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January 1867
January 12, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the Spanish steamer Montezuma from Colon:

- Mr. Joseph Mendes

- Mr. Melhado

January 14, 1867


At Port Antonio, on Wednesday 9th instant, Henry Westmoreland, only child of Mr. Thomas Henry Bunting, aged 1 year and 9 months.

January 17, 1867


In this City on the 9th instant, at the Roman Catholic Church, by the Revd. Joseph Dupont, assisted by the Revd. Bertolio, Mr. Norman Purcell, second son the late E. W. Purcell, Esq., to Emmeline Lucretia, daughter of Matthew F. Mattos, Esq. of H. M. C.

January 18, 1867


On the morning of the 15th instant, Mary Eleanor, the beloved wife of Adolphe Duperly, aged 20 years.

January 24, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the Steamer Saint Thomas, from Liverpool: --

- Capt. Hewell and Lady

- Lieut. Savage and Lady

- Mr. B. Jones

- Madame Tobey and Sister

- Madame Arcleine

- Madame Constarbeu

- Martha Roberts

In the Steamer Caravelle from St. Jago: --

- Mr. Smith, from Cape Hayti

- Miss St. Domingo, from S. Jago


Passengers Sailed

In the Royal Mail Company's Steamer Seine, for Southampton: --

- Dr. Alexander Fiddes

- Mr. S. H. Lewis

- Captain Humpey

- Lieut. Brand, R. N.

- Dr. Dunovan

- Dr. Stannagan, and Servant

For Antigua:

- Bishop Westerby (Moravian)

For St. Kitts:

- Mr. And Mrs. Burt

In the French Steamer Caravelle, Bourratt, for St. Jago-de-Cuba: --

- The Count D'Anglars

- Madame Petipas

In the "Anglo-Indian" from Port Morant for London: --

- Mr. Robinson of St. Ann's

In the Jane Lamb from St. Ann's Bay for London: --

- Mr. H. Hemmington, late H. M. C.

In the Steamer American for Liverpool: --

- Mr. W. Smith

- Mr. Geo. Chestide

For Port-au-Prince:

- 2 Misses Prado and Servant

- Mr. St. Audifils, Wife and Servant

- Mr. L. Pamere

- Madame Aristide

- Mr. Tait

- Mr. S. Laraque



While the Troops were engaged in embarking for Honduras at Port Royal, on Saturday, the 12th inst., a Private by the name of John Stone, committed suicide, by shooting himself. The ball passed through his head. The deceased has left a wife and five children. An Inquest was held on his body at two o'clock by Mr. Coroner White, and a verdict returned accordingly.



His Excellency the governor has been pleased to appoint the honorable James Robert Mann, Lieutenant Colonel in the Corps of Royal Engineers, to be Director of Roads, Surveyor General and Superintendent of Public Works in this Island.

January 25, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the Steamer "West Indian" from Colon: --

- Mr. Johnson, Wife and 2 children

- Mr. Daly


In this City, on the morning of the 19th instant, Peter Desnoes, Esq., aged 53 years.

January 26, 1867


The above Court was opened yesterday before the Hon. Sir Bryan Edwards, Knight, Chief Justice. The following Insolvents were discharged: -- James Gayleard, Kingston; Theodore Kuhla, St, Andrew; Edward Montagnac, Kingston; Peter Joseph McDermott, Kingston; Frederick William Smellie, St. David.

Henry Dias sent a Doctor's Certificate as to his inability to attend the Court.

Frank Brodhurst Farebrother was remanded.

The bail of Edward Ffrench, and Robert Henry Rowe was enlarged.



Three Sermons will be preached at Coke Chapel, in this City, on Sunday (tomorrow). In the morning at 11 o'clock by the Rev. T. P. Russell; in the afternoon at 3 o'clock, by the Rev. J. W. Rowbotham, and in the evening, at half-past 6 o'clock, by the Rev. J. A. Gurney. Collections will be made at each service.



We see it mentioned in some of the Newspapers by the Packet, that the finding of the Court Martial upon Ensign Cullen was NOT GUILTY.



We regret to state that during the severe weather which the R. M. Steamer "Atrato" experienced on the outward voyage, the second Master, Mr. Edwards, was washed overboard and two of the ship's boats were also lost.

January 28, 1867

Sailors Home

D. Finzi, Esq., and Rev. William Holdsworth.



On the 13th November, 1866, in the Royal Naval Hospital, Simon's Bay, Cape of Good Hope, at the age of 25, from Consumption, supervening upon wounds received in action with Chinese Pirates, Lieut. WILLIAM WEMYSS ANDERSON, R. N., late of H. M. Gunboats "Haughty" and "Osprey"; the third son of W. Wemyss Anderson, Esquire, Solicitor, Kingston, Jamaica.



On Thursday, 24th instant, between 6 and 7 p.m., as some sailors from H. M. Gunboat "Delight" were engaged in hauling up the Sloop "Constance"(a drogher, the property of Mr. E. R. Lindo) for repairs, the chain used for the purpose snapped and killed one of the poor fellows on the spot. An Inquest was held on the body, but the result had not transpired when the Post left.

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