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September - October 1880

September 1, 1880


At Breezy Castle, in this city, on Saturday night the 28th August, Edward Hamilton Hall, fourth son of the Revd. C. H. Hall, in his 39th year.



The Cyclone from whose ill effects we are still suffering, and will suffer, has directed attention to the storms of the past in Jamaica. We now publish a list of these storms, including all of importance since the Island passed into English possession. Of the storms that occurred prior to that period no record, as far as we are aware, can be found.

1689. A violent hurricane, the first after British occupation, did great damage to crops, houses, harbours and ships.

1712, Aug. 28th . A terrible hurricane swept over the Island

1722, Aug. 28th. The whole Island was devastated by this storm. Buildings of all kinds in every part of the Island were destroyed. Port Royal was a great sufferer. There the sea was disturbed 48 hours before the storm broke, and the thunder and lightning were frequent. On the morning of the 28th the wind blew with terrific fury, veering to every point of the compass. At Port Royal the sea rose 16 feet above usual high water mark; two rows of houses were undermined by the sea and fell; a battery of 21 guns was washed down, and 20 seamen were washed off the Gun Quay and drowned. Part of the squadron was at sea, but out of 50 vessels in port, only 4 men-of-war and 2 traders were saved, they losing all masts. The centre of the cyclone apparently passed over Port Royal. After the hurricane, a calm; the smell of the stagnant water in which floated wrecks and dead bodies, was pestilential; the air was poisoned; insects bred and became a plague; a destructive epidemic broke out; four hundred persons perished; the anniversary was appointed to be a solemn fast.

1726, Oct. 22nd. A great hurricane which swept only the east end of the Island. Lasted 3½ hours. Many houses, in Kingston, Spanish Town, and Port Royal, thrown down and injured. Fifty vessels cast on shore or sunk.

1744, Oct. 20th. Dreadful hurricane accompanied by an earthquake. Lasted from 6 a.m. until 6 a.m. on the 21st. All Port Royal fortifications were injured; those at Mosquito Point were destroyed. Wharves and warehouses at Kingston, Old Harbour, Port Royal, Passage Fort, washed away or damaged. One hundred and five vessels were in harbour; only H. M. S. "Ripon" was saved. Great loss of life followed by pestilence.

1780, Oct. 23rd. This was perhaps the most frightful hurricane recorded in the West Indies, which were swept without exception. In Jamaica it did awful damage. Savannah-la-Mar was totally destroyed, as were all the buildings forty miles on either side of the town. All provisions and properties there were destroyed, "and the face of the country was changed". At Sav-la-Mar after the storm, fire broke out, then came an earthquake, and the sea rushed up the beach for a mile inland. Pestilence and famine followed. Two hundred pounds weight of inferior flour sold for £10. Death from pestilence would occur in the first hour of attack.

1781, Aug. 1st. A bad hurricane, but less severe than that of the previous year. New provision grounds destroyed and plantations and houses suffered. On the south east side, nearly one hundred vessels driven ashore, many of them, including men-of-war, lost.

1784, July 30th. All the vessels at Port Royal and Kingston wrecked, and many totally lost. The barracks at Up-Park Camp and the Kingston workhouse were blown down. Two shocks of earthquake. Lives lost.

1785, Aug. 27th Great destruction and scarcity of food.

1786, Oct. 20th. Same date as 1744. Famine in consequence of the partial destruction of three years food crops.

1812, Oct. 12th. A storm did great damage to houses and to the growing provisions. Followed by four shocks of earthquake and a vast tidal wave, about a month later.

1813, Aug. 1st. General destruction. The storm was of worse character than that of the previous year.

1815, Oct. 18th and 19th. Dreadful hurricane and deluge of rain in St. David and St. George, and all through the east end. Rivers rose tremendously; roads and plantations were washed away; coffee and provisions were destroyed; vessels stranded at Annotto Bay.

1818, Nov. 17th, 18th and 20th. The county of Cornwall devastated by hurricane. All kinds of property destroyed. At Lucea the troops were taken from the fallen barracks and placed in the Parish Church.

September 3, 1880


At Kew Park, St. James, on 26th August, Joseph Stone Williams, Esq., Barrister at Law, late Advocate General in the Vice Admiralty Court of Jamaica, and Chief Justice of the island of St. Helena.


At no. 50 Harbour Street, at 12:45 this morning, Mrs. Antoinette Williamson. the funeral will move at 6 p.m. The friends and acquaintances of F. and S. Williamson and R. A. Figueroa will please accept this intimation.

We regret to record the death at Kew Park, St. James, on the 26th ult., of Joseph Stone Williams, Esq., late Advocate General in the Vice Admiralty Court of this Island, and Chief Justice of the Colony of St. Helena.


