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Kingston, Jamaica

November-December 1869

November 2, 1869


In this City on the 23rd instant at her residence, No. -- Orange Street, Sarah, the beloved Wife of Isaac De Clava, Esq.

November 6, 1869

Passengers Arrived

In the French Transatlantic Steamer Darien: -- Mr. Cassard from France; Mr. Lancelot, from France; Mr. Taylor from Puerto Rico; Mr. B. Allegro from St. Jago de Cuba; Mr. Castera from Cape Hayti; Madame Sterlin.

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Neva for Colon: -- Mr. Joseph Wray; Mr. Dewsbury; Mrs. M. Sconce; Mr. and Mrs. George Grant; Mr. Murray; Mr. H. J. Jacobs and five deckers.

November 9, 1869


Of Yellow Fever, at Admiralty House, Jamaica, November 1st, after nursing her eldest charge through a similar attack, Hannah Sayce, the faithful and highly valued Servant of Commodore and Mrs. Phillimore.

November 11, 1869

Among the passengers from England by the last Packet was the Revd. Abraham H. Nieto, who visits this city at the invitation of the Wardens of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, to which institution, we understand it is likely he will be elected to fill the office of Hazan or Reader, for some years vacant. The Reverend Gentleman brings with him testimonials of the highest order from the Chachanrin or Ecclesiastical Chiefs of London, as also from other recognized Heads of Institutions of Religious Instruction. The Rev. Gentleman will read the Services on Friday afternoon, commencing at half-past five o'clock, and on Saturday morning at 9 o'clock, and at about 11 o'clock on Saturday, he will deliver a Sermon in English.

November 13, 1869


At Goshen Manse, on the 10th November, the Wife of the Revd. John Welch, of a son.


In this City, on Thursday evening, 11th, Mr. Stewart Duncan, a native of Scotland, aged 18 years. The deceased arrived per Steamer "Crusader", on the 3rd instant, as an assistant to the firm of Roxburgh and Sons.

November 15, 1869


On the 6th inst., at Claremont College, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, the wife of Mr. E. Wainwright of a Son.


On Wednesday, the 10th November, 1869, at the Cathedral, Spanish Town, by the Rev. Mr. Sullivan, Mark Cornelius Hendriks, to Matilda McDowell, third daughter of Mr. James S. Facey, of Brett's Pen, St. Catherine.

November 16, 1869


At Rae Town, on the 14th instant, the Wife of Duncan D. D. Cotter, of a Daughter (premature).

November 19, 1869


At Port Antonio, on Wednesday, the 10th instant, of Typhoid Fever, at the early age of 16 years, Letitia Emily, the second daughter of Mr. George Ffrench.

November 22, 1869

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Seine, from Southampton: --

Revd. D. H. Campbell, and Mrs. Campbell; Miss Anderson; Hon. Francis Lowe; Captain Carson and servant; Mr. A. James; Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Levy and 2 daughters; Miss Alexander; Mr. Hardman; Mr. Kinkead; Mr. and Mrs. Desnoes; Mr. and Mrs. Dowling and 2 children; Messrs. A. and F. Bruce; Mr. Cross; Revd. Father Splaine; Revd. H. Bleby, from Demerara; Captain Thompson, from Halifax; Mr. Jules Douzan.

Passengers Sailed

In the Emily Fisher for Aux Cays -- Mrs. Bennett; 4 Misses Bennett and servant; Mrs. Chaloive, 3 children, 1 boy and 1 servant; Mrs. Loring, daughter and servant.

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Henry Davis, Esq., and Dr. Charles Campbell

November 23, 1869

Passengers Sailed

In the steamer Twinkling Star, for Hayti: -- Mr. Abraham Myers; Mr. D. P. Nathan; Mr. Aaron Gregg, United States Consul; Mr. Samuel Mendez.

In the R. M. C. Steamer Seine, for Colon: -- Mr. Francisco Goncone; Mrs. Mercedes Eynaud; Mr. Valiente. For Santa Martha, Mr. Martinez and brother.


On the 5th inst., at Mount Hebron, St. Thomas in the Vale, Margaret Kirkwood, the beloved wife of the Revd. John Clarke, late of the African Mission, in her 64th year. The departed came to Jamaica in 1829, and went to Africa with her husband in 1843, and returned to Jamaica in 1852. Her hope was steadfast and her end was peace.


We feel pleasure in announcing the arrival in the Packet of Captain Simpson Carson, son of James Carson, Esq., proprietor, of Albion Constant Spring, and other Estates in this island.

November 24, 1869

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Neva from Colon: -- Mr. J. Casanelli; Mr. J. Murray; Mr. Santa Anna; Mr. Jose Espino.


At Greenside in the parish of St. Mary, on the 17th instant, By the Revd. Henry Brown, Rector, assisted by the Revd. Thos. Harty, Samuel Edward Payne, Esq., to Jane, only daughter of William Bell, Esq.


At Orange Hill, St. Ann's, on the 16th inst., Clarence Francis, eldest son of John W. Coombs, in the 19th year of his age.

On the 21st, at Iver Cottage, in the Parish of St. Elizabeth, Isaac Isaacs, Esq., aged 79.

November 27, 1869


In this City, at 5:30 p.m., last evening, Vivian, infant son of Michael and Ada DeCordova, aged one year and 2 months. The funeral will leave Rae Town at 7:30 this evening.

