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November to December 1866

November 2, 1866

Passengers Arrived

In the Steamer from New York:

- Dr. and Mrs. McLean, servant and two children

- Mr. And Mrs. Clifford

- Revd. R. B. Lynch

- Dr. J. M. Meller

- Mr. C. C. Starlack

- Mr. Charles Carpenter

- Mr. E. C. Corinaldi

- Miss Jones and Master Jones.



In the City of New York, on the first October, Julia, the third daughter of Moses Henriques, formerly of Kingston, Jamaica., leaving six children, family and friends to lament their loss.



In the Petty Debt Court yesterday, before Justices Bicknell, Emanuel Lyons, and Salom, a person named Samuel Messam, was committed for perjury in giving evidence in a case of adverse claim, Augustus Messam vs. John Escoffery, Collector of Petty Debts for this City.

November 6, 1866

Sitting Magistrates

Joseph Stines, David Smith, and Alfred DaCosta, Esqrs.


Sailors Home

F. A. Ebbeke and S. Soutar, Esqrs.



Suddenly at his residence the Moneague, St. Ann's, on the 1st November instant, Solomon DaSilva Lindo, aged 61 years.

November 16, 1866

Passengers Arrived

In the Steamer "Caribbean" from Liverpool:

- Misses Coke

- Mrs. Corlett

- Mr. Snook

- Mrs. W. W. Anderson

- Mr. Morce (H. M. C. ) and Lady

- Mrs. Watson

- Mr. Melville

- Mr. Francis, Lady and child

From Port-au-Prince:

- Mr. Escoffery and servant

- Madame Escoffery and infant

- Mr. Tinbeard and 2 daughters and male servant

- Mr. S. Raister

- Miss Wilson

- Mr. R. Thompson, Lady and infant

- Mr. Bassan

- Miss A. E. Berry

- Mr. Turnbull in transit for Vera Cruz

November 20, 1866


Lieutenant Colonel John Desborough has been appointed to the command of the Royal Artillery on Jamaica Station.

Sir Henry Franks F. Johnson, Bart., late Colonel 5th Fusileers, has succeeded Lieut. Col. Nelson as Deputy Adjutant General to the Forces in Jamaica. Sir Henry was formerly Deputy Quartermaster General to the Force Mauritius.



We have been requested by Captain Delisser to state that a muster of the Kingston Volunteer Artillery will take place this afternoon at quarter to 5 for gun drill at Kingston Barracks square.



Among the gentlemen to form the Municipal Board of Kingston, we hear mentioned the names of Captain W. S. Cooper, R. N., ... Turnbull, J. C. Melville, W. Barclay, H. F. Colthirst and F. A. Ebbeke, Esquires.



The Hon. Edward Everett Rushworth, Financial Secretary, arrived yesterday in the Packet.



A great Fire has taken place in St. Vincent, on the 3rd inst; it had its origin in the coals left kindled in a pot in the upper part of a house in Kingstown. We subjoin the names of the principal sufferers whose Establishments have been entirely destroyed: --

"Messrs. Corea, Sutherland, Brewster & Co., Moss, Plummeridge, and some smaller shopkeepers. Messrs. Graham, Porter & Co., Dow (with several magnificent lumber piles), D'Oyly, Nanton & Son, Lucas; the Treasury, Post Office, etc., Bonding Warehouse and Armoury, Messrs. Brewster & Co., Proudfoot, Plummeridge, and Andrade. Several wooden tenements were pulled down and removed, and this precaution contributed materially to check the devastation. Many poor private persons have lost their all, being glad in the panic to escape with their lives. We think we do not over-estimate the loss, when we say that eighty thousand pounds will not re-build, re-furnish, and re-stock."

November 27, 1866


At the Catholic Church on the 21st instant, by the Revd. J. Dupont, Augustus Blondel DeRoux to Clemence Clementina Clement, both of this island.


In this City on the 24th instant, Georgiana Babbage, fourth daughter of the late Alex Forbes, Esq. of Moringa Park, St. Andrew's, aged 28 years.

December 11, 1866


At St. Thomas, W. I., on the 18th ultimo, by the Revd. Dr. M. N. Nathan, Mr. David Ferro to Sarah, second daughter of Mr. Isaac Abisdid, both of this city.



His Excellency Sir John Peter Grant, K. C. B., accompanied by Alfred Chichily Plowden, Esquire, Private Secretary, and Lieutenant Grimble, 6th Royal Regt., A. D. C. To His Excellency, paid a visit yesterday to Major General O'Connor, C. B., Commander of the Forces, and Mrs. O'Connor, at Head Quarters House.

