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Daily Gleaner and DeCordova's Advertising Sheet

January - February 1880

January 1, 1880

Passengers Arrived

In the SS Jamaican from Port-au-Prince: --

- Madame Boccage, 2 servants and 2 deckers.

From Jeremie: - Mr. John Cooper; Mr. P. Roxburgh.

In the Atlas steamer Alps from New York: --

- Dr. and Mrs. Davies; Miss Davies; Miss A. Davies; Mrs. Ramos; Miss Ramos; Mr. Ramos; Miss Jane Birmingham; Mr. and Mrs. W. Bourke; Mr. and Miss Murray; Mr. Francisco Meranda; Mr. D. D. Reid; Mr. Peter Reid; Mr. C. J. Tuthill; Mr. and Mrs. Crompton; Mr. Richard Facey.



General Post Office, 1st January 1880

Post Office Telegraphs

The station at Buff Bay has been opened as of this date for the transaction of business.

Fred Sullivan

Postmaster for Jamaica

January 2, 1880

Shipping Intelligence

Passengers Expected per Nile: -- Mr. C. Greg and son; Mr. McFarlane; Mr. Robert McFarlane; Miss Nash; Mr. Watson Taylor; Mr. and Mrs. Hartey; Dr. and Mrs. Cooke; Miss Ingle; Mr. Galloway; Mr. and Mrs. Barber; Mr. and Mrs. Watson; Miss Curran; Mr. E. A. Holmes; General Gamble, wife and servants; Lieut. Fawkes, A. D. C.; Surgeon Charles Quarry and wife; Lieut. Nax; Lieut. Nankesville, R. N.


Hebrew Benevolent Society and Jewish Alms House

January: J. J. G. Lewis; D. J. Motta; Eugene Magnus.



DEMERCADO DACOSTA -- On 31st December, 1879, by the Revd. H. H. Isaacs, at Halfway-Tree Church, St. Andrew, Horatio, youngest son of Joseph DeMercado, Esq., to Eudora Esther, second daughter of S. M. DaCosta, Esq., of this City.


On New Year's Day, at 3:10 p.m., at no. 16 George's Lane, Winford Coldstream Harris, of Nassau, N. P., Clerk of the Collector-General's Office, aged 23, leaving a sorrowing widow mother to mourn her loss.


The Lieutenant Governor has been pleased to appoint William Lee, Esq., subject the approval of the Secretary of State for the Colonies, to be Administrator General under Laws 34 of 1873 and 28 or 1879.

Mr. Lee, who is now Administrator General in Bankruptcy, leaves the firm of Turner, Lee and Mudon, with which he has been associated for many years.




In consequence of the death of one of the Parties interested, BURLINGTON ESTATE in the Parish of Portland.

Mr. Joseph Stines has been instructed to sell this Estate by Public Sale in front of the Commercial Exchange, Little Port Royal Street, Kingston, on Monday, 23rd February, 1880. At one o'clock precisely.

The Property contains by estimation 340 Acres of Cane Land and will be sold with the live and dead Stock there on. the Cultivation consists of: --

Plants ......................... 78 Acres

Ratons ....................... 86 Ditto

.................................164 Acres

Estimated to yield 200 Hogsheads Sugar and 200 Puncheons Rum, equivalent to two and half casks per acre, and such is the RICH character of the Soil that frequently three casks of Sugar and Rum are the yield per acre.

The works and buildings are in good order. There are on and will be sold with the property, One hundred and thirty-three Steers, and twenty four Mules.

The Centrifugals and other Machinery are all in good order.

A rare opportunity presents itself to a Planter to acquire a property which will yield an income even when low prices prevail.

The expenses incurred from 1st January, 1880, are to be paid by the purchaser, and all produce made from that date will be delivered to him.

For further particulars, apply post-paid to:

JOS. STINES, Auctioneer

40 Port Royal Street, Kingston.

January 3, 1880

The friends of Mr. C. B. Venning are requested to attend his remains from his residence at No. 42 Maiden Lane, at half-past 4 o'clock, p.m. this evening.


