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October 3, 1867


In this City on the 1st inst., at 48 Orange Street, the residence of Mr. Sampson Lucas, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Armstrong.

October 4, 1867

The Governor has been pleased to appoint Duncan Donald Darrock Colter, Esquire, to be an Inspector of Police of the Second Class.

The provisional appointment of Mr. Simon Emanuel Pietersz to perform the duties of Acting Consul for Spain, during the absence of the Consul, Don Bruno Badan, has been approved.

The Rev. C. F. Gray to be Island Curate of Kemp's Hall, in Vere.



The following alterations have occurred in this Department: --

Mr. Buckingham, late Sub-Collector of Falmouth, (£400) has been transferred to Port Maria, at £350 per annum.

Mr. Chamberlaine, Landing-Surveyor at Falmouth, (£250), to be Sub-Collector at Annotto Bay, at £225 per annum.

Mr. Stevenson, Landing-Waiter, etc., at Falmouth, to Montego Bay

Mr. Figueres from Falmouth to Alligator Pond.

Mr. Buchanan, from Port Morant, (£250) to Falmouth, (£350).

Mr. Cummings, from Annotto Bay, (£225) to Falmouth (£250)

Mr. Cooper from Alligator Pond to Falmouth.

October 5, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tamar, from Southampton:

- Elizabeth Barden and Charlotte Pettit, Servants to Governor Grant

- Mr. R. Robinson

- Mr. and Mrs. Phillips of Vere

- Mr. and Mrs. Alexander

- Mrs. Taylor, 2 children and female servant

- Revd. John Mearns, Wesleyan Superintendent

- Colonel Lightfoot, 84th Regt.

- Mr. deTermet

- Mr. Ashenheim

- Revd. H. Clarke

- Dr. Bruce of Vere

- Mr. Geo. Sturridge of Mandeville

- Mr. Morris

- Mr. John Bagul

Passengers Sailed

In the Steamer St. Thomas, for Liverpool:

- Rev. Mr. Fidler

For Port-au-Prince:

- Mr. Charles Fonia



In his seventh year on Sunday, the 29th September last, at Prospect, Metcalfe, the residence of his uncle, the Hon H. Westmorland, Herbert Williams, the eldest child of Wilmot Westmorland, Esq., Esher Pen.

October 7, 1867


In this City, on 4th instant, the Wife of Ensign Field, 3rd West India Regt. of a Son.


Sailors' Home

Revd. Enos Nuttall and H. J. Bicknell, Esq.



It is currently reported that the salaries of the Clerks in the Colonial Secretary's and Financial Secretary's Offices were increased from the 1st October. This seems inexplicable, as his Excellency has recently reduced the salaries of the Customs officers, and the present financial condition of the country surely cannot warrant any such increase.



We understand Counsellor Phillippo, who arrived in the Packet on Friday, has been appointed a Judge of one of the New District Courts.



We understand Mr. E. B. Lynch has been appointed Clerk of the District Court for Kingston; Mr. Gilbert Shaw for St. Catherine; Mr. Walcott, for St. James and Hanover.



Launch of the Sloop Victrix

This vessel, built by Mr. Alex. Buckly, was launched on Wednesday, the 2nd October, at Port Antonio. We noticed at the launch, the Revd. Wm. Smith, Rector; Alexander Escoffery, John P. Jones, George Ffrench, F. M. Campbell, R. P. DaCosta, Esquires, a number of the fairer sex, and about 300 other Parishioners. She was named by Miss Margaret McMorine, as the "Victrix", and is supposed to be about 24 to 25 tons by measurement. This fine Sloop will be shortly making her first trip to Kingston, where we expect her owners will be encouraged.

October 12, 1867

Passengers Arrived

From Liverpool for Jamaica:

In the Steamer Cuban from Liverpool: --

- Mr. J. E. West

- Miss Foster and Mr. Foster

In transit for Vera Cruz:

- Mr. Gibson

From Port-au-Prince for Jamaica:

- Miss Hamilton and sister

- Dr. D. F. Burke


Passengers Sailed

In the American Barque Dency, for New York:

- Mr. Smith.

October 14, 1867


At Harmony in the Parish of Portland, on the morning of the 8th instant, the wife of Mr. Kell King, of a son.

October 18, 1867


In Spanish Town, on the 11th instant, of Yellow Fever, Wallace Townson Harris, aged 23 years and 2 months, only surviving son of the late John Wallace Harris, Esqr., and Mary, his wife.

October 19, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tyne, from Southampton --

- Quarter-Master Nutty

- Ensign Smith

- Asst. Com. Gen. Booth

- Mr Laraque

- Mr. H. E. J. R. Longden, Lieut. Governor of Honduras, wife, child, nurse and Secretary

- Mr. Hyde

- Mr. L. Isaacs and child

- Mr. Brownrigg and servant

- Mr. McFee

- Mr. Wm. Bailer

- Mr. C. J. McRea

- Mr. J. Sellers

- Mr. B. Ancelia

Passengers Sailed

In the Spanish Steamer Moctezuma for St. Jago de Cuba: --

- Mr. John Younger

- Mr. Charles Nunes


Sailors' Home

A. J. Brymer, and Captain J. Peynado, Esqrs.



At Aspinwall on Friday, the 27th September, 1867, Mr. William Christopher May, in the thirtieth year of his age.

October 24, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the Schooner May 1, from New Orleans: --

- Mr. John L. Myers

- Mr. C. C. Carvalho

- Mrs. D. Carvalho

- Mrs. S. Magnus

- Mr. Solomon Morais

In the Steamer Chilian from Colon: --

- Mrs. I. Herman and child.

