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March - May 1887

March 1, 1887

It is with sincere regret that we announce the death on the 17th ultimo of Mr. E. V. Sinclair, at sea, whilst on a voyage from Demerara to England.  Mr. Sinclair, while amongst us, secured the esteem and affectionate regard of all whom he came in contact. His delightful "Evenings at Home" were laughter-provoking and yet refined, and will long be remembered by those to whose amusement he so cleverly administered, with the aid of his accomplished wife and bright intelligent children.  He  will be regretted by many friends as one who graced the profession of an actor and one who proved by his life and conduct that to be an actor and a gentleman in thought and feeling is not difficult in an honest man.

March 2, 1887


On February 27th , at West Abbey, West St., the wife of W. G. Rackham of a son.


In Holy Trinity R. C. Church on Thursday the 24th of February, by the Rev. Father F. Hathaway, S. J., Thomas Feilding of County West Meath, Ireland, to Miss M. J. R. Fyfe Campbell, eldest daughter of William and Mary Campbell.


In this city at her residence No.. 116 Orange Street, at 20 minutes to 12 p.m., Miss Mary Ann Ergas.

March 4, 1887

The Rev. J. E. Miller of the Church of England has been appointed a Marriage Officer for St. Luke's Church, Aboukir, in the Parish of St. Ann.

Dr. Belgrave Ninnis, the newly appointed Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals and Fleets at Port Royal, who arrived in the Packet on Sunday last, has been appointed a member of the Central Board of Health.

March 7, 1887


At Streadwick's Lodgings, Hanover Street, in this city, at 5 ½ a.m., on the 3rd inst., Deborah Stella, second daughter of the late David Sampson, of Elam, Manchester, aged 36 years.


Mr. Daniel Randolph Casseres, the late Bailiff of the Northern District Court, is wanted by the constabulary on three distinct charges of embezzlement.

March 9, 1887


     At his residence, Tripoli, St. Ann's, on Saturday, the 5th inst., at 10 a.m., William Peat, aged 66 years 5 months, leaving four daughters and sons to mourn their loss.

     The friends and acquaintances of Mr. S. H. Watson and Mr. Alexander Robertson are requested to attend the remains of their sister, Mrs. Marian Mowat, from her late residence, Retirement Penn.

March 10, 1887


In Boston, 28th February, Ida, eldest daughter of the late Edwin Delgado, and wife of J. B. Marshall, Boston.

March 11, 1887

The Revd. C. L. Barnes of the Church of England has been appointed a marriage officer for the places of worship at St. Margaret's Bay and Moore Town in the parish of Portland.

March 15, 1887


At his residence, The Hope, Portland, on Wednesday the 9th inst., David Dias, Esq.., in the 78th year of his age, 65 of which he spent in this Island.


We are glad to learn that Mr. S. C. Burke, a son of our esteemed fellow citizen, the Hon. S. C. Burke, has creditably passed the matriculation examination at Jesus College, Cambridge.

March 16, 1887


CARTER - MILL - At the Parish Church, Gonaives, Haiti, on the 31st January, 1887, Alfred Carter, M. D., M. R. C. S., England, to Marie Antoinette, second daughter of the late James Mill, Esq., Arbroath, Scotland.


The following passengers were booked to leave this evening in the R. M. C. steamer Orinoco for England: - Major Barstow, Miss Sutton, Miss Ada Maude Lazarus, Mrs. Gordon, Miss Gordon, Miss Gertrude Morris, Mr. C. Smith, Rev. W. Mold, Mrs. Mold and five children, Miss Cootes, Mrs. King, daughter and 3 children, Lieut. Bowers, R. E., Lieut. Roberts, R. E., Dr. and Mrs. Clarke, Judge G. Little and Mrs. Little, and Mr. Martin.

March 18, 1887


Yesterday at No. 57 Barry Street, the residence of her Father, James Steadman, Ida Bell.


Mr. E. G. Osborne Smith has been appointed Notary Public for this island.

Walter Wilson Wynne and Louis Mickle, Esqrs., have been appointed Justices of the Peace for the Parish of Manchester.

