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May - July 1883

May 7, 1883


At Amity Hall, Vere, on the 26th April, Mrs. Arthur James of a daughter.


Last night at 8:25 o'clock, Solomon Levy Maduro, of Panama. The funeral will leave from his late residence 143 East Street at 5 o'clock this afternoon.

May 9, 1883


At her residence in St. Andrew, near Halfway Tree, after a short but painful illness, Georgiana Titley, daughter of the late William Titley, merchant of this city.

May 10, 1883


On the 8th inst., at Manchester Park, the wife of Alfred Pawsey of a daughter.


On the 8th May, at Holy Trinity Church, Kingston, by the Rev. Father Dupont, Arthur Herbert Pinnock, youngest son of Henry Pinnock, Esq., of Beechwood, Isle of Wight, to Julia Isidora, second daughter of Alexander Mattos, Esq., of Kingston.

May 11, 1883

The Rev. Charles Melville of St. Michael's Church, Swanswick, has been appointed a Marriage Officer for the parish of Trelawny.

May 16, 1883


ARBER -- April 24 at Warbourne Villa, Hill-lane, Southampton, the wife of George Arber of a daughter.


At her mother's residence, No. 93 Water Lane, at 4:40 this morning, Henrietta, wife of Isaac Binham...

May 17, 1883


At her late residence, No. 44 Church St., Agnes McKenzie Auld, the eldest daughter of John Murray Auld, aged 22 years.


On Tuesday Messrs A. Berry & Son sold the premises of No. 47 James Street for £300.

Lignumvitae Grove in St. Andrew parish has been sold to Mr. Louis Verley for £600. The property was sold by auction by Messrs. Alex Berry & Son.

May 18, 1883


When, a few months ago a fearful fire swept over this City and left in its wake nothing but blackened walls and smoking debris, ninety-nine our of each hundred of the inhabitants of Kingston felt that it would be impossible to ever repair the damage that has thus been created. A feeling of desolation and loneliness seemed to pervade our streets and lanes, business was apparently ruined, and no prospect -- at least no immediate prospect -- was in view for a chance to rebuild the burnt-out premises running from one extreme to the other of this unfortunate City. Now, however, a change is gradually coming o'er the scene. Those who a few short months ago felt as though they were in the slough of despond have a more animated appearance; they move around more briskly, speak more cheeringly, and seem after all to have come to the conclusion that life is yet worth living, and have made up their minds to again join in that struggle for existence, which everyone must engage in who is not "independent" of their fellow beings and the world in general. We have within the past few days been "taking stock" of the large number of new shops and warehouses which have recently been erected and are now being used as places of business. We shall endeavour to do justice to all, but as with our multifarious other duties on hand, time and space are both somewhat limited, we can only speak of the different places as we have an opportunity of examining them.

Commencing with Harbour Street, we would call the attention of the public to the store No. 92 Harbour Street, south side, which is now occupied by D. R. DACOSTA. It is a handsome fire-proof building which has been erected under the superintendence of Mr. George Adams. It is very commodious, lightsome and airy, and the ventilation appears to be all that could be wished for. Formerly on the site on which this building now stands was to be seen an old wooden building, in which the same firm carried on a business similar to that in which they are now engaged, that of general dry good, haberdasher, etc. The ground floor of the new structure is used as the shop, while upstairs is a large store room, in which immense quantities of goods can be safely warehoused. The premises appear to be substantially and well built, and are a pleasing contrast to the old shop. The building is now a credit to the town, and the taste displayed in its construction is a great credit to those employed in carrying out the work.

On the North side of the street, at No. 119, S. R. DACOSTA, an old Kingston merchant, undeterred by his heavy losses in the fire of December last, has opened again in the general grocery and provision line. He formerly did business at 136 Harbour Street, corner of Orange Street, but like many others, has to leave the old site for another. The new store, which is the property of Miss Burke, was built by Mr. Vendryes. It is in a good location, is commodious, but suffers greatly from the want of proper ventilation. It is well lighted, and if there could be an improvement made in regard to a better current of air through it, would be a most desirable shop; but as it now is, causes objections which we think could easily be overcome.

Passing along, the next building which strikes our attention is that occupied by GEORGE HENDERSON & CO., No. 129 Harbour Street, and occupied by this firm as a stationer's shop. These premises, we understand, although substantial looking, are only temporary, and will be abandoned as soon as the adjoining building is finished, when the shop will be pulled down, and rebuilt. Both this temporary and the permanent building adjoining, are being erected under the direction of Mr. H. Romero, who has a considerable force of men working under him, and hurrying forward the work to completion. We might mention that the store recently occupied by FORD BROS., at the corner of King Street, is also in a habitable condition, but at present is unoccupied, Messrs Ford Bros. having retired from the ironmongery business.

At No. 133 Harbour Street, MARK C. HENDRIKS has recommenced business as a cabinet-maker and general furnishing merchant. This store was formerly occupied by Mr. Stelfox, and is built with an eye to convenience and comfort. Its ventilation appears to be perfect. The building extends from Harbour Street to Water Lane, and while the ground and second floors are used as sales and showrooms, the back of the premises is utilized for carpenters' and cabinet-makers' shops, and all the arrangements appear to be on a very comfortable scale. The builder is Mr. A. Copeland, for some time with Mr. Climie, of Spanish Town. Mr. CHARLES HENDRIKS will also occupy a portion of the upstairs room as a dental office.