We beg to call the attention of the Public to an advertisement in another column announcing the dissolution of Partnership, between Messrs. Cunha and Davies, Proprietors of the Commercial Exchange. The Exchange will still be conducted by Mr. Louis Cunha, but Mr. Caspar Davies will start shortly on his own account, when we hope that his indefatigable efforts to provide Kingston with a well conducted and respectable place of resort, will be appreciated by the entire business community.


We publish today additional names of Clergy who will officiate as Marriage Officers in Kingston this year: --

Rev. Francis Chapman, Wesleyan, Coke, Wesley, Ebenezer and Port Royal.

Rev. Archibald Taylor, Wesleyan, Coke, Wesley, Ebenezer and Port Royal

Rev. H. A. Joseph, E. and G. congregation of Jews, English and German Synagogue, Orange Street.

Rev. George W. Downer, Church of England, Parish Church.

Rev. D. Baruch, S. and P. Congregation of Jews, Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue.

Rev. W. Clarke Murray, Wesleyan, Port Royal, Coke, Wesley, Ebenezer.

Rev. W. H. H. Bleby, Wesleyan, Port Royal, Coke, Wesley, Ebenezer

The Jewish Ministers, H. A. Joseph, A. H. Nieto, and D. Baruch, are registered for every parish in the Island. May they enjoy many pleasant trips during the year!


General Gleanings

We have been requested to state that the office of Administrator General and Trustee in Bankruptcy is situated at No. 14 Port Royal Street, adjoining the premises of the old Jamaica Bank.


Who is responsible for the erratic ringing of the Parish Church bell? Many worthy people have been alarmed during the last week to hear mournful tolling at unusual hours, and have attributed it to fire or earthquake.


The Revd. W. J. Hamilton, Episcopal Clergyman in the District of St. David's, informs us that within the last three weeks he has joined together 49 couples in holy wedlock; and that he estimates the total number of marriages in the district, amongst all denominations, at 100 during December.


The Telegraph from Port Maria to Kingston, the Falmouth Gazette is informed, is working splendidly and paying well. It is said that Mr. Wilson, the Government Electrician, is much pleased at the careful manner in which the Line has been erected throughout the parish of St. Mary, under the management of C. Renwick, Esq., of the Road Department.



The drawing of the prizes offered to prompt subscribers of "Gall's News Letter" took place at Myrtle Bank on Thursday afternoon, and resulted as follows: --

The Harmonium was won by Senor Cohen of Rodney Hall, P. O.; the Church Bell by A. H. Alexander, Esq., Protector General of Immigrants and the Gold Watch by John Death, Esq., of Director of Roads' Department. The public lottery continues until Twelfth Night, unless the stock is exhausted before that time, as seems likely, on account of the rush.



That very desirable Residence, No. 85 East Street, two doors above St. George's Church, and next door to the Medical Depot. Doctor Croskery, the present occupant, will remove to Fiddes' House on the 15th of February, when possession can be given. The House is one of the best in East Street; is equal to new and has accommodation for a large family.





Ruthven Lodge, in St. Andrew, about three miles from Kingston. The Tram cars pass every 20 minutes. Immediate possession.


January 5, 1880

Passengers Arrived

Per Nile from Southampton: -- Mr. C. Greg and son; Mr. McFarlane; Mr. Robert McFarlane; Miss Nash; Mr. Watson Taylor; Mr. and Mrs. Hartey; Dr. and Mrs. Cooke; Miss Ingle; Mr. Galloway; Mr. and Mrs. Barber; Mr. and Mrs. Watson; Miss Curran; Mr. E. A. Holmes; General Gamble, wife and servants; Lieut. Fawkes, A.D.C.; Surgeon Charles Quarry and wife; Lieut. Nax; Lieut. Nankesville, R.N.

From St. Thomas: -- W. L. Fabre; Mr. B. E. Charlton; Lieut. Cochrane, R.N.


The Fire Brigade was called out last night to extinguish burning grass on the Race Course.


