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March - April 1873

March 4, 1873


In this City, on the 28th February, 1873, Mrs. Marie D. Pompee, the beloved wife of Lawrence R. Holcombe, aged 35 years.

March 5, 1873

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Revd. Enos Nuttall; Revd. John Radcliffe


Jewish Almshouse

Visiting Committee for March

George Magnus, Edmund Levy, H. J. DePass, Esqrs.


Sitting Magistrates for the Week

Kingston: S. W. Mais, David Qualo, George Henderson, Esqrs.

Port Royal: T. DePass, Charles A. Robinson, A. L. Malabre, Esqrs.

March 7, 1873

Mr. J. R. Naylor has been appointed Postmaster at St. Ann's Bay, in the room of Mr. Samuel Binns, who has been transferred to the Internal Revenue Department.

John Chisholm McDonald, Esq., M. R. C. S. E., has been appointed a member of the Medical Council, under Law 47 of 1872.


We regret to hear that by the last post intelligence was received in this city of the death of the Revd. James Milne, of the London Missionary Society. He died at First-hill, Trelawny, on the 28th ultimo at 9:30 p.m.

March 14, 1873


At Port Antonio, on the 9th instant, the wife of R. J. C. Bacquie, Esq., Parochial Treasurer, Portland, of a daughter.

March 15, 1873

Jewish Almshouse

Visiting Committee for March

George Magnus, Edmund Levy, H. J. DePass, Esqrs.


Sitting Magistrates for the week

Kingston: W. S. Cooper, Joseph Stines, William Barclay, Esqrs.

Port Royal: T. DePass, Charles A. Robinson, A. L. Malabre, Esqrs.


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

C. Campbell, Esq., M. D., Andrew Dunn, Esq., M. D.


The Governor has been pleased to appoint Henry Drake, Arthur Harvey Alexander, and Robert Baxter Llewellyn, Esquires, to be Commissioners to enquire into and report on the condition, management and discipline of the Penitentiaries, Gaols, and Prisons in this island; and Henry Drake is appointed President of the said Commission.

March 17, 1873

Passengers Sailed

In the Steamer Claribel for New York: --

Mrs. Angel and infant; Dr. Henderson and wife; Miss Henderson; Mr. Nicholson; Mr Calligo; Mr. Stelson; Mr. Rodriques; Mr. Zambranne; Mr. Finruri; Mr. Robinson; Mr. Aguilar.

March 19, 1873


In this City, on the 12th instant, at her sister's residence, No. 31 George's Lane, Mrs. Cora Desgouttes, aged 33 years, 5 months and 2 days, leaving a family and a large circle of friends ....

At Villa Caprera, in this City, yesterday, Harry Nangle, youngest son of G. E. C. and Eliza Jane Field, aged 10 months.


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Revd. W. E. Pierce, B. A. Daniel Finzi, Esqrs.


Sitting Magistrates for the Week

Kingston: Richard Hitchins, William Lee, F. B. Lyons, Esqrs


Advertisement [excerpt]

March 19, 1873

Catalogue of Substantial Household Furniture, Piano-forte, by Collard & Collard, Handsome Framed Engravings, plated ware, glassware, etc, the property of Mr. Elias Sanguinetti, to be sold by Public Competition today, Wednesday, 19th March, 1873, at his residence 106 Upper King Street, by David Martin, Auctioneer.

March 20, 1873


In this City, on the 8th March 1873, Marion Millicent, infant daughter of Mrs. T. T. Williamson, aged 6 months.

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Charles B. Scott are requested to attend his remains from his late residence, No. 123, corner of Duke and Tower Streets, to the place of interment, at 5 o'clock, this evening.

March 22, 1873

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tasmanian, from Southampton: --

Asst. Surgeon Chapman; Mr. Houghton; Mr. J. Imray; Mr. C. E. Mountford; Mr. J. H. Smith; Mr. Jane Packharness.

From Havana: -- Mr. Balbona, wife child and 2 servants

From St. Kitts: -- Sir R. Napier

From St. Thomas: -- Mr. A. Hernandez

From Jacmel: -- Mr. R. deMoya; Mr. C. deMoya.



