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June - July 1872

June 1, 1872

Hebrew Benevolent Society

Visiting Committee for the month of June

S. H. Samuel, J. J. G. Lewis, and R. Magnus, Esqrs.


Sitting Magistrates for the week

Kingston: A. L. Malabre, B. A. Franklin, William Malabre, Esqrs.

Port Royal: A. Salom, Joseph Francis, Joseph Stines, Esqrs.


It is commonly reported in Spanish Town that orders have been given to make arrangements for the removal of Rodney's Statue to Kingston. It will be placed on the site of the old Beef Market.

June 6, 1872

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Elbe from Southampton: -- Miss Boxer; Dr. John Pringle; Mrs. Harvey; Messrs. J. Fraysonier, T. Smith, H. N. Darrell; J. V. Giordini; Marselina Scott; C. J. Escoffery, Rev. J. Hawkes.

June 8, 1872

Mr. Edward Rawle, of the Telegraph Office, has been appointed to inspect the land lines between this and Holland Bay.


Mr. Albert H. Quallo, late a clerk in the Kingston District Court's Office, has been appointed a clerk in the Kingston Petty Sessions Office. this appointment is part of a new arrangement consequent upon the transfer of Mr. Pouyat from the clerkship of the Magistrates at Hanover, in the room of Mr. E. C. Smith, jnr., who has resigned.


The land and premises at the corner of Church and Sutton Streets and the Parade known as "The Tabernacle" were put up at public auction yesterday by Mr. David Martin, auctioneer. In consequence of the situation, rendered desirable by the establishment of the Public Garden and in view of the fact that great buildings are shortly to be erected in the vicinity, a number of gentlemen met to contest the purchase. The bidding commenced at £50 and rapidly went up to £305 at which sum it was knocked down to Mr. H. Windsor of Hayti.

June 10, 1872


At 48, St. Luke's road, Westbourne Park, London, Moss Ansell, Esq., aged 49 years, beloved father of Mr. Charles Ansell of this city.


It is currently reported on Saturday last, that Thomas Oughton, Esq., has been appointed Clerk of the Legislative Council, at a salary of £400 per annum, in the room of Mr. F. R. Lynch who has resigned.

June 17, 1872

W. B. Espeut, Esq., of Spring Garden, Portland, is about to apply to the Governor for Letters Patent, for an invention of improvements in the manufacture of sugar, and the apparatus therein.

June 18, 1872


On Wednesday, 12th June, at Letitz Church, St. Elizabeth, by the Rev. Hover, of the Moravian Mission, John Robert Valentine Thornton, of Her Majesty's Constabulary Force, to Sophia Maria, second daughter of the late Francis Ware, of Alligator Pond.

June 21, 1872

Mr. William Curtin, Tide Waiter, in the Customs, was yesterday found dead in his bed. An inquest was held on the body.

June 22, 1872

We have already reported the sudden death of Mr. Curtin. The fact having been reported to the Coroner, that officer, in accordance with power granted him by the new law, directed that a post mortem examination of the body be made, to determine whether an inquest was necessary. The examination disclosed the fact that the unfortunate young man must have suffered for a long time from disease of the heart and lung. No inquest was necessary.

June 24, 1872

The Governor has been pleased to appoint Mr. R. A. Silvera as vaccinator for the parish of St. Andrew.

June 25, 1872

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Hon L. Q. Bowerbank, M. D.


Sitting Magistrates for the week

Kingston: S. W. Mais, David Qualo, George Henderson, Esqrs.

Port Royal: John J. Hart, P. F. Ferron, and Wm. Berry, Esqrs.



On the 12th June, at Worthington, St. Andrew, by the Revd. B. Rouillon, S. J., and afterwards at Half-way Tree by the Revd. G. T. Braine, C. Kennedy, Esq., to Leila Cornelia, daughter of the late George Cuff, Esq., of The Park, St. Elizabeth.

June 26, 1872


At Port Antonio, on Thursday the 20th inst., Irene Isabel, infant daughter of Mr. R. C. J. Bacquie, Collector of Taxes. Aged 6 months.


Commissions of the Peace have been issued to Aldington Ainsly, W. N. Greensword, A. F. Rose, E. G. Levy, F. R. Hall, and James Falconer, Esqrs., for the parish of St. Catherine, and to B. C. Orgill, Anthony Benn, and R. B. Robins, Esqrs., for the parish of Portland.

June 28, 1872

Henry Bridgewater Shaw, Esq., has been appointed, provisionally, Provost Marshal of this Island.


The appointment of Mr. Thomas Oughton, as Clerk to the Legislative Council, has been Gazetted.


W. S. Wheatle, Esq., has been appointed a Road Commissioner for the parish of St. Elizabeth.


It has been notified in the Gazette that the Queen has been pleased to approve of Mr. James Gall, as Consul in this city for the Republic of Ecuador.


J. W. Parkin, Esq., has been appointed to act as Custos, and Chairman of the Parochial Boards of St. James, during the absence of the Custos, the Hon. Wm. Kerr.


