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Daily Gleaner and DeCordova's Advertising Sheet Excerpts

January - April 1882

January 3, 1882

We regret to announce the death by accident of Mr. Jeremiah Peynado of this city. This young gentleman, son of Capt. Peynado, was on his way home at 10:30 on Saturday night, and going up King Street, attempted to cross the tram line near the stables of the Car Company. The car coming down knocked him over and the mules trampled upon him. He was immediately taken up, but before he was conveyed to Dr. Gayleard's office he died. Dr. Gayleard and Dr. Scott viewed the body and no post mortem was held, their conclusion being that Mr. Peynado died from the shock to his nervous system. He was buried in Ebenezer Ground, and his remains were attended to the grave by a large number of friends.

January 4, 1882

The Friends and Acquaintances of Benito J. Perez are requested to attend the remains of his Nephew, Manuel Ramon Perez, from his residence No. 13 Temple Lane to the place of interment at 8:30 a.m. of the 5th instant.



The Annual Meeting of the Jamaican Branch of the British Medical Association took place at the Public Library at 2 p.m. on Friday, the 30th December.

The Office Bearers for 1882 are: -

Dr. Gayleard -- President

Dr. A. Saunders -- Vice-President

Dr. Stern -- Hon. Secy. And Treasurer (re-elected)

Members of the Council -- The above and Drs. Phillippo, Ross, Cargill, Ogilvie, J. H. Clarke, Davis, Tompsett.

The retiring President, Dr. Ogilvie, read his valedictory address.

The Honorary Secretary presented Report of the Proceedings of Council for 1881.

January 11, 1882


At 9:00 p.m. at her late residence, No. 35 Parade (West) Mrs. Cordelia Ford, widow of the late James D. Ford.

January 12, 1882


At Spanish Town on the 7th instant, at the age of 63 years, Morris Israel Emanuel of Kent, England, after a residence of 50 years in this island. He leaves a widow, three daughters, and many other relatives and friends to mourn his loss.



On the 2nd instant the wife of Edwin Whitehorne of the Director of Roads Department of a son.


The premises 8 Duke Street, the late office of Messrs. Anderson, Watson & Wolfe, were sold by public auction yesterday to Mr. A. H. Jones, Esq., Secretary Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Society, for the sum of six hundred pounds.


A sale of properties ordered by the Supreme Court took place at the Court House yesterday by Mr. Joseph Stines, in presence of Mr. Hendrick the Registrar. A piece of land in Clarendon called "Experiment" was the first put up and was bought by Mr. Altamont DeCordova for £130. "Chesterfield" in Westmoreland found no bidders. "Five Roofs" in this city was next put up, and was started at £1000 by Mr. Hiam Barrow and went as high as £1,060, when the Auctioneer announced that the reserve bid was £1,150. It was bought by Mr. Barrow at that price. A piece of land corner of North and Wildman Streets was also bought by Mr. Barrow for £50; a piece of land known as No. 60 Hanover Street was bought by Mr. Mark Hendriks for £120; a piece of land known as 62 Oxford Street was bought by Mr. Peter Desnoes for £180; two pieces of land known as No. 2 Heywood Street were sold privately to Mr. C. J. Ward for £370, and a piece of land corner of Water and Foster Lanes was sold to Miss Jane Malabre for £30.

January 13, 1882

The Governor has added Mr. E. H. Maunsell to the Municipal Board of St. Ann. He has appointed Mr. W. W. McGowan a J. P. for Clarendon, and Mr. R. H. Robertson, a J. P. for Westmoreland

January 14, 1882


At 12:30 this morning, Mr. William Magill. His friends and acquaintances are requested to attend his remains, from his late residence, No. 40 Church Street, at 4:30 this afternoon, to the place of interment.

At 6:30 at his residence, No. 12 Race Course, John W. Flemmings. Friends and acquaintances please accept this intimation.

January 16, 1882


At Park Lodge yesterday afternoon, Horatio Burton, aged 70 years.

January 17, 1882

Mr. A. C. Sinclair has been elected lay representative in the C. of E. Synod for St. Faith's Church, St. Catherine; and Messrs, E. B. Lynch and A. W. Douet for the Cathedral, Spanish Town.

