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Jamaica Gleaner newspaper excerpts

August - December 1883

August 3, 1883


At Rae Town, on the 1st inst., the wife of J. Harris of a daughter.


The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Colin A. C. Hogg are requested to attend the remains of his beloved sister, Jane, from his residence, No. 13 Sutton Street ...


The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to appoint Dr. Gifford to act as District Medical Officer, Spanish Town, during leave of absence for three months from 10th August granted to Dr. Stephens.

August 7, 1883

The friends and acquaintances of Miss Sarah Ann Truman are requested to attend the remains of her mother, Mary Lyon, from her late residence, No. 13 Rum Lane.


Mr. William H. Orrett, son of John Orrett, Esq., of this city, who lately passed his examination with credit as a Solicitor, having been trained by the respected firm of Messrs. Harvey & Bourke, is now doing business on his own account, having taken Chambers in Church Street.

August 8, 1883


CHARLETON -- COCKING -- July 12, at Holy Trinity, Waltham Cross, Herts., by Revd. Ralph D. Cocking, M. A. Incumbent of Holy Trinity, Brighton, uncle of the bride, assisted by the Revd. V. F. Hammond, M. A., Vicar of Drighlington, York, uncle of the bridegroom and the Revd. R. Faraker, Curate of Waltham Cross, George Thomas, only son of Captain George Charleton, of Blackheath, late 69th Regiment, to Marcella Melvillena Sloan, only daughter of the late James R. Cocking, Esq., Jamaica, granddaughter of the late Ralph Cocking, Esq., Stipendiary Magistrate, Jamaica.


The Mico Schools have re-opened for work. Parents and guardians would do well to embrace the opportunity of sending their children, as there are a few vacancies at present. The following boys recently passed the 6th standard: --- C. S. DePass; C. M. Clark; R. H. Asten; H. E. Borough; E. A. O'Sullivan; F. R. Ferres; C. Arrowsmith; S. Delisser.

August 9, 1883


On the 7th inst., at the "Tamarind Tree Church", Old Harbour, by the Revd. Hugh Nethercott, Johanna, eldest daughter of the late John Mitchell Curnow, to Francis Javier Batiste.



This morning at his residence, 116 East Street, Lewis, eldest son of the late David Alexander, Esq.

August 10, 1883

The friends and acquaintances of Captain Robert Scott are respectfully requested to attend his remains from his Residence, No. 128 Princess Street, to the place of interment ...


The Major General administering the Government has appointed Mr. Archibald H. R. Jones to be Pilot for the Port of Port Antonio.

The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to appoint John Turnbull Musson, Esq., to be a Notary Public for the Parish of Kingston.

August 13, 1883


On the 8th inst., at Margaretville, St. Andrew, the residence of J. J. Wood, Esq., Inspector of Schools, uncle of the Bride, by the Revd. William Griffiths, assisted by the Revd. J. W. Mold, the Revd. R. H. McLaughlin, of Mount Regale, St. Mary, to Miss Judith Ophelia Wood, third daughter of G. W. Wood, Esq.



Of Abraham Noel Crosswell [eldest son of the late Noel Crosswell], who breathed his last at his residence, Ivanhoe Cottage, Manchester Square, on Sunday morning, at 3:30, aged 87 years and 6 months .... he had only recently returned from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where for several years, he was engaged in business ....

August 16, 1883


On the 16th inst., at her late residence, Eglantine House, Kingston Gardens, Fanny, relict of the late James Forbes Colthirst ...


The new High School to be built at Hope has just been commenced, Mr. Laing, the Scotch Carpenter, who is the Contractor, is actively engaged in the work.


"Wareika", in the parish of St. Andrew, the mountain residence of the late Commodore Cracroft, was put up at public auction in front of the store of Mr. John Macdonald, yesterday, by Mr. D. P. C. Henriques, auctioneer, and withdrawn, the reserve bid not having been reached. Private offers will be received by the auctioneer.

