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June 20 to August 14,1866

June 20, 1866

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Eider, from Southampton:

- Lieut. Adams

- Dr. T. Clarke

- Mr. R. R. Wallen

- Mrs. Humphreys and female servant

- Dr. and Mrs. Steventon, infant and female servant.

- Dr. Kearney

- Ensign Edgecomb

From Barbados:

- Mr. Collymore and son

- Lieut. Gower

From St. Thomas:

- Lieut. Graham

- James Taylor, Esq., Inf. Instructor

From Jacmel:

- G. M. DeVillacy


Narrow Escape

Whilst the R. M. C. Steamer was getting moored alongside the Royal Mail Co's wharf last evening, a young man a son of Mr. Louis Cunha, manager of the Com. Exchange, fell off the wharf into the sea, and being unable to swim, was in danger of being drowned. A loud noise was raised for his rescue, and one man at the moment jumped into the water, and with the assistance of two others, who remained on the wharf, succeeded in rescuing Master Cunha from what in a few seconds more must have proved a watery grave. We have ascertained the name of the man who jumped into the water to be Peter Goldson, who is well deserving of the applause of the humane in so praiseworthily rescuing a fellow creature from danger.


Dr. Steventon

Among the passengers by the Packet yesterday were Dr. & Mrs. Steventon from Montserrat. Dr. Steventon has been appointed one of the principal Medical Officers of the Public Hospital of this Island.



The counting house of Mr. H. A. Jacobs, of the American House, situated corner of Harbour Street and Luke Lane, in this city, was discovered on fire on Monday evening last, but prompt measures were adopted to subdue it before any damage could occur. It appears that Mr. Jacobs had piled up some hay in a corner of his premises for the purpose of packing goods; at about half-past five o'clock in the evening, the storewoman discovered smoke issuing from the hay, and immediately gave an alarm. Mr. Jacobs, who was in the neighbourhood, rushed to his store, and with timely assistance succeeded in smothering the flames that were issuing from the hay. On search being made it was discovered that the partition of the premises had been burnt, and the charred appearance left no doubt that, but for the fortunate discovery of the fire in time, the result might have been seriously to the neighbourhood.

June 21, 1866


On the 4th March last, at New Zealand, by having been accidentally thrown from his horse, Carlo Arnaboldi, brother of Mr. Arnaboldi of this city, at the age of 40 years, leaving a wife and four children.

June 25, 1866


In this City, on Saturday morning, 23rd instant, the wife of Michael DeCordova, Esq. of a son.


The Custos of Trelawny

The Honorable Robert Nunes, Custos of this parish, having obtained leave of absence from his Excellency the Governor, left Falmouth yesterday morning for Kingston, where he will embark on ... board the Steamer Packet that will sail on that day to Southampton. We are informed that the honorable gentleman's visit to England will not be of long duration , and that he will return before the end of the year to resume his place. We have not heard that Sir Henry Storks has appointed any one of the Magistracy of the parish to supply the place of the Custos during his absence on leave; we suppose, therefore, that the duties of Senior Magistrate will be undertaken by Samuel T. Scharschamidt, Esquire, or William Sewell, Esquire, both of whom have all the necessary qualifications to discharge efficiently the important trust. Either of these gentlemen placed at the head of the Magistracy would have the support and co-operation of the whole of their fellow-parishioners, by whom they are deservedly respected and esteemed. - Falmouth Post



The notorious convict, John Peterkin, alias George Morant, alias Robert Gordon, who escaped on Saturday the 16th instant, from the Penal Gang working at Martha Brae, was apprehended on Monday night last, at Stewart Castle Estate, by two men, who have thus earned the reward of five dollars, offered by Mr. Kidd, the Superintendent of the Prison in this town. The apprehended convict was brought to Falmouth immediately after his capture, and lodged again in his old quarters, where, no doubt, he will be strictly watched, and placed under such restraint as will prevent the possibility of another escape being effected. - Falmouth Post

June 26, 1866

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer "Eider" for England:

- Mrs. Thomas Oliver; Hon. Robert Nunes; Mrs. Turton and child; Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals, Bent; Lieut. Turton; Ensign Bell; Mr. Holt.


