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March 3, 1868



In this City on the 1st instant, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. William Magill of H. M. Customs, at this Port, aged 31.



[The following appeared in our Country Edition of yesterday]

A Drogher named "The Friendship" arrived at Port Antonio a day in last week with a cargo of Salt from Inagua. As the Captain did not enter the vessel on his arrival, or show his "manifest book", the suspicion of the authorities was aroused and the acting Inspector, W. N. L. Stewart, went out at night with four of the new Constabulary in the guise of detectives, for the purpose of watching the coast. Mr. Stewart soon discovered that a bedstead was being landed from a boat attached to the craft and immediately made prisoners of the crew. A despatch was sent to the Revenue Officer at the Port, who was prompt in attendance, and in seizing the vessel, putting the "Queen's Arrow" thereon. The boat and its contents were handed over to the custody of the Constabulary, and a guard placed over them, which, we learn, has continued ever since, night and day. The case has been reported to Head Quarters. We are informed that the Constabulary, with their Inspector, well performed their duty on this occasion.



Mr. George Duff, of this City, has been appointed to the second Clerkship in the General Penitentiary, vacant by the transfer of Mr. Clarke to the Internal Revenue Department. Mr. Duff was for some time in the Commissariat.

March 5, 1868

Death of Mr. J. R. Watson

We regret to learn the death of Mr. J. R. Watson (son of the late Rev. James Watson) late Sub-Collector of H. M. Customs at Port Antonio....

The Late Jacob DeCordova

With inexpressible grief, we chronicle the death of a beloved relative, the founder of the Gleaner, JACOB DE CORDOVA. Died at Kimball, Texas, on Sunday, January 26th, 1868, in the 61st year of his age.

March 12, 1868


In this city, on the 9th March, after a short illness, Mrs. Elizabeth G. Campbell, formerly a Lodging-House Keeper in Spanish Town, aged 47 years. She has left a daughter and son and other relatives to mourn their loss.

March 14, 1868


At his residence, Shaw Park, in St. Ann's, David Collie, J. P., a native of Aberdeenshire, N. B., aged 67 years.

March 19, 1868


Mr. Jules Desnoues, [sic], the manager of this Restaurant, 22 King Street, is deserving of special encouragement. He does not follow the "Old-Jamaica" fashion; he is one of the few who profit by the march of improvement. Besides a well-selected stock of choice Wines, Malt, etc. etc., he has produced several beverages, which are well recommended; among them the famous Excelsior drink - a refreshing draft, exclusively his own preparation. Once tasted, his fame is established. Mr Desnoues has been unremitting in suiting the palate of the connoisseur. We wish the "Star" every success.

March 20, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the British Steamer Alice, from Liverpool: --

- Rev. Mr. East, Mrs. East, and 3 Misses East

- Mr. and Mrs. Williams for New Orleans

- Mr & Mrs. Paret

- Mr. Legendre, Madame Legendre and servant, from Port-au-Prince

In the Barque Annie Lisle, from London, at Port Morant - Mr. Charles MacKay

Passengers Sailed

In the Barque Hanover for London, from Lucea: --

- Mrs. J. W. Parkin, wife of J. Parkin, St. James

- Master Parkin

- Mrs. Elgee, child and nurse

- Master John Sharpe, son of Edward Sharpe, Lucea.


At St. Stephen's Church, on the 11th instant, by the Revd. William Smith, Rector, Mr. Thomas C. Thomson, to Janet Eliza, daughter of the late Peter Fraser.

March 21, 1868

Passengers Sailed

In the Steamer Alice, for New Orleans: --

- Mrs. Oughton & 3 children

- Mr. Joseph Mendes

- Mr. J. W. Wasson

- Rev. A. F. Giolma

- Rev. M. W. Hind

- Staff Assistant Surgeon Quinlan, wife & servant.



We regret to announce the demise of Mr. Moses Mendes Solas, late in H. M. Service at St. Catherine, in connection with the Rum Department. He died at his residence, in Orange Street, on Thursday morning. He was a Justice of the Peace, a faithful Israelite, and, in short, an honest man!

March 23, 1868


In this city, on Saturday, the 21st inst., the wife of Mr. G. C. H. Lewis, of a daughter.

In this city, on the 16th instant, the wife of John C. Stone, Esq., of White Hall, Westmoreland, of a daughter.

March 25, 1868

Passengers Sailed

In the W. I. & P. Steamer St. Thomas for Liverpool: --

- Revd. Mr. Hodgson, Mrs. Hodgson and 4 children.



The death of the Archbishop of Bogota, Dr. Antonio Herran, is announced in the Panama papers.

