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January - March 1874

January 3, 1874


At Kingston on January 1st, the wife of Dr. Phillippo of a son.

In the Gazette of the 1st instant the names of the gentlemen appointed to serve on the several Parochial Boards of the island for the new year are notified. Those for Kingston are the Hon. H. J. Kemble, Chairman, D. J. Alberga, H. J. Bicknell, R. J. C. Hitchins, H. Hutchings, A. L. Malabre, J. Parry and C. A. Robinson, Esquires. The only new name it will be observed is that of Mr. Malabre, in the room of the late Dr. Campbell. The Churchwardens are Charles Goldie, Esq., and William Steventon, Esq., M. D., the latter gentleman in the room of the late Dr. Campbell.

January 5, 1874


On Thursday 1st January 1874 at Halfway Tree Church, St. Andrew's by the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Kingston, assisted by the Venerable Archdeacon Campbell, Marriott Simpson Carson, Esq., of Constant Spring, etc. etc., in the Island of Jamaica, second son of the late James Carson, of Sheffield near Marlow in the County of Buckinghamshire, etc. etc., to Miss Florence Mary Vernon Cox, third daughter of the Honble. Colonel John William Cox, C. B., Commanding H. M. Forces in the island of Jamaica, and granddaughter of the late Sir William Cox of Coolcliffs, Co. Wexford.


At the Castle, in the parish of St. Mary, on the 25th December, 1873, Myrry Clarke, M. R. C. S. England, aged 39.


We regret to record the death of Dr. John MacDonald, Resident Medical Officer of the Public Hospital, which melancholy event took place on Saturday at the Institution's House in North Street. His body was removed the same evening to the residence of his uncle, J. K. Fingzies, Esq., at Hannah Street, Rae Town, from whence it was again removed yesterday afternoon to its last resting place.

January 6, 1874

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. S. Nile from Southampton: --

Mr. W. J. Farrington; Rev. George Fairgrieve; Capt. Murphy; Mr. Murphy; Mr. Rose; Mr. W. R. Mitchell; Mr. Frank Carr; Mr. J. Hunter.

For Belize: -- Mrs. and Miss Beebles; Mr. Binney.

For Port-au-Prince: -- Mr. A. Delfloy; Mr. A. B. Turwell

For Jacmel: -- Mr. and Mrs. Chas Dorchies; Miss Marie Dause; Mrs. Vilain; Mr. Rampel.



On the 5th instant, Susannah, the wife of John Foley Esq., Inspector of Constabulary, aged 30 years.

January 9, 1874

The Court was occupied the most of yesterday with the trial of Richard Abrahams, a man of genteel appearance for the larceny of 16 cwt. Coffee, the property of Mr. Augustus Abrahams of St. Catherine. Mr. Advocate Lindo, instructed by Mr. R. H. Jackson, defended the prisoner. He was found guilty of receiving, and sentenced to three years' penal servitude.

January 10, 1874


On the 8th at St. Peter's Church, Alley, Vere, by the Rev. C. F. Husband, Mr. William D'Costa, to Julia, eldest daughter of W. Ayton, Esq.; of Four Paths, Clarendon.

January 12, 1874


In this City on the 30th ultimo, Thomas Clarke, aged 36 years ...


It is always gratifying to us to bring meritorious tradesmen into notice, for the complaint is so general about carelessness and incapability among the common run of workmen in this city, that we take for granted, when an honest and competent man is found among the lot, it is but rendering a public service to make him known. Among the improvements going on to the tenements in our city, there is one, the property of our enterprising and deserving young fellow-citizen, Mr. Auvray, in North Street, which stands out as about the finest building erected in Kingston for many a long year past. It is the workmanship of Mr. Alexander Henriques, an artisan whose merit has remained in obscurity all this time, or we venture to say he certainly would have made his fortune, for we are certain that had this merit been known, few who had such work to be done would have hesitated to employ him. ...