Colonial Bank

We understand that the Directors of the Colonial Bank have appointed Mr. Charles G. Farquharson, now Cashier of the Branch here, to be Sub-Manager, and that he will assume the duties on the 1st July.

His successor as Cashier has not as yet been named.


Coke Chapel Sunday School

The sum of ten guineas was collected in Coke Chapel on Sunday last, in aid of the Sunday School in connection with this place of worship. This speaks well, for the cause of religious instruction amongst the youth of our city. The children attached to this chapel will be regaled this afternoon at four o'clock in the School Room; and in the evening at 7 o'clock a public meeting will be held in the chapel, when several Ministers and scholars will address the meeting.


Head Quarters House

Major General and Mrs. O'Connor entertained at Dinner on Tuesday, the Honorable W. G. Freeman, Assistant Commissary General and Mrs. Travers, the Misses Macneil, D. A. Commissary General Charles D. O' Connor, Mr. H. Coppard, Doctor Fiddes, Mr. W. H. Fyfe, and Lieut. Lanyon, 6th Royals, A. D. C.


St. Thomas In the East Circuit Court

June Term, 1866

(Before the Honorable Edward Kemble.)

Present - S. Cooke, Clerk of the Peace; Solicitor in attendance, D. P. Nathan, Esquire.

The Grand Jury having been sworn, of whom James Harrison, Esq., was Foreman, the Riot Act was read. His honor the Judge briefly addressed the jury, stating that there were but few cases in the Calendar for their consideration, and of the usual character, requiring no particular observations from him. There was one case of manslaughter, on which his honor made a few remarks as to the law. The jury then retired, and the following bills, having been found by the Grand Jury, were tried, and resulted as follows:

- The Queen against Thomas Taylor, for manslaughter. Verdict - guilty. 18 calendar months in the General Penitentiary.

- The Queen against Abraham Wignal, larceny of a piece of calico, the property of G. A. Hague, Esq. Verdict - guilty. Three years penal servitude. In this case the prisoner with 9 other persons, entered the house of Mr. Hague, armed with guns, cutlasses, and sticks, on the 13th of October last, Mr. Hague making his escape into the woods. The prisoner's companions in arms were all executed. The prisoner took to the woods, and it was not until last January that he was apprehended and now brought to trial.

- The Queen against Alexander Fraser for felonious assault and robbery. Verdict - guilty. 2 years to the General Penitentiary, with hard labor. This prisoner went up to Mr. Bowen's house, at Coley, armed with a sword, with other ruffians (not yet apprehended), and demanded the key of Mr. Bowen's store, threatening to kill the servant if he did not deliver up the key. Having obtained the key entered the store, and plundered it of everything - rum, brandy, wine, etc.

- The Queen against William Turner, shopbreaking and larceny. Verdict - guilty. 2 years in the General Penitentiary, to hard labor.

- The Queen against James Taylor and George Harris, larceny of a sow. Verdict - guilty. Taylor sentenced to 12 calendar months in the District Prison, Morant Bay and Harris to 9 calendar months.

- The Queen against William Jordon and John Barclay, larceny of ground provisions. Verdict - guilty. 2 calendar months each, District Prison, Morant Bay.

- The Queen against Elias Taylor, for larceny of Pork. Verdict - guilty. Seven calendar months District Prison, Morant Bay.

There were no appeals, and only one Civil case, which not being defended, did not occupy the Court very long. This concluded the business of the Court. The Court was then adjourned until next October Term.

July 3, 1866

Auction of Real Estate

For Sale by Public Outcry, on Tuesday the 11th July 1866, at 11 o'clock, in front of my Vendue and Agency Store. The following properties belonging to the Estate of the late Solomon Gabay, deceased:

- No. 1 - House, no. 30 Princess Street, containing a large shop and comfortable Dwelling House inside, Out Office, etc. with large yard, tenanted by Mr. Joseph D. Athias, at £1 4s. per month.

- No. 2 - House, no, 28 Princess Street, adjoining the above, containing a shop and yard with kitchen, etc., tenanted by Mr. Joseph DeSouza at 12s. per month.


