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Gleaner Excerpts January - April 1875

January 7, 1875


On the 6th instant at Rest Pen, St. Andrew, Anna Maria R....., wife of the late Honble. Mr. Justice Cargill.


Abraham Hyams, Esq., has been appointed Deputy Coroner for St. Andrews.



We notice with much pleasure from English papers by this Mail under the head of "University Intelligence", the name of Master Jerome Alberga, who has passed at Cambridge his second general examination for the ordinary B. A. degree. The young gentleman specially mentioned, being a native of Jamaica, and fifth son of our esteemed fellow-citizen, D. J. Alberga, Esq..

January 8, 1875


At White Horses, on the 29th ult., aged 94 years, Miss Sarah Innis, who was highly respected and generally beloved.

At 68 King Street, Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr. E. J. Evans, and the beloved mother of Mrs. Jane A. Farebrother.

January 9, 1875


At Montego Bay on the 30th ult., at the residence of Inspector Depass, by the Reverend Adam Thompson, Henry Goodwich Jervis, Esq., Sub-Agent of Immigration, third son of Lieutenant Colonel William Jervis, Chalkyll, Sydenham, England, to Rebecca Florence, second daughter of the late Joseph Isaacs, Esq., of Falmouth.


In Kingston on Wednesday night 6th instant, Arthur Edward Elliott Livingstone, infant son of Mr. Henry M. H. Cox, of Stony Hill, aged 8 months.

January 11, 1875


On the 2nd inst., at 94 Warwick Gardens, Kensington, London, Mary Louise, relict of the latle Archdeacon Stewart, D. D., formerly Rector of Westmoreland and Kingston.

January 12, 1875


At Widcombe, on Sunday the 10th instant, the Wife of Lieutenant F. T. Maxwell, Royal Engineers, and daughter of the Honourable Col. J. W. Cox, C. B., Commanding the Forces, a daughter.


At No. 67 Orange Street, Miss Sarah G. DaCosta, who was highly respected and loved. Friends and acquaintances are requested to follow her remains to the place of interment at 5 o'clock this afternoon.

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Joseph White are requested to attend his funeral this evening at half past 4 o'clock, from his late residence No. 20 Orange Street, to the place of interment.

January 13, 1875


Mrs. Magnan's School of a limited number of Young Ladies will be re-opened D. V., on Tuesday, 19th instant.



On the 22nd November, very suddenly, at his residence, Winterton, near Brigg, Lincolnshire, England, in the 75th year of his age, John Leake, formerly of Kingston, Jamaica and of Liverpool.



The annual installation of the officers of the Friendly Lodge took place on Monday evening last. There was a magnificent banquet and a very large attendance of Brethren. The incoming master was installed by the retiring worshipful Jos. Ashenheim:

G. C. H. Lewis, Wor. Master; Jno. Maynier Y. Ross, Snr. Warden; Amos Morais, Jnr. Warden; Solomon Morais, Treasurer; A. C. Henriques, Secretary; M. D. Ashenheim, Snr. Deacon; Mortimer Magnus, Jnr. Deacon; John Samuels, Inner Guard; Geo. Magnus, Tyler.

January 15, 1875


On Thursday, the 7th instant, at his residence, Spanish Town, Mr. George O'Mealy, in the 56th year of his age.

January 16, 1875


Miss E. Jones begs to announce that her School will be reopened on Wednesday the 20th inst., 56 John's Lane.

January 18, 1875


On the 23rd December last at Haining, Manchioneal, the wife of Mr. Sutton Scoltock of a daughter.


Among the passengers lost in the Cable steamer "La Plata", on the Brazilian Cable Company's Service, was Mr. King, formerly Telegraph Clerk at Holland Bay, in this Island.

January 19, 1875

We have been reliably informed that our esteemed fellow-citizen and popular Medical Practitioner, Dr. Phillippo, has taken a partner - Dr. Saunders from the North-side of the Island, who will shortly take up his abode in Kingston. We congratulate Dr. Phillippo in his success, and have no doubt that his partner will, like himself, find a place in the hearts of his patients.

January 21, 1875


At No. 7 Law's Street, on Monday morning, the 18th inst. Joseph, the fourth son of Mr. Jospeh Davidson, 19 years of age.

