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April - August 1886

April 1, 1886

Among the passengers who left yesterday afternoon in the Para for England was Master Ernest Henriques who goes to Aberdeen to complete his studies in the Medical Profession. the young gentleman was educated at Mary Villa College by the Revd. Father Jaeckel, and was for some time at the Public Hospital pursuing his studies.

April 2, 1886


March 29th at Sutton's Pasture, Vere, the wife of Henry L. Clare, M. B., District Medical Officer, of a son.

April 3, 1886


DELGADO -- BRANDON -- On the 31st ultimo by A. H. Josephs, Reader of the Amalgamated Synagogue, Marcus, youngest son of the late Edwin Delgado, to Miriam, fourth daughter of the late Nathaniel Brandon.


At Sunny Vale, in this city, on Saturday 27th ult., Cecil John Edward, eldest son of Fernando and Alice Delfosse, aged 7 years 2 months.

April 5, 1886


Yesterday morning at No. 17 North Street, Sarah, Relict of the late William P. D'Aguilar and mother of John P. D'Aguilar.

April 8, 1886


This morning at No. 1 Ladd Lane, Charlotte Lester, the beloved wife of R. M. Nicholas.

April 9, 1886


On the 16th March at Chatham, England, Fannie Alma, the beloved wife of Dr. George J. Fogerty, R. N., and eldest daughter of the late W. G. Astwood, Esq., of Kingston, Jamaica.

Passengers Arrived

In the ss Alvo from Port-au-Prince: -- Mr. R. McColl; Mr. O. Bavastro.

In the ss Arran from Lucea: -- Mr. Riddell; Mr. E. Stewart. From Sav-la-Mar: -- Mrs. Cardovan, child and infant; Mrs. Chisholm; Mr. Doris; Mr. Aguilar. From Montego Bay: -- Mr. Foster. From Alligator Pond: -- Miss M.. Miller.

Passengers Sailed

In the ss Bernard Hall for New Orleans: -- Mr. Jacob B. Wolfe; Miss Esther Martin; Mr. Mortimer Brandon.

April 10, 1886


On Friday evening, 9th April, Mrs. Abigail Hicks, the mother of Colonel Hicks and of Mrs. Thomas Oughton. Friends are notified that the funeral will leave Bel Air at 4:30 this afternoon.

April 16, 1886


On 10th March at Sandmere Road, Clapham, London, S. W., A. C. Logan, Esq., of Great Valley, in the parish of Manchester. Mr. Logan is well known in the island and was a member of the Legislature for a good many years.

At his late residence, No. 40 Harbour Street, last night at 8 o'clock, Simon A. W. Poubister.


The Governor has granted six months Leave of Absence from the 28th inst., to Dr. Izett W. Anderson, Surgeon to the General Penitentiary and Chief Medical Officer of the Lock Hospital, and has appointed Dr. Lang to act as his locum tenens during such absence.

April 17, 1886

Passengers Sailed

In the ss Beta for Halifax: -- Mr. Charles Constantine; Mr. Scott; Mr. H. C. McLeod. For Bermuda: -- Mrs. R. Fearweather; Miss M. Auld; Mr. John Fulton; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Maguire. For Turks Island: -- Mr. J. Valdes; Mr. E. Rodriquez; Mr. A. Wilson.



Congregation of Amalgamated Israelites

The Congregation is informed that Mr. M. Abisdid has resigned his position as "Shoket", and Mr. Maurice Solomon has been appointed in his stead. Small stock to be killed can be sent to his residence, no. 42 Duke Street.


Mr. Kell King, late clerk of Petty Sessions for Portland, and who was tried at the Bath Circuit Court on Thursday for embezzlement of public money, was acquitted. The accused was prosecuted by Mr. Advocate S. C. Burke, and ably defended by Mr. Advocate Nathan.

April 19, 1886


On the 15th inst., at St. John's Church, Ocho Rios, by the Rev. F. H. Sharpe, Alexander Morrison Lang, M. B., to Wilhelmina Ann (Tiny), youngest daughter of James Stewart, Esq., Shaw Park, St. Ann's, late 22nd Regt.

