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April 1, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the Barque Point, from London: --

- Mrs. Ann Comrie

- Miss Jane Fisher

- Francis Nelson

- Mrs. Mary Potts

- Mr. George Baines

- Mr. John Smith

Passengers Sailed

In the American Schooner Starlight, Barchford, for New York: --

- Mr. T. G. W. Klatte


At the Wesleyan church, Beechamville, St. Ann's, on the 25th March, by the father of the Bride, the Rev. R. Raw, to Margaret Betty, daughter of the Rev. R. Harding.

On Thursday, 26th March at St. Michaels's Church, by the Revd. C. Fyfe, Mr. S. R. Fielding, to Miss A. E. Campbell, niece of William Campbell, Senior, Esq.


Sailors' Home

F. A. Ebbeke and H. J. Bicknell

April 2, 1868


At Port-au-Prince, on the 24th February, after a long and painful illness, Benjamin Jones, Esq., Engineer, formerly of this Island, leaving a widow and 3 children.



In the course of events transpiring, we learn that a change is contemplated by the government, which will abolish the Office of Provost-Marshal-General and create a new appointment, that of Island Sheriff. Rumour connects the name of the Hon. P. A. Espeut, Official Assignee, with this arrangement. The retiring Provost Marshall will receive a yearly pension.



The Government having decided upon abolishing generally the office of Coroner (Kingston excepted) we have been informed that His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to allow a pension of £60 a year to J. C. McAnuff, Esq., Coroner of St. Catherine, and £40 a year to Dr. Manners, Coroner of St. Dorothy. Mr. McAnuff was at the receipt of £120 per annum, and received a further allowance, by way of fees, on all writs issued against the Provost-Marshall-General, he (the Coroner) being the only officer allowed the right of executing writs against the above-named dignitary. We observe, however, by a Bill before the Legislative Council, that the fees hitherto attached to the office of the Coroner of St. Catherine will accrue to the Bailiff of the Spanish Town District Court.

April 3, 1868


We are glad to learn that there is some probability of the Railway company erecting an Iron Bridge over the Rio Cobre. Since the year 1852, we believe no less than five new Bridges have been placed over this River, at much expense to the Company, and great inconvenience to the public. In October last, the loss through the suspension of traffic and repairs, was upwards of eight hundred pounds, and if, as we learn, the cost of the Iron Bridge contemplated will not exceed two thousand pounds, it will be judicious to complete it with as little delay as possible.



At the Election on Monday last, the following gentlemen were returned as Directors for the current year: --

B. A. Franklin; D. J. Alberga; Isaac DeMercado; Michael DeCordova; Osmond Delgado; Ralph Nunes; John J. Hart; Joseph Stines; Fred. Lindo; Frank B. Lyons; Chas. Stiner; D. C. Peixotto; Jacob Aarons; Jacob C. Stines; and Louis Farmer, Esquires, and at the meeting of the newly elected Directors, on Wednesday evening, B. A. Franklin was appointed President; D. J. Alberga, V. P.; M. DeCordova, Treasurer and Jacob Aarons, Hon. Secretary; and as visiting Committee of the School, D. J. Alberga; R. Harris; Fred. Lindo; Chas. Stiner; and Jacob C. Stines, Esquires.

April 6, 1868


The Screw Steamer "Liffey", Capt. Johnson O. Johnson, was to be sent into Hamoaze to make good defects discovered while cruising off the coast of Ireland, and then fill up with provisions and prepare for foreign service - probably the West Indies.

2nd West India Regiment -- Ensign C. J. S. Hawkins, from the 1st West India Regiment to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Hamilton, promoted.

3rd West India Regiment -- Lieut B. V. Layard to be Capt. by purchase, vice C. A. Humfrey, who retires; Ensign W. F. C. Gray to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Layard; J. Ritchie, gent to be Ensign by purchase, in successions to Lieut. S. T. A. Dunn, who retires.


Major General the Honourable L. Smythe O'Connor, C. B., Commanding the Forces, has appointed Capt. Cairne, 4th West India Regiment, Aide-de-Camp. Captain Cairne served in the same capacity when the Major General was specially employed inspecting the Forces, and defenses of the West Coast of Africa, in 1864 and 1865.



In our issue on Saturday last we had occasion to call attention to a Burglary which took place at Montgomery's Corner, and today we have to notice another on one of the Shops of Mr. Altamont DeCordova. There have been so many occurrences of this kind of late, that it becomes evident the Constabulary or Police are not as vigilant as they should be.

April 7, 1868


At 29 Russell Road, Kensington, London, on the 6th ultimo, the wife of Mortimer Brandon, Esq., of a daughter.

April 8, 1868


In this city on Sunday 5th instant, Mrs. Bridget E. Thompson, aged 83 years, relict of the late R. S. Thompson, Esq., Collector of Taxes for Portland.

