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January - February 1887

January 3, 1887


     Friends and acquaintances of David Augustus Lewis are requested to attend his remains at No. 60 Beeston Street to the place of interment at half-past four this evening.



     The co-partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, under the firm name of A. S. LAZARUS & CO., general commission merchants, No. 108 Broad, New York, will hereafter be continued under the style and firm of A. S. LASCELLES & CO.
     The London Branch will continue under the old style of E. A. DEPASS & CO.
     Mr. Charles E. DeMercado will represent both firms as attorney, and sign per procuration.
          ELIOT A. DEPASS
          JOSEPH L. MYERS

January 5, 1887


In the city of Panama, U. S. Colombia, on the 23rd Decr., 1886, after a brief illness, Marie Louise, of Kingston, Jamaica, relict of the late John Rousseau.

January 6, 1887


At Belmont, St. Ann's, on 1st January, 1887, the wife of A. C. C. Colthirst, Esq., of a son.

January 7, 1887


    On the 6th of January, 1887, Miss Caroline B. Laselve, residence Water Lane, 105.

    The friends and acquaintances of Mr. J. T. Ritchie, Jr., are requested to attend the remains of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Charlotte Chandler, from his residence No. 7 Parade, to the place of interment this evening at 4:30 o'clock

    At 87 Duke Street, Kingston, on the 7th January, 1887, John McPhail, Esq., of Tullock Estate, St. Thomas in the Vale, after a long and trying illness, aged 78 years.


The Honorable Henry Hicks Hocking has returned from leave of absence and resumed his duties as Attorney General


The Rev. George Davidson of the Presbyterian Church in Manchester has been appointed a marriage officer.


Dr. J. H. Peck of Linstead was elected on Monday night as Master of the Kingston Lodge for the ensuing year. The Brother will be installed in February.

January 8, 1887


    Yesterday evening at his residence 99 West Street, Edward Charles Price, of H. M. Customs.

    The friends and acquaintances of William Charles are requested to attend his remains from No. 155E Upper King Street to the place of interment at 3 o'clock this evening.

Death of Mr. John McPhail

Another well-known and respected representative of "old timer" has gone to his long home. Mr. John McPhail died at 5 o'clock yesterday morning.  He has been a resident in Jamaica for over half a century. He settled first in Spanish Town and was clerk to Messrs. Spalding and Friend. His industry and ability procured him a partnership. Subsequently he bought out his partners and carried on the business for some years successfully on his own account. He, however, forsook commerce for agriculture, and was for years overseer of New Works Estate, St. Thomas ye Vale. He then became Attorney for that estate and for Wallens, to which was afterwards attached the Attorneyship of Rose Hall. He was appointed Manager of Angel Pen in St. Catherine and then purchased Tulloch estate and Knollis, to which latter he soon added Newhall estate by purchase.  He became the owner of Rose Hall afterwards and presented that property to his daughter.  Mr. McPhail was appointed to the Magisterial bench many years ago. He however declined the representation of his parish in the old House of Assembly.  The deceased gentleman was much respected and his loss is deeply mourned by a large family and an extensive circle of friends.


Mr. Morris' Successor

Mr. Fawcett, who has received the appointment of Director of Public Gardens and Plantations in succession to Mr. D. Morris, seems to be little known at home. He has hitherto been employed in the Natural History department of the British Museum, and his knowledge therefore is likely to be little else than theoretical. Of the practical management of tropical plantations, it is almost impossible that he can have any knowledge. It seems Mr. Fawcett is well thought of in official circles and much is expected of him. But is he coming to Jamaica to "try his 'prentice hand" at a handsome salary?

January 10, 1887


On Saturday January 8th at Lyndhurst Park, St. Andrew, the wife of A. H. Pinnock of a son.

January 13, 1887


    Yesterday evening at her residence, 75 Church Street, Emma, the beloved wife of John Peter D'Aguilar.

    This morning at his residence 104 West Street, Edward Loraine.

January 14, 1887

The Honble. D. Marchalleck

    We learn with extreme regret of the retirement, on account of ill health, of the Honble. D. Marchalleck from the chair of the Parochial Board of St. Thomas.  The honble. gentleman still retains the office of Custos, but finds that the state of his health precludes the possibility of attendance to the duties of Chairman of the Parochial Board.....
    We learn that W. S. Richards, Esq., has been elected Chairman, with the Rev. D. J. Reynolds as Vice-Chairman, and we think an excellent choice has been made.

