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November - December 1872

November 2, 1872


At Sue River Estate, St. Mary, on the 21st October, 1872, Mr. W. R. Langbridge, aged 25 years, the youngest son of W. R. Langbridge, Esq., proprietor of Sue River.

November 4, 1872

Jewish Almshouse

Visiting Committee for November

J. J. G. Lewis, Amos Morais, Richard Magnus, Esqrs.

November 5, 1872


At Mackfield, on 29th October, Ella Louisa Clare, eldest daughter of Mr. William Vickers of Frome, aged 6 years and 11 months.

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Thomas J. Nix are requested to attend the remains of his sister, Mrs. Charles E. Leake. The funeral will leave the house of R. P. DaCosta at 4 o'clock this evening.

November 6, 1872

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Elbe, from Southampton: -- Dr. Hamilton; Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Osborne; Mr. James Dougall; Mr. J. M. Auld; Miss Espeut and sister; Mr. R. Robinson; Mrs. Robinson; Mr. Chas. Gray; Mr. Chas. Ward; Mr. Albert Moses; Mr. D. H. Qualo; Mr. H. O'Connor; Mr. C. Jaeger; Mr. Walter Magnus.

November 8, 1872

Mr. Henry A. Absalom has been appointed an additional Bailiff of the Port Antonio District Court.

Commissions of the Peace have been conferred by the Lieut. Governor on J. R. Tucker, Esq., for the parish of St. Thomas, and M. N. Jones, Esq., for the parish of Portland.


A man named Freeman, an old offender, whose occupation is that of a butcher, was apprehended on Wednesday at Old Harbour on suspicion of having stolen a dog. It transpired that the animal is the property of Mr. DeMercado. He was brought to Kingston and lodged in custody.


His Excellency the Lieut. Governor has been pleased to appoint James Allwood, Esq., to be provisionally, until Her Majesty's pleasure be known, Registrar and Clerk of the Courts and Crown in the place of Robert Russell, Esq., who has resigned.

November 11, 1872


In this City, at his residence, Church Street, at 1 o'clock on Saturday morning, the 26th ultimo, John Francis Morin, late clerk of the Collector General's Office, -- aged 36 years, leaving an affectionate wife and three beloved children.

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. William Andrews are requested to attend the remains of his eldest and beloved daughter, Elizabeth Mary, to the place of interment, Wellington Lodge, Windward Road at half-past 5 o'clock this evening.

November 16, 1872

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

William Steventon, Esq. Richard Gillard, Esq.


At Spanish Town, Cumberland Road, on Friday, the 1st instant, the wife of the W. C. MacCalla, Curate of St. James Church, Birnamwood, Portland, of a daughter.


November 13th, at The Ridge, Rio Bueno, aged 5 weeks and 3 days, Edward Lovell, the infant son of Lieut. A. L. Simons, 1st West India Regiment.

The Lieut. Governor has been pleased to approve of Mr. Daniel Marshalleck as Vice Consul at Morant Bay for the Kingdom of Norway and Sweden.

A. H. Alexander, Esq., acting Agent-General of Immigration, has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the parishes of Trelawny, St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland.

November 18, 1872


At Mary Hill, on Wednesday the 13th instant, Alice Maud, aged 5 years and 3 months, third daughter of Charles Fulford, Esq.

November 19, 1872


At her Residence, Saint Ann's Bay, on Monday the 4th instant, Miss Mary Ann Morley, aged 79 years and 5 months.

November 20, 1872


At Spanish Town, on Friday morning, the 15th instant, of small-pox, Alethia Victoria Wilhelmina, the daughter of Mr. John F. Richards and Eliza his wife, aged 8 months.

At Carlton Villa, Mandeville, on Saturday the 16th instant, Mary Whitehouse, the youngest daughter of the Rev. William Reese, Wesleyan Missionary, aged 7 months and 14 days.

At Spanish Town, 18th November, aged 37, Mr. Edward Kitson Phillippo, youngest son of the Rev. J. M. Phillippo, Baptist Missionary.

November 21, 1872


In the Parish Church, Falmouth, by the Rev. E. A. Stewart, Emma Louise Catherine, only daughter of the late William Cooper, to James, fourth son of the late Dr. William Dalrymple.

November 22, 1872


In this city, on the morning of the 21st instant, Mrs. Dutton Turner Cooke of a daughter.


