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October 1865

October 13, 1865

Sitting Magistrates

W. A. Espeut and E. B. Jones, Esqs.

NOTICE September 1, 1865

Proprietors or Managers of Estates desirous of Indenturing "East Indian Immigrants" on their arrival in this Island, are requested to notify to me the name and residence of the Proprietor, the estate on which it is proposed to Indenture Immigrants, the number of Immigrants wanted for such estate, the particular description of the building or buildings in which such Immigrants are to be located, such notification to be in the Form - annexed to the Immigration Act in 18?8," or as nearly thereto as circumstances will permit, otherwise no attention will be paid to the application.
W. M. Anderson,
Agent-General of Immigration.

October 16, 1865

Insurrection and rebellion have been reported in St. Thomas in the East ....The insurgents had made some little show on Albion Estate in the Parish of St. Davids on Friday and later in the Parish of St. Georges.  The women were armed with knives, the men with cutlasses which had been rehandled and ground down to a particular size and pattern.

A man named Paul Bogle and his son-in-law George Clark, with one Grant, a saddler, are said to be the ringleaders of this disturbance; the former, according to the disposition of the Prisoner on board the "Wolverine," since dead, being the party who swore the insurgents into service.  The Governor has issued Printed notification which have been posted throughout the country, offering a Reward of $500 for the apprehension of the ringleaders, or for such information as will lead to their apprehension.

Parties, who escaped on board the gunboat "Onyx," off Port Morant, report that Agustus Hire, of Amity Estate; Alexander Chisolm, of Golden Grove; M. Douglass, of Golden Grove; had all been cruelly butchered by the insurgents and that two sons of Mr. Hire had their hands chopped before being permitted to escape.

Leith Hall Estate had been set on fire at several points, but on account of the recent rains, the canes would not burn.  The following shops and houses were plundered and afterwards broken down:-  Chas. Levy & Company's shop at Port Morant, G.A. Haig's house, Cathert MacKay's house and R. B. McGill's shop.  G. Ford, while undergoing the formalities of a "swearing in," (on condition of his life being spared), leaped through the window, mounted a mule that was in the yard and escaped though closely pursued.

When news reached Kingston of disturbances at Albion, the Kingston Troop under Captain Astwood, were despatched for St. Davids, late in the evening of Friday.


By the arrival of the Gun-boat Onyx, at half-past 3 o'clock p.m., yesterday from Morant Bay, we glean the following:

The Governor had left Morant Bay and proceeded to Portland.

All was quiet at Morant Bay; about 50 Prisoners had been hung there, and about 40 more were awaiting their trial.  One of the Ringleaders had been captured, upon information supplied to the Governor.  He was sentenced to death and immediately "strung up:" upon a tree where his corpse could be seen by the People.

At Manchioneal the rioters had sacked and burnt the entire town; the Rev. Enos Jones and his family escaping narrowly with their lives.  The rioters had however been driven out by the Troops who had taken several prisoners.

At Bath, the Maroons were acting in consort with the Troops, and they were in possession of the Town.

Hordley Estate, Golden Grove and all the Estates in that neighbourhood had been attached by the rioters in large numbers; but on Hordley the labourers turned out and nobly protected the place.  The rioters were ultimately driven out from Hordley, but not before several had been killed in the engagement.

Troops had been sent out to Easington, in St. Davids, and the New Church at Morant Bay was being used by the People.  In this building the Court Marshals held their sittings.  His Excellency, we are informed, is greatly pleased with the progress that has been made in crushing out the rebellion so far.

The Onyx, on arriving at Port Morant, found a mob of some 800 persons, chiefly women, demolishing Mr. Duffins' house.  She immediately fired three shells among them and dispersed them.  The troops are at Easington, Morant Bay, Port Morant, Manchioneal, and Port Antonio, and a junction has been formed with the troops who left Newcastle by the mountains, under the guidance of General Jackson.