April 9, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tamar from Colon: --

- Miss Alice Crawe

- Mrs. George Grant

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Atrato for England: --

- Mrs. J. P. DaCosta, and Miss Belson

- Mr. F. A Autey and wife

- Mr. Arthur Levy

- Mr. Horatio Brandon

- Dr. A. B. Allen

- Lieut. Grimble, A. D. C.

- Mr. Maurice Farmer

For Barbados: --

- Major McCauley

- Miss Mussen

- Mrs. Cotter, 2 children and servant

47 in transit from Colon

In the Barque Patricia from Falmouth for London: --

- Mrs. John Smith and 5 children

- Master & Miss Powell & Nurse

In the Barque Speedwell for London:--

- Mrs. Wilson

- Mrs. Millard & daughter


On the 7th inst. at Water Valley Estate, Metcalfe, the wife of William Macdonald, Esq., of a daughter.

April 13, 1868


On the 8th inst. at the Mission House, Savanna-la-Mar, the wife of the Revd. W. Burke, of a son.

April 16, 1868


At Calabar, by the Father of the Bride, the Revd. H. Bunting, to Miss Mary Jane East, daughter of the Rev. D. J. East.


At his Residence, Duncans, on the evening of the 9th instant, Mr. Archibald Crooks, aged 26 years and 11 months....

Sailors' Home

Daniel Finzi, Esq., and Revd. William Holdsworth.

April 20, 1868


At Montego Bay, on the 11th inst., after a short but painful illness, Mr. Albert Bevan Urquhart, in the 28th year of his age.

April 25, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the W. I. & P. Steamer Plantagenet, from Colon: --

- Mr. Abraham DeLeon

- Mr. Juan Melendez & Nephew

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tasmanian from England: --

- Revd. and Mrs. Watson

- Miss Leslie

- Mrs. Scott and child

- Mr. and Miss Mais, and female servant

- Mr. Roper

- Mr. Phillips

- Mrs. Godfrey and two children

- Commodore McClintock

- Mr. John Murray Auld

- Hon P. A. Espeut and Mrs. Espeut

For Barbados: --

- Miss Gribble

From St. Thomas: --

- Mr. and Mrs. John, Miss John and two children.


At the Cathedral, Spanish Town, on Tuesday 20th inst., by the Revd. H. Rees Webbe, B. A., Mr. Walter Jones Salmon to Miss Caroline Matilda Eberall, both of that town.


On Thursday, March 12th, from brutal injuries inflicted by the hands of a ruthless assassin (Monday March 2nd), the Revd. Anthony John Plow, Vicar of Tolmosden, Lancashire, son of Revd. Henry Anthony Plow, B. D., Rector of Bradley, near Winchester, aged 38 years, and first cousin of Mr. F. B. Farebrother, 3rd Master of Wolmer's School.

Sailor's Home

Aaron Gregg, Esq., American Consul, & J. B. Brice, Esq.



The above court was opened yesterday. The Insolvents discharged were Mr. William Carey Clark, Armand Duperley, Henry Duperley, Richard Groves, Eliza Legande, Alexander Melhado, James Mapletoft Waldron.



In consequence of the death of the Hon. Alexandre Bravo, and the resignation of Emanuel Lyons, Esq., two vacancies occurred in the direction of this society; Simon E. Pietersz and D. J. Alberga, Esqrs., two of the auditors, have been elected to fill them; and F. B. Lyons and Rev. A. J. Milne, L. L. D., have been elected auditors.

April 29, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the Steamer Barcelona from Colon: --

- Mr. Henry Seronville

- Anita Perer

- Mr. A. N. Belisario

Passengers Sailed

In the Spanish Steamer Barcelona, for St. Jago de Cuba: --

- Mr. J. Jones

- Mr. F. Lente

For Havana: --

- Mr. Emanuel J. Levy

April 30, 1868

Passengers Sailed

In the Russian Barque Uno from Falmouth for London: --

- Mr. A. McCubbin


At her residence Golden Spring, with childbearing of a son and heir on the morning of the 24th April, Eliza, the beloved wife of Mr. John Louis Garaud, aged 30 years.

Excerpts May, 1868

May 4, 1868


In this City, on the 29th ult., Mrs. L. C. MacCormack, of a Son.


In this city, on Wednesday, the 29th ult., by the Revd. W. J. Gardner, Minister of the London Missionary Society, by the request of the dying father of the Bridegroom, at his bedside, Charles Elgin Simon, to Ann Eliza McDonald.

At Cumberland Pen, St. Catherine. on the 29th April by the Rev. Dr. A. J. Milne, Richard Huggins Lopes to Sophia, eldest daughter of the late John Henry Planter, St. David's.

In this city, on the 29th April last, by the Revd. Dr. Milne, of the Scotch Church, and by Revd. Father Jones, of the Catholic Church, Mr. William Ware, Jnr., to Roseline Amanda, third daughter of Mr. Bernard Ripoll, all of Kingston.


In this city on Thursday the 30th ult., after a short but painful illness of 20 days...Mr. Edmund Simon, for may years Chief Clerk in the Audit and Receiver General's Office ...