August 17, 2003

Mr. C. H. C. Goffe, of 11 Duke Street, has recently been appointed Agent of the City of London Fire Insurance Company, and advertises that he is ready for business.


The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to appoint the Rev. D. J. East to be Chairman of the Board of Visitors of the Lunatic Asylum, in the room of the late Sir John Lucie Smith.


We call the attention of our readers to our advertising columns, wherein it will be seen that the well-known cigar manufacturers Messrs. B and J. B. Machado, intend to remove to the spacious store, No. 88 Harbour Street, as well as to retain their stand No. 9 Port Royal Street, which has been rebuilt for them since the late fire. The Messrs Machado are well and favourably known in this community.


The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to make the following appointments: -- The Right Reverend Enos Nuttall, D. D., Bishop of Jamaica, to be Chairman of the Jamaica Schools' Commission, established under Law 34 of 1879, in the room of the late Sir John Lucie Smith. The Reverend Thomas B. Butcher, Chairman and General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Methodist Mission, to be a Member of the same Commission.

August 21, 1883

Mrs. Neito, the wife of Mr. A. H. Neito, who officiated in this city for many years, as reader to the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, died on the steamer Clydesdale, on the 9th day of the voyage. This lady left the island in ill health.

August 22, 1883


SMITH -- DA COSTA -- 14th August, 1883, at Halfway Tree Church, by the Revd. G. W. Downer, Rector of Kingston, assisted by Revd. H. H. Isaacs, of St. Andrew, Christopher, son of Richard Smith, Barnsley, Yorkshire, to Emma Adelene, only daughter of Solomon Nunes Da Costa, of H. M. Customs.

August 23, 1883


On the 14th August, 1883, Lillian L. Delisser, third daughter of Elizabeth Delisser, widow of Samuel Henry Delisser, to Frederick Lindo, second son of Henry Lindo.


In this city, at 3 a. m., on the 23rd inst., Ann Lang, relict of the late Richard James Cade Hitchins, Esq. The funeral will move from her late residence, No. 2 George's Lane to the place of interment at 5 p.m. today.

August 27, 1883


Yesterday morning at No. 64 Water Lane, John Joseph Oliver ...

August 28, 1883


At Porus, Manchester, on the 22nd August, aged 78 years, Mary McPherson, leaving an only daughter to mourn her irreparable loss. The deceased was well known as a tavern keeper ...


The cable despatches this morning announce the appointment of the Hon. E. N. Walker as Colonial Secretary.

August 29, 1883

Mr. A. C. Henriques has been invited by the Israelites of Spanish Town to perform service in that town during the coming holidays, and he has kindly consented.

August 30, 1883


At one p.m. yesterday, at No. 51 East Queen Street, Edward Bland Wilson, fourth son of Nathaniel Wilson, deceased, late Government Botanist.


This morning at his residence, 14 Highholborn Street, Edward Preston, aged 88.


The Revd. John Graham has just been transferred by his Lordship the Bishop from Golden Grove Church to the Churches of Point Hill and Lluidas Vale, in the parish of St. Catherine.

August 31, 1883


In this city on the 25th August, 1883, Richard Clinton McAnuff, for many years in the service of W. I. and P. S. S. Co's Agency at Colon, U. S. C. Aged 45 years.

September 1, 1883


At St. Michael's Church, Kingston, on the 29th August (by the Revd. H. M. F. Macdermot), the Revd. Edward Jocelyn, second son of the late S. S. Wortley, Esq., of Uppingham, Rutland, to Bertha Evangeline, fourth daughter of the late Revd. T. J. Brown, of Kingston, Jamaica.


At the Cathedral, Spanish Town, on the 30th inst., by the Rev. C. F. Douet, M. A., assisted by the Revd. P. D. M. Cornwall, of St. Thomas, John Bartholomew Russell, of Stirlingshire, Scotland, to Charlotte Emma, eldest daughter of Richard Carter, Esq., Stipendiary Magistrate.

