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April - June 1874

April 7, 1874


At Woodside, St. Mary, on the 26th ultimo, Jane Eliza, relict of the late William John Neilson, Esq., M. D., in the 83rd year of her age.

At Blue Bell Cottage on Monday, April 6th, Samuel, son of Joseph and Marrietta Stines, aged 10 months and 10 days.

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. James Roper are requested to attend his remains from his late residence No 11 Law Street, to the Place of Interment, at half-past four o'clock, this evening.

April 11, 1874


At Mendes Pen, Old Harbour, on the 7th inst., Mrs. Stewart, of a daughter.


At the "Spring Estate" Hanover, on the 5th inst., Emily Una Gertrude, only daughter of Lawrence F. Arguimbeau, Esq., aged one year and 5 days.

At Grand Cayman, on the 21st March, Janet Baird, infant daughter of the Revd. John Smith.

April 14, 1874


At the St. Andrew Parish Church, Halfway-Tree, on Tuesday Evening, the 7th inst., by the Ven. Arch. Campbell, assisted by the Rev. W. C. MacCalla, Mr. Peter S. Simpson, of Kingston, to Emma Julia, youngest daughter of the late Daniel Levy, Esq., of St. Andrew.


In this city, April 12th 1874, after a long and severe illness, Henry Eastwood, the youngest son of J. B. and E. P. Morris, aged nine years and 19 days.

April 16, 1874

Passengers Sailed

For New York: -- Revd. Downie; Mr. John T. Ham; Mr. Charles T. Bravo; Mr. Jones; Miss C. E. Ward.


April 13th - The Wife of the Revd. J. Gayleard, Green Valley House, Port Royal Mountains, prematurely, a daughter, stillborn.

April 18, 1874


On the night of Monday the ... inst., at his Residence, Breadnut Valley, St. Elizabeth, after three days' illness, the Honorable Raynes Waite Smith, Custos etc., in the 57 year of his age.

On the 8th inst., after two days illness, Ella Wilhelmina, second daughter of Alex B. and Clementina Sanguinetti, aged 5 years and 11 months.

April 20, 1874


Yesterday at No. 111 King Street, Mrs. Ann Hamilton. The friends and relatives of her family are requested to attend her remains to the Roman Catholic Church, at 5 o'clock, this evening.

April 21, 1874


At Bland's Delight, St. Andrew, on the 19th ult., the wife of James Byndloss of a Son.


At Morant Point Light House, on Wednesday night, 15th April, 1874, Mr. George Davidson, Superintendent of Light House, in the 27th year of his age.

April 24, 1874

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. J. B. Smith, who died last evening, are requested to attend his remains at 5 o'clock this evening, from the residence, No. 60 Church Street.


We understand that Mr. E. B. Wolfe and Mr. C. F. Lee have passed a satisfactory examination before W. Morrison, Esq., M. A., one of the Principals of the "Collegiate" in this city, as required by the recent Statute, preliminary to their being articled to Messrs. Anderson & Hendrick of this City, Attorneys-at-Law.

April 25, 1874


Last but not the least!

At Streadwick's Lumber Yard, Rum Lane, will be found the settlement of the duel between the two leading Lumber Yards. The last, the largest and the best assorted PITCH PINE CARGO, just being landed by the Linda Stewart. Come with your orders and the CASH, and you will hear the price, which will astonish you.

April 28, 1874

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tasmanian, for Southampton: --

Mrs. Ewan, 4 children and nephew, Rev. W. Schiel, wife and 5 children; Mrs. Cook; Miss Cook; Miss Dewar; Mr. C. G. Levy; Mr. and Mrs. Gutteres; Two Misses Murthwaite; Mrs. Williams, 5 children and servant; Miss Andrews; Miss Duotton; Miss Rowe; Mrs. Young, 4 children and servant; Master Steer; Mr. D. H. Qualo; Mr. Blackburn; Mr. L. Karney; Mr. Webley; Mr. Gavaleer; Mr. P. Laraque.

For Demerara: -- Hon. W. A. G. Young and servant.

For Trinidad: -- Rev. William Greenough.

For Porto Rico: -- Mr. Pennman; Two Misses Levrie and servant.



At then London Mission House, Davyton, Manchester, on the 22nd of April, 1874, the wife of the Revd. George Bailey, of a daughter.


At Hyde Park, Manchester, on the 8th April, at the Residence of her daughters, Mrs. Mary Cartwright, in the 88th year of her age ...

The friends and acquaintances of Miss Amelia Lejeune, are requested to attend the remains of her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Lejeune, from her late residence, No. 60 Orange Street; to the place of interment at 5 o'clock this evening.

May 8, 1874

Passengers Arrived

In the Atlas Co.'s Steamer Etna from New York: --

Mr. David P. Mendes and servant, and Mr. William Douglass.

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M Steamer Belize for Belize, Honduras: --

Lieut. Governor Mundy and daughter; Revds. Pittar, Parisis and Antonetto; Miss Julian; Mrs. Picknoad.