January 13, 1874

The Gazette notifies that Mr. P. J. Corinaldi has been appointed Postmaster at Copse, that Mr. E. B. Lynch has been appointed Notary Public at St. Ann, and that Mr. M. A. Nunes has resigned his commission as a Justice of the Peace for Trelawny.


The Circuit Court was occupied all yesterday with the trial of Daniel Madden for the murder of his sister, Sarah Madden. Twenty-one witnesses were examined by the Crown. No witnesses were called for the defence. The prosecution was conducted by his Honour the Attorney General and Mr. Burke the Assistant Attorney General, and the prisoner was ably defended by Mr. Advocate Lindo, instructed by Mr. Neil McDougall. The summing up of the Judge was not concluded till a late hour in the evening, after which the jury retired and being absent for some time returned into Court at half past nine o'clock, when the Foreman intimated that there was no possibility of a their arriving at a verdict. They were then ordered to be locked up, and the Court adjourned.


The Halifax papers contain the following obituary notice: --

At Liverpool, N. S., on the 13th, after a lingering illness, Samuel Delisser aged 39 years, a native of Falmouth, Ja., and for the past 14 years a resident of Liverpool

Under the heading of "Bequests" another paper makes the following announcement: --

Mr. Samuel Delisser, a well known colored citizen of Liverpool, Queen's County, died on the 13th inst. The Liverpool Advertiser says his will makes the following bequests, among others: -- "To Trinity Church, Liverpool, one hundred dollars; to the Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Congregational and African Methodist Churches in Liverpool, twenty-five dollars each; to the Overseers of the Poor, Liverpool, twenty-five dollars; to Zetland Lodge of Freemasons, twenty-four dollars; to Union Lodge of Freemasons, Halifax, forty dollars; to the Grand Master for benevolent purposes, fifty dollars".

January 14, 1874


At Dirleton on the 29th ultimo, Herbert Ernest, the youngest son of the Rev. Peter Anderson of Port Maria. Aged 12 years, 1 month 1 week.

January 15, 1874


At Studley Park, the wife of Mr. Lucien Alberga, of a son.


At Mount Carey, St. James, by the Revd. Walter Dendy, of Salter's Hill, on Wednesday January 7th, the Revd. Philip Williams, Baptist Missionary of Mandeville, to Sarah Eliza, eldest daughter of the late Revd. Edward Hewett, of Mount Carey.

January 17, 1874


At the Rectory, St. Elizabeth, on the 12th inst., William Lord Garrigues, Esq. of St. Thomas in the Vale, aged 49.



The Installation of the Master and Officers of the Glenlyon Lodge, No. 346, Provincial No. 2, took place at Sussex Hall, Port Royal Street, on Wednesday evening the 14th inst., at & o'clock. The brethren having assembled the Lodge was opened in due and ancient form by the then presiding Master, the Worshipful A. E Burke. The Master Elect, the Wor. C. C. M. L. Knox, was then installed in conclave. He proceeded afterwards to install his Officers. The Administration is as follows:

The Wor. C. C. M. L. Knox - Master

Bro. B. Mortimer Dias - Snr. Warden

" E. C. Simpson - Jnr. Warden

" K. S. Spicer - Treasurer

" Jonas Polack - Secretary

" Geo. Abrahams - Snr. Deacon

" B. A. Lindo - Jnr. Deacon

" F. J. Davis - Inner Guard

" J. Watson Scott - Master of Ceremonies

" John Heyes - Tyler.

January 19, 1874

The friends and acquaintances of the late Simon Magnus, Jnr. of Stony Hill, St. Andrew, are requested to attend his remains from his Residence, No. 68 Orange Street, to the place of interment, at 5 o'clock this evening.


During the year 1872-873, ninety children were admitted into the Government Reformatory, of whom 53 were criminals and 37 vagrants.


Subject to the approval of Her Majesty's Government, F. B. Lyons, Esq. has been appointed to act as Danish Consul in this city. During the temporary absence of B. A. Franklin, Esq.