The next shop, No. 134, is occupied by MRS. AARONS, who continues her business in dry goods. The premises resemble those next door, with the exception that they do not extend so far back towards Water Lane. Mr. McCormack is the builder of this shop, which was formerly occupied by Elias C. D'Azevedo.

At No. 143, T. ALEXANDER has rebuilt his premises, and again transacts business as a discounter. The office is airy and cool, and the building, which has been erected by Mr. William Arthur, is a great improvement upon the old store.

This finished our tramp along Harbour Street, and at an early date we will pay our friends in Port Royal and other streets a flying visit. To one and all of them we wish renewed and extended prosperity.


General Gleanings

Another accident by an Atlas steamer has occurred. The Spanish (Atlas) str. Avila whilst leaving the harbour of Arroya, P. R., at 11 p.m. on the 2nd inst., bound to St. Ann's Bay, and whilst about 20 miles south of Ponce, collided with, and sank the English schooner Arno from St. Domingo, bound to St. Thomas. The Arno had 16 persons on board, and with the exception of a female passenger, who was drowned, all were saved through the untiring exertions of the officers and crew of the steamer. Immediately after the accident, the captain gave the order to sound the hold of the ship, to see whether she had sustained any damage, and on Mr. Scott, the chief engineer, making the necessary enquiry, he discovered two holes in the port bow, which he stopped immediately at great risk. The captain of the Avila supplied the shipwrecked people with clothing and landed them at Ponce at 2 a.m. on the 3rd inst.


Mr. Edgar DePass, proprietor of the London Hotel, gave a private "opening" to his new premises on Wednesday afternoon. A large number of gentlemen accepted invitations to be present, and the future prosperity of the house and success to its proprietor was repeatedly drunk. The new Hotel stands on the old site, at the corner of Duke Street, and Port Royal Street, and is a very handsomely fitted up and roomy house. In fact it is the finest hotel of the kind to be found in this city, and it arrangement reflects great credit upon Mr. Bryce Feurtado, in whose hands the work of re-erection was entrusted. The new "London" is a credit to the city, and will undoubtedly have a very prosperous career.

May 21, 1883


Continuing our visit of inspection, we now find ourselves in Port Royal Street, where one of the first places to attract our attention are the offices and premises extending from Mark Lane to the Jamaica Mutual Office. Here may be seen two handsome stores, now occupied respectively by Messrs. C. LEVY & CO., and Messrs. A. S. LAZARUS & CO., both of which firms are still carrying on the business of general provision and commission merchants. The buildings, which are spark-proof, are very commodious, well ventilated, and convenient; while at the rear is a large wharf, on which are a large number of well-built store-houses, also used by Messrs. CHARLES LEVY & CO, in connection with their business, for the storage of rice, pimento, coffee, etc. Rails are laid from the street down to the water's edge and it will be hard to find better arranged wharfage premises in the city than these are. Prior to the conflagration the offices were on the ground floor, but now the buildings are two stories high, the offices are on the second floor. While in this vicinity we will call attention to the very handsome building that has been erected for Mr. CHARLES GRANT, druggist, at the corner of Mark Lane and Harbour Street. This shop, with store rooms, etc., attached, is one of the finest buildings in the city, and when entirely completed will present an appearance that Kingstonians may well feel proud of. The shop is built of Portland Stone, appears to be ventilated on the most prettily designed and approved principles, and will, think we, prove a very comfortable place to transact business in. Fixtures are now being put up and Mr. Grant will very shortly remove his stock into the new building. Opposite Messrs. Charles Levy & Co.'s premises, Mr. J. E. WEST has taken occupation of a lofty building with spark proof roof and large wooden verandah. The premises appear to be roomy and comfortable. The building formerly occupied by Mr. William Lee, Administrator General, has now passed into possession of Mr. ROSS, who will conduct a tobacco business therein, and adjoining, Messrs. THOMPSON & WEITZMAN will occupy the second floor, and continue their tobacco trade, while the last named gentleman will also conduct the affairs appertaining to the office of Imperial German Consulate.

Passing on to Messrs TURNBULL, MUDON & CO., we notice they have built a two-storey brick building running through Port Royal to Harbour Street, and having a fine frontage on both streets. In this building, as in most other instances where new premises have been erected, the ventilation has been carefully looked into, and the comfort of the occupants therefore advanced. The building is fast approaching completion, and will soon pass into the occupation of Messrs. Turnbull, Mudon & Co. At the south-west corner of Port Royal and Church Streets, stands a majestic block, belonging to Messrs. NATHAN & CO. These buildings are undoubtedly second to none in the city, and reflects the greatest credit on Mr. F. A. O'Sullivan, a young architect and builder. The buildings, now finished, are occupied by Messrs NATHAN & CO., and Mr. JACOB BRANDON, as drapery stores, and Mr. CHARLES DEPASS as the Criterion Hotel. Two other stores in Port Royal Street belonging to the block, are being rapidly pushed towards completion. Messrs. DAVIDSON, COLTHIRST & CO's new premises are on the old site, and afford airy and spacious office accommodation for principal and clerks. Adjoining the regular office, Mr. Orrett has a sitting room leading from his private office and looking towards the sea. The handsome wharf premises have also been rebuilt, and have plenty of accommodation for the large business done by this firm. The storehouses are all fitted with corrugated iron roofs, and are well fitted for the purposes for which they have been erected.

