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Daily Gleaner and DeCordova's Advertising Sheet Excerpts

May - August 1882

May 1, 1882

DIED - At her residence, No 65 Charles Street, Margaret, wife of James Cockburn, leaving a large family and friends to bewail her loss...

May 2, 1882


At Falmouth Wesleyan Chapel, on Wednesday, 26th April, by the Rev. H. M. Cox, assisted by the Rev. S. L. Lindo, David Mortimer Dias, youngest son of David Dias, Esq., of the Hope, Portland, to Medora Jane, only surviving daughter of S. S. Whiting, Esq., of "Garredu", Trelawny.


On Sunday night last, the cigar store of Mr. Machado in Port Royal Street, was broken into, but strange to say, among the large stock of cigars, not one was missing. The only thing stolen was 10s. in nickel coin and 5s. in silver. In the same drawer from which the money was taken, was a large quantity of postage stamps, but these were also left untouched.


The Registrar General's abstract of births and deaths in the Kingston District last month gives 100 births and 54 deaths. The latter number compares favourably with 150 deaths in April, 1881 and of those 54 deaths 8 occurred in public institutions. The full death rate was only 17.7 per 100. Two of the deaths were put down to diphtheria, 1 to malignant sore throat and 2 to remittent fever. Twenty- four of the deceased were under five years of age. Sixty seven of the 100 births were illegitimate.


As was announced in our advertising columns yesterday, the well-known business of Mr. Augustus Alexander in this city will hereafter be continued by the firm of Augustus Alexander and Co., at their lately acquired premises, 50 Port Royal Street. Yesterday afternoon the double change was agreeably celebrated at the new premises, where several gentlemen connected with commerce, the law, the press, etc. met Messrs. Frederick and Albert Alexander, by invitation, and drank success to the new firm in bumpers of champagne. No name is more honorably known in business circles here than that of Alexander, and perhaps no premises more suitable for the growing trade to which Messrs Augustus Alexander & Co. will devote their attention, could be found than the above named....

May 5, 1882


On Friday, April 28th, at Hanover Street, Kingston, the wife of Dr. Arthur Rich Saunders of a son.


Mr. Alexis Silvera of this city writes to us with regard to the paragraph in yesterday's Gleaner about cassava cakes, and states that a large supply of these cakes manufactured by him is already in the hands of his New York agent for sale. He says further that persons here often give him orders for the delivery of the cakes to their friends in New York, in as small quantities as one dozen packs, at 4s 6d or its equivalent. Mr. Silvera says he is communicating with the Editor of the New York Sun on the subject. We hope Mr. Silvera will find his business grow, and we may repeat our assertion that if the cakes become known in New York they will quickly gain great popularity.

May 6, 1882


At Kingston, on Saturday 29th April, the wife of Arthur J. Gadpaille of a daughter.


At his Father's residence, No. 7 John's Street, Rae Town, this morning, Alfred Charles Carter, third son of Charles Forbes and Olivia Colthirst, aged 21 years.....


The following officers of the Royal Scots, now on passage in the Orontes to the West Indies, proceed to Jamaica: - Lieut.-Colonel Hassell (in command of the wing), Major Booth, Captains Rodon and Gardner, Lieuts. Hallett, Knowles, Birkbeck and McLachlan. Major Logan and Lieuts. Wade and Barton are for Trinidad.

May 9, 1882

D. A. C. G. Bruno will leave in the Orontes for England, he having been relieved by D. A. C. G. Tate, who arrived in the last packet from England.

May 13, 1882

Among the passengers leaving per Alps yesterday, were Capt. Mainwaring, Harbour Master; Mr. Ross Livingston, of the Audit Office; and Mr. Caleb hall, of the Colonial Bank.

May 15, 1882


G. U. O. of O. F., Concordia Lodge, No. 2174. Yesterday Bro. J. Simmons, at No. 4 Charlotte Street. Brethren of sister Lodges are requested to accept this intimation and to meet at the Lodge Room, No. 38, Church Street, at half-past 3 o'clock this evening.