By the death of Mr. Edmund Simon a vacancy has been created at the Public Treasury to which it is expected Mr. John Ware, the next Clerk in succession to Mr. Simon, will be appointed. We understand that Mr. Kirkland, for some time employed at the Peace Office in this city, has received an appointment at the Treasury, at a salary of £100 per annum.

May 5, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the W. I. and P. Steamer, Cuban, from Colon: --

- Mr. and Mrs. Barham and servant - cabin

- Mr. J. G. Lansberg - cabin

- Mr. A. Butter - cabin

- Mr. John Nunes - decker


The friends and congregation of the late Rev. J. H. Murphy, M. A., Incumbent of Trinity Chapel, have opened a subscription list, to collect funds to erect a Tablet in Trinity Chapel, in memory of the deceased clergyman. We learn that the collections promise to be large.


The Rev. Dr. Bradshaw, Acting-Rector for St. Catherine, called upon his congregations last Sunday to aid him in establishing a Sabbath School in connection with Trinity Chapel, in Spanish Town.


It was currently rumoured yesterday, that Alfred DaCosta, Esq., of the firm of Messrs. DaCosta, Son & Co., will be appointed a member of the Municipal Board, in the room of Emanuel Lyons, Esq., who is about to leave the country.

May 7, 1868

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tamar for Colon: --

- Mrs. Pennell, 4 children, and servant.

- Mr. Duncan Campbell

- Miss Pearson

- Mrs. S. E. Miles

- Mr. Martin Roana

- Mr. J. M. Mayon and 2 children

- Mr. Isaac Lawton

In the W. I. & P. Steamer, Cuban, for Liverpool: --

- Mrs. Rodgers

- Miss Magrath

For Port-au-Prince: --

- Mr. L. Lalen

Isaac Lawton, Esq., for some time connected with the Press of this City, as Proprietor and Editor of the Jamaica Tribune, left yesterday morning in the R. M. C. Steamer "Tamar" for the City of Panama, via Colon, to assume the editorship of the Panama Mercantile Chronicle which has changed hands recently.

May 8, 1868

Interesting Services were held at the Baptist Chapel, Hanover Street, under the pastorate of the Rev. Mr. Palmer, on Saturday night and Sunday morning last. On Saturday night candidates for Baptism, with their friends and others of the church, spent the whole night in singing and praying, and early on Sunday morning, they walked in procession to Rae Town, when two males and nine females, principally young person, were baptised by immersion. the attendance of spectators was large, and very orderly, and the scene solemn and imposing.


An installation of Master and Officers of the Royal Lodge, was held at Sussex Hall on Wednesday evening last. Among the visitors, were several Past Masters. The Worshipful C. H. Davis, the Master elect, was installed by the Worshipful B. Langley, the retiring Master. The Worshipful Master then installed his Officers, as follows:

Bro. G. E. C. Field, Sen. Warden

Bro. T. Sherlock, J. Warden

Wor. R. Langley, P. M., Treasurer

Bro. J. Byndloss, Secretary

Bro. Samuel Mordecai, Snr. Deacon

Bro. J. Phillips, Jnr. Deacon

Bro. T. Adams, Inner Guard

Bro. J. Desnoes, Tyler

The business of the Lodge having been concluded, the brethren, numbering abut 80, sat down to a banquet at which there was great festivity, the brethren not separating till one o'clock in the morning.

May 9, 1868


At the Wesleyan Mission House, Thames Street, of Yellow Fever, the Rev. Josiah Cart. Wesleyan Minister, in the 22nd year of his age.



It has been notified in the Jamaica Gazette that His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to make the following appointments under the District Courts Law; namely, Mr. John T. Palache to be Assistant Clerk and Mr. William Nott Isaac to be Bailiff, to the Mandeville District Court.

The Governor has been pleased to recognize J. Deickmann, Esq., as Acting Consul in this city, for Prussia, and for the Hanseatic cities of Lubeck, Bremen, and Hamburg, during the absence of F. A. Ebbeke. Esq.

The following changes and appointments in the Audit Department, received the approval of His Excellency the Governor, and took effect on the 1st instant; namely, Mr. C. A. Foster, Third Clerk, to be Second Clerk, vice Mr. G. C. Hutchings, appointed Assistant Collector of the Third Class for Clarendon; Mr. J. A. Marshall, Clerk to the Assistant Collector of Taxes for Kingston, to be Third Clerk; Mr. R. W. Kirkland to be Fourth Clerk; Mr. E. Simon, Fourth Clerk, to be Fifth Clerk; and Mr. J. Campbell to be Fifth Clerk.

May 11, 1868


At Up-Park Camp, on the 7th inst., the wife of Walter Roberts, Esq., 3rd W. I. Regt., of a daughter.


On the 6th at the Whim, the residence of the Hon. Leslie Mackinnon, the Revd. William Forbes, Rector of Manchester, in the 59th year of his age.

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