Letters of Naturalization under the Act 35 Car. II, Chap. 3, has been granted to the Revd. Frederick Jacob Theodor Ilgner, a native of Silesia, Germany, but now an inhabitant of this Island.

Mr. Charles R. Thompson has been appointed Registrar of births and deaths for the district of Cross Roads, in the parish of St. Andrew, in the room of Mr. Robert Gibson whose resignation of the office takes effect on the 1st proximo.

March 19, 1887

Mr. Thaddeus Mordecai has been elected without opposition to the Parochial Board of Portland.

March 21, 1887


On Sunday the 20th inst., at 46 Rosemary Lane, Matilda, the beloved wife of James D. Garsia.

March 24, 1887


At 48 East Street, at 5:45 p.m. yesterday, Benjamin A. Sturridge, late of New York, and formerly of Manchester.

March 25, 1887


At Park Lodge, at twenty-five minutes to seven this morning, Susan Rebecca, eldest daughter of the late Horatio and Matilda Burton.  The funeral will leave Park Lodge at 4:30.


Mr E. A. DePass of A. S. Lascelles & Co., New York, and E. A. DePass & Co., London, arrived in this town by the ss. Alene. We learn that his visit will be of very short duration, but that he will be happy to see any friends at the office of Lascelles, DeMercado and Co., No. 3 Lower King Street.

We are informed that at a meeting of the Directors of the Fruit Company recently formed at Port Antonio, Mr. D. S. Gideon was elected Chairman, Mr. P. A. Moodie, Managing Director and Mr. J. B. Price, Accountant and Secretary. The other business transacted included the fixing of the salaries of employees and the securities required, and arranging for commencing business on the 4th prox.

March 31, 1887


Yesterday evening at 113 Luke Lane, Letitia Graham, the wife of Robert Graham and daughter of Catherine Dixon.


The Executors of the Estate of the late S. N. Da Costa have sent the sum of nine pounds ten shillings to the Treasurer of the Hebrew Benevolent Society, a legacy left for that Institute.

April 1, 1887

Dissolution of Partnership

    In our advertising columns will be found the announcement of the termination of the partnership heretofore existing between William Malabre and L. P. Branday, and further that Mr. Branday joins Mr. Bernard Vincent Hall, and will trade under the firm of Arnold L. Malabre & Co.
    Messrs. William Malabre & Branday have been associated in business for 33 years, and they are probably the only original existing partners in the city who can show such a record of long and harmonious business relations.  We understand that during this lengthened period there has never been the slightest disagreement between Mr. Malabre and Mr. Branday, and both gentlemen must feel acutely the severance of so long and honourable a co-partnership.
    The Hon. William Malabre, the much respected member of Council for Kingston, will continue the business of William Malabre & Co. on his own account, and we wish him continued success and prosperity.
    Mr. L. P. Branday joins the honourable and old established firm of Arnold L. Malabre & Co., so long and favourably known among us, and we understand that Mr. Charles Arnold Malabre will still continue to sign for the firm.
    To Mr. Branday and the new firm we tender our heartiest good wishes.


The Rev. F. W. Tyler has been appointed District Registrar of births and deaths for the Four Paths in the Parish of Clarendon, in the room of Miss Adeline Eastwood who has resigned.

Mr. C. E. DeMercado, of the firm of A. S. Lazarus & Co., has been unanimously elected a director of the Jamaica Fruit and Trading Company (Limited).

The Rev. David W. Bland of the Church of England has been appointed a marriage officer for the places of worship at Woburn Lawn, and Blue Mountain Valley in the Parish of St. Thomas.

April 6, 1887


Last evening at 85 Duke Street, Vivian Rudolph, infant son of John Emanuel and Rosa Belle Lyons.  The funeral will take place at 5 o'clock this evening.


The Atlas Company's steamer, Andes, Captain McKnight, left at 4 o'clock yesterday evening for New York via Port Antonio and Fortune Island with a large cargo of island produce. She took away one passenger for New York - Mr. James Alexander Ogilvie, a son of our worthy citizen Dr. Ogilvie. Mr. Ogilvie proceeds to Bishop's College, Montreal, to practise the medical profession.

April 9, 1887

Mr. William Costa, of Brown's Town, St. Ann, storekeeper, has been duly elected a member of the Parochial Board of that parish.