May 16, 1882


Yesterday evening, at Allman Town, Albert Da Costa. The funeral will take place this evening from Prince of Wales Street, to the place of interment at 4:30.

In this City on the 15th inst., Elizabeth Ann Munro, only daughter of Mrs. Georgianna Matilda Munro. Friends and acquaintances are requested to attend her remains, from her late residence, No. 8 Princess Street, to the place of interment, 4:30 this afternoon.

May 19, 1882

The Governor has appointed Dr. A. B. Ewart to be District Medical Officer of the Stony Hill District of St. Andrew, rendered vacant by the resignation of Dr. W. A. O'Connor.

The Governor has granted six months' leave of absence from the 17th inst. to A. B. Dignum, Esq., Clerk of the Northern District Court, and has appointed L. J. Preston, Esq., the Clerk of Petty Sessions for Trelawny, to act as Mr. Dignum's locum tenens during his absence.

The Governor has approved of the following changes in the Districts of Inspectors of Immigrants to take effect from 1st inst. - Retired Commander W. C. H. Hastings, R. N., to take charge of the District of St. Thomas; and Mr. C. L. Ripoll to be Inspector at the Head Office in addition to taking charge of the District of St. Catherine.

The Governor has granted leave of absence for six months from the 25th inst. to Charles Goldie, Esq., Inspector of Invoices and Chief Surveyor in the Customs Department, Kingston, and has appointed A. W. Hitchins, Esq., First Landing Waiter and Chief Tide Surveyor, to act as Inspector of Invoices and Chief Surveyor during Mr. Goldie's absence.



The Hon. George Henderson presented a petition from George and Thomas Abrahams, owners of Longville Estate, praying against the passing of the Railway Extension Loan Laws, 1880, Amendment Law 1882, as to such parts as would affect their property. A similar petition was also read by the clerk from Mr. Louis Verley.

May 20, 1882

The friends and acquaintances of Miss Frances Ann McCullock are requested to attend her remains from her late residence No. 73 Beeston Street to the place of interment at 5 p.m.

May 22, 1882


At Upper Canada College, Toronto, Canada, on 9th May, 1882, Arthur Claude Field, aged 14 years and 8 months, second son of Inspector Field, Jamaica Constabulary.


We learn that the Chaplaincy to the troops at Up Park Camp, vacant by the resignation of the Revd. C. Denroche, has been given to the Revd. Horace Scotland.

May 24, 1882


At his late residence, No. 45 East Street, John Walker, late Bailiff of the City of Kingston Court, at 11:30 p.m. The friends and acquaintances of the deceased and of his son, Mr. Charles A. Walker, are particularly requested to attend his remains from his late residence to the place of interment at half past four o'clock p.m.

May 24, 1882


May 16th, 1882 - At All Saints (Roman Catholic Church) Trelawny, Jamaica, by the Revd. J. Sidney Woollett, Martin Serrano Stickland, youngest son of Martin Stickland Esq., of Torquay, Devon, to Emma Jane Breakspear, youngest daughter of the late William Breakspear, Esq., of Jamaica.

May 26, 1882


At Spanish Town, on the 24th May, 1882, the wife of Inspector Field, Jamaica Constabulary, of a son.


Mr. C. A. Robinson has been appointed a member of the Quarantine Board, in the room of the late Hon. H. F. Colthirst.

The Hon. Dr. Mosse, C. B., has been appointed a member of the Medical Council under Law 47 of 1872, in the place of Dr. John Pringle, resigned.

May 29, 1882


At Colon, 118th May, 1882, Herbert George Mowat, aged 21 years and 10 months, son of the late Charles James Mowat, Solicitor.

June 1, 1882

Messrs. Robertson, Dolphy and Turner, students at the Presbyterian College, have been examined by the Presbytery and have passed satisfactorily. They were publicly licensed as preachers of the Gospel, on Tuesday night by the Rev. J. Cochrane, at the United Presbyterian Church, East Queen Street, in presence of a large congregation.

June 2, 1882

The Governor has appointed Mr. Charles Walker, to be Bailiff of the City of Kingston Court, in the room of Mr. J. D. Walker, deceased.

