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May - June 1880

May 4, 1880


The Abstract of Births and Deaths in Kingston during the Month of April, issued by the Registrar-General, gives particulars as follows: --

Births - April 1880 - Male 53; female 58; illegitimate 77; total 106; rate per 1.000 persons living 33.6. Deaths - April 1880 - Male 54; female 60; total 114; rate per 1,000 persons living 36.1

The births in April 1879 were 70, or 22.1 per 1,000 persons living; the deaths in the same month were 117, or 37 per 1,000.

Of the 114 deaths, 19 occurred in the Public Hospital, 9 in the Lunatic Asylum, 4 in the General Penitentiary, and 3 in the Destitute Home. The principal causes of death were Diarrhoea and Dysentery, 13; Brain Diseases, 12; Lung Diseases, 12; Infantile Diseases, 34; and "Other Causes", which still figure in a contradictory and incongruous manner as "Principal Causes", claimed 38 victims. It is satisfactory to observe only one death from Diphtheria and three from fever, against 1 and 17 from these causes of mortality in March. It is unsatisfactory to observe that there was no medical attendance in 21 cases out of 114; and in this connection we would direct the notice of our readers to "Citizen's" letter, which appears in another column.

Very distressing are the figures relating to children. No less than 75 per cent of the births during the month were illegitimate, -- 77 out of 106. In the schedule of "Principal Causes" 34 deaths are attributed to strictly Infantile Diseases; and the Table of ages at death shows that 47 of the deceased were under five years of age, and of that number 36 were under one year. Forty-three persons died between the ages of 20 and 45. Ten persons reached the age of 55, four that of 65, two that of 85, and one that of 95.

May 5, 1880

The number of births during April, 1879, was 91, or 28.8 per 1,000 according to an amended abstract, and not 70 as stated yesterday.


The Installation of the Master and Officers of the Royal Lodge, No. 207, Prov. No. 1 for the ensuing twelve months, took place on the evening of the 3rd instant at the Friendly Lodge Rooms, Hanover Street, Bro. G. M. Duff, being the master elect. The ceremony of Installation was performed by the Wor. John Thirlwall, Immediate Past Master of the Lodge, the following Past Masters who were present assisting therein: Rt. Wor. Alt. DeCordova, Dep. District Grand Master, Wor. W. Portlock Dadson, Wor. W. L. Mudon, Wor. C. H. Davis, Wor. William Andrews, Wor. R.. Langley, Wor. B. M. Dias, Wor. K. J. Spicer, and Wor. G. J. Sargeant. After the Installation the Bretheren adjourned to the Banqueting Room where a sumptuous repast awaited them, which they enjoyed until the small hours of the morning, when they dispersed, each expressing thorough satisfaction and pleasure at the evening's entertainment. The following form the administration for the current year: --

Wor. G. M. Duff, Master

Wor. John Thirlwall, Im. Past Master

Bro. Wm Duff, Snr Warden

Wor. B. M. Dias, Jnr. Do

Bro. S. A. Iffla, Treasurer

Bro. E. J. Andrews, Secretary

Bro. R. J. McPherson, Snr. Deacon

Bro. A. M. Marshall, Jnr. do

Bro. I. O. Waite, Inner Guard

Bro .J. McCann )

Bro. J. Z. Messam ) Stewards

Bro, Geo. Magnus, Tyler



A very sad accident occurred near here on Monday evening last, the 26th ult. Mr. Samuel Baker, late in the employment of Messrs. George Solomon and Co., went to Mandeville to attend the District Court that day and was returning home, in the evening. On reaching Kelseys, he was thrown from his horse, taken up speechless and was immediately conveyed to his residence at Whitney Turn, where he died a few hours after. Dr. Hillary was sent for, and on examination of the body found the skull fractured. Mr. Baker was a very respectable young man, and was in a fair way of doing well. His remains were conveyed by his friends to Mandeville and interred there.

May 7, 1880

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Melmoth N. Hall are requested to attend the remains of his Wife from his residence, No. 105 Tower Street, to the place of Interment at 4:30 p.m. this evening.

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. T. M. Martin are desired to attend the remains of his wife's grandmother, Mary Grey, from his residence, the East side of the Race Course, at 5 o'clock this evening.


In consequence of the drought, many estates have been compelled, according to the "Falmouth Gazette", to suspend manufacture of rum and sugar.


We are glad to inform our readers, amongst whom are many personal friends of the gentleman, that Mr. Gonzalvo DeCordova, commission merchant of New York, will arrive in Kingston by the next American steamer.