March 1, 2003. during the month of December 56 marriages were celebrated at the Parish Church, and the Revd. Mr. Denroche was, we understand, the officiating clergyman in every case. At Holy Trinity Church, the marriage service was performed 39 times in the same period. these places of worship head a remarkable list.


It is with deep regret we announce the death, at four o'clock Friday afternoon of the Rev. C. B. Venning of the American Congregational Body. He was for many years Minister of Chesterfield Chapel, St. Mary, where he was much beloved by his congregation; but owing to failing health, he was compelled to leave the country and reside in Kingston.

January 6, 1880


RODGERS - ROSE -- On the 30th December 1879, at the Parish Church, St. Ann's Bay, by the Revd. J. Core, Rector of St. Ann, Edward Brown, eldest surviving son of the late Thomas Rodgers, Esq., of 43 Fleet Street, Kingston, to Lucy, daughter of the late William Bromley Rose, Esq., M. D., Mount Pleasant, St. Ann.

WOLFE - SIMONS -- On the 31st December 1879, by Mr. A. H. Joseph of the E. and G. Synagogue, David, eldest son of Ellis Wolfe, Esq., to Hannah, youngest daughter of the late Samuel Simons, both of this city.



In this City, on the third instant, Charles Gresham Slader, Esq., aged 35 years.

January 7, 1880


In this City, on the 17th ultimo, by the Rev. A. H. Neito, assisted by the Rev. D. Baruch, Gad, youngest son of the late Moses Mendes Sollas, to Miriam Alice, eldest daughter of Isaac Dolphy, Esq., Old Harbour.

We understand that an entirely new Choir is to be formed for the Parish Church, with the view of rendering the singing worthy the new organ.

January 8, 1880


On the 6th instant, at Widcombe, St. Andrew, the wife of S. P. Smeeton, of a son.

On the 4th January, the wife of Mr. Alfred W. Hitchins, of a son.



The funeral of Bro. Henry Morgan will take place this evening at 4:30 p.m. The Procession will move from the Court Room, Hanover Street, at 3 o'clock precisely. Brethren of Sister Courts are cordially invited to attend.

January 9, 1880


At Hopewell Pen, St. Ann, on the 2nd January, 1880, Henrietta Moncrieffe, widow of the late Hon. Peter Moncrieffe, of Friendship Pen, St. Ann, and eldest daughter of the late Henry Cary, Esq., of Highgate, London.


The name of H. F. Pouyat, Esq., is added to the list of Assistant Clerks at the Central District Court.


Additional marriage officers have been registered for Kingston and St. Andrew, as

under: --

Revds. William, Joseph, C. of E., St. George's, West Branch Mission Chapel;

Nuttall, Enos, C. of E., St. George's, West Branch Mission Chapel;

Robb, Alexander, D. D., Presb., St. Andrew;

Denroche, C. T., C. of E., St. Michael's;

Windbey, John Richard, Cnn. Ch., Christian Chapel, St. Andrew;

Dupont, J., R. C., Chancery Hall, King's Weston, Fellowship Hill;

King, F. L., C. of E., St. Mary's, St. Joseph's District, Bowden Hill, Jack's Hill, St. Christopher's.

After July 1st, 1880, the following burial grounds will be closed: -- Strangers' Ground, Barry Street, West; Strangers' Ground, West Street and S. T. Road; Gardner's; Cow Pen; Griffith's; Pronock's; Private Ground for the Mission of the East Queen Street Baptist Chapel of the London Society; Baptist Ground; Kellet's Chapel; Baptist Ground, Elletson Road, W; Roach's; German Jews', Elletson Road, E; Spanish and Portugese Jews', Church Street E; Spanish and Portugese Jews', Church Street W; Roman Catholic, Upper Orange Street. The Parish Church Ground, and the Strangers' Ground, corner of S. T. Road and Kingston Pen Road, are exempt. We can see no reason for the exemption of the Parish Church, and trust that the Municipal Board or the Board of Health will make proper representations against this dangerous privilege.

January 13, 1880


On the 10th instant, at Stewart's Pen, Spanish Town, the wife of Stephen H. Bravo, Esq., of a daughter.