April 21, 1886

The numerous friends of the Rev. John Radcliffe will deeply sympathize with him in the loss of his third son, Leonard, who died yesterday at Galloway Lodge, Port Royal Mountains. The funeral will take place at the Cemetery of the Church of Scotland at 8:30 o'clock this morning.

April 22, 1886


At 119 Upper King Street, the residence of Mr. John Jones, Mrs Eliza Ann Huggard.


Kew Pen in the Parish of St. Andrew was put up to public auction yesterday, by Messrs Turnbull, Mudon and Co., and was withdrawn, the reserved price not being met.

April 24, 1886


At Galloway Lodge, on the 20th inst., Leonard McIlroy Radcliffe, aged 19 years and ten months, second and dearly loved son of the Revd. John Radcliffe and Isabella his wife.

April 28, 1886


At 69 Water Lane this morning, George Henry Bubb, aged 5 years, fourth son of J. A. B. and Joseph [sic] (should be Josepha) B. Clarke.

[This item was corrected in the Gleaner issue of April 30, 1886.]


A telegram was received in this city on Monday from Colon announcing the death of George Williams in Colon on the 25th inst. Deceased, who is a native of Jamaica, was employed at one time as clerk of the office of Harbour Master.

April 29, 1886


At his residence No. 108 Princess Street, at 3:15 p.m. yesterday, Edward Duffus, late of Gordon Town, St. Andrew.

May 1, 1886


At no. 50 Duke Street, in this city, this morning, Selina, wife of Abraham Myers.

May 3, 1886


On Sunday night, at 10 o'clock, at his late residence, No. 85 Barry Street, John Fox.

May 4, 1886


At the Manse, Ewing's Caymanas, on the morning of the 1st inst., Anne Elizabeth, aged 23, the beloved wife of the Rev. J. D. Robertson.

May 6, 1886

Passengers Arrived

In the ss Alvo from New York: -- Mr. R. J. DeCordova; Mr. W. J. Pierce; Mr. John Hope; Mr. William Winer; Mr. William Barley; Mr. William Collins.

May 10, 1886

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. S. Don from Southampton: -- Mr. S Hoskins and son; Mrs. Butler and three children; Mr. G. M. Campbell. From Antigua: -- Mr. A. P. Maw. From Barbados: -- Mr. A. Crerar.

May 12, 1886


On 8th May, at the Rectory, Port Maria, Mrs. J. Walker Bates, prematurely of a daughter.


At. No. 188 Orange Street, yesterday, Letticia Simpson, widow of the late Andrew Simpson.

At 8 o'clock on the 11th inst., in her 35th year, Emma Julia, wife of Peter S. Simpson. The funeral will eave Inverary Cottage (Mary Brown's Corner) at 4 o'clock this afternoon.

May 13, 1886

The landed property belonging to the estate of the late John S. Brown, was put up to public auction yesterday, by Messrs. Turnbull Mudon & Co., Auctioneers, when Simmers Villa was purchased by the relatives for £600. The Metropolitan Hotel was withdrawn at £1,400, and the premises 101 Duke Street were purchased by Mr. Thomas for £160. We have been requested to state that private offers will be received for the purchase of the Metropolitan Hotel.

May 15, 1886


At her residence, No. 19 Water Lane, Mrs. Constantia G. Burrell, Widow.

May 19, 1886


At the Residence of her Son, S. D. Lindo, 105 East Street, on Tuesday the 18th instant, Rebecca, Widow of the late Honble. A. J. Lindo, aged 84 years.

May 20, 1886


On the 17th inst., at Liberty Hill, in the Parish of St. Ann, Georgiana, widow of the late George Radcliffe Stennett, M. D., aged 73.

May 21, 1886


On Thursday night, at 31 Duke Street, Charles. D. Delgado, son of the late Edwin Delgado, aged 32 years.

May 22, 1886


At No. 50 Duke Street, in this city yesterday afternoon, Abraham Myers.

Bankruptcy Matters

His Honor Mr. Justice Curran held a Court of Bankruptcy yesterday, when an absolute order of bankruptcy was made against Mr. S. C. Henriques of Spanish Town, on his own petition.


