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Kingston, Jamaica

July - August, 1869

July 1, 1869


At Black River, on the 29th instant, at St. John's Church, by the Revd. Lynch, Sarah Ann, youngest daughter of Frederick and Euphemia Hendriks, to Thomas K. Wheatbe, Esq., Inspector of Constabulary.

July 3, 1869

The Governor has been pleased to accept the resignation of the Commission of Justice of the Peace for the parish of St. James, held by James Fowler, Esq.

July 5, 1869

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tasmanian from Southampton: -- Major & Mrs. Ness, 3rd W. I. R. & female servant; Mr. S. Magnus and son; Captain Lees (84th).

From Dominica: -- Mrs. Hodge

From St. Thomas: -- E. Buleau

From Jacmel: -- C. Brown; O. Kill

July 6, 1869


In this City, on the 1st inst., the wife of John McPhail, Esq., of a daughter.

July 7, 1869

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tasmanian for Colon: -- Mr. William Kemble and Miss Kemble; Mrs. James Brooks; Mr. Marchena, wife and two children, and servant; Mr. James Allwood, Jnr.; Mr. Alexander Roberts and wife; Mrs. Da Costa; Mr. Betancourt.


At Irvine, Scotland, on the 15th June, by the Rev. James Somerville, Robert Allan, Engineer, Glasgow (late of Jamaica) to Mary, youngest daughter of the late William Gillies, Esq., Banker.


At Ocho Rios, 1st July, at 10 p.m. from Croup, Edward Fraser, son of Mr. J. G. Mesquita, aged 2 years and 8 months.

July 8, 1869

Passengers Arrived

In H. M. Steamer Barracouta from Havana: -- Mr. Daniel Abisdid; Mr. G. Robinson.

July 9, 1869

The Honble. Mr. Rushworth has received Her Majesty's patent to act as Lieutenant-Governor of this island.

The Honble. James Henry McDowell has been appointed Keeper of the Rolls and Records of the Peace for the Parish of St. Andrew, in the room of the Honble. Dr. Hamilton, who is absent from the country, and has resigned. The Honble Gentleman has also been appointed Chairman of the Municipal and Road Boards.

July 10, 1869

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Seine, from Colon: - Mr. Brown; Miss Belisario.

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Seine for England: -- Mr. Samuel Shortridge; Rev. Geo. W. Downer; Rev. Mr. Deurwaarder; Mr. W. McFie; Mr. Miguel Arosteque and 4 relatives; Mr. Chas. Heslop; Capt. Rooke; Capt. Wilson, 84th Regt.; Sgt. Meade, 84th Regt.

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Capt. J. C. Peynado and J. B. Clough, Esq., Jnr.

July 12, 1869


Stolen from the Subscriber's Residence, No. 61 Orange Street, early yesterday morning --

2 Silver Tea Spoons marked F. R.

2 Ditto Dessert Spoons with Crest, Crown and Swan

And 1 pair Boots

Jewellers are requested to stop any one offering the Silver for Sale.


July 15, 1869


For Sale or Charter, the Fast Sailing British Schooner, ANNA, of 1000 Barrels Capacity, Copper and Coppered Fastened and well found in every respect. For further particulars apply to



Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

F. A. Ebbeke, Esq. and Rev. Dr. Milne




A Lot 18 Prime Mules now in St. Elizabeth, can be seen on application to Mr. Louis Lindo. For sale by