January 18, 1882


On the 17th January 1882, at the Parish Church, Kingston, by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Jamaica, assisted by the Rev. J. W. Austin, Acting Incumbent, the Rev. Charles F. Douet, M. A., Rector of Spanish town, and Acting Archdeacon of Middlesex, to Ellen Mary, youngest daughter of the late Louis Fullerton Mackinnon, Member of the Legislative Council, of the Whim, Old Harbour.

January 20, 1882

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Don, from Southampton -- Co. Sergt. Major Murray, 2nd W. I. R., wife and child; Hon. Augustus Ellis; Mr. J. Goddard; Rev. G. W. Downer and wife; Mr. F. Curtis; Mr. and Mrs. Braithwaite Wilson; Mr. V. Gibbs; M. C. Adams; Mr. and Mrs. J. Darman; Mr. T. Owen; Mr. E. Roberts; Mr. John Roberts.

From Barbados - Major General Gamble, C. B.; Capt. Fawkes, A. D. C. and servant; Mrs. Gamble.

From St. Thomas - Mr. Paul Innis; Mr. Mardenborough and 1 decker.

From Havana - Mr. Henry Bulwer; and 65 in transit.



At Kingston Lodge, Brighton, on the 21st day of December 1881, aged 78 years 9 months, the Reverend Samuel Oughton. For over twenty-five years Pastor of the Baptist Church, East Queen Street, Kingston.


The Governor has appointed Miss Fanny Lamont to be Postmistress at St. David's from the 2nd inst.

The Governor has been pleased to make the following appointments: --

Mr. E. P. Pullar, Collector of Customs, Sav-la-Mar, to be Receiver of Wreck for the No. 8 District, vice Facey resumed his substantive appointment; Mr. G. B. Caldwell, Sub-Collector of Customs, Black River, to be Receiver of Wreck for the No. 9 District, vice Binns transferred to Falmouth.

January 21, 1882

Passengers Arrived

In the Atlas Steamer, Ailsa, from New York -- Mrs. Squires; Miss Squires; Mrs. MacLean; Mr. A. N. Anderson; M. J. Strehan; Mr. E. Cerruti; Mr. G. Meza. From Inagua -- Mmmr. D. Gressot.

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Str., Belize, for New York -- Mr. R. Traux; Mr. J. W. Middleton.

January 24, 1882

The examination of the bankrupt George Huie Cooper, of Sav-la-Mar, was conducted by Mr. Lee, Trustee in Bankruptcy, before Mr. Justice Ker in Chambers yesterday. Mr. Advocate Vendryes appeared for the bankrupt, and after giving full details of his business transactions, the examination was adjourned for one month.

January 25, 1882

Passengers Arrived

In the Str. Beta from Halifax - Mr. E. D. Astwood.

In the R. M. S. Nile from Port Limon -- Mr. G. Martin De Castro, wife, sister and 2 children; Mr. F. E. Antunez, Mrs. C. Laviste and child; Miss Estrada and four children.

From Colon -- Mr. E. W. Bourke; Mr. G. Pezzardi.

From Cartagena -- Mr. P. Rossio.

From Panama -- Mr. S. J. Lindo, 34 deckers and 40 in transit.


The Right Reverend Thomas Porter, V. A., has gone on a visit to Belize, Honduras, to inspect the churches in that diocese. Father Ryan acts as Vicar during his absence.

January 26, 1882


At Panama, U. S. S. Colombia, on the 17th inst. Cecil Arundel, infant son of Charles and Georgiana Rousseau, aged 5 months and 25 days.

January 27, 1882

A Mandeville correspondent writes us that an inquiry is being held into the death of Mr. F. C. Logan. The death of Dr. F. McB. Chevers is much regretted. The Revd. Mr. Panton has written a cheering letter to his congregation from New York, whither he has gone for the benefit of his health Owing to the demoralized state of the New York fruit market, only contractors have ventured on shipments lately; but some fruit will be forwarded by the boat of the 31st.

January 30, 1882


In Spanish Town on the 19th inst., by the Rev. John H. Harris, Wesleyan Minister, S. K. Magnus, Esq., to Imogene Catherine, widow of the late Lieutenant Nicholson of the 1st W. I. Regt.