The morning service on Sabbath last at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue was performed by Master Isidore DePass, to the entire satisfaction of all present. The confidence which he showed in reading the weekly portion was very remarkable. Great credit is due to the young gentleman, and to his teacher, the Revd. D. Baruch, second minister of the congregation, who instructed him.


The first Royal Ark Mariners Lodge has been duly inaugurated in this city with the Very Wor. G. J. DeCordova as Commander; Very Wor. O. Delgado as Son S.; the Very Wor. O. Delgado, Jnr. as Son J. 14 Candidates were advanced to the Degree by the Commander assisted by the Worshipful J. W. Whitbourne, D. P. G. M. M., and the Very Wor. Alt. DeCordova, D. P. G..M.



A great want will shortly be met by the erection of a market in the Parish of St. Andrew. During the last few years Halfway-Tree and its vicinity have become a fashionable suburb to Kingston, especially since the extension of the car lines; and a very large population now occupies the Liguanea Plain. Amongst new pens might be mentioned those of the Rector, of the Hon. E. N. Walker, of Messrs. J. M. Auld, J. Streadwick, C. Grant, E. F. Hankey, G. Stiebel, S. P. Musson, and J. Clarke, and Mrs. Duncan Campbell. New shops have also been erected at Halfway-Tree by Messrs. J. Wray & Nephew, Messrs. Powter and Truax, and Mr. Josephs; while the smaller proprietors and the peasantry have also greatly improved their dwellings and properties. In fact, a new assessment would show, we believe, a great increase in value of St. Andrew properties. As a result of the growth in importance and population, the want of a market has long been felt, and the country people have acquired the bad habit of crowding the narrow roadways in order to sell their produce. The new market is therefore to be erected nearly opposite the Car Company's Office at Halfway-Tree. We understand that the Iron Work has already been ordered, so that the market will soon be open to the public.

May 8, 1880

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Edward Melville will please accept this invitation to attend the funeral of his cousin, Mr. Harry, from No. 6 Highholborn Street...


The Revd. Mr. Tomlinson will preach a special sermon at Christian Chapel on Sunday evening, subject: "Christ, the Rock".


The Lieutenant Governor has been pleased to grant G. Langshaw Esq., Clerk of Petty Sessions for the Parish of St. Catherine, one month's leave of absence from the 6th instant, and has approved of J. A. Messias, Esq., acting as Clerk of Petty Sessions during such absence.

The Lieutenant Governor has granted leave of absence, from the 28th ultimo, to 17th instant, to Robert Kerr, Esq., Judge of the Central District Court, and has appointed Thomas Oughton, Esq., to be Mr. Kerr's locum tenens during such absence.

The Lieutenant Governor has appointed the Honorable J. M. Gibb, Custos of Clarendon, Robert Craig and William Harty, Esquires, to be the Members of the Board of Visitors to the Public General Hospital at Chapelton.

The Lieutenant Governor has removed Mr. L. A. Grant from the office of Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Old Harbour District of St. Catherine, and has appointed Mr. Roger Walker to that office.

The Lieutenant Governor has removed Mr. L. A. Grant from his office of Postmaster for Old Harbour and has appointed Mr. George Fouche in his stead.

May 13, 1880

The Honorable Isaac Levy, with Mrs. Levy and family, left in the "Andes" for New York yesterday afternoon. It shows the high esteem in which the honorable gentleman is held in his native town, Old St. Jago, when we state he was accompanied on board the steamer by a large number of the Magistracy and other of his fellow townsmen, among whom we noticed Joseph Reid, Esq., Senior Magistrate of Saint Catherine who went to say farewell and wish him bon voyage. We wish Mr. Levy, Mrs. Levy and family a speedy voyage and safe return, and trust that His Honor's health will be restored. Amongst the gentlemen on board were His Honor the Custos of Kingston, and the Hon. E. N. Walker.

May 14, 1880


At the island of Curaçao, on the 26th ult., in the 80th year of her age - Leah, relict of Moses Abraham Jessurun, and the revered mother of Mrs. J. Gomes Casseres of this island.

The friends and acquaintances of Messrs J. A. B. and George Clarke, are requested to attend the remains of their father, Mr. W. J. Clarke, from his late residence, Halfway-Tree...


Hamilton George Barber, Esq., has been commissioned to act as Land Surveyor.

Last night Mr. Eugene Finzi was elected master of the Collegium Fabrorum Lodge for the ensuing year.