In the matter of the Bankruptcy Estate of Philips and Abrahams, the summons in the case of Phillip Abrahams Hart vs. William Lee, Trustee, was dismissed with costs.


On Tuesday last an absolute order of bankruptcy was made against Mr. Henry Webb, of Black River, on his own petition.

May 24, 1886

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. S. Para from Southampton: -- Staff Engineer Smith, R. N.; Mr. and Mrs. McLachlan; Sergeant Drummer Beard; Mrs. Yonge; Miss Yonge; Mrs. J. M. Farquharson; Miss E. Farquharson; Mr. J. Macglashan; Revd. A. Poole.

May 25, 1886


At St. Peter's Church, Lluidas Vale, on Tuesday the 18th May, 1886, by the Rev. John H. H. Graham (brother of the bride) Augustus Constantine Sinclair, of the Government Printing Establishment, to Catherine Rosetta Graham of Herondale, St. Catherine.

May 27, 1886


On the 18th May, 1886, at Mizpah, in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica, by the Reverend Henry Walder (the brother of the bride) George Hicks, Assistant Inspector of Schools, to Susette Walder, late of the Moravian Jamaica Female Training College.


Passengers Sailed

In the ss Alvenia for New York: -- Mr. and Mrs. Azbill; Miss Scully; Miss Scheld; Mrs. Dunaand, Stewardess; Mrs. Wolfe; Miss Anderson; Mrs. E. S. Anderson and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs. Tait and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs Gutierrez; Mr. Gilbert; Mr. Martin; Mr. and Mrs. Burnett, Mr. Milke; Mr. Armstrong; Mrs. Anderson and servant; Dr. and Mrs. Moss, 4 children and 2 servants. For Fortune Island: -- Mrs. Chutsam; Mr. Finzi; Mr. Recuero.

In the R. M. S. Don for Southampton: -- Lieutenant Colonel Ward, wife, 2 children and nurse; Mr. and Mrs. George Stiebel; Mrs. C. H. Jackson, five children and 2 nurses; Rev. Goddard; Mrs. Richard Moss and 2 daughters; Mr. Dugald Campbell; Miss Mabel Hendriks; Mr. T. Girvan; Mr. and Mrs. Milligen and child; Mr. A. H. Pinnock, wife, 2 children and nurse; Mr. Arthur George; Mr. and Mrs. John Davidson; Mr. C. Alexander; Mrs. L. N. Martin; Miss A. Alexander; Miss E. Alexander; Miss V. Alexander; Mrs. Baaker; Mr. James Lanther; Mrs. Hanna; Mr. and Mrs. H. D. A. Reid; Revd. Walder, wife and 8 children and 2 servants; Sergeant Brandwood, wife and 2 children.

Among the passengers who left Jamaica for England on the Don yesterday was the Rev. Henry Walder, the Moravian minister at Mizpah....

May 31, 1886


On 30th inst. at his late residence, No. 12 Barry Street, Mark Alfred, the second son of the late Mark Laidman.

June 2, 1886


Last night at the residence of Mr. W. B. Hannan, 65 Hanover Street, George Henry Brown, aged 30 years, late of Deal, England, leaving a sorrowing widow and two children to mourn his loss.

June 3, 1886

Passengers Arrived

In the ss Ailsa from New York: -- Mr. G. J. DeCordova and wife; Mr. L. D. Beylard, wife, nurse and 2 children; Mrs. S. M. Reilly and 4 children; Mr. J. H. Stetson; Mr. E. R. Benns; Mr. F. G. Harvey; Mr. J. D. Casseres; Mr. G. P. Gardner; Mr. S. M. Da Costa; Mr. E. F. Cohen; Mr. R. M. Menendez; Mr. E. DePass; Mr. R. O. Sullivan.


At his residence on the Slipe Pen Road (above Torrington Bridge) Horatio Bonitto. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend his remains from his residence to the Parish Church at 4 p.m.


Messrs. Stines & Magnus sold the following properties yesterday: -- No. 79 Upper King Street for £530; No 69 Barry Street, corner Duke Street, for £245.

June 4, 1886

An Ordination Service will be held at Half-Way Tree Church on Sunday the 20th June, by his Lordship the Bishop, when the following deacons will be admitted to the Priesthood: Revds. Roberts, Bates, Rushbrooke, Graham, Edwin and Pearman.