February 1, 1882


At 72 Tower Street, Miss Amelia O'Hara. Friends and acquaintances are requested to attend her remains from her late residence to the place of interment at 5 o'clock this evening.


Mr. Altamont DeCordova's store in Port Royal Street has been broken into twice this week. That store receives more delicate attention from burglars than any other in the city, although the store of Messrs. F. Alexander & Co. has of late been its rival. It is understood that Mr. Altamont DeCordova entertains a very low opinion of the Police, and his only regret is that he cannot take his store home with him every evening.

February 2, 1882


At No. 15 Heywood St., Kingston, on Sunday 29th January, Ethel Louise, the infant daughter of Richard Clarke and Elizabeth Ann Plunkett, aged 2 years 27 days.


The stock in trade of the bankrupt Estate of J. H. DePass and Co. was put up to public auction yesterday, and withdrawn at £510; the reserve bid was £800, and the appraisement £1,200.


We regret to record the death of Mr. John Hall, who has been for several years a pilot of this port, and who was specially engaged for the Atlas steamers. He was greatly liked by his employers and fellow pilots. At the time of his death he was tyler of the Phoenix Masonic Lodge of Port Royal.

February 4, 1882


On the 2nd inst., by special license, at the residence of the Bride's mother (Belvedere) by the Revd. John E. Howard, Surgeon H. W. Joynt, A. M. D., to Henrietta Emma, fourth daughter of the late Revd. Richard Harding.


We have to announce the purchase by Mr. Augustus Alexander of those extensive Fire Proof Stores in Port Royal Street, late in possession of Messrs Da Costa, Soln and Co., where Mr. Alexander intends carrying on his Wholesale Dry Goods Business.


The abstract of births and deaths for January shows: - Births, 89; deaths, 87. Of the births, 45 were males and 44 females. Nine deaths occurred in the Public Hospital, two in the Lunatic Asylum, six in the General Penitentiary, and five in the Destitute Home. The principal causes of death were phthisis, infantile diseases and diarrhoea, and 26 of the victims were infants under one year.

February 9, 1882


On the evening of the 8th at the Pavillion Hotel, Harbour Street, Charles Fletcher, of St. Ann


The Hon. Geo. Phillippo, brother of our esteemed fellow-citizen, the Hon. Dr. Phillippo, has been appointed to the position of Chief Justice of Hong Kong. The "China Mail" remarks in allusion to this appointment, that this is the most important piece of news affecting Hong Kong, and considering that the hon. gentleman filled the high position of Attorney General on a previous occasion, the compliment is well merited, for his association with the Colonists was marked with a feeling of regret when he was called away to be appointed Chief Justice at Gibraltar.

February 10, 1882

Passengers Arrived

In the S. S. Athos from New York - Miss Wolfe; Mrs. H. Poole; Mr. G. DeCordova; Mr. John Macdonald and wife; Prof. M. K. Azbil, wife and two children; Mr. C. Da Costa, wife and infant; Mr. J. Hart.

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Str. Don for Southampton - Mr. V. Gibbs; Captain Adams;

For Trinidad - Mr. Innis.

For St. Thomas - Mr. J. E. Stephens; Mr. E. Hudson.



At 6:30 p.m. yesterday, Rebecca Morales, sister of Abraham Morales, Falmouth. The funeral takes place this evening from the residence 69 Harbour Street at 4 p.m.


A statement has been published in the "Gazette" of the lands sold or patents granted during the year ended 30th September 1881. Four properties are mentioned, namely, Thetford Estate, Villa Pen and Hog Hole Pen in St. Catherine, and Crichton's Run in St. Thomas and Portland. They contain in all 4,505¼ acres and brought in a total sum of £1,680.

February 11, 1882

Two of the Ministers now attending the Jamaica Baptist Union will preach in the North Street Congregational Church tomorrow, as follows: - Morning - Rev. Mr. Randall. Evening - Rev. Mr. Williams.

February 13, 1882


At the Parish Church, Kingston, on the 7th February, by the Lord Bishop of Jamaica, assisted by the Rev. J. D. Hunt (brother-in-law of the bride) and the Rev. G. W. Downer, William Hugh Dunlop, Lieut. 2nd W. I. Regiment, to Clara Helena, youngest daughter of the late Henry Forbes Colthirst, of Kingston, Jamaica.

