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January 4 - May 25, 1878

January 4, 1878


At 6 a. m. on the 2nd instant, Mrs. L. C. MacCormack, of a son.

Mr. Bolivar Wolfe has been admitted a copartner in the firm of Messrs. Anderson & Watson, and the business will be conducted under the style of Anderson, Watson & Wolfe. We congratulate Mr. Wolfe and wish the firm well.

January 9, 1878


On the 2nd instant, in this city, at the Parish Church, by the Revd. G. W. Downer, Charles, son of the late Charles Koor Renwick, R. N., to Sarah, daughter of the late Emanuel Lyons, Esq.

January 10, 1878


At his father's residence, No. 72 Tower Street, at 10 minutes past 7 last evening, of sunstroke, Henry Fred. Patterson, Jnr., the eldest and beloved son of Henry Frederick Patterson, aged 15 years and 7 months.

January 11, 1878

It is said that Mr. Peter Desnoes, a liquor merchant of this city, will shortly bring an action against the Government - Customs Department - for detaining some shooks imported by him. Damages will be laid at £800.

January 14, 1878


At Half-way Tree Church, on the 9th instant, by the Rev. Enos Nuttall, assisted by the Rev. Hugh Croskery, John Alexander Duntze, son of Admiral Duntze, to Irene Matilda, third daughter of Ralph Nunes, Esq.

January 16, 1878

Rev. A. C. Walshe has accepted the appointment of Curate of St. Peter's Church, Port Royal.

January 17, 1878


At Quebec Estate, in the parish of St. Mary, on Friday, the 4th instant, the wife of Rose B. Robinson, Esq., of a son.

January 21, 1878


In this City, yesterday, at 1:15 p.m., Catharine, wife of William M. Dunn. The funeral will leave No.... East Queen Street for the place of interment at 4:30 p.m. today.

January 23, 1878

The friends and acquaintances of Messrs. Thomas and John Bundy are requested to attend the remains of their brother Alexander, from his late residence Sarah Street, Allman Town, to the place of interment, at half-past four o'clock p.m.

January 24, 1878

The annual general meeting of the Young Men's Christian Association, was held on Tuesday evening in the Mico new schoolroom. In the course of a very pleasant evening, the following were elected officers for the current year: -- President - The Rev. Enos Nuttall; Vice Presidents, J. E. Martin, Esq., and J. J. Bowery, Esq.; Treasurer - Mr. B. Mortimer Dias; Secretary - Mr. T. L. Roxburgh; Assistant Secretary - Mr. C. F. Burton; Librarian - Mr. William Pearce.

January 29, 1878


In this City, at St. Michael's Church, on Wednesday, 23rd inst., by the Revd. W. E. Pierce, assisted by the Revd. Enos Nuttall, Kennett John Spicer, to Sophia Louise, eldest daughter of William Murcott Martin, of Warwickshire, England.


Yesterday, 28th instant, the Infant Child of Eugene Delgado. The funeral will move from the residence of Mr. S. DaCosta, No. 114 King Street, at 8 o'clock this morning.


Messrs. Louis Cunha and Casper Davies intend to establish a Newsroom and Commercial Exchange in this city. We are glad to learn that the subscription list opened by them is being liberally patronized. We wish these gentlemen success in their enterprise.

February 2, 1878

The following notices are taken from the Jamaica Gazette: --

The Governor has been pleased to appoint George W. Middleton, Esq., to be a member of the Municipal Board and the Board of Parochial Road Commissioners, and Alexander George Leckey, Esq., to be a member of the Board of Parochial Road Commissioners for the parish of Portland, for the year 1878.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint under the first section of the Law 46 of 1872, David Mortimer Dias, to be an Assessor of Damage within the district of the Port Antonio District Court.

February 8, 1878


At No. 20 East Street, on the 7th instant, the infant son of Mr. D. C. Simons. The funeral will leave at 4 o'clock.

February 9, 1878

The friends and acquaintances of Reuben and Charles Alexander are requested to attend the remains of their father, Reuben R. Alexander, from his late residence, No. 42 Beeston Street, to the place of interment at 5 o'clock this afternoon.

February 20, 1878

Twenty prisoners started, yesterday morning, in charge of the Constabulary, for Spring Garden, to work on the estate of W. B. Espeut, Esq.