June 10, 1886


At Brighton, England, 13th May, 1886, Brigade Surgeon Tyler Oughton, fourth son of the late Revd. Samuel Oughton. Aged 49 years.

June 14, 1886

Mr. Harold Wilmot Dayes is about to study for the bar, and returns to the Church of England and Collegiate School to take his final half year's course preparatory thereto.

June 17, 1886

Passengers Arrived

In the ss Alvena from New York: -- Sir. A. Musgrave; Mr. A. Melhado; Mr. R. Melhado; Mr. J. Howell.

In the ss Beta Beta from Halifax: -- Dr. D. D. H. Harrington; Mr. Rama; Mr. D. Garcia. From Turks Island: -- Mr. Charles Grey and child; Mr. J. r. Castello; Mr. Alexander Wilson.


We understand that L. F. Verley, Esq., has purchased Quebec Lodge in St. Andrew.

June 18, 1886

The divorce case of Piper vs Piper is set down for the coming term of the Circuit Court. some time ago Mrs. Piper left her husband's bed and is said to have gone away with one Charles A. Davis, Port Limon, in the Republic of Costa Rica. Mr. Piper therefore asks for a divorce.

June 19, 1886

Passengers Sailed

In the ss Beta for Halifax: -- Rev. A. Poole, Mrs. S. R. Whitehorn, 2 children and nurse, Miss Bicknell. For Turks Island: -- Mr. M. A. Moore.

In the ss Alvena for Colon: -- Mr. Edward Maten; Mr. A. Rama: Mr. D. Garcia.


On the 27th inst., at Halifax, N. S., after a very severe illness, Mary E., widow of the late George Irwin, druggist.

On Friday evening, Solomon DeCordova, aged 51 years. The funeral will move from his late residence, Merryfield Pen, St. Andrew, on Sunday morning at 8 o'clock.

June 21, 1886

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. S. Moselle from Southampton: -- Mr. W. B. Kempson, wife, son, and daughter; Mr. Dalrymple Hay; Mr. S. S. Burke; Mr. H. E. Reuben; M. E. G. Craven; Mrs. Yeoman; Sergeant Major R. Adams and wife; Mr. Cornelius Wade; Mr. Edward Lewis.


June 18th, at Marine Gardens, Hanover Street, the wife of Surgeon Major Joynt, Army Medical Staff, Newcastle, of a son.

June 22, 1886


At her residence, No. 87 Rosemary Lane, on the morning of the 22nd inst., at half-past four o'clock, Sarah Ann, the beloved wife of Alva Alexander Foster.

June 23, 1886


SHERRING -- June 2nd at Hallatrew Court, nr. Bristol, the wife of R. Sherring of a daughter.


At the Parish Church, Kingston, on the 16th inst., by the Revd. G. W. Downer, assisted by the Revd. Jos. Williams, Alfred Henry Miles, to Ada Eliza, fifth daughter of W. M. Anderson, of Cavalier's Pen, St. Andrew.


We regret to learn of the death of Mr. Robert Russell, who died at Spanish Town on Sunday last and was buried on Monday afternoon in the Cathedral. The deceased was 77 years of age and was late Chairman of the Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Society, and was director of many local institutions.

June 25, 1886

An Award of Prizes [extract]

The distribution of prizes and medals in connection with the Church of England and Collegiate School took place at St. George's school room at 11 o'clock yesterday, before a large and fashionable audience, including the parents and guardians of the pupils....

Five of [the] pupils passed the University of Cambridge local examinations, one of whom obtained honours.

The following is the list: --

Lionel DeMercado, 90 Hanover Street, Kingston, who obtained honours; James Aldred Allwood, Mandeville; Henry John Newman, 92 Tower Street, Kingston; Harold Wilmot W. Dayes, 135 Orange Street, Kingston; Arthur H. DePass, Church Street.

June 29, 1886


In Spanish Town on 26th inst., Cleveland A. Dias, aged 38

July 1, 1886


On the 29th June,, at the Hope, St. Andrew, the wife of Mr. G. N. Cox of a daughter.

