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September - December 1886

September 3, 1886

        The friends and acquaintances of Mr. A. H. Isaacs are requested to attend the remains of his mother, from his residence, No. 126 Matthews Lane, to the place of interment ....


        The election of a candidate to fill the vacant seat in the Legislative Council for the parishes of St. Thomas in the East and Portland, takes place today, the contestants being R. H. Jackson. Esq., and W. B. Espeut, Esq.

        Mr. John Vincent Leach of Kingston, solicitor, has been appointed Returning Officer for Ward No. 3 at the election to fill the vacancy which has occurred in the said Ward by the resignation of William Arbouin Paine, and Monday the 13th inst. is fixed for the Election.

        The Governor has appointed Henry Eustace Henderson Davis, Esq., to be a Notary Public for the Island of Jamaica, also Mr. Alexander Theophilus Barker to be an Assessor of Damages under Law 46 of 1872, within the district of the Central District Court.

        The Governor has granted leave of absence until the end of September to A. L. Vendryes, Esq., Clerk of Petty Sessions for St. Andrew and Assistant Clerk of the City of Kingston District Court, and has appointed A. E. Burke, Esq., to act as Mr. Vendryes' locum tenens, during such absence.

September 4, 1886


AKIN - At No. 5 Bow Street, in this city, on Tuesday, the 31st ult., the wife of John Graham Akin, of a daughter.

September 8, 1886


FULFORD - WILKINSON - On Thursday the 2nd September, under certificates from the Superintendent Registrars of Trelawny and Kingston, by the Reverend E. A. Stewart, Rector of Trelawny, Mr. E. A. Fulford, of H. M. Customs, at Falmouth, to Eliza Margaret, youngest daughter of the late William and Isabella Wilkinson, of Kingston (deceaseed)

September 11, 1886


MAGNUS - At No. 63 Duke Street, on Wednesday the 8th, the wife of Fred A. Magnus, of a son.



        At Whitney Estate, Clarendon, on the 31st ultimo, Thomas James Brown, eldest son of the late Revd. Thomas James Brown.

        At his residence, No. 1 Bow Street, yesterday, at 11 a.m., Donald M. May, aged 47 years.

September 13, 1886

Passengers Arrived

        In the R. M. C. steamer Medway from Southampton: - Revd. C. T. Husband; two Misses Scott; Miss Desdunes; Mr. J. Manley; Major Knollys; Miss Eglinton; Mr. Alexander Berry; Mr. E. C. Cargill; Mr. Kerr; Mr. Clarke.  
From Jacmel: - Madame and Mlle. Chevallier.

September 15, 1886

        The following passengers were booked to leave Southampton on the 7th proximo in the R. M. C. steamer Nile for this port: - Mr. and Miss Lang; Mr. J. E. Streadwick.


        Mr. Alexander Mortimer Surgeon of Cave Valley, in the Parish of St. Ann, who was recently adjudicated a bankrupt, was examined on Monday last with reference to his affairs.


        As will be seen from our advertising columns, Mr. H. M. Sollas has opened a biscuit factory at the Green House Bakery where all kinds of biscuits are made by the most approved process. We have received samples of these machine-made biscuits and we can say that they are good.

September 17, 1886


        At the Parish Church, Half-way Tree, on Wednesday the 15th inst., by the Right Reverend, the Bishop of Jamaica, assisted by the Revd. H. H. Isaacs, M. A., Rector, Mr. Heber Spence Braham, of "Hope", in the parish of Manchester, to Eloise Maud Rattray, second daughter of Mr. Thomas Hendrick, Registrar of the Supreme Court of Judicature of Jamaica.


        John Pringle, Esq., has been appointed Custos of the parish of St. Mary.

        Mrs. Emily A. Vaughan has been appointed registrar of births and deaths for the Grange Hill District of Westmoreland.

        Mr. H. Lawson having resigned his appointment, Mrs. Rosina Lawson has been appointed Registrar of births and deaths for the district of Green Island in the parish of Hanover.