Among the passengers by the Onyx, we noticed -  the Revd. Mr. Sloan of Port Morant, his wife and child; Mrs. Victor Herschall? of Bath; Dr. and Mrs. Major of Morant Bay, Miss Mackay of Wheelerfield; Mr. Hire (Junior) of Amity Hall and Mr. W. Jackson.  The people of Morant Point had been suffering greatly for the want of provisions and water…..

October 18, 1865

The Rebellion

H.M.S. "Wolverine" arrived in this port at an early hour yesterday morning, with his Excellency the Governor on board.  His Excellency expresses the greatest satisfaction with the results which have attended the movements of the Troops, and is confident that the measures already adopted, will completely crush out the spirit of rebellion in the East.

Eighty-seven rebels had been condemned to death, and had already suffered the extreme penalty of their rashness, before the "Wolverine" left Morant Bay.  Over one hundred more rebels were in the hands of the Troops at Morant Bay, awaiting their trial by Court Martial.

The Maroons, under the Hon. Col. A.G. Fyfe, had turned out with their war paint to assist the Troops. This important move created a profound sensation throughout the districts of Portland and St. Thomas in the East, as they had shown their loyalty in the most unmistakable manner, pursuing the rebels with great spirit in the mountains, exterminating them wherever found.  Several hundreds had been shot by this means alone.

The families, resident in the River District, had all been relieved, and many of them brought into Kingston.

The "Wolverine", with his Excellency the Governor and Staff, left Kingston at about 2 p.m. for the East.

October 19, 1865

Sitting Magistrates:

Joseph Stines(?), David Smith and Alfred Delgado, Esquires.


Prisoners were taken endeavouring to effect a landing from an open boat, and were immediately conveyed to the cells of the Garrison.  One of the prisoners (Private Lutus) had with him a handsome gold pencil case, three gold studs, two gold pins, one with the letters R.D.W. with a stone supposed to be carbuncle encircled with a snake.

Another prisoner had in his possession, books belonging to Leith Hall Estate, the property of P. A. Espeut, Esq.

These prisoners were yesterday brought up to Kingston by a guard of the Royal Artillery, and lodged in the Kingston Barracks.

These eight prisoners were tried by Court Martial yesterday, and will be brought up again today with thirty-two others.



Through the kindness of T. L. Barber, Esq. and Captain McDowell, we were yesterday placed in possession of the following important Telegram regarding Paul Bogle, for whose capture the Governor in Executive Committee offered a Reward of $2000:-
"Telegram from Spanish Town, 10 a.m., Paul Bogle has been captured at Montego Bay."

A correspondent from Falmouth writes:
Friday, 2 o'clock.

Our Police left here last night for Montego Bay with another man who knew Bogle; he was seen at the Bay Drunk, and was identified by one of our people, so the fellow is all right.  Our Custos sent off an express to Spanish Town today.  He was taken up and is in prison.  It is generally believed that the device of Bogle was to be apprehended, and sent to prison on a petty charge, so as to escape detection, and thus frustrate the assiduity of search.



A man named Anderson, from Morant Bay has, as a rebel, surrendered himself to the government, and offered to become king's evidence.  The information afforded by him is important regarding rebel meetings, the parties who attended them, and those who took part in their proceedings or were correspondents.  He was sent up under a guard to his honor the Custos of Kingston, where he arrived last night, and was afterwards conveyed to the Camp.

Joseph Goldson, some time ago a Sergeant of the Kingston Police Force, William Kelly Smith, Editor of the Watchman Newspaper, and J. N. Vaz, the Publisher of that print, were all arrested this morning by the city Volunteers, and safely lodged in the Kingston Barracks.  They were afterwards removed by a detachment of the 6th. Royal Regiment.


DeCordova's Irregulars were ordered out this morning at 3 o'clock, and have gone somewhere, but for what purpose, for with what object, we have not yet been enabled to ascertain.