NOTICE - Mr. W. T. JAMISON this day retires from the firm of Jamison, Soutar & Co. which will hereafter be continued by Mr. S. SOUTAR on his individual account under the firm of


All Debts owing to, or by the late Firm, will be received and paid by Mr. S. Soutar.




Passengers Arrived

In the Steamer Venezuelan, from Colon:

- Mr. Lyons

In the Steamer Talisman, from New York:

- Mr. Pinto and son; Mrs. Samson and child; Mrs. Anderson, child and servant; Dr. Flour; Dr. Wake.


Sitting Magistrates

Joseph Stines and Alfred Delgado, Esqrs.

July 6, 1866

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tyne, from Southampton:

- Mr. Lewis

- Mr. Jackson

- Mr. Gueslin

- Mrs. Bell


General O'Connor, C . B.

The indisposition of Major General O'Connor, C. B. prevented his attending the Theatrical Performance on Wednesday evening. We trust His Excellency may soon recover.


1st West Indian Regiment, Lockhart Mure Hartley Kennedy, Gent., to be Ensign by promotion, vice Lindoe, promoted.

Ensign Frederick Evans Lindoe, to be Lieutenant by promotion, vice West Holmes Hill, who has retired.

July 7, 1866


At St. George's, Bermuda, on Saturday the 23rd June, 1866 (her 57th birthday), Jane Juliana, the beloved wife of William Antrobus Holwell, Esq., Deputy Supt. of Stores, Military Store Staff, Bermuda.



The Hon. L. F. McKinnon has been appointed Managing Director of the Jamaica Railway.



We learn, on good authority, that Mr. C. G. Gunter will be appointed as Cashier of the Colonial Bank here, in the place of Mr. C. G. Farquharson, appointed Sub-Manager, and that he will assume his duties on the 16th instant. This appointment speaks volumes in favor of the management of this Bank, shewing as it does that everyone in their employ is certain of promotion as opportunity offers, if he has been attentive and able to perform the duties assigned to him. There is some encouragement to all young men in an establishment conducted like this, which, without fear or affection, promotes its officers as vacancies occur.


Fatal Accident

On Thursday night, at about half-past 9 o'clock, a woman named Helena Jackson, fell of the R. M. Company's Wharf, and was drowned. Her body was recovered about half an hour after. A Coroner's inquest was held on the body yesterday, when a verdict of accidental death was returned.


The Rev. Henry Bleby

By accounts received per Packet, we learn that the Rev. Mr. Bleby, Wesleyan Minister, was delivering a series of Lectures in Berbice.

July 9, 1866

It is our very sad and painful duty to announce the death of our beloved and respected relative, Aaron DeCordova, Esq. He expired yesterday evening at ten minutes past six. The funeral will leave his late residence in Duke Street this afternoon at 4:30 precisely and reach the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue at 4:45 p.m. It is not for us to sound the praise of him who, universally respected and esteemed, was endeared to us by ties of relationship and bound us to him by exercising towards us all a father's care and love. We have sustained a heavy loss. God's will be done.


Sitting Magistrates

A. Salom, D. Martin, and A. D'Costa, Esqrs.

Sailors Home

F. A. Ebbeke, and S. Soutar, Esqrs.

Passengers Sailed

In the Steamer Talisman for New York:

- Mr. D. McDowell; Mrs. McDowell and child; Mrs. Arnaboldi and child; Mr. Allen; Mr. And Mrs. Fisher; the three Misses Fisher; Mr. La Forest; Mr. C. A. Milne; Mr. J. M. . Gray; Mr. C. L. Hyder; Mrs. J. McDonald and 3 children; Miss Arnaboldi; Mrs. Howetson and 3 children.

July 11, 1866

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tamar:

- Mrs. Fergusson and daughter; Mr. L. Fergusson; Mr. And Mrs. Llibons; Mr. F. Llibons; Mr. V. Wanderer; Mr. Barham and 2 children; Mrs. Mayon.