The Governor has appointed Mr. C. H. Distant to be Superintendent of the Black River Short Term Prison, on probation, in the room of Mr. J. A. Ferguson, who has been dismissed from that office.

The Governor has granted leave of absence for five months from the 27th inst., to Thomas Oughton, Esq., Clerk of the Legislative Council, and has appointed Henry Garsia, Esq., to act as Clerk of the Council during his absence.

The Governor has been pleased to make the following Permanent Promotions in the Internal Revenue Department, consequent on the death of Mr. W. L. Stewart, Second Class Collector of Taxes: - Mr. T. F. Clarke, Third Class Collector, to be a Second Class Collector vice Stewart. Mr. H. James, first Class Assistant Collector and Acting as Collector in Clarendon, to be a Third Class Collector, vice Clarke, and stationed in Clarendon. Mr. E. C. Baines, Second Class Assistant Collector, to be a First Class Collector, vice James. Mr. S. E. Payne, Third Class Assistant Collector, to be a Second Class Assistant Collector, vice Baines. Mr. W. J. Pearson, Clerk of Parochial Boards and Acting Assistant Collector in Clarendon, to be a third Class Assistant Collector, vice Payne and stationed in the Parish.

June 6, 1882


On 25th May, at Jacmel, Haiti, Ephraim Mathias, aged 75 years.

At Emerald Park, Kingston, on 3rd inst., Daniel, the youngest child of the late Daniel R. D'Costa, and Cordelia Margaret, his widow, aged 1 year and 21 days. He was his mother's comfort in her recent sad affliction and she bitterly mourns his death. Prostrated with grief, she begs friends and relatives to accept this announcement.

A telegram received in this city yesterday announces the death at Lucea on Sunday of the Honorable William Browne, Custos of Hanover. We had previously announced Mr. Browne's illness.

June 9, 1882

The Friends and acquaintances of Mr. Joseph Lynch are requested to attend the remains of his mother, Grace Hibbert, from her late residence, No. 59 Pink Lane, to the place of interment, at 4:30 this evening.


Yesterday at 100 Matthews's Lane, Captain John O. Rookwood. The funeral will move at 5 o'clock this evening to the place of interment...


The Governor has been pleased to appoint Thomas Capper, Esq., Inspector of Schools, to be a Visitor of the Government Reformatory under Section 18 of Law 34 of 1881.

Mr. E. A. Foster of the Audit Office, has been made the Chief Clerkship in the Island Medical Department, in the place of Mr. G. Rees, resigned.


Mr. William P. Lord, well known in Jamaica and at one time in the Audit Office in Kingston, has become a part proprietor of the Florida Agriculturalist, a weekly paper of great value to fruit and flower growers in the State of Florida and widely read in the South.

June 13, 1882


On the 4th inst., at 147 East Street, Manchester Square, the wife of H. Priest, of a son.

June 14, 1882

The Supreme Court meets at the usual hour tomorrow. On Friday the divorce case of Magnus vs. Magnus will be heard.

June 16, 1882

Passengers Arrived

In the Atlas steamer Athos from New York -- Mr. D. O'Reilly; A. C. McMillan; Revd. D. Panton, Mrs. Panton, two daughters and two sons; Mr. George Magnus; Mr. Pritchard; Revd. R. Harding; Miss C. H. Brown; Mr. R. Truax; Mr. Alex Chisholm.

From Inagua -- Hon. W. J. Anderson.

