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April - May 1867

April 1, 1867


On the 28th ultimo, the wife of L. C. McCormack, Esq. of a daughter.


At her residence in Monk Street, Spanish Town, on the morning of the 29th March, in the 51st year of her age, Caroline Redwal, relict of the late Andrew Graham Dignum, Attorney-at-Law, and daughter of the Rev. Lewis Bowerbank, M. A. for many years a rector of this island.

April 2, 1867


Sub-Inspector Magrath has been appointed to the Police Force of St. Andrew, under Inspector Nairne, vice Downer, retired on half pay.

Sub-Inspector Harding to be Sub-Inspector of Kingston, under Inspector Nairne.

Sub-Inspector Broderick to be Sub-Inspector of St. Thomas in the Vale, under Inspector Stewart.

April 5, 1867


His Excellency the Governor has appointed the following gentlemen Members of the Municipal Board for the parish of Trelawny, viz: --

Hon. Robert Nunes, chairman; George Bowman, Richard W. Burford, Septimus Barrett, Frederick Robert Coy, James W. Fisher, David Galloway, William Kerr, Henry M. Purchas, and Simon Thomson, Esqrs.



Governor Rawson, in his opening speech to the Nassau Legislature, recommends the establishment of a regular Monthly Mail between the Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Thomas, and the other adjacent islands.



His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint the following gentlemen to be the Parochial Road Commissioners for Kingston, for the current year, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 8, of 1866: --

The Honorable L. Q. Bowerbank, Chairman -- Henry Forbes Colthirst, Charles Campbell, M. D., B. A. Franklin, Charles A. Robinson, and Alexander Turnbull, Esqrs.

April 9, 1867


There will be a meeting of the Members and attendants of St. George's Chapel, in this City, in the East Branch School, this evening, at seven o'clock, when the report of the Provisional Committee will be read, for the management of the affairs of the congregation. The Rev. Enos Nuttall only received his appointment as Incumbent of St. George's last week.



1st W. I. Regt. -- Ensign Bale to be Lieutenant

4th W. I. Regt. -- Quartermaster-Sergt. G. Hogan to be Ensign



The Court Martial upon Staff Assistant Surgeon Morris, found a verdict of acquittal from both charges, arising out of the late disturbances in St. Thomas in the East, and the findings have been confirmed.

We understand Dr. Morris has been again arrested for breach of military discipline, when under arrest.



Precinct of Kingston

The Circuit Court for this precinct was opened yesterday in this city, before the Hon. Sir Bryan Edwards, Knt., Chief Justice. Mr. James Cargill was on the Bench at the opening of the Court.

The following gentlemen were sworn on the Grand Jury: --

Daniel Finzi, Esquire, Foreman

Altamont DeCordova

Louis Verley

George Forsyth

Theodore DePass

Benjamin A. Franklin

Henry Delgado

Fred. A. Ebbeke

H. S. Samuel

George B. Snaith

Wm. A. Titley

Jas. C. Melville

John Fowles, Esqs.

April 11, 1867


On the 8th instant, at Suttons, in the parish of Clarendon, Mrs. Croskery, of a daughter.


At the Orchard, Port Royal Mountains, on Wednesday the 3rd day of April, instant, after a long and painful illness, Edward Ninkell Robinson, M. D., M. R. C. S. England, late Practitioner in this City, aged 35 years.

April 12, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Danube from Colon:

- Miss Sollas

- Mr. Reid

- Mr. Da Costa

- Miss Hedden

- Mr. T. Harrison

- Mrs. Barrett, for Jamaica

April 15, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the Steamer Talisman from Vera Cruz: --

Mrs. Ingold, Mr. Duncan and Mr. Brown, for Liverpool.

In the Steamer Mexican, Captain Sewell, from Liverpool:---

Colonel Desborough, Wife, Nurse and 2 Children

From Port-au-Prince: --

A. Carrie; Madam Gares; Mr. Alfred Berry; Mr. Delniois; Genl. J. F. B. Narcisse; M. Jilbenis; Mr. A. Windsor.

On Deck from Port-au-Prince: --

William Welsh; Simeon White; Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Francis; Robert McCulloch; J. B. Barnett; Adolphus Pratt; Jos. Langrew; Morris Nicoll; Virginia Maduro and Child; Maria Durallow; James Connor; William Connor; Alexander Morton; Tom Liverpool; George Bayon; John Price; Susan Beckford, and Child.


Sailors Home

F. A. Ebbeke and S. Soutar, Esqrs.

April 18, 1867


On the 12th instant at Yallahs, St. David's, by the Rev. G. Del Rio, Charles Gresham, youngest son of the late Peter Slader, Esq., of the County of Devonshire, England, to Juliana Matilda, eldest daughter of George Burrell Snaith, Esq., of Green Wall, St. David's.


At his residence in this City on the 29th ultimo, John Phillips, Esq., Attorney at Law, Commissioner of the Grand Courts and Master Extraordinary in Chancery.

At Morant Bay, on the 15th April, Ernest Gordon, ninth son of William Teall, Baptist Missionary, aged 14 weeks and one day.



Information respecting the present address of Richard Ross, who, in July 1865, was in St. Ann's Bay, will be thankfully received at this Office.