January 15, 1887


     Yesterday at No. 17 Love Lane, Joseph Aguilar.  Friends and acquaintances of the deceased, also of John Aguilar and Charles McLarty, are requested to attend his remains to the place of interment at 4:30 o'clock this evening.

     At his residence, Cross Roads, at 5 a.m. this morning, Charles Llewellyn Davies, aged 28 years.

     The friends and acquaintances of Henry Duckworth Aiken are requested to attend his remains from his residence, No. 18 Paradise Street ...


Mr. A. G. Facey, Assistant Collector at Montego Bay, has been placed in charge of the Collectrate at Lucea until further orders.


Rev. T. J. Winsor of the Episcopal Church has been appointed a marriage officer for the St. Ann's Bay Parish Church in the Parish of St. Ann.


On Friday the 28th inst. at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, Mr. Charles Theophilus Valencia, who had been adjudicated a bankrupt on the 30th of November 1886, will apply for an order of discharge.


Mr. George A. Forrester has been appointed a Registrar of Births and Deaths for the District of Islington, in the Parish of St. Mary, in the room of the Rev. G. S. Turner who has resigned.

January 17, 1887

The friends and acquaintances of Hyman Magnus are requested to attend his remains from his late residence, No. 54 Duke Street, at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning.

January 18, 1887


At Coke Chapel, Morant Bay, on Wednesday, 12th January, 1887, by the Rev. D. J. Reynolds, assisted by the Rev. William Melville, Alexander William Geddes, Wesleyan Minister, Bath, to Alice Elizabeth Wallace, daughter of John Wallace, Esq., Lyssons, Morant Bay.

January 20, 1887


Last night at the residence, No. 132 Barry Street (corner of Matthews Lane), Bertie Cecil, the beloved and youngest son of Reuben and Sarah Alexander, aged 3 months and 16 days. Funeral will move at 4:30 this evening.

January 21, 1887

Mr. Edward Constantine has been appointed registrar of births and deaths for the district of the Rectory, in the Parish of St. Catherine, in the room of Mr. J. T. Martin who has resigned.


We understand a marriage has been arranged between W. H. Lawrence, Esq., M. P. for the Aberdeen Division of Liverpool, the proprietor of Fairfield Estate, Montego Bay, and Round Hill, Hanover, and Caroline, the eldest daughter of the late Charles Baring Young of London, and sister of Mr. C. E. B. Young, M. P. for Christchurch.


A fire occurred yesterday afternoon at Abbey Court, in Half-way Tree, St. Andrew, the property of Mrs. Hamilton, and at present the residence of Major Hutton.  The Fire Brigade was quickly on the spot, but beyond the burning of a portion of the outbuildings and a part of the grass piece of the premises adjoining the residence of Mrs. Charles Grant, no other damage was done.

January 22, 1887


Yesterday morning, Cyril, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Granville Alberga.  The funeral will move at 8 o'clock tonight from their residence, corner of Charles and Orange Streets.


It was erroneously stated in our yesterday's issue that a dangerous fire had occurred at the residence of Mrs. Grant in St. Andrew. The fire occurred on the adjoining property belonging to Mrs. Hamilton.

January 24, 1887


At his residence, No. 65 Rose Lane, Frank Hewitt.

January 26, 1887


At No. 72 King Street, the residence of her niece, Mrs. T. L. Barber, Elizabeth Evelina Garel, aged 66 years.

January 27, 1887

Mr. Charles DePass, the proprietor of the Criterion Hotel, appeared in the Police Court yesterday before H. J. Bicknell, Esq., Stipendiary Magistrate, to answer a charge preferred against him by Constable William Gayle, for having kept his tavern open after eleven o'clock on the 31st December last. Accused in answer to the charge said he did so because it was a privilege allowed to all liquor dealers to keep their places of business open at a later hour during the Christmas and New Year's seasons. The Magistrate said that he was not aware of any such privileges granted to liquor dealers and fined the accused 10s or ten days' imprisonment in the St. Catherine District Prison.