September 3, 1883


At Merri Vale, St. Andrew, on the 31st August, the wife of P. W. Abbott of a son.

September 4, 1883


At 60 East Queen Street, on the 321st August, the wife of Fred W. Dayes of a son.


On 2nd September, at Waverleigh, Old Harbour, of fever, Naomi Hylton, younger daughter of Stephen Hylton Bravo; aged 2 years and 1 month.


At Good Air Pen, St. Andrew, the residence of Mrs. Jordon, Mrs. Agnes Norton ...

September 6, 1883


On 18th August, at Bloxburgh, the wife of C. B. Mosse, C. B., of a son.


At No. 1 Rosemary Lane, on 31st August, Annie McGregor, beloved wife of William Laing.


At her residence, No. 7 West Queen St., at 11 o'clock last night, Mary Ann Reid, the beloved wife of John B. Reid. The funeral will leave the above residence for the place of interment at 4:30 this afternoon.


Last night at the Villa, the residence of his brother, South Camp Road, leading from Park Lodge, Gustave de Montagnac, late chief clerk of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, age 56 years.

September 7, 1883

The Major General Administering the Government has been pleased to recognize Zachary Jones, Esq., as Vice-Consul for Sweden and Norway at Savanna-la-Mar.


We regret to announce the death on Wednesday night, 5th inst., of Mr. Gustave de Montagnac, for many years chief clerk at the Royal Mail Company's Office, in this city. In respect to the memory of the deceased, the British Ensign was kept at half-mast all yesterday, and the R. M. Co.'s office was closed for half a day.

September 10, 1883


At Port Maria, St. Mary, on the 28th ult., the wife of R. Macdonald Cocking of a daughter

September 12, 1883


On the 5th inst., at Chester Castle, Hanover, by the Rev. C. H. Davis, Rector of Lucea, the Hon. Arthur W. Watson Taylor, of Haughton Grove, to Mary Emmeline, second daughter of the late Thomas Murthwaite, of Stewart Castle, Trelawny.

September 14, 1883

The appointment is gazetted of the Hon. E. N. Walker as Colonial Secretary for this Island, vice Ed. Newton, C. M. G., who has resigned.

The Major General Administering the Government directs it to be notified that the Secretary of State for the Colonies has confirmed the suspension from office, by the Privy Council of Jamaica, of Robert Baird, Esq., Judge of the Northern District Court. His Excellency has been pleased, in consequence, to approve of the following arrangements in the District Court districts, to take effect from a date which will be notified hereafter: William Ernst, Esq., to be Judge of the Northern District Court, vice Baird; Henry Frederic Gibbons, Esq., to be Judge of the Southern District Court, vice Ernst; Henry John Bicknell, Esq., will continue until further orders to act as Judge of the Eastern District Court.

September 19, 1883


Yesterday at the Pavilion Hotel, 40 Harbour Street, Joseph Garraud, of Jacmel, Haiti.

September 20, 1883


On the 14th inst., at Content cottage, Old Harbour, John Lawson of Vere, aged 42


At Wellington Lodge, at 4 o'clock this morning, Lucille, the only daughter of Ernest and Heloise Andrews.

September 22, 1883


At her late residence, No. 110 East Street, at 10 o'clock p.m., Rebecca Mendes.

September 24, 1883


At Belize, on the 25th ultimo, in his 42nd year, Hubert Francis Orgill, second son of the late Reverend T. T. Orgill, and Stipendiary Magistrate for the Toledo District, British Honduras.


Last night, at No. 3 Wildman Street, Ellen Packenham, wife of Mr. Robert Green.

September 25, 1883


On the 20th inst., at Belmont, St. Ann, Herbert Everard, the youngest child of the late Honble. Charles Hamilton Jackson, and Charlotte his wife, aged 5 years and 10 months.

At 3 o'clock this morning at his mother's residence, 165 Upper Princess St., William Hargraves Carver.

September 26, 1883


On Friday 21st inst., at No. 17 West Avenue, Kingston Gardens, the wife of Moses Delgado of a son.