February 14, 1882


BIRD MORIN - On the 1st instant at St. George's Chapel, by the Reverend H. H. Kilburn, assisted by the Reverend George W. Downer, Rector of Kingston, William Hendrick, eldest son of W. W. Bird, Esq., of this city, to Julie Louise, eldest daughter of the late John F. Morin, Esq., of the Internal Revenue Department of this Island.


The Friends and Acquaintances of Mr. Albert Moses are requested to attend his remains from his residence No. 115 Orange Street, to the place of interment, at 4 o'clock this evening.

February 15, 1882

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Henry Nation are requested to attend his remains, from his late residence No. 73 Princess Street to the place of interment at 4:30 o'clock this evening.


The installation of Mr. G. C. H. Lewis as Master of the Friendly Lodge took place on Monday night, and was followed by a banquet. The following is the administration for the year: Worshipful G. C. H. Lewis, Master; Wor. George DeMercado, Immediate Past Master; Brother Revd. E. Friedlander, Senior Warden; Bro. Daniel I. Motta, Junior Warden; Bro. Charles Solomon, Treasurer; Bro. S. A. Iffla, Secretary; Bro. Edward L. Solomon, Senior Deacon; Bro. J. A. Duntze, Junior Deacon; Bro. J. Fennich, Inner Guard; Bro. George Magnus, Tyler.


We regret to announce the sudden death of Mr. Henry Nation, Manager of the commission business of Mr. C. A. Sandford in this city. Mr. Nation went into the New York Hotel at 11:30 yesterday for lunch, and dropped dead just about two minutes after entering. Dr. Cotter who was in the opposite store was promptly on the spot, but life was extinct before he arrived. The cause of death is said to be heart disease. The deceased was only a young man, and was esteemed by his friends for the many good qualities he possessed. He leaves a widow and four children.

February 16, 1882


At Sav-la-Mar, on the evening of the 8th February, Maria Cargill, wife of the Rev. John Vaz.


The Revd. Thomas Lea leaves in the steamer "Caribbean" on Saturday for Liverpool.

February 17, 1882

The Governor has been pleased to appoint George Stiebel, John Davidson, W. E. Sant and J. Hollingsworth, Esquires, to be Justices of the Peace for the parish of St. Andrew.

February 18, 1882

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. S. Co.'s steamer "Belize" from New York -- Mr. H. Sanderson; Mr. J. W. Middleton; Mr. Nieto; Miss Finzi. From St. Ann's Bay - Mrs. Land.

Passengers Sailed

In the Atlas steamer "Athos" for New York -- Dr. Fenton; Mr. J. F. Henneker; Mr. E. H. Keen; Mr. A. S. Lazarus; Mr. R. A. Cullert; Mr. Williams; Mr. D. B. Dick; Mr. Clarke Sidman.


Mr. Fred Lindo has been elected Secretary of the Jamaica Association. We beg to congratulate both parties.

February 21, 1882


At Mount Hermon, St. Elizabeth, on the 15th inst., by the Revd. John S. Farquharson, assisted by the Revd. Hugh A. Nethrcott, John Arthur Robison, Colonial Bank, Kingston, only son of John Robison, Esq., Clapham Road, London, to Alice Adeline, third daughter of J. M. Farquharson, Esq., Long Hill, St. Elizabeth.

February 25, 1882

Mr. G. DeCordova, Commission merchant of New York, to whom we are indebted for the Market Reports appearing in these columns, returned to New York yesterday per "Andes". Letters should now be addressed to him at 62 William Street, New York.

February 27, 1882


In the city of San Francisco, California, on the 11th January, 1882, Henry Abraham Simons, aged 38 years and 6 months, leaving a wife and several relatives to deplore their irreparable loss.

At Chestervale, in the Parish of St. Andrew, on the 25th day of February, John Freeman Maclavarty, aged 31 years.


At 11 o'clock last night, Solomon Melhado. The funeral will take place at 5 o'clock this afternoon, from his late residence, No. 37 Parade.


It is said that the Panama Canal Company has been in negotiation with Mr. Desnoes for the purchase by the Company of Camperdown Pen, as a sanitarium for invalided officers from the Canal works on the Isthmus. The persons concerned are at present chary of giving information on the subject.