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tamar for England:

- Dr. R. Harvey and wife; Mr. Cooke; Miss Yates; Miss Fisher; Hon. Benjamin Vickers, wife, two Misses Vickers, and Master Vickers; Mr. Wellesley Bourke; Mr. Charles M. Phillips; Mr. Braham and wife; Capt. Adcock; Dr. M. Clarke; Mr. Emmanuel Lyons; Mr. Thompson; Mr. C. Richards; Mr. Emmanuel Lyons, Jr.


St. Thomas in the East

A Vestry was held on Thursday, the 5th July, 1866, at the Court House, Morant Bay. The usual Quarterly Accounts, as passed by the Committee of Accounts, with their Report, were adopted; and after a few other little matters were disposed of the Vestry broke up.

A Poll was opened at the Court House, Morant Bay, on the 6th instant, for the election of two Churchwardens and ten Vestrymen, to serve the parish for the current year, when the following gentlemen were elected:--

Churchwardens - Stephen Cooke and Samuel Shortridge, Esqrs.

Vestrymen - R. D. Cooke, William Alvarenga, Charles Sullivan, H. Stewart, James Cruickshanks, John Wallace, Henry Mais, Henry Ford, J. Fannell, and James Duffus, Esqrs.

July 13, 1866

Passengers Arrived

In the Steamer Crusader from Liverpool:

- Robert S. Brass, Esq. for Kingston; J. R. Hurst, Esq.; George Carling, Esq.; G. Francks, Esq. for Vera Cruz; John Woolley, Esq. from Port-au-Prince.

July 16, 1866

Sitting Magistrates

E. Lyons, H. F. Colthirst, and William Barclay, Esq.

Sailors Home

Dr. Campbell and A. Turnbull, Esq.

July 17, 1866

General Penitentiary, July 13, 1866


Richard Johnson, answering to the following description, did this 12th day of July 1866 escape from my custody while working at Harbour Head:

Height, 5 feet 6 inches. Age, 20. Complexion, black. Occupation, Soldier, 1st West India Regiment.

Particular marks, face lightly pitted from Small Pox, scar between the brows, scar on right side of upper lip, scar on left chin, stout made. Mary Johnson, mother, living at Darliston, Westmoreland. Former residence, Darliston, Westmoreland.

J. HORTON, Superintendent


Report of the Jamaica Royal Commission

Part II, containing the minutes of evidence and appendix, was published on the 20th June, by Messrs. Eyre, & Spottiswoode, Parliamentary Printers. The Blue Book, which is of the largest size, contains 1,162 pages. From the index we learn that 174 witnesses were examined as to the disturbances; 127 as to the general facts of the suppression; 233 with reference to the punishments inflicted during the suppression; 88 as to the destruction of property; 117 as to the state of the island; 49 on the case of G. W. Gordon; 8 as to political arrests; 24 as to imprisonments at Up-Park Camp. The number of questions put and answers given amounted to 49,158. The appendix contains a great variety of returns, together with the military and naval despatches and the explanations of Lieut. Adcock, Colonel Hobbs, Captain Hole, and others. The publishing price in London, of the Report of the Commission, is 3s, and 12s for the reprinted evidence. By this it will be seen that Messrs. DeCordova, McDougall & Co., and Messrs. Jordon & Osborn have published the report 2s cheaper than the London price.



In this City on Saturday, 14th instant, Albert Ernest, youngest son of Mr. Thomas Briscoe, aged two weeks and three days.

July 18, 1866


We regret to record the death of Dr. G. Ryan, of HMS Aboukir, which occurred suddenly yesterday at 7 a.m. on board that vessel at Port Royal. The deceased had been on this station, of and on, for a period of 25 years; during which he gained a large circle of friends and was much esteemed. His remains were interred with military honors at 5 p.m.

July 23, 1866

James S. Yair, Esq., has been appointed Clerk in Charge of H. M. Dock Yard at Port Royal, in the room of W. M. Carrington, Esq. Mr. Yair was formerly Clerk of Her Majesty's Naval Hospital at Port Royal, and is expected in the next packet.


Clarendon - Parochial Election

A Poll was opened at the Court House, Chapelton, on Friday, 20th July, for the Election of two Churchwardens and ten Vestrymen.

Mr. H. Harris nominated the old Churchwardens, N. Sutherland and Dr. Croskery.