On the 18th March, at St. Peter's Church, Westmoreland, by the Revd. Charles M. Magnan, assisted by the Revd. Charles G. McGregor, Angus Cameron Kennedy of Somerset, Manchester, Esq., to Isabel Hay, third daughter of the late Captain Charles Morton, R. N.

In Spanish Town, on Sunday the 16th instant, by Mr. S. S. Lawton, Mr. Emanuel Abrahams, to Alice Maud, the only daughter of Henry Dias.

March 24, 1873


An American desires a situation as Sugar Master. Can make fair White Sugar with open boilers. Understands the bleaching of juice with Sulphur, by an entirely new process of his own. Address "Sugar Master", care of Julius Farmer, corner of Port Royal and Princess-streets.

March 25, 1873


At Williamsfield Pen, St. Ann's, on the 20th instant, of Remittent Fever, Eliza Palache, the beloved wife of Solomon Isaacs, Esq., in the 29th year of her age.

March 26, 1873

In accordance with the warrant of Stipendiary Justice Bicknell, under authority of the Kingston and Liguanea Water Works Transfer Act, a jury was empanelled at Halfway Tree Court House on Monday last, for the purpose of enquiring into and ascertaining the value of a portion of land, belonging to Cavalier's Pen, in St. Andrew, adjoining the Race Course, required for the building of reservoirs for the Water Works. The following gentlemen were sworn: -- Charles Grant, Esq., foreman; C. M. Fegan, John Hecks, David Cohen, Leopold Farmer, Pedro Chevannes and Henry Branday, Esqrs. Mr. Advocate Lindo, instructed by Mr. Harvey, appeared for the owners, and Mr. Assistant-Attorney-General Burke, for the Water Works Commissioners. Mr. Lindo took some preliminary objections to the constitution and jurisdiction of the Court, which were overruled by the presiding Magistrate, and the Court was formally opened. The Jurors then proceeded to inspect the land, and on their return the Court proceeded to take evidence. This continued from noon till nearly eight o'clock at night, when lengthy addresses from Counsel having been heard, a verdict was returned, unanimously, for £446 17s 6d., or about £20 per acre with costs. The Magistrate observed that he did not think the matter would carry costs. The question as to costs having been waived, the award was confirmed, and the Jury discharged.

March 27, 1873


Mr. A. P. Mendes begs to announce to the general public, that he has opened an Establishment, No. 152 Tower Street, where he bottles superior Ale and Porter, at the cheapest rates in Kingston. A trial will testify. Country orders will be promptly attended to, carefully packed and shipped if required.


The friends and acquaintances of the late Albrecht Metz are invited to attend his remains from York Cottage to the place of interment, at 5 o'clock this evening.


At 11 o'clock last night, at his residence, No 99 Upper Church Street, Horatio J. Symmonette. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend his remains at 10 o'clock this morning.

March 28, 1873

Sitting Magistrates for the Week

Kingston: J. R. Brice, Jonas Hart, Alfred Da Costa, Esqrs.

Port Royal: Aaron Salom, Joseph Stines, Joseph Francis, Esqrs.



On the 25th March, at New Milns, Hanover, the wife of R. H. Robertson, of a son.


The friends and acquaintances of the late Mr. Henry Robb are kindly invited to attend his funeral from Mrs. Dyer's residence No 47 Fleet St., at 5 o'clock, this afternoon


Mr. C. T. G. Johnstone has been appointed a Road Commissioner for the parish of Portland.

Mr. Robert Radlien and Mr. John Gray have been appointed Assessors of damage for the Mandeville district, under the Law to regulate the assessment of damage by trespass of stock.

March 29, 1873


March 26th, 1873, D. H. Nieto to Miss E. Belasco.

March 31, 1873


At Devon Pen, St. Mary, on the 21st instant, Richard H. Bennett, Esq., Surveyor, in the 29th year of his age.

April 1, 1873


Parties indebted to the Estate of the late Horatio Brandon, will be indiscriminately sued, unless payment of their accounts be made prior to the 30th April.

Daniel R. D'Costa, Executor.



The wife of Mr. Theodore Nunes, No. 87 Duke Street, of a son, 30th March, 1873.

April 2, 1873


In this city, on the 27th March 1873, Alice May, infant daughter of James A. Marshall, aged six weeks.

