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August - September 1887

August 1, 1887


At her residence, No. 14 Love Lane, on the 22nd July, after a short and painful illness, Cordelia James Hopwood.

August 2, 1887


On Saturday, the 18th June, at No. 10, Upper Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square, London W., the wife of R. Hill Jackson, Esq., of a son.



     On the 3rd day of July, 1887, Humphrey Ewing Crum Ewing, of Strathleven, Lord Lieutenant of Dumbartonshire.

     The death is announced in England on the 7th July, at St. Quintin's Avenue, North Kensington, of Mr. Benjamin Alberga, formerly a resident in this island, at the advanced age of 81 years.


The election in connection with the new City Dispensary took place on Thursday last when the following gentlemen were returned as Directors to serve for the ensuing year: - Rev. Thomas M. Geddes; Rev. Father Dupont; Rev. W. Clarke Murray; Rev. A. Taylor, and G. J. Decordova, Charles Goldie, P. E. Auvray, John C. Fegan, A. H. Jones, C. J. Ward, A. M. Nathan, and Alexander Berry, Esquires.

August 4, 1887


At his residence Kensington Pen, St. Andrew, Joseph Lancelin Rousseau, native of New Orleans, La., U. S. A., aged 62 years.

August 5, 1887


DECORDOVA - At Residence, No. 129 King Street, on Thursday 4th August, 1887, the wife of J. DeCordova of a daughter.


Mr. T. George Senior has been appointed Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Mandeville District of Manchester in the room of Mr. Simon Bonitto, deceased.


The Rev. James Roberts has been appointed registrar of births and deaths for the Gordon Town District of St. Andrew in the room of Mr. Richard James, resigned.

August 6, 1887


Yesterday afternoon at 6:30, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Soares.  The friends and acquaintances of her brother, Henry Solomon, Jr., are requested to attend her remains from the residence of her father, Henry Solomon, at 4:30 this afternoon to the place of interment.


The date of the auction sale of Mr. Abraham Pinto's household furniture, which was to have been held on the 10th instant by Messrs. Alexander Berry & Son, has been altered to the 8th in consequence of the midsummer races.

August 8, 1887

A provisional order of bankruptcy was made in Chambers on Friday before Mr. Justice Northcote, against Messrs C. P. Lazarus & Co., on the petition of Messrs. Emanuel Lyons and Son.


Information has been laid in the Police Court by Mr. Charles DePass of the Criterion Hotel against Mr. C. J. Ward of this city, for Abuse. The case will be heard before the Stipendiary Magistrate tomorrow.  Mr. A. E. Burke appears for Mr. Ward.

August 9, 1887


At 60 East Queen Street on Friday morning the 5th August, 1887, the wife of Isidore O. DePass of a daughter.

August 10, 1887

Mr. N. H. Bonitto has been elected to the Clerkship of the Parochial Boards of the Parish of Manchester.


Mr. Hannan has politely declined to surrender his position of Chief of the Fire Brigade. Will special meeting (?) be called to "resolve that this Council do proceed in a body to the premises in Hanover Street and finally eject Mr. Hannan?" When will the curtain fall on this farce?


The Atlas Company's steamer Alps, Captain Armstrong, left here at 4 o'clock yesterday evening for New York, via Port Antonio.  She took the following passengers: - Mr. John McGregor; Master McGregor; Mr. G. Morais; Mr. Simon Vila and servant; Mr. C. F. Harrington; Mr. Herbert A. Smith; Hon. E. N. Walker; Mr. J. N. Recuero; Mr. F. R. Kennedy; Mr. Finzi; Miss Mcdonald; Mr. Walker; Mr. J. J. Sargeant and two children.

August 11, 1887

Mr. Charles DeMercado denies that he will be a candidate for a seat in the City Council.  This statement is made at the request of Mr. DeMercado.

Mr. Purchas, employed at the Long room of H. M. Customs, has been appointed sub Inspector of Constabulary, and left for Spanish Town yesterday.

