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Kingston, Jamaica

September, 1869

September 3, 1869


At the Baptist Mission House, Stewart Town, in the Parish of Trelawny, on Wednesday, the 25th ultimo, by the Revd. W. Webb, Baptist Missionary, Mr. James N. Johnston, Baptist School Master, to Miss Margaret Grant, of the same place.

September 4, 1869

Dr. Hamilton, late the Custos of St. Andrew, has been gazetted a Justice of the Peace for the parish and to have precedence before all the other Justices on the Roster, except the Custos. D. P. Trench and J. T. Orrett, Esqrs., have also been added to Roster.

September 6, 1869


At St. Mary's Church, St. Elizabeth, on the 1st instant, by the Rev. J. L. Ramson, Brother-in-law of the Bride, Ambrose A. Finlayson, Esq., to Mary Louisa Salmon, youngest daughter of the late B. M. Senior, Esq., of Compton.

September 8, 1869


On the 10th August last, at Creland, North Circular-road, Limerick, Ireland, Clara, wife of John Henry MacKern, Esq., and daughter of the late Thomas Ellis, Esq., Kingston, Jamaica.

September 9, 1869


In this City, on Sunday, the 5th instant, Margaret, Wife of James Davidson, Esq..

September 10, 1869

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Neva for Southampton: -- Mrs. W. Bassan; Miss Nunes and 2 Masters Nunes; Mr. Abraham Morales; Mr. Henry Ford; Mr. Hodelin, brother and child; Lieut. R. J. Miller, 84th Regt.; Mr. Gardner; Mr. Geo. Levy.

For St. Thomas: -- Mr. H. Gad; Mr & Mrs. Dobson.


The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Cecil Z. Heming, are requested to attend the remains of his Mother, from her residence Half-way Tree, next the Constabulary Station, to the place of interment, at half-past four o'clock.


Mr. Thomas A. Land has resigned his appointment in the Jamaica Constabulary Force.


Mr. James Daly Lewis has been appointed Clerk of the Peace and Magistrates' Clerk for the parish of Manchester.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint the following Gentlemen to form the Quarantine Board, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 37 of 1869: -- namely, James Fraser, Esq., M. D. C. B., Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals of Her Majesty's Army; James Dunnett, Esq., M. D., Deputy Inspector of Hospitals of Her Majesty's Navy; William Steventon, Esq., M. D., Medical Superintendent of the Public Hospital; Charles Campbell, Esq., M. D., F. R. C. S., Edinburgh; and Major J. H. Prenderville, Inspector General of Constabulary.

September 11, 1869


On Monday 30th, ult., at Chesterfield, Vere district of Clarendon, Ernest Charles, the infant son of E. C. Elliott, Esq., aged 7 months and 2 days.

September 12, 1869


Whilst shooting, by the accidental discharge of a fowling piece, Edward Angell, eldest son of the late Edward Angell, Esq., Solicitor.

September 14, 1869

A Special Session of the Peace was held at the Court House in this city yesterday for the purpose of taking into consideration certain evidence and the certificate founded thereon, under the provisions of the 38th Section of Law No. 17 of 1867, on a complaint preferred against Henry James Depass in respect of his Tavern called "The Royal Alfred", for contravention of the said section, and for the purpose of deciding whether the License granted to the said Henry James Depass should be cancelled, and proceedings taken for the recovery of the penalty imposed by Law. There were present: -- The Hon. L. Q. Bowerbank, Custos, in the Chair; J. S. Brown, D. J. Albera, R. J. C, Hitchins, B. A. Franklin, Joseph Stines, T. B. Wiltshire, Alt. DeCordova, Alfred DaCosta, Dr. Charles Campbell, Jonas Hart, W. G. Astwood, H. S. Samuel, and J. R. Brice, Esquires; H. J. Bicknell, Esq., the Police Magistrate, was also present.

Mr. Dayes, the Deputy Clerk of the Peace, read the section of the Act, prohibiting prostitutes from resorting to Taverns or any dancing or disorderly conduct in them -- under penalty of £5.

The certificate of Mr. Bicknell, the Police Magistrate, was read, showing that the Royal Alfred Tavern was proved before him to have been a disorderly place; the resort of prostitutes, where dancing and other disorderly practices were carried on. The evidence was also read -- Mr. Depass was heard in defence. He contended that the evidence of Inspector McGrath was not reliable, as he swore that he visited the tavern on the 12th April, and afterwards stated that it was on the 10th April, and he urged that he was not responsible for the representations made on the 10th April, as he had not yet taken possession of the place or placed his license sign over the door; and with respect to the occurrence of the 5th May, when the sailor lost his life, he urged that he was not liable for that. The evidence read showed that he gave all the directions necessary to be observed in regard to the place being kept orderly.