The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Stewart A. Spalding (late employee of the Kingston Water Works) are respectfully requested to attend his remains from his residence, corner of Milk and East Streets, at 5 o'clock this evening.

July 2, 1872

Passengers Sailed

In the W. I. & P. Steamer Venezuelan -- For Liverpool: -- Rev. W. J. Wood; Mr. B. Carter; Mr. G. Shaw; Mr. A. A. Doorly; Mrs. Doorly and daughter; Mrs. Clarke.

In the W. I. & P. Steamer Jamaican -- For Liverpool: -- Mr. Barrett, 2 daughters, governess, child and servant; Mr. Legendre; Mr. Laforest; Mr. and Miss Wilberforce; Miss King; Mr. and Mrs. Girvin; Master Girvin and servant; Master C. F. McCormack; Miss J. C. McCormack; Mr. Paterson; Mr. and Mrs. Miles and servant.

For Port-au-Prince: -- Mrs. C. Roney; Master C. Roney; Miss Albertine; Mr. Beaupin; Mr. Laurieux (2); Mrs. St. Remy; Mr. Morais.

July 3, 1872


In this City, on the 25th ultimo, Marie Elizabeth Louise, relict of the late J. P. Stiebel, aged 41 years.

July 4, 1872

Sitting Magistrates for the week

Kingston: W. S. Cooper, Joseph Stines, Wm. Barclay, Esqrs.

Port Royal: W. G. Astwood, S. W. Mais, B. A. Franklin, Esqrs.


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Ven. D. H. Campbell, M. A. H. F. Colthirst, Esq.



At Hector's River, on 23rd ultimo, in the 32nd year of her age, Ann Trew, daughter of Mr. Geo. G. Manning, of St. Thomas in the East.

July 5, 1872


In this city on the 23rd ult., at the age of 49 years, Mrs. Sarah Jane Grant, relict of the late Mr. Charles Grant, of this City.

July 6, 1872

Mr. George Rouse has been appointed a Trustee of Titchfield Free School

Joseph Budge, Esq., has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the parish of St. James.

Dr. E. H. Cooke has been appointed Government Medical Officer of the Lucea Western Interior District, in the room of Dr. Brown who has resigned.

Dr. John G. McDonald has been appointed to act as Chief Medical Officer of the Lock Hospital in Kingston, in the room or Dr. G. F. Martyn who has resigned.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint Henry Drake, Esq., Judge of the Kingston District Court, to be an official visitor of the General and Female Penitentiaries.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint Richard Chamberlaine, Esq., to be acting Custos, and Chairman of the Parochial Boards of the parish of St. Thomas, during the absence of the Hon. James Chapman Melville.


The Government has advertised for a contract to sink a well for the use of the public on the Market Land at Hayes' Savannah. A similar work of public utility is much demanded for the people in the Market district of Old Harbour.


The Circuit Court for the Eastern District will be opened at the Court House, in this city, on Monday next, before the Honble. Sir. J. Lucie Smith, C. M. G., Chief Justice. This Circuit includes the parishes of Kingston, St. Catherine and St. Andrew, and the districts of St. David, Metcalfe and St. George. The following names are comprised in the panel of jurors: --

Horatio Abrahams; George Adams; John Lewis Alexander; John Aguilar; Augustus Alexander; George Alexander; Lewis Austen; Walter Stephen Aguilar; Adolphus Alberga; Peter Lewis Branday; Augustus Bonitto, Kingston. John McLeod; Charles Lyon Lodge; Richard Lacey, Jr.; Henry Jones; Robert Henley; Thomas Taylor; William Peddie; George Henry; James Hutchinson; Thomas Freeman, St. Andrew. Jacob Brandon; A. W. Douet; Edward Edwards; Francis Gordon, Jr.; Leonidas Garel; William Hall; Robert Henry Lowndes; Richard Liddle; Abraham Melhado; Charles Perry, St. Catherine.

July 8, 1872

Sitting Magistrates for the week

Kingston: R. J. Hitchins, Wm. Lee, and F. B. Lyons, Esqrs.

Port Royal: W. G. Astwood, S. W. Mais, B. A. Franklin, Esqrs.


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Revd. Enos Nuttall, Revd. John Radcliffe



At Hope Bay, on the 29th June last, after an illness of five weeks, which he bore with exemplary patience and resignation, Mr. Thomas Henderson Mann in the 49th year of his age.

At Muirton, Manchioneal, Portland, on Friday, the 5th instant, the Reverend A. B. Foote, aged 49 years and 6 months.

"Blessed are those who die in the Lord"

At Port of Spain, Trinidad, on the 18th June, Mr. James E. P. Hicks, of the Colonial Bank, aged 30 years.

Suddenly on Tuesday Morning, the 2nd instant, at Bamboo Pen, St. Andrew, William Alexander Tidey, aged 42, deeply regretted by all who knew him.

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