July 5, 1886

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. S. Medway from Southampton: -- Surgeon J. Cashin, R. N. and wife; Peter Nichol, Engineer; Miss C. O'Brien; Dr. Gayleard; Mr. G. Humphries; Sergeant Major Namara; sergeant Kirby; Private Burnett, 1st W. I. R.

July 6, 1886


At his father's residence, No. 13 West Street, on Friday the 2nd July, 1886, Stephen Victor Hester, the beloved son of James and Sophia Hester. Aged 16 years.

July 7, 1886


At her residence, No. 45 Union Street, Montego Bay, on Friday 2nd inst., Florence Alice, the beloved wife of Samuel Hart. Aged 25 years.

July 8, 1886

Passengers Sailed

In the ss Alvo for New York: -- Mr. F. B. Lyons; Mr. Charles Levy; Mrs. Solomon and infant; Rev. A. Rushbrook, wife and child; Mrs. Clark; Mr. Stanley; Mr. J. D. Casseres; Mr. T. Atkins; Captain Nowell; Dr. Ferguson; Master J. Allen; Mr. and Mrs. Recuero; Mrs. Byrne; Mr. A. D. Smith; Mrs. Franks.

In the R. M. C. str for Southampton: -- His Honor Sir Adam Gibb Ellis; Mr. Ralph H. B. Hotchkin; Mrs. Hamilton, sister and two nieces; Mrs. Curran, five children and two nurses; Revd. Caleb Reynolds; Mr. Francis Lowe; Mr. R. W. Miles; Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Martin; Revd. C. Chapman; Mr. William Brazier; Mr. Horace H. Brazier; Mr. Thomas Brazier; Mr. George Nell; Dr. H. J. Todd, R. N.; Mr. A. de Montagnac.

July 9, 1886

Personal [extract]

Mr. Rudolph DeCordova, son of our well-known citizen, Altamont DeCordova, Esq., is expected home in a few weeks. Mr. DeCordova left here in 1878 to study for the medical professions in the University College, London. He passed the preliminary examination with credit, took the gold medal in materia medica and therapeutics, ranked high in the principal sciences, and was within a few months of receiving the degree of B. M. when he abandoned the pursuit of science to embrace the more fascinating study of art. At an early age he evinced a decided taste for the drama, and surrounded with all the advantages which the great metropolis of art and letters afforded, he set out to realize the dreamings of his youth. How well he has succeeded best appears from the flattering notices which the press of London has published of his appearances and progress on the stage .....


Judge Curran will act as Chief Justice of Jamaica during the absence of Sir Adam Gibb Ellis.

July 10, 1886

The University Certificates for the young men of the Church of England and Collegiate High School who passed the Cambridge local examination in January last arrived by the last packet from England, and are now being distributed among the successful competitors. Master H. W. W. Dayes, Master L. DeMercado, Master J. Allwood, Master H. J. Newman, and Master A. H. DePass.

July 12, 1886


Raphael DaCosta Lewin -- Raphael DaCosta Lewin, Rabbi of the Hebrew Church, died at his residence No. 52 East Sixty-fifth Street on Friday night. He was born in Jamaica, W. I. in 1845. A few years ago he was pastor of a synagogue on Green Avenue, Brooklyn. This was given up on account of illness, and Mr. Lewin has not of late occupied any pulpit. He was editor of "The Jewish Advocate" -- New York "Herald", Sunday June 27, 1886



At 2:15 p.m. on the 11th instant, Florence Leonora, the beloved wife of John M. Crosswell (and youngest daughter of the late Juan Hidalgo, Esq.) The funeral will move at 5 o'clock this afternoon from the residence No. 2 H., East Queen Street.

July 14, 1886


Yesterday at his residence, No. 75 King Street, Joseph S. McPherson.

July 15, 1886


In this city yesterday, Henry Willoughby Da Costa. The funeral will take place from his late residence, corner of Charles and Orange Streets, at 5 o'clock this evening.


The will of the late Isaac H. DeMercado just probated places the property of the deceased at £11,500.


Edward Todd Archer asks for a divorce from his wife Elizabeth on the ground of adultery, and claims from the co-respondent, Naphtali Mendes, £200 damage.



