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February 2 to 28, 1872

February 2, 1872


On Wednesday, the 24th January, at the Parish Church, Lucea, by the Revd. A. J. Davison, assisted by the Revd. Henry Clarke, Samuel Halton Morris, Esq., of Blue Castle, Westmoreland, to Alice, third daughter of Lewis Lee, Esq.



The new Catholic Church at Spanish Town will be solemnly blessed and opened on Wednesday, February 7th. The service which will be followed immediately by Grand High Mass, with a sermon, will begin at 10:30 precisely, The collection of the offertory will be devoted to the expenses of the Church, still unpaid. The train leaving Kingston, at 9, reaches Spanish Town, at 10.


A Meeting of the Trustees of Wolmer's School was held at the School House at 11 o'clock yesterday. There were present the honorable H. J. Kemble in the chair, Henry Hutchings, R. J. C. Hitchins, C. A. Robinson, and John Parry, Esquires. The bond for two hundred and fifty pounds to be entered into by the Clerk to the Trust was presented and approved of. A letter was read from Mr. Edward Pinnock, resigning the office of Fourth Master of the Institution. There were eight applicants for the vacancy -- James B. Millington, S. Powell Thomson, William Carey, Robert W. Maxwell, William Murray, W. P. Lawrence, George Ashly, and William Allen. The Head Master reported upon the merits of each of the candidates. Of George Ashly, he said he was well qualified to teach, having been a former monitor of the School, but was too young to take charge of a responsible place in the School. Mr. Thomson, he said, was deficient in some respects, but this he attributed not exactly to lack of knowledge, but rather to his being "rusty", but he considered that in the course of three months by devoting some attention to the duties required to be performed, Mr. Thomson would do well for the office. Upon this condition he would recommend him to election. The Trustees adopted the recommendation, and elected Mr. Thomson accordingly for three months, at the end of which time the Head Master would make his report. A letter was read from Miss Lecesne, the Head Mistress of the Girls' School, recommending Miss Smith and Miss Mullett to an increase of salary, the former having been 17 years and the latter 15 years in the Institution. A conversation ensued upon the state of the funds. The income was £1,267 and the expenditure £1,166 per annum, and there was in the Savings Bank £566 11s 4d. at interest to form a fund for repairs. This latter sum accrued from periodical savings. Mr. Parry observed that he had been requested to prepare an estimate of the repairs required to the premises and would do so shortly. The recommendation of Miss Lecesne was referred to a committee of Messrs. Hutchings, Parry and Robinson, at the same time to take into consideration the state of the funds and the nature of the repairs required. Applications for admission to the School were then taken up. There were 153 applicants, but there were vacancies for only 36 boys and 35 girls. Among the applicants were 17 Cubans. The custom was to elect the legitimate children of Kingstonians first, next the illegitimate, and then if any vacancy remained strangers in the parish were elected. A large number of the applicants did not necessarily succeed, and after the vacancies were filled up the Trustees adjourned.

February 3, 1872

Sitting Magistrates for the Week

Kingston - J. K. Fingzies, J. J. Hart, Phineas Bravo, Esqs.

Port Royal - George Henderson, Altamont DeCordova, W. G. Astwood, Esqs.


The Friends and Acquaintances of Mr. Thomas H. Heron are requested to attend the remains of his Sister, Susan Heron, from his residence No. 96 East Street, to the place of Interment tomorrow evening at 5 o'clock.


Mr. Thomas Alexander has been appointed a Sub Inspector in the Constabulary Force in this island.

John Myers Cooper, Esq., has been appointed a Parochial road Commissioner for St. Elizabeth.

Jacob Lyon and Francis Dod, Esqrs., have been appointed Churchwardens for the parish of Hanover.

February 6, 1872

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer, Tagus from Southampton: -- Hon. Mr. and Mrs. Melville, and 2 daughters; Mr. R. Rogers; Mr. Webster; Mr. and Mrs. Scharschmidt, 2 children and nurse; Miss Lena Cox; Miss Cook; Mr. Black; Mrs. Chapman, 3 children and nurse.