From despatches received at Head Quarters House yesterday, we learn that Samuel Clark of St. David's has been apprehended as one of the conspirators in this outbreak, also Elizabeth Bogle, a daughter of Paul Bogle, and one or two Policemen.  Col. Hobbs of the 6th. Royal Regiment has been with his men scouring the interior of the country, and burning the houses of all Rebels he met with, and every house in which it was known that a Rebel had resided.  They had not been found in force by any of the Troops, except those under Colonel Hobbs and Captain Ross, but on each of these occasions they had been repulsed by the Troops.  Prisoners were being brought in in large numbers, and executed in the districts to which they belonged, and so numerous had they become, it was found difficult to guard them, while others in even greater numbers came and delivered themselves up.  The rebellion may now be considered crushed.

A large gallows of unusual height was being erected at Morant Bay when the Onyx left yesterday.  It was evidently being constructed for some special object, and for giving peculiar prominence to some particular event.



We regret that in consequence of some little misunderstanding between Capt. Arnold Malabre and the authorities, he has been for the present, relieved of his command in the No. 2 Kingston Rifles.  We exceedingly regret this, for Captain Malabre is one of the most valuable Officers the Volunteer force possesses in Kingston, and his removal at this period, would most unquestionably be a dissatisfaction to the City.

The city owes much to Captain Malabre already, and there are few men who are more generally respected and esteemed for their amiable qualities and Mercantile experience than Mr. Malabre.  For our sake, we trust that matters may be explained satisfactory on both sides, and that speedily.

October 20, 1865

Sitting Magistrates:

Joseph Stines(?), David Smith and Alfred Delgado, Esquires.



In this city, on the 18th. Inst., the wife of Alexander Richard Askman(?), of a son and heir.



Port Royal Street, Kingston
Patron - His Excellency Sir Henry Barkly, K.C.B.
Chairman - The Honorable Edward Jordon, C.B.
Vice Chairman - Henry Forbes Colthirst, Esquire.

Honorable Stephen Weise Mais
Honorable Alexandre Bravo
Emanuel Lyons, Esquire
Robert Russoll, Esquire
Robert Ozborn, Esquire
Honorable Henry Westmorland
Daniel Power French, Esquire

Medical Officers:
Charles (?) Campbell, Esq., M.D.- Kingston
Andrew Duen, Esquire, M..D. - Kingston
Patrick J. Kelly, Esq., M.D. - St. James
William Peutt(?), Esquire, M.D. - Falmouth
? Croskery, Esq., M.R.C.S. - Clarendon
Alfred Carter,Esq., M.R.C.S. - St. Ann's
John S. Gerrard, Esqr., M.R.C.S. - St. Thomas in the East

Solicitor - Samuel Constantine Burke, Esquire

Simon Emanuel Pieteres, Esquire
David Judah Alberga, Esquire
William Lee, Esquire

W. A. Hamilton, Esquire, Falmouth
Reverend F. Jones, Clarendon
S. G. Corinaldi, Montego Bay
William Ewen, Esquire, Savanna-la-Mar.

October 21, 1865


In the R.M.C. Steamer Tena, from Southamton:
Mr. Westmorland and child; Mr. W. L. Dodd, R.N.; Ensign Collis; Sergt. Major Webb, wife and children, Mr. J.? G. Lewis, Mr. William Bailey, Mr. Allferal; Mr. James Sellers; Mr. Gusilin?; Sergt. Parke, wife and 3 children; Sergt. Major Newman; Miss Elizabeth McLean; Ensign Lawyon and Mr. Michael McQuade.



Joseph Stines, David Smith and Alfred Delgado, Esquires.

October 23, 1865


James H. McDowell and David Martin, Esqrs.



20TH. October, 20 min. past 11, a.m.
The Wolverine with my last despatches to date (9am) is just leaving the port, and at the same moment the Irregular Kingston Home.

Two Courts Martial are now sitting for the trial of all rebels in Camp.

One Court is composed of as follows:
Lieutenant Brand, R.M., President
Lieutenant Errington, R.M., and Ensign Kelly, 1st. W.I. Regiment, members.

The other Court:
Lieutenant Col. Lewis, of the Militia, President
Captain Espeut, Militia, and Captain Astwood, of the Volunteers, members.