June 17, 1882


The above Court met yesterday morning for the purpose of hearing the case of Magnus v. Magnus. This was a suit filed by the petitioner, Jeane [sic] Marie Magnus, against her husband, Walter Simon Magnus, respondent, for a judicial separation, on the grounds of violence received at his hands from time to time. The Attorney General, instructed by Mr. Advocate Lindo, appeared for the petitioner. The respondent was not represented by Counsel, and did not appear. The Attorney General opened the case, by describing the injuries received by Mrs. Magnus from time to time since marriage. She was married on the 7th December 1875, to the respondent, by the Revd. Father Dupont, and had four children as the result of the marriage. All went well until after the birth of the first child, then a series of cruelties commenced. At one time, while Mrs. magnus was enceinte, he gave her a terrible beating; he frequently drew a revolver, and threatened to shoot her, the children and himself, and at one time actually fired off the contents of the revolver, the ball lodging in his own shoulder. He gave the children strong liquors to drink and made them kneel and abuse the mother; he threatened to carry a loose woman in the house, and remarked that if his wife was not civil to her, she would get the worst of it. Once at dinner he smashed all the crockery, even that out of which the petitioner was eating; one evening a gentleman was entertained at the house, and after he left, he found that his pipe was broken; he put the blame on his wife and severely chastised her; he then after taking off his heavy boot beat the children with it; at one time he gave all the servants two weeks pay and discharged them, and compelled the petitioner to be her own servant; he was always provided with a revolver, and whenever he quarrelled with her, he secured his pistol on his person. On one occasion he was consulting with his mother and sister about some property which had been left by his father for a nephew; he asked the opinion of his wife and it being adverse to his, he dealt her a blow which knocked her to the ground. Mrs. Magnus was then called, and for over two hours occupied the Court in relating the injuries sustained by her since marriage, and also informed the Court that over and over again has she forgiven him, he having asked pardon at her feet, but now seeing that it was impossible for her to live any longer in peace and happiness, she had determined to get a judicial separation if possible.

Dr. Phillippo gave evidence to the effect that he was a physician to the family, and on several occasions he has attended Mrs. Magnus; she has always suffered from mental depression and weakness, and he was of opinion that injuries such as those described, would be the cause of producing it.

Father Dupont was called to prove the marriage, which he did.

Mr. A. E. Burke testified as to the income received by Mr. Magnus, amounting to £420, which was paid to Mr. Magnus weekly.

The learned Judge, after hearing the above, said he considered the petitioner had established her claim on all points, and granted the order with costs. He further ordered that £220 per annum be given for the support of herself and children, which will be under her charge.

June 20, 1882


CARCASS - IFFLA - On Wednesday the 14th inst., at the Residence of the Bride, No. 69 Harbour Street, by the Revd A. H. Neito, David Emanuel, second son of Henry Carcass, to Louisa, daughter of the late Joseph Brandon Iffla, both of this city.

June 21, 1882


At her residence, No. 3 Smith's Lane, Catharine Elizabeth, only daughter of Archibald Crawford. ...

June 22, 1882


At No. 74 King Street, at 4 p.m. yesterday, Frederick Lindo, aged 61 years. The funeral will move from his late residence at 5 o'clock this afternoon.

June 24, 1882


At Putney Lodge, on Wednesday, the 21st inst., by the Revd. H. Scotland, William Berry to Eliza Charlotte Hamilton.

June 26, 1882

We regret to announce the death in England on the 22nd ult. of the Rev. Henry Bleby, Wesleyan Minister. The deceased gentleman came to Jamaica in 1829, and after labouring for 45 years, returned to England. He subsequently went to Nassau and laboured there for 7 years, but having broken down in health, he was compelled to return again to England. He paid a visit to Jamaica two years ago, and on returning to his native country, was stationed at Portsmouth, at which place he died. He was the author of several works, prominent among them being "The Death Struggles of Slavery", and "Scenes in the Caribbean". In respect to the memory of the deceased, Coke, Wesley and Ebenezer Chapels were yesterday dressed in mourning. The deceased has a son in this island labouring as a Wesleyan Minister.

June 30, 1882

Mr. Casseres has been gazetted to act as Consul in this island for the Republic of Colombia.

The Lieutenant Governor has appointed Mr. H. F. Pouyat, Clerk of Petty Sessions of St. Mary, to act in same capacity for the parish of Clarendon, and also Clerk of the Southern District Court, during the absence on leave of Mr. M. S. Farquharson, and Mr. John Reid Bravo has been appointed Clerk of Petty Sessions of St. Mary and Assistant Clerk of the Central District Court, during Mr. Pouyat's absence.