July 16, 1869

Passengers Sailed

In the Spanish Steamer Triunfo, for Santiago de Cuba: -- Mr. Portuondo

July 20, 1869

The "Back Lands" question again came up for settlement yesterday, on this occasion pretty near to Kingston. It appears that Mr. Louis Verley holds a lease from the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, of the lands known as Hope Estate, in the parish of St. Andrew. A number of people who have settled on the property, as usual under the delusion that it had no owner, refused to recognize Mr. Verley's authority, and he was consequently forced to take legal measures to obtain possession of the land. The parties were all proceeded against in the Kingston District Court, and writs of ejectment served upon them. They having used threats against anyone who might attempt to dispossess them, the Bailiff of the Court asked for protection in executing the writs; and yesterday he was escorted to the property by forty Constables, under the command of the Inspector General, Major Prenderville, who was accompanied by Inspector Nairne and Sub-Inspector Humber. The party was accompanied by Mr. Titley and Mr. Berry in their capacities of Justices of the Peace, Mr. Verley and Mr. Robinson. The people, for the most part, cleared off the land; in cases where there were women and children, Mr. Verley kindly consenting for them to remain for a reasonable time till they can provide other places of location, and to remove their huts if they desired to do so. The business of the day was got over without any trouble.

July 21, 1869


At New Savanna, St. Elizabeth, on Monday the 5th inst., Louisa Isabelle, eldest daughter of the late Theo. Stone, Esq., leaving a deeply afflicted mother and family with numerous acquaintances to mourn their loss.

We regret to state that the Honble. W. P. Georges, Custos of St. Thomas, who was on his return to this island after a trip for the benefit of his health, died two days after the steamer left port.

July 30, 1869

The Friends and Acquaintances of the late Angelo Prate Mercado, (and of his Son), are requested to attend the remains of his Widow from her late Residence, No. 26 Mordaunt Street, to the place of interment, at five o'clock this evening.

August 2, 1869

Inspector Mitchell, of the Trelawny Constabulary, has obtained six months' leave of absence to enable him to proceed to England for the benefit of his health, and the Falmouth Post states that Inspector McKenzie will discharge the duties till the return of Inspector Mitchell.


A Vacancy having occurred in the Board of Directors of the Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Society, a meeting of the Board was held on Friday last, when Robert Russell, Esq., was elected Vice-Chairman, Francis B. Lyons, Esq., a Director, and J. H. L. Duquesnay, Esq., an Auditor of the Society.

August 3, 1869

Passengers Arrived

In the Steamer Crusader, from Liverpool: -- Capt. Layard, 3rd W. I. Regt.; Dr. Bickford, R. N.; Mr. Dwyer, 3rd W. I. Regt.; Mrs. Dwyer, child and servant; Mr. James, 84th Regt.

From Port-au-Prince: -- Mr. Gillard; Mr. Dubois; Master S. Faine; Mrs. & Miss Loring.

August 4, 1869


At Retreat, St. George's, on the 30th July, the Wife of Henry Cook, Esq., of a son.


On Monday, 2nd inst., at St. Ann's Bay, by the Rev. George Cheyne, Rector, Arthur Herbert William Kennedy, Esq., late of the 36th Regt., only son of His Excellency Sir Arthur Edward Kennedy, K.C.B., Governor and Commander in Chief of the West African Colonies and late Governor of Australia, to Laura Elizabeth Amabel Walrond Bruce, eldest daughter of Mr. Justice Downing Bruce, of St. Ann's, and formerly of Schaw Park, Clackmannan, N. B., and of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law.


In this City, on the 29th ulto., Angelique Celestine, widow of the late Angelo Peat Mercado, aged 38 years.

August 8, 1869


On the 3rd inst. at the Parish Church, by the Venerable. Archdeacon Stewart, assisted by the Revd. Dr. Bradshaw, Henry Nugent, Army Medical Staff, second Son of John Nugent, Esq., M. D., of Grosvenor Square, Dublin, to Fannie Ann, third daughter of Henry Forbes Colthirst, Esq.

Passengers Sailed

In the French Steamer Darien for Colon: -- Mr Juan F. Visino; Mr. Rafael Quesada and servant.

The "Union Hospital" at Golden Grove, under the charge of Dr. A. C. Neyland, was opened on the 2nd inst.

August 9, 1869

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Shannon from Colon, for Jamaica: -- Mr. J. Duncan; Mr. T. Brandon; Mrs. E. Hill and infant; Mr. MacKenzie; Miss C. Ridley; Miss Lindo; Mrs. and Miss Calnek and infant; Mr. White; Mr. Ferguson.