September 20, 1886


        At Port Henderson, at 10 o'clock last night, Hon. Emanuel G. Levy.  The funeral will take place from his late residence, Spanish Town, at 5 o'clock this evening.
        It is with deep regret that we announce the death at Port Henderson of Hon. E. G. Levy. The sad occurrence took place at about 10 o'clock last night. Mr. Levy had been ill for the past fortnight, but his illness was not of a nature to lead those around him to anticipate an early dissolution. Yesterday however, members of his family were summoned from Kingston to his bedside by the sad intelligence that he was dying. To his disconsolate young widow, his bereaved mother and members of his family, we tender our heartfelt sympathies.

September 21, 1886


        On the 15th inst., at the residence of her brother, No. 22, Harbour Street, by the Revd. Joel Peters, Mary Adeline, fifth daughter of the late Archibald Mitchell, to Francis Charles Cooper of this city.


Death of the Hon. E. G. Levy [extract]

        Hon. E. G. Levy died at Port Henderson at 10 o'clock on Sunday night. The necessarily brief announcement of the sad event. which appeared in yesterday morning's Gleaner, was a source of surprise and regret to his numerous friends and acquaintances in Kingston and surrounding country. Though ailing for some time his death was quite unexpected. About ten days ago he removed to Port Henderson, and on Thursday last, wrote from there to Mr. J. S. Codner the manager of his Kingston office, in the following strain: "The climate here is doing me some good, I think, but I am yet very shakey, and at times suffer much from short breathing. I am afraid it will be some time before I can move about actively. But I hope for the best." He was evidently hopeful then, and could not have been confined to his bed judging from the steady, uniform style in which the letter was written.  Sunday morning however, his intimate friends in Kingston were notified of his approaching death, and as stated he breathed his last at ten o'clock that night.


        Emanuel George Levy was the son of the well-known and much respected Isaac Levy, and was born at the family residence in Spanish Town in 1847. He received his early education in the Collegiate School of Kingston, and was afterwards sent to London where he graduated from the University College when but seventeen years of age. Soon after he returned home and engaged in commercial pursuits with his father, receiving an interest in the business on attaining his majority. For fifteen years or more he served as magistrate and as a member of the Parochial Boards of St. Catherine. In 1882, owing to his father's declining health, he was chosen to discharge the duties of Custos of that Parish over which his father presided for nearly five years; and after his death he acted until a Custos was appointed.
        In 1884 Emanuel G. Levy was taken up as the popular candidate for the Legislative Council and elected by an overwhelming majority. His career as a member of the Old Assembly as well as the New is too well known to need elaboration at our hands. He was a polished, painstaking gentleman, who commanded the respect and admiration of his fellow members and the confidence of his constituents. In private life he was unassuming and public-spirited, always giving of his time and means to further the interests of the Island. Though unostentatious, his well-directed charity relieved many poor people in his Parish, and there are hundreds in St. Catherine who have reason to deplore his untimely death.
        A young wife, and a son three months old, are the immediate sufferers in this sad chapter, and of the other members of the family upon whom the pall of grief and sorrow must press heavily are his fond mother, two brothers and seven sisters.  To these we extend our most sincere sympathy and join our prayer with theirs, that God may grant the soul of the deceased eternal repose.

September 23, 1886


        On the 30th August, at 27 Clifton Road, Brighton, England, the wife of H. D. A. Reid, Esq., C. E., of a daughter.

September 24, 1886


        On the 22nd inst., at No. 85 Duke Street, the wife of John E. Lyons, Esq., of a son.


        Mr. Edward M. Earle has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Parish of Westmoreland.

        Messrs Henry Carvalho and William Gentles have been appointed distributors of tickets in the parish of Trelawny, for affording medical aid at moderate charges to poor persons not on the pauper roll.

        The Revd. J. J. C. Ormsby of the Church of England has been appointed a marriage officer for St. Barnabas Church in the Parish of St. Elizabeth.

        Mr. Alexander L. Da Costa has been appointed a member of the Board of Trustees of Gray's Charity, in the room of the Rev. J. Walker Bates, who has resigned.

        Two months leave of absence has been granted to Mr. J. M. Facey, Clerk of the Eastern District Court. Mr. Alured H. Facey will act as his locum tenens.

September 25, 1886


        At 3 o'clock this morning at 9 Laws Street, Robert B. Pendergast, of H. M. Customs. Age 28 years.

        Last night at 9 o'clock at his residence, No. 7 Windward Road, William Martin.

