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April 1872

April 3, 1872

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Commodore DeHorsey; Hon. J. H. McDougall


Sitting Magistrates for the week

Kingston: John Fowles, Francis Lyon, Wm. Lee, Esqrs.

Port Royal: T. DePass, James Derbyshire, S. L. Barned, Esqrs.


Hebrew Benevolent Society

Jacob Aarons, Amos Morais, H. J. DePass, Esqrs.

April 5, 1872

Dunkley's Estate, a Sugar property, in the Vere District of Clarendon, was sold yesterday by Messrs. Turnbull, Lee & Mudon, at public auction, to John McDonald, Esq. for the sum of £2000.


The Governor has been pleased to grant leave of absence from the Colony to Charles Rampini, Esq., Judge of the Mandeville District Court, and to appoint Charles Hamilton Jackson, Esq., now acting temporarily as Judge of the Spanish Town District Court, also to act temporarily as Judge of the Mandeville District Court.

April 8, 1872


At Savanna-la-Mar, on the 3rd inst., the wife of C. S. Farquharson of a son.

At Williamsfield, Manchester, on the 4th inst., the wife of the Rev. William Reeve of a daughter.



On the same day, after a few hours illness, Mary, the beloved wife of the Rev. William Reeve.

On Monday 11th March, after a short illness at Ashton House, Cork, Ireland, Jane, widow of the late Archibald Robert Hamilton, M. A. of Clemtaugh, County Down, and Clifton Mount, Jamaica, sometime Rector of Castle Dermott, County of Kildare.

Intelligence was received in this City from Spanish Town on Saturday of the demise of W. T. March, Esq., Island Secretary.


The Ven Archdeacon Campbell and the Rev. Enos Nuttall will leave Jamaica in the Packet of the 25th inst. on ecclesiastical work ...


A female named Ellen Symmonette attempted suicide by poison last Saturday in Princess Street, but through the timely interposition of Dr. Phillippo, her life has up to the present time been saved, although she is still in a dangerous condition.

April 11, 1872

Passengers sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Corsica: -- for England -- Mr. C. H. W. Gordon; Mr. and Mrs. Christensen; Mr. Daniel Finzi; Mr. Edmund Finzi; Mr. Simon Emanuel; Revd. B. Lambert; Mr. Richard Moss; Revd. P. Russell, wife, infant and servant; Miss Foster; Master Foster; Master Smith; Master Bent; 2 Misses Steer; Mr. Collins; Mrs. Binney; Miss Binney; Mr. R. Robinson; Mr. Horatio Brandon; Mr. William Poole; and Lieut. Georges, R. E.

- For St. Thomas: -- Mr. Manuel Mesa; Mr. Bermudez; and Mr. Emanuel Nunes.

- For Barbados: -- Major-Genl. Munroe; Mrs. Munroe and servant; Lieut.-Colonel Lynch, Mil. Sec., and Messrs. Norton, Steele and Storms.

- For Trinidad: -- Mr. J. E. P. Hicks

- For Jacmel: -- Mrs. Brown and servant.


We learn that the premises at the extreme end of Water Lane, which were occupied by the Lepers, having undergone considerable improvements and alterations will be opened a day next week in connection with the Public Hospital, to be designated "the Lock Hospital" for the reception of female patients exclusively, and that the patients now undergoing treatment in the "Magdaleen Ward" will be transferred to the new Institution, to be placed under the superintendence of Dr. Gayleard.


A Special Session of the Peace was held yesterday, the Custos in the chair; associated with his honor were Messrs. Jonas Hart, Astwood and Ferron. The application of Mr. Demetrius for a license, for the premises corner of King Street and Water Lane, was on recommendation of Mr. Astwood reconsidered and granted. Mr. Ferron enquired, in a rather lengthy speech, whether the Session being in continuation could not rescind the resolution passed at first meeting, requiring that no licenses shall be granted, except to such premises as are surrounded by four brick walls, was informed by the Custos, that they could not. The motion must come from a new session. Several Spirit and Petroleum Licenses were passed. A Spirit License to a man named Smith, in White Street, was refused, the Inspector having reported the place disorderly, and indecent. Tavern Licenses were also granted to H. J. DePass, and Charles Ansell, and the proceedings were brought to a close.

April 15, 1872


In this city, at his father's residence, (H. M. Ordnance), on Thursday the 11th inst., after a short illness of four days, Charles Henry, the eldest son of Mr. John Reeves, aged 22 years, and 9 months, deeply regretted by his friends and relations.


The premises attached to the Tailoring establishment of Mr. Albert Moses, in Water Lane, were discovered to be on fire at about seven o'clock on Friday evening. It appears that some careless person left fire on the ground in closing up the establishment, and it increased to an extent that passers by were attracted by the flame. Timely assistance was at hand, and the fire put out before much alarm was made.