February 28, 1882


On the 21st inst., at the Parish Church, Half-way Tree, by the Rector, the Revd. H. H. Isaacs, assisted by the Revd. C. F. Douet, Valentine G. Bell, Chief Resident Engineer of the Jamaica Government Railway to Emilie Gerogina [Georgina?], third daughter of the late Francis R. Lynch of Spanish Town.


At Gregory Hill, Montego Bay, 14th February, 1882, Viola Lucetta, the beloved infant daughter of Aaron and Wilhelmina DeCasseres.

Friends and acquaintances of Mr. George Henriques, are invited to attend his remains at his residence No. 13 Hanover Street to the place of interment at 4:30.

March 2, 1882


This morning at Rae Town, Edmund Levy, Esq., in the 46th year of his age.

March 3, 1882


On the 21st ultimo, at 7 Laws Street, by the Rev. James Cochrane, assisted by Rev. John Smith of Grand Cayman, Emanuel Fulford, fourth son of Charles Fulford, May Hill, Manchester, to Jessie Turnbull, eldest daughter of Joseph Davidson.

March 4, 1882


At Spanish Town, on the 21st February, by the Revd. Father Ryan, Frank Inkerman Ramos, eldest son of the late Matthew Ramos, to Ada Matilda, eldest daughter of the late William Titley, Esq.


Last night, at no. 11 West Street, Hubert, the beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Reeves.


The store of Mr. Moses Levy has been literally besieged within the last two days, by persons seeking employment on the Panama Canal, this gentleman being agent to procure labourers for the works. Three hundred men will leave in the "Para" on the 8th inst., and another batch will follow in the next steamer.


In Chambers yesterday, before Mr. Justice Ker, the statement of liabilities and assets of Mr. H. Bonitto, bankrupt of St. Andrew, was filed and amended by the Trustee in Bankruptcy, and his examination closed. Mr. D. P. Mendes, bankrupt of Spanish town, applied for his discharge, but his Honor referred him to the Supreme Court.

March 5, 1882


At the Holy Trinity Church on Monday, 20th February, by the Revd. Father Joseph Dupont, Leonard Joseph Strybos, of Brussels, Belgium, to Stephanie Anne Marie Amor, of Kingston.


The Still House on Kew Estate in Hanover, the property of Messrs. Saddler & Vickers, was burned down on Tuesday evening. We have not learned that any insurance had been taken on the property.

March 8, 1882


BURRELL - February 6, at Clifton Terrace, South Norwood, Anna Maria, widow of the late Rev. William Robert Burrell, of Jamaica, W. I., and East Woodhay, Hants, aged 52.

LAWRENCE - February 5, at Ernespie, B. James Lawrence, eldest surviving son of the late George Whitehorne Lawrence, Esq., of St. James, Jamaica, aged 54.

At Arnbrook Cottage (the residence of Miss Neyle) Half-way Tree, on the 7th instant, Elizabeth Henderson, Relict of the late Thomas Henderson of Huddersfield, Manchester.


The Hon. S. C. Burke, Assistant Attorney General and Crown Solicitor, will leave the island shortly for the United States to recruit his health. The Attorney General will do Mr. Burke's work in his absence.

March 10, 1882


At 129 King Street, James Darman, of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England, aged 36 years, leaving a wife to mourn her irreparable loss. The funeral will leave at 10 o'clock a. m.. Friends of Mr. J. Bewley are respectfully invited to attend.


Mr. C. L. Walker has been appointed J. P. for St. Ann, and Mr. J. R. McNab, J. P. for Portland.


The Governor has appointed the Hon. W. Coke and Judge Little, a Commission to inquire into the complaint of an indentured coolie named Dookhee, to the effect that when a prisoner at the Black River Short Term Prison, he received bodily and other injury from the Superintendent, Mr. J. A. Ferguson.


On Wednesday night thieves entered the house of Mr. Frederick Da Costa, No. 15 Duke Street, and the house of Mr. Nunes next door. They succeeded in carrying away a large sewing machine, a fine clock, and several articles of clothing; but yesterday about 10 o'clock, Detective Segre apprehended a habitual criminal named John Lucas in Tower Street, trying to dispose of the machine. He was taken into custody and lodged in the Lockup, and will be brought before the sitting magistrate today.

