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March 1867

March 1, 1867


At Mount George, St. Andrew's, on Tuesday 26th ultimo, Horatio Feurtado, Esq., aged 64(?) years.


Governor of Bermuda

The Queen has approved the appointment of Colonel Chapman, C. B., of the Royal Engineers, to the Governorship of Bermuda.

March 5, 1867

Hon. C. C. Bravo

We regret to learn of the serious indisposition of the Hon Charles C. Bravo, of St. Ann's. An express messenger arrived in this city on Sunday, with intelligence that Mr. Bravo was not expected to survive.

March 6, 1867


At the Cathedral, Spanish Town, Jamaica, on the 27th February 1867, by the Rev. Joseph Williams, Rector, assisted by the Rev. H. Rees Webbe, B. C. L., David Palmer Ross, Esq., M. D., Edin., late Army Medical Staff, to Mary Eliza, youngest surviving daughter of the Hon. Alexander Heslop, Her Majesty's Attorney General for the Island.


Death of John H. Hall, Esq

We regret to announce the death of John Herman Hall, Esqr., Inspector of Rum Duties, for St. Thomas in the Vale, etc. etc.




Monday, 4th March, 1867

(Before His Honor Sir Bryan Edwards, Knt., C. J.)

Smith vs. Oliver -- The following gentlemen were sworn as the Special Jury: -- Joseph Reid, Septimus Feurtado, T. L. Barber, L. E. Sinclair, A. Rose, S. K. Magnus, and M. Bravo, Esqrs.

Messrs. Walcott and Jackson, instructed by Mr. Oughton, appeared for the plaintiff.

Messrs. Heslop and Williams, instructed by Mr. C. H. Jackson, for the defendant.

This was an action of assumpsit, brought by Sydney Smith against Mrs. Sophia Oliver, to recover the amount of £99. 4s. 6d. For 3½ years' salary as General Overseer, at the rate of £36 per annum, £40 of which was paid into Court already. This case was of a most interesting and amusing nature, and occupied nearly the whole day. His Honor the Attorney General, (on behalf of defendant) and Mr. Walcott (for the plaintiff) addressed the Jury at length. The learned Chief read over the whole of the evidence commented thereon. The Jury retired for quarter of an hour, and returned into Court with a verdict for the Plaintiff. Damages £59. 4s. 6d. Besides the balance paid into court.




His Excellency Sir John Peter Grant, K. C. B.

His Excellency Edward John Eyre, Esq.

His Excellency Sir Henry Knight Storks, G. C. B.

His Excellency General O'Connor, C. B.

Admiral Sir James Hope, K. C. B.


Mrs. O'Connor

Mrs. Alex Bravo


Hon. L. Q. Bowerbank, M. D., Custos of Kingston

Rev. F. S. Bradshaw, L. L. D., Rector of Port Royal

William A. Titley, Esq.

Charles Levy, Esq.

Hon. Alexandre Bravo Auditor General

Hon P. A. Espeut Custos, St. Thos. Ye East

Capt. W. S. Cooper, R. N. Supt. R. M. C. S.

Rev. J. M. Phillippo

John McPherson McNeil, Esq.

Major Prendervill Inspector General of Police

And others


Alexander Fiddes, Esq, F. R. C. S. Edin.

Christopher Gayleard, M. R. C. S. England


Messrs. Lewis & Lewis, Port Royal Street


Messrs. M. DeCordova, McDougall, & Co.


James Gall, Esq. The Gleaner Office


1st -- For obtaining respectable and suitably qualified persons for situations of trust and skill

2nd -- For procuring situations for competent and deserving persons worthy of trust


Applications should be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary (if by post prepaid) with all particulars as to the description of servant wanted - the work the servant is required for, and the wages offered, so as to enable the Honorary Secretary to select from among the list of registered applicants.


Servants possessing good characters, and coming well recommended, should apply at the Registry Office between the hours prescribed for the reception of applicants, from 7 to 9 a.m. From 3 to 5 p.m.


Every Householder contributing five shillings or upwards, per annum, will be considered a subscriber for the year and will be entitled to consult the Register for himself (or herself) as often as he (or she) may find it necessary.


Every Application for Registration -- 1s.

Permanent Registration (for 1 year) of Dressmakers, Tradesmen, Labourers and Stevedores --

1s. 6d.

JAMES GALL, Hony. Secy.

March 11, 1867


The Trial Commenced -- Arrest of the Executioners of George William Gordon

(From The London Times, February 7)

The step long threatened by the Jamaica Committee has at last been taken. A prosecution for the murder of Mr. Gordon has already been instituted against Colonel Nelson and Lieut Brand, and will shortly be instituted against Mr. Eyre himself. It appears that for legal reasons into which it would be superfluous to enter the Committee have been advised to proceed under certain acts of the present reign, which require that the accused should be residing within the jurisdiction of the magistrate issuing the order for his apprehension. They have, accordingly, applied to Sir Thomas Henry for a warrant against the two officers principally concerned in Gordon's execution, who are alleged to be now in London. The name of Mr. Eyre was not included in the application, because he is or was, beyond the Bow Street jurisdiction; but his solicitor has given an assurance that he will appear upon due notice, and Mr. Fitzjames Stephen, who represented the Jamaica Committee, acknowledged in handsome terms his magnanimity in courting a full inquiry into his own conduct.

March 12, 1867


In this Town, on Friday 8th instant, the wife of Henry Harris, Esq., of Clarendon, of a son.