        Last night at 7:30 p.m. at 81 Orange Street, John William Mitchel, late Treasurer of the Catholic Benevolent Society.

September 27, 1886

Passengers Arrived

        In the R. M. C.  Steamer Don from Southampton: - Mr. D. Campbell; Hon. M. Solomon; Miss Carvalho; Mr. R. Gillard; Miss Gillard; Revd. S. Sutton and Mrs. Sutton; Mr. A. Warmington, wife and 2 children; Miss Elizabeth Brough; Mr. Turton; Mrs Curran's nurse.
From St. Vincent: - Miss J. Harrison.
From Barbados: - Private Jackson, wife and child; Private J. Haynes; Private T. Henry.



        Yesterday morning, at 6 o'clock at his residence, 11 John's Lane, Robert McKearan.



STINES - DEPASS - On the 20th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Revd. J. Cochrane (marriage officer) Barnet Stines, jnr., eldest son of Barnet Stines, to Imogene DePass, second daughter of Henry James DePass, both of this city.

September 29, 1886


        On the 29th of August, at 7 Edinburgh Terrace, Kensington, the wife of Sir Adam G. Ellis, Chief Justice of Jamaica, of a daughter.



DEPASS - ISAACS - On Wednesday 22nd inst., by the Revd James Cochrane (marriage officer), Isidore Orlando DePass, eldest son of Henry James DePass of this city, to Ada Louise, eldest daughter of the late William Nott Isaacs of St. Ann.

September 30, 1886


        At his residence No. 31 Duke Street, Charles Stiner.

October, 5 1886


        At his residence, Pleasant View, St. Andrew, on the 28th September, 1886, aged 78 years, Thomas Earl, a native of Westmoreland, England, leaving four children to lament their loss.

October 6, 1886


        At the Parish Church, Half-way Tree, on the 29th instant, by the Revd. H. H. Isaacs, assisted by the Revd. G. W. Downer, Rector of Kingston, Henry Montague Chevallier, eldest son of Henry Chevallier Cobbold, Esq., Solicitor, Chancery Lane, London, to Charlotte Maude Ashby, eldest daughter of B. Watson Davies, M. D., of this city.



        At Toronto, Ontario, on Sunday, 12th Sept., of typhoid fever, Lizzie, the wife of William Davidson, formerly of this city, aged 27 years.

        We offer our sincere condolence to the Rev. H. Walder on the death of his respected father, who died on the 1st instant at the good old aged of 81 years.

October 8, 1886

Passengers Arrived

        In the Atlas steamer Alene from New York: - Mr. Peck; Mrs. Kennedy and daughter; Mrs. Spielman; Master Spielman; Miss Harris; Revd. Sc. C. Smyth; Mr. F. Conklin; Mr. F. M. Chevannes.  
From Long Cay: - Mrs. W. R. Brown, children and servant; Miss P. Brown; Mr. D. A. Nairn; Miss Blanche Nairn; Mr. A. Nairn.


The City Council [extract]

        A special meeting of the City Council was held at half-past three o'clock yesterday evening for the purpose of considering the circular received from the Board of Supervision, there being present, His Worship the Mayor (Dr. James Scott) and Councilmen S. H. Watson, Thomas Harry, C. T. Burton, James Gall, Simon Soutar, Charles Binney, John Cassis and C. P. Lazarus.


        Richard Gillard, Esq., has returned from leave of absence and resumed his duties as Collector-General on the 1st instant.

        The Revd. C. B. Berry, of the Baptist Missionary Society, has been appointed a Marriage Officer for the Church at Union Hill in the Parish of St. Mary.

        Mr. H. J. Burger has been appointed a member of the Pilotage and Harbour Board of No. 4 District in the room of Mr. John Passmore, deceased.

        Mr. J. G. Chisholm, Assistant Collector of Taxes for St. James has been appointed to act as Collector of Taxes for that parish during the leave of absence granted to Mr. J. W. Gruber for one month.

        At the nomination of a candidate, required to fill the vacancy in No. 4 Ward, occasioned through the resignation of Mr. George Levy, to be held at the Town Hall at one o'clock today, it is said that the nomination of Mr. F. B. Lyons will be unopposed.
        The following promotions have been made in the Customs Department, consequent on the death of Mr. R. B. Prendergast: - Mr. H. Cork, sixth landing waiter, to be fifth landing waiter; Mr. B. de S. Bell, seventh landing waiter, to be sixth landing waiter; Mr. J. J. Orgill, eight landing waiter, to be seventh landing waiter; Mr. G. A. Burke to be junior landing waiter.