Mr. ALEX. BERRY & SON have had two very fine stores built for them at the corner of Water Lane and Church Street, the builder being Mr. Phillips. We understand that the upstairs portion of the Water Lane store will be used as a workshop, and will be a very comfortable place for the workmen. One of the shops will be occupied by the PEOPLE'S DISCOUNT COMPANY.

We next arrive at probably the finest store in this city. We refer to the extensive and lofty premises built by Messrs. Charles P. Lazarus & Co. for Mr. G. C. H. LEWIS, general provision merchant. The salesroom extends from Port Royal Street, a distance of 108 feet towards the water front, is well supplied with ventilators on the roof and at the ends of the building is cool and healthy, and the entire building, including the large storeroom in the rear, ought to be a source of pride to the builders. We can confidently recommend Messrs. Lazarus & Co. to anyone who contemplates building and would advise a visit to this store before making definite contracts. The offices, which look on to Port Royal Street, have been supplied with handsome black walnut furniture, from the establishment of Schwarzaelder & Co. of New York, who are represented in Kingston by Mr. G. J. DeCordova, at Freemason's Hall. The back premises are 70 feet long, and adjoin Messrs. McDowell, Hankey & Co.'s wharf. All the buildings are supplied with corrugated iron roofs. Adjoining these large premises is a store built for the Hon. J. H. MCDOWELL, which appears to be commodious and comfortable, and which will, we understand, be offered for rent.

Next in order is the store adjoining Messrs. A. L. Malabre & Co.'s premises, which is to be occupied by Messrs. FINKE & CO., and has been erected by Mr. George Adams. The fine premises occupied by Messrs. MALABRE & CO as ironmongers, has been entirely refitted and repaired by Messrs. Lazarus & Co., and will continue be an ornament to the business portion of the city. Although this building was not entirely destroyed, it suffered severely in the fire of Dec. 11th and the repairs have been very thorough and extensive.

At the corner of Orange and Port Royal Streets is a large store belonging to Miss DESPINOES [sic...Despinose?], immediately in the rear of the Alhambra, which will be for rent as soon as it has received its finishing touches. It has been erected by Mr. T. H. Byndloss, has concrete arches over the windows, and the dentals are also very prettily formed of concrete. The building is very substantial looking and convenient for business. Among the many other places of business erected since the late fire, the one at the south-east corner of Orange and Harbour Streets, known as the Alhambra, deserves notice. No expense, apparently, has been spared by its proprietor, Hiam Barrow, Esq., to render it attractive, nor has any trouble been grudged by the builder, Mr. Adams, in making this building certainly one of, if not, the handsomest structure in our city; it is finished in good style, lofty, solid and capacious, and the iron columns supporting the verandahs are the most elaborate we have seen here. As a stand for business it is known to be good. It will be occupied by Messrs. S. M. DACOSTA & CO. as a Grocery Store, and we hope to see other buildings in the locality erected with a like amount of taste, making the west-end of our city along Harbour Street attractive. Mr. Adams deserves our congratulations.

The Carson building, corner of Port Royal and Orange Streets, extends down to the sea. It has been purchased by J. T. ORRETT. ESQ, of the firm of Davidson, Colthirst & Co. On the opposite corner is being erected a store which has been bought by Mr. HENRY W. DACOSTA, and will, we presume, be occupied by him as soon as Messrs Lazarus & Co. can complete the building. The next store is one belonging to Mr. J. HERNANDEZ of Spanish Town, and is being erected under the direction of Mr. A. Mitchell of that city. Mr. EMANUEL LEVY of Spanish Town is the owner of two fine stores, running from Port Royal Street to Harbour Street, and which are being erected by Mr. Henriques of Spanish town. At No. 47 Port Royal Street we come to a very spacious storeroom and warehouse, occupied by Messrs. DELGADO & CO., wholesale provision merchants. The premises extend quite through to Harbour Street, and cover a space of 120 feet in length; they are very roomy, and well ventilated. There is a second storey at the Port Royal Street entrance which is occupied by Mr. H. BARROW, agent for the Imperial Insurance Company. The premises were built under the supervision of Mr. P. E. Vendryes, and are also a credit to the city and the builder. Adjoining this property is a building belonging to Mr. WALTER MAGNUS, which has been erected by Messrs. Lewis & Colash. On the site formerly occupied by the Excelsior Soap Factory Co., a fine building has been erected by Mr. Henriques for the owner, Mr. DAVID MARTIN, and will probably be placed on the market for rental as soon as it has been completely finished. At the corner of Princess Street is a large warehouse belonging to Messrs. ASTWOOD, which is for use in connection with their wharf business.

This ends the improvements, as far as we can see, in Port Royal Street, and at an early opportunity we shall give our friends in other localities a call.


General Gleanings

We learn from private sources that Sir John Peter Grant, who is at present in England, has been very ill, but is gradually improving. Sir John was attacked with a paralytic stroke, and at one time fears were entertained of the consequences.


