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Excerpts June 1868

Kingston, Jamaica
June 2, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the Schr. Velio, from New York: --

- Messrs. Johnson and Touzalin

Passengers Sailed

In the Brig Kite, from Black River, for London: --

- Mr. Hutchinson and Lady

June 4, 1868

The District Court met again yesterday, to dispose of the two cases remaining over from the previous day, but one of these was brought on, that of Arabella Demetrius against Mary Ann Boog, which was an action of ejectment to recover possession of a house. Mr. A. E. Burke appeared for the Plaintiff, and Mr. Pouyat for the Defendant. After the close of the Plaintiff's case, Mr. Pouyat moved for a nonsuit, which was refused. The defense was then gone into, after which the learned Judge stated that as important points of law were involved, he would reserve his judgment. The other case, Bogg, against Laing, on motion of the Plaintiff, was postponed. The Court then adjourned till Tuesday the 16th inst.


The Standard Life Assurance Company has added another year of successful operation to its long career of prosperity. 1,820 Policies were accepted during 1867, covering a sum of £1,127,520 10s. 0d., the premiums on which amounted to £38,592 14s 10d. The annual revenue at 15th November last was £693,894 13s 1d. The Chairmanship, rendered vacant by the death of Mr. Colin Campbell, has, according to seniority, been filled by W. S. Cooper, Esq., R. N., and the other two vacancies, occasioned by Capt. Cooper's promotion, and the absence from the island of Theodore Gordon, Esq., have been filled by H. B. Shaw, V, and W. P. Georges, Esq.


We beg to direct attention to the advertisement of Mr. D. H. D'Souza, of Falmouth, by whom the Jamaica Quinine Cordial Bitters, manufactured by Mr. Michael Lazarus, is sold. It is an article of general use on the Northside, and doubtless, when properly known, will become generally used throughout the island. It has received the highest commendation of the faculty of Trelawny and there are persons in Kingston by whom it is has been tried, who have pronounced it to be superior to anything of the kind they have ever tasted. We would strongly recommend it, especially to all who suffer from loss of appetite and general debility.

June 6, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Atrato, from Southampton: --

- Mr. J. H. C. Bishop, R. N.

- Lieut. G. E. B. Baker, 84th Regiment

- Mr. Morgan

- Mr. Phillips

- Miss Phillips

- Lieut J. H. Parke, R. N.

From Barbados: -

- Mr. and Mrs. Espeut

Passengers Sailed

In the W. I. & P. Str. Venezuelan, for Liverpool: --

- Mr. George Henderson & family

- Mr. Mackie

- Mrs. Dutton, 2 children and 2 servants

- Mrs. Cox, 2 children and 1 servant

- Mr. Henderson

- Mrs. Henderson

June 8, 1868


On Wednesday last, at the Holy Trinity Church, by the Revd. Father Joseph Dupont, S. J., Monsieur Eugene Estavard, of Paris, to Mademoiselle Henriette Clothilde Desnoes, only daughter of the late Peter Desnoes, Esq.


At Rae Town, on Monday the 1st June, 1868, Julia Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr. Albert H. Jones.

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tyne, for Colon: --

- Mr. Langesberg

- Mr. Abrahams

- Mr. Chas. Salmon

- Messrs. Brooks and Fyfe

- Revd. Mr. Reuben

June 9, 1868

On Thursday, the 14th ult., a new Chapel in connection with the Baptist Mission was opened at Sturge Town, in St. Ann's. The building is neat, commodious and substantial, in a beautiful situation, and surrounded by a large population. It is intended to serve the purposes of Day and Sunday Schools, as well as for religious worship. the services of the day were commenced by an early prayer-meeting. In the forenoon the children of the schools were catechized and addressed. At twelve o'clock a large congregation assembled. Devotional exercises were conducted by the Revds. T. P. Russell, of the Wesleyan Mission, and John Clark, the Pastor of the Church. An excellent sermon was preached by the Revd. D. J. East, President of Calabar College, from Phillippians iii, 13, on Christian prayers in the individual, the Church, and the community, followed by the Red. B. Millard, of St. Ann's Bay ... The Revd. J. J. Steel, of Coultart Grove, closed with prayer. On the following Sunday the Chapel could not contain the people who assembled to hear the Word of God. The services were concluded by the Revd. J. G. Bennett of Salem.


It is understood at Spanish Town that Lieut. Moore (the Depot Inspector) has been despatched, by instructions from His Excellency the Governor, to investigate certain matters connected with the late gambling transactions on the Race Course at Mandeville.


We learn that His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to grant to the Revd. H. B. Webbe, Stipendiary Curate of Spanish Town, six months' leave of absence. It is reported that the Revd. A. O'Sullivan, at present acting at Highgate Church, will be the substitute of Mr. Webbe.

June 10, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the Barque Eden, at Port Morant, from London: --

- Mr. Albert Morris

Passengers Sailed

In the Barque Fontabelle, from Salt River for London: --

- Miss Levy

-- Miss Claydon

- 2 Masters Melville

Passengers to Sail this Morning

In the R. M. C. Steamer Atrato, for England: --

- Mr. Burgess

- Rev. D. B. Panton, wife and 2 children

- Mr. Alex. Turnbull

- Capt. Rooks, 84th Regt. and wife

- Rev. Chas. Fyfe

For Jacmel: --

- Mr. Souffront

For Dominica: --

- Mr. Fillan

June 10, 1868

Intelligence has reached us that the water of the Rio Cobre is so muddy and impregnated with animal matter, that the Doctors in Spanish Town pronounce it to be utterly unfit to drink; the inhabitants are in consequence very much inconvenienced, having to send to ponds at great distances to obtain water for domestic purposes.