October 12, 1886


        Yesterday at No. 7 Foster Lane, Jestina, the beloved wife of Thomas Lowe. Aged 27 years.

October 13, 1886

        George S. Banham, Esq., has, we are pleased to state, received the appointment of official stenographer to the Legislative Council. Mr. Banham is a good reporter, and we have no doubt that his work will prove highly satisfactory.

October 14, 1886


        On the 13th instant, at Quebec Lodge, St. Andrew, the wife of Valentine G. Bell, Esq., of a son.


        Yesterday evening at No. 175 Princess St., after a short illness, Irene Beatrice, the only and beloved child of Alfred and Alice Thomas.

October 15, 1886

        Miss Margaret Blychenden has been appointed to be a vendor of Revenue and Postage Stamps at the Government printing and stationery establishment in Duke Street.

        Mr. Simon Cridland has been appointed a distributor of tickets for the Parish of Westmoreland under the system of affording medical aid at moderate charges to poor persons not on the pauper roll.

        The Rev. W. J. Dewdney of the Church of England has been appointed a Marriage Officer for following places of worship: - The Cathedral, Spanish Town; St. John's, Highgate; St. John's Old Parish Church, and St. George's, Somerset Hall, in the Parish of St. Catherine.

October 18, 1886


        On the 9th inst., after a severe illness of four days from typhoid fever, Farington John, the beloved son of Joseph A. Ashley.  Aged three years.

        Last night at his residence, Chelsea Pen, Windward Road, George W. Clarke.

October 20, 1886


        At his residence, Spanish Town, at 7 o'clock this morning (Tuesday), S. K. Magnus, aged 57 years.  The funeral will take place at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.

        Mr. S. K. Magnus, a Justice of the Peace for Spanish Town, and a gentleman who is well known in this city, died at that place yesterday morning.

        Mr. R. A. Mowatt, who was an outdoor officer and acting Landing Waiter at the Customs Department in this city, died recently at Sav-la-Mar, while discharging the duties of a Landing Waiter, to which he had been appointed some years ago.

October 22, 1886

        Arthur Cecil James, and Isaac Rowland, Esqrs., have been appointed Trustees of the Vere Free Schools.

        Commodore Henry Hand, R. N., Senior Naval Officer at Port Royal, and Alexander Berry, Esq., have been appointed Justices of the Peace for the Parish of Kingston.

October 23, 1886


        At Trenton, New Jersey, U. S. A., on Tuesday the 5th inst., by the Revd L. B. Hartman, D. D., Hansford Elliott Lindsay, of Putnam, Connecticut, to Florence Serena, youngest daughter of John Murray, of Kingston.

October 26, 1886


        On the morning of the 24th inst., at 61 Laws Street (of small-pox) Marie Annie Isabel, eldest daughter of George and Angelina Dadd, aged 11 years.

October 27, 1886

        We regret to announce the death of Robert Kirkland, Esq., at four o'clock yesterday morning at his residence at Fairfield, in St. Thomas-ye-East.  The deceased was well known in this city and was very much respected.  The shipping in harbour, as soon as the news of his demise became known, displayed their flags at half-mast the entire day out of respect for the deceased gentleman.

October 28, 1886

A CHURCH WEDDING - On Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock Mr. Ferdinand D. Lightcap, of this city, was married to Miss Sarah R. Wilson, who came from Kingston, on the island of Jamaica, about a year ago, and has since been living with Mrs. Catherine Huffort, at No. 286 North Third Street. The ceremony was performed in Christ Reformed Church, second street, above Hamilton, Rev. M. H. Diefenderfer, the pastor, being the officiating clergyman. The groomsmen were Messrs. J. H. Wagner and George Wagner; Miss Susan Wilson of New York, a sister of the bride, and Miss Ella Binder, of this city, were the bridesmaids.  The bride wore a white cashmere dress trimmed with lace and flowers.  After the ceremony a reception was given at the residence of Mrs. Huffort.  The bride was the recipient of a large number of presents.