At Christ Church, Port Antonio, on Thursday the 14th instant, by the Revd. William Smith, Rector, assisted by the Revd. Thomas Banbury of Hope Bay, the Rev. T. C. G. Johnston of Moore Town, to Mary Ann, the eldest daughter of Alexander Escoffery, Esq.

November 26, 1872


At Stanton, St. Thomas, on the 22nd November 1872, Caroline Hall, the beloved wife of Richard Alexander Harding, Esq., aged 36 years.

November 27, 1872


At Rae Town, the 25th instant, the wife of Mr. Samuel Hershfeld of a daughter.

November 28, 1872


At Clifton Lodge, Old Harbour, on the 26th November instant, Eliza Jane, only daughter of Alexander Robertson, Sub-Collector of H. M. Customs, aged 5 years.

December 9, 1872

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tagus from Southampton: -- Mr. H. Bright; Mr. E. Bridgett; Mr. Strickland; Capt. Arscott; Mr. Ogilvie; Mr. H. Vickers; Revd. F. Jones; Mr. F. Jenoure; Mr. & Mrs. Jones; Hon. George Solomons; Mr. N. W. Farquharson; Mrs. Peixotto and female servant; Miss Arnott; Mr. A. C. Stern and daughter; Dr. M. Stern; Miss Bloomfield; Mr. G. Bitter.

From St. Vincent: -- Miss E. Whitworth.

From Demerara: -- Mr. & Mrs. Lee Hung and 3 children; Mr. Ho-she-vong-a-Sam & 3 children; Mr. Chien-a-See; Mr. Pitkins.

From Barbados: -- Mr. Nicholls.

From Jacmel: -- Mrs. Trichet.

Passengers Sailed

In the American brigt. Moses Rodgers for New Orleans: -- Mrs. Frank J. Webb and 4 children.

December 11, 1872


In this city on the 10th November last, Elizabeth Mary Andrews, eldest daughter of William Andrews, Solicitor, of this city.

December 12, 1872

The annual election of Master and Officers of the Friendly Lodge took place on Monday last at the Rooms, Hanover Street, when the following Officers were duly installed: --

Wor. J. J. G. Lewis, Master

Bro. J. L. Ashenheim, Senior Warden

Bro. J. Bonitto, Junior ditto

Bro. D. Nieto, Senior Deacon

Bro. L. Alberga, Junior ditto

Bro. A. Morais, Treasurer

Bro. A. C. Henriques, Secretary

Bro. J. Samuels, Inner Guard

Bro. G. Magnus, Tyler.

Several Past Masters of Sister Lodges were present, among them Right Worshipful S. C. Burke, Provincial Grand Master of Scotland.

December 14, 1872


Kingston, December 14, 1872

In this City, on the evening of the 13th instant, at his Residence, No. 26 Church Street, Edward Colson Lewis, Esq., aged 74 years. Friends and acquaintances will please accept this intimation to attend his remains to the Parish Church for interment this afternoon at 4:30 p.m.

December 16, 1872


At Melvin Hall, Montego Bay, on the 11th instant, in the 46th year of his age, William Miller Holmes, Esq., Jun., Overseer and Attorney of Lergan Estate, St. James, leaving a wife and two young children ...

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Chas. Campbell, Esq. M. D., A. Dunn, Esq., M. D.

Jewish Almshouse

George Magnus, Edmund Levy, and H. J. DePass, Esqrs.

Sitting Magistrates for the week

Kingston: R. J. C. Hitchins, W. G. Astwood, T. Wiltshire, Esqrs.

Port Royal: A. Salom, Joseph Francis, Joseph Stines, Esqrs.

December 18, 1872

The friends and acquaintances of the late Mr. John Cunningham Reid are requested to attend his remains, from his late residence, No. 38 Smith Lane, to the place of interments, at half-past 4 o'clock this evening.

December 19, 1872


At Spanish Town, on the 10th instant, in the 25th year of her age, Eliza, the beloved wife of James O'Meally, Esq., junr., leaving a husband and infant of five months ...

December 20, 1872


At Long Hill, On the 16th instant, the wife of Dr. James H. Clark, of a son.

At Up Park Camp, on the 18th instant, the wife of Major Strachan, 1st W. I. Regiment, of a son.


At Sue River Estate, his residence and property, St. Mary, William R. Langbridge, Esqr., Senr., in the 77th year of his age, on Friday, 13th December, 1872, after a long painful illness. For many years a magistrate of the parish ....

At Old Harbour, at his residence on the 13th instant, in the 64th year of his age, William N. Brennan, Esqr., who for 34 years was a resident in this parish ...he leaves a sorrowing wife and daughter to mourn their irreparable loss.