Last night at Waterloo Pen, the residence of his grandfather, Mr. James D. Lara, Frederick Charles Gray. Friends are requested to accept this intimation.

May 9, 1874


At Croydon Lodge, Spanish Town, on Monday 4th inst., Elizabeth, the beloved wife of the Rev. Henry Blaine Foster, Wesleyan Missionary ...

At Johnson Town, in the parish of Hanover, on the 21st


The Hon. Benjamin Vickers being about to leave the island for a short time, the Governor has been pleased to appoint William Vickers, Esq., to act as Custos, and Chairman of the Parochial Boards of Westmoreland.

The Rev. Hugh Croskery, Dr. Adams Clarke and Dr. B. W. Davies have been appointed to exercise in the parish of Clarendon the powers granted to the Governor by the Law in respect to Wakes.

May 13, 1874


At Port Royal, on Monday 11th, at 8 a.m., the wife of Henry J. Barned, Esq., of a son.

May 15, 1874


At the Cathedral, Spanish Town, on Tuesday Evening, the 5th inst., by the Revd. Campbell Mackinnon, Mr. James C. Bryant, of Spanish Town, Storekeeper, to Alice Ann, youngest daughter of James S. Facey, Esq., of Butt's Penn, St. Catherine.

In Kingston, on the 13th instant, by the Revd. J. Radcliffe, Capt. Augustus Field, late of the American Army, to Frances Buckridge, of St. James.


On the 6th of May instant, at Roxborough Penn, in the Parish of Manchester, in the 51st year of his age, after a long and painful illness, John Swaby Harrison, Esq., who had been for seventeen years Clerk of the Peace for the Parish of Manchester. He leaves a widow and four children ...


Jewish Alms House - Monthly Visiting Committee

G. Magnus, Edmund Levy, H. J. Depass, Esqrs.


The annual installation of Master and Wardens of the Royal Lodge took place at Sussex Hall in this City on Tuesday evening last, when the Wor. Henry Garsia was installed as Master, who in due form installed the following Brethren to assist in the administration: --

Alfred Bing, Senr. Ward.

William Andrews, Junr. Ward.

R. W. Smith, Secretary

J. G. Figueroa, Senr. Deacon

W. Thomson, Jnr. Deacon

George Campbell, Inner Guard

G. Magnus, Tyler

May 16, 1874


On the 11th instant, in Westmoreland, the wife of E. M. Earle, Esq., of a son.


On Sabbath 3rd May, at Montego Bay, the Residence of his father-in-law, the Revd. James Reid, Mr. J. Halse, formerly Captain of the Barque Fatima ...

May 18, 1874


At Sav-la-Mar, in the Parish of Westmoreland, on the 10th instant, the wife of Theodore Stone, Esq., of a son.


In the Town of Savanna-la-Mar on the morning of the 12th May, in the 45th year of his age, after a painful and lingering illness, William Bodden. He was Collector of Customs at that Port for many years. The urbanity displayed in the discharge of his public duties, and readiness to facilitate all commercial transactions connected with his Office, will cause his absence to be greatly deplored. He was a most dutiful son and brother and his loss to his family will be greatly deplored.

DUCKETT -- May 11th (‘74, 5 a.m.) At his Parents' residence, at the Cross, Clarendon, aged 17 - Edward J. Duckett, late of the High School, Calabar, Kingston, 4th son of the A. Duckett, Baptist Minister...

On Tuesday, the 12th May 1874, at her residence, Porus, Manchester, after three days illness, Mrs. Anne E. Nation, the beloved wife of Mr. Matthew Nation, aged 32 years.


D. P. Trench, Esq., Collector General, has been appointed a member of the Quarantine Board.

E. P. Watkis, Esq., of St. Ann's, has resigned his commission as a Justice of the Peace.


The Governor has been pleased to appoint the Hon. G. M. Gibb to act as Custos and Chairman of the Parochial Boards of Clarendon, during the absence of Hon. Frances [sic] Lowe.

W. G. Price and Maurice Levy, Esqr. Have been recognized by the Governor as Vice-Consuls for Sweden and Norway at the ports of Milk River and Old Harbour.

May 19, 1874


At Moreland Estate, in Vere, on Saturday, the 16th inst., Mr. George White ....

May 20, 1874


At Sea, aboard the S. S. Californian, on his passage to Liverpool, on Monday, the 20th of April last. William Henry Pinnock, Esq., of the firm of Pinnock, Surridge & Co., of this City, eldest son of Robert Pinnock, Esq., of Newport, Isle of Wight.

May 22, 1874


On the 20th instant, in Spanish town, the wife of R. B. Llewellyn of a daughter.


Commissions of the Peace have been issued to Thomas M'Whinney Abrahams and George Tavaris Abrahams, Esqrs. of the Parish of Clarendon.

May 23, 1874

The inquest on the sudden death in this city of Charles Delfosse has been adjourned till the 2nd June, to enable the Island Chemist to report on the contents of the stomach, there being some idea that he died of poison.