Under authority of Section 1 of Law 22 of 1878, the Governor has been pleased to appoint the following gentlemen to be Members of the Board of Governors of the Institute of Jamaica, viz. : -- D. Morris, Esq., Director of Public Gardens and Plantations, and Ralph B. Hotchkiss, Esq.

An inquest was held at Halfway-Tree on Wednesday, 1st inst., before E. W. Lewis, Esq., Deputy Coroner, and a respectable jury, touching the death of Dorothy Reid, who died at Swallowfield, St. Andrew. The jury in accordance with the evidence, returned a verdict that the deceased came to her death by suffocation, caused by the falling in of her house on the 18th August, during the hurricane.

September 6, 1880


On Wednesday evening, Sept. 1, by Revd. E. Friedlander, George Leon Samuel to Irene Maud Desouza.


The friends and acquaintances of Mr. John Cassis are requested to attend the remains of his wife, Christina Augusta, from his residence, No. 111 Orange Street, to the place of interment, at 5 o'clock this afternoon.


His Honor Mr. Justice Ker heard in Chambers on Saturday an application by Mr. Vendryes for a revocation of a provisional order made on the 12th of August, in the matter of Sarah Magnus, a bankrupt, Mr. Grey opposing. His Honor after hearing the arguments, discharged the application.

September 7, 1880

We beg to congratulate our fellow citizen, Mr. Altamont DeCordova, upon the success achieved at the London University by his son, Rudolph. Mr. R. DeCordova has taken the Gold Medal for Materia Medica, although there were entered in the competition practising Analytical Chemists. This success redounds to the credit of our Island of which Mr. R. DeCordova is a native.

September 10, 1880

Died last night, Abraham R. Da Costa. the funeral will take place from no. 161 Orange Street, to the place of interment at 4:30

September 16, 1880

Passengers Sailed

In the Atlas str. Andes, for New York: - Dr. F. Comer; Mrs. Comer; Rt. Rev. Porter; Mrs. E. H. Belisario; Mr. M. Belisario; Miss Dinah Dolphy; Mr. John Savage; Mrs. Savage; Mr. J. M. Faguirre; Mr. Rafael Prior; Mr. Charles Grant; Mr. Albert Hernandes; Capt. B. Fordmann; Mr. R. M. Ferguson.


S. E. Pietersz, Esq., acts as Consul for Denmark, during the absence of F. B. Lyons, Esq.

September 21, 1880


At Collins Green Park, St. Andrew, the residence of S. D. Lindo, Esq., on the 20th inst. at noon, Mrs. Mary Ann Da Costa (aged 77). The widow of Amos Da Costa, late of Kingston, merchant. The funeral will take place this evening at 7 o'clock. Her friends, and those of her son, Alex L. Da Costa of Port Maria, will please accept this intimation ....

October 1, 1880


At Gonaives, Haiti, on the morning of the 17th September last, aged 82 years, Mrs. Mary Ann Mill, relict of the late James Mill of this city, merchant, and sister of the late William D'Aguilar, wharfinger.


Valentine Graeme Bell, Esq., has been appointed to be, until further orders, Chief Resident Engineer of the Jamaica Railway.

Letters of Naturalization have been granted to Squacio Hernandez, a native of Cuba, now an inhabitant of this Island.

Mr. Justice Ker has sent to the Registrar of the Courts a lengthy written judgment, declaring Mr. John Murray Auld an absolute bankrupt. This decision has been announced in Chambers.

George Henderson, Esq. is appointed acting Custos of St. Andrew, and Chairman of the Parochial Boards thereof. The hon. gentleman has also been made a member of the Board of Management of the Kingston and St. Andrew's Union Poor Home.

The Governor has been pleased to make the following appointments, consequent on the departure from the Colony on Leave of Absence of the Lieutenant Governor and Colonial Secretary, namely: -

The Honorable Edward Noel Walker, Assistant Colonial Secretary, to act as Colonial Secretary and Revenue Commissioner; James Allwood, Esq., Chief Clerk in Colonial Secretary's Office to act as Assistant Colonial Secretary.

October 5, 1880

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. str. Don from Southampton: - Mr. and Mrs. Corrington; Miss Royes; Mrs. Heslop; Mr. Braham; Rev. and Mrs. East and daughter; Miss Da Costa and three sisters; Mrs. J. P. Da Costa; Mrs. Nicholson and three children; Dr. W. Taylor; Mrs. Nix; Mr. J. Drummond; Dr. and Mrs. Reynolds and seven children; Mr. V. Finzi; Omar Merceron; Mr. and Mrs. Sailman; Miss Parkes and servant; Revd. George Sargeant; Mr. H. Walker; Miss E. J. Payne.

From Demerara: - Sergt. J. Roberts, 1st W. I. R. From St. Vincent: - Mr. John Mackintosh.