Charles Arnold Malabre, Esq., has been recognized by the Lieut.-Governor as Consular Agent for France in this city.

May 15, 1880


May12, at the Parish Church, by the Revds. Downer and Denroche, William M. Bailey to Josephine Mordecai.


We learn with great regret that the death of Mr. Clarke was self-inflicted, whilst he was in a delirious state. He had been ill for some time, and became light-headed. On Thursday he made various attempts to use sharp weapons on himself but was prevented by his wife. Mrs. Clarke forgot, however, to take away a revolver that was in the room. It caught his eye, and when her attention was engaged elsewhere, he took it and fired at his own head. The shot entered above the left jaw, and tore away that side of his face. He survived a few hours. His remains were interred yesterday at Halfway-Tree. Mr. Clarke was an old resident in the neighbourhood and was highly respected here, besides being well known in Kingston.

May 17, 1880

We regret to learn the death of Mr. Edwin Henderson, acting clerk in the Treasury, and formerly attached to the Island Revenue Dept., on the 12th inst. Mr. Henderson was only 34 years of age.

May 18, 1880

Passengers Arrived

In the Atlas Steamer "Atlas" from New York: -- Col. Hackett; Mr. Barrett; Mr. DeCordova; Mr. Hoyle; Mrs. and Miss Hall; Mrs. Edwards and child; Captain Wilkin; Mr. Wales; Mr. R. Kerr; Dr. and Mrs. Welsh.

In the R. M. C. Steamer "Essequibo" from Jacmel: -- Mr. Robert Clough; Miss Sophia Miller; and two infants.


At the residence of Abraham Pinto, Esq., no. 84 East Street, on Monday 17th inst., Mrs. Esther Abendana. relict of the late Rev. Moses M. Abendana. The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Abraham Pinto and Mr. John Bonitto are requested to attend the funeral, which will take place this morning at 8 o'clock.

May 19, 1880

E. B. Lynch, Esq., Deputy Keeper of Records, will leave for England shortly.



This parish has been getting fine rains, since the commencement of the month, and on Saturday last the 15th instant, so heavy was the downpour that everyone thought wee would have had a flood ... At Orange Grove Estate it gauged 9 inches, one of the largest rainfalls on record for that space of time. The parish has benefited immensely from these seasons after such a long and sever drought.

Point Estate has been bought by D. T. Mudie, Esq., who has assumed the management of the property himself...

The estates have nearly all finished crop. Tryall it is expected will make the largest Crop in the Parish.

May 20, 1880


At her residence, No. 5 Potter's Row, on 15th inst., Bathsheba Lutas.


Mr. Advocate Vendryes has been appointed to act as District Court Judge in place of Judge Baird who goes on leave of absence. The chief object of this temporary appointment is to provide for the duties of Coroner.

May 21, 1880

The Lieutenant-Governor has approved of the following transfers in the Parochial Medical Service, to date from 1st proximo: -- Dr. John Deleon, from the Falmouth to the Lucea District. Dr. F. L. Stanigar, from the Moneague to the Falmouth District.

The Lieutenant-Governor has granted Leave of Absence for one month from 24th instant, to Robert Baird, Esq., Judge of the Southern District Court, and has appointed Henry Vendryes, Esq., Advocate, to act in his stead.

The Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased to appoint George L. Edwards and Charles Pickersgill, Esquires, to be Members of the Board of Parochial Road Commissioners for the parish of St. Mary for the year 1880.

William Grape Burton has been Licensed to act as Pilot for the Ports of Manchioneal, Port Maria and Oracabessa, for the year 1880.

The Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased to grant six months' Leave of Absence from the 20th instant to E. B. Lynch, Esq., Deputy-Keeper of the Records, and has appointed James Ryley, Esq., to be Mr. Lynch's locum tenens during such absence.

The Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased to appoint Mr. T. W. Rodgers, 1st Class Out Door Officer, as Tide Surveyor at Port Royal, in place of Mr. T. D. Turton.

Second Lieutenant Richard Harvey Townshend, 1st W. I. Regt., is to be second lieutenant in the 2nd W. I. Regt., in succession to Lieut. R. E. S. Cambridge, appointed as probationer for the Indian Staff Corps.

May 22, 1880


At his residence, Clifton Mount, St. Andrew, on May 20th 1880. the Hon. Robert Hamilton, of Cluntagh, County Down, Ireland, M. A., M. D. Cantab., M. D. Pairs, late Member of the Honorable Legislative Council of Jamaica. The funeral will leave for Craigton Church, St. Andrew, on Friday the 23rd inst., and the burial will take place there at 10 o'clock.