January 23, 1875


On the 13th inst., at the Cottage, Pedro, St. Ann, the wife of Hamilton Brown, Jnr., Esq., of a son.


At Port Antonio on Saturday the 16th inst., Alexander Escoffery, the infant son of Mr. A. W. Escoffery, aged 5 years and 2 weeks.

In Kingston, on Saturday last, at 2 a. m., at the residence of Miss DaCosta, Euphemia, widow of the late Joseph Gilbert DaCosta, Esq., of Annotto Bay, leaving three children and a mother ....

January 26, 1875


In this City, at 140 Upper Orange Street, on Saturday the 23rd instant, Mrs. Henry Da Costa of a son.


The annual installation of the Officers of the Seville Lodge took place on Tuesday evening last. Owing to the severe illness of the master-elect, Worshipful H. P. Thompson, the past master, Worshipful Hon. Michael Solomon, on his behalf and until his recovery "assented to the ancient charges". The Worshipful J. C. Lewis performed the ceremony of installation. A sumptuous banquet was subsequently served in a room tastefully decorated by Br. George Roe.

On the preceding evening the very Worshipful H. G. Murray delivered his lecture "Brown Sammy in search of a Wife" to a very large audience composed of persons from all parts of the parish. The proceeds of the lecture were added to the funds being raised for the erection of a New Lodge.

January 27, 1875


At Spanish Town, on Friday the 8th instant, the wife of Alfred John Rodgers of a daughter.


Of typhoid fever, at 97, Black Stock River, Holloway, London, on the 1st January, 1875, James Gordon, aged 11 years, the beloved son of James Duffus, Port Morant.

Last night at his residence, No. 100 Orange Street, Andrew Lyon ...

January 28, 1875


In Spanish Town on Wednesday the 20th inst. by the Rev. A. H. Nieto, Josephine, second daughter of M. I. Emanuel, Esq., to Cleveland Augustus, son of Henry Dias, Esq.

January 29, 1875


In this city on the 25th instant after a few hours illness, Charles A. Duncombe, age 18 years.

January 30, 1875

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Charles Lambert, are requested to attend the remains of his brother, Clarence Frank Lambert, from his residence, No. 95 Tower Street, to the place of interment, at half-past four o'clock this evening.

February 4, 1875

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Edward C. Price are requested to attend the remains of his mother, Miss Sarah Cokeley, from his residence No. 99 Upper West Street, to the place of interment, at 4:30 this afternoon.


The friends and acquaintances of Alexander Walters are requested to attend his remains from his residence, No. 126 King Street, to the place of interment at half-past 4 o'clock this evening.

February 5, 1875


At Orange River, Clarendon, on the 1st February, 1875, the Revd. Frederick Jones, aged 56, for 35 years a labourer in the Missionary field...


In this City yesterday morning, the Rev. Charles F. Gray, incumbent of St. Thomas, Linstead. The funeral will leave Mrs. Swainson's House, No 160 Upper Duke Street for St. Michael's Church at half past four this evening.




A large and influentially attended meeting of the Shareholders of the Jamaica Co-operative Fire Insurance Company, was held on Wednesday last, the 3rd inst., at the office, No. 44½ Port Royal Street, in this city. Among those present we observed Messrs. S. C. Burke, P. E. Auvray, C. J. Ward, Alexander Berry, P. B. Desnoes, Jas. E. West, W. Bird, A. S. Inglis, J. Graves, and several others....

The retiring directors, viz.: the Hon. L. Q. Bowerbank, S. C. Burke, and R. Russell were re-elected. Messrs. T. N. Cripps and J. D. Ford were also elected Auditors for the current year...

February 8, 1875


At Spanish Town, Henrietta Clementina Humber, wife of William Humber, on the morning of 6th February, 1875, aged 30 years, leaving 5 children.

February 18, 1875

Report says that the manager of Constant Spring Estate in St. Andrew has had instructions to have a reservoir prepared to meet the comforts of the peasantry between Mary Brown's Corner and Grant's Pen, where a large amount of taxes is collected. This speaks well for Mr. Carson. It has been, it is said, in contemplation for some time past.

February 19, 1875


At Old Harbour Market, on the 8th instant, John D. Clarke, aged 50, leaving a widow and son ...