The Atlas Company's steamer Alene, Captain Seiders, arrived here early yesterday morning in 6 ½ days from New York, bringing 7,299 packages of merchandise for this port, 1,400 for the outports and 7,553 in transit.  She also brought the following passengers: - Mr. S. J. Capper; Mr. Mitchell; Dr. Phillips; Mr. W. G. Phillips; Miss Magnus; Revd. W. K. Azbill; Mr. O. A. Burgess; Miss E. V. Vickinson [sic]; Mr. Russell Keith; Mrs. Keith; Mr. John R., Conkey; Mr. N. Brochet; Mrs. V. M. Brochet, and three in transit for Savanilla.  The Alene experienced very rough weather on her way to this port....The Alene leaves for Colon at four o'clock tomorrow evening.

January 28, 1887


On the 24th inst., at 46 Barry Street, the wife of Irvin M. R, Colthirst, of a daughter, still-born.


George L. P. Corinaldi, Esq., has been appointed by His Excellency the Governor, Captain of the St. James' Volunteer Militia Force in the room of Maxwell Hall, Esq., who has resigned.


A special license has been granted to Captain Frederick McKay of the Atlas Company's steamer Alvena, to act as Pilot for the current year for the ports of Kingston, Port Morant and Morant Bay.


Mr. J. A. S. Monaghan has been appointed to act as Assistant Collector of Taxes, Sub-collector and Surveyor of Customs of Montego Bay, during the absence of Mr. A. G. Facey, who has been transferred to Lucea.


John Davidson and Samuel Hammond Watson, Esqrs., have been elected unopposed as members for the No. 2 Division of the Parochial Boards of St. Andrew in the room of two other gentlemen who have been disqualified.


Leave of absence having been granted to Dr. J. H. Clark, District Medical Officer, of the Santa Cruz District of St. Elizabeth, Dr. George Cheyne, Supernumerary Medical Officer, has been appointed to act as District Medical Officer during his absence.


The Atlas Company's steamer Athos, Captain Low, which was expected to arrive at Port Royal yesterday morning from Port Limon to take mails and passengers for New York did not arrive up to a late hour in the evening.  Probably she will arrive this morning.  The following passengers are booked to leave on her: - Mr. J. H. Hart; Mrs. Hart, and five children; Miss Blanche Delevante; Miss E. A. D'Souza; Mr. Thomas N. Hood; Mr. David Duffus and Miss C. S. Farquharson.

January 29, 1887

The nomination and election of a member to fill the vacancy which occurred in No. 4 Ward, through the resignation of Mr. F. B. Lyons, took place at the Town Hall at noon yesterday. Mr. James Alexander Wales being the only candidate nominated, he was declared duly elected by Mr. J. V. Leach, the Returning Officer. The nomination paper was signed by Messrs. William Lee, Simon Soutar, Austin W. Gardner, J. W. Middleton, J. A. B. Clarke, Justin McCarthy and J. W. Whitbourne.

January 31, 1887

Colonel J. Talbot, who has been appointed to the command of the 2nd West India Regiment in succession to Colonel Shepperd, arrived here on Sunday morning in the R. M. C.  steamer Nile from Southampton.


The Market Commissioners intend to import a Refrigerator or Cooling-room for use at the Victoria Market for the purpose of keeping meat, poultry, and game, and are prepared to received applications from persons who are desirous to rent and work the same under regulations to be framed by the Commissioners.


The R. M. C.  steamer Dee, Captain Buckler, arrived here at noon on Saturday from the Gulf route with the following passengers:-
From Vera Cruz: - Mr. John Barstow.
From Havana: - Mr. Hugh de C. Hamilton, Mr. Arthur C. Paine., Mr. Otis Barker, and one decker.
From Port-au-Prince: - Miss Louise Bonsand, Mrs. Brice and child and 22 in transit for Colon and Southampton.
The Dee leaves on the Thursday at 7 a.m. for Havana and Vera Cruz.


The R. M. S. Nile, Captain Herbert, with the mails and passengers of the 13th inst. from Southampton, arrived here early yesterday morning with 1,022 packages of merchandise for this port and 238 for the outports.  The following is her passenger list:-
From Southampton: - Lieut.-Col. T. Talbot, Lieut. P. A. Kenna, Lieut. Moon, Lieut. F. T. Henstock, Mrs. Henstock, Mrs. Hocking, Rev. S. Negus, Rev. R. C. Guy and wife, Lieut-Col. G. Shirley, Mr. Solomon, Mr. T. Main.
From Barbados: - Eleven recruits.
From St. Thomas: - Mr. John T. Wilde and one decker.
From Jacmel: - Mr. F. P. Casey and 1 decker and 115 in transit.
The Nile leaves at 3 o'clock this afternoon for Colon and Savanilla.