October 6, 1880

A cricket match will be played today between the Kingston C. C. and the Jamaica C. C. at Emerald Park, by kind permission of D. R. Da Costa, Esq. The wickets will be pitched at 12:30 p.m....

October 7, 1880

Passengers Arrived

In the Atlas str. Ailsa, from New York: - Mrs. A. W. Heron; Mrs. R. Holwell, 3 children and nurse; Mr. Charles Grant; Dr. Alexander; Lieut. Blackburn, R. E.; Mr. P. E. Laraque; Miss L. G. Boxer; Miss Perkins; Dr. G. Flower; M. H.Wachslazer; Mr. Theodore King; Mrs. Branch; Mr. J. Corinaldi; Mrs. Brown.

October 8, 1880


Ellesmere Pen was put up to Auction by Mr. B. Stines, not by Mr. J. Stines.


The Governor has been pleased to appoint Simon Bonitto, Esq., to be Superintendent Registrar of Marriages for the parish of Manchester, in the place of C. S. Foote, Esq., resigned.

The Governor has granted Leave of Absence for three months, from the 6th instant, to Richard Gillard, Esq., Collector of Customs at the Port of Kingston, and has appointed Charles Goldie, Esq., to act as Collector during that period.

On Tuesday, the 21st ult., a grand Provincial Exhibition was opened at Halifax, Nova Scotia. The prizes offered in the various departments aggregate $6,000. In the flower show, Jamaica gold ferns are attracting special notice and admiration.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint Retired Commander George Wise Osmond, R. N., to be a Justice of the Peace of the Parish of Westmoreland; provisionally, to recognize Albert Edward Arnaud, Esq., as Acting Vice Consul for France, during the temporary absence of Charles Arnold Malabre, Esq., to license Mr. Arthur Wellesley Bremner to act as Pilot for the year 1880 for the S. S. "West Indian" or for any Vessel of the same or less draught of water of which he may be acting as Master or Mate at the time but no other.

The Governor has been pleased to make the following appointments: --

Dr. John Pringle, Parochial Medical Officer of the Port Maria District and Gale Sub-District, to be Parochial Medical Officer of the Belfield District of St. Mary's,

Dr. George Rogers to be Parochial Medical Officer of the Port Maria District and Gayle Sub-District, "vice" Dr. Pringle,

Dr. George Cooke, Parochial Medical Officer of the Mandeville District, to have also temporary charge of the Newport District, vice Dr. Rogers.

October 11, 1880

We beg to remind our readers that the auction sale of the premises known as Streadwick's lumber yard and Marine Villas and Wharf, together with houses in Harbour Street, under mortgage to the Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance, takes place at noon today at the store of Messrs Turnbull, Mudon & Co., Government Auctioneers.

October 13, 1880


At no. 34 Fleet Street, on Tuesday, Lillian, infant daughter of John and Esther Bonitto. The funeral will take place this evening at 5 o'clock. Friends and acquaintances please accept this intimation.

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Walter H. Lewis are requested to attend the remains of his eldest son, Aubrey Lewis, from his residence, no. 97 Tower Street, to Saint Michael's Church yard at 5 o'clock this evening.

Died on the 12th instant, Samuel Alberga. The funeral will take place at 8 o'clock this morning, from his residence no 71 ½, corner Hanover and Harbour Streets.

October 15, 1880

The Governor has been pleased to License W. H. Mannings to act as Pilot for the Port of Port Antonio during the remainder of the current year.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint J. G. Robinson, Esq., to be a Member of the Municipal Board of Saint Mary for the year 1880.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint the Hon. Samuel Constantine Burke to act as Attorney General during the absence from the island on duty of the Hon. Henry Hicks Hocking.

Samuel Simpson, an Assessor of Damage within the District of the Northern District Court, has resigned his appointment and the Governor has been pleased to appoint James Pusey to that Office in his stead.

The Governor has appointed Charles Goldie, Esq., to be a member of the Pilotage and Harbour Board for No. 1 District, during the absence of Richard Gillard, Esq., and to act as received of wreck for the Kingston District.

We have much pleasure in giving publicity by request to the subjoined: - "We learn from information received by last Packet from England that Mr. George Forsyth DaCosta has gained a certificate of merit at the University of Aberdeen, having, in the words of Professor Struthers, 'acquitted himself with distinction as a Member of the Class of Practical Anatomy, during the Summer Session 1880' and obtained a large percentage of the available marks." The young gentleman alluded to was a Scholar at the Collegiate and son of Mr. Edward DaCosta of this city.

We learn, says the Falmouth Gazette, that Eden Park Pen, situated near Oracabessa in the parish of St. Mary, has recently exchanged owners. It is said that this property was purchased by Mr. French, of Cardiff pen, for the sum of £4,000.