SEED ROBERTS -- At Calabar College, Kingston, Muriel Eleanor, fifth daughter of the Revd. J. Seed Roberts, January 12, 1880.


Yesterday forenoon, at Felicity Pen, No. 1 Windward Road, Mr. William McRea.


Mr. J. Harris will be installed Master of the Sussex Lodge on Wednesday evening, the 21st.


Owing to the illness of his wife, Judge Williams of the St. Ann's Bay District Court has been unable to perform his duties.

Judge Kerr is seriously ill or fever induced by overwork and he may not be well in time to hear the criminal cases in the District Court.

January 14, 1880


Yesterday evening, at 6 o'clock, the dedication service on the occasion of the opening of the new Organ, was held at the Parish Church. Long before that hour, the old Church was crowded. Benches were placed in the aisles, and many persons occupied the altar steps. Amongst the worshippers were ministers of various denominations. The Bishop entered to the Processional Hymn No 64, A. & M., attended by many of his clergy. Evening service was gone through as usual, including Arnold's Magnificat and Dyce's Nunc Dimittis, and the hymn "Hark! hark! the Organ loudly peals". The Bishop preached from the 29th Psalm, 2nd ver: "Give the Lord the honor due to his Name; worship the Lord with holy worship".....He was heard with profound attention. A collection was made at the conclusion of the service.



On Monday evening last, the Installation of officers of the Friendly Lodge took place, The Worshipful Moses Delgado, Installing Officer in the Chair, supported by the Rt. Wor. J. W. Whitburn, Acting Depy. Prov. Grand Master, the Rt. Wor. J. E. Peters, Rt. Wor. Dr. Ogilvie, Rt. Wor. B. M. Dias, Very Wor. O. Delgado, Very Wor. G. J. DeCordova, Very Wor. O. Delgado, Jr., Very Wor. G. C. H. Lewis, Very Wor. J. J. G. Lewis, the Wor. Dr. Allen, Wors. T. Nicholson, W. Paine, B. Stines, J. Thirlwall, J. Maynier, J. Ashenheim. The last named gentleman was installed as master. G. DeMercado, Sr. Warden, J. Lyons, Jr. Warden, T. Tripe, Sr. Deacon, C. Gorage, Jr. Deacon, J. C. Henriques, Secy., J. C. Henriques, Treas., N. Morais, Inner Guard, G. Magnus, Tyler, and Wor. M. Delgado, Immediate Past Master. After the ceremony the guests were invited to a choice banquet, at which the usual toasts were duly proposed and responded to in a hearty manner.

The installation of the Master Elect of the Glenlyon Lodge, Br. Spicer, takes place this evening. The Revd. W. E. Pierce was initiated last night into the mysteries of Freemasonry, at the Jamaica Lodge. We understand that a prominent officer in the Customs will soon follow this good example.

January 15, 1880

WANTED - A Wet Nurse for an infant of one month old. Apply at Marble Hall to Mrs. Brandon.



In this city, on the 9th instant, the wife of Mr. Hyman Cohen, of a daughter.



At his residence, Felicity Pen, Windward Road, on the 12th instant, William McRea, aged 72 years.

January 16, 1880

Passengers Arrived

In the Atlas Co.'s Steamer Atlas, from New York: -- Mr. Eyre Massy; Revd. W. Freelander [sic], wife and 3 children; Mr. F. Povice, round trip; Mr. S. B. Constantine.


The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Richard Langley are requested to attend the funeral of his sister-in-law, Mary A. Fitch, from his residence, No. 48 Harbour Street, at a quarter to 5 o'clock this evening.


The Lieutenant Governor has granted leave of absence for three months from the 25th instant to Inspector P. H. James, and has appointed Sub-Inspector H. F. Thomas to the charge of the Constabulary of St. Andrew during Inspector James's absence.

L. Payne-Gallwey, Esq., has been appointed to be Engineer, under the Public Works Department, for the Eastern District of this Island, in the room of J. Parry, Esq., who has accepted an appointment under the Kingston Parochial Boards.