- Mr. Casis


Passengers Sailed

In the French Steamer Caravelle, for St. Jago de Cuba: --

-Mr. Thomas A. Brooks

- Mr. Henry Sagabien

For St. Thomas:

- Mr. G. Arnaboldi

For Cape Hayti:

- Mr. D. Garcia


Sailors' Home

Dr. Andrew Dunn and Revd. F. S. Bradshaw



At Dallas Castle Pen, St. Andrew's, on the 21st inst. the wife of Deputy Assistant Commissary General Shortt, of a son.

At Bowden, Port Morant, on the 22nd instant, the wife of James Duffus, of a son.

At Barn Pen, on the 21st inst., Mrs. Robert S. Brass, of a Son.

October 25, 1867

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tyne for England:

- Mr. David Morales

- Mr. Elkin Fariner

- Miss Phillips and sister

- Ensign Smyth, 84th Regt.

- Mr. Chas. O'Connor

For Trinidad:

- Mr. C. R. Davidson

October 26, 1867


In this City, on the 23rd instant, the wife of A. Blondell de Roux, Esqr., of a son.



A general meeting of the members of the Commercial Association of Kingston was held at the Jamaica News Room at eleven o'clock, yesterday. There were present, the Hon. L. Q. Bowerbank, President; H. F. Colthirst, Rev. James Watson, Alt. DeCordova, J. S. Williams, D. Finzi, R. Ganslandt, J. Dieckmann, B. A. Franklin, M. DeCordova, and J. Duquesnay, Esquires.



The Governor has been pleased to make the following appointments under the District Courts Law, 1867: --

Patrick Blair, Esq., to be Judge of the Spanish Town District Court

Charles Rampini, Esqr., to be Judge of the Port Antonio District Court

Gilbert Shaw, Esqr., to be Clerk; Mr. Alfred James to be Assistant Clerk; and Mr. John Frederick Rickard to be Bailiff of the Spanish Town District Court.

Edward Bancroft Lynch, Esqr., to be Clerk of the Kingston District Court.

William Wemyss Anderson, Esqr., to be Clerk of the Port Antonio District Court.

Arthur Harvey Alexander, Esqr., to be provisionally a Sub-Inspector of Police.



His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint Mr. John Walker, of this City, the Bailiff of the Kingston District Court.

October 28, 1867

Passengers Sailed

In the H. M. S. Barracouta, for Honduras: --

- Major General O'Connor, C. B.

- Lieut. Lanyon, A. D. C.

- Lieut. Ballantyne, Fort Adjutant

- Sir H. F. F. Johnson, Deputy Assist. Com. Genl.

- Inspector General O'Flaherty, Prin. Med. Officer

- Mr. H. E. J. R. Longden, Governor of Honduras, wife, child, nurse and Secretary.



At Buff Bay, on the 17th instant, by the Revd. J. G. Richards, Island Curate of Harewood Chapel, St. Thomas ye Vale, Dr. R. E. Gegg, Coroner for St. George, to Catherine Ruth, daughter of John Wesley Blackledge, Esq., of New Jersey, United States.


Sailors' Home

F. A. Ebbeke, Esq., and S. Soutar, Esq.



Mr. Abraham Harris, the Collector of Petty Debts for the Brown's Town District of the Parish of St. Ann, has been, by an order of the Court, suspended from his office, in consequence of some act of extortion said to be committed in executing his duty.

October 31, 1867


On Tuesday, the 29th instant, at No. 47 Church Street, in this City, Murray Macdonald, infant son of Mr. John Murray Auld, aged four months.

On Monday, the 28th day of October, 1867, at his residence, Port Antonio, John Shea Clachar, Esquire, M. D., aged 73 years and 19 days. He had been for upwards of 50 years a Medical Doctor for the Parish of Portland. He was commissioned as a Justice of the Peace in 1835, and as Custos Rotulorum in 1841. He was also a member of the Assembly, and Health Officer, etc., for the parish. His mild and courteous manners gained for him the esteem and respect of all who knew him. He leaves a sorrowing widow and a numerous circle of friends to mourn their loss.



There was a large meeting of the magistrates of Trelawny at the Court House in Falmouth on Thursday last, the 24th instant, for the purpose of "ascertaining the views of the Justices of the Peace on the provision of the District Courts' Bill, which restricts the exercise of their judicial functions". The Honourable Robert Nunes read the requisition which induced him, as Custos, to convene the meeting. The Justices present on the occasion were Messrs. Abraham Lindo, F. R. Coy, George Lyons, James A Hoskins, George Bowman, Septimus Barrett, Simon Thompson, H. M. Purchas, William Foss, Stewart Edwards, James Fletcher, Henry Benaim, David Galloway, James A. Vine, Montague Salomon, L. C. Shirley, and James W. Fisher.

Addresses were delivered by the Custos, Messrs Lindo, Fisher, Benaim, Lyons and Barrett. Mr. Lindo submitted a proposition to the effect that "as it does not appear to us that a jurisdiction, subject to the conditions to which we take exception, can be consistently with self-respect and with any benefit to the community be retained, we beg to tender to his Excellency the resignation of our several commissions as Justices of the Peace for the Parish of Trelawny." The proposition of Mr. Lindo was objected to by the other Justices (excepting Messrs. Coy and Salomon who supported it) and the meeting was very abruptly brought to a close - Falmouth Post



We regret to announce the demise of J. S. Buckingham, Esq., Sub-collector of H. M. Customs at Falmouth. As soon as the solemn and sad event was known, the several flags about the town, and also that of the Fontabelle, now in the harbour, were half-masted. By his death the public has lost a most able and efficient officer, courteous, obliging and charitable. His loss will be felt by all classes of the community.

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