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October - December 1887

October 1, 1887

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Captain Charles Ellis Ogle of the Commissariat and Transport Staff. The melancholy event took place on the 26th ultimo at Newcastle and his remains were interred at 7:30 a.m. on the 28th at the Military Cemetery at that place. Captain Ogle was formerly a Lieutenant of the Dublin Royal Fusiliers and was a courteous and promising officer.

October 3, 1887

An absolute order of bankruptcy has been granted against Mr. Charles Edmund Tomlinson, a shopkeeper of Black River, on his own petition.


The sale of Mount Eagle Estate, Camp Savanna, Llandilo, and Highgate pens in the parish of Westmoreland, took place at Sav-la-Mar on Friday last.  The Rev. Henry Clarke became the purchaser of all the properties for a sum of £10,270. There was a lively competition, the Rev. J. T. Vaughan offering up to £3000 for Llandilo Pen alone.

October 4, 1887


In Spanish Town on Wednesday afternoon, the 26th ultimo, Jane Eliza, the wife of Alexander Clunie.

October 6, 1887

The Atlas Company's steamer Alvena, Captain McKay, left here at eight o'clock yesterday morning for New York, via Port Antonio and Fortune Island with the following passengers: -
Mr. Wallwood, Rev. C. E. Randall, Mrs. Johnstone and child, Mr. Sylvester Tilley, Mr. Edwin Rake, Mr. Joseph Cameron, Miss A. A. Midnight.  
For Port Antonio: - Mrs. G. E. Burke, Mr. J. E. Bell, and Mr. and Mrs. F. Kennedy and child.

October 7, 1887


At Carlisle Bay, Vere, at 5 a.m. on Friday 30th Sept., in the 57th year of his age, Henry Cerf Lewis, Esq., of Enfield, Manchester, leaving a large family and many relatives and friends to mourn their irreparable loss.


John Cooper, Esq., has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Parish of St. Elizabeth.

Mr. G. A. Lowe has been appointed Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Enfield District of St. Mary, in the room of Mr. W. S. Taylor.

At the meeting of the creditors of Mr. C. P. Lazarus, held on Tuesday last, a resolution was passed directing that an adjudication of bankruptcy be made against him.

The Rev. W. Clarke Murray of the Wesleyan Missionary Society has been appointed a marriage officer for the places of worship at Providence and Stoney Hill in the Parish of St. Andrew.

The Governor has accepted the resignation tendered by the Rev. William Heaver of his appointment as a Trustee of the Titchfield Free School Trust.

The Governor has appointed Walter Fitch Langley, Esq., to be Returning Officer under Section 3 of Law 13 of 1886 for the parish of Westmoreland.

October 10, 1887


On 18th August, 1887, at 33, The Avenue, Kew Gardens, Surrey, England, Robert Mein Henderson, Executive Engineer, British Burmah, and eldest son of the late Dr. Wm. Forsyth Henderson, Jamaica, aged 46 years.

The death is announced on the 24th May last at Fordham, near New York, of the Revd. Charles Whitehorne Hilton, son of the late Hon. James Lawrence Hilton, Custos of the Parish of St. Ann in this island.

October 11, 1887

Mr. S. P. Hendrick, a son of our esteemed fellow citizen Thomas Hendrick, Esq., Registrar of the Supreme Court, who was employed as a Clerk in the Atlas Steamship Company's office in this city, has relinquished his situation for the purpose of studying for the ministry of the Church of England, and has our best wishes for his success.


The R. M. C. steamer Orinoco, Captain Jellicoe, in 40 hours from Colon, arrived here yesterday morning bringing the following passengers: -
From Port Limon: - Dr. C. Gayleard, Mr. D. F. Lay, Mr. Vincent.  
From Colon: - Mr. Awee, Mrs Hiumphreys, Miss Cotton, Mr. J. Gilks, Mrs. Simmons, and two children, Mr. A. Simmons and child, Mrs. Rousseau, Mrs. Plummer, Mr. Levison, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd, three children and servant, Mrs. Vidal, and daughter, Miss Lindo, Mr. Leon, Mr. E. Grey, Mr. Benjamin, Mr. Payen, Mrs. McKay and child, Mr. P. Griverl, Mr. Williams and child, Mr. Patterson, Mrs. Walker, Mr. E. Gallon,, Mr. and Mrs. DeSouza, Mrs. De Castro, Mr. Volny, Miss Carr, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. E. Davis, Mrs. Crompton, Miss Craddock, Miss Wisdom, Miss Read.