February 1, 1887


On the 31st January, 1887, John Henry Beuling, after a short illness.  Aged 74 years. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend his remains from his late residence in Hanover Street to the place of interment at Half-way Tree, at 4 o'clock this evening.


We understand that Mr. Arrowsmith, a Clerk of the Internal Revenue Department at Spanish Town, was arrested at that place yesterday for embezzlement.


John Breaky, Esq., M. D., late Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals in this island has been promoted to the rank of Inspector General of Hospitals and of Her Majesty's Fleet.

February 2, 1887


At his residence, the Government Slaughter House, at 2:30 p.m. yesterday, James D. Lara, aged 76 years.


The following passengers were booked to leave here this evening in the R. M. C.  steamer Moselle for Southampton: - His Excellency Sir Henry Wylie Norman. K. C. B., C. I. E.; Sir Arthur Stephen Bart, M. P.; Sergeant Taylor, wife and two children, and two privates of the North Staffordshire Regiment.


We are glad to learn that Mr. John Orrett, a son of our esteemed fellow-citizen, John Orrett, Esq., a member of the firm of Messrs. Davidson, Colthirst & Company, has been appointed a Sub-Inspector of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.


The Queen against Arrowsmith, Edgar C.

The magisterial inquiry into the charge of forgery, etc. against Mr. E. C. Arrowsmith, a first-class clerk in the Internal Revenue Department (clerk of the Parochial Treasury, Spanish town) was commenced yesterday morning before the Clerk of Petty Sessions of St. Catherine. The prosecutions was conducted by S. C. Burke, Esq., Crown Solicitor, and the defence by solicitors A. E. Burke, W. Andrews, and E. L. F. Morais.  The inquiry lasted until a late hour in the evening, and the accused was remanded until Monday next, the 7th instant, when the examination will be completed.  Bail was applied for, but the Clerk of Petty Sessions stated that he could not consider the application until the close of the examination.


Gazette Extraordinary

In a Gazette Extraordinary published 31st Jan., His Excellency referring to a resolution passed by the Legislative Council on the 14th Oct., last, proposes the establishment of an Institute for trained nurses and the founding of a Lying-in Hospital, as a fitting monument of the Queen's Jubilee Year. H. E. looks with confidence to the passing of annual grants in aid, by the Legislative Council and to liberal subscriptions from the general Public.  Circulars will be issued inviting the formation of committees in each parish of the Island, and subscriptions will be received by Parochial Treasurers and the Colonial Bank.
His Excellency thinks Her Majesty would be the more gratified if the amounts necessary were raised by numerous small subscription, and he invites the cooperation of all men of influence, ministers of religion, medical officers, etc. We are sure loyal Jamaica will right willingly respond to His Excellency's appeal.
[This was the start of the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, still going strong as a centre for obstetrics]

February 3, 1887


     At 88 Duke Street, the residence of Mrs. Aaron, Miss Marian Garcia.  Friends and acquaintances please accept this intimation. The funeral will move at 5 o'clock this evening.

     At Panama on the 14th ult., James Kewa, of China, leaving a widow and four children to mourn their loss.  He was for many years an interpreter of the Chinese language both in Georgetown, Demerara and this island.

February 4, 1887

Mr. J. W. Welsh has been appointed Superintendent Registrar of Marriages for the parish of Clarendon in the room of Mr. Llewelyn Smith, who has resigned.


Mr. A. R. Davis has been appointed to act as Assistant Collector of Taxes for St. Thomas for four weeks from the 18th ult. during the leave of absence granted to Mr. J. C. Richards.


Leave of absence has been granted to Dr. Clarence Gillard, District Medical Officer of the May Pen District of Clarendon for six months, from the 9th December last, and has appointed Dr. G. Bell to act as his locum tenens.

February 5, 1887

In Memoriam

Died on the 6th of February, 1881, at his residence, 97 East Street, Theodore DePass.  Aged 61 years. In loving memory of an ever present sorrow.


The stock in trade of the late Isaac Levy & Co., Spanish Town, was sold by Messrs Joseph Stines & Co., to C. J. Ward, Esq., for £3,500.


Dr. Balfour is a passenger in the W. I. and P.'s Texan for this port which is expected to arrive next week. Dr. Balfour comes to Jamaica to assist Dr. W. I. Anderson, of this city, in his extensive medical practice.