Passengers Arrived

In the Royal Mail C. Steamer "Eider" from Colon:

- Miss Morais and sister

- Mr. Rolling

- Mr. Kreutzer

- Mr. Malcombe

- Mr. Maxwell

- Mr. Hunter

March 13, 1867


On 4th February, at no. 2 Hernon Villas, Parkswood, Southampton, Rosina Elizabeth, the beloved wife of A. P. Corbett, Esq., and only daughter of the late C. M. Fegan, Esq., of Jamaica, aged 27 years.

March 15, 1867


The Governor has been pleased to appoint the undermentioned gentlemen to be the Municipal Board of the Parish of St. James:

Chairman -- The Hon. George L. Phillips

Members -- George M. Lawson, M. D., Rudolphus W. Buchanan, John Philpotts, John W. Parkin, George Rickets Phillips, and William Whittingham, Esqrs.


The Governor has been pleased to appoint the Hon. Henry Turner Irving, Colonial Secretary, Henry John Bicknell, Esquire, Police Magistrate, and Henry John Kemble, Esquire, Clerk of the Peace, to be Commissioners to enquire into the system of Management and Prison Discipline in the General and Female Penitentiaries.


His Excellency the Governor has appointed the undermentioned gentlemen to be the Parochial Commissioners for the parish of St. James for the current year:

Chairman, the Hon. G. L. Phillips.

Members -- G. M. Lawson, M. D., R. W. Buchanan, Joseph Bridges, R. Chambers, the Rev. Walter Dendy, Alexander Grant, Henry Gray, Abraham Hart, Alexander Homes, Daniel Mills, G. R. Phillips, John Philpotts, and S. T. Scharschmidt, Esqrs.


His Excellency the Governor has appointed John Watt and Alexander Holmes, Esqrs., to be Churchwardens for the parish of St. James.

March 16, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In H. I. M. Steamer of War, D'Estaing, from Port-au-Prince --

- President Geffrard, and wife

- Mr. Cresret, wife and 3 children

- Mr. Windsor, wife and child

- Mr. Dupey, wife and child

- General H. Coquario, and wife

- General St. Macary

- S. Larraque, Esq.

- Miss Ferry

- 9 servants



(From the Books of the Jamaica News Room and Commercial Exchange)

Friday, March 15th, 1867

11:30 a.m.

The French Steamer of War D'Estaing arrived at this port at noon today, with President Geffrard, of Hayti and family on board. A revolutionary attempt was made on the 1st, which was speedily put down by the President. Port-au-Prince was declared to be in a state of siege, and the National Guards, headed by the President, continued to preserve the peace of the city. At midnight, on the 13th inst., the President signed an act of abdication and marched down, escorted by his body guard, to embark on board the French Steamer of War D'Estaing, which left immediately for this port.

A Provisional Government has been appointed in Hayti.

The W. I. & Pac. Steamer Talisman had not arrived at Port-au-Prince when the D'Estaing left.


Sailors Home

D. Finzi, Esquire, and Revd. W. Holdsworth.

March 19, 1867


At Pedro River, in the Parish of St. Ann, on Saturday the 2nd instant, Richard Henry Zouch Heming, Esq., aged 67 years.

Death of Peter Harrison, Esq.

We regret to notice the death of Peter Harrison, Esq., Senior Magistrate of St. Dorothy. His remains were interred at the Church, Old Harbour, on Friday afternoon, the 15th instant, and were followed to their last resting place by the Magistracy of the Parish.


[ADVERTISEMENT] Hebrew Benevolent Society

Feast of Purim

Subscriptions in aid of the PURIM FUND to enable the Directors of feast the Jewish Poor as customary, will be thankfully received by Mr. Joseph Stines, President, Mr. Ainsley Mordecai, Treasurer, or Mr. H. A. Joseph, Collector.

By order,

Jacob Mudahy, Secy.

March 20, 1867

Death of John Woodrow, Esq.

We regret to record the death of John Woodrow, Esq., of St. Thos. In the East. He was for several years connected with the planting interest of the Parish, and was a very skilful engineer.

March 25, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Atrato, from England:

- Mr. Diekman

From Bermuda:

- Lieut. Brookdale, R. N.

From Barbados:

- Lieut. Hopkins, 4th W. I. Regt.

- Ensign Crokender

From St. Lucia:

- Mr. Wm. Burne (H. M. S. Cadmus)

From Tortola:

- Mrs. Hesley

From Jacmel:

- Mr. Aubernale

- Mr. Perceval

March 26, 1867


In this City, on the 22nd instant, after a short illness, Mr. Moses Levy Maduro, in the 41st year of his age ...

March 27, 1867

Passengers Sailed

In the W. I. & P. Steamer Caribbean, for Port-au-Prince:

- Mr. Joubert and son

- Mr Windsor

- Mr. Escoffery, wife and child

- Mr. S. Escoffery

In the R. M. C. Steamer Atrato for Southampton:

- Revd. John Mearns, Mrs. Mearns and servant.

- Mr. Horatio Brandon

- Mr. Dakyns

- Mrs. David Morale, child and servant

- Ensign Cullen

- Mr. Gouband

- Mrs. A. M. Nathan and child

- Mrs. Higgin

- Mr. David King

- Mr. Alexander Weir Branker


The Jamaica Prosecutions

Among the passengers who sailed in the R. M. C. Steamer Atrato yesterday was Mr. Alexander Weir Branker, it is said for the purpose of giving evidence touching the execution of George W. Gordon.

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