September 28, 1883


At his residence, No. 138 Barry Street, Charles Michael Atchen.


H. R Hyam has been dismissed from the office of additional bailiff of the Western District Court.

Inspector William McLeod has been gazetted to act as Inspector-General of Police during leave of absence granted to Capt. E. H. B. Hartwell.

William G. Macfarlane, Esq., clerk of the Central District Court, has been appointed to act also as Deputy keeper of the Records, during the leave of absence granted to Edward B. Lynch, Esq.

October 2, 1883


Yesterday, at No. 14 Smith's Lane, James Graham, Master Pilot, R. M. Co.'s Steamers.

October 3, 1883


In this city, Vincent, infant son of Charles and Rosalin Valencia. The funeral will move at 4:30 p.m. from their residence, No. 18 Charles Street.

October 4, 1883

We understand that an action of libel and slander will be shortly issued against Mrs. Sarah Sampson, boarding house keeper of Church Street.




The barque Britannia, Captain Garston, from Morant Bay, Jamaica, for Montreal, with a cargo consisting of 450 tons of sugar and twenty-five puncheons of rum, struck on the northeast bar off Sable Island at one o'clock on the morning of Monday, the 3rd ult. The weather at the time was thick, and the vessel was going at the rate of six and a half knots. The crew remained on the vessel until Tuesday night, when she began to break up and all got on a raft. Besides the crew --- numbering twelve persons --- the captain's wife and four children were on board.


During the night eight of the men, together with captain's wife and children, were lost, two of the latter being washed away and two others dying in their father's arms. The steward of the ship had been lashed to the planks of the raft, but, the tremendous seas washing continually over him, he soon perished. Captain Garston was twice washed off, but his strong swimming power enabled him to regain the raft each time. Lewis Smith, able seaman, had during the hurricane some days before fallen from the foremast and broken his arm. While the crew were preparing to leave the wrecked vessel he was carried off by a huge wave and his companions were powerless to assist him. The four survivors reached Sable Island on Wednesday morning.


George Foy, first officer; Arthur Holmes, second officer; John Johnson; Lewis Smith; Fred. Henderson; Arthur Poorhouse; Ernest Molton; Mrs. Emily Garston and four children.

The Britannia was a barque of 444 tons register. She was built at Shoreham, England, in 1877, and was owned by Thomas Gates, of that place.

October 5, 1883

Mr. William E. Lyon was examined on Wednesday by Mr. William Morrison of the Church of England High School, preparatory to his being articled as a law student with Mr. A. E. Burke. He passed a creditable examination.

October 6, 1883

We regret to announce that Mr. Gilbert A. Lyon of Spanish Town died on Thursday night at 10 o'clock.

October 9, 1883


On the 8th, at the Rectory, St. Andrew, the wife of the Revd. H. H. Isaacs, of a son.


At Rae Town, last evening, Alice, wife of Isadore Solomon, aged 40.


We regret exceedingly to hear of the dangerous illness of Abraham Lindo, Esq., of Falmouth, and hope that news will be received today of his being out of danger.


S. Adam Gib Ellis has been appointed Chief Justice of this island. He is Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of Mauritius from which place he is now on his way to England.

October 10, 1883

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. William Lindo and Brothers, and Mr. H. S. Poinset, are requested to attend the remains of their aunt, Mary Ann Lindo, from her late residence, No. 53 Luke Lane....

October 12, 1883


Last night, at Mrs. Smith's, No. 45 Duke Street, Robert Baird, late District Court Judge ...


With deep regret we announce the death of Abraham Lindo, Esq., which sad event took place at his residence, Falmouth, on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. We tender our condolences to his relatives and friends.