February 7, 1872

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Thomas H. Heron are respectfully invited to attend his Remains from his residence, No. 96 East Street, to the place of interment, at half past five o'clock this evening.


In the Supreme Court, yesterday, Mr. Lindo moved that Mr. Philip [i.e. Paul] Emile Vendryes be admitted as a Solicitor at Law. Mr. Justice Ker undertook to conduct the examination of the Candidate.


The Store of Mr. S. Hershfeld, in Harbour Street, was broken open yesterday morning between the hours of two and three o'clock, and several articles of jewellery robbed. The constable who was on beat saw a light reflected through a crevice of the front door, when he immediately apprised Mr. Hershfeld who resides in Rae Town, leaving another constable outside; but as soon as the keys were available, the thief had already escaped. A watch, the property of Mr. Hershfeld was found in the neighbourhood.


A plant of Tobacco from Bellevue Plantation, the property of C. J. Ward, Esq., was left for exhibition at the Commercial Exchange yesterday. It will be admitted to be an exceedingly fine specimen, and is valuable in showing that, under proper management our island is capable of doing a great deal in the production of the Weed. Cubans well acquainted with the mode of cultivation in their own country have considered this one of the best samples of the plant they have seen here, not alone for the strength of the stock and size of the leaf, but also for the fineness and elasticity of the quality.

February 8, 1872


In this City on the 2nd, the wife of Eustace Franklin, Esq., of a daughter.

February 10, 1872

Mr. Paul Emile Vendryes, from the office of Mr. Henry Vendryes, having passed a successful examination, has been certified by His Honor Judge Ker as qualified to take the oaths, and be enrolled as an Attorney of the Supreme Court.

February 12, 1872


At Orange Hill Estate, St. Mary, on Sunday morning, the 28th ult., Miss Jane Heslop, the sixth daughter of the late William Heslop, Esq., of Pimento Hill (aged 56 years).


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

C. Campbell, Esq., M. D.; Andrew Dunn, Esq., M. D.

Hebrew Benevolent Society

Visiting Committee for the month of February

D. H. Quallo, E. Sanguinetti, & Edmund Levy, Esqrs.


Sitting Magistrates for the Week

Kingston -- Simon Soutar, William Berry, and J. P. Ferron, Esqrs.

Port Royal -- Joseph Francis, Henry Delgado, William Malabre, Esqrs.

February 16, 1872


My Son, Mr. Walter Simon Magnus having objected to the arrangement made for the Transfer of my Business, as per Advertisement of the 1st January last, the same becomes void. The Business will be continued by the undersigned to whom all Letters are to be addressed No. 49 Port Royal Street.




Late of the City of Kingston, Intestate, Deceased

All Persons having Claims on the Estate of the above named Intestate, are requested to send them duly authenticated under cover to Mr. Nathan, the Solicitor of the Estate, at 11 Port Royal Street, in order that the assets realized may be apportioned and paid to the several creditors.

ANNA MARIA SOARES, Administratrix

February 17, 1872

At the Ordination to take place tomorrow at the Parish Church, St. Andrew, the Revd. Henry H. Kilburn, of Manchester, and the Revd. John E. Woodrow of St. Christopher's, St. Andrew, will be admitted to the Priesthood. The Ordination Sermon, we learn, will be preached by the Venerable Archdeacon Campbell.

February 19, 1872


Parties having any claim against the Undersigned are requested to send in same to the Mr. Simon Magnus for payment up to Monday evening, three o'clock. No claim will be entertained after that time.



Sitting Magistrates for the Week

Kingston -- Joseph Stines, Richard Hitchins, Aaron Salom, Esqrs.

Port Royal -- Joseph Francis, Henry Delgado, William Malabre, Esqrs.


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Revd. W. E. Pearce, B. A.; Daniel Finzi, Esq..



At his residence, Sheffield, Westmoreland, on Monday, 12th February, in his 76th year, John Potter Innis, Esq., leaving a wife and family ....