Messrs Cunha and Davies have established in this City, at the premises, Little Port Royal Street, lately occupied by Messrs. George Solomon and Co., the Chamber of Commerce and News Rooms. The apartments are roomy, airy, tastily and comfortably arranged, with daily registers of shipping intelligence and other useful information required by our Merchants. Papers from England, the United States, as well as inter-colonial, and locals are filed; and we are glad to learn that the Merchants have liberally subscribed. An institution of the kind is a necessity and requires liberal Patronage to keep it afloat. We trust that the efforts of the proprietors will be crowned with success.

February 21, 1878


At 26 Faunce Street, Kensington, London, on the 19th June, 1877, the Wife of Leeming Atkinson, Esq., of Twins (Girls).


At the same address, on the 5th January, 1878, Rosalie Marie, eldest twin daughter of Leeming Atkinson, Esq., and granddaughter of the late Giacomo Arnaboldi, snr., Esq.

February 25, 1878


Last night, at his residence, 77 Luke Lane, Aaron Salom. Funeral will take place at 5 o'clock this evening.

March 7, 1878

We regret to announce the death of Mr. Henry Metzgar, our readers must remember this gentleman as one of the leading merchants, in Harbour Street, whose energies ande uprightness gained him the confidence of all those who had the pleasure of knowing him.



New York, March 1, 1878

In consequence of the death of Mr. S. Decordova on the 29th Nov. last, the firm of S. Decordova and Co. expires this day by limitation. The business will be continued by the surviving co-partner, Mr. H. S. Henry, in his own name and on his individual account.

March 9, 1878


In this City on the 7th March 1878, the wife of Rupert A. Figueroa, of a son.

March 11, 1878


At Dublin, after a brief illness, of congestion of the lungs, on the 9th February, George McGrath, Esq., of Charlemont, aged 68 years.

March 13, 1878


At his residence, Newliston House, Barbstaple, England, on the 4th January, Captain William Ward Dillon, R. N., one of the beloved brothers of the Rev. F. H. Dillon, of Gurney's Mount, Hanover.

In this City on the night of the 12th instant, Mrs. Mary Condoline, in the 75th year of her age. Friends and acquaintances of Mr. Joseph Duff, of the Water Works, are respectfully requested to attend the remains of his dear mother, from her residence No. 3, St. Andrew's Lane, to the place of interment, at half-past 4 this evening.

March 15, 1878


Died at Blundell Hall, in this city, on Saturday, the 9th March, 1878, Nathaniel Lopez, in his 39th year, after a painful illness and long suffering to which he patiently resigned himself...


We have been requested to direct attention to Miss Martha Gillott's advertisement. Miss Gillot is a dancing mistress of long standing. As the coveted art she teaches becomes more appreciated in Kingston, so will her pupils increase in number. She has our best wishes.


The following notices are taken from the Jamaica "Gazette": --

The Governor has been pleased to appoint John Cover, Esq., to be a Justice of the Peace for the parish of St. Ann.

The Governor has appointed J. S. Trench, Esq., Assistant Collector of Taxes in Westmoreland, to act as Collector of Taxes and Parochial Treasurer in the room of George French, Esq., to whom leave of absence has been given from the 19th instant.

The Governor has appointed A. Mallory Dillet, Esq., Barrister at Law, to act as Assistant Attorney-General on the Western Circuit during the term of the Circuit, which is to commence on the 13th March, as the locum tenens of Solomon DaSilva Lindo, Esq., to whom leave of absence has been granted.

The Governor has sanctioned the following changes in the Medical Department. Dr. James Henry Clark, to be Parochial Medical Officer of the Spanish Town and Western Rural District of St. Catherine, and Medical Superintendent of the Lepers' Home; Dr. Benjamin H. Stamers, to be Parochial Medical Officer of the Santa Cruz District of St. Elizabeth. Dr. George Cooke to be Parochial Medical Officer of the Mandeville District of Manchester.

March 21, 1878


At Portland House, Kingston, on the 19th

March 26, 1878


At Orange Walk, Honduras, on the 13th February, 1878, Mortimer M. Fitch, in his 20th year (second don of A. R. Fitch, Esq., of H. M. Customs, Jamaica), after a short illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude.

In this city, David Dias Fernandes, aged 85 years. The funeral will move from 26 Church Street, at 5 p.m. this afternoon.


A meeting of the creditors of Messrs. C. L. & S. H. Samuel was summoned to be held at the Court House in Harbour Street at eleven o'clock yesterday. At the appointed time, Mr. T. Hendrick, the Clerk of the Court, took the chair, there being present the bankrupts, and Mr. W. Lewis, their attorney, Mr. Lee, Mr Maresceaux and Mr. Wellesley Bourke, his attorney. In consequence of there not being a quorum of three creditors, as required by the rules of the bankruptcy court, the only business being done was the lodgment by the bankrupts of a statement of their affairs as required by the notice. The Chairman having sat for over one hour and a quorum of creditors not being present or represented he adjourned the meeting to Monday, the 3rd of April, when it will be held at eleven o'clock in the morning. The motion for the commitment of the Trustee of the assignment for contempt of Court in not having handed over to the Official Trustee the Assets in his hand will be heard before Mr. Justice Ker tomorrow morning.