November 29, 1869


At Colbecks, St. Dorothy, on the 25th inst., Mr. A. R. Kemble, late Overseer of that property. Mr. Kemble by strict integrity and great natural ability had raised himself from an humble position to one of great respectability and trust. His death will be felt by all classes in St. Dorothy, where he was so well known and respected; but most severely by his late employer, to whom he was a watchful Steward and ever faithful Friend.



On Friday evening last a deputation of Gentlemen of this City waited upon Dr. James Scott, and presented him with an Address on the occasion of his leaving Kingston to assume the practice of his profession at Montego Bay.

November 30, 1869


In Spanish town, on the 14th instant, Edith Maude, second daughter of George and Wilhelmina Levy, aged 1 year and six months; and on the 28th instant, Wilhelmina, the beloved wife of Mr. George Levy, age 20 years and 6 months, after a painful illness, of a few weeks, leaving a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn their loss.

December 3, 1869

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Daniel Finzi, Esq., and Revd. W. Holdsworth.

The Governor has appointed C. G. Brace and Frederick Nicholson, Esqrs., to be Sub-agents of Immigration.

John Davidson, Esq., has resigned his office as a member of the Board of Parochial Road Commissioners for St. Thomas.

Henry Davis, Esq., has been appointed to act at Collector of Her Majesty's Revenue of Customs at this port during the absence of Richard Gillard, Esq.


It affords us great pleasure to learn that Mr. Joseph Stines has received intimation that the Lords of the Admiralty have been pleased to confirm his appointment as Auctioneer to the Naval Establishment in Jamaica.

December 6, 1869

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tasmanian: -- Mr. & Mrs. Marescaux and child; Mr. and Mrs. Dawson; Mr. George Levy, Col. Standard; Mr. T. N. Cripps; Mr. W. A. G. Young; Dr. and Mrs. Clarke; Mrs. Peixotto, son and daughter; Mr. F. Lindo; Mr. R. Harris. From Barbados:-- Miss Jaskin. From Porto Rico: -- Mr. A. Olding. From Jacmel: -- Mr. T. Okill.


A man has been apprehended in St. Thomas in the East, by Inspector Cotter, with the gold watch and pencil case advertised by Mr. Ellis Wolfe as having been stolen from his residence in this city, along with several other valuable articles. The advertisement appeared in the Semi-weekly Gleaner on Saturday the 27th ult., and went by post in time to enable the Inspector to make the discovery on Tuesday last. The man stated that he purchased the watch for six dollars, and the pencil case of sixpence, from another man, and pointed out the direction the party took. There seems to be some chance of the other articles being found.

December 7, 1869

Among the Consular appointments of the United States Government, notified in the New York papers, we observe that of James R. Wheeler, Esq., of Massachusetts, to Kingston, Jamaica, vice Aaron Gregg, Esq., suspended.

December 10, 1869

The Governor has been pleased to accept the resignation of Richard Carter, Esq., as a member of the Municipal and Road Boards of St. Ann.


W. A. G. Young, Esq., who recently arrived here from England, has been Gazetted as Assistant Colonial Secretary of this island.


James Bailey, an African, the party who sold the watch and pencil case, the property of Mr. Ellis Wolfe, to another man at Morant Bay, was captured last week, and the ring and eye-glass were found on his person. He will be examined at Morant Bay, and then brought to Kingston. The other articles are still missing.

December 17, 1869


At May Day Hill, Manchester, on Sunday, 12th inst., Esther Athelin, youngest daughter of Joseph Stewart, Esq.

December 20, 1869


At Penny's, St. Ann, E. R. A. Law, Esq., on 16th inst.


Since our last a heavy affliction has befallen all who are connected with the establishment of the Gleaner, in the death of Mr. Michael DeCordova, one of its proprietors. [There follows a very lengthy report on Mr. DeCordova's illness and death, from diphtheria, which also took the life of his eldest daughter, Sophia, as well as an account of his life and career. Michael DeCordova was the son of Joshua Haim DeCordova, who, with his brother, Jacob Raphael DeCordova, founded The Gleaner.]

December 22, 1869


At 91 West Princess Street, Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, on the 22nd ult., John Scott, late Engraver and Lithographer, in his 70th year, brother of the late Andrew Scott, Snr., for may years merchant of this City.

December 24, 1869


On Thursday morning, 23rd inst., the wife of Mr. Amos Morais, of a daughter.


At May Day Hill, Manchester, on Friday the 17th inst., George Albert, third soon of Joseph Stewart, Esq., aged seven years, two months and two weeks.

December 27, 1869


The Belfast Penn, near Morant Bay, on the 21st inst., the wife of John Stothert Gerrard, M. R. C. S. , Esq., and Government Medical Officer, of a Son.

December 29, 1869

Messrs. Duperly Brothers, Photographers of this City, have advertised for sale "the only original photograph" of the late Dr. Fiddes, to be had at their studio, No. 18 Church Street.

December 31, 1869


At King Street, Spanish Town, on the 10th instant, the wife of Henry Harris, Esq., of Chapelton, Clarendon, of a Daughter.


At Three Hills, St. Mary, on Thursday, 23rd December, 1869, Henry Rigg, Esq., aged 78 years. He was for a number of years a Justice of the Peace and Churchwarden in the Parish. He was a native of Bowness, Westmoreland, England, and resided in this Island 55 years.

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