October 12, 1887


At her residence last night, Mrs. Sarah Ann Bode, a native of New Providence, Nassau, mother of the Rev. H. Wase Whitfeild, late Incumbent of St. Paul's, Clarendon.  Friends and acquaintances of the deceased and of her son are requested to attend her funeral from No. 19 Love Lane this afternoon at 4:30 o'clock.

October 14, 1887


At St. Michael's Rectory, on Wednesday 12th October, the wife of the Rev. R. G. Ambrose of a daughter at 8:50 p.m.


Horatio Swaby, Esq., has been appointed to act as Custos for the Parish of Manchester, during the absence of the Hon. J. P. Clarke.

Albert Edward Langley, Esq., has been appointed to act as Clerk of Petty Sessions for Westmoreland, and assistant Clerk of the Western District Court from the 12th instant during the absence on leave of Walter F. Langley, Esq.

October 17, 1887


At Annandale, Elletson Road, on Sunday the 16th October 1887, the wife of Robert Johnstone of a daughter.


The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Simon Lewis are requested to attend the remains of his son, Simon Alder, from his residence at No. 140 Orange Street to the place of interment.


Mr. Henry Clarke Duncker, a practical printer, who had been employed for a number of years at the printing establishment of Messrs. George Henderson & Co., in this city, and the manager of the Novelty Printing Office, died on Friday night.  The deceased was a quiet, inoffensive man, and was respected by all who knew him.

October 19, 1887

The charge against Augustus DePass, the bar keeper of the London Tavern, (who was arrested on Monday on a warrant for having pointed a loaded revolver at a man named Samuel Grant) was dismissed yesterday by the Assistant Stipendiary Magistrate, because the prosecutor did not put in an appearance.

October 21, 1887

Walter Harrison Allport, Esq., has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the parish of St. Elizabeth.


Mr. Charles Augustus Mitchell of the Parish of Manchester, and John Spencer Brown, and Isaac Bunting Mesquitta of the Parish of Kingston, have obtained licenses under the sale of Drugs and Poisons Law.

October 24, 1887


RECUERO - ELLIS - At the Presbytery Chapel, 26 North Street, on the 22nd inst., by the Right Revd. Father Porter, V. A., assisted by the Rev. Father Spillman, Ricardo Recuero of Panama, to Elizabeth Lechmere Ellis, third daughter of the late N. Lechmere Ellis. Columbia [sic] papers please copy.

October 25, 1887

The death is announced at West Herberton, Queensland, on the 23rd March, of George W. B. Vidal, younger son of the late G.  B. Vidal of Rock Spring, Jamaica.


We regret to learn of the death of Mr. Percy Burke, a son of our esteemed fellow citizen, Mr. John Milo Burke, and recently a clerk in the employ of James H. McDowell, Esq.  Mr. Burke left here not very long ago in the W. I. and P. C. steamer Texan from Liverpool, and was returning to his native land in the same steamer when the sad occurrence took place just a few days before the vessel arrived at Colon. His remains were buried at sea.

October 26, 1887


At sea, on the 6th inst., on board the steamship "Texan", Percival Rovere Burke, third son of J. Milo Burke, of this city, aged 19 years, deeply regretted by relatives and a large circle of friends.

October 27, 1887


At 3:30 p.m. yesterday 26th, Gerald Rickman. Friends and acquaintances are requested to attend his remains from his Lodgings, No. 15 Parade, at 4:30 p.m. this evening.

October 28, 1887


At 2:30 p.m. yesterday, Esther, relict of the late Isaac Henriques.  The friends of Mr. N. S. Henriques and those of Miss Rosa Henriques, are invited to attend her remains from her late residence, 16 George's Lane, to the place of interment, at 4 o'clock this evening.


The resignation tendered by W. B. Webster, Esq., of his appointment as a Justice of the Peace for the Cayman Islands has been accepted by the Governor.