April 1, 1878


At Grand Cayman, on the 10th March, the Wife of the Revd. John Smith, of a daughter.


On Saturday afternoon, at a quarter to 5 o'clock, at her residence, Mrs. Isaac Delgado, aged 84 years.

April 2, 1878


At the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Smith, corner of North and King Street, Robert Osborn. The friends and acquaintances of the deceased are requested to attend his funeral from the above named residence, to Halfway Tree Church. The funeral will leave at 4 p.m.


There was not a single creditor present, yesterday, in answer to the call of the official Trustee of the estate of Messrs. Samuel Brothers. The prevailing opinion is that no attempt will be successful.


Tweedside, the coffee plantation belonging to Campbell, the Lunatic, was sold by Messrs. Turnbull, Lee and Mudon, at the Court House, yesterday, before Mr. Hendrick, Registrar, for the sum of £285. The property was purchased by Mr. Garrick Graham through an agent.


Mr. James D. Ford, of the Kingston University School, has been appointed Registrar of Births and Deaths for Kingston. Mr. Ford is one of those gentlemen whose varied abilities entitle them to any office whatsoever, of emolument, in the country. It may not be generally known that parties are allowed 42 days for registering births, and 5 days for registering deaths. If the registration take place within the time allowed, no fee will be charged; otherwise a shilling must accompany the information. The Authorities seem to have lost sight of the fact that it is necessary, by advertisement, in the public newspapers, to state the whereabouts of the Registrar. At present nobody appears to be able to find his office. It will therefore be hardly proper, under the circumstances, to punish those who do not register the births and deaths in their districts. Every facility ought to be afforded the community for carrying out the provisions of a law, so useful as that under which the appointment is made.

April 5, 1878


Yesterday, at No. 135 Orange Street, Joseph Peter Austin, infant son of Mr. Earnest Vendryes. Friends and acquaintances will please accept this intimation, as an invitation to attend the funeral, at 5 o'clock this evening.

The Friends and Acquaintances of W. F. Bryan, are invited to attend his remains, this evening, from the residence, No. 109 Orange Street, to the place of interment, at 4:30 p.m.


The Governor has been pleased to grant Letters of Naturalization under the Act 35 Car II, cap. 3, to August Winter, a native of Bremen, in the Empire of Germany, but now an inhabitant of this island.

April 6, 1878


On the 4th April, 1878, in the parish of St. Catherine, St. Thomas ye Vale District, John Smith, farrier, aged 85 years.


NOTICE [extract]


to be registered under the Jamaica Company's Act, 27 Vict., Sess 2, Chapter 4.

Capital -- £8000, in 8,000 shares of £1 per cent each, five shillings to be paid on application, five shillings to be paid on allotment, and the balance at intervals of three months.

The Directors named are: -- H. F. Colthirst, Esq.; Louis Verley, Esq.; George Stiebel, Esq.; I. H. DeMercado, Esq.; Hon George Solomon; Hon. Michael Solomon; Isaac Levy, Esq.; C. J. Ward, Esq.; John J. Hart, Esq., with power to add to their number.

Manager: H. B. Hitchins, Esq.; Bankers, The Colonial Bank; Solicitor, S. D. Lindo, V; Auditors, Henry Hutchings, Esq., and S. E. Pietersz, Esq.; Secretary, J. L. Ashenheim, Esq.

Office, No. 3 Lower Church Street, Kingston.

The Prospectus states in part:

The large and increasing demand for all descriptions of Tropical Fruits, more especially for Bananas, and the regular and frequent departure of steamers from Kingston to Great Britain and the United States, induce the promoters to establish the Hartland Fruit Company, Ltd. The Property which has been secured for a moderate price consists of 2,251 acres fine virgin land, and being flat and level, is most favourably adapted for Fruit cultivation, and possesses other advantages of no ordinary character., [e.g.] its proximity to the Hartland Railway Station, which is a short distance from Kingston .... Etc.

April 9, 1878


On the morning of the 8th instant, Mr. James Lambert, in the 42nd year of his age. Friends and acquaintances please receive this intimation as an invitation to attend his remains at five o'clock this evening form his residence, No. 1 West Queen Street, Corner of Luke Lane, to the place of interment.