The Lieutenant Governor has been pleased to appoint L. J. Preston, Esq., Clerk of Petty Sessions of Trelawny, to be Clerk of the Montego Bay Circuit Court, in the room of James Allwood, Jr., Esq., who has vacated that office on appointment to the Clerkship of the Southern District Court.

On the recommendation of the Subscribers to the Sailor's Home in Kingston, the Lieutenant Governor has been pleased, under the 5th section of Law 30 of 1879, to appoint the Honorable George Solomon, the Reverend Enos Nuttall, B. D., and J. C. Peynado and B. Adamson, Esqs., to be Members of the Board of Directors to the Home.

The Lieut.-Governor has sanctioned the following changes in the Internal Revenue Department: --

Theodore Bravo, Esq., Collector of Taxes and Parochial Treasurer, Manchester, to be Collector of Taxes and Parochial Treasurer in St. Mary, vice W. Gray, Esq., retired from the Service on a pension.

W. A. Hamilton, Esq., Collector of Taxes and Parochial Treasurer in Clarendon, to be Collector of Taxes and Parochial Treasurer in Manchester, vice Bravo; Alexander Robertson, Esq., , Assistant Collector of Taxes at Old Harbour, to act as Collector of Taxes and Parochial Treasurer in Clarendon, vice Hamilton; and B. A. Lindo, Esq., First-Class Clerk, Internal Revenue Department, Kingston, to act as Assistant Collector of Taxes at Old Harbour, vice Robertson.


Kingston: -- Fr. Dupont, Joseph, Roman Catholic, Holy Trinity Church, St. Martin's Chapel. St. Andrew:

-- Revd. Barrett, James, Baptist, Mount Charles, Rose Hill.



The Reverend Mr. Freelander [sic], new Minister of the English and German Synagogue arrived in the Atlas Steamer "Atlas" from New York, on Thursday, and will conduct Divine Service this evening at 6 o'clock, and Saturday morning when he will deliver an Address to his Congregation.

January 17, 1880


At his residence in Rae Town, at 1:45 this morning, William George Astwood, in his 58th year.

January 22, 1880


On the 12th December last at her residence, The Grange, Ladbroke, Grove Road, North Kensington, London, Mary, widow of Samuel Hendriks, Esq., formerly merchant of this city.

January 23, 1880


On the 20th instant at the Parish Church, St. Ann's Bay, by the Revd. Josias Cork, Arthur Charles Crichton, second son of the Hon. H. F. Colthirst, to Annie Rosa, fourth daughter of the late Arnold Mackintosh, of Mammee Bay, St. Ann.


Dr. E. H. Cooke has returned from leave of absence, and resumed his duties as P. M. O. of the Interior District of Hanover.

The Revd. Mr. Friedlander, pastor of the E. and G. Congregation of Jews, has registered as a Marriage Officer for various Parishes of the Island.

Mr. Gall has established telephone communication between the Chambers of Commerce and Myrtle Bank. The instruments, one with a battery of four cells -- and the other with a battery of three cells, work effectively, saving much time and trouble. We would like to see the system extended so as to embrace the principal stores, offices and departments.



The Synodmen elected for this Church are: -- E. G. Tyrell and J. C. Fegan, Esquires. Church Committee - Messrs Graves; Fegan; Iles; Magnan; Akin; Arrowsmith; Smith; Henry; Hitchins; Pearson; Bicknell; Williams. Church Wardens - Messrs. Graves and Fegan, Treasurer and Secretary, Mr. Iles.


The Lieutenant Governor has appointed W. Rastrick Lee and A. H. Quallo, Esquires, to be Assistant Clerks of the Central District Court.

It was intimated to His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, by the Consul for the United States of America, that the Consular Agency at Savanna-la-Mar was closed on the 1st instant.

The Lieutenant Governor has appointed Thomas Stewart McNeel, Esq., to be a Member of the Board of Parochial Road Commissioners for the Parish of Westmoreland for the year 1880.

The Lieutenant Governor has appointed R. P. Collymore, Esq., to be Superintendent Registrar of Marriages for the Parish of St. James.