        On 22nd October, at Erdiston, Barbados, Sarah, beloved wife of Capt. R. H. Macaulay, Supt. R. M. S. P. Co., and eldest daughter of the late Richard Munds of Kingston.

October 29, 1886

Golden Grove, 29th Oct. 1886


        At his residence, Fairfield, on the morning of the 26th inst., Robert Kirkland, Esq., in the 66th year of his age, leaving a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn their irreparable loss.


        Mr. W. H. Chamberlain has been appointed Registrar of births and deaths for the Retirement district of St. Elizabeth, in the room of Mr. Isaac H. Little, who has resigned.

        Messrs. F. B. Webster and James Walsh have been appointed Assessors of damage within the Districts of the Eastern and Central District Courts respectively.

        Thomas Oughton, Esq., has been reappointed to act as Judge of the Southern District Court from the 1st proximo, in place of Henry J. Bicknell, Esq., who temporarily held that acting appointment.

November 2, 1886


        At his residence on the Cross Roads, yesterday evening at 3 o'clock, Philip Farmer. The funeral will move for the place of interment at 4:30 o'clock this evening.

        We regret to learn of the death from malarial fever on Saturday last of Mr. Thomas Girvan. He was well-known in this city as a landed proprietor and Engineer of St. Thomas-ye-East.

November 3, 1886


MCCAW - On the 31st October, 1886, at Heathfield Penn, Linstead, Edward McCaw, aged 86 years.

November 4, 1886


        At Spanish Town, on the 1st November, "Dorcas", the beloved wife of William Charley.


        The Atlas Company' steamer Athos, Captain Low, which left New York on Wednesday last for this port, arrived here early yesterday morning ... she brought the following passengers: - Mrs. W. P. Forwood; Miss Forwood; Mr. W. H. Miller; Mr. Woolsiscroft; Mr. Clifford C. Henriques; Mr. G. Boettcher; Mrs. Boettcher and child; Miss Paterson; Mrs. Craig, infant and child; Mr. Hudson; Mrs. Hudson; Dr. T. D. Spencer; Mrs. Spencer; Mrs. King; Mrs. Bates; Mrs. E. B. Wolfe; Rev. H. P. Thomas; Mr. E. R. Bowling; Mrs Piexotto, and 10 in transit.

November 5, 1886


        In New York on the 26th ultimo, of Diphtheria, in the 14th year of her age, Marion, eldest daughter of the late B. Mortimer Dias and grand-daughter of Mr. B. H. Dias of this city.

        At Worcester Lodge, St. Catherine, the residence of her uncle, William Collman, Esq., on Monday 1st November, 1886, Ella Eleanor, youngest daughter of the late Henry Garland Murray, in her 21st year, deeply regretted by her relatives and friends.

November 6, 1886

        Applications for letters of Administration on the estate of the late Hon. Emanuel George Levy has been made by Mrs. Mary Agnes Levy of Spanish Town, the widow of the deceased gentleman, whose personalty amounts to £5000.


        At a meeting of the Court of Bankruptcy, to be held at eleven o'clock on Tuesday morning, Mr. Henry James DePass, who had been adjudicated a bankrupt on the 6th August last, will apply for an order of discharge.

November 9, 1886

        The friends and acquaintances of the late John Skinner are respectfully invited to attend the remains of his relict, Cecilia Skinner, from his residence No. 10 Charlotte Street, at 4 p.m.

November 10, 1886


        In this city at Bismarck Cottage, Manchester Square (the residence of Moses Levy, Esq.), on the night of the 25th ultimo, the wife of Isaac Sasso, Esq., Panama, of a son.



PATTERSON - PASMORE - At St. George's Church, on the 4th inst., by the Revd. H. H. Kilburn, assisted by the Revd. Lewis, George Louis, son of Henry Frederick Patterson, Esq., of Kingston, Jamaica, to Edith Elizabeth Gerrard, daughter of James Pasmore, Jr., Esq., of Brown's Town, St. Ann's, Jamaica.



        On the 2nd inst. after a few days illness, at his residence in this city, Joseph Augustus Black, P. N. F. of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows and a distinguished patron and member of the Kingston Choral Union.