March 13, 1882


At St. Ann's Bay on the evening of the 9th March inst., the wife of James O'Meally, Esq., Solicitor, of a son.


We regret to learn of the serious illness of the Hon. D. Marshalleck, Custos of St. Thomas.


With regard to the death last week of Mr. James Darman, an Englishman who came out here for Mr. Joseph Bewley's store seven weeks ago, we are requested to inform the public that he did not die of yellow fever as reported, but from an attack of liver complaint to which he was subject. His remains were interred at May Pen Cemetery, and were followed to the grave by a number of his friends, among them being Mr. Alex Hilldred and Mr. T. A. Brooks, both Englishmen who arrived in the island about the same time as he, and who attended to show their respect for their countryman.

March 14, 1882


On Sunday morning, the 12th inst., at No. 75, Orange Street, Henry Samuel Westmoreland, in the 28th year of his age, leaving a mother and sister to mourn his loss.


Capt. Baylis of the "Comet" [Schooner, Amn, 3-masted - at the Wharf of Verley, Robinson & Co.] has gathered about 310 Jamaica labourers for the Tampico Branch of the Mexican Central Railway, which is being built by New England capitalists under a subsidy contract with the Mexican Government. Each of the men going this trip has an advance of $3. If the men are approved at the end of three months, they will be engaged for a further spell, and more will be required from Jamaica. Men have been obtained from the Southern States. The work is likely to go on for two years, and the line will run through an elevated district. Food is cheap in Mexico, but the new duties out of which the railroad subsidies are paid has raised the price of manufactured articles. Capt. Baylis is very decidedly of the opinion that the men can do much better for themselves in Mexico than in Jamaica.

March 15, 1882

In Chambers yesterday before Mr. Justice Ker, Mr. Henry Moses of Watson Hill, Manchester, was declared a bankrupt, on his own application and that of Mr. Lee, the Trustee in Bankruptcy. His Honor transferred the bankruptcy and all proceedings to the Southern District Court.

March 16, 1882


On the 7th inst., at H. M. Dockyard, Port Royal, the wife of W. G. E. Penfold, Esq., R. N. Commodore's Secretary, of a daughter.


We understand that Two Mile Wood has been purchased by Mr. Gunter, of the Colonial Bank, with 200 head of cattle, for £5,500.

March 24, 1882

James Lyle, Esq., has been appointed a member of the Manchester Road Board for 1882.


Friendship Pen, in the parish of St. Andrew, the residence of the late Hon. Peter Moncrieff, has been purchased with 200 head of cattle, for £5,000, by the Hon. S. C. Burke. This action on the part of Mr. Burke is a pretty good indication that he entertains high hopes for the future of the Colony.



Now is the harvest time for bananas. Some fine fruit has of late been exported by Messrs. E. G. Levy, G. A. Lyon, and Septimus Feurtado from their several Walks.

March 27, 1882

The Hon. M. Solomon will leave the Island next month for England. The Hons. S. C. Burke and H. Sewell left per Para on Saturday. Mr. Solomon proceeds by way of New York.

March 28, 1882


On the 20th inst., at Malvern Villa, Windward Road, the wife of Gustav H. Wietzman of a daughter.


At Greenwood Cottage, Spanish Town, on Saturday morning, the 25th inst., Luke Rattingan, aged 7½ years.


We are gratified to learn that the Hon. D. Marshalleck, Custos of St. Thomas, has recovered his health and is now on a visit to Kingston.

March 29, 1882


MAGNUS - BRANKER -- At Half-way Tree Church, on Tuesday the 21st inst., by the Revd. H. H. Isaacs, assisted by the Revd. H. H. Kilburn, Frederick Augustus, second son of George Magnus, Esq., to Mary Helen, youngest daughter of Alex. Branker, Esq., merchant of this City.

At the Parish Church, Kingston, on Tuesday, 21st inst., by the Revds. G. W. Downer, and J. D. Hunt, Sub Inspector Herbert T. Thomas, Jamaica Constabulary, to Gertrude, youngest daughter of the late B. Nunes, Esq., of Montego Bay.