Mr. Passmore, first class Clerk at Montego Bay, has been removed to Falmouth as Treasury Clerk, and has been succeeded by Mr. D. N. Walker from Morant Bay, Mr. H. W. O'Donnel from Kingston having taken Mr. Walker's place at Morant Bay.


Our esteemed fellow-citizen, Mr. Frank B. Lyons, of the firm of Messrs. Emanuel Lyons and Son, arrived here yesterday from New York in the Atlas Company's steamer, Athos, after a long absence from the island.

The Atlas Company's steamer, Athos, Captain Low, in 6 ½ days from New York, arrived here early yesterday morning ... She ...brought the following passengers: - Captain Dickman; Mr. F. B. Lyons; Mr. S. Da Costa; Miss E. Paulsen; Mr. McK. Levy; Mr. Henry Kriener; Mr. A. C. Henriques.

August 12, 1887

Died last night, William, aged 20, son of Revd. W. C. Murray, Eureka Pen. Funeral moves to Ebenezer Cemetery at 4:30 this evening.


Alexander Lake, Esq., has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the parishes of St. Ann and Trelawny.

Mr. Archibald Lindo, a produce dealer adjudicated a bankrupt on the 1st February, 1886, will apply for his discharge on the following Friday.

At the instance of several electors of No. 1 Ward, Mr. A. E. Burke, Solicitor, has consented to allow himself to be nominated for the vacant seat at the City Council.

August 13, 1887


In Panama on the 11th ultimo, by the Rev. S. Kerr, John Edwin Harries of London to Parthenia Eudora, fourth daughter of David E. Cohen of this city


At 10 o'clock yesterday at Barn Pen, on the Windward Road, Mrs. Sarah Ann Surgeon, aged 84 years.

August 15, 1887

We understand that His Excellency the Governor sent down a minute on Saturday to the Mayor and Council, authorizing the dismissal of Mr. W. B. Hannan, the Superintendent of the Fire Brigade.

August 16, 1887


At Port Antonio on Sunday the 14th instant, after a few hours illness, Lawrence Revie Hoyes, infant son of Hamilton George and Jane Myra Vincent Barber, aged 27 months.


Messrs. Lawrence O. Jones, of Sav-la-Mar, Jamaica, and A. V. Crossing of Plymouth, pupils of Mr. J. A. Christie, F. R. G. S., F. S. A., Russell House, Plymouth, have qualified as medical students by passing the Coll. of Preceptors' examination (first division); each succeeding in nine subjects, including Latin, French, Algebra, and mechanics, with marks of distinction - Western Morning News.

August 17, 1887


CORINALDI - At 50 Duke Street, in this city, on the evening of the 15th August, the wife of Adolphe J. Corinaldi, of a daughter.

August 19, 1887


On the 21st July at St. Paul's, Grove Park, Chiswick, by the Revd. Newson Loraine, Vicar, James Clarke, second son of William Creak Norris, Chiswick, to Helen Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Alexander King, of Kingston, Jamaica., W. I.


The resignation of Mr. Reginald Melhado of his Commission as second Lieutenant of the Old Harbour Volunteer Militia has been accepted by the Governor.

William James Eames, Esq., R. W., Deputy Inspector General of :Hospitals and Fleets, has been appointed a member of the Central Board of Health.

Dr. L. R. Quin, Supernumerary Medical Officer at the Public Hospital, Kingston, to act as District Medical Officer of Spanish Town and Eastern District of St. Catherine.

August 23, 1887


At his residence Putney Lodge, No. 12 Water Lane, on Monday 22nd August, 1887, William Berry, Snr. The funeral will move from the above residence to place of burial at Halfway-Tree this evening at 4 p.m.

At his residence No. 118   Tower Street, on Tuesday August 23rd, 1887, after a long and painful illness, Septimus Andrew Dewsbury, aged 44 years.


Mr. Charles P. Lazarus has resigned his seat as member of the City Council for No. 1 Ward.

