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August 1, 1867


At 2 p.m. on Tuesday, the 30th July, at Orange River, Clarendon, Catherine McKenzie, the mother-in-law of the Rev. Fredk. Jones.



The Queen against Lucius Junius Preston, for the larceny of £135 the property of the Trelawny Savings Bank. This case was tried on Saturday last. The Jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Mr. Walcott, for the prosecution, said he would not proceed with two other indictments against the accused this Court, and he was held to bail to appear before the Supreme Court, when a motion to change the venue would be made.

James and Joseph Stewart, for conspiracy in aiding and abetting James Wilson to escape from Justice, were tried and acquitted. They were held to bail to answer another indictment found by the Grand Jury.

August 3, 1867


In the Police Court on Thursday, before Justices Hitchins and Lee, Mr. R. Edwards, Inspector of Weights and Measures of this City, complained against Robert John Williams, a Shopkeeper, for selling with a short measure -- a quart, deficient of an eighth. He was convicted, and fined £3 and costs, or in default, to be imprisoned 30 days in jail. He appealed from the decision of the Justices, but paid the fine yesterday.



A rumour has gained currency that the late Dr. Dunlop died of Yellow Fever; we are in a position to state that this report is altogether untrue, as his death is attributed to disease of the heart.

August 5, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer, Eider: --

From England:

- Capt. Clarke, wife and servant

- G. Clarke

- H. Clyne

- W. Chisholm

- Mr. W. S. Haywood

- Mr. C. Thompson

- Mr. M. A. Carter

- Mr. R. Braham

- Mr. J. R. Powell

- Miss Burness and female servant

From St. Thomas:

- Mr. Middleton

- Mr. McCutcheon

From Barbados:

- Mrs. Stockley

- Ann Bishop, female servant

- Robt. Brown, discharged soldier

August 8, 1867


On the 4th instant, the wife of Henry E. Delisser, Esqr., St. Ann's Bay, of a Son.


At Black River, on Sunday morning, the 21st ult. at 8 a.m., after a painful illness of four days, Doctor William Simpson, son the late James Simpson of the County Sligo, Ireland, leaving a disconsolate widow and daughter ...He served for a number of years on board H. M. S. Imaum, from which vessel he resigned his post, and settled in this island....This gentleman succumbed to Yellow Fever, at the age of 34 years.

At Kepp Pen, St. Elizabeth, on the night of the 20th ult., Samuel John Christian, the beloved and eldest son of S. J. Manley, Esq., after four days' illness of Typhoid Fever, aged two years and nine months.

At Kepp Pen, St. Elizabeth, on Saturday 27th July last, S. J. Manley, Esq. Aged 35 years.

At Luanna Pen (whither she had been removed for medical aid and change) on 31st July last, Anna; on the 4th August, Samuel Charles; and on the 5th August, Eliza; the third and fifth surviving daughters, and fourth surviving son of the late Theodore Stone, Esqr. Of New Savanna, St. Elizabeth.



This Court was opened on Thursday last, before Mr. Justice Kemble. There was a very large attendance of persons.

James Wilson was arraigned on fifteen indictments; eleven of them being for forgery for the following sums: £450, £400, £400, £400, £450, £400, £400, £500, £400, £400, and £200; in seven of them the forgeries were effected by changing the figure "1" into the figure "4" and the word "one" into the word "four". In the other four drafts, the name of Mr. A. D. Preston, the Treasurer of the Savings' Bank, was forged. In the other four indictments, the prisoner was charged with stealing money from the Trelawny Savings' Bank, for stealing £250 from D. M. G. Ryan (of the Military), for when he acted as Bailee, and for the larceny and embezzlement of books and vouchers belonging to the Trelawny Savings' Bank.

The prisoner pleaded guilty to each of the indictments in a firm voice. He held down his head during the whole time, and restlessly played with his left hand, which he alternately turned up and down. Having pleaded to all the indictments, he was removed from the dock, and the Court adjourned till 10 o'clock on the following day.