June 11, 1868


At the residence of Dr. Major, Bath, St. Thomas, on the 5th June 1868, Mr. Joshua Carter, aged 54 years.

June 12, 1868

We learn that Commodore Phillimore has accepted the Vice Presidentship of the Sailors' Home and directed that his name be enrolled as a subscriber of five pounds per annum.

Mr. William McKoy has been certificated as a master Pilot for conducting ships and other vessels in and out of Port Royal and Kingston.

June 13, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the W. I. & P. Steamer, Mexican, from Port-au-Prince: --

- Henrietta Manderville

- Mr. A. Crosswell

- Mr. Antas

Sailors' Home

Daniel Finzi, Esq., and Rev. Wm. Holdsworth


We deeply regret in having to announce the death of the Hon. P. A. Espeut, which occurred on Wednesday afternoon last at his residence at "Retreat", in St. Andrew's. Mr Espeut was in the prime of life, and, up to the period of his last illness, would have been pronounced by anyone who saw him to have been in the bloom of health. But it was proved that his appearance was deceptious, as an incurable malady had already made serious inroad upon his constitution. He suddenly became ill, and, when circumstances permitted, he left the county on a trip to the Windward Islands, in the hope of recruiting his strength so as to be able to undergo further medical treatment. His hopes were not realized; his strength gave way the more, and he returned here in the Atrato, on the 14th inst., only in time to end his life in his own home, and among his family and friends. His remains were interred yesterday evening, attended to their last resting-place by a large number of gentlemen by whom he was deservedly respected.

The Hon. Mr. Espeut has been long connected with this island, holding property both in St. Andrew and St. Thomas, having a fine Sugar estate in the latter parish. He was for many years Official Assignee for the County of Middlesex, and recently, on a vacancy occurring, was appointed Assignee for Cornwall, in conjunction, in anticipation, it was reported, of some changes contemplated by the government which were to place him in a higher and more responsible position. Under the old regime, he was for several years connected with political life, commencing with the representation of Kingston in the House of Assembly, as colleague of the Hon. Mr. Jordon and the late Mr. March. After holding his seat for some time a general election came round, and he and Mr. March had to make way for Charles Levy, Esq., and the Hon. Dr. Bowerbank. He was then elected for St. John, for which parish he sat until the abolition of the Assembly. He had also been an Alderman of Kingston, and held commissions of the Peace for several parishes, and soon after the late disturbance, he was appointed Custos of St. Thomas in the room of the late lamented Baron Ketelhodt. He was a gentleman of intelligence, was esteemed by all who knew him, and his death will be generally regretted. As a mark of respect for his memory, the flags of the Commercial Exchange, the R. M. Company and the Museum of the Royal Society of Arts were kept at half-mast all yesterday.

June 15, 1868

Passengers sailed this morning

In the French Steamer Caravelle, for Europe: --

- Mr. S. Laraque

- Mr. A. L. Malabre and daughter

- Mr. G. Roux

For Cape Hayti: --

- Mr. Gaspard and family


At the Deanery, St. Andrew's, on the 9th instant, the wife of C. W. Chapman, Esq., of a daughter.

June 19,1868

Passengers Sailed

In the Barque, Regia, for Falmouth, Jamaica: --

- Mr. Saunders, of H. M. Customs

- Mr. G. L. Phillips and son.

June 20, 1868


At Dominica, on the 1st instant, the wife of E. S. Sanguinetti, Esq., of a daughter.

June 24, 1868


At his father's residence, Sans Souci, St. Andrew, on the morning of the 23rd inst., after a short illness, George Alexander, second son of Henry Smith, Esq., aged 31 years, leaving a young wife and son ...

Sailors' Home

A. L. Malabre and I. H. DeMercado, Esqrs.


For some time complaints have been made of irregularity in the due delivery of letters posted at certain country Post Offices for this city. There were reports in town yesterday of the miscarriage of several such letters within the past week or so, among them one which is advertised in our columns today, posted at Rodney Hall, on the 16th inst., by Messrs. H. Barrow & Co., and addressed to Ellis Wolfe, Esq., of this city, containing a Colonial Bank note for £10 and several drafts for various sums amounting altogether to £110 11s 3d. The Post Office authorities here are not yet in possession of particulars of the various letters said to be abstracted, but we are glad to learn that they are already taking all necessary precaution in ascertaining full particulars concerning the receipt and despatch of the bags at and from the several Post Offices in the transit between which the alleged irregularities must have occurred.

June 25, 1868

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Solent, for England: --

- Mrs. Cuff and 1 child

- Miss Cuff

- Mrs. Simpson

- Miss Touzalin

- Lieut. Baker

- Mr. C. Bishop, R. N.


At Cherry Garden Estate, St. Dorothy, on Sunday the 14th instant, the Wife of Henry Vincent Martin, Esq., of a Daughter.

June 27, 1868


At Wakeful, a Plantation in the Parish of Portland, June 23rd, Ann Levien, the wife of Henry Pereira, of a daughter, both doing well.

June 29, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the American Schooner, Sarah H. Merrill, from New York: --

- Sir Gustavus P. Polini

- Mrs. A. N. Rennalls of Spanish Town

In the Spanish steamer Pelayo, from Colon: --

- Mr. Casis

- Mr. Henry Samuel

- Mr. Charles Abrahams

- Mr. Charles Nunes

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