We regret very much to learn that Mr. Philip Abbott, of the firm of Dick & Abbott of Harbour Street, is confined to his bed through injuries inflicted upon him by a vicious dog which he has for some time had at his pen, and which on Friday broke his chain and attacked some sheep. Mr. Abbott in trying to rescue the sheep from the attack of the brute, was severely bitten on the wrist. His injuries, although of a severe nature, we trust will not prove serious.



The Medway has brought additional news concerning the collision between the Don and the Haitian cruiser Reynaud (or the Liberte, as she is now named). the accident occurred before the Don arrived at Port-au-Prince, but she managed to go into that port, and was detained there five days repairing, the captain and officers of H. M. S. Griffon then in port, making the survey. The Haitian vessel made for Port-au-Prince, and now lies sunk there just out of the harbour, the Chief Engineer and six of the crew being drowned. The agent for the R. M. Co. there has laid damages against the Haitian Government. At the time of the collision Capt. Woolward was below.

May 22, 1883


At the "Gem" Dry Harbour, on the 18th inst., the wife of George D. Garsia of H. M. Customs of a son.

May 24, 1883

We learn with deep regret of the death of the Hon. Mr. Hossack, who was a member of the late House of Assembly. We tender our sincerest condolences to his relatives and friends.

May 25, 1883


In the R. M. C. Steamer Moselle for Southampton -- His Honor Sir John Lucie Smith, (Chief Justice); Lady Smith, 4 daughters, servant and child; Mrs. Taylor; two Misses Kerr; Master Thwaites; Mr. W. R. McPherson; two Misses McPherson.

For St. Kitts -- Mr. Peter Batiste.

For Curacao -- Mr. and Mrs. J. Casseres.

For Barbados -- Mr. Hope Gibson; Mr. Antonio Emanuel; Mr. Thomas Stepley; Mrs. Caulfield and 3 children.

For Demerara -- Mr. J. F. Gilbert; Miss Mary Bowles; Mrs. Kewa and child.

For England -- Mrs. J. J. Ronaldson; Miss Hathersley.


The Major General administering the Government has granted a license to R. A. Brown as Pilot for the port of Annotto Bay for the year 1883.

Her Majesty the Queen has been graciously pleased to approve the appointment of Simon Soutar, Esq., as Swedish Consul at Kingston in this island.

Mr. Robert Kerr, Esq., has returned from leave of absence and resumed his duties as Judge of the Central District Court on the 20th inst.



The Grocer's Journal says: -- It is understood that Mr. W. Bancroft Espeut, of Jamaica, has completed some experiments connected with his new sugar process which could be made in England, with canes imported from Madeira. By the use of some chemical or combination he obtains a much larger percentage of sugar from the cane than is possible by the present processes. He proposes soon to erect the requisite new machinery on his estate, "Spring Garden", in order to test on a practical scale the new process. This invention is the result of the researches of Messrs. Espeut, Ekman, and Fry, all Fellows of the Linnean Society. The process is being patented in every part of the world in which sugar is produced. It is applicable to both cane and beet, but gives greater results with the former. The results of the experiments on a practical and commercial scale will be awaited with interest.

May 26, 1883

Passengers Sailed

In the Atlas str. for New York-- Mr. Arthur Pinnock; Mrs. Pinnock; Miss Francis; Mr. Alexander Lake; Mr. Alfred H. Lealtad; Mrs. Peixotto, infant and nurse; Dr. and Mrs. Thompson and niece; Mr. Justin McCarthy; Mrs. Delgado; Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Lyle, two children and infant; Mr. Ernest Isaacs; Mr. J. A. Wales; Mrs. Wales and infant; Master Wales; Mr. Benito Machado; Mr. S. A. Iffla and son; Mr. Andrew and child; Mr. Rafael Varona and 2 children; Mr. J. Krause and 2 children; Mr. Leonti Quesada; Mrs. Feres, infant and nurse; Miss Delgado.



At Charlemont, St. Catherine, on Tuesday, the 22nd inst., the wife of Frank Inkermann Ramos of a son.


At 6:15 p. m. May 25th, at No. 15 Highholborn Street, Ellen Jane, the beloved wife of Walter George Lunan.



It is with much pleasure that we congratulate Mr. Edward Da Costa on the success which has attended his son in the study of the Profession of Medicine which he has entered upon, as we see by the following paragraph, for the columns of a contemporary, that the annual Medical "Capping" ceremony in connection with the Aberdeen University took place on the 24th of last month in the large Hall of Marischal College. The undergraduates were present in large and noisy force, and the Evening Gazette states that there "was an exceedingly large attendance of the public" including "an extensive and bright array of ladies". Among the graduates belonging to the Colonies and India we observe the name of the following gentlemen who obtained the double degree of M. B. and C. M. -- Bachelor of Medicine and Master of Surgery -- George Forsyth Ashley Da Costa, Kingston, Jamaica. Four years ago, Mr. Da Costa went direct from the Collegiate School in this city to the University, and passed with credit the Matriculation Examination. Mr. Da Costa's university career has been extremely satisfactory, and his success cannot fail to be most gratifying to his relatives and numerous friends in this community, who have observed with interest the progress and triumphant close of the struggle which is seldom or never too hard for earnest application and genuine worth.