July 4, 1882


At St. Gabriel's on 28th ultimo, Ambrosine Mary Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Michael and Mary Jane Collman to Charles Robert Dehring, Planter.

Passengers Arrived

In the American steamer Chase from Port Antonio-- Mr. James Rhodes Facey; Mr. Edward Sutherland; Miss M. Sutherland; Mr. Alexander Escoffery, daughter and two servants; Mrs. Wigham; Mrs. Moodie, daughter , child, and two servants; Miss Moodie and servant.

July 5, 1882

George Phillippo, Esq., Chief Justice of Hong Kong, has received at the hands of his Gracious Sovereign, the distinguished honour of Knighthood. This gentleman is a brother of our esteemed fellow citizen, Dr. J. C. Phillippo.

July 8, 1882

Rumours are current that Mr. D. E. Carcass who has been in the employ of Messrs. Solomon and Co., for the past 14 months, left the firm a defaulter; he has shown us a letter from Messrs. Solomon and Co. which gives flat denial to this rumour.

July 10, 1882

We regret to announce the death of Mr. Eyre King, Superintendent of the General Penitentiary, where he was much esteemed and respected. He died on Saturday evening [July 8, 1882]. To his widow and children we tender our condolences.

July 12, 1882

Passengers Sailed

In the steamer Athos for New York -- Mother Paula; Sister Dominica; Mr. Charles Harvey; Miss Ramsay; Mr. D. S. Morrison; Mr. E. Fray; Captain Ferguson; Hon. D. P. Trench; Mrs. Trench; Mr. F. G. Bather; Miss Bather; Mrs. Poole; Miss Marlton and 2 children; Mr. Dickson; Miss Schroeter; Mrs. McCrindle; Miss McCrindle; Master McCrindle; Mr. Rain; Mr. Aguilera and wife; Mr. A. Howden; Mr. Lewis; Mr. Scott; Mr. Edward Roberts; Mr. Ralph Eyles; Mr. R. Truax; Mr. George Wales.

For Inagua - Mr. S. S. Combe, and 6 for Port Antonio.


We regret to record the sudden death in this city of Mr. Emanuel Levy Cohen, of the firm of Judith Aarons. While seated at his desk at about 2:45 writing a letter, he fell back and expired instantaneously. The body was viewed by Dr. Ogilvie who attributed death to apoplexy. To the relatives and friends of the deceased we beg to tender our sympathy in their untimely bereavement.

July 14, 1882

A subscription list has been opened for the purpose of presenting a chalice to the Rev. Father Joseph Dupont of the Roman Catholic Church, who will shortly celebrate the fiftieth year of his priesthood and the thirty sixth year of his mission in Jamaica. All those desiring to pay a tribute of esteem and regard to the worthy father, showing a just appreciation of his valuable service to the church and the community generally may subscribe their "mite" through Mr. J. W. Mitchell, treasurer, or any other member of the committee.

July 18, 1882

A telegram received in this city yesterday announced the death in London on Sunday of Mr. J. J. Ronaldson, a large landed proprietor of this island. Mr. Ronaldson only went to England recently. As a mark of respect, the English flag at the Car Company's office was drooped at half-mast, he being the Chairman of the Directors of the Company.

July 21, 1882

Writs of Supersedeas have been issued removing Mr. John Dingwall from the Commission of the Peace for the Parish of Clarendon.


Richard Gillard, Esq., acts as director of the Civil Service Widows and Orphans Fund during the absence of Mr. D. P. French.

July 25, 1882


At the United Presbyterian Church, Falmouth, on Wednesday, the 19th inst., by the Revd. William Murray, M. A., assisted by the Revd. Dunbar Dey, B. A. and the Revd. Ellis Fray (uncle of the Bride), Alfred Pawsey, of the parish of Kingston, youngest son of the late Robert Pawsey, of Bury St. Edmonds, England, to Teresa McCubbin, second daughter of the late Henry Fray of the parish of Trelawny, Esquire, and Granddaughter of the late Andrew McCubbin, Esq.