I have had it from the best military authority that, every rebel that was executed at Port Antonio on Monday and Tuesday last, confessed their guilt and acknowledged the justice of their sentence.

The conspirator, George William Gordon, will be tried tomorrow.  I shall attend the Court and take the evidence against him for our readers, the military authorities being exceedingly kind and courteous to representatives of the press since we have been up here.  We can do no less than acknowledge every courtesy and facility.



Since our last issue we have been informed of several arrests, in consequence of information in possession of the authorities: among those we may mention Mr. Frederick Vinon, Dentist.

The other prisoners were removed from Camp on Saturday to the Barracks, and thence, at about five o'clock under a strong guard of the 6th.  Royal Regiment to the Ordinance wharf, whence they were conveyed, on board the "Abonker".  Among them we noticed - Kelly Smith, E. J. Goldson, Thomas Harry, Revd. E. Palmer, Revd. J. Roach, Alx. [Alexander] Miller, I. M. Vaz, J. Dick, Crole, Kellerman, McCormack, Sam Clarke, Jeffries, Revd. Harris, Davis.



To the Editor of the Gleaner
Sir, Immediately on the receipt of the sad news of the outbreak of a rebellion in St. Thomas in the East, a large and influential meeting, consisting of the most respectable townsmen, took place at the premises of Messrs. Leyden & Co. (those gentlemen kindly offering the use of the upper part of their store for the occasion), when it was resolved by, the meeting to form a No. 2 Company of Volunteers, to be drilled as an infantry Company.  Mr. John A. DeSouza having consented to act as Secretary for the occasion.  Dr. Joseph Adolphus was requested to take the chair, which he did, and in an appropriate speech pointed out the utility of those present enrolling their names for the formation of the Company; this was cheerfully responded to, and some thirty names were taken down by the Secretary.  The following gentlemen were then elected as Officers, viz:- Dr. J. Adolphus, Captain; J. G. Stopforth, Esq., 1st. Lieutenant; B. D. Lindo, Esq., 2nd. Lieutenant, and Mr. John Addison, Esq., Quarter Master.  A subscription list was then opened, and up to the present moment upwards of £40 have been subscribed.  The Secretary was requested to communicate with his honor the Custos, informing him of the proceedings of the meeting, and requesting his honor to forward the names of the Officers to his Excellency the Governor, for his Excellency's approval; which communication, I believe, will be forwarded by this day's post.  We had a meeting yesterday, for the purpose of swearing in Special Constables.  In understand that several gentlemen were sworn in the meeting was adjourned to Friday, when, I expect, we will have a very large number added to the constabulary list.

Today is a muster of the Westmoreland Volunteer Troop, commanded by Captain Farquharson, the men appearing in undress uniform and I am pleased to say that such a company our parish may well be proud of, men who will not be found wanting should occasion require.  What aid would this company have afforded (were they present) to our unfortunate, but gallant Volunteers of St. Thomas ye East.

West Point
Sav-la-Mar, 19th. Oct., 1965

October 24, 1865


James H. McDowell and David Martin, Esqrs.



In this City, on the 18th. Instant, the wife of Cumberland Hill Nicholls, Esquire, of H.M. Ship Royalist, of a Daughter.



Counsellor Williams of this city waited upon us yesterday, to solicit our cooperation in a scheme which he and Major Malabre have undertaken, on behalf of the country generally, a scheme by which they hope to raise a subscription, in aid of the Widows and Orphans, of those who have so recently suffered in the rebellion, now all but extinguished in St. Thomas in the East; and more particularly for the Widows and Orphans of those who died in the defence of the country.  We need not say that this undertaking reflects the highest credit upon the gentlemen who have so kindly taken it in hand, and carries with it the strongest sympathies of every right hearted subject in the land.



We have been informed that one case of undoubted Asiatic Cholera has presented itself in the Lunatic Asylum at Rae's Town.


His Honor the Custos and Mr. Justice Bickness proceeded to the Surry County Jail yesterday, to try a prisoner for saying "if he was out he would shoot and cut the white men's throats."  We are informed that he was handed over to the Military Authorities, to be further dealt with.