Mr. Justice Ker sat in Chambers yesterday to hear an application made by Mr. Altamont DeCordova, for an order to prosecute the bankrupt, Mr. J. H. DePass, under the Bankruptcy Law, for fraudulent conduct. Mr. Vendryes appeared in support of the application, and Mr. W. Baggett Grey opposed it. Both gentlemen addressed the Court at great length, and Mr. DeCordova was himself examined. At the close of the proceedings, the learned Judge, expressing the great pain which it gave him to do so, made an order for the bankrupt to be indicted for a misdemeanor under section 153, sub-section 12 of the Bankruptcy Law 33 of 1879.

March 30, 1882


On the 7th inst., at Little Kew Pen, Halfway Tree, St. Andrew, the wife of James H. E. Campbell, Esq., of a son and daughter (twin-born).


At the residence of his Mother, No. 41 East Queen Street, corner of Wildman Street, Frank G. Hidalgo.

March 31, 1882

The Governor has been pleased to appoint William Couran, Esq., to be a Justice of the Peace for the Parish of St. Ann.

The Governor has recognized provisionally Mr. Jeos Gomes Casseres as Consul for the United States of Colombia at Kingston in this Island.


Our Falmouth correspondent telegraphs to us as follows: "Hague and Clifton Penn sold to Abraham Morales, Esq., for the reserved price of £1,800. This is considered cheap. There was little competition."

April 3, 1882


In this City, on the 1st inst., at the residence of Mr. Daniel Finzi, Miss Rebecca Soares in her 89th year.


We regret to learn that the country is likely to lose the valuable services of the Hon. Michael Solomon, Custos of St. Ann, M L. C. We understand that the hon. gentleman will leave this Island for England, via New York, by the steamer of the 12th instant, and that he will be absent about six months. During that time Mr. E. G. Barrett will probably act as Custos of St. Ann and Chairman of the Parochial Boards. It is quite possible that Mr. Solomon will not return to be a permanent resident in the Island, but will take in England the position held in the firm of which he is a member, by the late Mr. Bravo. Mr. Solomon's absence from the Legislative Council will be regretted throughout the Island, and in his own Parish, where he is the most popular of Custodes, his place will not be easily filled.

April 4, 1882


At Rae Town, on Friday night, 31st March 1882, after a short illness, Andrew Henry Isaacs, aged 75 years, deeply regretted and mourned for by a large family and circle of friends.

Benitto John Perez. Friends and acquaintances are requested to attend the remains of the above from his late residence, No. 13 Temple Lane, to the place of interment at 4:30 p.m.

April 5, 1882


At Moreland Estate, Vere, on the 25th ultimo, Joseph H. Peart, Esq., aged 32 years, leaving a young wife, sisters, and a large circle of friends to mourn their loss.


A new Mail Van of improved construction, with increased accommodation for passengers, has been made for Mr. Heron, the contractor, to run between Old Harbour and Mandeville. The builder is Mr. G. J. DeCordova.

April 8, 1882


On the 7th day of March 1882, in the 28th year of his age, Alexander, the second and beloved son of Moses and Charlotte Francis Bravo. He died at sea on board the steamer "City of Alexandria" on the passage from Campeachy (Mexico) to New York.


The Governor has been pleased to appoint Abraham John Hendriks, Esq., to be a member of the Board of Parochial Road Commissioners of the Parish of St. Elizabeth for the year 1882.

With reference to Government Notice, dated the 26th March, the Governor has been pleased to appoint, under the 4th section of the Quarantine Law, 1869, Mr. R. J. Steer to be a Visiting Officer for the Port of Port Antonio, in addition to Mr. W. A. Doorly.

The Governor has granted Leave of Absence for six months, from the 20th April next, to Dr. George Cooke, District Medical Officer of the Mandeville District of Manchester, and has approved of his duties being performed by Dr. B. M. Beckwith, District Medical Officer of the Mile Gully District of Manchester, in addition to his own.

April 11, 1882


April 7, at Fleet Street, Kingston, the wife of Frederick Shedden Sanguinetti, of a daughter.


Mr. W. D. Jamison, Collector of Taxes for St. Catherine, leaves for England in the Liverpool steamer on the 13th inst. His locum tenens will be Mr. Alex. Robinson.