It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Henry Willoughby Da Costa, which occurred at his late residence in Orange Street yesterday noon.

Deceased was a prominent and successful merchant whose liberality and straightforwardness in business matters made him popular and respected. Socially he was a great favourite, his genial disposition and refinement making him a welcome visitor everywhere. Clean cut, well educated and well-disposed, Mr. Da Costa's presence had a wholesome effect on the tone and morals of the community. His death will be deeply deplored by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance, and we extend to his family our sincere and heartfelt sympathy.

July 20, 1886


DECORDOVA -- NUNES -- On Wednesday 14th July, Joshua, eldest son of the late Michael DeCordova, of Kingston, to Viola Ianthe, fourth daughter of the late Ralph Nunes of Kingston.

July 21, 1886

Revd. A. H. Neito has accepted an appointment as Chazzan [Hazan] to one of the principal Synagogues in New York. He sailed from Liverpool in the steamer Egypt about July 1st.


The City Council of this city has notified several of the prominent citizens of Port Royal that they can have a portion of May Pen Cemetery allotted to them, but that they must stop burying their dead in the Palisadoes. A meeting of Port Royal taxpayers will be held in the court house, at that place, next Saturday.

July 23, 1886


On the 16th July, at Colon, by the Registrar, Mr. Leopold Levy to Alice, third daughter of the late Jacob Rodrigues Da Costa, of Kingston.

July 27, 1886

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. C. H. Branday are requested to attend the remains of his mother, Mrs. Eugene Branday, from his residence No. 22 Barry Street at 4 o'clock this evening to the place of interment.

July 28, 1886


At his residence No 99 Luke Lane. Henry Penso.

New City Dispensary

The following gentlemen have been returned to serve as directors for the ensuing year, 1886-87: --

Rev. Thos. M. Geddes; Rev. Father Dupont; Rev. Joel Peters; Charles Goldie; G. J. DeCordova; John C. Fegan; P. E. Auvray; Charles L., Campbell; A. H. Jones; A. M. Nathan; C. J. Ward; W. B. Gray.

July 30, 1886


At Falmouth, on 26th inst., John Passmore, Esq., late Collector of H. M. Customs.

At No. 52 Church Street, at 2:35 yesterday evening, Marie Eulalie, infant daughter of David G. and Marie A. Clough.

July 31, 1886

Supreme Court Notice

Archer vs Archer (Mr. Mendes co-respondent) for a divorce and claiming £200 damages, the petitioner appeared in propria persona yesterday, before Justice Curran in Chambers, and submitted certain questions of fact to be tried by the Jury upon which the issue of the case is to be decided. The petitioner also sought for an order to have the suit set down for hearing at the next session of the Eastern Court. The Court fixed the 30th August for the trial.

August 2, 1886


At Winchester Park on the 27th ultimo, the wife of Alfred Pawsey of a daughter.

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. S. Para from Southampton: -- Paymaster W. Ledden, R. N.; Lieut. Tottenham, 2nd W. I.; Sergeant Major Kennedy; Barrack Sergeant McKay, wife and two children; The Misses Parry; Miss Lynch; Mr. Blanchflower; Miss Eglinton; Mr. F. Roper; Mr. J. Cassis; Mr. and Mrs. Jamieson and child; Mr. A. Mitchell; Mr. and Mrs. Aitkin, child and servant.

From Demerara: -- Miss Sivain. From Barbados: -- Mr. J. Preston. From Jacmel: -- Mr. C. J. Brown.

August 3, 1886


In this city on Saturday 31st July at her residence No. 17 West Street, Mrs. Ann Hester, the beloved wife of the late John Hester, aged 79 years, leaving a large family to mourn her loss.


Mr. Charles L. Campbell will be nominated by his friends to fill the seat in the Legislative Council become vacant by the resignation of the Hon. George Henderson, to represent the Parish of Portland.


A picnic given by the mechanics in this city was held yesterday at Dunrobin Pen in St. Andrews the property of William Andrews, Esq., who kindly placed the grounds at their disposal. Nearly 1000 persons attended the picnic, there being 7 cars on the Half-way Tree line running every 30 minutes.