Under the power granted to the Governor by Law 22 of 1873 his Excellency has been pleased to appoint the Hon. C. H. Jackson to be Trustee of the St. Catherine parish lands.

His Excellency has been pleased to issue Commissions of the Peace to Frederick William Mortlock and Maxwell, Esqrs., for the parish of St. James, and James Ryley, Esq. for the parish of St. Catherine.

January 20, 1874


On Sunday, the 12th instant, at Arbuthnot Plantation, St. Ann, Mrs. Rebecca Gordon Nash, aged 35 years, fifth daughter of Patrick Waugh, Esq., and Widow of the late John E. Nash, Esq., leaving a young family of three children ...

In this city on Saturday morning at 8 o'clock, Maryanne, fourth daughter of the late Levy Barned ...

In this City, on Sunday morning last, the 18th instant, Alice Lewis, infant daughter of Mr. B. D. Lindo.

January 23, 1874


On the 4th January, at Spanish Town, Mrs. C. Mackinnon of a son.

On Tuesday, the 20th January, at Mandeville, the wife of Mr. C W. Kennedy of the Civil Service, of a son.


Dr. Steventon and Mr. Charles Goldie will represent the Kingston Parish Church at the forthcoming Synod.


The Secretary of State for the Colonies has approved of the removal of Mr. Moses Bravo from the Commission of the Peace, and suspended him from the office of Sub-Agent of Immigration for six months.

January 24, 1874



The "Cottage" situated on the Hope Road, adjoining Mr. Archambeau's Penn, advertised for sale by Messrs. Turnbull, Lee and Mudon, is my property. The conveyance for same is duly recorded in the Secretary's Office of this island Libro 955, Folio 118.

Anne M. Aris



In Spanish Town, on Friday at 8:30 p.m., 16th January, 1874, Mr. Nathaniel James, late Clerk of the Parochial Boards, Portland, leaving a sorrowing widow, mother and brothers ....

January 26, 1874


At Experiment Penn, Vere, on the 20th inst., Anna Maria, relict of the late Stephen Hannaford, Esq., of Amity Hall, St. Dorothy, aged 63 years.


The sloop "Cedar", owned by Mr. A. Escoffery, of Port Antonio, and commanded by Captain Murdock, left the eastern harbour of Port Antonio on Wednesday night, at nine o'clock, and arrived at Port Royal on Thursday morning at 8 o'clock.

January 27, 1874

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Nile from Colon: --

For Europe, Mr. Roberts; Mr. Luis Meyer; M. D. Campbell; Mr. John Logan; Mr. José Delande; Miss A. Giancoli, son and daughter.

For Jamaica, Mrs. A. Lambert; Miss Garcia; Miss U. Murphy; Mr. N. R. Wallis. For St. Thomas, Mrs. A. D. Piper.

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Nile for Southampton: --

His Excellency Sir John P. Grant, K. C. B.; Lady Grant; Miss Grant; Miss Rowe and five servants; Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Farquharson; Rev. M. Bloomfield; Messrs. Clark, Mayhew, Dallas, and Lodge of the Telegraph Company; Mr. and Mrs. Carson.

For Barbados, Miss Kerr.



At Spanish Town, on Sunday 11th inst. The wife of Emanuel Abrahams, Esq., of a daughter.



We have been requested to publish the following statement and appeal on behalf of the Disestablished and Disendowed Church of St. Peters, Port Royal: --

Population of the Town of Port Royal by Census, 1871, (exclusive of shipping) 1,488. Congregation (exclusive of Troops) 300, Registered Communicants, 78. Sunday School Teachers, 14. Scholars, 120. Day School Teachers, 3 (two trained at Government College). Scholars, 113.