The Rev. E. B. Heighington of the Presbyterian Church, has been appointed a Marriage Officer for the places of worship at Goshen, Derry, in the Parish of St. Mary.

The Rev. H. Seymour Isaacs, B. A., of the Church of England, has been appointed a Marriage  Officer for the Parish Church at Halfway-Tree in the Parish of St. Andrew.

Miss W. C. Aird has been appointed Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Lucea district of Hanover in the room of Mr. George R. Davis who resigned the appointment on the 1st inst.


We are pleased to learn of two other bequests to the Church of England in this island. Mr. John McPhail has left a house and 30 acres of land to St. Thomas' Church, Linstead, and Miss McKenzie of Port Antonio left a residuary legacy to the church of that town which has proved to be of the value of £50.


George Stiebel has sent £100 as his contribution towards the Lying-in Institution to be established in Jamaica in connection with the Queen's Jubilee.

April 11, 1887


    On the 8th inst., at Spanish Town, Ronald Henry, infant son of Henry and Agnes Minchinton. Aged 9 months.

    On Sunday, the 10th inst., at Coolshade, Rae Town, William Gilbert, aged 34 years.  Buried at May Pen Cemetery.


At a meeting of the members of the Hamilton Lodge of Freemasons held in their Lodge Rooms, Spanish Town, on Thursday evening the 7th inst., Bro. John A. Messias was unanimously elected Wor. Master for the ensuing year.


Jamaica to the Fore

We have great pleasure in informing our readers that Mr. L. M. Clarke, son of our esteemed citizen, Mr. W. M. Clarke, and who is now in Montreal studying for the Medical Profession, has lately succeeded in obtaining the "David Scholarship", of his University. This scholarship consists of one full course of the final branches delivered at the College, and is awarded to the students who obtain the highest number of marks in the Primary Examinations.

April 12, 1887

H. Barrow, Esq., will sail by the Moselle tomorrow on a pleasure trip to Europe.  He will be absent for about six months, during which time he will be represented by his attorney, Osmond Delgado, Esq.


The R. M. C. steamer Medway, Captain Herbert, left here at four o'clock yesterday evening for Colon, with the following passengers: - Miss Susan Hibbert; Mrs. E. Burke; Miss S. Garrett; Miss L. Rampey; Mr. Louis Clair; Mr. O. Kalmo; Mr. T. O'Brien; Mrs. O'Brien; Mr. B. B. Henriques; Mrs. R. Chambers; Mr. Barbuena; Mrs. Barbuena, and 122 ordinary deckers.

April 13, 1887

The following passengers have been booked to leave here this evening in the R. M. steamer Moselle for Southampton : - Mr. & Mrs. Hiam Barrow; Mrs. Pengelly; Miss Pengelly; Mr. R. L. Allporte; Colonel Shepherd; Mrs. Shepherd, two children and nurse; Captain Dunlop; Mrs. Dunlop; and Mrs. Colthirst.

April 15, 1887

H. J. Bicknell, Esq., Acting Judge of the Eastern District Court, has been appointed by the Governor to act also as Judge of the Southern District Court until further orders.

The Revd. J. D. McPherson of the Church of England has been appointed a marriage officer for the places of worship at Bull Bay and Yallahs in the parishes of St. Andrew and St. Thomas.

The Hon. William Malabre has been appointed a member of the Board of Visitors of the Lunatic Asylum in the place of the Hon. C. B. Mosse, C. B., Superintending Medical Officer who has resigned from the Board.

The Governor has appointed the following gentlemen to be Justices of the Peace for the Parish of St. Mary - George Henry Moodie; Henry Tracey Phillpotts; Theophilus Constantine Dixon; Abraham Rodrigues Da Costa; Henry James Rudolf; James G. Cohen; James Dougall; Edward Eyre Courtenay Hosack; and William Michael Kelly, Esquires.

The following gentlemen who were warned to attend the Coroner's inquiry yesterday morning at the District Court room, but failed to put in an appearance, thereby delaying the business of the court for several hours, have each been fined £1 by Mr. S. H. Watson, Deputy Coroner: - Messrs. Charles Arnold Malabre; Gerald Morais; Joseph Millingen; Charles Campbell; G. McCormack; George Pietersz; Allen Howell; Henry King; Henry Hall; John E. Duncombe, and M. Harrison.