We regret to announce the sudden death in Spanish Town at his residence, on Wednesday evening at 10 o'clock, of Dr. Quin, district medical officer of the St. Catherine District Prison. It is said that he performed a post mortem examination at the jail during the day at 9 p.m. He was taken with vomiting and died one hour later.


Mrs. Rebecca Quallo and Mrs. M. Deleon were arrested in this city yesterday afternoon charged with an attempt to commit arson. Bail was granted at eleven o'clock last night, the accused parties in the sum of £250 each and two sureties of £100 each. The hearing for Mrs. Deleon has been fixed for [..... illegible ...] but Mrs. Quallo will be brought before the Police Court this morning to renew her bail. The sureties are Messrs. E. DePass, C. DePass, R. DeSouza, and G. DeMercado.

October 29, 1887

Bail in the same sum, and with the same sureties (Messrs. R. DeSouza and E. DePass) was extended yesterday until Tuesday next by the Clerk of Petty Sessions to Mrs. Rebecca Quallo, who was arrested on Thursday afternoon charged with an attempt to commit arson.  The investigation will take place on that day in the Police Court, before the Stipendiary Magistrate, when Mr. Andrews will appear on behalf of the defence.

November 2, 1887


On the 30th October, 1887, at Devon Lodge, St. Andrew, the wife of Philip Haughton James, Esq., of a daughter, still born.


At Cooper's Hill, Montego Bay, on the 30th October, the wife of L. P. Kerr, Esq., of a son.

November 7, 1887


At his late residence, No. 55 Laws Street, at 7:30 yesterday morning, after a very short illness, David Matthias Rugless, aged 67.  The friends and acquaintances of Messrs. Charles, George and Frederick Rugless are requested to attend his remains to the place of interment at 4 o'clock this evening.


Yesterday morning at 13 Tower Street (opposite the Penitentiary), Cyril John, eldest son of Henry Morrison. Friends and acquaintances of the father and of Mr. John Morrison are requested to attend the funeral at 4:30 p.m. today.


James Henry McDowell, Esq., and James Cecil Phillippo, M. D., have been appointed by Her Majesty the Queen, members of the Privy Council in this island.

November 8, 1887

The magisterial investigation into the charge against Mrs. Rebecca Quallo and Mrs. Madeleine Deleon for attempt to set fire to the premises No. 11 Duke Street, with intent to defraud the Royal Insurance Company, will be resumed this morning in the Police Court before the Stipendiary Magistrate.

November 10, 1887


At his residence, Union Poor House, last night at 10 o'clock, Robert James Gibson.

November 11, 1887

T. J. Breakspear, Esq., Assistant Collector of Taxes for the Parish of Trelawny, has been appointed to act as Collector as from the 24th instant during the absence on leave of T. F. Clarke, Esq.

November 15, 1887


At 38 Beeston Street, corner Johns Lane, at 1:30 a.m., Claudius James, the beloved son of James Kiesselback and Mary Jane Innes, aged 10 years and 4 months.

November 16, 1887


Yesterday at 3:40 p.m. at his residence, Retreat Pen, on the old Slipe Pen Road, Adolphus Peter Duncker.

November 18, 1887

Edward Spratt, Esq., has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Parish of St. Ann.

November 21, 1887

The death is announced on the 29th ult., at Blackheath, of Dorothy Margaret, the infant daughter of Percy and Gertrude Boxer.

November 22, 1887


Mary Ann Austin, aged 83.  The funeral will take place this afternoon from her late residence, No. 88 Barry Street, at 4:30 sharp.  She has spent over 50 years of her life as a nurse in the family of the late Louis Lewis, to whom she was devoted to the last.

November 25, 1887

Messrs. R. Recuero and Co. have just erected in front of their establishment in Harbour Street a large sign-board, artistically executed by Messrs. A. Brandon & Son, sign-painters and marble-works, and upon which are painted in very bright colours, the various description of boots and shoes imported by them.  Messrs A. Brandon & Son have also just erected the painting of the Spanish Coat of Arms for the Consul who represents that Government in this city.

November 26, 1887


At "Roslyn", St. Andrew, on the 23rd inst., the wife of Lieut. Col. J. C. Ward, K. V. M., of a daughter.


A petition for divorce has been filed for hearing in the Supreme Court.  The parties to the suit are E. L. P. Fraser vs. J. W. C. Fraser.