At 2 p.m. on Friday May 21st, John Sinclair, late Beadle of the Parish Church of Kingston. The attendance of his friends and acquaintances is respectfully solicited at his residence, 98 Princess Street, this evening, 22nd, at half-past four.

May 26, 1880

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Moselle from Southampton: -- Miss E. C. Salmon; Mr. J. H. Dadd; Mr. J. W. Leyden; Hon. Findlater Roper; Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Abraham; Mr. Pendelbury; Dept. Commissariat - General Dunn, wife, 3 children and servant; Miss Alice Savage.

For Dominica: - Judge Baird and servant.

For Jacmel: -- Barnet Stines, Jr.; Mr. Duval; Mr. Phipps, 3 children and servant; Mr. Fabre.

For Antigua: -- Mr. Roberts.

May 27, 1880

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Henry Jacobs, late of London Tavern, are requested to attend his remains from his residence, No. 1, North and Wellington Street, to the place of interment at 5 o'clock this evening.

May 28, 1880

Robert Kerr, Esq., has returned from leave of absence and resumed his duties as Judge of the Central District Court.

Dr. J. C. E. Roberts has been appointed, as from 1st June 1880, Parochial Medical Officer of the Moneague and Pedro District of St. Ann.

May 29, 1880


On the 27th inst., at his residence, No. 38 John's Lane, the wife of James H. Clough, Snr., of a daughter.


On the 26th inst., at Nightingale Grove, St. Catherine, Helen Augusta Tharp, the beloved wife of William H. Gunter, of Bushy Park Estate, leaving a sorrowing husband and five children to mourn her loss.

May 31, 1880

Mr. George Corinaldi of Montego Bay has been appointed Northside Agent for the "Jamaican Family Journal" ...

June 1, 1880


At Spanish Town, on Tuesday the 25th March last, the wife of James O'Meally, Esq., Solicitor, of a son.


At Holy Trinity Church, on the 26th May, by the Rev. Father Dupont, assisted by the very Rev. Father Porter, V. A., Peter Anderson of Glasgow to Marie Amelie, eldest daughter of L. P. Branday, Esq.

June 3, 1880


The friends of the late Alexander Campbell are hereby kindly invited to attend his remains from his late residence, No. 2 Smith Lane, to the place of interment [Scotch Burial Ground]

June 4, 1880


In London, on the 9th May, the wife of F. A. W. Docker, of a daughter.


At St. Ann's Bay, on Friday, 28th May, Lashin Miller, Esq., of Lanark, Upper Clarendon, in the 58th year of his age. Leaving a wife and seven children to mourn their loss.


Last night at his residence, North Street, the Revd. B. C. Butland, Pastor of the Congregational Church. the funeral will move to the Church in North Street at 5 p.m. this evening.

June 7, 1880

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Obadiah Bethune, are requested to attend the remains of his father, Mr. John Marks Bethune from his residence, No. 20 Mark Lane ...

June 9, 1880


SAMUEL - WOLFE -- On the 2nd June 1880. in this city, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. E. Friedlander, Lionel L. Samuel, Esq., Attorney-at-Law, to Alethia, youngest daughter of Mr. Ellis Wolfe of this city.

On the 2nd inst., at No. 13 Barry Street, by the Rev. Jas. Cochran, Charles Davidson, eldest son of Joseph Davidson, to Mary Edith, only daughter of George Rose, both of Kingston.


In this city on the 6th

June 11, 1880


Yesterday afternoon at his residence, No. 40 Beeston Street, Mr. Thomas Gordon Lee.


An alarm of smallpox was raised last week at Old Harbour, but Dr. Holwell visited promptly the sick person, and he declared that the disease was not smallpox.

June 12, 1880


Last night, the 11th inst., at 12:30 p. m., at his Residence, No. 35 North Street, Robert Bogle.

At Oakland Penn, St. Andrew, on Friday the 4th inst., Mary Frances, eldest daughter of the late Maurice Calnek, aged 28 years.

June 14, 1880

Dove Hall Estate has changed hands for £2000.

Breadkind is reported scarce in Portland, more attention being paid to fruit than provisions. It is said that Mr. W. B. Espeut is planting bananas upon his properties.