May 28, 1883


Continuing the subject of the new buildings erected in Kingston since the fire, we will now mention the improvements that are to be noticed in King Street. First of all are the premises of the STREET CAR CO., which were rebuilt under the supervision of Mr. Barber, the Manager. They are a great improvement on the old buildings, having been extended and properly ventilated. On the lower floor are the manager's and clerks' offices, and a car shed on the northern side, with all requisite out-offices, whilst on the upper floor is a large and well-furnished hall to be used by the Directors for holding their meetings, as also two large apartments and a fine balcony, the former being used as store-rooms. The building is certainly very tastily designed and constructed, and Mr. Barber is to be congratulated on its completion.

The offices and store-rooms of Messrs. MCDOWELL, HANKEY & CO. have been rebuilt. They present a very fine appearance, but no improvements have been made on the style of the building before the fire, except that they are now spark-proof. The fruit store of Mr. SAMUEL MENDES is also being rebuilt as it was before the fire, C. P. Lazarus & Co. being the builders. Adjoining the above are two shops, owned by MISS MORAIS; one store is now tenanted by Messrs. CRANG & CO. as a retail brewery, and the other will be occupied by Messrs DESNOES & SON, as a retail liquor store. Messrs C. P. Lazarus & Co also built these places. Next come two large and well ventilated stores, owned by Mr. DAVID MARTIN and formerly occupied by Isaac Levy & Co. These stores are now leased and occupied by Mr. E. L. SOLOMON for his general provision and produce business. C. P. Lazarus & Co. are the builders. The provision shop of Mr. JOHN HART, immediately opposite the above, is now in course of construction, and will be occupied by the owner for the same business formerly carried on by him.

At 23 King Street may be seen one of the best arranged grocery stores to be found not only in Kingston but in the Island of Jamaica. Mr. J. J. G. LEWIS has rebuilt the "Model Grocery" on the old site, and the new building is a credit to the City. It is large and comfortable, has handsome show cases and counters, while in the centre of the store is a large revolving stand, on which are arranged fancy articles in great profusion. There is no want of variety in the stock which Mr. Lewis has laid in, and the arrangement of the goods is of such a character that they are set of to the best possible advantage. Attached to the counter are novel folding seats, on which customers can rest while making their purchases. The room above the shop has been fixed up as a bar and billiard-room, which although not of a public character, will always be open to the friends and patrons of Mr. Lewis who desires to relieve the monotony of every-day life by relaxing game of billiards. Between the shop and the billiard-room there is a telephone communication, and an electric bell is also brought to use when required. Everything that could be suggested for the comfort of the customers of the Establishment has been carried out, and there is no doubt but Mr. Lewis will reap the benefit of his enterprise and outlay by an increasing daily trade. The building which is of brick was built by Mr. George Adams, and presents a very handsome appearance. The billiard table is an American one, from the J. M. Brunswick and Blake Company.

Two doors higher up is a small store, built by Mr. Phillips for Mr. ORRETT, the owner. The premises are for rent. the store of Mrs. DAQUIN (sic ... D'Aquin], No. 31, occupied before the fire by Mr. T. L. DUQUESNAY, adjoins the above. The premises are again in the occupation of Mr. Duquesnay as a drapery store, and were built under Mr. J. B. Clark's superintendence. The adjoining store owned by Mrs. ANN RUTHERFORD is nearly completed, and will be offered for rent. This store was formerly occupied by Mr. A. T. H. Howell as a boot and shoe store. Mr. Alex Graham is the builder.

Nearing the corner of Tower Street are two stores, adjoining each other. These places are owned respectively by Mr. F. MYERS and MISS BONITTO, and were formerly occupied -- one by Miss Louisa DaCosta, as a Drapery Store, and the other by Mr. Morrison, Jeweller. The one previously occupied by Miss DaCosta will again be occupied by her, and was erected by Mr. A. Levy, a young builder of great promise. The one previously occupied by Mr. Morrison is rebuilt by Mr. George Hyde, and will be offered for rent. At the corner of Tower Street on the opposite side is Mr. RICHARD WHITE'S provision store, rebuilt on the old site. Mr. McCormack is the builder. The China and Crockery Store of Mr. J. B. MORRIS, built under his supervision, adjoins Mr. White. This store has been considerably improved and well ventilated. A small store in the rear is also in process of construction. Two doors lower is the Steam Chocolate Factory of Mr. PRUDENCIA BRAVO, rebuilt under his supervision. A fine dwelling-house is also erected on the upstair floor, which will be occupied by Mr. Bravo's family.

Passing over the fine store of Messrs. SIMON & LERAY, No. 24 King Street, to which we have already called attention, we come to a small Grocery Store managed by Mr. Isaac Stiner, and owned by Mr. A. DECORDOVA, and adjoining is the magnificent building now in course of erection by Mr. Clarke for Mr. KINKEAD. These premises before the fire were owned by Mr. Arnaboldi, and were used as a shaving saloon. Mr. Kinkead's store will be an adornment to King Street. The roof which is of iron, was fitted by Messrs Beverly & Duncan of this City.