November 28, 1887


In this city on 24th inst., the wife of C. Granville Alberga, of a daughter.

November 29, 1887


At the residence of the family, No. 26 Highholborn Street, at half-past 7 p.m., 28th inst., Abraham Alexander, the eldest son of Henry and Augusta Lindo.

December 2, 1887

Bengal Estate in the Parish of Trelawny has been sold to Mr. Alexander Hopwood of Petersfield in Westmoreland.


Mr. Emanuel Abrahams of Spanish Town has opened a branch of his business in Linstead.


Mr. Samuel Jarrett, of St. Ann's Bay, who arrived here recently from the United States of America, will shortly commence operations in connection with the Middlesex Fruit and Trading Company.

December 3, 1887

R. J. Hitchins, Esq., has been appointed manager of the Merchants' Exchange in this city.


Mr. Egbert S. Baird,, of this city, and Mr. R. Watson of St. Ann's Bay, who were adjudicated bankrupts recently, applied for and obtained their discharge.

December 6, 1887


On 5th November, 1887, at Brighton, England, Dr. Charles Franklin (youngest son of the late Henry Franklin of this city) much beloved and regretted by all who knew him.


The friends and acquaintances of Mr. James P. Baillie are requested to attend his remains from his late residence Bell's Cottage, Stony Hill, to the place of interment at 9 o'clock this morning.


At No. 39 Duke Street last night, Vera Audrey, elder daughter of George and Agnes Neish, aged two years.


Mr. Alex DeLeon, Messenger of the late House of Assembly, died on Sunday night.  He has been in the receipt of a pension of £108 per annum.

December 8, 1887


On Sunday, the 4th inst., at 10 East Street, Kingston, Charles Norman, the infant and only child of Charles Norman and Theodora Dias. Aged 14 months.


The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Edward Laing, are requested to attend the remains of his Mother from her late residence, NO. 9 Heywood Street, to the place of interment at 4:30 this evening.

December 10, 1887

Mr. John Mackenzie, the manager of the Kingston Ragged School, who resides at No. 23 East Street, begs respectfully to tender his sincere thanks to Mrs. Richard A. W. Holwell for a well assorted parcel of children's second hand clothing, kindly sent by her for the use of destitute scholars of the school.

December 12, 1887


MACDOUGALL - On the evening of the 5th inst., at Eureka Pen, in the Parish of St. Andrew, the wife of Ewan J. G. MacDougall, of a daughter.


At Kencot Park, St. Andrew, on the 8th inst., the wife of R. A. W. Holwell of a daughter.

December 14, 1887


This morning, at half-past five o'clock, Julia, the beloved wife of S. W. Stewart. The funeral will move from her residence No. 29 Highholborn Street at 4:30 p.m.


Mr. Joseph Davidson was elected Superintendent of the Kingston and St. Andrew Union Poor House on Monday.

December 15, 1887


In Spanish Town, on Saturday evening, the 10th inst., Mary Priscilla, beloved wife of John Thomas Messias. Aged 57 years.

December 16, 1887

Mr. G.. H. Gordon has been elected Superintendent of the Kingston Sailors' Home, in the room of Mr. W. Holland, invalided.


The Revd. Frederick Williger of the Moravian denomination has been appointed a Marriage Officer for the place of worship at Irvin Hill, in the Parish of St. James.

December 17, 1887


At her residence, Slipe Pen, Orange Street, Susan, relict of the late Thomas Moore Fishbourne, Staff Surgeon A. M. D., and M. D., only daughter of the late Andrew Lunan, Esq.  The funeral leaves for Halfway-Tree at 4 p.m.

December 19, 1887


At St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, on the 29th ult., by the Rev. William Bogert Walker, D. D., William Cowan Allen of Brooklyn, to Lizzie, daughter of the late Matthew Ramos, of this city.


At No. 49 East Queen Street, Rubena Ann, infant daughter of James Hailey and Eleanor Caroline Reid, and grand daughter of Samuel and Sarah Ann Staples.

December 20, 1887


BROWNE - LEWIS - On the 7th inst., at the Parish Church, Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica, by the Rev. J. S. Farquharson, Rev. W. B. Browne of St. Bee's College, Cumberland, Curate of Mandeville Parish Church, eldest son of John Browne, Esq., of Up-Catham, Yorkshire, to Ida J. Lewis, eldest daughter of J. Daly Lewis, Esq., Brumalia, Manchester, Jamaica.