February 23, 1875


At the Parish Church, Kingston, on the 18th inst., by the Revd. G. B. Brooks, assisted by the Revd. Spence, Aubrey Melbourne, eldest son of C. A. Robinson, Esq., to Tillie, eldest daughter of Joseph Francis, Esq..


At Stony Hill on the 21st February, 1875, John Francis Malony, M. D., Government Medical Officer, aged 27.

February 24, 1875


On Wednesday evening the 17th instant, by the Rev. B. Rittenberg, Fleurette, youngest daughter of the late Aaron DeCordova, Esq., to Mr. Frederick L. Myers of this city.

February 26, 1875


Yesterday morning, the 25th, at his residence, No. 39 Charles Street ... Mr. Andrew Heron, in his 25th



The following Appointments and Addresses of Wesleyan Ministers for this year (1875) reached us too late for insertion in Who's Who and What's What: --

Kingston - Revds. George Sargeant, E. Spratt, W. C. Murray, A. Browne, and Revd. R. Harding, Supernumerary.

Spanish Town -- Revd. H. B. Fester

Montego Bay -- Revd T. M. Geddes

Morant Bay -- Revd. S. T. Brown

Watsonville -- Revd. J. Jeffrey (Moneague P. O.)

Grateful Hill -- Revd. R. Raw (Golden Spring P. O.)

Falmouth -- Revd. R. M. Parnther

St. Ann's Bay -- Revd. W. J. Lewis

Beechamville -- Revd. J. P. Gedye (Claremont, P. O.)

Bath -- Revd. A. M. Smith

Port Antonio -- Revd. D. J. Reynolds

Clarendon -- Revd. S. Smyth (Clarendon P. O.)

Manchester -- Revd. F. Chapman (Mandeville P. O.)

Mount Ward -- Revd. Geo. Lockett (Ramble P. O.)

Black River -- Revd S. Goodyer

Sav-la-Mar -- Revd. A. Taylor

Brown's Town -- Revd John Duff, and Revd. J. Corlett, supernumerary

Duncans -- Revd T. P. Russell

Yallahs -- Revd. T. Hosking

Mount Fletcher -- Revd S. Sutton (Mount Charles P. O.)

Manchioneal -- Revd W. Reeve

The Jamaican Wesleyan High School to be opened at "York Castle", St. Ann, as soon as the Headmaster arrives from England. Committee of management, Revds. George Sargeant, John Duff, J. W. Lewis, J. Jeffrey. The Institution will be for a Classical and English education of sons of Wesleyan Ministers and sons of Laymen generally. Prospectus to be published.

February 27, 1875


At Osborne, Dry Harbour, St. Ann, at the residence of his Step-father, R. Beverland, Esq., on the 19th February, of consumption, Mr. Thomas J. Nash, a fine steady young man ... aged 22 years and 9 months.

March 2, 1875


On the 24th ult. By the Revd. B. Rittenberg, Mr. George Lyons, Jnr., son of the late Emanuel Lyons, to Miss Adalgisa Salmon, daughter of Dr. Charles Salmon of Central America.

March 3, 1875


A Fire occurred at the Bishop's Lodge, King's House on Sunday night last, and but for the assistance of the Gordon Pasture women etc., the disaster would have been terrible to the new building, which is now costing the public at large many thousand pounds to erect for His Excellency's comfort in future. The hardships these people endure from time to time for the want of water for domestic use, etc. although the main pipe passes by their homesteads, ought now to call forth the Commissioners' attention to the great necessity that exists for the erection of a hydrant in a central place. These facts, we earnestly trust, will impress themselves upon the Government, and force them to do what is right.

March 5, 1875


On the 24th February, at Campbell's Field, the wife of Mr. W. O. Lofthouse, of a daughter.


At Green Valley Plantation, St. Andrew's, on the 2nd March, 1875, Mary Louise, infant daughter of Mr. James McLeod, aged six months.

March 6, 1875


At Chapelton, on Sunday the 28th February, Charlotte Ann, the eldest daughter of Henry Lyon, Esq., aged 18 years ...

