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Excerpts September 16, 1868 - October 27, 1868

Kingston, Jamaica

September 16, 1868

In reference to the notification in yesterday's paper respecting the supply of Kosher Beef and Mutton on Saturday, it appears that the party at whose instance it was made had no authority for doing so, and we are requested to state that no such arrangement can be carried out.


We feel great pleasure in stating that intelligence has been received here that Mr. Terence John McGrath, son of the late J. McGrath, Esq., of this island, having passed a most creditable examination before the Royal College of Surgeons has been admitted to the practice of Medicine and Surgery.



A full and satisfactory examination of the pupils of the Hebrew National School, prior to the New Year Holidays, was held, according to previous announcement, at the school premises, on Friday last, when the following prizes, the gift of Mr. Cox, the master, were distributed: --

For diligence and good conduct: --

1st class - Eugenia Simons

2nd class - Ralph D'Souza

3rd class - Aaron D'Souza

4th class - Zillah Pinto

Give by the President for proficiency in Hebrew: --

1. Eugenia Gideon

2. Zachariah Lindo

The following obtained high marks, (but not prizes): --

I. Class - 1. Eugenia Gideon 2. Miriam Sollas

II. Class -1. Abrm. Simons. 2. Moses DaCosta

III Class - 1. Gad Sollas 2. Lewis DaCosta

IV Class - 1. Ambrosine Pinto. 2. Moses Berry

In Hebrew: --

1. Eugenia Simons 2. Moses DaCosta

At the conclusion of the examination the children chanted, in excellent time, some Jewish melodies; after which Mr. D. J. Alberga, V. P., addressed them with some sound wholesome advice, and generously proffered, as an encouragement to their moral, religious and educational advancement, the liberal sum of five guineas, to be distributed in prizes at the annual public examination in February next. Mr. Franklin, the President, then added a few words and declared the vacation commenced, and that the same would expire on Monday, the 24th October next. The children looked healthy and tidy, in their new holiday clothing, which they were allowed to wear for the first time on the occasion. the number of scholars has, we learn, greatly increased during the past six months, and now includes some private paying ones.

September 19, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tyne from St. Thomas: --

- Dep. Asst. Com. Gen. Coates and wife

- Captain Reekett, 84th Regt. and wife

- Mr. E. Lyons

- Mr. J. Fenton

- Mr. W. B. Espeut

- Miss Vickers

- Mr. G. J. Peynado

- Mr. and Mrs. Autey and female servant

- M. A. A. Whitehorne

- M. A. McCubbin

- Mr. A. C. Stern

- Mrs. Reilly and 3 children

- Mr. Coates

From Jacmel: --

- Mr. and Mrs. O'Rell and 2 daughters

- Mr. and Mrs. Thibeaud and servant

- Mrs. Vital, infant and servant

- Mrs. Bergeron, son and servant

- Mr. Leay and 4 children

- Miss Robillard

- Mrs. Hodge

- Miss Levy

- Mme. Machena, sister, infant and servant

- Mme. Donje and family

- Miss Lafonta and sisters

- Mme. Berger and children

In the schooner Electric from Nassau, N. P. via Inagua: --

- Revd. Isaac Whitehouse

September 21, 1868

Richard Barnes, Esq., formerly Manager of the Colonial Bank in this City, has been appointed Superintendent General of the Colonial Bank, in room of late Hon. William Murray, deceased.

September 23, 1868

So many cases of shop-braking having occurred within the past month or two without the thieves having in a single instance been captured, and so wide-spread has become the discontent with our system of police thereby occasioned, that the Constabulary seem at last to have been aroused to greater vigilance. Another burglary was committed on Monday night at the provision shop of Mr. C. Stiner, at the corner of East and Barry Streets; but in this case, we are glad to say, the burglars have all been captured. It appears that the Constable on the beat, hearing a noise which awakened his suspicion examined the doors and windows of the shop closely. Whilst he was dong so, one of the thieves came out. The Constable laid hold of him, but he showed fight, and for some time had the best of it, but he was ultimately secured. Two of his accomplices, who were also in the shop made their escape; but the captured thief having "peached", they were very soon traced and apprehended. Their names are William Cambray, George Phillips, and Edward Grant. They were brought before the Sitting Magistrates yesterday, and committed for trial at the ensuing Circuit Court.


In Spanish town on 15th September, 1868, Esther Lopes in her 61st year.

September 24, 1868


At Port Antonio, on the morning of the 21st Sept., 1868, after a short illness of diphtheria, Emmeline Eliza, aged 17 years, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Hoyes, Esq.