Mr. M. B. Dias and Mr. George Sargeant have been nominated for election as Directors of the Kingston Benefit Building Society. Their names will be submitted to the next general election of the society.

April 10, 1878

The Friends and Acquaintances of Joseph N. Cardoso are requested to attend his remains from the residence No. 86 Tower Street, to the place of interment this evening at 4:40.


Brother G. P. Myers has been elected Master of the Phoenix Lodge, Port Royal. Brother A. Lyon has been elected master of the Hamilton Lodge, Spanish Town.


Dr. Henry B. Foster, of Trelawny, died on Sunday night at half-past ten o'clock, from the effects of the recent fall from his horse, when he fractured his skull and broke his shoulder bone.


The following Clergymen will leave this Island shortly. Wesleyan Denomination: -- Rev. Mr. Thackery, Master of the High School; Rev. Mr. Slack, (ill health); Rev. Mr. Sykes, late from Belize. Roman Catholic, Revd. Father Dupont. Church of England, Revd. O. N. Taylor.

April 11, 1878

According to the report of Doctor Mosse, Surgeon General, there were, during the last financial year, 1,003 cases of diseases treated in the Parochial Hospitals of the island, and 159 deaths.

April 13, 1878

Hall's Delight was put up to public auction, yesterday, by Mr. Joseph Stines, and withdrawn at the bid of £785.


As will be seen from our advertising columns, Mr. A. (Alfred) Pawsey has completed his removal to 104 Harbour Street. His rapid and healthful business achievements have afforded us pleasure; and, with a stock large, fresh, and assorted in a manner which cannot fail to please the most economical, or satisfy the most elegant or expensive tastes, together with the kind and courteous treatment so characteristic of his business habits, we maintain, certainly warrant success.

April 16, 1878

It affords us much pleasure in being able to contradict the report that appeared in these columns a few days ago, in reference to the death of Dr. Foster of Trelawny. The Doctor did fall from his horse and receive serious injury, but from reliable information we are able to state that the Doctor is still alive and progressing favourably.

April 17, 1878

Mr. Barber, the Manager of the Jamaica Street Car Company, appeared at the Police Court yesterday to prosecute Edward Esterine -- late of the constabulary -- for misconduct as a servant while engaged as a Conductor of an East Street Car. Mr. Barber proved that on Tuesday night, 12th March last, prisoner drove up 10 passengers and brought down five, and that instead of making a return in accordance with these numbers, and giving a proper account of the money, he made a return for six passengers up and five down, thereby non-accounting for four. The evidence of the manager was corroborated by Mr. Magnus of North Street, and Mr. Rogers of Her Majesty's Customs, who were among the passengers in the car. His Worship the Police Magistrate, lectured the prisoner severely, and sentenced him to pay the sum of 60s, and the costs; or to be imprisoned for 30 days, with hard labour.

April 18, 1878


In this City, at 9 o'clock a.m., on Tuesday, the 9th instant, at Coke Chapel, by the Rev. W. C. Murray, assisted by the Rev. W. H. Bleby, Mr. James Rhodes Facey, Assistant Clerk District Court, Annotto Bay, St. Mary, to Mary Rose, only daughter of the late J. G. Da Costa, Esq., of the same parish.

April 22, 1878


In this City, on the 14th inst., the wife of A. Morrice, of a son.

April 23, 1878


In this city on the night of the 17th instant, the wife of Mr. Andrew Delisser of a daughter.

On the 19th instant, at No. 2 Manchester Square, the wife of Mr. D. R. DaCosta, of a daughter.


At the residence of Mrs. Benjamin Nunes, No. 85 Duke Street, Mrs. Jacob DePass, Snr., aged 84 years. Funeral will leave at 4 p.m. today.

April 25, 1878


March 18th, at Magdalen Terrace, St. Leonard's on the Sea, of Consumption, William Knibb Blomfield, two days after arriving in England, from Jamaica, aged 36.

April 26, 1878

In this City, at 2:30, yesterday, Mr. Alvin Tolman. His friends and acquaintances and those of the Members of the "White Cravat Dramatic Association" are requested to attend his remains from No. 24 Highholborn Street, to the place of interment, at 4:30 this evening.

May 2, 1878


At the Cathedral, Spanish Town, by the Rev. C. F. Douet, M. A., on Monday, the 29th April, Eugenie Blanche, daughter of Isaac Levy, Esq., St Jago Park, to Captain Ponsonby Sheppard, 2nd W. I. Regiment.