Yesterday morning, at 6 o'clock, at Rae Town, Emma Louise, Wife of Francis Dawson, C. E., aged 32 years.

April 4, 1873

A woman of the name of Ann Diamond was remanded by the Police Magistrate yesterday on a charge of seduction.


The Governor has been pleased to appoint W. C. Walcott, Esq., to be a Justice of the Peace for the Parish of Westmoreland.

There was a Meeting of the Parochial Road Commissioners of St. Andrew, at Halfway-Tree on Wednesday last, the Hon. J. H. McDowell, Custos, in the Chair. A report was presented from Messrs. LeRay and Berry, the newly appointed Road Inspectors, on the condition of the Roads. On the document being read, the Board expressed satisfaction with the care and attention evinced on the part of the Inspectors. The quarterly accounts, with the exception of a few referred back for attestation, were passed and ordered to the paid.

April 7, 1873

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Elbe from Southampton: --

Paymaster and Mrs. Griffith; Lieut. H. H. Spitta; Lieut. E. W. Hughes; Mr. Justice Rampini; Miss Nethersole; Capt. Ferguson, R. E., and wife; Mr. F. P. Bravo; Mr. G. V. Wigram; Mr. C. D. Maynard; Mr. T. Raphael; Mr. P. Croft; Mr. L. Daoust; Mr. V. DeCastro; Mr. S. Booth; Mr. C. . Halliburton; Mr. T. Halliburton; Mr. J. Blake.


On the 2nd instant, at the Residence of the Bride's Parents, St. Jago Park, Spanish Town - Eustace DeCordova, Esq., of Kingston, to Annie Elizabeth, second daughter of Isaac Levy, Esq.

April 8, 1873

Jewish Almshouse

Visiting Committee for April

H. J. Jacobs, S. H. Samuels, E. Sanguinetti


Sitting Magistrates for the Week

Kingston: Louis Verley and William Berry, Esqrs.

Port Royal: John F. Lawrence, Daniel Finzi, and J. Hart, Esqrs.

April 9, 1873

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tasmanian from Colon: --

Mr. Casseres, wife, child and servant; Mr Stevenson, and wife; Mr. E. Roumain; Messrs. J. and F. Palma; Messrs. J. and F. Calhai.

In the Atlas Mail Co.'s Steamer Claribel from New York: -- Mr. Alexander Lazarus; Mr. E. A. Forten; Miss C. Hopwood; Mr.. George Norris; Mr. Thomas H. Allan; Mr. James Lawrence.


Kingston, April 9, 1873


That from this date I will not be responsible for any debt or debts that may be contracted by my wife, Mary Elizabeth Lindsay, residing at Green Island, for she has left my protection.

James S. Lindsay.



At Knight's Estate, Vere, on the 6th instant, the wife of John McGregor, of a daughter.


GARDINER AND MURPHY - Feb. 18, at Balloughter church, Bannow, County Wexford, by the Rev. William Corvan, Alexander Frazer Gardiner, Esq., to Brenda Elizabeth Jane, widow of the late Henry W. Murphy, Esq., and daughter of the late Thomas S. Greensword, Esq., Master in Chancery, Jamaica, West Indies.


At Falmouth, on Saturday, the 5th inst., Emma, the daughter of Michael Angelo Nunes, and wife of Andrew Delisser.

At Stewart Castle, Trelawny, on the 5th instant, Gertrude Milne, relict of the late Thomas Murthwaite, Esquire, aged 32.

DAVY - March 5, at 44 Magdalen-street, Exeter, in her 79th year, Margaretta Parsons, daughter of the late William Neyle, Esq., of Ambrocke House, Ipplepen, married first to the late William Abell, Esq., and secondly to the late James Lewis Davy, M. D., of Jamaica.

The friends and acquaintances of the late Peter Eynaud are requested to attend his funeral from the Catholic Burial Ground Chapel, to his grave thereon, at half past three o'clock, p.m., this afternoon.

April 12, 1873


On Wednesday last, at Spot Valley, Saint James, after a long and painful illness ... Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of Alexander Grant, Esq.

April 15, 1873


In this city, on Saturday morning, James Fyfe Humber, late of the Parish of St. Mary, aged 26 years ...