        Belgrave Innis, Esq., M. D., has been appointed Inspector General of Hospitals at Port Royal in the room of Dr. John Breakey.


        Among the passengers who arrived here on Sunday is Mr. Crouch, a celebrated Continental cutter, who has been engaged by the firm of Messrs. Recuero and Co., for their outfitting establishment which has just been opened at the corner of Temple Lane and Harbour Street.

November 11, 1886

        The Queen has been pleased to appoint Charles Henry Roberts, Esq., barrister-at-law, to be a Judge of the Supreme Court of Turks Island.

November 12, 1886


        At 2:30 p.m. yesterday, Joshua M. Morais.  The funeral will leave his late residence No. 235 Tower Street, at 4 o'clock this afternoon.


        The following ministers of religion have been appointed Marriage Officers: - Rev. A. S. Roberts, Church of England, Lluidas Vale, Point Hill, in the parish of St. Catherine; Rev. John H. H. Graham, Church of England, Port Maria, in the parish of St. Mary; Rev. Edward Clarke, Church of England, St. George's Church, Craig Head, and Comfort Hall, in the parish of Manchester.

November 15, 1886


        At Trevannion Lodge, St. Andrews, on the 13th inst., the wife of A. M. Nathan, of a son.


        Last night at nine o'clock, at the London Tavern, Duke Street, Joseph Rodriquez DaCosta, Snr., aged 54.  Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend the funeral at 4:30 this evening without further notice.


        "Flamstead", "Mount Elizabeth" and "Trafalgar" the property of Major Thorne, were put up to auction in London on the 7th October and knocked down to Mr. T. M. Martin, of the firm of Martin & Spicer.


        At ten minutes to nine last night, Mr. Joseph DaCosta, better known as "Uncle Joe", for many years a wharfinger or clerk of Mr. Lionel McCormack, and a man well known in this community, died at the London Tavern.  The deceased was very much admired for his intelligence, and was respected by all who knew and came in contact with him. His many friends, no doubt, will be grieved to hear of his death, and we have no doubt that "Uncle Joe's" funeral, which will take place this evening, will be very largely attended.


        The Atlas Coastal steamer Arden, Captain Morris, arrived here yesterday evening from the outports, bringing 500 packages of merchandise in transit for New York, and 100 for this port.  She brought the following passengers: - From Port Antonio - Mr. F. R. Kennedy; Mr. Wigham; Mrs. Wigham; Mrs. Wortly; Miss Brown, and Miss Barber.
From Port Morant: - Mrs. Foote and child; Miss Foote, and Mr. S. Noah.
From Morant Bay: - Miss Hamlet and child.  The Arden experienced very severe weather on the coast which disabled her machinery, hence the cause of her detention. She leaves here at 7 o'clock on Thursday morning for the outports on the Eastward route.

November 17, 1886


        At the residence of Mr. Alexander Berry, 90 Duke Street, Matilda Linton, sister of Mrs. Berry, and the Rev. G. C. Linton.

November 19, 1886


MERCIER - CLARKE - At St. James' Church, Annotto Bay, on the 9th inst., by the Rev. W. T. Graham, B. A., Rector of Highgate, the Rev. Frederick M. H. Mercier, B. A., Rector of Annotto Bay, to Catherine, youngest daughter of Thomas Clarke, Esq., M. D., of Belfield Penn, St. Mary.


        Upon the nomination of the subscribers to the Kingston Sailors' Home, the Governor has appointed George Stiebel and William Schiller, Esquires, the Honorable William Malabre and Capt. W. P. Forwood, to be members of the Board of Directors of the Kingston Sailors' Home, for the current financial year.

November 20, 1886


        At 102 Duke Street, on the 16th inst., the wife of Solomon Morais of a son.

November 22, 1886


        At 119 Duke Street, on the 19th inst., the wife of M. M.  Alexander of a son.


        Mr. J. E. Jelleret, a native of Barbados, and a third class Out-door Officer of H. M. Customs, in this city, died of Small-pox on Saturday morning and was buried a few hours after.


        The following passengers were booked to leave Southampton on the 18th inst., in the R. M. C. steamer Don for this island: - Mr. C. J. Ward, wife, three children and nurse.
In the Orinoco or Para on the 2nd December: - Miss Pearson; Mrs. McNeil; Mr. Crosbie; Miss Harvey; Mr. C. Alexander; Misses Alexander (3); Mrs. L. M. Martin; Mrs. R. Lee and Miss Lee.