The Crown has shown a decided desire to have all cases against Arrowsmith tried. He has been tried on and acquitted already of a host of charges, but there are others still to be disposed of at the Circuit Court in Kingston, during this month. Since the last trial, however, the Crown dispatched Sergeant Buckley, of the Constabulary, to Colon, in search of a man called James Knight. On Tuesday last Buckley returned to Jamaica, bringing James Knight with him. This morning, a magisterial investigation will be held in Spanish Town against Arrowsmith for forging the name of James Knight.

April 16, 1887


At Rosebank House, Kingston, on the 8th inst., the wife of the Hon. Wellesley Bourke, of a daughter.


We have been favoured by Mr. H. Priest with a Copy of the Returns of the Cambridge University Local Examination at Colonial Centres for 1886:
    In the Senior Honour List, Class I, we find only 2 names, one of which is a Jamaica, Mr. E. E. Murray of York Castle School, under the tuition of Mr. G. W. Blanchflower, B.A.
    In Class II in the Senior Honour List there are three names, one of which is a Jamaican, Mr. A. E. Harrison of Potsdam school, under the tuition of the Rev. W. D. Pearman, M. A.
    In third class Honours, Mr. C.A.H. Thompson obtains second place. He is an alumnus of our esteemed friends, Mr. Wm. Morrison, M.A, and the Rev. J.B. Ellis , M.A.
    Among the seniors who have satisfied the examiners we notice the name of Mr. J.L. Ramson, of the Potsdam school. In the junior honour list, class II, there are three Jamaicans out of a total of 9, viz.: A.W. Finlayson, Potsdam, H.C. Jackson, Jamaica High School, and C.A. Cover of York Castle School.
    In class III for junior Honours we find also 3 Jamaicans, viz: O.M. Auld and A.A.C. Findlay, Jamaica High School and W.S. Payne, Church of England Collegiate School.
    The Jamaican Juniors who have satisfied the Examiners but have not obtained Honours are R.E. Bonitto and K.A. DeMercado, both of the Church of England Collegiate School, and O.G. Gauntlett, of the Jamaica High School.
    Nine Juniors have also satisfied the examiners but are not included in the previous classes. They are: -
    204 Jamaica, Gayner, J.W., Bridge Water, Dry Harbour, Jamaica High School, Rev. W. Simms, M.A.
    207 Jamaica.  Harty, C.H.B., Brown's Town, Jamaica High School, Rev. W. Simms, M.A.
    209 Jamaica. Josephs, H.A., Half-way Tree P. O., Church of England Collegiate School, W. Morrison, M.A., and Rev. J.B. Ellis, M.A.
    210 Jamaica. Jackson, F.E., Port Antonio, Jamaica High School, Rev. W. Simms, M.A.
    211 Jamaica. Michelin, W.P., Golden Spring, Claremont, Jamaica High School, Rev. W. Simms, M.A.
    212 Jamaica. Newman, H.J., 92 Tower Street, Kingston, Church of England Collegiate School, W. Morrison, M.A., and Rev. J.B. Ellis, M.A.
    213 Jamaica. Osmond, G.W., Southfield, Potsdam School, Rev. W. Pearman, M.A.
    217 Jamaica. Sharpe, H.F.R., Salt Gut, Jamaica High School, Rev. W. Simms, M.A.
    223 Jamaica. Gruber, P.O., Montego Bay, York Castle, G.W. Blanchflower, B.A.
    Two Students between 17 and 17 years have satisfied the examiners as Juniors, viz:
        T.A. Butcher, Ch. Eng. Coll. School
        R.C. Phillippo, York Castle School

April 18, 1887


        Suddenly last night, Eve, the beloved wife of Robert Findlay, Warder at the Ordnance. Friends and acquaintances will please accept this intimation.

        A case of sudden death occurred yesterday evening at the upper part of Temple Lane. Mrs. Findlay, the wife of Robert Findlay, Warder of the Ordnance, while on her way to attend divine service at the Parish Church, fell down and died before any assistance could be rendered to her.

