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July 2, 1867


At Elletson Road, on the 28th of June, Isabella Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. William Lee, aged 46 years.

July 3, 1867


This case will come on for trial before the St. Catherine's Circuit Court to-day. It is an action to recover damages against the Hon. Alexander J. Lindo, late Custos of St. Mary, for false imprisonment during the disturbances in this island, in 1865. We understand that his Excellency Sir John Peter Grant will be a witness to prove the grant of indemnity under the Statute passed after the suppression of the Rebellion. Argument will arise as to the validity of the step taken by His Excellency, as it is alleged the indemnity was granted after the action was sent out.



Some thief or thieves entered the dwelling house of Mr. J. B. Prescott, in Hanover Street, on Monday night, and stole from the front piazza several articles of wearing apparel, and a new Hammock. No Policemen are ever to bel found in this locality; and it is high time the force were strengthened, so as to deter persons from committing this serious offence.



We understand that the Government have appointed an Auditor-General for this Island, and that he will shortly arrive from England. The Hon. Alex. Bravo will then be appointed Receiver General.

July 6, 1867


In this City, on the 5th instant, the wife of Mr. Michael DeCordova, of a son.

July 10, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the W. I. & P. Steamer American, from Colon, for Jamaica:

- Mrs. Jenkins and Infant

- Mr. Hill

- Mr. Salmon

From Liverpool:

- M. Brandon & Family

- W. H. Butler, Esq.

In the W. I. & P. Steamer Cuban from Liverpool for Jamaica :

- Mr. Schroeter & Child

- Mr. And Mrs. Whettle and four children

- Mr. O'Connor

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. str. Eider for England:

- Lieut. Roberts, 3rd W. I. R.

- Ensign Carey, 3rd W. I. R.

- Capt. Frasey, 84th Regt.

- Mr. Saml. Shortridge

- Mr. Thomas Glanville

- Revd. S. L. Cousins

- Lieut Wray, 84th Regt.

- Dr. Cummings

- Mr. D. J. Alberga

For St. Thomas:

- Mrs. Swire and child

- Mr. Earle

- Mr. D. C. Peixotto, wife and 2 children

For Jackmel [sic]:

- Madam Vital, and 2 female servants

For Demerara:

- Revd. Dalgleish

- Miss Kingdom and sister

- Mrs. Haughton and child

For Barbadoes:

- Private Barnes

In the Str. Bolivar for Liverpool:

- Lieut. Fox, and Mrs. McCheyne, and 10 Deckers.

July 11, 1867


In the City of Panama, State of Colombia, on the morning of the 1st July, after a long and protracted illness, ... Mr. J. N. Bonitto, a native of this City, at the age of 34 years and 4 months...

July 15, 1867

Passengers Sailed

In the Schooner Dolphin for Colon:

- Miss Groom

- Miss Ivers

- Mr. George A. Campbell

- Mr. Alexander Campbell

- Mr. Henriques


At Malvern Lodge, New Cross Road, London, on the 9th ult., the wife of Edward M. Earle, Esq., of a son.

July 16, 1867

Passengers Sailed

In the French Str. Caravelle, for St. Jago de Cuba:

- For St. Nazaire, the Hon. Robert Hamilton, M. D.

For St. Jago de Cuba:

- Mr. And Mrs. Eckert

- Mr. Posada and wife

- Mr. Chas. Ripoll

July 24, 1867


In the Island of St. Thomas, on the 18th day of June, 1867, after five days' illness, Robert Q. Henriques, storekeeper, of the R. M. Co.'s Steamer, Danube, aged 33 years and 6 months ...



The Schooner Dolphin, which left this port on the 13th for Colon, took away some of 64 passengers. There has been for a number of years, a steady tide of Emigration between this port and the Isthmus; the present depression in the Commercial and Agricultural state of the Island are said to be compelling these persons to leave the country n quest of employment. They consist of artisans, domestic servants, and speculators in minor articles, and others say, it is because they are too lazy to work in Jamaica.



On Saturday the 13th instant, Joseph Stewart and James Stewart were committed to take their trial on the 25th instant at the Falmouth Circuit Court for conspiring and confederating together to secrete and assist in the escape of James Wilson, the late Secretary of the Trelawny Savings Bank. Wilson was also committed for trial on the charge of larceny and embezzlement, and larceny as a Bailee. Mr. L. J. Preston was held to bail in £200 to answer the charges of larceny and embezzlement.



The dereliction of duty by the Petty Debt Collector of St. Ann and his deputies has been the subject of investigation by Mr. Stipendiary Justice Lowry. For neglecting to furnish certain returns, the Collector, Mr. Isaac Morris, was severely censured and fined £10. The inquiry was then extended into the faithfulness of those returns, when Mr. Morris was again censured, and it is stated that his alarm was so great that whilst the Judge was addressing him he fell down in hysterics. On the proceedings being resumed on a succeeding day, the Petty Debt Collector refused to be sworn or to give any papers or explanation concerning his office; in fact, he set the Court at defiance. The depositions have been forwarded to the Governor, and the Collector has subsequently resigned.



A meeting of the Subscribers to this Institution was held at the Jamaica News Room on the 11th instant, when a very favorable Report for the half year was presented and read. The Report discloses the fact that during the six months 190 Seamen had been admitted into the Home -- only 19 had been sent to the Hospital, of whom 4 had died there of Yellow Fever. The Treasurer's accounts shewed that £501. 2s. passed through his hands during the period referred to, and a balance of £66 7s. 3d. In the Bank to the credit of the Institution.

July 26, 1867


At Kingston Barracks, on the 24th instant, the wife of Lieutenant Ballantine, Fort Adjutant, of a son.

July 29, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the Spanish Steamer Moctezuma from Cuba:

- Mr. Chas. Ripoll

- Paymaster Skelding, U. S. Navy

July 30, 1867


In this City, on Saturday the 20th instant, the wife of Altamont DeCordova, Esq., of a daughter.

Passengers Sailed

In the Moctezuma for Colon:

- Mr. H. J. Jacobs

- Mr. Solomon Lazarus

- Mr. Abraham Pinto, Jr.

- Mr. G. Ferguson

- Miss Reese

- Mr. Abraham Tavares

- Mr. Edward Salmon

- Mr. Tolano

- Mr. Louis Cunha

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