October 13, 1883


In our last we announced the painful intelligence received by wire of the death of Abraham Lindo, Esquire, of Falmouth, and could not then do more than convey to our readers the sad announcement. We cannot, however, permit such a man to pass away without attempting some slight tribute to his high mental, social and moral qualities. Whatever may be our sympathy with his bereaved relatives and the extensive circle of his admirers and friends, it is at least equalled by the profound sorrow felt at the great loss which the entire island, and Trelawny in particular, has sustained in the death of one distinguished for his devoted patriotism and for his unceasing labours in promotion of the interests of his native country. He was most unostentatious in all he did, and never looked for more reward that was afforded him by a consciousness of doing what he regarded as a duty. He was one of the most terse and logical of writers in Jamaica, and spared no time nor pains to make himself thoroughly master of any subject upon which wrote. There appeared in the local press many an article that the intelligent reader had no difficulty in recognising as the production of the facile pen of Abraham Lindo, although his signature was not attached to it. No man was more esteemed in the parish of Trelawny, in which he resided for forty years, nor more generally admired and respected throughout the country. He was the consistent opponent of our present highly objectionable form of government, and probably has bequeathed to the island the improved form that is destined to succeed it. There is no official position in Trelawny to which Mr. Lindo would not have been welcome, and which the government would not have bestowed upon him. For many years he was a Justice of the Peace for the parish, but resigned his commission under the administration of Sir John Peter Grant. He was elected Member of the Assembly, but held his seat only for a short time, and resigned to make room for Mr. Shirley on his return to the island, and who was elected. In parochial matters Mr. Lindo was an authority, and there is no man in Trelawny -- nor has there been one contemporary with him -- to whose opinions more deference was paid.

We must repeat that however deep general sympathy may be in the melancholy bereavement that has befallen his relatives and friends, Mr. Lindo's death is nothing short of a public calamity. He departed this life at the age of 68, and if we could possibly regard his demise from a family and social point of view, we might say: "To live in hearts he leaves behind is not to die"; but sorrow becomes intensified at the great public loss sustained by the death of this modest, retiring, but still most quietly active and patriotic gentleman.

October 15, 1883


Yesterday at No. 24 Barry Street, Mary Frances Prieure. The friends and acquaintances of J. A. B. Clarke are requested to attend the funeral ...


Clarendon Park and McGilchrist Pens were put up to auction in front of the Court House, Mandeville, and were knocked down after a spirited competition, to I. H. DeMercado, Esq., for £2,800. The bidding ran thus: -- R. Braham, £1,000; H. H. DeMercado, £2,000; Braham, £2,100; J. P. Clarke, £2,200; I. H. DeMercado, £2,300; Arthur Levy, £2,400; I. H. DeMercado, £2,500; Arthur Levy, £2,550; DeMercado, £2,600; Clarke, £2,650; A. Levy, £2,700; I. H. DeMercado, £2,800.

October 16, 1883


CLOW -- LEWIS -- At the Cathedral, Spanish Town, George Clow, Esq., R. N., Admiralty House, Jamaica, son of D. Clow, Esq., R. N., Deer Park, Tenby, South Wales, to Eleanor, daughter of T. Lewis, Esq., F. S. A., St. Quintins, Cowbridge, South Wales, by Revd. George Downer, Rector of Kingston.


In this city on Saturday evening, the 13th instant, in her 58th year of age, Mrs. Caroline Hamilton, widow of the late C. C. Hamilton, of Spanish Town, and mother of Mr. John Thirlwall, of this city.


Yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock, Mrs. John Burger. Friends and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend her remains from her late residence, No. 135 Orange Street, to the place of interment ...

October 17, 1883


Port Antonio was visited on Tuesday night with a terrible disaster in the shape of a fire, which destroyed nine buildings and a vast amount of property. From the information at hand, it appears that the fire broke out after 9 o'clock in the rum shop of Mr. Edward Sutherland, and rapidly spread to the residence and bakery of Mr. Gavers. DaCosta's tavern, the grocery of Fred. Carr, F. A. Autey's store, Nugent's rum shop and Escoffery's dry goods store were also burnt down. The residences of Miss S. Phillips and Mr. Mordecai were saved, although badly scorched. We regret to hear that Mr. Escoffery suffered very heavily, but at present writing we are not in possession of facts sufficient to enable us to approximate the amount of damage or the insurances. We believe there was no insurance on any of the property except Mr. Mordecai's. In view of the fact that Port Antonio imported from England a new engine with a large quantity of hose, which must have been at the fire, and further fact that the houses were practically on the sea beach where there was no scarcity of water, we cannot understand how the fire was allowed to attain such headway.