April 16, 1873

Messrs. Desnoes and Son, hopeless of detecting the guilty parties who have twice in course of one month had their shops broken into and robbed have now advertised for the services of two men to act as night guards for the protection of their property. Messrs. Desnoes and Son inform us that they pay something like £200 a year in licenses and other taxes, and they feel it a hardship that they should be compelled to provide themselves that protection which they ought to receive from the Police.

April 18, 1873


At Kendal, Manchester, on the 14th April, the wife of John P. Clark, Esq., of a daughter.


The estates known as "Georgia", "Kew", and "Haughton Tower", owned by Messrs. G. L. Phillips & Brother, of Montego Bay, have changed owners. Messrs. William Vickers and Edward Saddler of Westmoreland are the purchasers.

April 19, 1873

Mr. Thomas E. Escoffery has been appointed a Lay Vaccinator for the Parish of Clarendon.

Messrs. John MacNeil, Andrew Broomfield, G. R.. Gordon, S. G. Green and James Delaroche, have been appointed assessors of damage by trespass of stock, according to the first section of Law 46 of 1872, within the jurisdiction of the Savanna-la-Mar District Court.

The following parochial appointments have been Gazetted, namely: -- J. V. Calder, Esq., to be a Road Commissioner for the parish of St. Elizabeth; E. G. Farquharson, Esq., to be a Road Commissioner for the parish of Manchester.

April 23, 1873


On the 16th instant, at the Baptist Chapel, Brown's Town, St. Ann's, by the father of the bride, Timothy Sharpe Eden, son of the Honorable William Eden, Custos of the Cayman Islands, to Catherine Alice Clark, fourth daughter of the Revd. John Clark, of Brown's Town.

April 25, 1873

The friends of Mr. Henry Garsia, are requested to attend the remains of his mother from No. 42, Duke Street, to the place of interment, at 5 o'clock this evening.


The Governor has accepted the resignation of Anthony Benn, Esqr., of his Commission as a Justice of the Peace for the parish of Portland.

Francis Dawson, Esquire, C. E. hitherto acting as Deputy Director of Roads, has been appointed Engineer for the Kingston District.

April 26, 1873

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Elbe for Southampton: --

The Hon. Col. Mann; Mrs. Mann; Miss and Master Mann; Mr. McVey; Mr. Beattie; Mr. Gibson; Mr. Charles Robinson, wife, 4 children and nurse; Mrs. Strachan and servant; Miss Robinson and sister; two Masters Baring; Mrs. Cuff and daughter; Master Smith; Mr. E. Morais; Mr. C. H. Hendrik; Asst. Paymaster Westropp; Mr. David Martin.

For Barbados: - Mr. H. W. DaCosta

For St. Thomas: - Mr. J. Mudahy

For Jacmel: - Mr. Julien



At Melrose Villa, Elletson Road, yesterday, the 25th inst., Evelyn DaCosta, aged 7 weeks, the infant daughter of Mortimer and Ruth Brandon.

April 28, 1873

The friends and acquaintances of Miss Esther Sallas [Sollas?] are invited to attend her remains from her late residence, No. 127, Princess Street, to the place of interment, at half-past four o'clock this evening.

April 29, 1873


At Shafston Pen, Westmoreland, the residence of her daughter, on the 18th April, Mrs. Mary Isabella Jelly, aged 90 years.

April 30, 1873


At the Cathedral, Spanish Town, on the 28th April, by the Rev. F. S. Bradshaw, L. L. D., Captain Edward Henry Howard of H. M. S. Raccoon, to Sophia Caroline Lucille, eldest daughter of Francis Robertson Lynch, Esq.


At Lucea. On Sunday the 20th inst., after seven days illness, aged 23 years, Melville Adams Carter, only son of R. Carter, Esq., Stipendiary Magistrate...


At Dry Harbour on the 24th instant, the wife of Samuel E. Payne, Jr., Assistant Collector Taxes, of a Son.


At Monaltrie, St. Andrew, on the 26th inst., John Evelyn, the infant son of Dr. Cargill, aged 9 months and two weeks.

June 30, 1873


At Whitefield Chapel, Porus, on 26th June by the father of the bride, assisted by the Revd. W. Alloway, Edward Francis Coke, Esq., of St. Elizabeth, to Ada Ellen Clark, of Whitefield.

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