        The boy Stephen Johnson, who was brought before the Assistant Police Magistrate on Saturday, charged with larceny of salt beef, the property of the Atlas Company, but who was discharged, because the officers of the steamer Alvena had not the time to prosecute him, was arrested yesterday by the Water Police on suspicion of larceny of pork from the Telegraph steamer Grappler. Another man was also arrested in connection with the stolen meat. Both of them will be brought before the Police Magistrate this morning.


        The R. M. C. Steamer Medway, Captain Chapman, with the mails and passengers of the 4th inst., from Southampton, arrived here yesterday morning. The following are her passengers - From Southampton - Deputy Inspector General B. Ninnis, M. D., Orderly Sergeant O. Eisner, Dr. Strachan, Miss Morris, Rev. J. D. Ellis, Mr. P. H. Bather, Mr and Mrs. McClaverty, Mr. J. S. Marchalleck, Mr. A. Riley, Mr. J. Hutchinson, Miss R. Isaacs, Mr. J. T. Cargill, Mr. P. McClaverty, Mr. P. Abbott, wife, nurse and four children, Mr. T. W. Halliday.  
From Demerara - Mrs. J. P. Watt.  
From Barbados - Mr. A. Blair, Rev. J. W. Gedge, Mr. Lynch and one decker, and 78 in transit or which number 52 are for Colon, 20 for Port Limon, and 6 for Callao. The Medway brought 2,700 packages of merchandise for this port and 609 for the outports. She leaves here this evening or tomorrow morning for Colon and Port Limon.

November 24, 1886


        Joseph Olivier No. 1 Maiden Lane and Water Lane - aged 64 years.

November 25, 1886


        At No. 91 Tower Street, on the 23rd inst., Lilian Maude Skipton, aged 19 years.


        R. Recuero & Co., have opened a large and elegantly stocked outfitting establishment at 117 Harbour Street.


        Today at No. 12 French Street, Spanish Town, Messrs. Stines & Magnus will sell at auction the household effects of the late Septimus King Magnus.  The sale commences at 10 o'clock.

November 26, 1886


        On Monday, 2nd inst., at the Wesleyan Mission House, Croydon Lodge, Spanish Town, the wife of the Revd. J. A. McIntosh of a son.


        Under the first Section of Law 32 of 1868, Dr. G. F. DaCosta has been appointed a Vaccinator for the Parish of Kingston until further notice.

        Mr. W. H. Bryan has been appointed Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Brandon Hill District of St. Andrew in the room of Mr. W. W. Dennis, who has resigned.

November 30, 1886


        On Saturday 27th inst., at No. 1 D Kingston Gardens, the wife of F. S. Church, Esq., of a daughter.

December 1, 1886


        After a long and painful illness (Paralysis) Henry Morris, aged 61 years.  Friends are invited to follow his remains from the residence of Mr. Herbert A. Cunha, No. 77 Duke Street, to Coke Chapel, and thence to Ebenezer Cemetery at 5 o'clock this evening.

        In the Small-pox Hospital yesterday morning, Robert Suthertoo of Falmouth.

        Mr. Henry Morris, who was for a number of years engaged in the fruit business in this city, died at his residence in Duke Street yesterday.

December 2, 1886


        At 42 Duke Street, of Malignant Small-pox, December 1st, at the residence of his mother, Mrs. Judith Hart, William Altamont, aged 28, third son of the late Andrew Alexander Hart.

December 4, 1886


On Friday the 3rd inst.., at Calabar College, the wife of Revd. J. Balfour, M. A., of a daughter.


        We beg to direct the attention of our readers to the advertisement of Mr. M. Abisdid, repairer of sewing machines, who has opened his place of business at No. 36 East Queen Street, and who solicits the patronage of his friends and the public.  We trust Mr. Abisdid will receive the support which he so richly deserves.