April 22, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tasmanian from Southampton:

- Hon. R. Nunes

From Peter's Island:

- Mr. Bruce

From Havana:

- Mrs. St. Maur

- Captain Keen

From Jacmel:

- Mr. Lalonbere, Lady, 2 children and female servant

- Mrs. Alexander

- Miss Palmer and child

- Rosalind DaCosta

- E. Blake and child

April 23, 1867


At his residence, no 33, Great-George-Square, Liverpool, March 26th, in his 85th year, Mr. Edward Hime, of the firm of Hime & Son, and son-in-law of the late Solomon Elkin of this city.

April 27, 1867


On the 23rd instant, at Half-way Tree Church, Saint Andrew's, by the Revd. George Braine, William Arbouin Paine, eldest son of William S. Paine, Esq., to Frances Helen, youngest daughter of the late Caleb M. Littlejohn, Esq. of St. Andrew's.

April 30, 1867


In this city, on the 22nd instant, by the Rev. John Radcliffe, George Henry Pearce, to Emily Ann Radcliffe, daughter of the late Thomas McBayne, Esq., Attorney at Law.

May 4, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the W. I. & P. Steamer Californian, Capt. Watson, from Colon, for Jamaica:

- A. Abrahams, Esq.

- H. J. Jacobs, Esq.


Sailors Home

H. B. Shaw and J. C. Melville, Esqrs.

May 6, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Douro, Captain Bevis, from Southampton for Jamaica:

- Lieut. Luck, 84th Regt.

- Ensign Chamer, 3rd W. I. Regt.

- Dr. A. Fiddes

- Mr. Orphen, District Judge

- Miss Whitehouse and sister

From Barbados for Jamaica:

- Capt. R. Ked

- Capt. Gould and wife

- Lieutenants Langford and Blacklin

- Ensign Birch

From St. Thomas for Jamaica:

- Messrs. Ryder and Wallack

- Mr. Johnson and wife.



On the 19th April, at Clifton, England, by the Rev. Dr. Artom, Hahaim of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, Samuel, elder son of Raphael Nunes Carvalho, Esq., formerly of this city, to Hester Evelina, only child of the late John Abraham, Esq., of Clifton.

May 8, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the Str. Caravelle from St. Jago de Cuba:

- Mr. Stevenson

- Mr. Dominquery

- Mr. Pouide

- Mr. Caldes

- Mr. Carvagaline

- Mr. Steven

- Mr. Serro

- Mr. Alex Turnbull, of this City.

May 9, 1867


On the morning of the 21st instant [i.e. April] at his residence Burton Bridge, in the Parish of St. Elizabeth, in the 55th year of his age, Henry Lalor, Esq. ... leaving a sorrowing wife and family.

Requiescat in pace

At Friendship, St. Elizabeth, on Friday April 26, 1867, Frances Elizabeth, the wife of the Revd. Robert B. Lynch.

At Montego Bay, on the morning of the 7th instant, in his 55th year, (after a short but very severe illness), Simon, eldest son of the late Eleazar Magnus of Kingston. The deceased resided for 28 years on the Northside of the island, during which period he gained the esteem of a large circle of friends. He leaves 8 children and several brothers and sisters to mourn their loss.

May 10, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the W. I. & P. Steamer St. Thomas, from Liverpool:

- Mrs. and Miss Carr

- Capt. Craig and Mrs. Craig, 84th Regt.

- Dr. Fisher, R. N.

- Miss Bussett

From Port-au-Prince:

- Mr. Lensen

- Mr. Geo. Maternen

- Mr. Robert Darcy

- Mr. A. Murray

- Mr. Thomas Allwood

- Mr. Albert Clarke

- Mr. R. Wilson

- Mr. James Lumsden

- Mr.. David Watson

- Mr. McMinnon.

Passengers to Sail

In the R. M. C. Steamer Douro, for England: -

- Mrs. St. Mair

- Mr. J. G. Sawkins and wife

- Master Henderson

- Mrs. Shannon

- Mrs. and Miss Kemball

- Mr. John R. Powell

- Captain Keene, R. N.



In Tower Hill, Montego Bay, on Tuesday evening, 30th April, 1867, Mrs. Wilford Nunes, of a daughter.

May 13, 1867


We learn that the following gentlemen have been invited by his Excellency the Governor to form the Municipal Board of the Parish of St. Andrew, which includes Port Royal Mountains -- The Hon. Dr. Hamilton, Custos; Stephen Mais, James Derbyshire, Robert Osborn, William Barclay, and Burton Thomas, Esqrs. of St. Andrew; from Port Royal Mountains, two gentlemen have been invited, and it is said that Mr. John Taylor, of Good Hope, is one.



Fifteen properties have been announced for sale within the past month, as follows: --

Windsor Park Penn, with 2,500 acres, in the Parish of St. Catherine.

Cross's Penn, with 1,000 acres, in the Parish of St. Catherine

River Head Land, with 2,000 acres, in the Parish of St. Thomas in the Vale.

Montgomery Mountain, in the Parish of St. Thomas in the Vale.

Union Hill Penn, with 300 acres, in the Parish of St. Mary.

New Ramble, with 950 acres, in the Parish of St. Mary.

Rose Hill Coffee Plantation, with 800 acres, in St. Andrew.

Cedar Valley Plantation, with 1,300 acres, in St. George.

The Vinery, with 522 acres, in St. George.

Priory Park, with 363 acres, in St. George.

Kildare Pen, with 100 acres, in St. George.

Savoy Estate, of 108 acres, in Clarendon.

Casswell Hill Estate, 280 acres, in Vere.

Harmony Hall Estate, 200 acres, in Vere.

Lodge Estate, 280 acres, in St. David.

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