On the 17th December 1887, at Roaring River, St. Ann's, after a residence of 63 years in the Island of Jamaica, John Haughton James, formerly of Farm Hall, Huntingdonshire, England, in the 89th year of his age.

December 21, 1887

A male passenger named Joseph A. Hodge, a native of Trinidad, who arrived on Monday morning in the R.M.C. steamer Orinoco from Colon, died on board at 4:10 in the evening from disease of the heart. Before he died he called the Chief Officer and Doctor of the vessel and handed them his papers, and effects and told them that he was a member of the Masonic Fraternity, but although he had no money, if the matter was mentioned to the proper persons they would see he was buried decently.  Later in the evening the deceased effects were taken possession of by Messrs. Magnus and Mitchell. His body was subsequently taken charge of by Sergeant Patty of the Water Police, and was not removed to the mortuary until about eleven o'clock at night.  His remains were interred at the May Pen Cemetery at noon yesterday.

December 23, 1887

Mrs. Elizabeth Vickers of Gordon Town, in the parish of St. Andrew, who was adjudicated a bankrupt on the 12th of August last, will apply for her discharge on the 6th January next.

Five students are expected to leave the Female Training College at Shortwood on Saturday next who will be ready for employment as Teachers early in January.

The Revd. James V. Johnstone, of the Church of Scotland, has been appointed a marriage officer for St. Andrew's Church, Medina, in the parish of Manchester.

Mrs. Bertha Maude Dias has been appointed Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Cold Spring District of St. Andrew in the room of Miss A. M. M. Curtin who has resigned.

Halfway Tree Church tower has been restored. There are four dormers with an octagonal "heaven pointing spire" and a pinnacle on one corner of the tower. The old battlemented tower remains as before, excepting that the north and south windows are filled with tracery and an new triangle window has been placed over the west porch. The inside, which forms the baptistry, has a string moulding, over which are the traceried windows and side niches, surmounted with a cornice from which springs a groin-vaulted dome.


The obituary list for the week include the name of one of the few compositors on the Isthmus.  We refer to Mr. S. A. Lake of Jamaica. This young man arrived at Colon a few months ago, as a member of a Dramatic Company. The company shortly after came to grief; and the members could find nothing to do. Rent in Colon being very high those who have but little means can hardly get shelter. Mr. Lake soon became one of these; and although he recently received the hospitality of a friend, it appears he was taken and cared for after a sever cold had taken him. He expired in the Canal Company's Hospital on Monday morning, the 12th inst.

December 28, 1887


On the 26th December, the wife of Frederick O. Abraham, of a daughter.


MESSIAS - VALENCIA - At Holy Trinity, Duke Street, Kingston, on the evening of the 20th instant, by the Revd. Father Burns, S. J., assisted by the Revd, Father Bampton, S. J., John A. Messias, acting Clerk Petty Sessions, St. Catherine, to Mary Adelaide, eldest daughter of Jose M. Valencia, Esq., of Pumpkin Ground, St. Catherine.

December 29, 1887

Letters of administration of the personal estate of Mr. Augustus Frederick Gore, C. M. G., late of 94 Ebury Street, Pimlico, formerly Lieutenant Governor of St. Vincent, in the West Indies, who died on the 21st September, intestate, were granted on the 19th October to Miss Cecilia Emily Gore, his daughter, the value of the personal estate amounting to over £6,000.

December 30, 1887


At the Snuggery, 38 Law's Street, Miss Charlotte Weppler.  The friends and acquaintances of Mr. W. H. MacGlashan are requested to attend her remains to the place of interment at half past 4 o'clock this afternoon.


Arthur Warmington, Esq., has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the parish of St. Andrew.


Edmund Parsons, Esq., who is a Justice of the Peace of the Cayman Islands, has been appointed to act provisionally and temporarily as Custos of those Islands.

December 31, 1887


On 30th inst., at Elletson Road, the wife of Aston W. Gardner, of a son.


Yesterday (30th instant) at 110 King Street, of Diphtheria, Vivian Louis, only son of George Reddie and Atanasia Polach, aged four years and seven months.

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