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September 2, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the Spanish steamer Moctezuma from St. Jago de Cuba: --

- Mr. Walter Knaggs

Passengers Sailed

In the Sp. Steamer Moctezuma for Colon: --

- Mr. and Mrs. Eckhart

- Mr. and Mrs. Posado

- Miss Amelia Carvalho

- Mr. J. Morcan

- Miss Louisa Johnson

September 4, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the Schooner Electric from Inagua: --

- Messrs. Forbes and Ferguson

- Mr. C. W. Sweeting

- Mr. R. R. Hely

September 5, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the French Steamer Caravelle from St. Jago de Cuba: --

- Mr. Edward Alvaraso



The Annual Election of 13 Directors to represent this useful Association, took place on the 29th ultimo, and resulted in the return of Messrs Joseph Stines, H. J. Jacobs, A. Mordecai, B. A. Franklin, George Magnus, S. N. DaCosta, David Martin, Michael DeCordova, Jacob Aaron, Altamont DeCordova, D. H. Quallo, John J. G. Lewis, and Maurice Farmer.

The first Meeting of the New Board was held on the 3rd instant, when the officers were unanimously elected, as under--

Mr. B. A. Franklin, President

Mr. David Martin, Vice-President

Mr. Jacob Aaron, Treasurer

Evidence of the useful character of the Society is afforded in giving publicity to the several Committees elected, viz.: --

To undertake the distribution of the weekly money orders among the poor --

- 1st month, Joseph Stines, S. N. DaCosta, and J. J. G. Lewis

- 2nd month, A Mordecai, H. J. Jacobs, M. Farmer

- 3rd month, George Magnus, D. H. Quallo, Altamont DeCordova

To canvass the Jewish Community for increased support, so as to meet the additional calls on the charity, as stated in the Annual Report just published: -- Messrs. B. A. Franklin, David Martin, Jacob Aaron, J. J. G. Lewis, and M. Farmer.

To report (as previously recommended) on the practicability of forming a "Ladies' Committee" for the exercise of their ...aid, and moral influences over the Jewish Poor: -- Messrs. David Martin, Jacob Aaron, Altamont DeCordova, Michael DeCordova, and J. J. G. Lewis.

To pay the customary annual visit among the poor, for the purpose of checking and revising the list of Pensioners and Recipients:---

Messrs. David Martin, Altamont DeCordova, George Magnus, M. Farmer, and J. J. G. Lewis

A Special Committee was also appointed to wait on His Honor the Custos in reference to a paragraph in the Annual Report in regard to the "weekly allowances to be given to the poor resident in all properly constituted Alms Houses" and to make a Report at the next Meeting.

Other preliminary business having been gone through, the President at the close of the Meeting made an earnest appeal to the Directors generally, calling upon them to use their separate interests, so as again to bring the "Industrial Department" into practical and continuous operation. Adjourned.

September 6, 1867


At Kilburn College, London, on the 6th ultimo, in the 15th year of his age, Henry Breakspear, eldest son of Henry Forbes Colthirst, Esq.

At Gateacre, near Liverpool, on the 11th August, Thomas Roxburgh, Esq., late of this city, in the 76th year of his age.


Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Danube, from Southampton:

- Revd. C. Corfe, R. N., Chaplain of H. M. S. Doris

- Lieut Moir, 3rd W. I. R.

- Dr. Robinson, Surgeon of H. M. Steamer Niger

- Mr. Newman, Commissary Dept.

- Mr. Alfred Da Costa

- Mr. J. R. Bravo

- Mr. Ward

- Mr. Broomhead

- Mr. W. D. Jones

- Mr. Cruchanson

- Mr. D. C. Peixotto from New York

- Mr. D. H. Quallo

- Mrs. Parrott

- Mr. Savare

September 9, 1867

Passengers Sailed

In the Schooner Montrose for Colon: --

- Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Farmer

- Mr. Kirwan, 84th Regiment

- Captain Wilson, ditto ditto

- Lieut. Baddon, ditto ditto

For St. Thomas:

- Mr. Charles Levy

For Hayti:

- Mr. Mrs. and Miss Laloubere, child and servant.



At Mango Valley, St. Mary, on the 4th instant, after a few days illness, Mr. George Weaver Holtham, leaving a sorrowing wife and two children to mourn their irreparable loss.


Sailors' Home

Daniel Finzi, Esq., and Revd. W. Holdsworth.

September 13, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the Caribbean, from Colon:

- Dr. Beckett

- Mr. H. J. Jacobs

- Mr. Lewis

- Mr. Ash

- Miss Reynolds



The Governor has been pleased to appoint James Fletcher, Esq., to be a member of the Municipal and Road Boards of St. James.



The Governor has been pleased to grant letters of naturalization to Andrew Caroll Neyland, M. D., a native of Texas, in the United States of America, now an inhabitant of this island.

September 18, 1867


Some mischievous or dishonest person on Sunday night last carried away the signal halliards of the Flagstaff of the Commercial Rooms on the Telegraph Station at Port Royal, in consequence of which, some inconvenience was experienced by the Telegraph Master there. The attention of the Police is directed to this, with the view of preventing such an occurrence in future.