August 24, 1887


On the 23rd inst., at No. 97 Duke Street, Charles A. Robinson.

August 26, 1887


On the 29th July at 10 Upper Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square, Alexander Victor, infant son of Richard Hill and Theresa Josephine Jackson.  Aged 6 weeks.


Mr. Henry D. Mitchell, a Clerk in the Civil Service, recently adjudicated a bankrupt, has obtained his discharge.

August 29, 1887


At St. Ann's Bay, on the 25th inst., the wife of George D. Garsia, of H. M. Customs, of a daughter.


The death of Mrs. Susan Gladstone Thomas, formerly of this island, at the age of 73 years, is reported as having occurred at Marlborough Villa, Chepstow, England, on the 16th ult.

August 30, 1887


At No. 3, High Holborn St., on Monday the 29th inst., Marie, infant daughter of Theodore and Rosamond Byndloss.  Funeral will move for the place of interment at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday (today).

September 2, 1887


On the 30th August at Sutton's Pasture, Vere, the wife of Henry H. Clare, M. B., District Medical Officer, of a daughter.


On Wednesday, the 24th August, at the Parish Church, Kingston, by His Lordship the Bishop of Jamaica, assisted by the Rev. G. W. Downer, Rector of Kingston, Frederick Kemble, second son of Hon. H. J. Kemble, to Caroline Ida, second daughter of the late Walter L. Stewart, Esq.


The friends and acquaintances of Duncan Macdougall are requested to attend the remains of his son, Duncan Macdougall, Jr., from his late residence Charlton Pen, St. Andrew, to the place of interment at 4:30 this afternoon.


The Golden Jubilee of the Rev. D. J. East [extract]

A little before seven o'clock on Wednesday evening last there was an unusual stir along East Queen Street and considerable numbers of persons were to be observed on their way towards the Baptist Chapel. On entering the Chapel at seven o'clock the spacious building was found to be already nearly filled with an eagerly expectant congregation anxiously awaiting the opening of the unusual proceedings they had met to participate in.  These were none other than a special Jubilee Service in honor of the Revd. D. J. East, for so many years President of the Calabar College, closely adjoining, and Pastor of the East Queen Street Baptist Chapel. The special service was held for the purpose of returning thanks to Heaven for the blessings that have attended the Ministry of the reverend pastor during the long period of fifty years which have elapsed since he entered the Baptist Ministry.  Of these fifty years of labour in the cause of religion and education thirty-five have been spent in almost uninterrupted work in the island of Jamaica.


The Rev. J. E. Hole of the Church of England has been appointed a Marriage Officer for the place of worship at Somerset Hall in the Parish of St. Catherine.

At an election held at the Court House, York Hill, on Tuesday the 16th ult., the Rev. Charles Henderson Davis was duly elected a member of the Parochial Board of the Parish of Hanover for the No. 3 Division.

Captain Leicester Colville Shirley, of the Trelawny Mounted Infantry and Captain Arthur Herbert Pinnock of the Kingston Rifles of the Jamaica Volunteer Militia have been appointed honorary Militia Aides-de-Camp to His Excellency the Governor.

September 5, 1887


At the Villa, Old Harbour, on Friday 2nd September, at 8 p.m., Joseph Ludford. Aged 64 years.

September 6, 1887


DA COSTA - HENRIQUES - At the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, by the Revd. D. Baruch, Jacob Rodrigues, eldest son of the late I. S. Da Costa, to Rachel Louise, youngest daughter of A. C. Henriques, all of this city.

September 7, 1887


On the 6th instant at Philadelphia, Penna., U. S. A. , Samuel Davies [i.e. Davis, as per the Ashkenazi records], in the 48th year of his age.  The beloved brother of Mrs. H. M. Sollas of this city.


Port Antonio

Augustus Lindo, a Justice of the Peace was brought up at the Police Court on Thursday last, charged with unlawfully assaulting and ill treating a nephew of D. S. Gideon of Port Antonio. The Magistrate was fined 5s and cost, or 7 days imprisonment.