September 25, 1868

The Secretary of State for the Colonies has notified His Excellency the Governor that Her Majesty the Queen has been pleased to approve of the appointment of F. A. Ebbeke, Esq., as Consul in this city for the North German Confederation. It is also notified for general information, that the Government of Prussia and the Senates of Hamburg and Lubeck have withdrawn the Commissions of their Consuls in this Island.

Under the power conferred by Law No. 36 of 1868, entitled "A Law to abolish the Cornwall County Gaol at Montego Bay" the Governor has directed that "on, from and after the first proximo, the Falmouth District Prison shall be a prison for all the intents and purposes which were theretofore answered by the Cornwall County Gaol in the County of Cornwall".

It has been notified from the office of the Colonial Secretary that his Excellency the Governor has been pleased to make the following appointments: --

Samuel Sharpe Wortley, Esq., to be Engineer for the Western District of the Island.

Mr. George Delisser to be acting Harbour Master at the port of Falmouth

Messrs. Daniel Campbell and James Duff to be Master Pilots for the ports of Kingston and Port Royal.

October 1, 1868


In this City on the 27th ultimo, the wife of M. DeCordova, Esq., of a son.


At Newark in the Parish of Manchester, on the 5th inst., W. Ward, Esq., in the 58th year of his age.

October 3, 1868


At Port royal, on 30th ult., Elias Wainwright Murray, father of the Rev. Wm. Clark Murray, Wesleyan Minister, in the 57th year of his age.

October 7, 1868


At Duckenfield Estate, St. Thomas, on 5th instant, the Wife of John Sinclair, Esq., of a daughter.

At Orange Hill Estate, St. Mary's, on the morning of the 5th instant, Mrs. G. F. Shaw of a Son and a Daughter. The former expired shortly after the Birth.


We feel much pleasure in correcting a rumour which got afloat some days ago that Dr. Maurice Stern had died of Chagress Fever shortly after his return to New York via Colon. According to letters received by the Packet the Doctor is now in England, alive and well.


We regret in having to announce the death in England of Captain Alexander Harris, who was for a very long time a trader to this port, and where he was well known and respected. For some time previous to his death he gave up command of his ship and lived a retired life.


A Committee of seven ministers of the Baptist Missionary Society held a meeting on the Society's premises, East Queen Street, last Wednesday; and, we understand, finally concluded their arrangements to remove the Calabar Theological and Normal Institutions to this city. The Rev. Mr. East, the Principal of the Theological department was last Sunday formally inducted as the pastor of the congregation worshipping at East Queen St. Chapel.

October 14, 1868


At Glacialis, St. Andrew, on the 4th inst., the wife of C. J. Ward, of a daughter.


It affords us pleasure to state that Mr. William Lee, son of Mr. Lee of the firm of Turnbull & Lee of this city, appeared before the Judges of the Supreme Court in session at Spanish town, yesterday, and having passed a very creditable examination was admitted to practice as an Attorney at Law. Mr. Lee is a gentleman of education and one of those, who, by application, cannot fail, in the course of a few years, to prove bright ornaments to their profession. He has our best wishes for his success.


The friends of the Reverend Henry Bleby, a clergyman well known and esteemed in this island, will be glad to learn that he has again been selected for service in the West Indies. At the Wesleyan Conference held at Liverpool in August last, he was called upon to proceed to Nassau N. P. Mr. Bleby has been for some time in England, and at the sailing of the Packet, was preparing to leave for his new field of missionary labour.

October 16, 1868

Sailors' Home

Daniel Finzi, Esq., and H. J. Bicknell, Esq.


Mr. J. Stiebel has been appointed a second class clerk in the Internal Revenue Department, vice Mr. D. Matheson resigned.

His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to recognize Mr. James Dougall provisionally as Consular Agent for the United States, at Savanna-la-Mar.

It has been officially notified that John J. Vidal, Solomon D. Lindo, and S. C. Burke, Esquires, have resigned their offices as Clerks of the Peace, and that the Governor has been pleased to appoint James Allwood, Esq., Clerk of the Peace for the Parish of St. Elizabeth, and Alexander Lake, Esq., clerk of the Peace for the Parish of St. Mary.

October 17, 1868


At Emma Ville Penn, in this City, on Friday morning, the 16th instant, the Wife of Ralph Nunes, Esq., of a Daughter.


In this City, on the morning of the 15th instant, Amanda Griscilda, the infant daughter of Jacob A. Stines, aged 2 days.

October 27, 1868


In this city on Sunday afternoon, the 25th inst., Mrs. John Henry Davis, of a daughter.


At Port Antonio, on Friday the 23rd October, after a painful illness of 24 hours, Jessie Eugenie, the only and beloved daughter of Mr. Alexander W. Escoffery, aged 17 months.

In this City, on Monday the 19th inst., Mary Ann Leonard, mother of Mrs. L. J. Desporte, at the advanced age of 95 years.

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