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May 15, 1867


Several gentlemen connected with the Mercantile interest of this City, having agreed to organize a commercial society for the purpose of entertaining questions affecting the Commercial interest of the island, a preliminary meeting was held on Friday last, at which His Honor the Custos presided, when the Bye-laws of the Society were passed. A special general meeting of the promoters was held yesterday at the Jamaica News Room, which was numerously attended by the Merchants, and presided over by Oscar Marescaux, Esqr., Manager of the Colonial Bank, when the following Office-bearers were appointed:

President -- The Hon. L. Q. Bowerbank, Custos

Vice-Presidents -- Hon. James H. McDowell, Charles Levy, Esqr., Henry F. Colthirst, Esqr.

Treasurer -- B. A. Franklin, Esqr.

Standing Committee -- Emanuel Lyons, F. A. Ebbeke, Alexander Turnbull, A. L. Malabre, D. J. Alberga, Esqrs.

Honorary Secretary -- Michael DeCordova, Esqr.

It was resolved that the President should address His Excellency the Governor announcing the formation of the Society, and forwarding to His Excellency a copy of the Bye-laws.

A vote of thanks was passed to the Chairman, and the gentlemen separated.

May 16, 1867

Passengers Sailed

Passengers sailed in the Steamer Caravelle, for St. Jago de Cuba:

- Rev. H. Bleby, wife, daughter and 2 children

- Rev. H. Chetwood

- Mr. A. W. Heron

- Mr. G. W. Delapenha

- Mr. H. Labin

- Mrs. Betty

For Cape Hayti:

- Mr. P. E. Praderes

For St. Thomas:

- Mr. Jos. Rock

May 18, 1867


Her Majesty has been graciously pleased to confirm and allow Law No. 3, of 1867, entitled "A Law to extend the limits prescribed by the Act, twenty-eight Victoria, chapter 24, for Drainage purposes".

The Governor has been pleased to appoint the Hon. Louis Fullerton MacKinnon and Samuel Rennalls, Esq. to be Churchwardens for the parish of St. Catherine.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint Thomas Harrison, Esq. to be Government Surveyor, who is authorised to examine all Books, or other Official Documents in the custody of Public Officers relating to the Payment of quit-rents.

William Vickers, Esq. to be a member of the Municipal Board of the Parish of Westmoreland.

The Revd. John Duff to be a member of the Board of Parochial Road Commissioners for St. Elizabeth in the room of John B. Salmon, Esq, appointed Clerk to the Board.

Henry Lord Garrigues and Norman Sutherland, Esqrs., to be Churchwardens for the Parish of Clarendon.

The Village of Four Paths to be the Head Station of the Parish of Clarendon.

The Parish of St. Thomas -- The Hon. Peter Alexander Espeut, Justice of the Peace, to be keeper of the Rolls and Records of the Peace for Parish of S. Thomas, and the following gentlemen are associated with him in the Commission of the Peace for said Parish:

William Payne Georges, David Ewart, John Reid Hollingsworth, James Paterson, Duncan Campbell McKenzie, Henry Coppard, Richard Hill, Alexander Gordon File, James Davidson, the Honourable James Henry McDowell, John Jonas Hart, John Frederic Gardiner Danvers, William Mowat, John Stone, Henry Mais, Samuel Shortridge, George Burrell Snaith, John Casserley, Thomas Witter Jackson, Francis Bowen, George Symons Airey, Charles Lascelles, Richard Mothersill, William Moore James, James Harrison, Joseph DeLeon Walker, Daniel Marshalleck, George Henry Chevannes, junior, Aaron Salom, Charles McLean, John Davidson, Plato Elphick, William Thomas Jamison, William C. Clarke, M. D., Robert Duany, Christian L. Hider, Henry John Bicknell, and Charles Rampini, Esquires.