At St. Mark's Church, Rio Bueno, on the 18th inst., at 4 p.m. by the Rev. J. E. Miller, George Donald Garsia, to Louisa Griffiths Scarlett, youngest daughter of the late John Scarlett, Esquire.

July 27, 1882


On 18th July, 1882, at Cathedral, Spanish Town, by Rev. C. F. Douet, M. A., Rector, Charles S. Burke, of Airy Castle and Hopewell Hall Penns, St. Catherine, to Mary Catharine, second daughter of late Patrick Jennings, Clarendon.


In Panama on the 9th inst., aged 48 years, Alexander Dumont, Compositor, a native of Jamaica. He was for many years and up to the time of his death which is much regretted, employed in the office of the Star and Herald.

We record the death of Thomas Witter Jackson, for many years Stipendiary Magistrate successively for the Parishes of St. Thomas-ye-Vale, St. Catherine and St. Thomas in the East. He belonged to the batch of Stipendiary Magistrates appointed by the Imperial Government during the apprenticeship system, previous to the general Emancipation of 1838. He died at the age of 75, and was buried at the new Cemetery, in Spanish Town.

July 28, 1882


Yesterday at 90 Church Street, Rachael, widow of the late Henry J. Jacobs. The funeral will leave for the place of interment at 8 o'clock this morning.


The resignation by Dr. R. C. Gibb of his appointment in the medical service of this island is gazetted.

Commodore Edward White, R. N., Gustav Hurbert Weitzman, and Thomas Charlton Thompson, have been appointed Justices of the Peace for the parish of Kingston.

Mr. Solomon Brown has been appointed Schoolmaster for the Turks and Caicos Islands. He will sail in the General Whitfield. We believe Mr. Brown was educated at the Calabar Institution.


At a meeting of the Directors of the Hebrew National Institution, held on Wednesday evening last, a deserved tribute to the memory of the late Frederick Lindo, President, was recorded. The following gentlemen compose the direction for the current year: Isaac Lawton, President, G. J. DeCordova, Vice President, Herman Stern, Treasurer, Honorable George Solomon, D. I. Motta, George Lyons, Jnr. and J. H. Ashenheim.

August 2, 1882

We regret to announce the death of J. R Usher, Esq., of Middle Quarters, on Saturday last. He was the successor of J. M. Cooper, Esq.

August 3, 1882


On the 1st August, 1882, at the residence of the Bride, Spring Garden, Rae Town, Kingston, Jamaica, by the Revd. William Dunbar Dey, Stephen Eyres Crosswell, Esq. youngest son of the late Stephen Hawes Crosswell of 3 ½ Kensington Gardens Square, Hyde Park, 28 Walbrook, London, and North Petherton, Somersetshire, England, Esq., to Kate, only surviving daughter of the late William Williamson, of Mount Holstein, Jamaica, Esq., and widow of William W. Thompson, Merchant, Kingston, Jamaica.

August 4, 1882


Yesterday at Myrtle Bank, Kingston, Sarah Augusta Gould, second daughter of the late Hugh Donald Mackay, aged 49 years. The friends and acquaintances of the Hon. D. P. Trench (now off the island) are requested to attend the funeral from Myrtle Bank to Halfway Tree, at four o'clock this (Friday) evening.

August 5, 1882


On the 28th July at Chudleigh, Manchester, Montague Francis Parker, Esq., aged 38 years, leaving a wife, brother and three children in this Island ....

August 8, 1882


At York Lodge, at 9 o'clock on Monday night, Hon. Isaac Levy. The funeral will take place from St. Jago Park, Spanish Town at 4:30 this evening.


In the Supreme Court yesterday, the Attorney General moved the Court to appoint an examiner for Mr. Alfred Augustus Fleming, preparatory to his being articled to Mr. Edward Claver Smith, Solicitor, of Spanish Town. William Morrison, Esq., M. A., was appointed to examine the young gentleman.

August 9, 1882

The friends and acquaintances of Ernest J. Piters [sic] are requested to attend the remains of his beloved wife, Phillippina Catharine, from his Residence, No. 77 Beeston Street to the place of interment at 4 p.m.