In the evening the gallant General and Mrs. O'Connor entertained at Dinner His Excellency Sir J. P. Grant, K. C. B., F. W. Gibbs, Esq., C. B., Col, Farren, C. B., Col. Pilkington, D. A. G.; Col. Danielle, 28th Regiment; Major Williamson, 48th Regiment; Captain Macleane, Rifle Brigade; A. C. Plowden, Esquire, P. S.; Lieutenant Grimble, A. D. C.; and Lieutenant Lanyon, A. D. C.



We learn that Dr. Ross has been appointed Medical Practitioner to the Lazaretto at the Apostle's Battery. All the passengers are well, and it is expected that they will be relieved on Thursday, as the time of Quarantine will then have expired. We are informed that strict Quarantine regulations are kept up, and several Policemen have been sent there by orders of the Governor.

December 20, 1866

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. S. E. Pietersz are requested to attend the funeral of his son, John Lawrence, from his Residence no. 76 Orange Street, to the Catholic burial ground this evening at half past four o'clock.

December 21, 1866

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. P. J. Ferron are requested to attend the remains of his nephew, Mr. W. D. Williams from his residence, Allman Town, to the place of interment this afternoon at half past four o'clock.

December 22, 1866


At Lyssons, St. Thos. Ye East, on the 22nd November, Mrs. John Wallace, of a son.



The following is an epitome of the Bill presented to the Legislative Council on the 10th instant, by His Excellency the President: --

The first clause recites the necessity of equalizing the population in each of the parishes, by a reduction of the number of such parishes to 14, which will tend to...better and more economical administration in the departments of Justice, Police, and Revenue.


1 - The Parishes of St. Catherine, St. Dorothy and Saint John one Parish, to be named St. Catherine, Spanish Town, Chief Town

2 - St. Mary and St. Thomas in the Vale one Parish, to be named St. Mary, Port Maria, the Parish Town.

3 - Clarendon and Vere, one Parish, to be called Clarendon, Chapelton, Parish Town.

4 - Saint Ann one Parish, St. Ann's Bay, Head Station.

5 - Manchester one Parish, Mandeville, Chief Town.


1 - Kingston and so much of St. Andrew's, as is included within a certain line to be fixed in the Act, and the Town of Port Royal, and Palisadoes, to form one Parish, to be called Kingston, the City of Kingston, to be the Head Station.

2 - The remainder of St. Andrew's , and Port Royal, to be one Parish, and Gordon Town to be the Head Station.

3 - The Parishes of St. Thomas in the East, and St. David, to be one Parish, to be named St. Thomas, Morat [sic] Bay, to be the Parish Town.

4 - The parishes of Portland, St. George, and Metcalfe, to be one parish, to be called St. George; Buff Bay to be the parish Town.


1 - Trelawny to be one parish, Parish Town, Falmouth

2 - St. James one parish, Montego Bay parish Town.

3 - Hanover one parish, Lucea parish Town.

4 - Westmoreland one parish, Sav-la-Mar parish Town.

5 - St. Elizabeth one parish, Black River parish Town.

December 26, 1866


The R. M. C. Steamer Wye, with the Mails of the 3rd instant, arrived at Port Royal on Monday.

The Royal Mail Co.'s Steamer La Plata, arrived at Water Island (about 8 miles off St. Thomas,) on the 20th at 7 a.m. She reported having experienced severe weather in the channel.

The R. M. C. Steamer Wye left Water Island on the same day at 4 p.m., for this port. She has been at Water Island for the last 8 or 9 days. She was placed in "quarantine of observations" on her arrival at Port Royal, on account of having held communication with a boat from St. Thomas. We are glad to state the passengers and crew are all well. A despatch was forwarded to His Excellency the Governor, and it is likely she will be released.

The following are the passengers on board: --

From Southampton.

H. F. Colthirst, Esq., Lady, 3 Daughters, Child, and Female Servant

Lieut. Bodden

Lieut. Holdam

Miss Alexander and Female Servant

Mr. Klatte

Mr. J. C. Stines (Son of Jos. Stines, Esq.)

Pay. Sergeant Tippett

Mrs. Robinson

Mr. Fuge

From St. Kitts

W. T. Jameson Esq.

From Jacmel

Mr. A. Scott

Mr. P. Brown

From St. Thomas

W. P. Chapman, Esq., R. N.

Mr. Lonardus Pomies

Mr. And Mrs. St. Audifils, and Sister

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