On Thursday last the school girls belonging to the Convent and Alpha Cottage were treated to a picnic at Mr. Desnoes house, Golden Grove, by their principals, where they enjoyed a pleasant day. The party left early in the morning in carriages, returning the same afternoon.

August 5, 1886

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. str. Don for Southampton: -- General Mann and wife; Mrs. Parkins, nurse and 2 children; Mr. A. M. Nathan; Revd. John Tamar; Mr. Jacob Brandon and son; Mr. P. Abbott; Mr. J. R. Bailey; Mr. G. Wietzman, wife, 5 children and nurse; Mr. Lawrence Jones; Master H. B. Foster; Rev. J. Kinnison; Mr. J. Craven.


PINNOCK -- LOPEZ -- At St. George's Church, on the 29th ultimo, by the Revd. H. H. Kilburn, Cynthia Luna, youngest daughter of Edmund Lopez, to Thomas Ricker Pinnock, of Kingston.


Friends and acquaintances of Mrs. Shirley are requested to attend the remains of her daughter, Mrs. Ursula Morin, from her residence, No. 136 East Street.

August 6, 1886


At his residence, No. 21 North Street, on the 5th inst., James Bell.


We learn that a large and valuable portion of the library of the late A. W. Aikman, Esq., Crown Solicitor, has been transferred to the Young Men's Christian Association rooms, 63 Hanover Street, for the use of the members of the Association, by his son, Mr. J. H. Aikman, of the Colonial Bank.


Form this weeks Gazette: -- The Governor has appointed Albert Edward Langley, Esq., to act as Clerk of Petty Sessions for Westmoreland and Assistant Clerk of the Western District Court during the absence on leave of Walter F. Langley, Esq.

The Governor has appointed Mr. Albert Joseph Hart to be a Distributor of Revenue Stamps at St. Ann's Bay.

E. N. Marshall, Esq., has been granted two months' leave of absence from the 1st inst., from his duties as second Lieutenant of the A Company of Infantry, Kingston Volunteer Militia.

The Governor has been pleased to appoint the undermentioned Minister of Religion to be a Marriage Officer, under the Marriage Laws, 1879-80; Rhullier Eugene, St. Elizabeth, Westmoreland, roman Catholic.

Places of Worship -- Pisgah, Church the Sacred Heart, Seaford Town, Tophill Chapel.

P. O. Address: -- Sav-la-Mar

The Governor has been pleased to recognize Gabriel J. DeCordova, Esq., as Consul General in Jamaica, for the Republic of Honduras, pending the receipt of Her Majesty's Exequator.

The Governor has appointed George Lyon Phillips Corinaldi, Esq., to be a Notary Public for the Parish of St. James, in this island.

August 7, 1886

Mr. Justice Curran held a Court of Bankruptcy yesterday when an absolute order was made against Henry James DePass of Kingston on his own petition. Public examination was fixed for the 2nd of September.

Joseph Feurtado of Spanish Town. Public examination postponed. The Judge allowed the bankrupt to amend his statement increasing his liabilities from £525 to £2186. Examination fixed for the 2nd of September.

August 9, 1886

Mr. Charles Campbell has refused to allow himself to be nominated for the vacant seat in the Legislative Council for the Parishes of Portland and St. Thomas-in-the-East.


Messrs. P. B. Desnoes & Son, wine merchants, have moved into their new and commodious quarters adjoining the Colonial Bank building, corner Port Royal Street and Peters Lane, where their increased stock and superior facilities will enable them to meet more promptly and efficiently the demands of their extensive business.

August 10, 1886

Passengers Arrived

In the ss Arran from the round trip: -- Mr. Ogilvie. From Blue Fields: -- Mr. Feguero. In transit for New York: -- Mr. F. Arnold and two deckers.

In the R. M. S. Belize from Colon: -- Mr. D. N. Henriques; Mrs. Humphreys and child; Mr. D. C. DeMercado; Mr. A. Morrice; Mrs. Morrice, 2 children and nurse; Mr. A. Dolphy; Miss M. Henriques; Miss J. E. West; Mrs. T. Wood and child.