The establishment of a Middle Class Boarding and Day School for girls chiefly, at Mount Moses about five miles from Stony Hill, advertised in our issue of this day, will no doubt be heartily welcomed by a great portion of our community. The Prospectus promises all the advantages of a fair English education, residence in England only excepted, with a climate quite as salubrious. We are informed that the Schoolroom is furnished with pictorial sheets of English History and American coloured Charts of Elocutionary Reading, Botany and Zoology besides the usual American and English class books; and that the various studies will be so graduated as to secure the best possible results. We learn that the School is under the supervision of Mr. J. J. Wood, an Assistant Government Inspector, of thirty years' experience in school work. The terms are such as will meet the necessities of the middle class in Jamaica. It does not appear that an "opening grant" has been applied for. Why such an undertaking should not be helped onward as well as some of the less hopeful attempts that have been "aided", we know not. The effort deserves encouragement, and in the absence of any direct aid given hitherto by the Government for the proper training of our daughters, there exists the greater need for prompt support from Parents to secure its success.

March 9, 1875


On the 7th instant, in this city, the wife of J. C. Nethersole of a son.

On the 26th February, in this city, the wife of Mr. E. F. Rawle of a daughter.


The friends and acquaintances of Mr. John A. Berthoud are requested to attend his remains from his residence, No. 69 Oxford Street, at half past 4 o'clock this evening.

March 10, 1875


Feby. 28 - At St. Andrew's Church, Barbados, by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, John T. Hoskyn, Navigating Lieutenant, R. N., of H. M. West India Survey, to Mary, second surviving daughter of the Rev. H. W. Moore, Rector of St. Andrews, Barbados.

March 17, 1875


Everard, the infant son of Emily and L. P. Alberga of this city, on the 16th instant, aged three years.

March 18, 1875


At Dunrobin Penn, St. Andrew, on the 14th instant, the wife of William Andrew, Jnr., Esq., Solicitor, of a son.

March 19, 1875


In Spanish Town, on Sunday, the 28th February, 1875, the wife of A. C. Sinclair of the Constabulary Department, of a daughter.


In Spanish town, on Tuesday the 9th March, 1875, of Puerperal fever, Elizabeth Norris, the wife of A. C. Sinclair - aged 44 years and 5 months.

In Spanish Town, on Monday the 15th March, 1875, Elizabeth Augustus, the infant child of Elizabeth Norris (deceased), and A. C. Sinclair - aged 15 days.


On the 17th instant the Foundation Stone of a new Chapel belonging to the United Methodist Free Church Communion was laid in this City by Lady Grey in the presence of a large an decorous assemblage. Addresses suitable to the occasion were delivered by the Revds. Messrs. Roberts and Radcliffe.

March 20, 1875


At Nain, St. Elizabeth, on the 13th inst., the wife of Mr. J. S. Frazer of a son.

April 2, 1875


For Rent

The house No 77 East Street, having every convenience for a small family.


Furnished Apartments are now procurable at the "Marine Gardens" with use of the Bath.


April 5, 1875


Tenders in writing for the purchase of Knutsford Pen Residence in St. Andrew, containing 145 Acres with Patches Run adjoining containing 22 Acres, the residence of the late Mr. William Barclay, and recently occupied by His Excellency Sir William Grey, are invited to be sent in to Messrs. Hill, Airey, and Harvey, Solicitors, Kingston, on or before the 19th April instant. It will be optional with the Vendors to accept or reject any tender. The Household Furniture and Effects may be included in the Tender.

April 6, 1875

We have much pleasure in stating that Adolph J. Corinaldi, son of S. G. Corinaldi, Esq., of Montego Bay, and pupil of Mr. H. N. Solomon, Edmonton, England, has successfully passed the Cambridge Middle Class Examination.

April 7, 1875


In this City on the 19th March, 1875 ... at the age of 52 years and 8 months, Olivia, relict of the late Richard S. Cooper, Stipendiary Magistrate for the parish of Hanover, and niece of the late Hon. Richard Barrett, Speaker of the House of Assembly of this island, leaving a son and daughter. ...

At Content Penn, Halfway-Tree, on Friday, 2nd instant, Leslie Harris, infant son of William Arbouin Paine, aged one month.


There will be a meeting of the members of the Gemilut Hasadim Society at the Vestry Chambers of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue for particular business at four o'clock this afternoon.


We learn that a severe hailstorm was experienced in Vere on Wednesday last. Some of the stones are said to have been two inches in diameter. The glass windows in several houses were shattered.