May 27, 1874


On the 13th inst., at Shrewsbury Estate, Westmoreland, the wife of Mr. S. Halton Morris, of a son.


The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Thomas Demetrius are respectfully invited to attend the remains of his mother, from his residence, No 10, Fletcher's Town, to the place of interment this morning at 8 o'clock.

May 28, 1874


At Manchester Square, on the 25th inst., the wife of Mr. D. R. D'Costa of a daughter.

May 29, 1874


At his Lodgings, Spanish Town, May 23rd 1874, Alexander Murphy Plunket (aged 41), youngest son of the late Dominick Plunket, of the parish of St. Ann.


His Excellency the Governor has appointed H. J. Domville, Esq., C. B., M. D., Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals, to be a member of the Central Board of Health.

The Governor has been pleased to grant six months' leave of absence to the Hon. C. H. Jackson and to appoint Mr. W. G. Macfarlane, during such absence, to act as Island Secretary, and as Administrator General for Jamaica.

May 30, 1874


At Sav-la-Mar, in the parish of Westmoreland, on the 16th inst., Theodore George Graham, infant son of Theodore Stone, Esq., aged 6 days.

June 3, 1874


At Experiment Penn, Vere, on the 31st May, the wife of Ernest Charles Elliott, Esq., of a daughter.

June 5, 1874

Mr. Cyril Thompson has been appointed to act as Clerk to the Parochial Boards of Kingston.

Commissions of the Peace have been issued to William Allan, A. E. Davis, and T. S. McNeill, Esqrs., for the parish of Hanover.

Two months' leave of absence has been granted to Mr. C. J. Mowat, Clerk of Petty Sessions for St. Elizabeth, and Mr. H. R. Hyam has been appointed to act in his stead.

June 6, 1874


At 26 High Holborn Street, on the 3rd inst., Mrs. Robert Scott Brass of a daughter.


At St. George's Church, in this city, on Thursday evening last, by the Revd. E. Nuttall, Mr. Henry Webb, to Miss Mary Elizabeth Stopfort, both of Black River, St. Elizabeth.


The friends and acquaintances of the late Mr. A. C. Stern are requested to attend his remains from the residence No 74 Hanover Street to the place of interment at 8 o'clock on Sunday morning the 7th inst.

June 8, 1874


At Richmond, on Saturday morning, 30th May, 1874, Walter A. Schoburg, aged 28 years and five months.

On the night of ... inst., Caroline Louisa, second daughter of Francis Gordon, Esq., of Golden River, St. Thomas ye Vale.

At 25, Charles Street on Saturday, the 6th of June, William Wemyss, the infant son of Izett W. Anderson, M. D.

Of Heart Disease, on the evening of the 5th inst., at Elgin Cottage, Rae Town, where he had gone for a change, Mr. A. C. Stern, aged sixty-two.

June 10, 1874


On Monday Morning, at 8 o'clock, the 8th inst., were consigned to their last resting place in the Holy Trinity Chapel, all that was mortal of the once lovely and most amiable Dolores Navarro de Mijares, a native of Cuba, who departed this transitory life on Saturday, 6th instant, at 1 o'clock p.m., after a very painful illness of many weeks, aged 24 years....

June 13, 1874


At St. Michael and All-Angel's Church, in this city on Tuesday last, the 9th instant, by the Venerable Archdeacon Campbell, M. A., assisted by the Revd. H. P. C. Melville, and Revd. C. Mackinnon, B. A., -- William Andrews, junior, Esq., Solicitor, to Miss Pauline Constance Smith, of Manchester, England.


At Bournemouth, England, on the 11th May, Emma Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Revd. W. Clayton, of Four Paths, Clarendon, aged 27 years.


The appointment of Mr. Edward Noel Walker as Assistant Colonial Secretary of this island has been gazetted.

Leave of absence for six months has been granted to the Hon. Charles Royes; and his Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint Michael Solomon, Esq. to act as Custos and Chairman of the Parochial Boards of St. Ann, during the absence of Mr. Royes.

June 23, 1874


By the Revd. John Duff at Belfast Penn, Morant Bay, the Residence of Doctor J. S. Gerrard, on the 17th June, Duncan Donald Darroch Cotter, late Lieut., and I. M. 6th Regt., to Ella Margaret, second daughter of the late William Paterson, of Morant Bay, Esq.


In Kingston, on the 13th June, 1874, Mr. Alfred Groom, Junr., in the 23rd year of his age.

At Spanish Town, on the 21st instant, Hannah Selina, the beloved wife of the Rev. J. M. Phillippo, aged 82 years.

June 26, 1874

His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint the Hon. W. H. Coke, Custos and Chairman of the Parochial Boards of St. Elizabeth, in the room of the late Hon. Raynes W. Smith.

Ralph Nunes, Esq., has reported to the Governor his resumption of duty as Vice Consul of the United States of America.

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