January 26, 1880


Sunday morning at her residence, No. 129 Orange Street, Sarah Pinto, age 60 years. The funeral will take place at half-past 4 o'clock this evening.

January 27, 1880

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Nile for Southampton: -- Inspector James; Mrs. Therboan and 5 children; Mr. A. Drysden; Mr. J. Drysden; Staff Surgeon Warris and wife.

For Demerara: - Rev. W. E. Pierce, wife and 4 children; Miss Pierce.

For Barbados: - M. Reid.

We understand that Inspector James who left by the "Nile" on Sunday, for three months absence, has gone home to secure a snug little fortune to which he has just become heir.

January 28, 1880


Yesterday afternoon at 66 Duke Street, in this city, of congestive fever in his 9th year, after only four days illness, Arthur Clifford, youngest son of George and Frances Levy.

January 29, 1880

Passengers Arrived

In the Atlas Co.'s Steamer Andes from New York: -- Miss H. L. Fornaria; Mr. W. P. Hansu; Mr. Thorner; Mr. Thomas Gould; Mr. William Goulding; Mr. E. Giro; Mr. J. L. Taylor; Mr. L. J. Cooper.


The grocery store of Mr. S. R. DaCosta, corner of Orange and Harbour Streets, was broken open between Saturday and Sunday night. The thieves entered from the garret which gives entrance to Mr. Stines' store, and stole about 20 pounds of tobacco and 20 shillings in small change. The branch coffee store of Messrs. Stines and Co. in Harbour Street was entered on Tuesday night. Entrance was effected from the back, and the sum of £5 was stolen. On account of the large heaps of coffee which were on the floor, it is not known whether coffee was stolen.

January 30, 1880

Falmouth, 30-1


The Firm of Corinaldi & Co. was dissolved by effluxion of time on the 31st December, 1879.





The Commission Agency business of the late firm of Corinaldi and Co. is continued by me individually under the style of Corinaldi & Co.



Referring to the above, Orders and Consignments are respectfully solicited.

Fidelity and Despatch will be strictly afforded in all business entrusted for execution.


Address: CORINALDI & CO.

Commission Agents, Auctioneers, Etc.

No. 1A Market Square

Corner, Cornwall Street, Falmouth


The Lieutenant Governor has been pleased to appoint the following gentlemen to be Superintendent Registrars of Marriages for the parishes specified: -- Clarendon, J. Kissock Braham; Manchester, C. S. Foote; Hanover, John Allwood.

The following local Pilots have been licensed to act for the year 1880: -- William Taylor; Alexander Patrick; Theodore Bain; Edward Barclay; George Jennings; Daniel Campbell; James Duff; Thomas Dowie; William Morrison; Richard Keane; John Bryan; Thomas Eagle; John Fox.

The Lieutenant Governor has approved of the transfer of Dr. McMahon, Parochial Medical Officer, to the Handon District of St. James, and of the appointment of Dr. J. B. Talbot to the St. Ann's Bay and Ocho Rios District, the Good Hope District of Trelawny being temporarily supplied by Dr. DeLeon of the Falmouth District.

Thieves are again at work. The store of Messrs. Mortimer Brandon and Co. was broken open on Wednesday night, and an extensive robbery amounting from £300 to £350 in jewellry was committed.

February 3, 1880


At Cleveland Villa, Kingston, on the 1st instant, the wife of Richard Hill Jackson, Esq., of a daughter



At No. 62 Hanover Street, on the 31st ult., James Currie Swainson (late of the Colonial Secretary's Office) in the 30th year of his age.

February 4, 1880


At Mona, St. Andrew, on the 16th January, the wife of Deputy Surgeon-General Charles B. Mosse, C. B., of a son.

February 5, 1880



On 31st ult. at her residence, No. 72 West Street, Mrs. Isabella Leonard, after a painful illness of three months, in the 66th year of her age.

At her residence, No. 79 Hanover Street, Eleanore (relict of the late Charles Malabre, Esq.) aged 73 years.

February 6, 1880

Passengers Sailed

In the Steamer Atlas for New York: -- Dr. Roberts; Master Benetez; Mr. E. P. Harrison; Mr. Pearce; Mr. H. Desouza; Mr. H. Lomas.