October 19, 1883


The Major General Administering the Government announces that he has received official notice of the appointment of Sir Henry Wylie Norman, K. C. B., C. I. E., to be Governor.

Mr. Henry Cooper Walcott has been appointed an assessor of damage within the district of the Northern District Court.

October 25, 1883


At Eureka Penn, St. Andrew, on the night of the 20th inst., the wife of Archibald E. Grant of a daughter.

October 26, 1883


BROOKE -- HIBBERT --- September 15th, at the Parish Church, St. Leonard's-on-Sea, Colonel R. C. Brooke, 40th (South Lancashire) Regiment to Marie, eldest daughter of James Stewart of Shaw Park (late 22nd Regiment) St. Ann, Jamaica, and widow of Oswald Hibbert.

October 27, 1883

Mr. John McGregor, who arrived here a few weeks ago with a patent for an improvement in clarification and manufacture of sugar, will test his patent at Mona Estate, the property of Louis Verley, Esq., on Monday the 5th November, when he will demonstrate that by his process 100 lbs. of sugar additional can be produced on the turnout of the same quantity of juice now used to produce a ton of sugar, also 5 or 10 gallons on every 100 gallons of rum. Mr. McGregor claims also that the sugar and rum will be of better quality.

An ordination service will be held at 11 a.m. on Sunday (St. Simon and St. Jude's Day) in St. George's church, when the following gentlemen will be admitted to the order of Deacons: -- Mr. James P. Hall, late of Bolsover parish in the diocese of Lichfield; Mr. R. G. Ambrose, and Mr. O. W. D. Lane, both from Clifton near Bristol.

November 1, 1883


At Colon, on the 24th Oct., Walter Daly Downer, brother of the Rector of Kingston, in the 55th year of his age.

November 2, 1883


At Spanish Town, on Sunday evening, the 28th inst., Mary Elizabeth Rattigan, daughter of the late Luke Rattigan, Esq.


The appointment of Mr. H. C. Wood as harbor master for Salt River has been gazetted.

Dr. J. Minchinton has been appointed District Medical Officer of the Ulster Spring District of Trelawny, vice Dr. E. Chaffey resigned.


We are informed that the Revd. Mr. Lane who was admitted on Sunday last to the order of Deacon, has been appointed by the Bishop to the charge of Creighton church. The Revd. Mr. McDermott will superintend him.

November 7, 1883


This morning at 78 King Street, Mrs. Rosanna Lorrain. The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Lewis Cuthbert (her son-in-law) are requested to attend her remains to the place of interment.


At 7:35 this morning at 61 East Street, Minnette Carmina, aged 1 year and 19 days, infant daughter of Solomon and Miriam Morais.


In Panama, U. C. S., of typhoid fever, Isidore Adolphus, eldest son of Adolphus P. and Amelia Alberga, aged 16 years and 3 months.

November 8, 1883


On Tuesday the 6th November, at "Happy Retreat" Pen, Mrs. Eliza Ward Dupee, aged 86 years.


The store No. 96 Harbour Street, in course of construction, and belonging to Mr. A. Pawsey, will we hear be taken by Mr. Jacob Brandon, of Church Street, whose business will then be enlarged.

November 9, 1883


Yesterday at 3 p.m., Heloise Archambau, relict of the late T. N. Archambeau. Friends and acquaintances of her sons Emanuel and John Archambeau are requested to attend her remains from Orchard Pen, above the Cross Roads, to the place of interment.


At Panama, U. S. C., on the 27th ult., Alexis Rousseau of Kingston, Jamaica.