The Governor has been pleased to make the following Appointments in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 8, of 1866:


Chairman. -- The Honorable Louis Fullerton Mackinnon

Members. -- Samuel Rennalls, Moses Bravo, Isaac Levy, Thomas Ludford, Richard MacLeod, John Clinton McAnuff, Bryan Edwards Mackie, Joseph Reid, and Adam William Thorburn, Esquires.


Chairman. -- The Honorable Louis Fullerton Mackinnon

Members. -- Samuel Rennalls, Moses Bravo, William Carr Alexander, John Dempster, Isaac DaCosta, Thomas Ludford, Isaac Levy, John McPhail, John Clinton McAnuff, Richard MacLeod, Bryan Edwards Mackie, Joseph Reid, John Stone, and Adam William Thorburn, senior, Esquires.

May 22, 1867


On the 1st May at 27 Bedford Street North, Abercromby Street, Liverpool, by the Rev. Mr. Prag, Leopold, youngest son of Benjamin Farmer, Esq., late of this City, to Edith Rose, the fourth daughter of John R. Isaac, Esq.


Sailors Home

Revd. James Watson and Hon. J. H. McDowell

May 23, 1867


At Port Antonio, on the 19th instant, the wife of Mr. A. W. Escoffery, of a daughter.

Passengers Arrived

In the Steamer Colombian from Colon:

- Mr. E. Lyons and son

- Mr. Rousseau

May 24, 1867


At St. Michael's Church, Kingston, on the 22nd instant, by the Revd. Duncan Campbell, Rector of Kingston, assisted by the Revd. C. P. Street, John Fisher, Esq., Surgeon, Royal Navy, to Susan Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Thomas Heath, Esq., of Worthy Park, Jamaica.

May 27, 1867


The dwelling house of Mr. Frederick Bonitto, in Orange Street, near the English and German Synagogue, was entered on Friday night or early on Saturday morning, by some thief or thieves, who stole a lot of valuable chinaware, wearing apparel, and table linen therefrom. The family retired to bed at 9 p.m., on Friday, and nothing was known of the burglary till the following morning, when the articles were missing. There is no police on guard in this street, although the piazzas of the houses in the vicinity have become infested with vagrants who nightly resort thither for rest, and the attention of the police has frequently been called to the circumstance. It is worthy of remark that since the establishment of the Water Police, wharf robberies have ceased, but the other parts of the city have frequently been visited by midnight depredators who carry of poultry and other petty articles.

May 28, 1867


The Ship Ganges, in 86 days from Calcutta, last St. Helena, 56 days, arrived at Port Royal late on Sunday evening, the 26th inst, with 396 immigrants on board, viz: --

From Calcutta -- Adult males 235

Adult females 113

Boys 17

Girls 14

Infants 6


From St. Helena Adult males 10

Adult females 1

Total 396

The Captain reports 25 deaths on the passage to Jamaica. After reporting to the order of the Agent-General Immigration, the Ganges was despatched to Sav-la-Mar, to land the immigrants.

May 30, 1867


On the 23rd instant, in the parish of Westmoreland, Mrs. Whittingham, of Great Valley, Hanover, of a son.


In this City at noon, on Tuesday 21st instant, after a short illness, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas S. Williams, aged 49 years, leaving a disconsolate husband with a large circle of relatives, friends, and acquaintances to mourn her sudden removal.


Sailors' Home

Rev. Enos Nuttall, and H. J. Bicknell, Esq.



The general quarterly meeting of the above Institution was held on Tuesday night, the 28th, the Rev. R. Raw in the chair.

Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, there was a good attendance of members. J. Jones, Esq., Secretary, read an account of the financial state of the Institution, which was most gratifying and satisfactory. There being a balance in hand of nearly £2, after liquidating the original debt of £25 and meeting the current expenses.

The names of various gentlemen, including Sir J. Hope; Sir F. L. McClintock; Rev. Dr. Bradshaw; Capt. Kent, R. N.; and Dr. Dewis, were mentioned as having liberally contributed to the fund of the Institution. It is earnestly hoped that prosperity may continue to attend the benevolent movement.

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