At the Villa House, Kingston, Jamaica, after a short and painful illness, Mr. John Herbert Brooks, of Liverpool, England, aged 31 years, deeply lamented by all who knew him.


The Preserve Factory of Messrs. D. C. Henriques, under the able management of S. Levien, Esq., has made vast improvements in the putting up of fruits in this county. It is pleasing to know that their successes are crowned with success. Very large orders are now being filled for European markets, while the demand for home consumption is daily increasing. We would call the special attention of our readers to the crystalized cashew, which is superior in flavour to any that we have tasted. The moderate prices asked must induce a large trade. This is another development of the minor resources of this island.

May 4, 1878


At St. Michael's Church, Kingston, on the 30th ultimo, by the Rev. C. H. Hall, assisted by the Revds. W. Edward Pierce and G. W. Downer, Alexander Aikman, eldest surviving son of the late Henry Forbes, Esq., Land Surveyor, to Helen Wortley, second daughter of the late Thomas Heath, Esq., Planter.


The friends and acquaintances of Miss Sarah Davis, are requested to attend her remains from 57 Rosemary Lane, to the place of interment, at 5 o'clock this evening.

May 8, 1878

Mr. Isaac Levy, of Spanish Town, has been appointed Custos of St. Catherine.

May 10, 1878

The friends of Mr. James Lawrence Tabois, of St. Catherine, will be glad to learn that he has successfully passed a very rigid examination by Thomas Harrison, Esq., Crown Surveyor, and John A. Savage, Esq., Inspector of Schools, in the branches necessary to qualify him as a Land Surveyor.

May 11, 1878


On the 9th instant, at East Street Chapel, by the Rev. James Roberts, assisted by the Rev. C. A. Wookey, the Rev. J. W. Mold, Minister of the "United Methodist Free Churches", to Miss M. A. Wharton, late of England


The Barry Street Fire Committee, pursuant to announcement, met at one o'clock yesterday. There were present: -- His Honor the Custos in the Chair, Mr. Alexander Berry, the Revd. W. Clarke Murray, Members of the Committee, Mr. J. J. G. Lewis, Treasurer, Mr. T. L. Roxburgh, Secretary, and Mr. E. Goldson. The sufferers by the fire assembled in large numbers, and the distribution began. It lasted till four o'clock. As much as 15 per cent on properties lost was given, the amounts distributed varying from 3s upwards. At half past three 80 families had been attended to, and the sum of £420 paid out. There was a little dissatisfaction expressed outside by a few of the recipients; but they ought to be reminded that the funds at the disposal of the committee were limited. On the whole, the gentlemen who kindly sacrificed their time to serve the people in this particular deserve the thanks of the community.

May 14, 1878


Here, yesterday evening, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. Archibald Mitchell. The funeral will take place, at the residence, No. 18 East Water Land, at 5 p.m.

May 17, 1878


From the Jamaica Gazette

The Governor has been pleased to appoint the Honourable Isaac Levy to be Chairman of the Municipal Board, and of the Board of Parochial Road Commissioners for the parish of St. Catherine.

The Governor directs that it be notified for general information that Government Dispensary has been established in Gayle District of St. Mary's under the supervision of the Parochial Medical Officer of the Port Maria Medical District.

Walter L. Stewart, Esq., now Collector of Taxes and Parochial Treasurer in the parish of St. Andrew to be Collector of Taxes and Parochial Treasurer in the Parish of St. James.

J. J. Bowery, Esq., F. C. S., has returned to the Colony and resumed his duties as Government Analytical Chemist

The Governor has been pleased to extend, until further orders, the appointment of Thomas Oughton, Esq., to act as Judge of the Kingston District Court.

May 21, 1878


At the Whim, Old Harbour, on Sunday, 19th May 1878, Louis Fullerton Mackinnon, aged 68. The funeral at Old Harbour Church this evening at half-past four.

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. John Henry Beuling, Jr., are requested to attend his remains from his father's residence, No. 11 East Street, to the place of interment at 4:30 this evening.

The friends and acquaintances of Messrs Emanuel and John Archambeau, are requested to attend the remains of their Father, Thomas N. Archambeau, from his late residence, on the Hope Road, at 4:30 p.m.


In Lima, Peru, on the 10th instant, Horatio Lyon, a native of Kingston, Jamaica, at the age of 75.

May 25, 1878

The friends and acquaintances of Mrs. Jane McCarthy are requested to attend the remains of her daughter, Mary Jane McCarthy, from her residence, No. 34 Laws Street, to the place of interment, at half-past 4 o'clock, this evening.

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