At the corner of Water Lane are two stores built by Messrs. Lothian & Laing, and now occupied as a Stationery Establishment. As we have before mentioned, No. 7 Church Street has been rebuilt by Mr. ALEX BERRY, under the supervision of Mr. Phillips. A portion of the upstairs is to be used as a workshop; while the upstair room fronting on Church Street has been hired by the People's Discount Company. Although this building has a corrugated iron roof, the iron does not touch the inner roof, and, as attention has been given to ventilation, the rooms promise to be very cool and pleasant. The shop on the ground floor is to be occupied by the WOMEN'S SELF-HELP SOCIETY. The first floor adjoining is occupied by Mr. RICHARD A. TURNBULL, as a general house furnishing establishment, and the second store is occupied by Mr. C. H. DAVIS, the well known stationer. This building was erected in eight weeks, and is commodious, neat , and comfortable. In Harbour Street we overlooked the carriage factory of Mr. M. R. DESOUZA at No. 161. The premises are large, but the ventilation is not so perfect as it might be. The premises were erected by Mr. Trymble and are the property of Mr. DeSouza.

It looks as if the new Kingston will be a great improvement upon the old one, and after all the fire, to a certain extent, will prove to be a blessing in disguise, although at the time of the calamity Kingstonians were of a different opinion.

May 29, 1883


At Spanish Town on Monday 21st May, 1883, Mrs. Emily Richards, aged 69 years, relict of the late George Richards of Spanish Town ....

At his residence, No. 138 Orange Street, at 5:15 p. m., William Gibson Simpson, aged 54 years; son of the late Andrew Simpson.

At the residence of his brother, No. 58 Luke lane, in this city, in the 43rd year of his age, Alexander Paterson, nephew of James Paterson, late Custos of St. Thomas-in-the-East.

May 31, 1883


At 2:00 p.m. last night, Sophia, youngest daughter of the late Edwin Delgado. The funeral will leave from No. 19 Fisher's Row, Rae Town, at 4:30 p.m.

June 1, 1883


At No. 19 North Street, residence of Mrs. H. P. D'Aquin, Marie Teresa Marchand ...

June 5, 1883

Golden Spring Tavern was sold yesterday by Mr. Joseph Stines at his Auction Rooms, in Port Royal Street, to Mr. H. W. Da Costa for the sum of £310.


We regret to learn of the death in London on 15th May of the Revd. Moses M. Nathan, who was Minister here about 20 years ago for the English and German Synagogue....


Mr. Charles D. Braine, son of the Revd. Charles Braine, formerly of this island, has resigned the appointment as Treasury Clerk in Spanish Town. Mr. Braine went on leave of absence to Texas, where he now remains. This place seems to be frequently selected by Jamaica youths as a good field to try to improve their positions.

June 6, 1883


At Port Antonio on Saturday, the 2nd inst., Sarah Louisa, eldest daughter of J. Malcolm Facey.


The works of Lima Estate, in St. James, were entirely destroyed by fire on the night of Friday, the 1st inst.


"Cooper Hill", a pimento property in St. Andrew, and owned by Mr. Henry Cook, has changed ownership through the agency of Mr. Joseph Stines, Commission Agent and Auctioneer, of Port Royal Street. Mrs. Isabella Braide Strachan is the purchaser, at the figure of £1,800.


Mr. E. J. Wortley, who returned from Canada on Tuesday lat per Alene, having served his time in a Theological College, will be admitted to the deaconate at St. Michael's Church on Sunday morning next.

June 8, 1883

Leave of absence for twelve months from the 25th ultimo has been granted to His Honor Sir John Lucie Smith, Chief Justice of Jamaica.

The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to appoint the Revd. William Henry Williamson to be a Member of the Municipal Board for the Parish of St. James for the year 1883.

The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to appoint George Gray and George D. Nailor, Esquires, to be Members of the Board of Parochial Road Commissioners for the Parish of Portland for the year 1883.

The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to appoint George Lyon Phillips, Esq., to be Chairman of the Parochial Boards of St. James, from the 9th inst., during leave of absence granted to the Hon. William Kerr.

The Major General administering the Government has granted leave of absence from the 8th inst. to D. S. B. MacKenzie, Esq., Inspector of Immigrants for the Districts of St. Elizabeth, and has approved of Captain G. N. Osmond performing Mr. MacKenzie's duties during such absence.

June 9, 1883


At St. George's Church, Kingston, on the 7th inst., by His Lordship the Bishop, assisted by the Reverends H. H. Kilburn and J. D. Hunt, Henry Gabuden, fourth son of the late Reverend John Gabuden Richards, Rector of Morant Bay, to Lilybell Augusta, eldest daughter of Charles Forbes Colthirst.

June 11, 1883


June 14, 1883


At Rae Town, on Tuesday, 12th inst., Elizabeth Douglas, infant daughter of T. Douglas Dallas, aged 8 months.

Last evening at 7 o'clock at his late residence No. 60 East Street, Bernard Ripoll, aged 68 years.....

June 15, 1883


At Spanish Town on Sunday the 11th inst., the wife of S. Simon of a son.


The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to appoint Adam Roxburgh, Esq., to be a Justice of the Peace for the Parish of St. Ann.