The appointment of Sir Adam Ellis, as Chief Justice of Jamaica was formally announced in yesterday's Gazette.

Mr. A. K. Jones has been licensed to act as pilot for the ports of Oracabessa and Port Maria.

William Arbouin Paine of this city has been declared a bankrupt by Judge Curran, and a public examination of the bankrupt is ordered to take place at the Court House on Friday the 16th inst., at 11 o'clock a.m.

Commodore F. M. Pattent, Rrr. N., senior naval officer, V. G. Bell, Esq., Capt. W. P. Forwood, F. W. Melville, and J. W. Whitbourne, Esquires, are gazetted as justices of the peace for the parish of Kingston.

November 13, 1883


At 4:10 a.m. on the 12th inst., Richard Moyle Wilson, Chief Tide Surveyor of H. M. Customs, Kingston, in his 39th year. The funeral will take place from his residence No. 18 East Street, at 4:30 p.m. today.

November 14, 1883


LEWIS -- PEYNADO --- At the White Hall Church, St. Elizabeth, on Wednesday, the 7th inst., by the Revd. J. S. Fraser, assisted by the Revd. W. Noble Henry, James Lewis, son of William Lewis of White Hall, to Ada Eliza, eldest daughter of Stephen C. Peynado of Chittentham.

November 15, 1883


Yesterday morning, at 7 a.m., Felix Roumain, of Port-au-Prince, Hayti. Aged 21 years. The funeral will move from Torrington Pen to Trinity Church, Duke St., at 8:30 this morning.


It is with feelings of regret that we record the death of Mr. Felix Roumain, son of that esteemed gentleman, Monsieur Ernest Roumain, late merchant of this city, and now residing at Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The sad event took place at Torrington Pen, the residence of Madame Geffard, yesterday morning.

November 16, 1883

An examination took place in this city on Tuesday last 13th instant, when Messrs. W. I. Alberga and C. Mildhard were admitted to the ministry of the church.


Bowden Pen in the parish of St. Thomas, containing 500 acres of land, and in the possession of the Colonial Government was, on Wednesday put up at public auction, by Messrs. Turnbull, Mudon & Co., the Government auctioneers, in front of their rooms, and withdrawn. The pen, we understand, will be sold by private treaty.

November 19, 1883


November 13, at St. Peter's Church, Vere, by the Revd. J. D. Hunt, Rector of St. Gabriel's, assisted by the Rev. C. T. Husband, Henry L. Clare, M. B., District Medical Officer, Four Paths, Clarendon, son of Lewis Clare, Esq., Solicitor, Dublin, to Lucy, fourth daughter of R. H. Hampson, Esq., Didsbury, Lancashire.


At Etam [sic. should be Elam], in the parish of Manchester, at 11 o'clock of the night of the 15th inst., David Sampson, in the 66th year of his age.

Last night, at his residence No. 127 Upper Duke Street, Henry Charles de Villamil, aged 66 years.

November 21, 1883


At Southampton, on the 14th October, 1883, George Augustus Lamb, Senior Inspector of Police, British Guiana, and late of the Jamaica Constabulary. Aged 32.

November 22, 1883

His Lordship the Bishop, the Hon. George Solomon, George Stiebel, and C. Peynado, Esqrs., have been appointed directors of the Sailors' Home.

Dr. Alexander Robb has been appointed a governor of the Jamaica Institute, in the room of the Hon. Edward Newton, C. M. G., late Colonial Secretary.

November 28, 1883


This morning at No. 68, East Street, Zoila Marion, wife of J. Watson Scott.

December 1, 1883

The Sailors'`Home, at present located at the corner of West and West Queen Streets, will shortly be removed to a more commodious building, and in a more central position in Church Street.

December 3, 1883


At Port-au-Prince, Hayti, on Saturday, at 5:15 p.m., 17th November1883, Alice Jackson of Kingston, Jamaica, and daughter of the late Henry Crewe of Clarendon.