City Dispensary

The Directors have adopted a resolution commending and approving the suggestion of His Excellency the Governor to establish an Institute for nurses and a lying-in hospital in commemoration of the Jubilee year of Her Majesty's reign.  A copy of the resolution has been forwarded to His Excellency.

February 7, 1887

Consequent on the death of Mr. Thomas D. Lara, Mr. Abisdid has been appointed Superintendent of the Kingston Slaughter House by the Commissioners.


The Sugar Estates and breeding pens in the Parish of St. Mary, belonging to the estate of the late Hon. Isaac Levy, will be put up to public auction at eleven o'clock on Wednesday morning in front of the store of Mr. John McDonald, by Mr. Joseph Stines, licensed auctioneer and Commission agent.


The adjourned magisterial inquiry into the charges of forgery against Mr. Edgar C. Arrowsmith, Clerk of the Parochial Treasury, Spanish Town, which was begun on Tuesday last before the Clerk of Petty Sessions, will be resumed this morning, the Hon. S. C. Burke, Assistant to the Hon. Attorney General, prosecuting, and Messrs. A. E. Burke, William Andrews, and E. L. F. Morais defending the accused. [An interesting case of two brothers being on opposite sides of the court!]

February 8, 1887

The adjourned magisterial inquiry into the charges of forgery against Mr. Edgar C. Arrowsmith, Clerk of the Parochial Treasury, Spanish Town, was resumed yesterday before the Clerk of Petty Sessions, the Honorable Samuel Constantine Burke, Assistant Attorney General prosecuting, and Messrs A. E. Burke, W. Andrews and E. L. F. Morais, defending the accused. On the termination of the inquiry the accused was committed to take his trial on four distinct cases at the Kingston Eastern Circuit Court which opens on the 21st inst. The accused will be brought up again on Friday next before the Clerk of Petty Sessions to answer two other charges that have since been preferred against him.


A fire took place yesterday afternoon at "Mistletoe Cottage", at Halfway Tree, the residence of Mr. A. C. Escoffery, contractor and builder. It occurred through the carelessness of some men who were engaged in burning bush. the whole of the grasspiece, from "Mistletoe Cottage" to Rest Pen, the residence of Mrs. Fyffe, was destroyed. The Fire Brigade was promptly on the spot, but found their services were not required, as the fire had already been extinguished through the able assistance of Captain Coxhead, A. D. C., Inspector James, Mr. Griffin, the constabulary, and other persons residing in the locality.  No other damage was done.

February 9, 1887

Mr. James Verley and Mr. H. E. H. Davis have been elected Directors of the Jamaica Marine Insurance Company.


The W. I. and P. C. steamer, Texan, Captain Wallace, from Liverpool, last St. Thomas and Port-au-Prince, arrived here yesterday, bringing the following passengers:-
From Liverpool: Dr. Balfour, Mrs. Balfour, Rev. Henry Bampton, Mr. P. H. Gilbert.
For New Orleans: - Dr. W. A. Satchell.
The Texan brought a large cargo for Kingston and the outports, and leaves shortly for New Orleans.


The Atlas Company's steamer Ailsa, Captain Sansom, in 5 days 19 hours from New York, arrived here at three o'clock yesterday afternoon, bringing the following passengers:-
Mr. L. Andrews, Mrs. W. Cover, Mr. H. Blanchard, Mr. D. S. Appleton, Mr. D. S. Appleton, Jnr., Mr. M. Lawless, Mr. W. H. Perine, Mrs. Perine, Mr. D. M. White.
From Fortune Island: - Mr. Reeves.
From Port Limon: - Mr. Paul Weddell, Mr. A. Alfore, Mr. Edwin Bishof and Mr. Thomas D. Lovett, a tourist.
The Ailsa brought 5,756 packages of merchandise for this port, 896 for the outports, and 11,026 in transit for Port Limon, Carthagena and Savanilla.  The Ailsa experienced very rough weather throughout the voyage.

February 10, 1887


At Alton Villa, on Wednesday 9th Feb., 1887, at 7 o'clock p.m., Lizzie Ann, wife of William J. Jamieson.


The sugar estates and other property belonging to the estate of the late Hon. Isaac Levy were put up yesterday for public sale by Messrs. Joseph Stines & Co., Auctioneers, and withdrawn at twelve thousand five hundred pounds. They were afterwards sold by the Auctioneer to John Pringle, Esq., M. D., for thirteen thousand pounds. The purchaser of these fine properties deserves success, and we trust that his capital and enterprise will be richly rewarded.