April 20, 1887


Yesterday at her Father's residence, No. 52 Duke Street, after a long and painful illness, Mrs. Thomas Richard Surridge, Jr., aged 29 years. The eldest daughter of Hugh Bogle, of H. M. Customs, Kingston. Friends and acquaintances are requested to attend her remains to the place of interment at 5 o'clock this afternoon.


The magisterial investigation into the charges against Arrowsmith for forging the name of the man James Knight took place on Monday at Spanish Town. At the close of the inquiry the accused was committed for trial.  Arrowsmith has been sent for trial on the charge of forgery of the name of James Knight, to withdrawals of three sums from the Spanish Town Savings Bank, amounting to £10 15 s. The Crown Solicitor prosecuted. The man, James Knight, stated that the Crown had undertaken to pay all his expenses from Colon to Jamaica and back.


The Atlas Company's steamer Alene was expected to arrive at Port Royal yesterday evening from Port Limon to leave immediately after for New York.  The following passengers were booked to leave by her: - Mr. Shirley, Mr. W. G. Hall, Miss Ximenes, Miss M. J. Taylor, Mrs. Campbell, Mr.  and Mrs. Ashenheim, Mr. J. B. Marshall and son, Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Orgill and infant, Mr. Robert W. Ferguson, Mrs. U. Delapenha and infant, Miss Bertha Da Costa, Mr. S. M. Da Costa, Miss S. C. Hodgkins, Mr. and Mrs. Hart, Mr. T. A. Hickson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lee, and 3 children, Miss Reeve, and Mr. F. M. Lambert.

April 22, 1887

The Revd. James Johnstone, L. R. C. P., Edin., L. R. C. S., Edin., etc., has been appointed a vaccinator for the parish of St. Ann.

The Revd. Joel Peters of the Wesleyan denomination has been appointed a marriage officer for the places of worship at Port Antonio, Hope Bay and Buff Bay in the parish of Portland.

Eustace Charles Dunbar, Esq., has been commissioned as a land surveyor and in accordance with the provisions of the Land Surveyor's Law, 1869.

Miss Elizabeth R. Wood has been appointed Registrar of Births and Deaths for the district of Halfway-Tree in the Parish of St. Andrew, in the room of Miss S. C. Neyle, who resigns the appointment as on the 1st proximo.


His Honor the Chief Justice sat in the Supreme Court yesterday and disposed of the following cases: -
        William James Crosbie vs. Amelia Crosby [sic] and Peter Joseph Moreau - Mr. Advocate S.  D. Lindo appeared for the petitioner.  The respondent and co-respondent did not appear and were unrepresented. Several witnesses having been called, among them the Rev. John Radcliffe, a degree nisi was granted.
        Archer vs Archer and Mendes - An order was made that the marriage be dissolved and that the co-respondent do pay the petitioner's costs.

April 27, 1887


On the 23rd ultimo, at Bordeaux, France (the home of her daughters, Madame Anna Lucas and Lucy Vc. Contesse Raoul de Joigny), Matilda Susanna, in her 69th year, widow of Theophilus Bloomfield, Esq., many years resident in Clarendon, Jamaica.

April 29, 1887


At No. 5 Kingston Gardens at 3 o'clock this morning, after one day's illness, Gladys Audrey, the only daughter of W. H. Bird.


Mr. A. R. Facey has been appoint4ed to act as Collector of Taxes for St. Andrew as from the 25th inst. during Leave of Absence granted to Mr. A. Robertson.

May 2, 1887

The Hon. W. J. Ewen has promised to give £50 towards founding a library for Savanna-la-Mar.


Mrs. Henriques, Matron of the Leper's Home, having resigned from ill health, Miss G. Burnside of the Public Hospital has been appointed Matron of that Institution.

May 3, 1887


Yesterday at No. 33 Wildman Street, Ellen, wife of Isaac B. Wilson, aged 47 years and 6 months.



At about 12:45 p.m. yesterday a very heavy hail-storm astonished the Citizens of Kingston. Hail-stones of the size of Hazelnuts were seen bouncing off horses' backs and buggy tops. The ice fall continued for some minutes, mingled with very heavy rain, and caused quite a sensation. We believe it was by far the heaviest hail-storm known in this Island since April 1839.