Thomas Pardo O, a nephew of the late President Olarte, attempted to commit suicide on the 12th at Colon, by shooting himself in the breast. the act was committed, it is said, while he was in a state of mental excitement. the wound was expected to prove mortal.

A Roman Catholic Church is about to be established in the City of Colon. The services of the Revd. Dr. Curly have been temporarily procured, under the direction of his Reverence Bishop Vasquez, of Panama.



The remains of this much lamented gentleman were conveyed on Tuesday evening to Marlie, in St. Dorothy, the family estate, and interred there with solemnity.



It is said that with the death of the Honble. Alexandre Bravo, the Office of Receiver-General will lapse. The public accounts, now kept in the Colonial Bank with the Hon. Mr. Stratton, the Auditor, being, it is believed, all that is necessary to conduct the Financial Offices of the country with the Finance Minister. By this means £800 per annum will be saved to the Treasury of Jamaica.



At the Morant Bay District Court held on the 21st and 22nd inst., before Mr. Justice Rampini, the following cases were disposed of: --

Chisholm, William, vs. Garcia, Alex., damage for an assault. Judgment for the Plaintiff 40s., and costs.

Chisholm, William, vs. Marshallack,[sic] Daniel, Ejectments. Mr. S. C. Burke for the Plaintiff; Mr. H. Vendryes for the Defendant - Judgment reserved.

The other causes on the Court List were postponed, on the application of parties. There was no criminal business. At the conclusion of the proceedings, Mr. Burke said that as it was understood that this was the last occasion on which Mr. Rampini would preside in that Court, he was requested by his professional brethren, attending that circuit, to express their sense of the courtesy with which they had been treated by the Judge, and of the care, attention, and patience he had given to the cases in which they had been engaged. His Honor briefly replied, observing that it greatly facilitated his labour to have the assistance of the pleadings of such a counsel.



The Hull of this Vessel was sold yesterday, by Mr. Joseph Stines, Licensed Auctioneer, for £60, the purchaser was Mr. T. B. Clough, of this City; and the Long Boat was sold to Mr. George Magnus for £30.

March 26, 1868

Passengers Sailed

In the Barque Chebucto, from Annotto Bay, for London: --

- Masters J. B. and R. H. Goffe, of Port Maria.



The British S. S. Cleopatra, 811 tons, Capt. Coster, from Gravesend, last Barbados, arrived at this Port early yesterday with troops. The passage was a remarkably fine one, and the troops and crew healthy throughout. She landed 126 men, of the 16th Regiment, at Barbados, and brought hither two Companies of the 84th Regt., including the following officers: --

Capt. McKenzie; Capt. Murray; Lieut. Percy; Ensign Elphinstone; Ensign Robinson; Lieut. Hicky, 84th Regt.

Capt. Kerr of the 4th W. I. Regiment, from London, was also a passenger, in command.

Sergeant Cooper, 50th Regt., en route to Nassau, is also among the troops.

There is no news from Barbados.

March 27, 1868

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Solent from Colon:

- Dr. Campbell & wife

- Miss Ellen Donelann

- Miss Smith

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer La Plata for England: --

- Mrs. Wasson

- Lieut. Edgecombe

- Major Carey, wife and daughter

- Mr. G. Johnson for Dominica



We are glad to state that the health of the public continues good, with an isolated case of Small Pox, which is not of a malignant type, and will yield early to treatment.


Our political situation is much the same as we last reported. the Council held two meetings, one on the 11th , and the other on the 18th. The proceedings do not offer subject for particular comment. The people are gradually sobering down, to accept the altered condition of things, and we trust our humble endeavours, to point out how essential this must be to bring about the early restoration of prosperity to this magnificent but hitherto ill governed Island will not be unfruitful.

A Bill will shortly be presented to the Council to permit the landing of the Atlantic Telegraph Cable in Jamaica, Mr. B. A. Franklin, the Agent of the International Ocean Telegraph Company of America, having petitioned the Legislative Council for this purpose.



We regret to observe in the New York papers of 11th inst., a notice of the death of Joseph Henriques, Esq., formerly a merchant in this city, in the 91st year of his age.



The following appointments have been Gazetted:

Charles Rampini, Esq., to be Judge of the Mandeville District Court

Richard Masheder, Esq., to be Judge of the Port Antonio District Court

Robert John Walcott, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, to be Clerk of the Mandeville District Court.

March 30, 1868


In Spanish Town on the 25th instant, by Mr. A. H. Joseph, Reader of the English and German Synagogue, Miriam, eldest daughter of Morris J. Emanuel, to Alexander J. L. Lyons, eldest son of A. L. Lyons, Kingston.

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