We regret to record the death of Mr. Robert Bogle in the 86th year of his age, on Friday last. Mr. Bogle was the son of the senior partner of the famous Scotch firm of Bogle & Co., which carried on an extensive business in Jamaica, with offices in Kingston, during the first quarter of the present century. Mr. Bogle was one himself of the old Merchants of Kingston of whom few now remain to tell the tale of highly prosperous times and rapid fortunes. He did business at the office now occupied by Messrs McDowell and Hankey, and was Consul for the U. S. of Colombia. He was in charge of the Stamp Office from June 1862 until Sept. 1876, when he retired for active life. Mr. Robert Bogle was not a public man, his reserved disposition causing him to shrink from any participation in municipal or Custom affairs. Mr. Hugh Bogle of the Insular House is his son.

June 15, 1880


In this City, yesterday, Hannah, relict of H. S. Samuel, Esq. in her 61st year. The funeral will move from her late residence, no. 22 North Street, to the place of interment at 8:30 this morning.


The trust real estate of Moses Gomes Silva and Bathsheba his wife was again put up for sale at the Court House, Harbour Street, yesterday before Thomas Hendrick, Esq., Registrar, by Mr. Joseph Stines. The first lot, 134 Harbour Street, was withdrawn at £650. For the second lot, 39 Port Royal Street, there were no bids. At £40 the third lot, 108 Orange Street, was withdrawn, but at the same figure lot the fourth, 68 Princess Street, was sold to Mr. John Davidson of St. Mary for £40.

June 17, 1880

With pleasure we remind our readers of the entertainment which the Rev. Fr. X. Jaeckel gives this evening in the Theatre Royal. It is the first theatrical representation since the restoration of the Theatre ...

June 18, 1880


On the morning of the 17th inst., at 7:30, Julia, relict of the late Aaron DeCordova, of this city. The funeral will leave her late residence, no. 65 Duke Street, at 8 o'clock this morning.


With deep regret we record this morning the death at 68 years of age of the widow of the late Aaron DeCordova, an old and highly respected merchant of this city. Mrs. DeCordova was his second wife, and leaves four children, two of whom, sons are unfortunately absent in New York; her illness having lasted bu four days. Mrs. DeCordova was exemplary daughter, wife, mother and friend, and delighted in charitable actions. We tender our sincere condolence to the children and to our esteemed fellow-citizen, Mr. Alt. DeCordova, step-son of the deceased.


G. L. Shaw, Esq., has returned from leave of absence and resumed, on the 8th instant, his duties as Clerk of Petty Sessions of St. Catherine.

The Governor has been pleased to grant Leave of Absence for ten days from the 14th instant to Henry F. Pouyat, Esq., and has approved of D. N. Berwick, Esq., acting as Clerk of Petty Sessions of St. Mary during such Absence.

June 22, 1880

By order of the Trustees of the late Isaac Delgado, Mr. Joseph Stines will put up to auction, on Thursday, the valuable properties: "Five Roofs", in North Street, one of the finest family residences in the city; the house, 58 Hanover Street; house and shop, Oxford Street; house and shop, S. W. corner of Orange and Heywood Streets; house, Windward Road, opposite Car Terminus; a two-thirds interest in house in Water Lane; and parcels of land at corner of Charles and Beeston Streets, at Allman Town, and at Hannah's Town. This sale takes place at Mr. Stines' Agency.

June 25, 1880


At Moreland Estate in the Parish of Vere, on the 21st inst., Marie Louise, the wife of Thomas Ellis, Esq.

The friends and acquaintances of Mrs. S. Thompson are requested to attend the remains of her aunt, Miss Cecelia Digby, from her late residence, No. 27, corner of Hanover and Sutton Streets, to the place of interment at 5 o'clock this evening.


Lucea comes to-day within the Post Office Telegraph system.

The Falmouth Gazette learns that the Hon. Mr. Gibb will shortly resign his seat in the Legislative Council.

The Governor has been pleased to grant Letters of Naturalization, under the Act 35 Car. II, cap. 3, to Sylvester Minot, a native of Cuba, an alien born, but now an inhabitant of this Island.

On account of a severe illness, S. D. Lindo, Esq., Assistant to the Attorney-General for the Western Circuit, will be unable to go on circuit. We hope soon to hear of the learned Advocate's recovery.

With reference to Government Notice, dated 17th May, the Governor has appointed Henry Vendryes, Esq., Advocate, to continue to act as Judge of the Southern District Court, until further orders.

June 26, 1880

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. William Lundie are requested to attend his remains from the Union Foundry, no. 36 Harbour Street, to the place of interment at 5 o'clock this evening.

June 29, 1880


At Bowden, St. Thomas, on the 24th inst., the wife of R. S. Haughton of a daughter.

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