The Major General administering the Government has appointed Captain Lionel Grinniston Fawkes, R. A. to act as his Private Secretary from the 15th inst.,, during leave of absence granted to Anthony Musgrave, Esq.

The Major General administering the Government has been pleased, by virtue of the power invested in him by the 31st Section of Law 8 of 1866, to remove William S. McLeary, Esq., from his office as a Member of the Board of Parochial Road Commissioners for the parish of Portland.

The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to appoint E. H. Morrice, Esq., to be a Distributor of Tickets for the Old Harbour District of St. Catherine, under the Regulations for affording Medical Aid at moderate charges to poor persons not on the Pauper Roll.

The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to appoint as from the 14th proximo, J. S. Trench, Esq., Collector of Taxes for Westmoreland, to be Collector of Taxes for St. James; G. W. Stricker, Esq., Assistant Collector of Taxes for Westmoreland, to act as Collector vice Mr. Trench; and G. S. Gifford, Esq., Treasury Clerk, to act as Assistant Collector vice Mr. Stricker.

The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to make the following appointments: -- The Rev. D. J. East to be Chairman of the Board of Visitors of the Lunatic Asylum during the absence from the island of His Honor Sir. J. Lucie Smith. Dr. James Cecil Phillippo to be a Member of the same Board of Visitors, in the room of Brigade-Surgeon J. J. Thompson, Principal Medical Officer of the Army Medical Department, who resigned the appointment on leaving the island.

June 16, 1883


At Spanish Town, on Sunday the 11th inst., the wife of S. Simon Magnus of a son.


RUBIE -- MACCORMACK -- On the 12th inst., at the Parish Church, Kingston, by the Rev. G. W. Downer, Rector, Henry Phillip Rubie, of Clarendon, to Theodora Cassandra, eldest daughter of the late C. H. MacCormack, of Clarendon.


We regret to announce the death of Mr. Joseph Reid, Attorney of the Caymanas Estate, St. Catherine. The melancholy event occurred on board the Str. Ailsa, on Monday, 11th inst., while on her voyage to this port. Mr. Reid was in poor health, and only left here three weeks ago on a short visit to New York. His corpse was buried at sea with all the solemnities of such occasions.

June 18, 1883


At Merchiston Grove, Edinburgh, suddenly on the 19th May, William Hosack in his seventy-fifty year.

June 19, 1883

Mr. A. H. Quallo, Clerk of Petty Sessions, has returned from leave of absence, and resumed his duties yesterday.

June 21, 1883


At No. 33 North Street, on Thursday the 14th inst., the wife of Paul C. Sainson of a son.


May 18, 1883, in London, at the residence of her son, Louise Rome Rowden, widow of the late Revd. James Rowden, Wesleyan Missionary, Jamaica.

At Chicago, Ill., on the 20th ult., George Washington, son of the late Jacob Delapenha.


Yesterday, the 20th inst., at No. 72 Tower Street, the residence of her son, L. C. MacCormack, Mrs. Jane MacCormack ....

Yesterday evening at No. 25 Wild Street, Allman Town, Mrs. Jane Combs, aged 89.

June 22, 1883


In this city, at 12 o'clock yesterday, Charlotte Ann Davidson...


The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to accept the resignation tendered by the Revd. Carey B. Berry of his appointment as a member of the Municipal Board of St. Catherine.


River Head in St. Ann, belonging to the bankrupt estate of A. N. Sutherland, Esq., was put up at auction on Wednesday last, at noon, by Messrs Turnbull, Mudon & Co., and withdrawn at £800, Mr. A. W. Douet of St. Catherine being the highest bidder.

June 26, 1883


On Monday, 25th inst., at St. Andrew's Manse, East Queen Street, Isabelle Sophia, eldest surviving daughter of the Rev. William Gillies.

July 2, 1883

BAKER -- JOSEPH -- Married on Wednesday evening, the 27th June, at the Parish Church, Kingston, by the Rev. G. W. Downer, Rector, Henry S. P. Baker, eldest son of H. P. W. Baker, Esq., Manchester, to Cora Joseph, third daughter of Lipman Joseph, Esq., of Kingston.


The friends and acquaintances of William Morais are requested to attend his remains from his late residence No 9 Fleet and Barry Streets ...

July 3, 1883


Yesterday at his residence, Martin Street, Spanish Town, William L. Young ...


A. E. Burke, Esq., has been appointed Acting Assistant Attorney-General for the Western Circuit, and leaves Kingston today for the purpose of attending the Courts, commencing with Mandeville tomorrow.

July 6, 1883


On the 3rd July 1883, Florence Isabella, only daughter of James John and Janet Rowrey, aged 2 years and four days.


The Major General administering the Government has appointed Mr. A. W. Langley to act as Clerk of Petty Sessions of the Parish of Westmoreland, from the 12th inst., during Leave of Absence for fourteen days granted to Mr. W. F. Langley.


The death is announced at Balham in England, of James Mauby Gully, M. D., a well known physician, who matriculated at the University of Edinburgh in 1825. Dr. Gully was born in Kingston, Jamaica on March 14th 1808, and was consequently 76 years old at the time of his decease.

July 9, 1883


At his late residence, Spanish Town, on the morning of the 5th inst., Ralph Carvalho Soares, aged 45 years ...