In this city on Monday, August 9th, at her residence No. 50 Smith's Lane, Mrs. Christian Bethune, the relict of the late H. B. Bethune.

August 12, 1886

Passengers Arrived

In the ss Alvena from New York: -- Miss C. Wooolf; Mrs. Dunand; Mrs Mitchell and servant; Mr. A. E. Messias; Mr. J. H. Levay; Miss L. Berry; Miss M. Graves; Mr. R. DeCordova.

August 13, 1886


At 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon, at his residence, No. 39 :Parade, Louis John Desporte, Snr., at the advanced age of 86 years.

August 17, 1886

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. S. Nile from Southampton: -- Mr. F. H. Stewart; Revd. C. Henderson Davis; Mr. and Mrs. Ponder; Mr. S. Johns and 2 sons; Mr. Arthur George. From Antigua: -- Mr. R. Reid; Mr. and Mrs. Feshers and family.

August 17, 1886


MELHADO -- DOLPHY -- At Estherville, Old Harbour, on Wednesday, 11th inst., by M. S. S. Lawton, Hon. Lay Reader of the Amalgamated Congregation of Israelites, assisted by Mr. H. A. Josephs, Reginald, son of Abraham Melhado, to Dinah Irene, daughter of Isaac Dolphy.


The case of Alice Gordon, charged by Mr. Moses Alexander with the larceny of a pair of earrings, is fixed for hearing in the Police Court on the 18th inst.

August 18, 1886


Yesterday at 3:20 p.m. at his residence, No. 98 Duke Street, Revd. Louis M. Thorner.

We regret to record the death of the Revd. Louis M. Thorner, which sad event took place yesterday afternoon at his residence, No. 98 Duke Street. The deceased, who was about 33 years of age, was a minister of the Jewish persuasion, having studied in the Jewish College, Berlin. Before coming to this city, he officiated in one of the settlements in South Africa. Being taken ill, he visited the Southern States of America, and afterwards sought the more congenial climate of Jamaica. He arrived here a year ago, and since then has preached in the Synagogue of the Congregation of Amalgamated Israelites and also of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews. He was, until a few days ago, about as usual. He was unmarried.

August 19, 1886


At her residence, Spanish Town, on Thursday 13th inst., Emma Spyer, age 73, daughter of Laurence Spyer, leaving brothers, other relatives and friends to mourn her loss.

August 25, 1886


In this city on Monday, the 23rd inst., Louisa Annie, the beloved wife of Arthur Louis Vendryes, Clerk of Petty Sessions for St. Andrew, age 22 years and 5 months.

August 26, 1886

Passengers Arrived

In the ss Alene from New York: -- Miss Segree; Mr. John Morrison; Mr. R. Vaz; Mr. M. E. DePass; Mr. Numa Lota; Mrs. Grant; Miss Grant; Miss L. Grant; Master Grant; Mr. J. R. Dron; Mr. A. D. Alberga; Mr. and Mrs. E. Wolff; Miss Wolff and maid.

August 27, 1886


In this city on the 26th inst., Edwin Cecil Henriques, the dearly beloved son of Aaron and Matilda Cohen Henriques ... aged 17.


In the Police Court yesterday morning, before Mr. Justice L. P. Branday, Mr. Charles Ernest DeMercado was charged by Mr. John Hoyes, the city Inspector, with a breach of the city regulations. Mr. Hoyes stated that on the 17th of August he observed some hogsheads and about 20 barrels, all of which were empty, on the piazza in front of the office of Mr. DeMercado. He requested that they be removed and repeated his request the next day on which occasion he saw more barrels on the piazza, but which request was not complied with. The Magistrate remarked that he considered it was precedent case, as he did not think Mr. Hoyes wanted to prosecute Mr. DeMercado, but only wanted to make an example of the case. He would order that he pay a fine of 1s.

August 28, 1886

Passengers Sailed

In the ss Alene for Colon: -- Mr. D. C. DeMercado; Mr. T. Vane; Mr. Emanuel Nunes; Mr. Carmin J. DaCosta; Mr. P. Acosta.

August 30, 1886


At his residence, No. 2 Mark Lane, at 1 o'clock this morning, John Henry Fletcher.

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