Total Collections made in Port Royal, for Church and School Purposes in 1873:

Church ........................£184. 18. 3

School........................... 37. 6. 0

School Grants (earned from

Government.................... 47. 4. 0

-ditto from the Bishop

for 1873....................... 15. 0. 0 62. 4. 0

Total £284. 8. 3.


The Town is solely dependent on the Army and Navy. There has recently been a severe Epidemic of Yellow and Typhoid Fever, and nearly all H. M.'s Seamen have been sent away to Bermuda, and the Troops -- save a handful -- have been sent to the Ashantee War. The total collections for Church purposes made in Port Royal for the last five years -- January, 1868 to December 1872 -- average £150 19s 0d per annum -- (not including Offertories for poor, and School funds) but the prospects for the Church and the Town for 1874 are gloomy indeed. The Naval Chaplain and the Clergymen of St. Peter's are the only Ministers of any denomination whatever - resident in the Town, or nearer than Kingston.

The help of the faithful in all the world is implored.

The Church was erected after the Great Earthquake of 1692. There are many Monuments and Tablets on the walls of the Church in memory of Army and Navy men, who have died on the Station, during the last 180 years; due care is taken of these. Descendants, connections, or comrades of persons who have died at Port Royal are specially invited to help to sustain the Church there. Two Photographs of St. Peter's Church, (exterior and interior) will be sent to any part of the world on receipt of a Post Office Order for £1 1s. 0d.

Address (please prepay) F. White, J. Jones, Esqrs., Churchwardens, Port Royal, or Henry Hutchings, Esq., Secretary, Jamaica Church Finance Board, Kingston, P. O., or Horace Scotland, Incumbent, St.. Peter's Church, and Chaplain to Troops, Port Royal.

January 30, 1874


At Sheffield, Yorkshire, on the 2nd October, in his sixty-ninth year, the Rev. Dr. Hylton, late Rector of St. John's, Jamaica.


Dr. Ross, the acting Chief Medical Officer of the Public Hospital, has assumed the duties of Surgeon to the Constabulary Force.

January 31, 1874

R. L. Rivett, Esq., has been appointed to act, during pleasure, as a sub Inspector of Police in the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Commissions of the Peace have been granted by Sir J. P. Grant to Lamprey Karney, Esq., and L. F. Arquimbeau, Esq., for the parish of Hanover, and S. K. Magnus, Esq., for the parish of St. Catherine.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint Thomas Allman Withered, Esq., R. D. M. R. C. S. England, to be Superintending Medical Officer of Jamaica; and William Steventon, Esq., M. D., to be Chief Medical Officer and Director of the Public Hospital.

February 3, 1874

Passengers Arrived

In the steamer Chilian from Colon: -- Dr. Levett, Mrs. Levett, and 4 children.



On the 30th ult., at the Royal Naval Hospital, Port Royal, George Notter, the infant son of George Lawrence Jenkins, aged 3 weeks.

In this City, at 2 a.m. yesterday, Revd. William Kellett, aged 95 years. Friends and acquaintances are requested to attend his remains from No. 35 James Street, to the place of burial, at 3 o'clock this evening.

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Lewis Dugoil are requested to attend the remains of his sister, Mrs. Catherine A. Dogherty, from her late Residence, No 98 King Street ...

February 7, 1874


At Spanish Town, on Wednesday, the 4th February, inst., Mrs. Geo. Abrahams, of a daughter.

February 9, 1874


At the Mico College, on Saturday the 7th February inst, Mrs. William Pearce, of a son.

February 10, 1874


On Wednesday, the 4th inst., of Typhoid Fever, Ernest Francis, the youngest son of Mr. Charles E. Brock, of this city.


In this city, on the 8th February, 1874, Hannah, relict of the late C. M. Fegan, Merchant, aged 66.

February 13, 1874


At Torrington, in the Parish of Saint Elizabeth, on the 6th February, Mrs. Eleanor James, relict of the late W. R. James, Esq., of Newell Pen, in the said parish. Aged 96 years.