The mortal remains of the Hon. Isaac Levy were buried yesterday at the Jewish burial ground, Spanish Town. A very large number of persons from Kingston and St. Jago attended the funeral, and the procession consisted of 63 carriages. As a mark of respect, nearly all the stores were closed during the day, and the Cathedral bell tolled every minute. The Rev. Friedlander delivered a most able oration at the grave. A special train left Kingston at 3:45 and conveyed a large number of passengers to the funeral, and returned leaving Spanish Town at 6:15. The time occupied each way was only 20 minutes.

August 10, 1882

It is reported that His Excellency the Governor has offered the Custoship of Hanover, vacant by the death of Mr. Browne, to Mr. A. W. Watson Taylor, and that Mr. Taylor has accepted the same.

August 11, 1882

The Governor has granted leave of absence on the ground of ill health to Dr. W. H. Logan, M. O., Falmouth.


An action has been filed by Mr. George Magnus against the Hon. George Solomon, to answer the neglect of his coachman in knocking down Mrs. Magnus and causing her bodily harm.

August 12, 1882


On the 10th inst., the wife of the Revd. H. M. F. MacDermott of a daughter.

August 17, 1882


At Devon House, St. Andrew, on the 15th inst., the wife of Richard Hill Jackson, Esq., of a daughter.

On the 15th inst., at No. 133 East Street, the wife of R. A. Williams of a son.

August 18, 1882

The Hon. Arthur Watson Taylor is gazetted as Custos of the Parish of Hanover and Chairman of the Parochial Board.

August 19, 1882


At 38 Beeston Street, yesterday, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of D. M. Aitchison...

August 21, 1882

Mr. Cyril Thompson, the Assistant Clerk of the Municipal Board has obtained 4 months' leave of absence, and will leave today for England, via New York, in the Belize. Mr. Sanguinetti will assume Mr. Thompson's duties as Clerk of the Harbour Board and Clerk to Wolmer's Trust.



The news of the death of Mr. Louis Goldsmith reached this city on Thursday, 17th inst., by cable. The deceased was a native of Jamaica, and was a partner in the firm of D. Goldsmith & Co., in Panama. Mr. D. Goldsmith left the Isthmus some years ago and settled in London, leaving the management of the business to his nephew and partner, Mr. R. C. Belinfante, who was assisted by Mr. Louis Goldsmith, whose death we now record. In 1878 or 79, the senior Mr. David Goldsmith, visited Panama for a short time, and left Colon for New York on his way to England. When three days out from Colon, he died on board the steamer Ailsa, and was buried at sea. Mr. Belinfante, who was a native of Kingston, died in Panama a few months ago of fever, and now we have to record the death from the same cause of Mr. Louis Goldsmith, who was about 28 years of age, and was very much esteemed by all who knew him. We offer our sincere condolence to Mrs. D. Goldsmith, the mother of the deceased, and her family who are residing in London. The resident partner in the large firm of D. Goldsmith & Co., now in Panama, is Mr. Alexander Morrice, late of this city.

August 24, 1882


In this city, on Wednesday, the 28th June last, Mrs. G. G. Gibson of a boy.


From the effects of child-bed, this morning, at 4 o'clock, Euphemia DaCosta, wife of G. G. Gibson.

August 25, 1882


At her residence, No. 122 Matthews Lane, Mary Letitia Brown ....

August 29, 1882

The Roman Catholic Church on the Hope Road, known as "St. Peter and St. Paul's" which has been closed for many years, will be reopened on Sunday next, having been thoroughly repaired, and improvements made. Father Porter will be the preacher.

August 30, 1882

In pursuance of a decree of the Supreme Court, in the suit of Heighington vs. the Administrator-General, "Comfort Castle" in the parish of Linstead was yesterday put up at auction by Messrs. Turnbull, Mudon & Co. at the Court House, in the presence of Thomas Hendrick, Esq., Registrar of the Court, and sold to Mr. Heighington for the sum of £382.

August 31, 1882


At Bridge House Pen, Spanish Town, on the 28th August, 1882, the wife of Inspector Hepbourn, of a son.

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