April 12, 1882

At a meeting of the Commissioners of the Water Works, yesterday, Mr. A. H. Isaacs, Jnr., was elected Collector of Rates, in the room of Mr. Edmund Levy, deceased.

April 13, 1882

Passengers Sailed

In the Atlas steamer Athos for New York: -- Hon. M. Solomon; Mr. G. J. DeCordova; Mrs. M. A. Wilson and Master Wilson; Mr. R. H. Ramos; Mr. E. Wolfe; Mr. E. L. Solomon; Mr. Robert Pyfron; Mr. A. C. Macmillan; Colonel de Montmorency; Miss S. Ferguson; Mr. J. M. Auld; Mr. James Gall; Master F. Solomon; Mr. Henry Iles; Mr. Solomon Alexander; Mrs Solomon Alexander; Mr. James Brooks; Mr. Paul Busse; Mr. Griffiths; Mr. Lloyd; Mr. G. E. Hoskinson; Mr. Henry Chisholm; Rev. R. H. Harding; Mr. Alfred Delisser; Revd. Sutton; Mr. W. T. Jamison; Master Jamison.


A month's leave of absence has been granted by the Municipal Board to Mr. John Parry. His duties as City Surveyor will be performed by Mr. Clarke, and those of Superintendent of the Fire Brigade by Mr. Hannan, Chief Officer.

April 18, 1882


ALEXANDER - In this City, on Sunday the 16th inst., at 79 Hanover Street, the wife of Moses N.[sic] Alexander of a son.


On the 12th inst., at the residence of Frederic Sullivan, Esq., Kingston, Frederick Henry Marlton, aged 38, son of the late James Clayton Marlton, Inspector of Police.

April 20, 1882

The Dwelling House and premises, No. 35 North Street, the residence of the late Robert Bogle, Esq., were put up at Public Auction yesterday, by Messrs. Turnbull, Mudon and Co., and withdrawn at £1200.

April 25, 1882


Yesterday, at No. 73 Tower Street, Leo, infant son of Charles R. Llado.


Among the passengers to leave in the packet today are Mr. and Mrs. Ronaldson, Mr. and Mrs. Barrow, the Hon. Findlater Roper, Mr. M. C. Morgan and Mr. W. S. Wheatle.

April 26, 1882

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Don from Port Limon: -- Mr. I. W. Scott; Mr. S. Rosardo and Bro., and 12 deckers.

From South Pacific - Mr. W. P. Stewart; Mr. C. T. Maurice.

From Colon -- Mrs. Jane Lacoste; Mr. Francis Sula; Mrs., Me. E. Brown; Mr. H. Dubois; Mrs. Henry James and 70 deckers.

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Don for Southampton: -- Mr. and Mrs. Hiam Barrow; Mr. J. V. Calder; Dr. and Mrs. Cooke; two Misses Calder; Mrs. and Miss Haldeman; Miss Edith Isaacs; Mrs. Clarke and 4 children; Honble. Findlater Roper; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Ronaldosn; Master Fulford; Master Robinson; Master Fisher; Master Farquharson, two Misses Farquharson and female servant; Mrs. Revett; Colonel Dawkins; Miss Wheatle.

For Cherbourg - Miss Delgado.

For Barbados - Mr. J. S. Dunbar.

For Trinidad - Ching Laryend (chinaman)

April 27, 1882

Mr. Augustus Alexander gives notice today of the removal of his wholesale dry goods and provision business from 128 Harbour Street, to the extensive and commodious premises, 50o Port Royal Street, recently acquired by him.


It is with great regret that we mention the prolonged serious indisposition of our esteemed fellow-citizen, Mr. Fred. Lindo. The wish that he may soon be out again will be shared by everyone.

April 28, 1882


At Spanish Town at 2 o'clock this morning, James Philip Clarke, Esq., late Clerk Committee House Assembly, and many years Magistrate of the Precinct. Aged 77.


As a result of his success at the examination for Matriculation at the London University, Mr. Alfred Ernest Tomlinson of Potsdam School, who matriculated in the First Division, has been awarded the Jamaica Scholarship. Mr. Tomlinson has our warmest congratulations upon his achievement in winning the scholarship.

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