February 20, 1872


At St. Dorothy's Church, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. S. H. Cooke, Rector of St. Thomas, the father of the bridegroom, Dutton Turner Cooke, to Rosabelle Farrier, second daughter of the late Joseph Farrier, Esq., of H. M. Customs


Belmont Sugar Estate, in the parish of St. John, the property of W. N. Farquharson, Esq., was sold privately yesterday, to Senr. José Govin for the sum of £5150 cash. The sale was negotiated by Mr. Joseph Stines, Licenced Auctioneer, of this City.

February 21, 1872

In the R. M. C. Steamer Elbe, from Southampton: -- Lieut. Rooke, R. N.; Mr. C. H. Gordon; Mr. and Mrs. Klatte; Mr. J. T. Williams; Mrs. Ormond, 2 children and servant; Mr. W. Armor; Mr. Chas. Solomon; Mr. Bloomfield; Mr. Harvey; Revd. Mr. Lambert; Mr. S. Graham; Revd. Mr. Garner; Mr. Prendergast, D. I. G. of Hospitals; Mr. Brown; Mr. Grant; Mr. Wignam; Mr. Meyer; Mr. Grunez and wife; Dr. Ogilvie; Mr. Kent; Mr. Maximillian; Mr. Croft; Mr. and Mrs. Tuckett; Mr. A. Tuckett; Mr. Sulvain; Mr. Theoband; Mr. Athias; Mr. Risanther; Mr. Lores; Mr. Scott.

February 23, 1872


At his Residence, Spanish town, on the 17th inst., Mr. Michael Lawton, late Superintendent of the Middlesex and Surry Gaol, at the age of 56 years. He was a native of London, but was a resident of the Island for nearly 40 years, deeply lamented by an affectionate wife, daughter, sons, and many surviving relatives and friends.


At Russell Hall, in St. Mary, on Tuesday evening, the 20th February 1872, the beloved wife of William L. Smith, Esq., aged 28 years and two months, leaving an infant and four children, and a large circle of friends to mourn their irreparable loss.


Government Appointments

The Hon. James Mitchell Gibb to be a member of the Legislative Council.

D. P. Ross, Esq., M. D., to act as Superintending Medical Officer of the Island, during the absence on leave of Dr. Steventon.

J. C. McDonald, Esq., M. D. to act as Assistant Chief Medical Officer of the Public Hospital.

Dr. Ross to be a Member of the Quarantine Board.

February 24, 1872

Passengers Arrived

Mr. A. S. Lazarus; Mr. M. Delgado; Mr. Alvaro Suraco; Mrs. Landt; Mr. W. S. Verplank; Mr. Isaac Knerels; Mr. J. M. Munoz and wife; Miss H. Thierich.



In the parish of St. Catherine on Sunday, the 18th day of February, Alexander Maclean, in the 42nd year of his age.

February 26, 1872


On the 25th January, at Buena Vista, Gibraltar, the wife of Lieut. J. Brenton Carey ...(late 3rd W. I. Regiment), of a daughter.


On the 22nd February, at the Parish Church, Chapelton, by the Rev. Geo. W. Downer, Incumbent, of St. Gabriel's, James Alfred, third surviving son of the late James Marshall, of this city, to Emily, only daughter of Edward Ewbank, Esq., of Mullet Hall, Clarendon.


The Friends and Acquaintances of the late Charles Sigismund Morin are requested to attend his remains from his Mother's residence, No. 24 High Holborn Street, this afternoon on to the place of Interment, at half past 4 o'clock.

February 27, 1872


FARMER - February 24th, at Pleasant Valley, St. Andrew, the wife of Leopold Farmer of a Son.

February 28, 1872


At Berry Hill, St. Ann, the wife of R. W. Arscott of a son.


In this City, on Sunday the 25th inst., Alfred Taylor, youngest son of Mr. John Sturgeon, aged 15 months.


In this city, on the 21st February 1872, after a long suffering which he bore with Christian fortitude, Mr. Frederick Ward, in the 80th year of his age, leaving a son and two daughters to mourn their loss.

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