Died on the 24th June 1883 at his residence, Mary's Plain, St. Catherine, the venerable old Mr. William Easy, the father of Mr. Henry Easy ...

Died, at 11:30 last night, at No. 112 Orange Street. Dr. Arundel H. Cotter ...

July 11, 1883


At 5 Duke Street, at 2:45 p.m., on Tuesday 10th July, Frederick S. Salmon, aged 43 years. son of the late Robert J. Salmon.


Information has been received in Kingston that Mr. Thomas Barbuena, who was formerly employed by Mr. D. R. Da Costa of this city, has been crushed by a train in Colon. The accident necessitated the amputation of his arm, but mortification supervened, and it is feared that death has resulted.

July 13, 1883


Last night at Rum Lane, Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Wightman ...


The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to appoint James A. Marshall, Esq., to be a Receiver of Wrecks for the No. 9 district.

The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to appoint G. L. Phillips, Esq., to act as Chairman of the Pilotage and Harbour Board of No. 3 District during the absence of the Hon. William Kerr.

The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to make the following appointments: -- James Cecil Phillippo, Esq., M. D., to be Chairman of the Board of Visitors of the Public Hospital, Kingston, in the room of Brigade-Surgeon J. J. Thompson, who resigned that appointment on his departure from the Island; Francis Belinfante Lyons, Esq., to be a Member of the Board of Visitors of the same Institution.

The Major General administering the Government has been pleased under the 4th Section of Law 37 of 1869, "The Quarantine Law, 1869", to appoint the following Visiting Officers for purposes of that Law; viz: -- Charles Wood, Esq., for Salt River, in addition to Old Harbour. William Burke, Esq., for Carlisle Bay in addition to Milk River; George Cardwell, Esq., for Alligator Pond. Astley Cooper, Esq., for Port Antonio. R. J. Steer, Esq., for Black River.

July 17, 1883


At Kingston, on the 11th inst., by the Revd. Father Dupont, Donald George Alexander Barton, to Ella Louise, second daughter of Emanuel Seixas, Esq.

July 18, 1883


In this city at No. 48 East Street, on Monday, 16th inst., the wife of Moses M. Alexander of a son.

July 19, 1883

The piece of land in Hanover Street, corner of Charles Street, covering an entire block, was yesterday sold by the Executors of the late Honorable Daniel Hart for £2,000. The purchaser was a well known Citizen of Kingston, engaged in the banking business.

July 20, 1883

John Messias, Esq., has been appointed to act as Clerk of Petty Sessions for the Parish of St. Catherine, from the 11th inst., during leave of absence for three months granted to James Riley, Esq.


In our issue yesterday we omitted to mention that the land in Hanover Street, belonging to the Estate of the late Hon. Daniel Hart, was sold by the Executor, through the Agency of Mr. Joseph Stines, Auctioneer of this City. The purchaser is Mr. Jonas Hart.

July 25, 1883


On 30th June, 1883, at Hartley, Wintney, Hants., England, by the Revd. R. H. Sneyd, Vicar, assisted by the Rev. H. P. Roye, Thomas Forbes Clarke, only son of Thomas Clarke, M. D., St. Mary, Jamaica, to Florence Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Charles James Waghorn, Solicitor, London.


A Telegram received in this City yesterday reports the death of the Revd. Mr. Spratt, Wesleyan Minister, stationed at Duncans, Trelawny, who fell from his horse on Monday, and received a severe injury to his head, from which he succumbed.

July 26, 1883

Yesterday two sales took place at the Court House, by order of the Supreme Court, before Thomas Hendrick, Esq., the Registrar of the Court. The first was Penny's Pen, in St. Ann, of about 2,000 acres, with 289 head of mixed cattle, Mr. St. Leger Tivy being the purchaser for £3,100. The second was the house No. 98 Duke Street, the late residence of Miss Burrell, Mr. Moses Delgado as agent for Miss Matilda DePass being the purchaser for £500.

July 27, 1883

The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to appoint T. P. Madden, Esq., M. D., to be a Member of the Municipal Board of the parish of Trelawny for the year 1883.

The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to appoint Thomas Beecher Scott, Henry Westmoreland, and Alexander Cameron Macgregor, Esquires, to be Justices of the Peace for the parish of St. Mary.

July 28, 1883


At Port Antonio, on the 22nd inst., the wife of C. H. S. Grossett of a daughter.

July 30, 1883


At the family residence, 39 Duke Street, in this city on the evening of the 25th inst., by the acting Ministers of the Spanish and Portuguese and the English and German Synagogues, Julia Alice, to Isaac A. Sasso, Esq. of Panama, and Rachel Eugenie, to Amos D. C. Levy, Esq., of St. Mary, daughters of A. N. Henriques.

July 31, 1883


At Duckenfield, St. Thomas ye East, on 27th inst., John Lothian, builder, Kingston.

August 3, 1883


At Rae Town, on the 1st inst., the wife of J. Harris of a daughter.


The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Colin A. C. Hogg are requested to attend the remains of his beloved sister, Jane, from his residence, No. 13 Sutton Street ...


The Major General administering the Government has been pleased to appoint Dr. Gifford to act as District Medical Officer, Spanish Town, during leave of absence for three months from 10th August granted to Dr. Stephens.

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