May 4, 1887


Yesterday at his residence, No. 10 Beeston Street, John Thomas, shopkeeper. Friends and acquaintances of Mrs. Maria Thomas (relict of the deceased) and Mr. Chas. Curpin are respectfully requested to attend.  The funeral will move at 4 o'clock this evening to Holy Trinity (R. C.) Church, thence to place of interment.


The Atlas Company's steamer Ailsa, Captain Sansom, arrived here yesterday evening at three o'clock from Port Limon and left shortly afterwards with the following passengers for New York: - Mr. Joshua R. DeCordova, Mrs. J. C. Henriques, Rev. W. S. Smith, Mr. H. Worthington, Mrs. H. Stern, Mr. Albert Alexander, Captain Orpen, Mrs. J. W. Smith, Surgeon Reid, Hon. H. Sewell, Colonel Shirley, Mr. J. J. Palma and son, Mr. Capper, Mrs. DeLeon and child, Miss R. Phillips, Miss S. Phillips, nurse, infant and three children,, Mr. J. Hart, Mrs. J. Hart and Mrs. J. Frances.

May 6, 1887


On the 25th of April, 1887, at Beach House, Rae Town, the wife of Fred S. Sanguinetti of a son.


Captain Forwood has been appointed financial agent of Mr. Keith, the manager of the Costa Rica Railway Company, and the shipment of labourers will be continued by W. Andrews, Esq.

The following gentlemen have been appointed to commissions in the St. Catherine Volunteer Militia Force - David H. Mendez, Esq., to be Captain; G. C. Lindo and R. E. H. Melhado, Esqrs., to be Lieutenants; the Revd W. C. McCalla to be Chaplain and Dr. A. B. Ewart to be Surgeon.

The Rev. William H. Rutty, of the Baptist denomination, and the Rev. Robert Cunningham Guy, of the Established Church of Scotland, have been appointed marriage officers, the former for the places of worship at Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, in the Cayman Islands, and the latter for the Kirk of this city.


We regret to announce the death in England of Mrs. Dunlop, the esteemed wife of Captain Dunlop of the Commissariat Department, and the youngest daughter of the late Honble. H. F. Colthirst. Mrs. Dunlop left here in the R. M. C. steamer Moselle and died three days after arriving in England. We tender our sincere and heartfelt sympathy to the family and relatives of the deceased lady in their bereavement.


The Governor has appointed the honourables R. Craig, T. Capper, the Revd. W. Gillies, and W. Fawcett, Esq., B. Sc., Director of Public Gardens and Plantations, to serve on a Committee to suggest the exact form of notice that should be issued to give effect to the Resolution of the Legislative Council to offer a Premium for an Elementary Text Book upon Tropical Agriculture as applicable to Jamaica.

May 7, 1887


On the morning of the 6th inst., at Port Henderson Springs, Cecil Barrow Burnett, second son of John Emanuel and Rosa Belle Lyons. Aged 3 years.


The Atlas Company's steamer Alvo, Captain Williams, left at four o'clock yesterday evening for Colon, Port Limon, Carthagena and Savanilla, taking away the following passengers:-      
For Port Limon - Mr. R. Recuero, Mr. F. W. Couch, and 75 labourers for the Costa Rica Railroad Company, shipped by William Andrews, Esq.  
For Colon: - Mrs. M. G. Allen and child; Mrs. C. Morgan; Miss Sarah McDougal and 170 ordinary deckers.

May 9, 1887


This morning, Catherine Elfrida, wife of William Murcott Martin, and mother of T. M. Martin. Funeral this evening at five o'clock from Mr. Spicer's residence, "Louis Ville" East Harbour Street.

May 10, 1887

On the 15th instant, the Colonial Bank which was established on this island on the 15th May, 1837, will be fifty years old. John W. Cater, Esq., was manager, and R. B. Sorapure, Esq., Cashier. Both these gentlemen are still alive.

