment, at 4 o'clock this evening.

Connected by ties of consanguinity as are the proprietors of the Gleaner, it is naturally a painful duty for us to chronicle the death of Mr. Solomon DeCordova, of New York, which sad event occurred yesterday morning. The deceased would have completed his 64th year, had he lived until this morning. He was well known in this city where in his earlier career, he was a merchant for many years, while, for the last twenty years, he has done an extensive shipping business in the great metropolis of North America. During the summer of last year, the hand of death snatched away his wife, to whom he had been wedded for over 40 years. This was a heavy affliction, under which his health gradually gave way, and for many weeks his death had been expected by all interested. He leaves a daughter, and numerous relatives to mourn this demise, which we are sure will be heard of with unfeigned regret by his very many friends in this island and elsewhere.

December 5, 1877


December 3rd at 34 Highholborn Street, Kingston, the wife of J. T. Simpson, of Vere, of a son.

December 6, 1877


On the 21st November, at 105 East Street, by the Rev. B. Rittenburg, Alice, elder daughter of Daniel Finzi, Esq., of this city, to Edmund Levy.

December 7, 1877


In this city on the night of the 5th inst., the wife of Mr. Altamont DeCordova, of a son.

December 10, 1877

Isaac Lawton, Esq., the Editor and Proprietor of the South Pacific Times, of Peru, arrived here yesterday in the S. S. Tasmanian. We have much pleasure in welcoming this gentleman back to Jamaica. It may be remembered that Mr. Lawton was for many years connected with the Press in this island; and we have no doubt that his numerous friends will be glad to see him once more.

December 11, 1877


At Bodles Pen, St. Dorothy, on the morning of the 7th December, 1877, the wife of Sidney Moxey, Esq., of a daughter "still born".


On the morning of the 9th December, 1877, at Bodles Pen, St. Dorothy, aged 23 years, Sarah Catherine, the beloved wife of Sidney Moxey, Esq., and the eldest daughter of Moses and Charlotte Frances Bravo of Marlie, St. Dorothy.

December 19, 1877


On the 15th inst., by the Rev. J. L. Mais, M. A., Adam Roxburgh, second son of Thos. F. Roxburgh, Esq., Annandale, to Julia, eldest daughter of the Rev. J. L. Mais, Walton.

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