September 8, 1887


Yesterday at No. 23 Spanish Town Road, Euphemia, beloved wife of Egbert S. Baird.

September 9, 1887

Robert Charles Gibb, Esq., M. R. C. S. Eng., L. R. C. P., Lon., has been appointed to the Commission of the Peace for the Parish of Clarendon.

Mr. Henry Claude Guzon Purchas has been appointed a Sub Inspector of Police in the Jamaica Constabulary.

The resignation tendered by Mr. John V. Calder, of his appointment as Lieutenant in the St. Elizabeth Volunteer Militia, has been accepted by the Governor.

Captain Hand of the steamer City of Montreal, which was recently burnt at sea, is a native of Spanish Town. The passengers and crew of the ill-fated vessel were all saved.

Charles Harding Newman Ringer, John Henry William Santfleben, Swann Whiffin Johnson, Esqrs., have been appointed by the Governor to the commission of the Peace for the Parish of Hanover.

Miss Florentina Tomlinson has been appointed Registrar of Births and Deaths for the district of Shaws in the Parish of St. Elizabeth, in the room of Mr. David Pryce, resigned, and Miss L. E. Tomlinson for the District of Cheltenham in the same Parish, in the room of Miss Florentina Tomlinson.

September 10, 1887

In yesterday's Gleaner, in paragraph with reference to the burning at sea of the steamer City of Montreal, on the 10th ultimo, for "Captain Hand", please read "Captain Land".  Captain land is a son of the late Mr. Thomas Land, a noted solicitor, who was for some time a partner in the old and respected firm of Messrs. Hill, Airey & Harvey.

September 12, 1887

[By Cable] Died

On the 10th September, at No. 8 Harewood Square, London, Albert, sixth son of the late David Alexander of this city, deeply lamented by his sorrowing sisters, brother, relatives and a large circle of friends.

     The news reached this city yesterday by cable of the death of Albert Alexander, of the firm of Frederick Alexander & Co., who died in London on Saturday the 10th inst. To his family we tender our sincere condolences.

     The death is announced on the 11th ult. of George Henry Cussans Scott, late Rector of Rhos Crowther, Pembrokeshire, second son of the late John Scott of this Island, and Mrs. Scott, of Devonshire Place, London, at the age of 77.


     It is with great regret that we record the death of the Revd. Father Dupont, who died yesterday morning. He left his residence, apparently well, about 6 o'clock in the morning to attend early mass in the Holy Trinity Church, where he suddenly took ill. He was led out of the church to his office, when medical aid was summoned.  Soon after the Doctor saw him he had a fit and died. His funeral took place at 7 o'clock this morning.
        Requiescat in pace.

September 13, 1887

The funeral of the Rev. Father Joseph Dupont took place yesterday morning. A solemn requiem mass was sung at Holy Trinity Church by the Rev. Father Porter, assisted by the Revd. Father Hogan and the Rev. Father Bampton. His remains were followed to their last resting place by a large concourse of people. The bells of the Parish Church and Holy Trinity Church, Duke Street, were tolled at an early hour of the morning in respect of the deceased Father. A short account of his ministration, in Jamaica, will appear in our next and in time for the mails.

September 16, 1887

At the annual election of directors of the Amalgamated Synagogue the following gentlemen were elected: - Messrs. O. Delgado, H. Barrow, F. L. Myers, D. I. Motta, Joseph Ashenheim, F. B. Lyons.


The following promotions have taken place in the 1st West India Regiment: - Captain Arthur Bosworth to be Major, vice C. G. Loveridge, promoted into the 2nd West India Regiment, and Supernumerary Captain James Charles C. Gray to be Captain, vice A. Bosworth.