April 9, 1875

From the "Jamaica Gazette" we learn that his Excellency the Governor has been pleased to make the following appointments: --

John Pringle, Esq., M. D., Univ. Ab. to be Government Medical Officer of the Port Maria District of St. Mary, in the room of A. R. Saunders, Esq., M. R. C. S. , Eng., resigned.

Mr. W. J. Pearson to be Clerk to the Parochial Boards of the parish of Clarendon, in the room of Mr. J. W. O'Sullivan, deceased.

John Charles Mackglashan, Esq., to be Auditor General of Jamaica, in the room of the Hon. John Warde Straten, who has resigned.

Leave of absence has been granted to Mr. J. D. Lewis, Clerk of Petty Sessions for Manchester, and Clerk of the Mandeville Circuit Court, and to appoint Mr. W. G. Clough to act for him. Mr. A. H. Quallo has been appointed to act as Clerk of Petty Sessions for Kingston, in the room of Mr. Clough.

A. H. Drummond, Esq., has been appointed to be a Justice of the Peace for the Parish of Clarendon.

April 10, 1875


In this City, On Wednesday 7th instant, at her Father's residence, No. 11 Highholborn Street, Marie Emilie, only daughter of J. U. L. Duquesnay, Esq., to Mr. Kennett John Spicer.


On the 2nd March, at Canning Street, Liverpool, the wife of Daniel Clark, Esq. of a daughter.


At 6 Canning Street, Liverpool, on the 11th March, Jane Payne, the beloved wife of Daniel Clark, Esq., and daughter of P. K. Tivey Maguire, M. D., Liverpool ....

Among the passengers to leave in the R. M. C. Steamer Nile for England today is Mr. S. Constantine Burke, Assistant Attorney General.

April 12, 1875

The Annual Installation of the Master and Officers of the Westmoreland Lodge, 1377, took place at the Lodge Rooms, Sav-la-Mar, on Thursday, the 8th inst., at 7 p.m., when Bro. John Williamson Mennell, late Senior Warden was called to the Orient and duly installed in ancient form. The worshipful Master then proceeded to install his Officers for the current year. They are as follows: --

Bro. George A. Dally, Senior Warden

Bro. James C. Young, Junior ditto

Bro. A. M. Forrest, Treasurer

Bro. C. H. Distin, Secretary

Bro. Philip Stern, Senior Deacon

Bro. John Jamieson, Jnr. ditto

Bro. T. J. Preston, Inner Guard

Bro. J. Robert Hopwood)

Bro. George Fenton ) Stewards

Bro. Robert Johnstone, Tyler

The Lodge was then closed, after which the brethren assembled in the banquetting room, and partook of a sumptuous repast.....

April 13, 1875


In this city on the 31st inst. at St. George's Chapel by the Rev. E. Nuttall, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Whitfield, Mr. John M. Allen, to Jane Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Howard Blackford, late of H. M. Customs, Kingston.


At 7:15 o'clock yesterday evening, Simha, the beloved wife of Elias Cohen D'Azevedo. The funeral will leave the Ordnance Wharf at 5 o'clock this evening.

We beg to remind the members of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue that a meeting will be held at their Vestry Chambers tomorrow afternoon, at 4 o'clock, to take into consideration the advisability of instituting certain reform as set forth in a letter published by their esteemed co-religionist, David Martin, Esq. The chief object of this meeting is, to get introduced into the service a Sermon preached in English, and a Choir for the purpose of chanting the Psalms.

April 19, 1875

We regret to learn of the death of J. Glanville, Esq., of Manchester, one of the leading members of the turf.

April 20, 1875


At Oatlands in this Parish, John Glanville, Esq., of Greenvale, aged 23 years ...

At Castle James, St. Andrews, on the 5th instant, Henrietta, the beloved wife of Mr. George F. Nethersole, aged 63.


The following are the Civil cases listed for trial at the Eastern Circuit Court, now sitting: --

- Mary Ann Sherlock and Alexander Holmes vs. Robert Fowler. Solicitors Brown and Watson respectively.

- Sidney Levien vs. Fowler Holmes and Hart. Solicitors Brown and Watson respectively.

- A. K. Phillips vs. Wilfred Levy. Solicitors Burke and Lee, and Vendryes respectively.