May 11, 1887

The Jamaica Co-operative Fruit and Trading Co.
We learn that Mr. Aug. A. Lindo has been appointed Secretary of the above Company, and that Mr. S. D. Lindo is Solicitor to the Company.
The steamship Pirate left Port Antonio at 3 p.m. on Saturday the 7th instant, with a full cargo of bananas, pines [i.e. pineapples], limes and oranges. She was loaded by the above mentioned Company.

May 12, 1887


    Last night at No. 123 Duke Street, Jose Scivola, of Panama. The friends of Mr. John Frank are requested to attend the remains to the place of interment at 4:30 p.m.

    Mr. David Magnus, son of the late S. K. Magnus, of Spanish Town, recently committed suicide in Colon by poisoning himself. The cause is said to be disappointed love.


The R.M.C. steamer Don, Captain Woolward, left at 4 o'clock yesterday evening for Southampton via Jacmel, Barbados, Plymouth and Cherbourg.  She took away the following passengers
For Southampton: - Dr. Minchinton, Mrs. Minchinton, Mr. Vernon E. J. Banks, Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. Schiller, 4 children and nurse, Sergeant Thompson, wife and child, Sergeant Gornell and 2 invalids, R. N.
For Barbados - Major Loveridge, Mrs. Loveridge and child.

May 13, 1887

Mr. Edward Sack has been appointed by the Governor to be an assessor of damage within the district of the Eastern District Court.

Mr. Charles M. Calder of the Portland Volunteer Militia Force has been appointed a Lieutenant in the room of Mr. J. H. Dodd, who has resigned.

Lewis Grant, Frank J. C. Curtis and M. S. Strickland, Esqrs., have been appointed to the Commission of the Peace for the Parish of Hanover.

The Governor has appointed Thomas Oughton, Esq. to act as Judge of the Southern District Court as from the 16th inst.

Letters of Naturalization under the Act 35, Car. ii Cap. 3, has been granted by His Excellency the Governor to Arthur Nicolas Dale Park Haastrup, a native of Denmark, an alien born, but now an inhabitant of this Island.

His Excellency the Governor has appointed Lieutenant Ralph Egerton, 2nd West India Regiment, to act as Adjutant of the Jamaica Volunteer Militia during the Absence on Leave of Captain Gray.

May 16, 1887


On Tuesday the 10th inst., at Coffee Grove, in the Parish of Manchester, Ann Elmstone Cobham, aged 75.

May 20, 1887

Moses Bravo, Esq., has been recognized temporarily and provisionally by the Governor as Consular Agent at Old Harbour for the United States of America.

His Excellency the Governor has approved of the formation of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman into a births and deaths registration district, and has appointed the Revd. H. Rutty to be Registrar of Births and Deaths for the district.

Leave of Absence of three months form the 16th inst., has been granted to Mr. Simon Bonitto, clerk of the Parochial Board of Manchester, and Mr. George A. Bonitto has been appointed to act as clerk of the Board during such absence.

The Revd. James A. Richards of the Congregational denomination, and the Revd. T. B. Butcher, Wesleyan, have been appointed marriage officers, the former for the places of worship at Mount Effort and Wilbury in the parishes of St. Catherine and Clarendon, and the latter for York Castle in the Parish of St. Ann.


Fracas at Rio Bueno

From the Trelawny Advertiser

We regret to have to record that a deplorable fracas, attended by loss of life, took place at Rio Bueno on Saturday night last. From the reports which have reached us, it appears that the sloop Mizpah, the property of Mr. T. M. Depass of this town, the master being a young man named George Ogilvie, which left Falmouth on Friday with a cargo of lumber, etc, intended partly for Derby Wharf and partly for Rio Bueno, was lying at anchor in the latter port, having discharged part of her cargo and all her crew having gone ashore, when she was boarded by some seamen of the Roraima, a steamer lying at Rio Bueno, and put under weigh. It does not appear clearly whether their intention was to put out to sea, but failing to sail her successfully, the party on board ran her against the pier of the "Long" Wharf and on landing encountered her crew, who had in the meantime missed the sloop from her moorings.  High words which speedily passed to blows ensued, and in the melee one of the Roraima's men was struck on the head with a staff - some of the men having armed themselves with staves, and fell into the sea whence he was taken out dead.  Another of the Roraima's men is said to have died since in consequence of blows received in the fight. The crew of the Mizpah including the master, Ogilvie, it is said, at the beginning of the quarrel endeavoured to persuade Captain Groom, a retired English captain who lives in Rio Bueno, to interfere in the interest of peace, but he did not leave his house until after the seaman had been knocked overboard. The anchor and chain of the Mizpah are missing, and the boat herself has suffered sever damage. The fracas took place between the hours of 10 p.m. and midnight.