A long correspondence was read between the Inspector of Police and His Honor the Custos, in reference to the evidence the Inspector gave before the Magistrates, in which it appeared the Inspector stated that the place was represented to His Honor the Custos, since the 13th of April, but no action was taken in the matter till after the tragic occurrence on the 5th May. His Honor felt annoyed at this, for he at once told the Inspector that proceedings should be taken to deprive the place of the License, After the reading of the evidence and the correspondence, Mr. Alberga proposed the following resolution, which was seconded by Mr. Altamont DeCordova, and agreed to: -- Mr. Franklin dissenting:

"That this Session is of opinion that the evidence against Mr. H. J. Depass to deprive him of his license is not satisfactory, and is by no means adequate for the purpose, and therefore do not deem such course called for or necessary."

The ... manner in which the matter was prosecuted was urged by Mr. Depass in his defence. All the witnesses he could have produced were suffered to go away as he had been told that the matter had been dropped. His Honor said the whole affair was a mysterious one. The Inspector appeared to forget everything of connection in the transaction, and the correspondence was before the Governor -- The absence of the Inspector was much regretted.

September 20, 1869


At his residence, in Turks Island, on Thursday, the 29th ultimo, after a lingering illness, Captain William Stubbs, aged 49 years -- The deceased was well known in this City.

September 21, 1869


At the Mission House, Sav-la-Mar, on the 17th instant, Mrs. Windsor Burke, of a Son.


At St. Matthew's Church, Claremont, St. Ann's, on the 16th inst., by the Revd. W. Joell Wood, Edmund Robert Adeane Law, Esq., to Caroline Mary, only daughter of the late Thomas Pottinger, Esq.

September 22, 1869

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Henry Davis, Esq., and Dr. Charles Campbell


On the morning of the 21st inst., after a short illness, Deborah, wife of Aaron Salom, Esq.

September 23, 1869

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer, Tyne, from Southampton: -- Mrs. O'Loughlin; Mr. Joseph Francis; Mr. S. R. DaCosta; Miss Slayter; Mr. G. Sturridge; Mr. W. P. Georges; Mr. Phipps; Messrs. Shelfon and Beer; Mr. H. Rosedon; William Hawkins.

From St. Thomas: -- Mr. and Mrs. Reno; Mr. C. Duaney and family; Mr. Ashenheim.

From Jacmel: -- Mr. Jansen; Mr. Fiste; Mr. Lafontant; Mr. Postard; Mr. Robert Gillespie; Mr. James Rutherford; Mr. Golapin; Mde. Suban and child; Mrs. O'Kill and servant.


In Spanish Town, on the 20th instant, after a lingering illness ... Mr. George William Massias, printer, aged 37 years. He has left a widow and four children ...

September 25, 1869


On the 22nd instant, by the Rev. J. Dupont, Rector, Mr. John Albert Bunting, to Miss Silvestine, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs Alexander Grant, of this City.

September 27, 1869

The Friends and Acquaintances of Henry Darby, Esq., are requested to attend his remains from his late residence, No. 2 New Street, Port Royal, to the place of interment, at half-past four o'clock this evening.


Of fever, at Dover Estate, in the District of Metcalfe, on the 12th instant, David Mackintosh, Esq., Manager of that Property, in the 45th year of his age. He has left a Widow, many Relatives and Friends, to whom he endeared himself by his amiable disposition, to bemoan his loss. And on the 17th instant, at Dunkeld, St. Thomas ye Vale, in the 5th year of her age, Lillian Maud Isabella, his Infant Daughter -- an Interesting Child.

September 28, 1869


The friends and acquaintances of the late Archdeacon Stewart are requested to attend his funeral at half-past three o'clock this evening, from his residence, Belle Air Penn, St. Andrew's.

We regret in having to announce the demise of the Venerable Thomas Stewart, D. D., Archdeacon of Surrey, and Bishop's Commissary. The Deceased had of late betrayed signs of increasing infirmity, and his dissolution was not altogether unlooked-for, although it occurred somewhat suddenly. The Rev. Gentleman labored for many years in connection with the Church in this island and well earned the esteem in which he was held. He was in his sixty ninth year. On the intelligence of his death being received, the Church Bells of Kingston and St. Andrew's were tolled in minute peals, as a mark of respect.

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