February 16, 1874


At the Mission House, Stewart Town, on the 11th instant, the wife of the Revd. W. M. Webb, Baptist Minister, of a son.

January 25, 1874


In Old Harbour Bay, on the evening of the 17th instant, John Howell, aged 84 years ...

In this city, on Saturday morning, 21st inst., at her Residence, 25 Beeston Street, Mrs. Frances Blacus, aged 84 ...

February 26, 1874

As will be observed by the Legislative proceedings, which we publish elsewhere, the Honorable S. C. Burke has taken his seat in the Legislative Council as Acting Attorney General.

February 27, 1874

Commissions of the Peace for the city and parish of Kingston have been conferred on Oscar Marescaux, Napoleon Alberga, and Alexander Nairne, Esquires.

February 28, 1874

The friends and acquaintances are invited to attend the remains of Mrs. Julia Gompertz, widow of Marcus Gompertz, at the residence of Abraham Pinto, Esq., No. 84 East Street, at eight o'clock Saturday night.

March 11, 1874

The annual election for twelve Directors to serve the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue for the next term, took place at the Vestry Chambers of the Institution on Monday last. There were sixteen candidates but the following were the chosen twelve who polled the number of votes respectively placed opposite their names; --

Mr. Osmond Delgado, 77

Mr. Louis P. Alberga, 76

Mr. Alt. DeCordova, 75

Mr. Luciien Alberga, 74

Mr. Jacob Mudahy, 73

Mr. Isaac H. DeMercado, 73

Mr. Robert Delisser, 71

Mr. Henry Delgado, 69

Mr. Phineas Bravo, 67

Mr. Daniel Finzi, 63

Mr. E. J. Brandon, 63

Mr. Gabriel J. DeCordova, 63

March 17, 1874


On the 11th instant, at Retirement Pen, St. Andrew, by the Ven. Archdeacon Campbell, James A. H. Small, Esq., of Caenwood Estate, Portland, to Elisa Ida Blair, daughter of the late John Wallace Harris, Esq., and Mary Matilda, his wife, of St. Andrew.


At Fairfield Estate, St. James, on the 12th inst., in the 49th year of his age, John Manderson, Esq., Land Surveyor and a J. P., St. James and St. Elizabeth, leaving a family of five young children. ..

March 18, 1874

The Police Magistrate was engaged the greater part of the day, yesterday, investigating a charge of larceny of two gallons of brandy, brought by Mr. C. J. Ward, storekeeper of this city, against Theodore Commock, his storeman, and a customer named Francis Quallo, who is accused as an accomplice. The prisoners were defended by Mr. Vendryes and Mr. Andrews, Jnr. The case was adjourned till Saturday for further evidence on the part of the prosecution.

March 19, 1874


On the 10th instant, at 19 Laws Street, in this city, the wife of W. Rastrick Lee, Esq., of a son.


At Halfway Tree Church, St. Andrew, on the 17th inst., by the Venerable D. H. Campbell, M. A., and the Revd. E. Nuttall, James O. Marshall, Esq., of H. M. Royal Engineer Department, second son of the late G. J. Marshall, Master in Ordinary of the Court of Chancery, to Anna Louise, eldest daughter of the late A. W. Aikman, Crown Solicitor and Clerk of the Legislative Council.

March 20, 1874


In this City, on Wednesday 13th instant, the wife of Mr. Solomon Morais, Jnr., of a son.

March 21, 1874

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. George G. Dadd, are requested to attend the remains of his son, Arnold Rattray, from his Residence, No 61 Laws Street, to the place of interment, at 5 o'clock this evening.

March 23, 1874

The friends and acquaintances of Mrs. E. DeRoux are requested to attend her remains from her late residence No 124 Upper Orange Street, to the Catholic Church, at 5 o'clock this evening.

March 30, 1874


At Chichester Parsonage, Hanover, on Tuesday, the 24th inst., the wife of the Revd. W. B. Burrell, of a son.

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