We regret to record the demise of the Rev. Father Barton, of the Roman Catholic Church of this City, which melancholy event took place at two o'clock, yesterday morning. the Rev. gentleman arrived here in 1868 as a Scholastic of the Society of Jesus, occupying his time at the St. George's College, and was afterwards sent to Demerara and there ordained Priest by Dr. Etheridge (Roman Catholic Bishop). He returned in 1870, and was made principal of the St. George's College, to which he devoted his time continually. He suffered for five years form pulmonary disease, which he bore with much patience, but on a determination to do his work, he ever rallied. The Reverend gentleman was only 29 years of age. His remains were taken to their last resting place yesterday evening.

April 17, 1872

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Ven. D. H. Campbell; H. F. Colthirst


Sitting Magistrates for the week

Kingston: Ralph Nunes, Daniel Finzi, Abraham C. Stern, Esqrs.

Port Royal: George P. M. Downer, Daniel Finzi, P. J. Ferron

April 19, 1872

Mr. W. G. Cooks has been appointed Assistant Clerk of the Mandeville District Court, to reside at Chapelton.


The Governor has been pleased to accept the resignation of Mr. John Morce of his appointment as a Notary Public for Kingston.


Dr. A. H. Cotter has been appointed Government Medical Officer of the northern district of St. Andrew; Dr. O. D. Honiball, Medical Attendant to the Immigrants in the Plantain Garden River District of St. Thomas; and Dr. James Ogilvie to be Government Medical Officer of the Mile Gully District of Manchester.

April 20, 1872

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tagus, from Southampton: -- Capt. Llewellyn, R. A.

From Martinique: -- Mr. Cazimajon.

From Tampico: -- Mr. George Lyons.

From St. Thomas: -- Mr. Edgar Ruthven, Mr. Manuel Nunes.



On the 16th inst., at the Naval Hospital, Port Royal, the wife of George L. Jenkins of a son.


In this City, on Wednesday, the 17th inst., by Mr. H. A. Joseph, Acting Reader of the English and German Synagogue, G. C. H. Lewis, Esq., second son of Denis Lewis, Esq., of H. M. Customs, to Emily Louise, third daughter of the late Benjamin Nunes, Esq., of Montego Bay.

April 22, 1872


At Liverpool, on the 22nd March, James Davidson, Esq., aged 63 years.

At Rae Town, on Wednesday 17th April, Osmond Joshua DeCordova, son of Mr. Abraham Myers of this City, age 14 years and 3 months.


An alarm of Fire was given on Thursday evening at 10:30 p.m. The chimney of Mr. G. J. DeCordova's Carriage Factory, Harbour Street, was discovered in flames. Through the prompt assistance of the foreman, who lives on the premises, and neighbours who rushed to the spot, the flames were quickly subdued, the chimney was immediately pulled down and the shingles ripped, which at once prevented further damage.

April 23, 1872

Passengers Arrived

In the American Steamer Rising Star, from New York, for Jamaica: -- Mrs. B. Davis and 3 children; Mrs. B. W. Davis, nurse and 2 children; Mr. Ferrier and daughter; Mr. James Lyon.



In this City, on the 21st inst., Mrs. L. C. McCormack, of a daughter.

April 24, 1872


In the 64th year of his age, at 96 Upper Parliament Street, in Liverpool, on 22nd March last, James Davidson, Esq., of the firm of Davidson, Colthirst & Co.; a native of Ayrshire, Scotland, and for upwards of 42 years, a Merchant of this city ...

On the 14th inst., at Huntley, Manchester, J. B. Tomlinson, Esq., aged 76, Senior Magistrate.

April 26, 1872

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Moselle, for England: -- Mr. Rose; Mr. and Mrs. Dowes; Miss East; Miss Poole; Archdeacon Campbell and wife; Mr. Hemphill; Rev. Mr. Nuttall, Wife, 2 children and servant; Rev. Mr. Gayleard; Rev. Frederick Jones; Lieut. Wilton, 1st W. I. R.; Lieut. Crawford, 1st W. I. R.; Sergeant Major Mabbe, wife and 2 children.

For Jacmel: -- Miss Foote; Mr. C. Laloubere and servant; Mr. Chas. Escoffery; Mr. Ephraim Athias.

For Grenada: -- Mr. Traysona, of Telegraph Co.


A notification appears in the Gazette that the Governor has been pleased to recognize James Gall, Esq., provisionally, as Consul at this port for the Republic of Ecuador.

April 27, 1872


In this City on the 26th April, 1872, Mrs. James D. Ford of a daughter.


On the 23rd inst., Mr. Jacob Brandon, in his 53rd year, a native of this island, and late resident of Panama, leaving a sorrowful widow and four children.

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