In the R. M. C. Steamer Don, for Colon: -- Mr. Isaac Brandon; Mr. J. Brandon. 4 children and 2 servants; Miss Madouro; J. Hugg; Mr. and Mrs. McAnuff; Mr. and Mrs. Feurtado; Dr. Ansel; Miss Catherine Pinto.

For Callao: -- Mrs. E. J. Brandon, child and servant

For Port Limon: -- Mr. Comor; Mr. J. H. Taylor.

February 10, 1880


On the 8th inst. at 138 Orange Street, the wife of James Francis of Cedar Valley, of a daughter.

February 11, 1880

It is reported that the Rev. D. R. Morris, Rector of St. James, intends to resign his charge, on account of ill health.


The Falmouth Gazette is informed that Bellefield, in St. James, the property of Mr. William Fowler, has been purchased by Mr. David Mills of Montego Bay, for the sum of £1,600.

February 12, 1880



At Port Maria on the 5th February, at the age of 65 years, Mrs. Martha Marshall, relict of the late John Marshall, Esq., of Unity Valley Estate, Portland.

February 13, 1880

The Revds. B. C. Butland, A. Findlay, T. G. Griffiths, J. Hendrie, and M. Barker have been appointed Marriage Officers.

February 14, 1880


At her residence, 87 Hanover Street, at 9 p.m. yesterday, Anastasia Hart, the beloved wife of Moses M. Alexander. The funeral will move at 4:30 this afternoon.


At 1 p.m. today, Messrs. David Martin and Nephew will put up to auction at their Vendue Store in Port Royal Street, the Bog Estate, comprising the Bog and Shotover, containing 1,760 acres of land, etc. etc., and within a mile of the harbour of Port Antonio.

February 18, 1880


At 5 o'clock this morning, Matilda, wife of W. Gray, farrier, aged 38 years, No. 31 West Parade.

February 20, 1880

Mr Arthur L. Vendryes has been appointed Clerk of Petty Sessions for St. Andrew and Asst. Clerk of the City of Kingston and Central District Courts, in the room of Mr. Rastrick Lee, who resigns.

February 21, 1880


In this city on the 18th inst., by the Rev. Ellis Friedlander, Minister of the English and German Synagogue, Moses Levy Hyman to Esther, daughter of the late Moses Mendes Sollas.

February 23, 1880

WOLFE - DELGADO -- On Wednesday, 18th, by the Rev. Friedlander, at 5 Roof, North Street, Kingston, at the residence of Henry Delgado, Esq., his daughter, Sophia, to Mr. James B. Wolfe.

February 25, 1880


At No. 7 Elletson Road, at 11:50 a. m. on the 24th inst., W. Rastrick Lee, Esq.

February 28, 1880


At Margaret Ville, Half-way Tree, the wife of W. E. Powell, of a son.



Died yesterday at No. 86 Tower Street, the residence of her uncle, L. C. MacCormack, Euphemia Jane, eldest daughter of William MacCormack.

On the 28th inst. at 51 High Holborn Street, Helen H. Lillie, widow of Thomas Fraser, late of Kingston, Jamaica.


It is announced that the site for the new theatre, given by the government, will be a portion of the old Barracks, in the Parade, at present used as the Director of Roads Office.

March 18, 1880

We regret to learn that an accident, which might have been attended with serious consequences, occurred on Friday last to Mr. W. Y. Garsia, Inspector of Immigrants, whilst in the discharge of his duties. Mr. Garsia had ridden up the hill, and got safely into Whitney Estate, when his horse suddenly became frightened from the noise of a ricketty old cart behind, and galloped away at a fearful rate. Mr. Garsia, who is by no means the best of riders, was heavily thrown, and at some distance, receiving a severe blow on the left collar bone, and spraining one of the fingers on the right hand. With the aid of Mr. Douet, the manager of the estate, Mr. Garsia was lifted from his fallen position and taken to the house, where every attention was paid him. We are glad no bones were broken.

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