May 23, 1887


At Rae Town, in this city, on the 17th inst., Alexander Douglas, infant son of T. Douglas Dallas, aged three months.


The Rev. H. Walder, wife and four children were booked to leave Southampton for this Island on the 2nd proximo in the R. M.. C. steamer Medway

May 24, 1887


In this city, at 36 Parade on the 20th inst., the wife of T. R. Pinnock of a son.


On 3rd May, at 52 Welbeck Street, London W., Clara Helena (Lena) beloved wife of Captain W. H. Dunlop, C. and T. Staff, and Lieutenant Royal Irish Rifles, and youngest daughter of the late Henry Forbes Colthirst, Esq., of Kingston, Jamaica.

May 25, 1887


At "Goshen" Penn, St. Catherine, on Saturday, 21st inst., W. N. Greensword.


On the 28th April at St. George's, Hanover Square, by the Rev. J. J. Coxhead, Vicar of St. John's, Fitzroy Square, brother of the bridegroom, James Alfred Coxhead, Captain Royal Artillery, sixth son of the late John Coxhead, Esq., to Mabel Howard, only daughter of Captain and Mrs. Paget Butler.


At a meeting of the Market Commissioners held on Saturday, it was resolved to open the Sollas Market on the 28th June next. It was also agreed on that it should in future be called the "Jubilee Market". The market will be opened to stall-holders on the 29th and 30th, free of charge. On the Jubilee nights it will be lighted and kept open form two o'clock in the morning until ten, as on Christmas Day. The market will be thrown open to the public on the 1st July.

May 27, 1887


At 26 Harbour Street, on the 25th inst., Mrs. Dron, a son.


    At his residence "Goshen" Penn, Spanish Town, on Saturday the 21st inst., W. N. Greensword, aged 65 years.

    At 11 o'clock last night at 114 King Street, Hilda Marion, infant daughter of Lionel L. and Alethia Samuel. Interment at 5 o'clock this evening.


Letters of Naturalization under the Act 35, Car. II, Cap. 3, has been granted to Estevan Garcia, a native of the island of Cuba, an alien born, but now a resident of this island.

The Steam Launch "Ada", lately imported by Dr. Ninnis, is now owned by Mr. H. J. Barned, who intends running her between Port Royal and Kingston, commencing on or about the 1st prox.

The sum already collected towards the establishment of an institution for the training of nurses to attend women in child-birth as a memorial of the Juilee of Her Majesty's reign, amounts to £652 5s 5d.

On the 3rd inst., Mr. Joseph Alexander Johnson was returned unopposed as a member of the Parochial Board for the Falmouth Division of the Parish of Trelawny, for the seat vacant through the resignation of Mr. H. C. Reuben.

His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to grant four months leave of absence to Mr. H. W. Livingston, Island Treasurer, from the 20th inst., and has appointed Mr. J. Harris to act as Treasurer, Mr. R. A. Henderson to acting as chief clerk, and Mr. C. W. Chapman to act as bookkeeper in the Treasury Department.

Leave of absence for three months from the 1st of June has been granted to Dr. J. Leslie Cox, junior resident medical officer of the Public Hospital, and His Excellency the Governor has appointed Dr. J. C. E. Roberts, supernumerary medical officer, to act for Dr. Cox during such absence.

May 28, 1887

The friends of Mr. H. J. Burger are requested to attend the remains of his late mother-in-law, Mrs. Harriette Poole, from his residence, 88 King Street, to the place of interment at 4:30 o'clock this evening.

May 29, 1887


At the residence of Mrs. A. C. Henriques, 91 King Street, Gladys May Louise, infant daughter of George and Sarah Abrahams.

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