Friday, 26th July

Immediately after the honorable Judge Kemble took his seat, James Wilson was placed in the dock to receive the sentence of the Court. His Honor, who seemed much moved, addressed the prisoner at some length, and then sentenced him to sixteen years' hard labour in the General Penitentiary. The prisoner during the Judge's admonisions [sic] fixed his eyes on the floor, and on the sentence being pronounced, simply nodded an apparent approval. He was then taken out of the dock and shortly after carried back to prison.



It is reported that Mr. P. H. Ramsay, for some time Inspector of Police, for the district of Saint Thomas in the East, has been thrown out of service by the appointment of a Sub-Inspector of the Constabulary force to the district. It is also reported that several of the present Inspectors will be superseded by the Officers under drill in the new force.



His Excellency the Governor has presented this Institution with a donation of £30 for the erection of a Skittle Alley, for the benefit of the Home.



We have been requested to notice that Mr. D. L. Levett, Surgeon-Dentist, has returned from his tour to the Northside of the Island, and can be consulted by those who require his aid, at this Rooms, No. 18, Duke Street.



Her Majesty has been pleased to confirm and allow Law No. of 18, 1867. A law imposing Licenses upon Trades and Business.

Horatio Guscott and John H. Gavers, Esqrs., to be Churchwardens for the Parish of Portland.

Lionel Isaacs and John P. Clarke, Esqrs., to be Churchwardens for the Parish of Manchester.

His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to make the following appointments in the Customs Service: --

Mr. Hague, Collector of Rum Duties for the North Western Districts, to be Sub-Collector at Port Morant. Mr. Hill, Sub-Collector at Port Morant, to be Sub-Collector at St. Ann's Bay.

Mr. Bogle, to be 4th Landing Waiter and Searcher at the Port of Kingston.

Mr. Saunders, to be 5th ditto ditto at ditto.

Mr. Williams, Acting Sub-Collector at St. Ann's Bay, to be 6th Landing Waiter and Searcher at the Port of Kingston.



An auction sale of Properties advertised by Messrs. Finke & Co. took place at noon on the 6th, at the Commercial Exchange. The auction was conducted by Mr. Joseph Stines, Licensed Auctioneer. West Prospect in St. Thomas in the Vale, was knocked down to Mr. Ganslandt for £100. Lloyds Estate, Lloyds Pen, and Aylmer's Pen, in St. John, were purchased by Mr. W. P. Georges, for the sum of £2, 575. Some interest was manifested in the sale by the respectable gathering which attended it.



We regret to record the demise of the Rev. J. H. Murphy, Curate of Buff Bay, and formerly of Trinity Chapel, St. Catherine. The deceased assumed the former duties a short time ago.

August 9, 1867


August 1867

The Colonial Bank vs. Isaac Rodrigues

Same vs. Isaac Rodrigues

Ann Edwards vs. Sir. H. Lushington, Bart.

Morris Lazarus vs. Chs. Hercules Davis

Peter A. Espeut vs. Geo. Matthews

Isaac Cespedes vs. A. L. Maduro

Elizabeth Colman vs. Wm. Colman

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Str. Eider, for St. Thomas: --

- Miss Macpherson Macneil

- Mr. Ebbeke

- Mr. William McFee

- Mr. John Philpotts and wife

- Revd. Chas. Angell

- Lieut. Carey

- Mr. Geo. Pennell

24 invalids, 84th Regt., and 3rd W. I. Regt.


At Rae's Town, on the 30th ult., the Wife of James Dayes, Esq., of a Daughter.


At the Parish Church, Kingston, on the 8th instant, by the Revd. Duncan Campbell, M. A., Rector of Kingston, assisted by the Revd. George Cheyne, Rector of St. Ann's, Charles Rampini, Esq., Advocate, to Annie, younger daughter of the late Robert Burness, Esq., of Montrose, Scotland.

August 10, 1867


The Honorable Edward Jordon, C. B., and Charles Lascelles, Esqr., to be Churchwardens for the parish of St. Andrew.

The Governor has been pleased to recognize Geo. C. H. Lewis, Esqr., as Consular Agent of the United States, at the Port of Black River, in this Island.