As Vestrymen: - Abraham Noah; Revd. A. Joyce; Revd. A. Wynne; Revd. F. Jones; Henry Harris; Revd. T. H. Clarke; John Thompson; William Porter; Robert Radlien; F. J. Brennan; James McMorris; Henry Miller; Henry Rubie; Glaister Bell; and James McMorris, Esqrs.

The following were elected at the close of the Poll: -

A. Noah, 21; F. J. Brennan,14; Revd. F. Jones, 16; Robert Radlein, 19; Rev. A. Joyce, 19; Revd. A Wynn, 21; Revd. T. H. Clarke, 21; Jno. Thompson, 21; H. Miller, 15; Henry Harris, 21; Henry Rubie, 11; J. McMorris, 12; J. Bell, 12; William Porter, 13.

The Poll was closed at 3 p.m.

July 26, 1866

Custos of Manchester

We understand that the Hon. J. R. Hollingsworth has resigned the appointment of Custos for the Parish of Manchester - an office which, we believe, he has held for a period of 20 years.


The Farewell Address

At the sailing of the Packet on the 24th, the number of signatures attached to the Farewell Address to Governor Eyre, from individuals, firms, and families, amounted to 1419, of which 647 were of Kingston. Lists from the several sister parishes are still coming in.


Mandeville Post Office

His Excellency the Governor, having in fair, and impartial justice exonerated Mrs. Nash of the serious charge brought against her, has desired she should be re-instated Postmistress of Mandeville.



The piece of Plate, recently imported by the congregation of St. Michael's Church, in this city, as a testimonial of their regard for their pastor, the Rev. F. S. Bradshaw, L. L. D., now Rector of Port Royal, was presented to the Rev. Doctor yesterday by a deputation of the congregation, at the office of Messrs. Anderson and Hendrick. It consists of an elegant Claret Jug, bearing the Doctor's Crest and motto, "Qui vit content tient assez" and a Salver, with the following inscription: -









The Plate will be on view, for a few days, at Messrs. Turnbull & Lee's Store, where it may be seen by the subscribers and others interested.


Court of Common Council

A Meeting of the Court of Common Council was held at the Court House in this city at noon yesterday. There were present, His Honor the Mayor, in the chair, Aldermen Nunes, Salom, Qualo, Henderson, Vickars.

Common Councilmen Lyon, Hitchins, Alt. DeCordova.

The minutes of the last meeting were read.

The estimates for the ensuing financial year were presented.

Alderman Qualo enquire, jocularly, as the Court was in its last gasp, whether they could increase any of the salaries. The Mayor thought it would come with ill grace at this time to make such a proposition - Alderman Qualo was simply joking.

Tenders were then opened for the lease of the City markets.

- Joseph Williamson .......................£1102. 8. 0

- Joseph P. Bonitto.........................£1020. 0. 0

- Fitzherbert Nunes.........................£1100. 0. 0

- Henry Brodhurst...........................£1000. 0. 0

Mr. Williamson's tender was accepted, being the highest, he being the former Lessee, and not being in arrear.

The tender of Sigismund Smith was accepted at £9. 15s for carting away the sweepings of the city markets.

On motion of Common Councilman Altamont DeCordova, an item of £2000 was inserted in the estimates for the purchase of a Steam Fire Engine and apparatus for the protection of the city in case of fire.

Ten fire wardens were elected for this city for the ensuing year - Adjourned.

July 30, 1866

Passengers Sailed

In the Steamer West Indian for Liverpool:

- Mr. A. J. Melville; Mr. Edward Clarke; Mrs. and Miss Foster.

July 31, 1866


It was announced in the Episcopalian places of worship on Sunday last that in future the solemnization of marriage would be performed at any time up to six o'clock in the evening. This will be hailed as an improvement in the right direction. The former system of performing the ceremony before midday led many persons to resort to other places of worship in order to have the ceremony performed in the evening.

August 1, 1866

Passengers Arrived

In the W. I. & P. Steamer, Talisman, Capt. Smith:

From New York:

- Mr. J. Murray Auld and Brother

- Mr. Ramos and Son

- Mr. E. DeCordova

- Mr. Peixotte

From Port-au-Prince:

-- Mr. Morais.