October 24, 1865

All the members of Captain Bird's Company of Special Volunteers, are requested to meet at the R.M.S.P. Company's wharf, punctually, at 5 o'clock tomorrow evening.  Members, not yet supplied with arms, will also attend.

October 25, 1865


In the R.M.C. Steamer "Ruabine" for England - George L. Phillips, for Jacmel Mr. Rempter.



Charles Morgan, clerk to his honor the Attorney General, was; at 2 o'clock yesterday morning, arrest in Spanish Town by the Volunteers, and under an escort of the Infantry and Artillery, commanded by Lieutenant McGlashan, brought over by the 8 o'clock train, and lodged in the Kingston Barracks.


NOTICE - October 25, 1865

The Undersigned respectfully request that all those who suffered from the outbreak in St. Thomas in the East and their Friends will kindly furnish information upon the subject of their distresses.
All communications will be kept strictly private and confidential
J. S. Williams
A. L. Malabre
Honorary Treasurers

October 26, 1865


Among the documents recently captured by the Authorities in their search in St. Thomas in the East, is a Plan of Kingston, said to have been prepared by Genl. Lamothe, the Haitian Refugee.


I have hung at 5 p.m., Moses Bogle, brother of Paul; George Craddock, Secretary to Paul Bogle; and McLaren, occasional Secretary Boner, called Capt. General and a notorious rebel.
Paul Bogle's son-in-law, and the man who first entered the house of Mr. Hire, await execution.
Colonel Fyre reports capturing a number of rebels, armed with cutlasses.  They are under guard, but names are not reported.
Dr. Bruce of Vere was arrested yesterday by the St. Catherine Volunteers, and was in custody of the military at Old Harbour.



The "Oracle" in which General Lamothe left this port on the 10th. Instant, ostensibly for the purpose of conveying a cargo to Inagua, put in to Port Antonio on Wednesday, on the plea of having sprung a leak.  She was immediately seized, and Lamothe and all on board made prisoners.
On receipt of the Intelligence here, Mr. Noel Crosswell, the owner of the vessel, was arrested.

The Picket of Captain Dunn's company, finding Constable Goldsmith, asleep at his post, at 11:30 p.m., on Tuesday night, took him up and conveyed him to the Cage, where he was placed under arrest.



We are glad to learn that the Revd. A. J. Milne, M.A., Principal of the Collegiate School in this city, is expected to arrive in the Packet, due here on the 22nd. Proximo.

October 27, 1865


The chief organizers and leaders in the rebellion, Paul and Moses Bogle, and old Bowie, were hanged on the ruins of the Court House; the notorious Paul in the centre, Moses on his left hand, old Bowie on the right, all hanged from the centre arch on which the no less notorious George William Gordon perished so ingloriously.

The Kingston Mounted Troop, under Lieut. Adcock, accompanied by Capt. Astwood, arrived in Morant Bay this evening from Golden Grove.

The Negroes at Golden Grove, Serge Island, Duckenfield and other properties are reported as turning out to work on the several Estates.

H.M.S. "Fawn" left this evening for the east end, to re-erect the light at the Light-house at Port Morant, which had either been put out by the rebels, or deserted by the keeper.

Scipplo(?) Cowell, one of the worst rebels, received 75 lashes this morning, when after receiving same, he coolly asked for "a bottle of port wine to warm his inside".  It was denied him of course, on the ground that he had received sufficient warning.

God grant that our country may yet once more see quiet and happy days.  The injuries inflicted on the planters and storekeepers are beyond any description.

The private stores of the planters, on the estates have been sacked, and the shops in the country kept by storekeepers have not only been sacked but burnt by the rebels.  Mr. Marchellick has suffered beyond all description.

The energy of this gentleman, in serving the Troops and making himself generally useful, is worthy of all praise.



We have pleasure in announcing that Capt. Johnson, A.D.C. to the General, has been appointed Dep. Assist. Adjutant General of the Volunteer Force.  All communications on service will be sent through Capt. Johnson.

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