The Governor has been pleased to make the following appointments on the Jamaica Constabulary: -- Wallace Townson Harris, James Charles Lascelles, St. John Gordon Blake Hepburn, and Thomas Alexander Land, to be Sub-Inspectors of Police. Appointments dated 15th July, 1867.

August 13, 1867

Passengers Sailed

In the Spanish Steamer Moctezuma, for St. Jago de Cuba:

- Mr. Arthur Samuels, wife and sister

- Mr. J. M. Myers

August 14, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the Colombian from Colon:

- Mrs. Neish, child, and servant

- Mr. Leay, in transit for Liverpool

For Jamaica:

- Mm. L. Rousseau

- Mr. Morais

- Mr. Garnor

- Mr. A. Desson

August 17, 1867


There was a meeting of this Body yesterday, -- Present, His Honor the Custos, in the Chair; Dr. C. Campbell, and B. A. Franklin, Esq. The routine business disposed of, and the Board adjourned.



We regret to announce the death of Mr. Thomas Howell, for ten years Clerk of Works in H. M. Dock Yard, which took place at his residence in the Town of Port Royal on Tuesday night last.

August 19, 1867


On the 14th instant, by Mr. H. A. Josephs, John James Graham, youngest son of Louis Lewis, Esq., to Leah Louise, eldest daughter of Charles Stiner, Esq., of this City.

August 20, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tamar: --

- Mr. E. A. Rowe, Paymaster, R. N.

- Staff Assist-Surgeon Nugent

- Ensign Wilman, 3rd W. I. Regt.

- Lieut. St. George, 3rd W. I. Regt.

- Mr. H. W. Morris

- Mrs. Higgin

- Miss Higgin

- Mr. K. D. Johnstone

- Mr. S. Carson

- Mr. E. Farmer

- Mrs. Dewar

- Mr. Heyliger

- Mr. S. Morrice

- Mrs. Ford and 2 children

- Private Thomas Ward

August 21, 1867


On the 8th August, at Her Majesty's Dock Yard, Port Royal, the wife of J. C. Nosworthy, Esq., R. N., of a daughter.


At Glasgow, Scotland, on the 18th ult., Alexander Wallace, Esq., Engineer, formerly of this Island.

August 26, 1867

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tamar for England: --

- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Metzgar, and two children

- Mrs. Ridley

- Mr. and Mrs. Kindead

- Miss Rees

- Mr. E. J. E. Hall

For St. Thomas:

- Mr. Raster

- Mr. Box

- Mr. Qualo


At Victoria Villas, Sheerness, England, on the 21st ultimo, the wife of A. L. Clarkson, Esq. R. A., of a Son


On the 20th inst., at Half-Way Tree Church, by the Rev. James Gayleard, Robert B. McCutchin, youngest son of Adam McCutchin, Esq., of St. Croix, to Mary Annie, eldest daughter of Wellwood Maxwell Anderson, Esq., Agent-General of Immigration.

August 27, 1867


We regret to notice the demise of the Rev. Clarence Hall, Island Curate, which took place at Marlie, the residence of Mr. Moses Bravo, in St. Dorothy, on the 23rd instant. Mr. Hall succeeded the late Rev. Arthur Bull, in the Curacy; and only survived a few days. The deceased had recently arrived from Canada.

August 30, 1867


The Provision Shop kept by Mr. Andrew Lyon, corner of Knight Street, opposite the Barracks, was broken open, at about two o'clock on Wednesday morning, and several articles stolen therefrom. The thieves effected an entrance from the yard. The value of the articles stolen cannot be accurately ascertained.



Our attention has been called to the dangerous condition of an old untenanted building, No. 45, Port Royal Street, opposite the wharf of Messrs. Finke & Co. The columns which once supported the front piazza of the upper story have fallen away, and the balcony is now likely to follow at any moment, to the imminent peril of passers-by. We trust the Municipal authorities will lose no time in having the danger averted, which can easily be done by taking down the remaining portion of the flooring, etc., of the piazza.

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