On motion of Mr. Walcott on behalf of His Honor the Attorney General, Mr. S. H. Watson (late Articled Clerk to Messieurs Anderson and Hendrick) and Mr. Alfred A. James, (late Articled Clerk to the Hon. C. H. Jackson), were yesterday admitted to practise as Solicitors of the High Court of Chancery of this Island, and took the necessary oaths before His Honor the Vice Chancellor in open Court.

September 19, 1867


To the Editor of the Gleaner

Sir -- With reference to the advertisement in your journal of the 12th instant, by Richard Keane's notice against his wife, I beg you will be good enough to give insertion to the following observations I have to make thereon: --

I wish to know from him (Mr. K.) his reason for advertising his virtuous wife. Has she ever committed herself in any way? Has she ever involved him in any debt, or had she ever acted imprudently or improperly towards him? To any or either of these questions I defy him to give an answer in the affirmative. Can he therefore assign any reason for so unjustifiable an act towards an innocent wife?

Had his virtuous and truly innocent wife followed the advice and counsel of her parents and friends, she never would have disgraced herself by marrying as she did.

I am Mr. Editor

Your obedient servant

Her brother,


Port Royal, 13th September, 1867.

September 21, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Conway from Southampton:

- Dr. Dummer, Deputy Inspector Royal Naval Hospital, and family (5)

- Captain Banks

- Lieutenant Colonel Grain, lady, and servant

- Mr. and Mrs. Bravo; Miss Bravo, and female servant

- Revd. Mr. Baillie and Mrs. Baillie

- Mrs. Parry and child

- Mr. J. Tabernor

- Miss Morris

- Mr. J. Cortes

- Miss Hendrick

- Miss Christy



In this city on the night of Thursday, the 19th inst., the wife of Charles A. Chevolleau, Esq., of a Son.

September 23, 1867


On Tuesday, the 17th September, at Port Royal, by the Revd. Robert Raw, Mr. Simeon Hollar, of the Naval Hospital, to Ann, only daughter of Henry Darby, Esq.


Sailors' Home

A. Gregg, Esq., American Consul; J. R. Brice, Esq.

September 25, 1867

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Conway for England:

- Mr. C. Thompson

- Lieut. McCullagh, 84th Regiment

- Mr. D. H. Finke

- Mr. Bashby, R. N.



In this City, on the morning of the 24th inst., the wife of Ernest Vendryes, Esqr., of a daughter.

September 26, 1867


A meeting of gentlemen interested in Racing sports was held at the Jamaica News Room and Commercial Exchange yesterday, and the attendance was both numerous and influential. Among the gentlemen present, we noticed Major General O'Connor, C. B.; Major The Hon. Mr. Herbert; Capt. O'Connor, Military Secy; Lieut. Lanyon, A. D. C.; A. C. Plowden, Governor's Private Secretary; Captain Rooke, R. A.; Lieut. Luke; Dr. Wallen, Surgeon H. M. S. Cordelia; Lieut. Crockett; Lieut. Ballentine; Henry Coppard; Messrs. W. Berry; Ralph Nunes; M. C. Morgan; Charles Ward; Alt. DeCordova; Sidney Levien; Michael DeCordova; Isidore Solomon; and Egbert Depass.

Mr. Alt. DeCordova proposed that Major General O'Connor should take the chair, which was unanimously agreed to.

The gallant General expressed the great satisfaction which it afforded him to meet the gentlemen present. He seldom left the hills of Flamstead unless duty compelled him. He did not consider this so much a duty, as a pleasure; and he was always ready to support our Derby. this expression was received with acclamation.

Several gentlemen were named as Stewards.

Mr. Alt. DeCordova proposed Mr. Ralph Nunes as Treasurer, which was unanimously agreed to. The other officers were unanimously elected as follows:

Secretary -- Mr. Michael DeCordova

Starter -- Mr. Henry Coppard

Clerk of the Course -- Lieut. Luke.

It was agreed that the Races should commence on the second Tuesday in December; a programme having been submitted, was referred to a Committee for settlement; soon after which the meeting adjourned sine die.



At Mandeville, Manchester, on the night of the 22nd September, the wife of Robert B. Braham of a Son.

At Ayr Penn, Manchester, on the 23rd instant, Mrs. David Sampson of twins - a boy and girl.


In this City on Monday Evening, the 24th instant, after a long and painful illness, Robert Charles, third Son of the late Mr. Robert Metcalfe, of this City, -- Aged 21 years and seven months.

On the 24th inst., at Garden House, Gordon Town, Grace Alice, the infant daughter of Col. Desborough, Royal Artillery, aged 4 months.

September 28, 1867


At Rae Town, on the 27th instant, Madame Weirauch, niece of Solomon Hershfield, Esq., of this city.

September 30, 1867


At St. Michael's, on Wednesday 25th, by the Revd. D. H. Campbell, Rector, Ross Jameson Livingston, Esqr., to Ellen Campbell, eldest and surviving daughter of the late Francis Harris, Esq., of St. Andrew.

At the Presbyterian Church, Brighton, on the 28th inst., by the Rev. Gavin Carlyle, Kensington Presbyterian Church, London, brother of the bride, the Rev. Thomas Dunlop, United Presbyterian Church, Balfron, Stirlingshire, to Maggie, daughter of the Rev. Warrand Carlyle, Brownsville, Jamaica.


Sailors' Home

Revd. James Watson, Hon J. H. McDowell.

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