E. G. Evelyn has been appointed by the W. I. Encumbered Estates Court, the Receiver for Berkshire Hall, an estate in the parish of St. Catherine.

December 4, 1883


At Colon, on 22nd November, 1883, Augustus Blondel Deroux, of Kingston, Jamaica, leaving four orphans.

December 5, 1883


In this city, on the 2nd December, 1883, the wife of William McF. Smith of a daughter.


This morning at No. 53 Duke Street, in this city, Marianne, aged 83 years, the wife of Paenas [Phineas?] Bravo.


Mr. Richard Hill Jackson and Mr. James Louis Verley, of this city, have been elected members of the Royal Colonial Institute.


The Revd. James P. Hall has been appointed to the living of St. John's Darliston. He and his wife left the city last evening by the s. s. Arden for Savanna-la-Mar.

December 6, 1883


CROSSWELL -- HIDALGO --- At the Holy Trinity Church, Duke Street, by the Revd. Father Sheppard, John M. Crosswell to Florence Leonora, youngest daughter of the late Juan Hidalgo.

December 7, 1883


At Woodford, St. Andrew, on the 3rd December, 1883, Elizabeth Ann, relict of the late Alexander Forbes, Esq.


Messrs. C. E. Randall and P. Williams have been appointed Assistant Inspectors of Schools.

The Revd. William G. Turney, M. D. has been appointed a Marriage Officer for Falmouth and Trelawny.

December 8, 1883


At 65 Duke Street, last night at 8:45, Eve, the beloved wife of Ainsley Mordecai...

December 10, 1883

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Staples are requested to attend the remains of their beloved daughter, Reubena L. Staples, from the residence No. 49 East Queen Street to the place of interment ...

December 13, 1883

A very considerable majority of the Spanish and Portuguese and English and German congregations of Jews in this city, have decided to unite as one congregation, and propose to erect a new building suitable for Divine service. The decision is a wise one, and reflects credit on the members of both congregations. It is not only wise in a religious, but in a financial point of view. In the late disastrous fire, the two hallowed structures were, with valuable religious paraphernalia, totally consumed, and the generosity of co-religionists and Christian brothers are invited to aid in the erection of the proposed new building. The cost is estimated at about £6,000, and though this amount is large, hopes are entertained of success. From what we hear, it is much to be regretted that a very small minority decline to share in the advantages which must accrue in having but one place of worship, seeing that the faith, forms and ceremonies are identical. Mr. H. Barrow has consented to act as treasurer, and associated with Mr. F. B. Lyons, J. Mudahy, I. H. DeMercado, and H. Stern, are now collecting on behalf of the united congregations. We are assured that the sympathies of Christian friends will be substantially shewn.

December 14, 1883


At No. 19 North Street, Victoire Antoinette, relict of the late Peter Emile Marchand...


ANDERSON -- December 19th, at Glenburnie Cottage, Kingston Gardens, Marie Isabel, aged 18 months, daughter of Peter Anderson, and grand daughter of Louis Peter Branday.

December 18, 1883


On Thursday, 6th December 1883, at Spanish Town, the wife of Levy Herbs, of a daughter.

December 20, 1883


At midnight on the 18th inst., at Industry Pen, on the confines of St. Mary and St. Ann, Henry A. Solomon, aged 52 years, leaving a wife and nine children ...


Yesterday evening at 5 o'clock, Israel Lewin. The funeral will take place this evening at 5 o'clock, No. 1, corner of East and Port Royal Streets to the place of interment.

December 21, 1883


Yesterday at 5:20 p.m. at his residence corner of Duke and Tower Street, John Charles Peynado, aged 79 years.


David Sime has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the parish of St. Catherine.

December 22, 1883

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Theophilus Cole are requested to attend the remains of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Susan Roberts, from her residence, 49 Oxford Street, to Ebenezer Burial Ground.

December 24, 1883


On the 21st inst., at 83 Duke Street, the wife of St. Leger Tivy of a daughter.

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