The Atlas Company's steamer, Alvena, Captain McKay, which was expected at Port Royal yesterday morning from Port Limon to take mails and passengers for New York did not arrive. She will probably arrive this morning.  The following passengers left in the steam tender, Arran, yesterday morning for Port Royal to await her: - Mr. A. Stewart; Mr. J. S. Sobarrios; Mr. Alfred Delgado; Mr. C. A. Wolfe; Mr and Mrs. Burgess; Lieut. Dann, 2nd W. I. Regt., and Dr. C. Gillard.

February 11, 1887


At Studley Park yesterday morning, Mr. Simon C. Henriques.  The funeral will move at 9 o'clock this morning.


A. J. Facey has been appointed Harbour Master for the ports of Lucea and Green Island.

February 12, 1887

The two remaining cases which complete the number of charges that have been preferred against Mr. Edgar C. Arrowsmith, Clerk of the Parochial Treasury, Spanish town, were heard yesterday before the Clerk of Petty Sessions, the Hon. S. C. Burke, assistant to the Attorney General, prosecuting, and Messrs. A. E. Burke, W. Andrews, and E. L. F. Morais defending the accused.  After a patient hearing of the charges prima facie cases were made out against the accused, and he was committed to take his trial at the next sitting of the Kingston Eastern Circuit Court.  The Magistrates refused to grant the application made for bail, but referred the accused to the Judges of the Supreme Court.


Mark Masonry

The Phoenix Mark Lodge of Port Royal has been resuscitated and the installation of Officers took place on Wednesday last, when the following administration took office: - The Wor. Osmond Delgado, Jnr., Master; Dr. Ninnis, Senior Warden; Wor. Luke Hollar, Junior Warden; Wor. C. P. Myers, Master Overseer; Wor. W. Barned, Jnr., Overseer; Bro. H. Campbell, Senior Deacon; Bro. J. Allen, Junior Deacon; Bro. Dr. Bates, Secretary; Bro. John Hoyes, Inner Guard; Wor. Osmond Delgado, Registrar of Marks; Wor. G. J. DeCordova, Treasurer.


     The installation of officers of the Imperial Lodge No. 141, I. O. G. T. took place on Monday evening last at their Lodge Room Good Templars Hall, 76 Barry and Church Street. The officers wee installed by Bro. W. H. Thomas, D. G. W. C. T., assisted by Bro. Edward Lennan J. W. M. and Bro. L. G. Davison:
     Bro. J. B. Burrowes; Wor. C. T. Bro. Alfred L. Evans; Wor. V. T. Bro. Edmond Campbell; Wor. Secretary, Bro. Jacob Brandon; Wor. F. Secretary, Sis. Emmeline Hoyes; Wor. Treas. Bro. Colin L. Campbell; Wor. Chaplain, Bro. Charles E. DeSouza; Wor. Marshal, Bro. Moses Athias; Wor. J. Guard, Bor. John Valentine; Wor. O. Guard, Sis. Ethel Harry; Wor. A. Secretary, Sis. Clara Iffla; Wor. D. Marshall, Bro. M. M. Facey.

February 15, 1887


At No. 5 Parade, in this city, on Saturday last (12th) the wife of Lionel M. Mordecai, of a daughter.



In this city on Friday evening, 11th inst., of Small-pox, Robert Samuel Doig, a native of Falmouth, aged 44 years, leaving a sorrowful widow, five children and other relatives and friends to mourn their sad loss.


Mr. Advocate Arthur Levy has been appointed to act as Judge of the Western District Court during the absence on leave of Judge Little from the island.


William Sampson McCormack was fined 40s with an alternative of 30 days' imprisonment in the Police Court yesterday before H. J. Bicknell, Esq., Stipendiary Magistrate, and R. J. Hitchins, Esq., J. P., for misconducting himself at Holy Trinity Church on Sunday evening last.

February 17, 1887

The installation of the Rev. Solomon Jacobs, Minister of the Amalgamated Congregation of Israelites, will take place this afternoon at the temporary place of worship at the Friendly Lodge Rooms, Hanover Street.  Two Scrolls of the Law will be presented and dedicated.  One of these is the result of a subscription raised as a memorial to the late lamented Sir Moses Montefiore, the other is a gift of generous friends of the congregation.  The attendance of both Jewish and Christian members of the community is invited on this occasion.