The Rev. R. D'C. Lewin

The Rev. Ralph D'Costa Lewin, late of this city, and for a brief period principal of the Hebrew Free School of New York, has accepted the position of teacher in the Jewish School at Shreveport, Louisiana, under flattering circumstances. The Jewish Messenger of New York says: -- "Mr. Lewin is a young man of dignified bearing, pleasing address and a genuine love of his profession. He speaks well and to the purpose; and we anticipate for him not only success in his charge at Shreveport, but a fine position among American Clergymen. He has studied faithfully and is determined to become a thorough Jewish Minister."



As will be seen by the news from England, Mrs. G. W. Gordon has presented a petition to Parliament through Mr. Mills, praying for "redress" for the loss of her husband in the late Rebellion in St. Thomas in the East.

August 6, 1866


The Gazette of Friday contains the following:

- William Johnson, St. Catherine, Butcher; David Abraham Feurtado, Hanover, Gentleman; John Reid Hollingsworth, Manchester.

August 10, 1866

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tamar, for England:

- His Excellency Sir H. K. Storks, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., and servant

- Lieutenant Strahan, A.D.C. and servant

- The Venerable Archdeacon Stewart, Wife, Child, and servant

- Lieutenant Williams of the 2nd W. I. Regiment, Wife and child

- Miss Rodgers

- Colonel Nelson, D.A.G.

- Mr. James Sellers

- Revd. Samuel Oughton

- Mr. Theophilus Cox

- Commander Williams, R.N.

- Mr. William Lewis, R.N.

- Paymaster's Sergeant Tippets

- Staff Assistant Surgeon Byrne for Barbados

- Staff Assistant Surgeon Elgee for Barbados

- Mrs. Elgee

- 1 Discharged Soldier for Demerara

- Alfred Villeur, decker, for Jacmel

August 11, 1866

S. C. Burke Esquire

We observe the name of Samuel Constantine Burke, Esq., Solicitor of this Island, among the gentlemen present at the late meeting of the Jamaica Committee of the Anti-Slavery Society at which the Jamaica question and the letter of Mr. Charles Buxton were discussed. Mr. Burke, it is said, is the private Solicitor of Mrs. Gordon.

August 13, 1866

[ADVERTISEMENT] Dr. D. L. Levett, Dentist

No. 70, King Street, opposite Mrs. Edward's Lodgings. Teeth extracted, absolutely without pain, by the means of Pure Nitrous Oxide Gas.


Sitting Magistrates

W. G. Astwood, L. Verley, and John J. Hart, Esquires.

Sailors Home

Rev. James Watson and Hon. J. H. McDowell

August 14, 1866


At ten o'clock yesterday his Honor the Chief Justice took his seat on the Bench. Mr. Williams applied to the Court for a postponement of the case against [Margaret] Judah and others till to-day as the witnesses were not in Court. He was engaged, with his honor the Attorney-General, for the prosecution, and would be ready to go on with the trial the first thing to-day; and if the witnesses were not then present, the Court would deal with them as their names were called. Mr. Phillippo, for the defence, would be glad if the case was postponed as he was indisposed.

The learned Judge said there would be sufficient other business to engage the time of the Court for the day. The trial was then fixed for to-day. It appears that Mr. Phillippo alone has been retained for the defence.

George McLaren, for larceny of five bags of coffee, whilst in his custody to take in the wharf of Messrs. Nunes, Bros. from the Railway Terminus of this city, was sentenced to four years' penal servitude.

William Garvey, convicted of larceny of jewellery, sentenced to ten months' imprisonment in the General Penitentiary.

Thomas Hart, for larceny of a saw, sentenced to six months' imprisonment, in the General Penitentiary.

Eliza Henry, for larceny of wearing apparel, sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment, in the Female Penitentiary. First two weeks, two last weeks of the first year, and the last two weeks of the term. She be kept in solitary confinement.



His Excellency, Lieutenant-General Sir H. K. Storks, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., having embarked for England, the command of the Forces in Jamaica and its dependencies has been resumed by Major-General O'Connor, C.B.

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