Mr. Charles Robert Phillips has been appointed Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Highgate district of St. Catherine, in the room of Mr. William Wallen who has resigned. Mr. D. W. McLaughlin has also been appointed Superintendent Registrar of Marriages for the Cayman Islands, and Mr. T. George Senior to a similar position in the Parish of Manchester in the room of Mr. S. Bonitto, deceased

September 23, 1887


On the 20th September, Richard Logan Chambers, of Tamarind Tree Grove Pen, St. Andrew, aged 52 years, leaving a wife and four children to mourn his irreparable loss.


Abraham Arthur Melhado, Esq., has been appointed second lieutenant in the St. Catherine Volunteer Militia, in the room of Reginald E. H. Melhado, Esq., who has resigned.


Mr. Charles Philip Lazarus, of this city, Ironfounder, having been provisionally adjudged a bankrupt, since the 5th August last, a meeting of creditors, under the bankruptcy law, will be held at the Court House, in Harbour Street, on Tuesday the 4th October next at eleven o'clock in the morning.


Application has been made to His Excellency the Governor by Richard Manderson Taylor, on behalf of himself and of his sisters, Rebecca McEchron, Sarah Row, and Margaret Taylor, for an equal division amongst them of £71 10s 2d now in the hands of the Administrator General, payable to the Crown, the property of the estate of their natural brother, James Taylor, deceased, who died at Nicaragua during the year 1886.

September 24, 1887


On 23rd instant, at Fairview, St. Andrew, the residence of her mother, Mrs. Colthirst, Emma Eliza, beloved wife of the Revd. J. D. Hunt, and daughter of the late Henry Forbes Colthirst, Esq.,

September 26, 1887

Mr. A. A. Lindo - who for some time ago was appointed secretary to the Fruit Company, Port Antonio, has recently been requested to resign that position. We understand the young man has left the island.


The following passengers were booked to leave Southampton on the 22nd instant in the R. M. C. steamer Para for this island: - Staff Commander Dixon, R. N., Mr. H. A. Cunha and Miss Morris, and Lady Norman and Mr. F. J. C. Curtis in the Moselle on the 6th proximo.


We regret to record the death on Friday last, of Mrs. Hunt, the wife of the Rev. J. D. Hunt, of St. Gabriel's Church, Clarendon, and a daughter of the late Hon. Henry Forbes Colthirst. The melancholy event too place at Fair View, St. Andrew, the residence of Mrs. Hunt's mother.  The remains were interred on Saturday evening. The family of the deceased lady have our heart felt sympathy in their bereavement.

September 27, 1887


     September 24, 1887, at her son-in-law's, Mr. Sargood's residence, in her 74 year, Martha the beloved wife of Thomas Pickering, deeply lamented by her numerous friends.

     This morning at 35 Duke Street, Mrs. Sarah Esther Motta.  The funeral will leave at 4 o'clock precisely this evening.


The marriage of Allan Heslop Jackson, Esq., M. R. C. S., Lowestoft, second son of the late C. H. Jackson, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, of Spanish Town, in this Island, to Miss Eva Lindley, daughter of James Ray, Esq., , M. R. C. S., Lowestoft, took place on the 24th ult. at St. Mark's Church, North Audley Street.


Mr. Ernest E. Lewis, M. R. C. S., L. R. C. P., son of Jas. Daly Lewis Esq., of Manchester, arrived here in the Orinoco on Sunday, having gone up for his final examination in July and passed with honors.  He will return to England early next year when he will go up for examination for the Indian service.

September 29, 1887

We are glad to learn that Captain Walker of the Atlas Company's steamer Arran, who was accidentally shot in the leg recently by a passenger at Bluefields, while shooting alligators, is progressing favourably towards recovery and is likely to arrive in Kingston on the next trip of the Alpin.

September 30, 1887

Alfred Morris Dixon, Esq., has been appointed to the Commission of the Peace for the Parish of St. Ann.


At an election held on the 22nd inst., Mr. Samuel Augustus Shaw was duly elected a member of the Parochial Board for the Southern District of the Parish of Manchester.

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