For St. Thomas: -- Mr. L. Gonzales; Dr. E. A. Wright.

August 11, 1869


At Reading, St. Elizabeth, on the 7th August, the Wife of the Rev. M. H. Smith, of a son.


On the 15th ult., at Christ Church, Hampstead, by the Rev. J. H. Bukersteth, M. A., assisted by the Rev. Charles Dallas, John Ballantyne, Esq., of Edinburgh, to Alice, youngest daughter of the late John King, Esq., of Stony Hill.

August 13, 1869


At Port Antonio, on the evening of the 9th instant, the Wife of Mr. J. M. Edwards, of a Daughter.


At Stirling Wharf, in the Parish of St. James, on the 9th instant, William Whittingham, Esq., in his 60th year.

August 16, 1869

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

D. J. Alberga, Esq. and Rev. E. Nuttall.

August 17, 1869


At Brentford, St. Andrew, on the 15th inst., in the 67th year of her age, Letitia Bathurst, relict of the late William Whitehorne.

At Blackness, in the Blackwoods district of the parish of Clarendon, on the 11th inst., Mr. William Drummond, a native of Scotland, aged 87 years.

August 19, 1869


In this city, on the 18th inst., Edwin C. Corinaldi, of Montego Bay.

August 20, 1869

Among the students who have recently passed their final examinations for diplomas, and admitted members of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, we observe the name of Mr. Andrew A. Thomas, of Jamaica.


Several estates have recently been sold under orders of the Commissioners of the West Indies Encumbered Estates Court. Among them we observe "Longville", in the parish of Clarendon, in this island, containing 2000 acres, for the sum of £1820.


Among the passengers booked for Jamaica are Mr. Patrick Blair, District Judge of St. Catherine, to leave Southampton in the Shannon on the 17th September; and the manager of the Colonial Bank, Mrs. Marescaux, and infant, to leave in the steamer of the 17th November.


From the Falmouth Post we learn that the Rev. Thomas Garrett, Rector of Vere, has been appointed Rector of Trelawny in the room of the late Rev. D. B. Littlejohn. Mr. Garrett is well know to his new parishioners having resided at Montego Bay some years previous to his removal to Vere.

August 23, 1869


At Clermont House, Saint Mary, on Thursday 12th August, instant, the Wife of the Rev. M. Gregory Constantine, of a Son.

August 26, 1869


At Priory, in the Parish of St. Ann, on Thursday, the 19th inst., the Wife of the Revd. J. G. Bennett, of a Son.

At Great Valley, in the Parish of Hanover, on the 21st inst., the Wife of Joseph Whittingham, Esq., of a daughter.

August 27, 1869


At the "Castle", Savanna-la-Mar, on Sunday, 22nd inst., after a brief illness of 24 hours, of congestive fever -- Susan Eliza, second daughter of Mr. N. S. Savarian, of this town, aged 2 years, 8 months and 17 days.


The Gazette notifies the following appointments; namely -- Mr. S. C. Peynado to be a member of the Municipal Board of St. Elizabeth. Mr. R. W. Cox to be a Sub-Inspector in the Jamaica Constabulary. Mr. G. A. Douet and Mr. E. S. Mayo to be 6th and 7th Clerks in the General Post Office.

August 31, 1869


By the Revd. William Holdsworth, at Wesley Chapel, on the 17th instant, Revd. Francis Chapman, to Fanny Rowden the only daughter of the late Revd. Wilson Lofthouse, Wesleyan Minister.


The annual election of gentlemen to form the Board of Directors of the Hebrew Benevolent Society was held at the Alms House, on Sunday last, the poll having been opened at 10 o'clock, in the forenoon, and closed at one p.m. There were twenty nominated, of whom the following thirteen were selected, namely: -- E. Levy, Alt. DeCordova, D. H. Quallo, B. A. Franklin, A. Morais, J. Delevante, J. Stines, J. Aaron, G. Magnus, J. J. E. Lewis, Alfred Delgado, H. Magnus and S. N. DaCosta, Esqrs.

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