December 23, 1872

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. Steamer, Nile: --

From Southampton: Staff and Surgeon Hillman & wife; Mr. Stirling; Mr. and Mrs. Colthirst; Mr. J. Harvey; Mr. Swinnerton; Mrs. Woodrow; Mr. R. G. Smith; Mr. R. G. Stone; Mr. G. A. Fox; Mr. E. Tate; Mr. A. Tate; Mr. Deitjean;

From Barbados: Messrs. Dynon and Tillery

From Havana: Mr. A. W. Branker

From St. Thomas: Mrs. Moore; Master Jessurun; Mr. Bermudez; Mr. Ferreira; Mr. Omeara;

From Jacmel: Mr. and Miss Leon; Mr. C. Batvaille; Mr. Laloubere; Mr. J. Roy; Mr. F. Taupure; Mr. E. Roumain.


At Port Maria, on Friday morning, 13th December 1872, of Typhoid Fever, Mr. George William Clemetson, in the 39th year of his age...

Died in this city, at his residence No 36 Church Street, on Friday, the 13th December 1872, Mr. Edward Colson Lewis, Esq., aged 74 years. The deceased was born in the city of Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, and was Merchant in this city until the year 1845, and had for 55 years sojourned in this island ...


Among the passengers by the Packet on Friday last, was Mr. Swinnerton, a gentleman sent out by the Colonial and Continental Church Society. He will shortly be ordained, and then appointed to serve for the present under the Rev. Mr. Panton at Halfway Tree.


A meeting will be held in the East Branch School, on behalf of the Jamaica Church Home and Foreign Missionary Society, this evening at 7 o'clock. The Hon. Dr. Bowerbank will take the Chair; and the Revds. D. B. Panton, H. H. Isaacs, G. F. Douet, J. E. Woodward, and others, will address the meeting.


A special meeting of the Committee of the Cuban Relief Society was held on Friday evening last, Revd. J. M. Bertolio in the chair, when it was agreed that the weekly grant to the poor Cubans, resident in this city, be doubled next week, so that they may be enabled to provide some Christmas cheer.

December 26, 1872

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. Steamer Tagus: --

From Greytown: Miss A. de Barruel

From Colon: Mr. A. F. Dumont; Mr. S. Deleon; Mr. and Mrs. Free,man; Mr. Milligan and child; Master Ramon Sanchez; Mr. and Mrs. Aldred and child; Mr. J. A. Ward.

December 27, 1872

Passengers Arrived

In the American Brigantine, Mariposa, from Santiago de Cuba: --

Polonia Moreno; Beatriz Rodrigues; Sebastian Portuondo; Caridad Alberni; C. Chamberlin; L. Gonzales; F. Milan; J. M. Rodrigues, wife and child; Pedro Tamaya; Fermia Tanquish; Vicente Ramirez.


At Bishop Penn, St. Mary's, on the 13th instant, Alexander H. Shaw, Esquire, formerly Inspector of Police of the Parish of Saint Mary, aged 73 years.

Maurice Levy and Hugh Perry, Esqrs., have been appointed Justices of the Peace for then parish of St. Catherine.

The Lieutenant Governor has been pleased to appoint Thomas Hendrick, Esq., a Notary Public for the city of Kingston..

Arthur Harvey Alexander, Esq., Acting Agent General of Immigration, has received Commissions of the Peace for the parishes of Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Thomas, Portland, St. Catherine, St. Mary, St. Ann, Clarendon, Manchester and St. Elizabeth.

Under the Law to regulate the assessment of damage by the trespass of stock, the Lieutenant Governor has appointed Messrs. W. M. Dunn, Samuel Pearcy, Allan Bignall, Richard Harris, G. A. Donaldson, Matthew Cresser and James Cresser assessors within the jurisdiction of the judge of the Kingston District Court.

December 30, 1872

Passengers Arrived

In the Atlas Co.'s Steamer, St. Thomas, from New York: --

Dr. and Mrs. Chas. Campbell, Mrs and two Misses Ramirez; Mr. M. Gomez; Mr. D. Fontaine; Mrm. E. Bavastro; Dr. A. C., Newland; Mr. H. A. Tenny; Mr. C. M. Myers; Mr. Benny; Mr. and Mrs. Deleon.


At Tweedside Plantation, formerly of the Port Royal Mountains, 20th December, 1872, Maria, the beloved wife of William Campbell, aged 75 years, leaving a large family and circle of friends ...

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