October 19, 1880


Yesterday, at her residence, no. 41 Charles Street, Mrs. Susan Lucas, aged 84 years. The funeral will take place this morning at half-past 8 o'clock.

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. John H. Dunckerley are requested to attend the remains of his wife, Ellen Christiana, from his residence, Rollington Penn, to the place of interment, at 4 o'clock this evening.

The friends and acquaintances of Samuel Melhado are requested to attend the remains of his wife from his residence, no. 164 Harbour Street West, to the place of interment. Funeral sharp at 9 a.m.

The remains of Capt. Johnston, who died on Friday last on board the "Alice Holden" at Port Royal, were buried on Saturday in the naval ground, Port Royal, attended by naval and military officers and civilians.


The R. M. Co.'s steamer "Dee" leaves early this morning, having on board 250 stalwart Jamaica navvies for the Costa Rica Railroad.

October 20, 1880

We learn that Byebrook [sic] Estate has been purchased by Frank Hall, Esq., for £12,000, payable on terms.

October 21, 1880

Passengers Arrived

In the Atlas Str. Athos from New York: - Mr. A. Musgrave; Mr. A. Nathan; Mr. B. R. Pinnock; Mr. Thomas Cooper; Mr. A. Morrice; Mr. S. W. Kemp; Mr. James Lewis; Mr. J. H. Jones.

In the R. M. C. str. Tagus, from Southampton: - Captain O'Brien and servant; Mr. T. Sargood; Miss M. Smeller; Mr. Shortridge; Mr. J. H. Peck; Mr. N. Nisbeth; Mr. P. H. James; Miss Munds; Mrs. Grey and infant; Mrs. E. Wells.

From Ponce: - Mr. Hucks.

From St. Thomas: - Mr. A. B. Belismelis; Mr. Rutter.

From Port-au-Prince: - Mde. Bavastro and child; Mr. A. DeCordova; Mrs. D. J. Feres.


Extract from lengthy article headed as follows: -

The Municipal Board met yesterday at 11 a.m. at the office of the Custos. Present: the Custos, in the Chair; Messrs. Martin, Fegan and Lee ....

Mr. Streadwick asked for an investigation into the mysterious circumstances attending the fire at his office in Rum Lane on the 12th inst. The Custos had replied that he had no power to summon witnesses or to take sworn testimony, and Mr. Streadwick was referred to the Law Courts. Mr. Burke's report was read; he attributed the fire to spontaneous combustion of cotton waster or to a match used in smoking. Mr. Parry reported that he did not incline to the theory of spontaneous combustion. The affair was, to him, involved in mystery. The Chairman characterized the breaking out of this fire inside a desk as extraordinary.

October 25, 1880


August 6, at Rockforest, Co. Cork, Ireland, the Rev. George Edward Cotter, M. A., third son of the late Colonel Sir James Laurence Cotter, M. P. of Rockforest, aged 86.


At no. 136 Barry Street at 9:30 a.m. yesterday morning, Mrs. Ann Emanuel ... the friends and acquaintances of Charles Emanuel, her husband, and Samuel Vickers her brother, will please accept the intimation.

The death is announced in the English papers, and today's "gleaner" of the Revd. G. E. Cotter, of Rockforest, Ireland, a Clergyman who was distinguished for his support of the national and unsectarian system of education in Ireland, and for his liberality and successful endeavours on behalf of the Dis-established Church. The deceased was third son of Sir J. L. Cotter, Bart., M. P.. grandson of Sir James Cotter, Bart, M. P., and cousin of Dr. A. H. Cotter of Kingston and Duncan Cotter, Esq. of St. Thomas in the East, who are first cousins to the present holder of the baronetcy ...

October 27, 1880

Died, yesterday at noon, Thomas Samuel Williams. Friend and acquaintances are requested to attend his remains from the residence, no. 25 Rum Lane to the place of interment.

October 28, 1880


At Port Antonio on the 26th inst., Susan, the beloved wife of E. Sutherland, Reg. Gen.


At 47 Fleet Street, on the 28th inst. at 1 a.m., Mrs. Robert Dyer, mother of R. L. Baugh.

October 29, 1880

Anthony Musgrave, Jnr,. Esq., has returned from leave of absence and resumed his duties as Private Secretary.

The Governor has been pleased to recognize Simon Soutar, Esq., as Consul for the Kingdom of Denmark at Kingston in this island.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint Inspector James, who has returned from Leave of Absence, to resume charge of the constabulary in the parish of St. Andrew.

The Governor has appointed Stephen W. Mais, Esq., to be a Distributor of Tickets in the Parish of St. Andrew, under the System for affording Medical Aid at moderate rates to poor persons not on the Pauper Roll.

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