        An accident occurred at the Race Course at about half past six o'clock yesterday morning, which nearly proved fatal. Mr. Charles DePass, Proprietor of a tavern called the "Criterion", was riding his horse around the track, when the animal fell, on the south part of the Course and DePass was thrown on his face. When he was lifted up he had a cut on his forehead. He was speechless and continued so until the afternoon. Blood oozed freely from his mouth and nostrils, and he was immediately removed to the Hospital by a couple of constables, but subsequently taken to his residence at the request of his family. Dr. Saunders is attending him.

December 14, 1886


        In this city at midnight, on Saturday the 11th inst., at the residence of Mrs. A. Lyon, No. 151 Upper King Street, Maryann, the beloved wife of A. J. Lindo, Esq., of Friendship, St. Mary, aged 52 years, leaving a disconsolate husband, seven sons, two daughters and a large family to mourn their irreparable loss.

        On the afternoon of Saturday 11th December inst., at Elm Tree Cottage, St. Andrew, deeply regretted, Isabella, wife of the Honble. H. J. Kemble.

        We regret to learn of the death on Saturday of Mrs. Isabella Kemble, the beloved wife of our esteemed and respected Custos.

December 16, 1886


        Yesterday at 85 Barry Street, at 10 a.m., Emily Jane Sequeira.  Friends and acquaintances of her brother, Mr. A. M. Sequeira, are requested to accept this intimation.

December 17, 1886


        At Haughton Grove in the Parish of Hanover, on Sunday the 12th December, the wife of A. Watson Taylor, Esq., of a son.

        At St. Ann's Bay, on Friday the 10th December, the wife of James O'Meally, Solicitor, of another son.


        Dr. W. J. Calder has been appointed to be a Vaccinator for the Parish of St. Elizabeth under the 1st Section of Law 32 of 1868.

        The Rev. William P. Sibley, of the Baptist denomination, has been appointed a marriage officer for the places of worship called Worsop, and Litchfield in the Parish of Trelawny.

        Mr. Aubrey G. Facey has been appointed a member of the Pilotage and Harbour Board of the No. 3 District, in the room of Mr. J. Gordon Chisholm.

        Mr. S. S. Wortley, overseer of Works at the General Penitentiary, has been appointed an Assessor under section 3 of Law 25 of 1886, in the room of Mr. Renwick who has vacated the office on account of his removal to St. James.

        Inspector A. A. H. Wedderburn has been appointed to the command of the Kingston Division of Constabulary during the absence on leave of Inspector Tivy.

        Consequent on leave of absence having been given to Mr. H. J. Burger, Collector of Taxes for Trelawny, Mr. T. J. Breakspear, Assistant Collector, has been appointed to act as Collector and Mr. H. M. Rowe, Clerk of the Parochial Boards is to act as Assistant Collector.

December 21, 1886


        In Spanish Town, at his residence, King Street, on Thursday 16th inst., Daniel Cohen Henriques, aged 61, leaving a sorrowing wife, family and a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn their sad bereavement.

        At her residence, No. 98 Orange Street, at 3:30 this morning, Miriam, relict of the late Jacob Mendes Pereira in her 87th year.

December 27, 1886


        At No. 16 East Street, the residence of her father, William McCormack, Rosalin, the wife of Charles T. Valencia.

December 30, 1886


        On the 29th inst., at 6 p.m., at No. 150 East Street (residence of F. B. Lyons, Esq.), Honble, George L. Phillips, in the 78th year of his age.

December 31, 1886


GIDEON - At Port Antonio, Portland, on the morning of 28th inst., the wife of D. S. Gideon of a son.


Death of George L. Phillips, Esq.

        It is our painful duty to record the death of Mr. George L. Phillips of Montego Bay, at his residence in East Street, on Wednesday evening last.
        The deceased gentleman was very highly esteemed and respected .by a large circle of friends throughout the entire island, and the news of his demise will be received with grief by very many outside his own family circle.  Mr. Phillips has held a prominent position in Jamaica society both socially and commercially - for over forty years, and his political record dates back half-a-century. He held the responsible office of Custos of the parish of St. James, was a member of the old House of Assembly, and of the Executive Committee of that House, and was an M. M. of 40 years' standing.
        At the age of 76 years, the deceased gentleman has passed to the Silent Land, surrounded in his last moments with all
        "That should accompany old age
        "As honour, love, obedience, troops of friends"
        To his bereaved family and immediate friends we offer the assurance of our respectful sympathy in their time of sorrow.

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