Last night, Charles Miller Lewis, son of the late William Lewis of Black River.  The interment will take place this evening at May Pen Cemetery.

February 18, 1887

Mr. G. L. P. Corinaldi has been recognized by the government provisionally as Vice-Consul for Spain at Montego Bay pending the sanction of Her Majesty's Government.


Mr. Samuel E. Panton has been appointed Registrar of births and deaths for the Woburn Lawn District of St. Thomas in the room of the Rev. P. D. M. Cornwall who has resigned.

February 19, 1887


Suddenly on the 17th inst., at Bushy Park Estate, St. Catherine, W. H. Gunter in his 43rd year.


The Jamaica Co-operative Fruit and Trade Company (Limited)

A company has bee incorporated under the above title with a nominal capital of £10,000 in 5,000 shares of £2 each. The object of the company is to take over the stock consisting of mules, carts, boats, etc. of Mr. P. A. Moodie, of Port Antonio and commence business as buyers and sellers of fruit.
The articles of association have been carefully drawn up with the object of perfectly safe guarding the interests of the shareholders.
While these articles give power to the Company to raise a capital of £10,000, it is not the intention of the promoters to sell shares at present to a greater amount than £2,000, which will be the basis upon which the Company will start. The object of fixing the value of the shares at the low price of £2 is that the peasantry and small fruit growers may become shareholders and upon the mutual principle, not only secure a purchaser for their fruit, but enjoy a proportionate profit upon its resale to the American importer. We are informed that trading arrangements have already been provisionally entered into with some large firms in the United States. We are also told that a number of small proprietors and peasants have already applied for shares.  Only one pound per share will be called up at present and it is said that 1,300 have already been taken up.
No free shares or promotion money is to be given to the promoters.
The temporary or provisional directorate have arranged that the managers of the Company having the handling of the money of the Corporation shall be required to be members of the Guarantee Association, and additional precautions have been taken, calculated to recommend the Company to the favourable consideration of the public.
The offices of the Company are to be at Port Antonio, which may be called the centre of an industry, the development of which promises the most important results to the commerce of the island. The services of Mr. P. A. Moodie, whose experience of the fruit trade extends over many years, have been secured by the Company as managing director. Mr. Moodie will be a considerable shareholder, and the names of those associated with him in the provisional directorate are Messrs. C. H. S. Grossett, J. P. Price, M. H. Edwards, D. S. Gideon, S. Mordecai, J. E. Hamilton, W. H. Plant, A. E. French.

February 21, 1887


On the 15th inst., at his residence, Inverness, Clarendon, Michael Collman, late Captain of Her Majesty's Militia. Aged 80 years, leaving a widow and children with many friends to mourn his loss.

February 22, 1887


In this city on Saturday the 19th February, at the Mico Institution, Hanover Street, the wife of L. G. Gruchy of a daughter.


FORWOOD - At "Mona", Feb. 21, the wife of W. Peploe Forwood of a son.


A fire occurred at Chancery Hall in St. Andrew, the property of Mr. Messom, between eleven and twelve o'clock on Saturday night. The dwelling, furniture, etc. were destroyed.

February 25, 1887


On 22nd February at his residence in London, Phineas Abraham, Esq., formerly of Falmouth, Jamaica.


An order of discharge has been granted to Miss Caroline Lynch, bankrupt.

Samuel Augustus Shaw, Esq., has been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the parish orf Manchester.

The Rev. Solomon Jacobs of the Amalgamated Congregation of Israelites has been appointed a marriage officer under the marriage laws.

Mr. Arthur William Elworthy has been appointed Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Moore Town District of Portland, in the room of the Rev. James Hammett, deceased.


Below is the list of the office bearers of the Jamaica Branch of the British Medical Association for the ensuing year: - Dr. J. C. Phillippo, President; Dr. G. F. Da Costa, Hon. Sec., and Treasurer;. Council - Hon. C. B. Mosse, Dr. a. R. Saunders, Dr. C. Gayleard, Dr. G. C. Henderson, Dr. J. Scott, Dr. H. Strachan, Dr. F. H. Saunders.

February 28, 1887


At 125 Manchester Square, at 3 o'clock this morning, Olivia Hill.

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Jamaican Methodist Baptisms - transcriptions

Jewish births marriages deaths - transcriptions

Slaves and slavery in Jamaica

Photographs, maps, prints, etc.