- A. DeCordova vs. McDougall. Counsel Lindo, and Hill, Airey and Harvey respectively.

- D. McDougall vs. Ada DeCordova. Counsel, Hill, Airey and Harvey and Lindo respectively.

- Manhoe et al vs. Wm. Berry. Solicitor for defendant, Fonseca.

There is but one uncontested case, that of J. A. Stines et al vs. J. Walker.

April 21, 1875


In this city, yesterday morning, the 20th inst., George Cecil, fourth son of J. H. DePass, Esq. The interment takes place at seven o'clock this morning.

April 24, 1875

We regret to learn that our esteemed fellow-citizen, Henry Ford, Esq., of Plantain Garden River, has determined to leave this island to settle down at Melbourne. We are informed that Mr. Ford has already sold out all his interest. This is a loss that our country cannot well afford to bear. So few men of the independent public spirits of Mr. Ford's now live in the country, and from the kindly feelings existing among the peasantry in his parish, his departure will be regretted by all who knew him.


The formation of a partnership between Doctors Phillippo and Saunders has already been announced in our advertising columns. In welcoming Dr. Saunders to the practice of his profession in Kingston, we take pleasure in commending him to the confidence of our citizens, which he is certain to enjoy, not only on account of his high attainments, but as the partner of one so much esteemed as Dr. Phillippo. We take this opportunity to copy from the Medical Directory the following record of the Doctor: --

Saunders, Arthur Richard, Port Maria, Jamaica, M. R. C. S. , England, 1871, (University College) 1st M. B.. London 1870. First, in 1st Class (Honours) in Chemistry and Natural Philosophy, Preliminary Scientific examination for M. B., 1867. Gold Medals in Chemistry (1867), in Comparative Anatomy and Materia Medica, and 1st Silver Medal in Anatomy and Physiology (1869) University College.

April 26, 1875


On the 1st of April, at the residence of Henry Brookett, Esq., Heath Lodge, Iver, Buckinghamshire, Henry the second and well beloved son of Joseph Whittingham, of Great Valley, Hanover.

On the evening of the 20th instant, in this City, John Abraham Theobald, infant son of John C. Nethersole, Esq., aged 6 weeks and 2 days.


We are sorry to hear of the great number of cases of small pox again in Spanish Town. Some are of a very serious type.


L. F. Stanigar, Esq., son of W. Stanigar, Esq., of Linstead, has been appointed to be Government Medical Officer for the Ulster Spring District of Trelawny.


The Governor has been pleased to appoint the undermentioned Gentlemen to be a Board of Visitors of the Lunatic Asylum. His Honor Sir John Lucie Smith, C. M. G., The Venerable Duncan H. Campbell, M. A., Archdeacon of Surry, Thomas Allman Wethered, M. D., Surgeon Major Army Medical Staff, and the Reverend D. J. East. His Honor Sir John Lucie Smith, C. M. G. to be Chairman of the Board.


In accordance with the provisions of Law 11 of 1875, the Governor has been pleased to appoint the Honourable Daniel Power Trench, John Charles Mackglashan, and William Steventon, M. D., Esquires, to be Directors of the Civil Service Widows and Orphans Fund Association. His Excellency has appointed the Honorable D. P. Trench to be Chairman of the said Board.

April 27, 1875

From Spanish Town we learn that at the last sitting of the District Court there Mr. D. C. Peixotto, a merchant of some standing, and one of his storemen were sentenced to pay the sum of five pounds each, or be kept to hard labour in the District Prison for sixty days, for an assault and battery on a bailiff of the court, during the execution of his duties.

April 28, 1875


At 80 Hanover Street, on the 23rd inst., the wife of V. B. Sorapure of a daughter.


At Kew Penn, St. Andrews, on the 24th inst., Robert Henderson, Esq., of County Down, Ireland, and late of the Mico Institution of this city. Aged 63 years.

On the 25 of April, at the residence of E. F. Rawle, Esq., 71 Harbour Street, Kingston, Frederick Lowrie, late Clerk of the W. I. & P. Telegraph Co., aged 25.

April 29, 1875


On the 23rd inst., at Camperdown Villa, St. Andrews, the wife of P. B. Desnoes, of a son.

At No. 41 Rae Town, on Saturday morning the 24th instant, the wife of Mortimer Brandon, Esq., of a daughter.

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